European Conservatives’ Self-Destruction

Kevin DeAnna, World Net Daily, May 7, 2012

Why are conservatives always trying to save their enemies?

Leftists around the world are jubilant at the downfall of Sarko L’ Américain, as the Socialist Francois Hollande decisively defeated the “center-right” Nicolas Sarkozy for the presidency of the French Republic. The supposed conservatives have no one to blame but themselves. Sarkozy’s demise is the logical consequence of the forced austerity he and German Chancellor Angela Merkel shoved down their peoples’ throats in order to maintain the euro, whatever the cost.

At a time when mass Islamic immigration is transforming the Western character of the continent, self-government has been taken away and transferred to an increasingly autocratic European Union and unemployment is skyrocketing in southern Europe, supposed conservatives have taken the suicidal position of lining up with the very bankers, bureaucrats and financiers that created the crisis. The European people have taken to the streets, rising against the disaster their unelected left-wing masters in Brussels have imposed on them. Incredibly, the so-called right wing rides to the rescue of the Establishment, working to stamp down the populist uprising instead of leading it.

The results are predictable. The French center-right has now collapsed. The Dutch government has fallen, another casualty of the austerity debate that led to the defeat of Silvio Berlusconi in Italy. The popularity of the conservative government in Spain is plummeting, with left wingers and outright Communist Party members seizing control of regional parliaments. Even Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats are on the ropes.


{snip} The respectable European center-right has been all but wiped out. The future of European conservatism doesn’t belong to those who want to tinker with European Union’s bureaucratic monstrosity, but the right opposition waiting to collapse the whole rotten edifice. In Hungary, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland and in the other suppressed nations of the EUSSR, new parties are challenging the tired establishment of the so-called center-right.

Now, even in the heart of Western Europe, this new force is taking its rightful place. In France, Marine Le Pen and her reformed Front National are the real victors now that Sarkozy’s phony conservatism is discredited. With a record showing in this past election, the FN is ready to take its deserved position as the only real opposition in France.

In Holland, it was the free-speech champion and Shariah opponent Geert Wilders who brought down the “conservative” government by refusing to go along with an austerity program. It doesn’t make sense, Wilders observed, “to suffer for the sake of the dictators in Brussels.”

The left’s triumph will be short-lived, because after all the talk of workers’ rights and lavish spending, they will have to march to the orders of those dictators. {snip}

The system is breaking down, and the only answer the Europeans have is the newly emerging authentic right represented by Le Pen, Wilders and others. Insofar as Europe has a future, it belongs to an authentic conservatism that defends national independence and cultural identity.


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  • JohnEngelman

    supposed conservatives have taken the suicidal position of lining up with the very bankers, bureaucrats and financiers that created the crisis.                           
    – Kevin DeAnna, World Net Daily, May 7, 2012        
    Should it come as any surprise that “conservatives” defend the interests of bankers and financiers?
    Conservatism has various definitions and varieties. I respect Edmund Burke. I am pessimistic about human nature and human potential. I respect tradition. I distrust abrupt social changes and am skeptical of untested economic experiments. Nevertheless, in practice conservatism usually means defending the economic interests of those with the most to conserve. 

    • loyalwhitebriton

      I agree. ‘Conservatives’ tend to be pro-business, which is why they are more inclined to come down on the side of, for example, the bankers.
      There is nothing inntrinsically wrong with free trade, low tax, innovation, etc; in fact, those are good things. But the fact is, banks create money out of thin air with their fractional reserve system of banking, the result of which is that we have have a money system based on debt.
      We need to end fractional reserve banking by introducing 100% demand deposit banking, and instruct our treasury departments to start printing debt free money. 

  • loyalwhitebriton

    A liberal/left dominated mainstream media throughout Europe has a lot to do with the timidity of Europes’ centre-right. Our own ‘Conservative’ party is petrified of the BBC, for instance.
    Traditional centre-right parties are so used to being around, so used to being part of the mainstream, so used to being part of the furniture of the nation, that the liberal dominated media, an institution which has been domminated by liberals for a long time, is considered to be a ‘fellow traveller’; and because the media is very powerful, it is perceived that the best way to deal with the media is to placate it. That’s why centre-right parties in western liberal democracies tend to, in an ever increasing degree, lean to the left.
    What is so refreshing in these up and coming, so called ‘fringe’ rightist movements, is that they ‘give the finger’ to the mainstream rightist parties and the mainstream media. And they are gaining support; in small steps, maybe, but steps nevertheless.
    There is hope in this.     

    • The__Bobster

      Can’t the BBC be defunded?

      • loyalwhitebriton

        The BBC Royal Charter is reviewed/renewed every 10 years. It was last renewed 1st Jan 2007 (under the previous Labour government), and will be reviewed/renewed(?) next on 31st Dec 2016.  
        Whatever political party is in power in 2016 will have to make the decision of whether or not to renew the BBC Royal Charter. If the decision is made to renew the Charter, then every household in the UK will have to continue paying the license fee. If the desision is made not to renew the charter, then the BBC is finished. In effect, all BBC assets will have to be sold off to the private sector.
        Currently, the License fee is £131.50 for a colour TV (£44 for a B&W). It is a legal requirement to pay this fee, failure to do so can result in a court appearance and a £1,000 fine.
        The reality is that the Labour party and the Lib/Dems support the BBC because the BBC is stuffed with Labour and Lib/Dem supporters. Most Conservatives hate the BBC, but are too afraid to get rid of it.

  • Boereseun

    A big part of the solution lies in dismantling the EU and re-establishing Nationalism as the guiding force of Europe. Once the EU cannot force its ideals on member states, a country’s population can once again reassert themselves as the leaders of their own country. If the EU does eventually collapse, a former member state has a more direct means of confronting their ailments. No longer answerable to a bunch of ‘intellectuals’ or ‘moral superiors’.

    At this point they can decide if they want to continue on the path of destruction by continuing to let in more immigrants or they can decide to fight for their country, their birth right, and deport those who don’t belong.

    The future is going to get tough and the limp wristed and phoney ‘conservatives’ have been proven time and again not to be willing to do what needs to be done. I do hope Kevin DeAnna is right and that these far right parties turn out to be strong, nationalist, identity political parties. As this is what is needed most, leaders with back bones.

  • No

    Time for me to (humbly) pat my own back.  Proves what I argue (usually with little success) . . . that it’s too early for the emergence of a strong Right.

    We need to form a solid Party, raise money and begin developing a structure.  But the People are nowhere hungry enough or threatened enough to demand the kind of change we need to install a TRUE (translation: racialist)  Right-wing government.

    Another four more years of B. Hussein Obama might get our fellow whites demanding a sane racial state.  Maybe. 

    We may need four years of Hillary to really top it off.

  • splitsing

    Hey, Jared and friends, here is a link to a WaPo story on Geert Wilders that relates to this story that you might enjoy:

  • Anan7

    By “transforming the Western character of the continent” do you mean wiping it out?

    Muslims would happily kill any Whites who attempted to immigrate into their countries.  Why are we so tolerant of them?

    The Muslims should go back home, now!