A 20-year-old waitress was dragged from her bike, raped and then strangled to death with her own bra just yards from her own home, a court has heard.

Sabina Rose O’Donnell’s dead body was found naked, apart from a pair of beige socks, by a dog walker in a grassy Philadelphia lot on June 2, 2010.

Sabina O'Donnell

Ninth-grade drop-out Donte Johnton, also 20, is accused of stalking the 5ft 3in woman for her pink-and-grey bicycle she was riding home after a night out with friends.

The first two days of his murder trial in Common Pleas Court heard how Johnson allegedly grabbed his 100lb victim when she arrived at the front of her apartment building.

Philly.com reported how prosecutors said he dragged her 120ft to the rear of her home, where he raped and then killed her by strangling her with her own bra.

Assistant District Attorney Richard Sax told the first day of the trial that O’Donnell was: ‘Tiny, small, petite but so vulnerable. Perfect prey.’

He said Johnson’s stalking of her on a bicycle, which was captured on CCTV to be played later on in the trial, happened because: ‘He knew he could dominate, overwhelm and control her.’

Donte Johnson

He claimed Johnson left his DNA ‘all over her, inside of her’ and said ‘he destroyed her’ during the attack. But defence attorney Lee Mandell rejected the claims.

He said: ‘This is not a case of first-degree murder. The people who test for DNA are people like us. They are human beings. Like all human beings, they are capable of making mistakes.’

Forensic psychologist Gerald Cooke added that Johnson, with an IQ of just 73, had most likely been born with brain damage.

He said he acted like an 11 or 12-year-old and smoked marijuana and drank alcohol for many years.

Dog walker Christina Sirochman said the victim was wearing just a pair of beige socks, with a swarm of flies around her mouth, when she found her dumped body on June 2, 2010.

Sirochman told a jury she touched her to see if she was alive, saying: ‘It was just like touching a piece of glass. That was somebody’s child and I didn’t want her to be alone.’

Other witnesses said they found a man’s dirty t-shirt and O’Donnell’s purse in the hours after the murder.

Assistant Medical Examiner Edwin Lieberman, who performed the autopsy, said it was ‘one of the tightest ligatures I’ve seen in a very long time.’

He added that it would have taken 30 seconds for the victim to fall unconscious, and another three to five minutes of ‘continuous pressure to the neck’ to kill.

If convicted of first-degree murder Johnson, who denies the charge and whose innocence defence lawyers say can be proved through DNA evidence, will be sentenced to life-without-parole.

The trial is expected to continue until next week.

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    The rapist is said to have an IQ of 73.   Note that 73 is near the average for Sub-Saharan Africans. 

    Europeans average 100 for IQ.  This low IQ is part of what makes Africans so dangerous.  It prevents them from using logic, and allows them to make incredibly poor choices and believe odd, untrue things.

    • Hunter Morrow

       Every black is a GENIUS on t.v. Doctors, lawyers, presidents. astronauts, the works…

      Until it is time to go on death row. Then they are all retards. Those IQ tests are just one more way for the blacks to scam the White system.

    • Detroit_WASP

      have a conscience you must first have a brain. 
      No brain, no conscience.  A
      Pitt-bull can rip apart a child and then happily curl up in a corner and lick
      its self without a second thought about what it just did.  Violent criminals are no different from a dog.

  • Forensic psychologist Gerald Cooke added that Johnson, with an IQ of just 73, had most likely been born with brain damage.  He said he acted like an 11 or 12-year-old and smoked marijuana and drank alcohol for many years.

    I thought there was no such thing as IQ.

    Also, how would they know his IQ?  This happened in Philadelphia, and big city school systems gave up IQ testing long ago for the obvious taboo reason.

    We’re finding out about this news in the British press.  What of our “free” press?

    • He was too stupid to get under 70 to prevent the death penalty.

      •  You’re probably right.

        Unlikely he got an IQ test in school before he dropped out as a high school freshman.  Who would have given him this test?

        The prosecution wouldn’t, because they wouldn’t want to “low IQ” canard for the defense to use.

        This means that this IQ test (if his lawyers aren’t just fabricating an IQ score out of thin air) was paid for and administered by the defense.  Which means they probably massaged the final score as far down as possible.

  • Hunter Morrow

    Execution. Public execution and then repatriations are the only way.

  • Up to my neck in CA

    A true son of Obama with an IQ of just 73.

  • Hold up I live in PA and had to find out about this from a UK news source.

  • Church_of_Jed

    Why have we never heard of this?  Never mind.

    • MartelC

      couldn’t squeeze it in during the 24/7 trayvon crisis  and ‘hipster racism’ /the new show Girls is all white horror. 

  • I know that what I’m going to write is not realistic. But, public executions- hangings, preferably- would radically cut the violent crime rate.
    Of course, this is not going to happen. Yet.

    • I W

      I agree.
      Read Robert A Heinlein’s “Job, a comedy of justice” and pay particular attention to his concept of Balancing crime. (And the entire concept of Starship Troopers -THE BOOK- is perfection.)
      In a nutshell, he describes a man who ran over a pedestrian while drunk driving. The man was held in the public road while a car ran him over. An ambulance was standing by, but the paramedics did not respond until after the same amount of time that the original victim had spent in the street -by stopwatch- had passed. So the criminal suffered exactly -to the second- the same fate of his victim.

  • loyalwhitebriton

    Just look at that photo of Donte Johnson (what kind of name is ‘Donte’ anyway?).
    Just look at it.
    No intellect. No emotion. No remorse. No nothing. Do these people actually think?. Are they normal, like us?.
    No, they are not. They are not like us at all.
    We really need to do something….
    Even if it is drastic!

    • Boereseun

      It starts with an ‘A’ and ends with a ‘D’. 

      • SintiriNikos

        I confess I was baffled by your riddle until I saw your handle. God bless the white people in SA. And may the Lord comfort those taken too soon from their loved ones by the savages.

    • With a name like that…send him straight to jail or give him a basketball…

      If a study was done…low IQ could be correlated with these hideous names.  The names are another example of them failing to assimilate.  I am semi-well traveled.  Mostly in Asia.  The Chinese, Filipinos, and Koreans will all use English names when working with westerners.  

      Blacks in the US still use these idiotic names that have no link to African culture (Donte, Lemiracle, Shitavious—all real).  Even Africans use western names.  In my opinion the “afro-centric” names are an example of low IQ being passed down. 

  • 1proactive2

    As the saying goes; “They’ll put a stop sign at a dangerous crossroad only until an important person or their relative gets killed there”. 

    Tragically for whites, this will continue until something horrific like this happens to the kin of someone in power, someone who is white and is then shocked into caring.  Then there may be an outside chance that something will be done to finally and courageously address the savagery and the total absence of mercy that blacks exhibit toward white people.  Slim chance, but a chance nonetheless. Until then those of us from the white taxpaying commoner class will just have to stay armed and alert when around blacks.  God have mercy on that poor young lady.  The terror and pain she must have felt before finally dying must have been beyond belief.

    • Ciaran

      I know. This poor young lady’s last moments on Earth were one’s of un-imaginable horror, and terror, degradation, and pain.

      Why are we allowing this?

      • 1proactive2

        We allow this because there isn’t a majority of voters who want this problem of black savagery confronted head-on. 

        Remember; the first order of business for a politician immediately after he or she gets elected to office is to stay in office, no matter how many people are savaged. 

  • Greg West

    In that case about 3/4s of all blacks would be immune to punishment.
    for heaven’s sake, what is the average Negro IQ?

    • Ciaran

      Immune to punishment is what Eric My People Holder is going for…

  • Now they’re using their low IQs as a defense.  Typical…it only a viable argument when they make it one.

    • SintiriNikos

      But why is it a defense at all in this case when he technically does not qualify as retarded, ie. below 70?

    • Ciaran

      So if they – Negroes – are not responsible for their predatory, violent, 100% consistent behavior – then…..the Klan…was right…all along?

  • Natassia

    WHY WHY WHY do pretty girls ride bicycles alone at night in Killadelphia?

    • Xanthippe2

      She could have been too poor to afford a car and I doubt that Philly buses are very pleasent or safe for young White women.

      • Natassia

        She had been out with friends, not working. She was out, alone, by choice.

    • Fathers should NEVER let their daughters live in cities controlled by b l a c k democrats and over-run by ghetto b l a c k s.  If their daughters insist on such pre-meditated suicide, arm them with a sh!tload of weaponry, and the expertise to protect themselves! 

  • Daily Mail (London) posted images of black killer and white victim. I didn’t see that in the Philadelphia web site.

  • MartelC

    Don’t rule out the use of cannabis as a factor -it really does exacerbate mental instability – peter hitchens, who also writes for the daily mail, is the only reporter i know goes into this (and perscription drugs)
    it’s another way white liberals have made things far worse for blacks- by tacitly endorsing the use of cannabis. 

  • Fakeemail

    If Obama had a son. . .

  • No

    QUOTE:  He said he acted like an 11 or 12-year-old and smoked marijuana and drank alcohol for many years.

    Yeah, sure.  That’s quite common in my neighborhood.  Our white 11 and 12-year olds ROUTINELY go around getting high and raping and murdering each others.  Happens all the time . . .

    The fact that this sub-human has a 73 IQ actually puts him in the meaty part of the bell curve.  That means he’s not so different from most blacks you see:   brain-damaged, alcoholic, drug crazed and murderous.

    Now we whites will have the honor of keeping this creature alive for the next 60-70 years with three hots and a cot, medical care and plenty of other brain-damaged blacks to play b-ball with.

    • He needs to be put down…just like an rabid dog that attacks a human.  I would be saying the same thing if he was white…that being said most of the animals that do this are black.  

  • Xanthippe2

    His IQ was probably tested in jail on advice of his attorney.  If below 70 (mentally retarded) he could plead mental disabilty and get a lighter sentence.

    A great idea, eh?  Let’s let the low IQ, unable to control themselves type of violent criminals out early.

  • It’s inevitable….as soon as the subsidized lifestyle ends, the party will be over.  It’s a good thing! It will tough for a few years, but we’ll will make it.  They won’t…

  • ageofknowledge

    Looks like an open and shut case to me. When’s the hanging? Oh that’s right, we just pay enormous sums of money to feed them, house them, and give them free medical care for the rest of their lives.

  • looks Filipino….if I had to guess.

  • ap_rth_ _d

  • Donte WILL BE RELEASED in 20+ years if current attitudes prevail.


    Remember: THIS FILTHY ANIMAL was one of “the precious black babies” born in 1992 and held up by Clinton as the “future of black america”


  • MartelC

    Are you denying that it exacerbates mental instability?
    And even if your assertion was true – that makes it the perfect “Brave New World” drug.

    • Ciaran

      Donte’s DNA is much more of a factor, than weed.

  • MartelC

    You may disagree, but that doesn’t change the fact that it contributes to mental illness and permanent brain damage.

    • Periapsis

      Anything that that negatively affects blood flow and blood vessels in the brain, can cause problems including psychosis, violent behavior, memory deficits and impulsivity. Tobbao use is not good for the brain, and marijuanna has much more nicotine and other toxins that are also the same ones in tobacco. God know what else may be in marijuana because of the manner in which is grown. Whatever is put on the plants users end up inhaling, and when you think about the herbicides and pesticides pot farmers use, that is reason enough to not use marijuana. There are studies that show marijuana can cause people who already are vulnerable to mental illness to become that way, or worsen an already mentally ill person’s symptoms.

      • “marijuanna has much more nicotine and other toxins that are also the same ones in tobacco”


      • anarchyst

        Marijuana has many medical uses . . . despite the misguided and outright skepticism of the so-called “drug warriors” . . .
        There is NO nicotine in marijuana . . . in addition, marijuana is a vasodilator while tobacco is a vasoconstrictor.  This, in itself explains why lung cancer is rare in those who smoke only marijuana . . .
        Yes, smoking marijuana results in the ingestion of some toxic substances, but on the whole, it is much, much safer than tobacco. 
        Marijuana would be a good treatment for asthma, if not for the harsh compounds in the smoke . . .
        Marijuana can relieve the nausea and discomfort associated with chemotherapy and radiation treatment . . .  for those of you who suggest that the “pill form” is available, why would you give a person who is puking his guts out a pill?? 

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

       I also just read some studies that show that while whites tend to withdraw and introvert, pot use by blacks has a more stimulating effect.

  • Up to my neck in CA

    Well, he already is a Johnson…Obama that is.

  • Up to my neck in CA

    Things I can not mention here.

  • Space4jan

    Two brief points: (1) Low IQ itself may not be the only contributing factor.  Frontal lobe injury or comparative underdevelopment may impact adversely on foresight, empathy and sociability.  But this is no reason to free the impaired criminals back into the vulnerable community.
    (2) You cannot rely on the UK press entirely to report black-on-white or black-on-black crimes at  home or overseas.  The otherwise informative and intellectual “Guardian” is a total disgrace in this matter, making a huge fuss over trivial allegations of “police racism”, for example, while keeping quiet or misleadingly spinning facts on Afro-Caribbean gang crimes of rape and murder.  A notorious failure to inform its educated readers was in the case of “the biggest murder trial in British history” (to quote one of the defence team itself) when a gang of black school students equipped themselves with knives and chased another black youth, on his own, from a different school in London’s Victoria Station, assaulted him and stabbed him to death in public view, before getting back on their bicycles to ride off.  The trial dragged on for many months and was concluded only quite recently, with “The Guardian” keeping mum about the whole thing.  The “liberal” papers like “The Guardian”, “The Independent” and “The Observer” have a continual, fawning, excessive love-in with gangsta “music” and black “entertainment” far worse than the popular entertainment-driven, sex-obsessed papers read by less intelligent white people.

  • Pandemonium

    A more polite term, I guess, for separation.

  • But I thought IQ wasn’t important?

    At least, that’s what the “anti-racist” liberals keep telling us.  Right up until they’re making a crack about “low-iq” conservatives or trying to keep a murderous minority from getting executed.

    • Ciaran

      IQ is important. So is Race.

  • ageofknowledge

    and then pay some more.

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

     In a perfect world, but in the real world, we could take some lessons from earlier times when women would not think of doing such things without a male escort.  There was a good reason for many of our former cultures “rules.”

    • Ciaran

      Including Jim Crow, and strict segregation.

  • Guest

    Why the nitpicking about whether she is 100 percent White or has some mix of hispanic, asian or east indian?  Her last name is O’Donnell.  That black hair and pointy chin, big eyes and refined features are very Irish.

    She cannot possibly be hispanic.  The report said 5’3 and 100 pounds.  Every 5’3 hispanic woman and girl over the age of 13 I see weighs between 150 and 125 pounds.  The nose, lips and jaw are definitely not hispanic.  I live in Los Angeles and see hundreds of hispanic chubbies every week. 

    The weight alone points to no hispanic blood whatsoever.

    • bobfairlane

      That’s retarded. Just look at the photo. But you’re right. It doesn’t matter which race the victim was, if the man raped and murdered her, we need him off our streets. 

    •  This is irrelevant. For Black  thugs, everyone White or “White” or non- Black is enemy. Period.

  • Ciaran

    Raw African IQ ranges between 60-70 points. American African IQ averages 85 ponts. Millions of Ghetto Dontes and Tayvons have already resorted to the normal average African mean.

    Donte’s behavior is  characteristic what Africans do – wherever they go.

  • Ciaran

    Just about any-one from anywere could enter a pooor White neighborhood, at about any time of the day – and do so with our fear.

    Black ‘hoods? Detroit cannot pay for po-lees anymore – and Black residents, in more afffluent ‘hoods, pay for PRIVATE security, to protect them from thier own co-ethnics.  

  • Ciaran

    Attention Good Citizens!

    Why? Why are we putting up with this? Why? I know we can suffer social condemnation, and loss of employment, and thus immasne financial hardship – but we are at the stage where there is nothing to work and live for.

    We have poured trillions of dollars, and boundless energies, and oceans of tears and blood into trying to turn Negroes into creatures capable of existing in and maintaning Human Civilization.

    All for nought.

    It’s not working and it’s getting worse.

    We need to stop. Just stop.  

  • Dave4088

    Wild animals act purely on instinct which describes the actions of Donte “the dropout” Johnson.  Low intelligence combined with violent hereditary instincts make for a very dangerous situation.  And isn’t it ironic how liberals normally dismiss IQ tests unless it’s to win sympathy and sentencing leniency for black criminal?

  • Natassia

    Yes, if the world was a safe place. But it’s not, especially in areas with lots of black people. THEREFORE, since we live in reality and most of us enjoy remaining alive, it would behoove white women to be taught what to do and not to do in urban areas.

  • brew730

    I am personally getting so sick and disgusted hearing about these stories.  When do we stand up and fight back!  What is it gonna take?

  • The difference is that your dog knows it’s place.  Most dogs know they will get a beat down if they get out of line.

  • Natassia

    Short of genocide, the only option is to remove oneself from urban areas .

  • anarchyst

    “Lead-induced paralysis” is a solution.  Make people like this “yute” a paraplegic.  When  the spine is severed at the appropriate level, TRUE justice will be done.

  • She was a waitress. It’s possible that, had her black patrons tipped her fairly, she would have been able to afford a car. If so, then she was victimized by blacks during her life – and then one of them took her life. I hope the perp suffers for a very long time.

  • bobfairlane

    What is more relaxing and entertaining to blacks than to rape and murder people? 

  • bobfairlane

    There sure are a bunch of blacks with “white last names”.   

  • bobfairlane

    He was “smart” enough to know how to hunt down and restrain a woman, cutting off her respiration so he could have his way with her and steal her vehicle. That should negate any IQ test. Fry the goon! 

  • bobfairlane

    But they can’t do that! That’s Racist! 

  • bobfairlane

    No matter what her personality or job skills, if he raped and murdered her and stole her property, he should be done in by the state.