Harriet Harman’s Public Sector Equality Laws to Be Scrapped

Rowena Mason and John Bingham, Telegraph (London), May 16, 2012

The Home Secretary is planning to get rid of powers that allow companies to be sued if their staff are harassed by customers or clients.

This currently leaves businesses open to lawsuits if they have not stopped members of the public making racist, sexist or “ageist” remarks to their employees.

Mrs May is also hoping to scrap rules that allow people who win discrimination cases to force their employers to change their practices.

The measures were brought in during the last days of the previous Labour government under the Equality Act championed by Harriet Harman, the former minister and deputy leader.

Yesterday, Mrs May also said she would speed up a review of whether public bodies should be forced to promote diversity as a legal requirement.

She revealed in November 2010 that the Home Office would seek to remove this “ridiculous” burden.

Dominic Raab, the Conservative MP for Esher and Walton, who has been critical of aspects of the equality agenda, said the Government is “right to take a second look at these ludicrous measures”.

“They add costs to business, and far from promoting equality they are socially divisive,” he said.

“In particular, the proposal that hard-pressed 25,000 schools, councils and other public bodies have to fill in forms explaining how they are promoting diversity—at a cost of over £20 million per year to the taxpayer—should be scrapped without delay.”

The Home Office will also “shrink” the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) to make sure the quango is “using taxpayers’ money wisely”.

Mark Hammond, chief executive of the EHRC, said the body has “worked hard to put right management and accounting issues”, as well as cutting down travel costs and expenses.

The Home Office is currently “consulting” on the changes before deciding whether to press ahead.

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  • anonymous_amren

    Wow! Maybe Britain isn’t doomed after all. There are still some signs of common sense in high places.

    • splitsing

       Too little, too late.  Sad but their politicians have sold them down a brown river.  They are doomed.  Somewhere General De La Rey smirks.

      • Wicksteed

         I see the word “doomed” used more often here than C-3PO in Star Wars in some of the people that post here. Seriously are you depressed? The UK is not doomed, stop trying to be psychic and actually do something useful for the cause. 

        • splitsing

          Psychic for speaking in rational, clear terms? The Brits will one day be minorities on their own island and they will have accomplished this by their own hand. How can you deny that?

          • Wicksteed

             The reason I have some optimism is because I know that in history events sometime happen that hardly anyone predicted. Popular beliefs can change and have. Unpredictable, fast-unfolding revolutions can happen even in dictatorships. Science and technology allow for completely unpredictable changes.

            James Flynn (famous for the discovery of the ‘Flynn effect’)  talked about the notion of putting something in the drinking water as a contraceptive with the antidote only being given out to people who aren’t too low-IQ.

            I’m completely against genocides and cruelty like the Holocaust and Rwanda genocide but it must be noted just how completely unexpected and unbelievable to everybody those events were and how modern technology caused nearly 100% reduction in eg Germany. Jews were better integrated than non-whites are today.

            Remember it only takes a few years or less (with science and technology) to un-do decades of immigration. Over 50% o f White youth already are reported to believe that discrimination against whites is as bad as discrimnation against whites.

          • Wicksteed

             Let me expound a bit more what I mean.

             It doesn’t even require a permanent mindset change against racial diversity, only a temporary thing that passes.

             It might take only that rare “prefect storm” of events aligning the right way, and then – sayonara. And afterwards it might even be condemned and arouse pity in people the same way the historical de-population of American Indians is today. But no one is succeeding in trying to bring all the Native Americans back, and so it might be with non-whites in the future (not that I condone atrocities that were done to the Native Americans).

            And then you had those riots against south Asian shop keepers in the UK in response to the pedophile crimes.

          • mikejones91

            I like that you used a non-white example of Genocide. Well done. Don’t see that too often.

          • splitsing

             Understood.  I see it as a lost cause but I feel I’m being pragmatic.  But I concede that, as you point out, many historical events have come about without warning and disrupted the trends.  The level of mixing in Britain and the level of apathy about race and then combining the influx of brown peoples from all over Africa and Asia, I can’t see them sorting themselves out.  I hope you are right, however.

          • Talltrees

            Excavated skulls and tools show Europeans were the first to inhabit the U.S.  over 13,000 years ago.  Indians, 9,000 years ago. 

            Narrow skulls, indicative of the White race have been found in certain parts of the country.  Indians are of the Mongoloid race and  different skulls.  The White skull and its side profile is distinctively different from Mongoloids and Negroids.

            Tools compare to those found in Europe around the same time, 13,000 plus years ago.  Tools of this kind have not been found in any other part of the world. 

            Anthropologists are frustrated because a few White skulls found in Indian territory had to be reburied.  Indians don’t believe in disrupting the dead.

            Anthropoligists don’t think disrupting the dead is the reason.   They think Indians don’t want anyone to know they were not the first.  You know, payment from the U.S. government for what has been called genocide and discrimination.

            As it appears, now, Indians  caused genocide of  White Europeans who were here before them.  It was genocide because none remain.  There are over 5 million Indians living in the U.S.  We know White man did not kill all of them.  If they had wanted to, they would have done so.

  • loyalwhitebriton

    Ms. Harmans ‘Equality Act’ was described by critics as “socialism in one clause”.


    Now we just need to:

    1. Stop all immigration.
    2. Remove, with coercion if necessary, all non-whites and non-Christians from the UK.
    3. Withdraw membership from the Soviet Brussels Machine (EU).

    I’m not holding my breath though.

    • About #2 native religions like the Druids should be allowed to stay. The fact that stonehendge is light years ahead of current sub sahara africa really drives home the real reason for lack of equality.

      • Sherman_McCoy

        Exactly so.  I, as a white Christian have more in common with white atheists (or druids) than I do with (so-called) christian blacks, whose possession of a soul I rather doubt.  Atheists and Christians can argue philosophy, apologetics, biology, etc., with at least the common ground of white intelligence and the belief in fair play.

        But, I believe our dear friend LWB means muslims, hindus and jews, not druids nor atheists.

        • Natassia

          Blacks have souls. Remember the Ethiopian eunuch of the New Testament?

          • Sherman_McCoy

            Thanks, Natassia.  I have also run across that passage to which you refer.  To our non-believing friends, or those who just doubt the trustworthiness of the New Testament, I apologize, as I don’t want to use this forum to discuss religion, but, as I started it . . .

            There a couple of things to remember.  First, this Ethiopian was a Jew, who had been to Jerusalem to worship.  So, I ask myself, just how Ethiopian (or black) was he?  Does this mean that eunuchs in the court of Candace were necessarily black?  How black were the inhabitants of Ethiopia at that time, especially Jewish ones?

            Further, based upon their very ape-like behaviors, I have come to the conclusion that blacks are either not very evolved (which throws the who question of intelligent design into play), or they are another breed altogether.  Whether I am being intellectually dishonest or not, at this point, I believe that aborting blacks is a good thing, while aborting whites is a sin.  This is where I am, but am willing to entertain other theories.  At least I am honest enough to recognize that I don’t know everything, other than that blacks are a pox on the planet, and are the sworn enemies of whites.

          • Natassia

            Your belief that they don’t have souls is sort of dumb when you consider the fact that blacks and whites can reproduce with eachother. At what percentage of “whiteness” does a mixed race baby have a soul? 25%? 50%? 75%?

            Black men are men just as white men are men. Biologically there are differences, but a black man can be saved by Jesus Christ just as a white man can…as if biology would prevent someone from salvation. Are all things possible through God or not?

          • Natassia

            I am sure that I have some African blood in me…maybe 5 generations back, but it’s probably there. So, do I have a soul? Or maybe just 99% of a soul?

          • Wicksteed

            Natassia:Whenever I see someone say that blacks and whites can reproduce with each other I remind that different species can and do interbreed in the wild.


            This talks about how coyotes and wolves interbred when coyotes passed through the Great Lakes region and New England coyotes are part wolf as a result. The same is true for many animals and DNA evidence now says humans interbred with Neandertals and other archaic humans in pre-history.

            But I’m not concerned with whether blacks have souls, just concerned with the content of their character on average and what it’s like living in places where they’re above a certain %.

          • Talltrees

            Darwin actually thought Blacks  should be placed in a different category than with the human race. 

            Liberals are keeping that under wraps.

          • Sherman_McCoy

            I guess we will just have to agree to disagree.  Note, I don’t call your opinion “dumb.”  I’ve arrived at the point I am through considerable research and thought and soul-searching, and still don’t have a conclusion with which I am completely comfortable.  That said, I believe all aid to Africa, including missionary efforts are at best, useless.

          • Natassia

            Your assertion about souls IS dumb. You failed to answer the key question: what percentage of non-blackness guarantees a baby will be born with a soul since, according to you, black people don’t have souls? I mean, you haven’t even defined what “human” is, and yet you basically claim blacks are not human and are soul-less. Your opinions are not only dumb, but they are baseless and unChristian.

          • Sherman_McCoy

            I ses that further discourse with you is useless.  I’ve already stated that I don’t have all the answers, only where I have arrived at this point.  Much as it would calm my spirit to imagine a fiery eternal torment for blacks for the evil they’ve done to the world, I just don’t think God would condemn mindless primitive animals to suffer in this way for all time.  

            What percentage?  No idea.  Sorry about your 5%. A barrel of wine with a teaspoon of sewage is sewage, as is a barrel of sewage with a teaspoon of wine.

          • Natassia

            Not only do you have ZERO scientific evidence to back up your assertions, you haven’t a single rational argument.

          • Natassia

            Again, zero scientific evidence and zero rationality.

        • eunometic

          I’m an atheist, I just don’t believe, however I don’t have any problems with Christians so long as the don’t force me to do anything.  

          I am pro-white. I don’t care if someone is left or right wing, socialist, libertarian or capitalist, or agnostic, Christian or atheist so long as the are pro white first.  I’ll respect them, love them and will help them. If they are anti white then the need to be stopped whoever they are.  Shunning, ridicule, the methods the anti whites started are all fair.

        • mikejones91

          Nicely put. I am atheist and 95% of my friends are Christian.

        • loyalwhitebriton

          You’re right, Sherman.
           I should have perhaps worded it differently, or been more specific. I have no problem with atheists, and traditionalist anglo-celtic pagan types, so long as they are white Britons, or even (as long as the numbers entering the UK are sensible and manageable) white Americans, Canadians, Austrailians, New Zealanders, South Africans, Europeans.
          However, as for the rest (muslims, jews, hindus, sikhs), they have no place here, and should leave. I may disagree with atheists and pagans, but as for the others mentioned, they simply aint British, or stem from British culture.

    • mikejones91

      what about atheists? I am an atheist but I would consider myself a “cultural Christian”. 

      • loyalwhitebriton

        Indeed, many atheists and agnostics consider themselves to be cultural Christians. I think this is very positive, as it shows a recognition and appreciation of Christianitys’ deep influence on all aspects of British culture and institutions.

        As for my original comment, in hindsight I think it would have been better if I had worded it slightly differently, whilst still retaining the essence of my meaning.
        Please see my response to Herman McCoy (above).

        • mikejones91

          Yeah, well put. That’s how I have always seen it. I don’t believe in a God but If I am taking sides, I am on the “Christian Team”. Team Jesus lol. Christianity is the religion of Western Civilization/Democracy. 

        • mikejones91

          That’s one thing you Brits have going for you. You can say things like “Keep Britain British”. As an America, saying that would warrant spontaneous head explosions from guilt ridden whites. Keep America European kind of works though lol.

          • Talltrees

              “Keep America European.”  Like that very much.

          • mikejones91

            haha yeah its good, thanks man.

  • Church_of_Jed

    “Whenever you feel a slight breeze of sanity, stand firm for the inevitable following blast of insanity. Satan will not tolerate our progress, only his.”

    -Rev. Jed DeValleyism, “Recognizing diversionary tactics by watching the other hand,” 1999

  • All once great Britain has to do is cut off benefits for 3rdworlders and they will flee to more socialist nations.

    • mikejones91

      Great Britain***

  • Natassia

    Idiot that loyalwhitebriton is, he fails to realize that many Christians started out as non-believers who had to be born again in adulthood. Take the late, great C.S. Lewis, for example, who was an atheist before he converted.

  • Whiteman

    The unstated bottom line to these stories is that only whites can be racist, something, perhaps due to All of our conditioning or all these stories, something that is quite the opposite of being the truth. Even on AmRen there was a story out where many posters commented about whites keeping Japanese Americans in internment camps during WWII. No one mentioned that Italian and German Americans were held in internment camps also  during WWII. I suppose Mentioning that would be ‘insensitive’ and racist toward Japanese Americans and those who spiritually support their suffering.

    • mikejones91

      It’s only racism if its White on Non-White. White on White is dispute. Non-White on White is payback. Two wrongs NEVER make a right, unless that second wrong is against a WHITE. Applies to many racially charged arguments. Manifest Destiny. Slavery/Increasing number of hate crimes on whites by blacks. We bitch about, “well you guys enslaved us.” 

  • splitsing

     But are you a cultural Christian?

  • splitsing

     I probably am an agnostic but I was raised Christian and identify as a Cultural Christian.  I recognize that Christian principles are part and parcel of Western exceptionalism and I embrace it.

  • Orion_Blue

    It is about time this idiocy was removed from the statute book. I know from working in the public sector, that vast resources are squandered on the diversity hoax and the end result is that we end up with 2-sigma variants being falsely promoted beyond their ability range.