ACLU Files Lawsuit to Overturn Pa. Voter ID Law

Cherri Gregg, CBS Philly, May 1, 2012

The American Civil Liberties Union of Pennsylvania announced that it is filing a lawsuit Tuesday in an effort to overturn the state’s new voter ID law.

The lawsuit names the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Governor Tom Corbett and Secretary of Commonwealth Carol Aichele. The goal is to stop the law before it goes into effect in November.

“It’s one of the most draconian of such laws passed within the United States,” says NAACP Philadelphia Branch President Jerry Mondesire, whose organization has joined the ACLU lawsuit.

He says time is of the essence, because if the law is not overturned, thousands of Pennsylvania voters could be disenfranchised.


He says the law was passed for the sole purpose of suppressing votes.

“There has never been a case of voter identity fraud ever identified by this administration. And when they were asked to identify one such case in the last five years, the secretary of state, appointed by Governor Corbett said there were none.”


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  • loyalwhitebriton

    thousands of pennsylvania voters could be disenfranchised

    Yeah, those with criminal records and outstanding warrants.

    • The__Bobster

      If you read the full article, you’ll find that’s exactly what he says.

      • loyalwhitebriton

        Thanks for pointing that out.
        I’ve removed my comment.

        • The__Bobster

          I’d have kept it posted. It was a good comment.

          Yes, NAACP Philadelphia Branch President Jerry Mondesire does want felons to vote.

          • loyalwhitebriton

            Didn’t want to sound repetitious. But not everybody reads the full article, including myself, so I’ve decided to re-post. Cheers.

    • Up to my neck in CA

      Does “disenfranchised” mean people who don’t know how to follow the rules? Like getting off your lazy butt and going to the DMV to get a ID?

      • ed91

         they have id…………  they have to to have a bank acct………..  cable service or a cell phone acct…………

  • There has never been a case of voter identity fraud ever identified by this administration.

    Five, six, seven, eight…

    …absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.

    Usually, these stories are accompanied this way by saying “voter fraud is rare.”  That’s not the point — It’s whether the “rare” instances affect the outcomes of elections.  If there are two fraudulent votes for candidate A who “officially” beats candidate B by 1,000,001 votes to 1,000,000 votes, then the fraud is only one one-millionth of the total electorate.

    • I think the “voter fraud is rare” argument is all a crock, anyway. If it were really that “rare,” the Voter ID laws never would have become an issue.

  • The liberals keep beating this dead horse, although they know it was never alive anyway. There is plenty of voter fraud around, and always has been. These laws are an attempt to make it more difficult to commit.

    I’ve worked the polls for my party on election day here in Indiana for five years. We’ve had Voter Photo ID in place for all five of those years. It has to be a government-issued ID, which means for most people a driver’s license. But, if you don’t have a driver’s license, you can go to your license branch and get a state-issued Photo ID card. All you have to do is to tell the clerk there that you want it for the purpose of voting, and THEY CANNOT CHARGE YOU A PENNY FOR IT. So there goes their “the poor can’t afford, blah, blah, blah,” argument, right up the spout.

    The U.S. Supreme Court upheld the Indiana Voter ID Law in 2008. I suspect that most of the other laws were based on it. All the states that I’ve researched have the non-driver Voter ID cards available, free of charge. It seems to me that the reporter should have asked this ACLU poobah just exactly how the Pennsylvania law was so “draconian.” I, for one, don’t see it.

    • shawnmer

      I haven’t run across a lawyer yet who can answer this question.  Why does it appear liberals utterly ignore SCOTUS precedents they don’t like??  When the Supremes rule on a controversial legal question in the Left’s favor, the Right generally gives up attempts to resolve identical cases through the judiciary and starts working on a legislative strategy. The Supremes have already answered this question!  Voter ID does not violate the Constitution.  Hence, why doesn’t the very judge who is handed this lawsuit not ask the ACLU, “Um, why are you bringing this into my courtroom?  You have your answer on this already!”  Is that how the judiciary works, the Supremes can rule definitively on a specific question and there’s NOTHING stopping the liberals from starting all over again with the exact same complaint, so long as there’s a judge willing to allow it? 

      • haroldcrews

        Because distinctions can always be made based on either facts or on the law being reviewed itself or how it was applied.  If they Left gets a ruling it doesn’t like it sets about to limit the ruling to a narrow set of circumstances.

  • Detroit_WASP

    Next…the Democrats will try to pass a law so that you don’t even have to be a citizen to vote.  As long as you are IN THE COUNTRY, YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO VOTE…and if you disagree, you are a hate-filled racist!

    • Zorro

      Maybe they will start passing out Election ballots along with headsets for the Inflight Movies, an all the Airlines.

  • anarchyst

    This will probably get “flagged”, but here goes . . . Since the ACLU was founded by this “group” . . .
    There is one “group”, “race”, “culture”, “political movement” (which is it??) that has been promoting “multiculturalism” and “diversity” FOR EVERYONE ELSE BUT THEMSELVES. They were in the forefront of the so-called “civil rights (for some)” movement in the 1950’s and 1960’s, actively pushing their “equality” mantra and STILL push their “multiculturalism” and “diversity” message on those of us who are not considered “chosen”. Let a “chosen” woman bring home a black boyfriend and see what happens. The result is almost always complete ostracization or outright disownment. “Multiculturalism and diversity for thee, but not for me” . . . is the order of the day.It would appear that the above “group”, “race”, “culture”, “political movement” (which is it??) is hell-bent on destroying homogenous societies throughout the world. Every country where they have taken up residence, they push their “multiculturalism” and “diversity” crap on everyone who is not “chosen”. It is no secret that much of the (misplaced) hatred that exists for this “chosen” people is based upon their behavior in their “host” countries as they consider themselves “chosen” first and then members of their prespective “societies” second. Their “double standard” (when it comes to racial homogeneity) does nothing to endear them to those who are not “chosen”. . .

  • HadEnough

    In non-ID states, fraud is so easy as to defy articulation. I recently went to vote in my (non-ID) state’s GOP primary. I went up to the table. The election judge asked my last name, which I gave. He then supplied my first name, which I merely nodded to. I asked if he wanted ID. “No, that’s fine,” says he. That was it, and off I went and voted. Nope, not a chance of fraud in that scenario, replicated writ large across my state.

  • Lets not forget the hundreds of illegal votes found in FL when a news station compared jury duty notices saying they couldnt serve due to not being citizens to the voting record.

  • You can’t do anything in Pa. without a photo ID, why should voting be any different?

  • JackKrak

    I know I shouldn’t look for too much logic and reason in what the Democrats/ACLU/NAACP do, but why can’t they just encourage the dregs of society – their voting base – to go and get their FREE ID’s and then the issue is gone? Surely at some point in their lives, Democratic voters have had to present their ID’s to get food stamps, welfare, buy Kools and malt liquor so why is that they suddenly have no ID when it’s time to vote?

  • mobilebay

    I have another gripe. Why are voting ballots bilingual? How about limiting the most important choices we, as a nation, can make to those who can understand who, what, when, where and why? I’m surprised that the various other nationalities, aside from Hispanic, haven’t marched to have ballots printed in German, French, Dutch, Greek, Swahili, etc. That should be of great interest to the ACLU. They’re always looking for someone to sue. I know, I know…we can’t sneeze without the “Latino” vote.

  • PennState

    This wont come up before the Nov election so whites better polarize and use solidarity to take advantage of it.

    by any means necessary
    as blacks can say
    with THEIR RIGHT of free speech

    I saw the black who threw the brick that bashed-in Reginald’s Denny’s skull during the LA riots reminiscing happily about act.

    Saying “we need bloodshed to get these mothaf*ckas” attention.
    Wise words…

  • Guest

    comment removed