St George’s Flag Is a Racist Symbol Says a Quarter of the English

Jasper Copping, Telegraph (London), April 22, 2012

The English feel far more patriotic about the Union Flag than the St George’s Cross, according to a new poll.

The survey found that while 80 per cent linked the British flag with such feelings, only 61 per cent associated them with English one.

By contrast, the Scottish and the Welsh were far more likely to feel pride in their flag—the St Andrew’s Cross and Red Dragon respectively—than the English in theirs.

The survey was carried out by the think tank British Future as part of a report analysing how people from around the UK view their “national identity”. It will be released tomorrow, on St George’s Day.

The organisation say the results show that more needs to be done to encourage a sense of “English patriotism” if the Union is to survive.

In a letter to The Sunday Telegraph, signed by academics as well as MPs from all major parties, the think tank also calls for the introduction of a new English national anthem to help foster a greater sense of identity at sporting and national occasions.

The organisation, which has also written to the Prime Minister and other party leaders, suggests holding a popular vote to select an anthem such as Jerusalem, Land of Hope and Glory, I Vow to Thee, My Country, or Swing Low, Sweet Chariot, which could be adopted by the English and be used in the same way as Flower of Scotland by the Scots and Land Of My Fathers, by the Welsh.

The report, This Sceptred Isle, shows that only 61 per cent of the English said they associated the St George’s Cross with pride and patriotism, compared to 84 per cent of Scots and 86 per cent of Welsh, when asked about, respectively, the St Andrew’s Cross and the Red Dragon.

Almost a quarter (24 per cent), of the English said they considered their flag to be racist, compared to 10 per cent of Scots and seven per cent of Welsh, when asked about their own flags.

The report blames the “extreme street hooligans of the English Defence League” for “toxifying” the St George’s Cross, although it says politicians should also take responsibility for failing to “speak up for the inclusive patriotism of the English majority”.

It draws a clear parallel with the situation in Scotland and Wales, where civic leaders have done more to “counter rejectionist or exclusive versions of national identity”.

However, by contrast, the English have far more positive associations with the Union flag with 80 per cent linking it to feelings of pride and patriotism, compared with just over a half of Scots (56 per cent) and just over two thirds (68 per cent) of Welsh.

Despite the continuing pride in the Union flag, the report warns that English anxiety over its own flag risks damaging the Union.

It states: “England, the land of Shakespeare, seems uncertain how to find its modern voice. Historically an understated Englishness has been conflated with being British.

“It is ignoring England that now presents a greater threat to the Union than anything else.”

Sunder Katwala, the director of the think tank, said: “We’ve done nothing in the era of devolution to give a voice to England as well as Scotland and Wales, which has left English identity too open to an extremist fringe.

“The EDL with their street yobbery are not the only ones to blame for the unusual anxiety that too many people in England feel about their own flag of St George.

“They share the blame with the politicians who haven’t spoken up for a modern English patriotism, as well as our British identity.

“While the devolution debates in Scotland and Wales appear to have modernised the Scots and Welsh associations with their flag, attitudes to the English flag are lagging behind.”

The poll, conducted in the year of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, also show varying levels of support for the monarch.

Eighty per cent of the English said the Queen evoked feelings of pride, compared with 41 per cent of Scots and 35 per cent of Welsh.

The poll was conducted for British Future by YouGov, and involved 2,600 from across the UK.

The relatively new think tank is a non-partisan organisation, with members from across the political spectrum. It is dedicated to investigating the concept of national identity and patriotism in the UK.

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  • The report blames the “extreme street hooligans of the English Defence League” for “toxifying” the St George’s Cross…“The EDL with their street yobbery…

    There is no hooliganism and yobbery with the EDL.  There are protests, and then the left-wing goony birds show up to make trouble.

  • Hunter Morrow

    Britain has been brainwashed. Its citizens have been threatened with censure, immediate firing and other unpleasantry if they do something “racist.” I am pretty sure everybody has been told that something with a cross on it is terribly racist and religiously bigoted as well as insensitive. I.E., say you don’t like it or get fired, then thrown in jail for a month.

    These same people, in fear for careers and freedom, wouldn’t dare say a Muslim symbol was racist.

  • loyalwhitebriton

    80% of English equate the Union Jack with patriotism?. Not round here they don’t. Most people I know would like England to seperate from the rest of the UK. And just lately, I’m beginning to lean in that diection myself. You have to understand the reality; and the reality is that most Scots, Welsh, even Ulsterman, hate the English, with what seems, at times, a violent passion.
    I’m Anglo-Celtic (English mother, Welsh father), who was born in England. I consider my primary nationality as English, then, generically, British. And I wish I could be English and British forever.
    But it won’t last. Everybody living on this Island knows, sooner or later, that there will be a split between the constituent parts of the UK. This is a great shame. But it is inevitable.
    I worked, briefly, in the Rangers supporting, Union Jack waving, Protestant part of Glasgow in 2000; and even there the anti-Englishness was palpable.
    The blame is with the BBC, politicians, socialism, etc. Doesn’t matter. The Union is doomed.
    I’ll settle for England and St. George.


  • Oil Can Harry

    The Scotts, Welsh and Northern Irish should immediately secede from England and close their borders before London’s wonderful Third World population starts moving there, spreading their charming culture while building new mosques.

  • IKantunderstand

    Of course, I  am completely willing to take at face value anything the “British Future” committee says. The fact that the head of said group,  is some sort of, I don’t know , Indian, and therefore , OBVIOUSLY, English , well, he must be correct. The problem,  really,  is very simple. Anybody who   moves to England , automatically  becomes “English”. And therefore  any real Englishman who does not accept this, is well,  merely  being exclusive, and of course, RACIST,  how dare you have a flag with a cross on it?????????????????You need a completely blank  Union Jack,  you know completely white,  as in I surrender. 

  • The sooner Scotland leaves the better- the 9 million plus migrants -official figure -more than the population of Scotland are concentrated on the cities of England. It is England which is being demographically deconstructed.  Please see posts on my

  •  To be politically correct though, won’t they need to change the lyrics from “Jerusalem” to “al-Quds”?

  • SlavekBlodek

    ” The ethnic population is fairly widespread already, I think deliberately so.”

    In fact it is not. Whites as a percentage of population are 87,5 % in England but 98,2 % in Scotland, 97,8 % in Wales and 99,1 % in Northern Ireland.

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

     Sunder Katwala

  • loyalwhitebriton

    You’re right. The Conservative Party dominate England just as the Labour Party dominate Scotland. The following map demonstrates this perfectly:
    As you can see from the big sea of blue, if England was a sovereign nation it would have a Conservative government, with a very large majority indeed. This is about typical too, England has always been a more conservative nation. 
    Also, if Scotland  were to seperate from England, I think, as you suggest, there is a good chance of Scots becoming more conservative; without oodles of free £cash from English taxpayers, in the form of various subsidies, Scots may feel more inclined to adopt more sensible economic policies. Also, the Labour, Liberal, SNP, parties are pro abortion, for instance, whereas most Scot Protestants and Catholics are not; so I think there would be increased social conservatism too.
    The only reason why Labour do so well in Scotland is that they play the same game with Scots as they play with all minorities (Scotland only has about 10th population of England); which is to convince Scots that they are a “victim” by virtue of their minority status, then expertly massage that sense of victimhood into Labour votes.

    • loyalwhitebriton

      Sorry, but my link isn’t working. I’ve checked the spelling several times; so I dont know what’s going on there.
      If you go to and type “uk general election 2010 political map” in the search function, that should provide a link to the map. 

  • loyalwhitebriton

    I worked with a few Ulster Scots when I lived in London. And yes, they are very patriotic and open about their sense of ‘Britishness’.

    However, being pro-British and anti-English are not mutually exclusive creeds.

    During the last World Cup, whenever England was playing, Union-Jack waving Ulstermen and Scots would sport little badges saying “Anyone But England” (?!).

    So much for “Unity” in the UK.  

  • Fr. John+

    “Sunder Katwala, the director of the think tank, said….”
    THERE”S the problem in England, right there. NON-Anglos, destroying Britain.
    ANYONE with a non-White name is a foreigner, and always will be, to an Englishman

  • luckyme042000

     “Sunder Katwala is an English political activist and former general secretary[1] of the Fabian Society. He was previously with The Observer newspaper, as a leader writer and internet editor, and was Research Director of The Foreign Policy Centre think-tank from 1999 to 2001. He became Fabian general secretary in October 2003, and held the position until July 2011.

    Katwala also writes for The Guardian[2] newspaper, for the Liberal Conspiracy[3] blog, and most regularly for the Fabian blog Next Left.[4]

    The Daily Telegraph has included Katwala at number 33 in its list of the ‘100 most influential left-wingers[5]’ in British politics.”

    Having read a few of his off  ‘journalistic’ offerings, I have to say that this racial alien is quite dangerous and extremely detrimental to the cause of indigenous British survival and preservation of ancestral territory.

    In a 2004 article, he gloats about reforming the Monarchy as if his Indian ilk have the automatic right to start dismantling the thousands of years of  lineage, heritage, history, culture, spiritual/religious beliefs and traditions of the actual native British.

    Did Indians in India ever agree that their former White colonial overlords had any  rights whatsoever to do that to them? Not flaming likely!!  Instead, they drove Whitey out and rightly so which is precisely what White nations should be doing with regards to the myriad uninvited non-White gatecrashers into their ancestral homelands.