A Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) student who wrote on Facebook that black people were “f*****g brain dead monkeys” has been suspended from the institution.

And security company Bidvest Magnum says one of its employees is also facing disciplinary measures after posting derogatory, racist and threatening comments on Twitter during the outcry over racist comments by a magazine model last week.

According to an Independent Online report on Wednesday, Ken Sinclair posted on the social networking site two weeks ago that black people “always skinner in their retarded language”, and in a reply to a Facebook response to his message, “If you aren’t a racist go spend a day at Cape Tech in town. You will wana join the KKK when you are done”.

CPUT spokesperson Thami Nkwanyane was quoted in the report saying Sinclair’s suspension meant he would not be allowed to attend classes, pending the outcome of an internal investigation and a disciplinary hearing.

“The investigation was started by the university’s judicial and legal office.

I don’t know how long it will take. As a university, we condemn in the strongest possible terms this kind of behaviour which amounts to hate speech and cannot be tolerated,” he said.

“Freedom of expression is one thing, but hate speech is something else.”

According to a City Press report, former newspaper columnist Pinky Khoabane has also laid a complaint against Sinclair’s post with the Human Rights Commission.

Meanwhile, an employee at security company Bidvest Magnum faces disciplinary action for posting alleged hate speech on Twitter, the company said on Wednesday.

“I’m very distressed about the comment and we shall institute an internal inquiry,” said managing director David Crichton.

Itumeleng Mabeba tweeted that model Jessica Leandra dos Santos “deserved to burn in hell you racist c*nt”, and hoped she was “raped with a broken beer bottle”, the Citizen reported.

The incidents follow the storm over recent racist remarks on Twitter by FHM model Jessica Leandra dos Santos.

Last week Thursday, Leandra told her 2 591 followers: “Just, well took on a an arrogant and disrespectful kaffir inside Spar. Should have punched him, should have [sic].”

QuickTrim SA withdrew their sponsorship of the model, she was stripped of her title as FHM model of the year in 2011, and columnist Mabine Seabe lodged a complaint with the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) against her.

Another South African model, Tshidi Thamana also caused a storm on Twitter when, in response to Jessica Leandra dos Santos’ post, she tweeted that she wished all white people were dead.

“Dear Mr Peter Mokaba … I wish all whites had been killed when you sang ‘Kill the Boer’, then we wouldn’t have to experience @JessicaLeandra’s racism [sic],” she tweeted.

Following widespread condemnation both models apologised, and on Thursday met each other to bury the hatchet in a meeting brokered the DA’s national spokesperson and leader of the party’s Johannesburg caucus Mmusi Maimane.

[Editor’s Note: The full exchange can be found at the original article.]

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  • Oil Can Harry

    25% of black South African men are admitted rapists- and many more have committed the act but keep it to themselves.

    So when Ms dos santos reacted negatively to an aggressive street person it may have been for this reason. And when a black tweets that dos Santos should be “raped with a broken beer bottle” that’s ominous indeed. 

    • Djinn42

       Also the other model, Tshidi Thamana, wishing for ALL Whites to have been killed just to escape the racism of one?
      But I agree, the beer bottle comment is not only ominous but very crude for any race to say about another, it speaks volumes of the mindset of the sub-Saharan sub-species.

  •  “f*****g brain dead monkeys”
    I don’t know if I would give up so easily on this one, he could always give “truth as a defense”  a try, if i were him I would give it a shot.

  • Hate Speech does not exist. Only unpleasant opinions based on observable facts.

    • ConradDobler

      Facts like “your” teachers feeding little school kids sperm cookies…”FACTS”…

  • Church_of_Jed

    “Truth telling is hate speech to those who hate the truth; free speech is hate speech to those who hate freedom.”

    -Rev. Jed DeValleyism, “Have you read the Bill of Attainders against your Whiteness,” 2006

  •  “Freedom of expression is one thing, but hate speech is something else.”

    “Freedom of expression is one thing, but an opinion that radically contradicts the official ideology is something else” would be more accurate.

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

       Of course, and these idiots seem to think that the emotion of hatred is not a “normal” human emotion.  Well, of course it is.  Hating is as much a right as loving.  Why shouldn’t anyone hate the things that threaten them?  Inciting a riot is one thing, but free speech, including expressions of hatred are important and denying or suppressing it only helps it fester into a more potent form.

  • So the white model calls a black male a disrespectful kaffir and the black model’s response is that she  wished all white people were dead???  Gee I wonder why we dont want ANYTHING to do with them!

  •  or Detroit, or as I like to call it “Little Haiti”

  • Sheila Dinehart

    If I lived in South Africa I am afraid I might consider the fate of a white minority slaughtered once in Haiti during its revolution…sure inspired Nat Turner in America and many more after him.

    • ConradDobler

      LONG LIVE NAT TURNER!!!! He killed as many white murderous RAPISTS as he could before “they” got him….IT’S NOT OVER YET….

      •  But “they” did get him….and hundreds more hung with him. God Bless America.

  • ViktorNN

    You could publicly state that you believe in sex with animals and no one would give you the time of day.

    Make a racist comment… lose everything.

  • ViktorNN

    Excellent point.

    It’s not that “hate speech” is unacceptable – it’s whites making racist comments that is taboo.

    A non-white making racist comments is merely “speaking truth to power.”

    • ConradDobler

      ‘The White’ has made racist comments in the beginning and now “you” are only getting a taste of your own medicine…open f***king wide and smile…

  • anonymous_amren

    And don’t forget YouTube (although I recommend watching the videos in your normal web browser, but posting the comments via TOR, so as not to waste TOR bandwidth).

    I use TOR to maintain my anonymity when posting racist comments. There is nothing to connect my account with my identity, even if the authorities siezed my computer, Amren’s computer, my ISP’s server, etc. TOR is meant for people in totalitarian dictatorships to be able to post and access the internet without getting thrown in jail, and these days the West qualifies as that.

    •  If you fear a government
      it’s time to end it

  • anonymous_amren

    ‘wrote on Facebook that black people were “f*****g brain dead monkeys”’

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they were having sex with brain dead monkeys. That sounds entirely plausible.   Oh wait…  He probably meant black people were retarded and less evolved. With Africans it’s hard to tell. Both are equally likely. Even if he had said they were “f*****g the brains of dead monkeys” that would still be plausible. Africa is a disturbing place.

  • haroldcrews

    People who can’t grasp the basics of freedom of speech ought to be barred from holding political power.

    • ConradDobler

      Listen- just because Willard Romney is a Mormon doesn’t mean “you people” have to discriminate against him….

  • ConradDobler

    Too bad – so sad…as much killing, robbing, and raping “you people” have done you’re lucky that “it” hasn’t happened yet….

  • ConradDobler

    “This” from a white s*ut who travels to Africa for sex…lovely….happy humping ‘Becky’…

    •  Your response makes absolutely no sense. I thus infer that you are a sub-Saharan African attempting to communicate like a human being. Nice try, but FAIL.

      • mikejones91

        haha. What did they try and say? It was removed.

  • Djinn42

     Thank you for the clarification.

  •  He was a lawyer…he must have seen enough of them in court in SA to figure out “da troof.”

  • Mulder

    You can post anything you want on FB or Twit, so long as your handle is NO LIMIT NIGGA.

    Do I need to spell out the pathetic irony or is my pithy diatribe understood?

  • Heh, Hate Speech.  I’ve always loved that term.  Especially since it can apply to anything you want it to!

    I consider nearly everything american race liberals say to be hate speech.  Why?  Because it offends me.   After all, that’s the exact criteria they have for us ‘evil racists.’