Internalized Racism’s Association with African American Male Youth’s Propensity for Violence

Wesley W. Bryant, Journal of Black Studies, March 17, 2011


Youth Violence in African American communities is still considered to be at epidemic proportions. The traditional risk factors for youth violence (i.e. delinquent friends, poverty, drug use, carrying a weapon etc.) do not account for the disproportionate overrepresentation of African American males. This study sought to better understand the propensity for violence among African American males ages 14-19 years (N=224) from four different programmatic sites: A Philadelphia high school, an African-centered charter high school, a youth detention facility, and a program that serves youth who are on probation or parole. The findings indicate that internalized racism enhances the variance explained above the variables typically explored in the delinquency and criminology literature. If further research can replicate these findings, this has implications for the content and direction of prevention approaches with African American male youth.


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  • Net it out:  If white people didn’t think blacks are criminal, then blacks wouldn’t be criminals. 

    That’s our trouble as white people — We believe our own lying eyes before the abstract of some loaded “research.”

    • Johnny Reb

      It doesn’t even have to go as far as we thinking they’re criminal.  If you choose to home school your kids rather than sending them to school with blacks, you’re sending a racist message to all the little black children out there. 

      That means that even though the vast majority were on their way to becoming nuclear physicists and brain surgeons, because they’ve internalized your racist message, they now hate themselves and will devote their lives to doping, stealing, murdering, raping and breeding on welfare.

      Aren’t whites awful?

      • And it even affects blacks in black nations as shown by UN/Interpol per capita rates. Must be a quantum entanglement that whitey thinking they are crooks affects blacks even back in anchient egyptian times.

        • ed91

           except the number of blacks in ancient Egyptian times was miniscule at best and the blacks that were there were likely slaves and sidewalk rubble.

          • Yes. It’s clear from the pictures found on the walls of ancient Egyptian buildings, and inside the pyramids, that the Egyptians considered blacks a “race apart.” It’s easy to tell who is the Egyptian, and who the “Nubian,” in those pictures. This notion that some black archeologists have ginned up that the ancient Egyptians were “black,” is utter nonsense.

      • Major

        OR…. they can just as well leave their calendars at 1963 and let some legitimate scholars find solutions to the problems of blacks in America. Solutions that don’t begin and end with blame the white man.” But of course if you subtract the racialism from such works you would be left with… nothing. That’s what they essentially are: politicized exercises in race mongering.

    • WhitesRdumb

      Since is was a little kid, I have always though about being a multimillionaire, buying and living in Neuschwanstein Castle, being surrounded by blonde super-babes, owning every expensive German sports car ever built, having an island with white sand beaches in the South Pacific, and owning my own supersonic jet.

      I now have scientific proof that just thinking about something doesn’t make it happen.

      • When I was a little kid, I wanted to be a fireman. Then, I wanted to go to college at Ohio State. I thought I would marry a woman who looked like Jane Russell, Ann-Margret or Elkie Sommer.

        Like I said, I was a little kid. What did I know?

      • Up to my neck in CA

        I wanted to be an astronaut when I was very little, but there was this pesky little thing called Math and Science. If I had only known the “Secret” back then I’d be on Mars by now. WhitesRdumb Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria, good choice but I thought that was the Obama’s Summer home?

    • robinbishop34

      That’s our trouble as white people — We believe our own lying eyes before the abstract of some loaded “research.”

      I’m not so sure. Seems to me most whites  see what they’ve been conditioned to believe, rather than believe what they see.

      • Holin

        Great thought Robin:

        Why don’t you explain this to the hundreds of whites beaten by blacks for the pure entertainment of it. It’s in the news everyday so you won’t have to look far to find them.
        And the Conditioning as you call it has been hundreds if not thousands of vile acts by blacks upon innocent whites as a form of entertainment.

        • robinbishop34

          When I state the truth, they call me a racist.

          • whiteuncleruckus

            yeah i get that alot myself

  • America First

     ” If further research can replicate these findings, this has implications
    for the content and direction of prevention approaches with African
    American male youth.”  Of course, some rigorous African-American studies program at a fine, well-respected institution will certainly be able to draw the same conclusions, regardless of the facts. And everything will still be blamed on white racism. As to a “direction of prevention approaches,” the most obvious, leaving the country that has imbedded such negative feelings, would never occur to those making the findings.  The fact that the (white) ancestors of almost every one of us came here from the lands where their ancestors had lived for centuries due to various factors, fleeing persecution much worse that the so-called racism these youths supposedly face, doesn’t play into this, does it?  Instead, they will demand more and more money, special treatment and reparations.

  • Francis Galton

    Ah, another classic fallacy of exhausted hypotheses (false dilemma).  The alleged author pretends to have exhausted all possible causes of black YOOF violence and chalks up the unexplained difference to internalized White racism.

    Ahem, Wesley, if you account for lower-than-average black IQ, I’m almost certain the difference will disappear.  Just a thought!

    • WhitesRdumb

      I don’t think it has to do with IQ, or that low IQ makes a person commit crimes.

      I think it is people with low IQ who think they are smart enough to get away with their crime. 

      People with high IQ also commit crimes. They are just smart enough to get the laws rewritten in their favor. Look at wallstreet.

      In case anyone thinks I am defending blacks, I am not. They do commit more crimes.

      • Sheila Dinehart

        A low IQ might cause one to commit a dumb crime…AR seems to indicate lower IQ/higher levels of testosterone a more likely combination for the commiting of crimes of violence (of course combined with encouragement from a philosophy designed to create feelings of rage and frustration directed towards a group of privileged white people who are perceived to have exploited, oppressed and abused blacks over a long peroid of history ) by blacks at much higher rates than that of the Mongoloid or Caucazoid races, if I recall correctly the Asians have ^ IQs and lower testosterone levels, and the caucazoid race isomewhere in between.

        Thing is, sadly African Americans have been taught and believe that it is their right to address a wrong through the intellectualization of violence. And this concept has for the most part been developed by so-called self-loathing intellectual whites of a very leftist bent, and since the black intellectuals have taken that ball and ran with it.

        Interesting, isn’t it…

      • ed91

         low iq means there is less capability to ‘see’ the ramifications or the outlook, several moves in the future.
        this lack of foresight causes huge problems in anybody’s life and blacks seem to have it bad……..  so they fall victim to ’cause and effect’ much more than your normal person who has stepped on his dork several times and learned from his past messes……….  blacks are less able to learn from their past messes.

  • Church_of_Jed

    You will begin to see more about “internalized oppression and racism” as the cause of black failure and reversion to type (done gone feral all up ‘en heeah).  Look for it to become a regular script in “the narrative of race relations”.

    The term will be permanently  joined to “racist unearned White privilege” as firmly as my Whiteness is joined to my skin.

    “There is no such thing as ‘racist unearned White privilege.’ I may have been born with my privileged Whiteness, but I certainly earned my racism through contact with our dangerous oversupply of Diversity. I didn’t invent the blacks, and I’m not to blame.”-Rev. Jed DeValleyism, “Private thoughts during my reeducation,” 2006

    • Paulie Walnuts

      I feel like a total “stonato” but will someone PLEASE explain Rev. Jed DeValleyism? I must have been in a coma and missed it. Is it a real person? I’ve googled it and can never find anything comprehensible.
      Is it something like a secret handshake?

      •  Rev. Jed DeValleyism should not be thought of so much as a corporeal human being, but more like a state of mind, a higher consciousness.  Our answer to critical race theory.

      • I was wondering myself as all Google searches led back here LOL.

        I love the posts!!

  • libertarian1234

    After they get finished manipulating facts and figures in this study to conform to their desires to blame all black pathologies on something other than blacks,  I hope they understand that all they’ve accomplished is to make the black problem worse by coming up with excuses for them.

    The common knowledge in politics and academia is that they can fit the “research” data to conform to  any conclusion a person or a group wants.

    If the radical leftists want to “prove” a point they’ll get a study to support the point they want to make.

    And black crime will continue to flourish.  But I doubt that these same zealots promoting these studies understand that they’re consigning black males to eventual oblivion by coming up with ready-made excuses for their bad attitudes, behavior and conduct.

    • Sheila Dinehart

      “black crime will continue to flourish”

      Yes, that is the true desire.

      “After they get finished manipulating facts and figures in this study to conform to their desires to blame all black pathologies on something other than blacks…”

      Not on something other than blacks, but on specifically the historical white European race who colonized them in Africa , oppressed/ caught, bought, shipped ,sold, lynched, raped their women, split up their families, and murdered them in the name of cheap labor on plantations such as Haiti,whether they be Spanish, English, French and Dutch, then lastly of course… America who must take the brunt of the whole matter in modern times because America is simply the richest country in the world, certainly the easiest to target for continued reparations. But it was never the original idea of blacks…it is a communistic plan dating from 1847 in its formality.

      Guess somebody wasn’t paying close attention.

      • libertarian1234

        “After they get finished manipulating facts and figures in this study to conform to their desires to blame all black pathologies on something other than blacks…”
        “Not on something other than blacks, but on specifically the historical white European race who colonized them in Africa ….”
        Anybody who thinks black performance today is influenced by slavery two hundred years ago is someone who has been mentally conditioned and brainwashed to the point they are no more than a conditioned response unit, something similar to a lab rat who reacts to whatever stimuli has been programmed into its brain.When their PC bell is rung they respond with with PC dogma right on cue.   Their objectivity has been replaced with emotional dogma that has no basis in reality nor does it conform to the strict dictates of logical thought.  These types are naive and gullible, and can be turned any way a propagandist wants to turn them.
        Then there is the other type.  The truly stupid ones.  They accept whatever is told to them as irrefutable fact, because they don’t have a brain equipped with the necessary analytical ability to discern fact from fiction.  These would be the types who believe that whites blew up the levees in N.O. to kill of all the blacks or that aids/drugs were introduced into black neighborhoods for the same thing.  They also think Devil’s Food cake is racist and that a “black hole in space” is a racist term.
        These types also run through the streets attacking innocent white people under some ignorant conception, based in stupidity, that beating to a death any white is legitimate payback for their imagined ills…that they never suffered nor did the victim have anything to do with.
        And it is these same people who never invented a written language,  nor did they even invent the wheel,  who complain about being held back from achieving by crackers, whites,  and pink people.  They don’t seem to realize that they have lived a stone-age existence for 5000 years, and that where they have settled in the West,  where slavery never existed,  their crime rates are as high as in the US and their inability to succeed is on the same dismally low level.
        It is these same people who have instituted what can be accurately described as an ongoing racial war against whites and who commit 37,500 black on white rapes per year,  58% of all violent crime,  and many times the rate of crime when compared to any other racial group, who need a white scape goat to blame, because the alternative would be to face the truth, which is to admit their failure is the fault of themselves and nobody else.
        A race with a group average I.Q. of 85 is not going to succeed in a first world society no matter what kind of background they have.  Dirt poor, oppressed  immigrants who come to this country and can barely speak the language on arrival ALL outperform blacks with very, very few exceptions.
        What their black ancestors might or night not have endured two hundred years ago doesn’t even factor into the equation, except for those too mentally conditioned  or mentally challenged to comprehend matters outside their abilities.

  • WmarkW

    The author is apparently affiliated with a medical school.
    Has to remind me of Heather MacDonald’s classic article about how many fatal diseases are spread by… racism.

    From the time of the Roman Empire until well
    after the discovery of the tuberculosis bacterium in 1882, many of the
    best medical minds believed that “miasmas”—invisible vapors emitted from
    the earth—caused killer infections such as typhus, diphtheria, and
    malaria. Though the bacteriological revolution of the late nineteenth
    century routed that theory, a new miasma theory has lately sprung up in
    schools of public health, holding that racism and sexism, though as
    unmeasurable as the ancient miasmas, cause AIDS, cancer, drug addiction,
    and heart disease. Indeed, according to public health professors,
    living in America is acutely hazardous to women and minorities, so shot
    through is the United States with sickness-producing—even
    fatal—injustice and bigotry.


  • Johnny Reb

    A bogus study . . . but a very dangerous one.

    “Internalized racism” is code. It means whitey is to blame for, well, everything.

    IR means that a minority group absorbs racist messages in a society, sometimes subconsciously.  As an example, according to IR theory, if a black child sees a TV show with no blacks in it, he feels “excluded” and therefore, the show is “racist.”  Same thing if a textbook talks about white people and not blacks.  Etc.

    So, the poor minority person is constantly absorbing these racist messages from his racist society.  Pretty soon, he begins to hate himself and despise everything about his own people.  So, black women straightening their burry hair . . . internalized racism.  A black aflete chases white women . . . internalized racism. 

    A black man is unemployed and just hanging out on a street corner selling dope and robbing people . . . also IR.  (See, the poor black man has absorbed racist messages all his life and feels he’s just no good . . . )

    This is a very, very dangerous way of thinking . . . for whites.  It means the gibbs me will continue and so will the socialism and white abuse.  It means if you think THIS generation of negros and other non-whites is lazy, unproductive and useless . . . you ain’t seen nothing yet!

  • Note that Washington University School of Medicine, which is in a mega-complex that also includes two major adult hospitals, a major children’s hospital, and the best pharmacist college in a 300 mile radius, is really close to ghetto in two different directions, and is in the same neighborhood where the Knockout Martin Luther King incident happened several days ago.  If they’re looking to “race norm” the criminal justice system, it will be their people who feel the brunt of it when the blacks go even more nuts than they are already.

  • tickyul

    This is the best they can come up with……..LMFAO, I doubt even most liberals will buy into this one.

  • Ariovistus

    What I read:

    “The findings indicate that internalized racism enhances the variance explained above the variables typically explored in the delinquency and criminology literature. If further research can replicate these findings, this has implications for the content and direction of prevention approaches with African American male youth.”

    What I understood:

    “Blah, blah, pseudo-scientific blahbitty blah, raycism, blah, Whitey’s fault.”

    For blacks, this is what it all boils down to:  Even when it’s NOT whitey’s fault, it’s still whitey’s fault.

  • JC0037

    Your response reminds me of how the U.S.A is always in some other sovereign nations business about human rights violations.  The U.S.A lecturing others about human rights.  This hypocrisy is why you have nations that will do anything to strike the U.S.A including killing over 3000 in suicide plane crashes.  It is like saying hey we are going to invade your country, rape and enslave  your population,bring disease and then  go on the world stage and declare that type of behavior to be illegal after reaping all the benefits and rewards of that behavior.  The examples of hypocrisy are stunning, nuclear weapons we got em now we do not want anyone else to have them, slave labor we did it and reaped a lot of benefits from it and now it is a human rights violation, wiping out indigenous populations now we call it genocide.  Just because the USA used genocide, slavery and violence first does not mean we have the moral authority to tell other nations what methods to use to get ahead. The Slave industry was responsible for some of the most horrific atrocities on the planet, such as raping and killing babies, chopping off hands and feet all justified by a religion that would preach the gospel for an hour on Sunday and then go out and rape and beat the slaves.  Large plots of land were amassed giving the master and his descendants financial benefits that still exists to this day.  The decades that followed the emancipation of slaves were not much better.  If you had your own business a white could burn it down and you had no recourse.  Land was taken by whites and the blacks had no recourse in a court of law.  Blacks were forced to take menial jobs that did not bring prosperity.  Blacks were arrested for almost getting killed at the hands of whites.  Blacks were always sentenced to prison for the most minor offenses and whites were rarely punished.  This still persists to this day with uneven sentencing for the same crimes. Too many whites forget how they got ahead in this country.

    • The__Bobster

      Jamal, posting under another name doesn’t mean we won’t recognize you.

  • This is simply more hocus-pocus, masquerading as a scientific “study,” in an effort to cast blame upon Whites for creating a criminal self-fulfilling prophecy on the part of blacks. Is there anything we Whites are not guilty of when it comes to blacks?

  • Sheila Dinehart

    There are so many liberal whites who would never consider abandoning Obama now because a one term black president really would appear to be a *failure* in a number of ways.

  • JohnEngelman

    An American Dilemma: The Negro Problem and Modern Democracy is a 1944 study of race relationsauthored by Swedish economist Gunnar Myrdal and funded by The Carnegie Foundation.  
    This book argued that racial discrimination was responsible for black social pathology. Now that blacks are discriminated in favor of through affirmative action the argument has shifted. Whites think blacks are violent. Blacks allow themselves to agree, and live down to white expectations.
    No, I do not think so. 

    • Major

      They are not looking for brains. They scorn brains. They’re generally incapable of introspection, self control and the proper place of blame…on their shoulders.

  •  “A Philadelphia high school, an African-centered charter high school, a
    youth detention facility, and a program that serves youth who are on
    probation or parole”.

    Good catch.  No wonder these results came out the way they did.  That’s because they pretty much asked the Hatfield extended family at their Thanksgiving gathering about their opinions on Mayor McCoy.  This “study” was massaged for its intended final result based on the biased survey participants.

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

    police underreport mobs baltimore,0,6678578.story

  • mikejones91

    Your right, drug use does not account for any of that. Black teens RARELY have drug problems other than weed. They have a superiority complex of “seller”, or server, and “user”. Believe black teens look down on hard drug use. So that hurts the argument even more. Their just violent, plain and simple. 

  • Teach them to hate whitey even more,yeah that’ll definitely  “stop da violence”!! BTW the black “teen” in Oak Park Ill,who was accused of beating & robbing a white teen “for Trayvon” is pleading innocent to hate crime charges. his lawyer says he grew up around “white folks” and loves ’em! Plus,aw shucks,he aint never HEARD of Trayvon! Who Trayvon? Loves whites and never heard of Trayvon? Thats my kind of “youth”!! I’ll bet he despises hip-hop,too!!  “Ah preferz dat classik rock!”

  • They missed genetics, but that’s racist.

  • JC0037

     With free labor

  • JC0037

     I never said whites were evil in fact I will go so far as to say if I got here first or second like whites to this country I would do everything I could to make sure we retained power.  I am merely stating that some of the methods used were just as bad as these people who go around lecturing about brutality and all that crap. Am I saying that if the positions were reversed that me and mine would not have done the same thing nope.  Evil is one of those religious terms I look at it as strategy and it worked big deal stop denying it you guys are still winning.

    • MissBonnie123

      We’re winning? You call being replaced by nonwhites winning?

      You better hope that Hispanics never take over the political institutions in America. If they do, blacks who think they are second-class citizens will definitely BE third-class citizens. You won’t be able to instill guilt and shame into Hispanics and get any special privileges like you do now.

      • JC0037

        The only reason you are being replaced by nonwhites is because the corporation and the wealthy need a labor force that is less expensive. You should contact your representatives and demand immigration reform. I am not blaming Hispanics either they are just trying to survive it is up to the host country to deal with this issue.

      • JC0037

        I do not have any special privileges. Unless you mean being followed a couple of blocks by police because I am jogging(in full jogging apparel no hoodie), or if you mean how I know I have to be twice as good to receive less pay or the special privilege of some clown thinking I receive handouts or maybe you mean the special attention I receive from security while in some stores or maybe I just got you all wrong and you mean in Gods eyes everyone is special. Jeesh you do not know me dude and we meaning people of the human race are not all the same.

  • JC0037

     I always try to go to a physician in my community first.  If that physician does not pan out I try another ethnicity only helps in that you assume the physician because they are in a community of color would be more knowledgeable about the conditions that affect the community in which his practice is located.  If I find that the guy is and idiot or is not a good doctor then I will move on Black, White, Asian or Indian chief.

  • JC0037

     Not that it matters but you assumed my name was jamal and I am not sure why.

  • 20670

    Yeah, history has proven radical white haters (leftists white elites with money to fund many militant revolutionary organizations such as the Weatherman/SLA/the original Black Panthers etc) taught their black brothers how to utilize their anti-imperialism/anti-white European/anti-westernization hate philosophy to replace what Americans recognized as America before WWI…the American Department of Justice enacts its own philosophy now…it’s an old irrational logic out of the closet now!

  • JC0037

     Crack VS. Cocaine look it up

    •  Yeah, so?  Black civil rights groups demanded that disparate treatment between crack and powder, in the late 1980s, because of “all the damage crack was causing to blacks.”

      • JC0037

         Seriously, think about what you are saying crack is derived from cocaine.  If you were drafting legislation to make a drug undesirable wouldn’t it be better to target the entire illegal drug line.  I am not familiar with the demands you say were made by Black civil rights groups but I highly doubt they argued for keeping the treatment of cocaine offenders lower than that of crack offenders.  If a request was made for harsher treatment for crimes involving crack cocaine couldn’t you achieve that by raising the sentencing for all cocaine related crimes.

  • JC0037

     I don’t believe in animal cruelty.  See we are not all the same.

  • JC0037

    I do not care who’s country it is my main point is stop all the nut wrangling about what other nations do to there people the U.S. has done it all and if other recognized nations want to pursue a path we (can I say we) have already traveled who are we to say we are not going to let them that is hypocrisy.  We torture people why in yOUR Gods name would we complain or make comments when other nations do it.

  • JC0037

     Oh, oh yeah that’s right is it because the Presidents name is Barack Obama and since he is a Black Muslim then I too must be a Black Muslim and American born Blacks like the Muslim name Jamal.  I am so silly but I got it now.

  • JC0037

     I hate to break it to you but if everyone went back to where they came from….. Well you get it.

  • JC0037

    They did not attack because of lectures they attack because we interfered with their internal affairs by financing coups, creating fake uprisings,arming enemies and anything else we could do to undermine them. We were friends one day with a common enemy and the next day all friendships are off and they are left to explain why they dealt with us in the first place to there people. The U.S.A is so high school.

  • JC0037

    That is the problem you inherently believe that Black’s are not qualified to be doctors and even if they are marginally qualified your belief is that there is a White person who is being displaced by that Black guy. So what you are saying is that all Whites are smarter than even the smartest Black person. I do not begrudge you that point of view everyone and I mean everyone has personal biases and maybe that’s one of yours. Let me be clear though, I do not agree

  • JC0037

    Ultimately dude this is not about racism it is about hypocrisy don’t decry the things someone else is doing if you have already done them yourself.

  • Major

    “The Legacy of Colonialism”..

    Wonder why then some of them are openly advocating it’s return?

  • Major

    I think the answer might be…if they’re going to blame “racism” on all of European ancestry from 400 years ago…then we better invite the real “culprits” back to our shores to remedy the issues that still remain a festering boil on 21st Century America.

    I’d suggest we invite the true Colonial powers of the time to re colonize all section 8 housing, all of the majority black enclaves and ghettos…from Baltimore to LA. Let them reinstall discipline, government and crime prevention / intervention with a justice system that was working back then?

    Since we’ve obviously “failed” to impress blacks with the greatness of this country and it’s unlimited abilities extended to all.

  • Detroit_WASP

    Woody,  Just guessing he would blame 400 years of global white opression.  The fact that whites didn’t help them enough….is a form of racism and opression.  Destruction of the rain forest, global warming, fluoride in the water and crop circles….that’s all, folks. 

  • IstvanIN

    Gee, thanks for not wanting to kill us!

  • JohnEngelman

    This is an excellent post. I laughed out loud when I read it. 

  • ACE2X

    More excuses for anti-social behavior. No one hs been able to
    civilize these savages. I doubt it’s possible.

  • anarchyst

    If blacks embraced white norms and standards, they would have no problem living among whites.  However, they CHOOSE to embrace their own “culture” and negative patholigies and hold the “victim” as well as “race” cards.  However, they are not the only “group” that holds “victim” and “race” cards.
    There is another ethnic group that also holds the “victim” and “race” cards but has used them to excel in almost all endeavors (that “group” will remain unnamed). 
    These two “races” are at opposite ends of the social spectrum, one exploiting their “victimhood” for their own advantage and excelling while blacks utilize their “victimhood” status negatively.
    One can see that the “professional victim” group that excels (still) supports the negative pathologies of blacks under the guise of “civil rights (for some)” laws . . .

  • Ghg32

    It is a war without declaration, except in the minds of young blacks. They have been assured by their authority figures (families, relatives) and cemented by the national media, that whites are their oppressors and enemies. Carrying this message in the head of a 12 to 20’s male, makes him hopeless and ever ready to attack, in personal attitude, or in behavior, against the white system, and whites, whenever an opportunity arises for him.

    In summary, everything he thinks he knows, everything he has been told by those he relies upon, has convinced him to lead his life as a sociopath.

    As Dinesh DeSouza stated in a book published some years ago, until this steady poison being  force-fed black youth in their crucial formative years can be  eliminated, what is called black culture will automatically continue producing large numbers of criminal sociopaths.  

  • “internalized racism”

    Hm, and how did they define this variable?  I can’t be bothered to pay $25 for anti-scientific garbage, but I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that they asked each of the black kids if they had ever been the victims of ‘the evil white man’s oppression.’

    It’s not evil white voodoo that makes blacks more prone to crime, it’s genetics.  Otherwise their behavior wouldn’t be the same in every single area that they inhabit.  Or is white thought magic so powerful that it effects blacks in african countries that don’t have a single white person in them?

    Whoever came up with this “study” sounds a lot like the Zimbabwean government officials who paid a magician several million pounds because they thought she could conjure petrol by hitting a rock with a stick.  Capable of sane, rational thought they aren’t.

  • I didn’t bother to read the various links that appeared to be just below the introduction, because I assumed it would be the usual claptrap: “It’s all the fault of ‘White racism,’ blah, blah, blah.” But I noticed that there was no mention in the introduction of, “Maybe it’s genetic.” But it probably is. Of course, that’s the great unmentionable in this country when you talk about “race.”

  • sbuffalonative

    There are two things you can bet your life on when it comes to black dysfunction. There will always be an excuse and there will always be an associated theory. Then another theory and another. Then another to replace those.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    The findings indicate that internalized racism

    More doctrine from the Church of Political Correctness.

    This is a common example of what we Whites are fighting, which is a government-enforced, firmly established Religion, not a single viewpoint, but a firmly entrenched religion that has taken over the media, government and schools.

    To lefties, Political Correctness is the Truth, Answer and Culmination of all things based on a rigid doctrine which attempts to explain away things that are obviously wrong, especially about non-Whites:

    A few of the Commandments include:

    1.  All Black or other non-White failure is due to White Racism.

    2.  All Black or other non-White violence is due to White Racism.

    3.  All Races have a right to a homeland and a right to preserve their language, culture and heritage, except for Whites whose homelands, culture and heritage must be destroyed.

    Those who refuse to follow the dogma of the Church of PC are heretics and will be labeled “racists.”  As punishment for heresy against the Church,  your career and reputation will be destroyed.  In Europe and Canada, punishment includes long jail terms and heavy fines.

    The solution?  A final one:  The elimination of racism through the elimination of the racist White race through anti-White legislation and massive non-White immigration into White homelands such as the U.S., Britain, Europe, and Australia, which is genocide when applied to any other race except the White Race.

    “Genocide involves the attempt to achieve the disappearance of a group by whatever means. It does not have to be violent, it could be a combination of policies that would lead to a certain group dying out.”

    — Malcolm Fraser (Prime Minister of Australia 1975-1983)

    Make no mistake:  These modern-day Torquemadas are deadly serious and none of this is funny or amusing. We are fighting for our survival and it’s going to be a very difficult battle.


  • xxxtonygunsxxx


  • TomIron361

    Due to their inability to function as productive members of the society they find themselves living in, blacks will forever remain on the outside looking in. Thus they’ll always be angry and violent.

  • Up to my neck in CA

    So low IQ, poor impulse control and high testosterone levels has nothing to do with it? The truth is hard to swallow, it’s easier to blame Whitey!

  • Private

     My experience with youth black violence was secondary to externalized racism.  That is using race as an excuse for a racist attack.  There seems to be a need to nullify these experiences, as they do not fit the agreed upon narrative.  Strange to say, racism is within the grasp of anyone.  And, logically, it fits to say that it is racist to believe otherwise.