Maine Named Most Peaceful State in America

Liz Goodwin, Yahoo! News, April 24, 2012

Maine is the most peaceful state in America and Louisiana the least, according to rankings by an Australian think tank called the Institute for Economics and Peace.

The rankings are based on the prevalence of violent crimes, homicides, police employees, size of the prison population and small arms availability.


Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Minnesota and Utah were the top five most peaceful states. Louisiana was the least peaceful, followed by Tennessee, Nevada, Florida and Arizona.

The Cambridge-Newton-Framingham area of Massachusetts ranked as the most peaceful metro area, while Detroit-Livonia-Dearborn was ranked the least peaceful.


The report estimates that the average taxpayer pays $3,257 per year on violence and violence containment, while the total economic cost is $460 billion. The cost of violence includes the health costs of victims of violent crimes and homicides, incarceration costs and other factors.



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  • JackKrak

    Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Minnesota & Utah….

    Hmm, now what do those states have in common that could have produced such a result?

    • The__Bobster

      Lots of new African refugees?

  • Shhhh.  Don’t tell anyone, or someone will get the bright ideas to, oh, I don’t know, import Somalians?

    Oops, too late.

  • Rocky Bass

    Diversity, the “gift” that keeps on giving.

  • Hunter Morrow

    Wow, even with all the Somalis and Sudanese that the Lutherans, Catholics and Jews import with their “voluntary agencies” Maine and Minnesota are top 5 most peaceful states. Mainly because it is so overwhelmingly physically and culturally White. I wonder what the least peaceful states were? I am guessing states with large amounts of blacks and browns in them.

    “Louisiana was the least peaceful, followed by Tennessee, Nevada, Florida and Arizona.”

    You don’t say! I can’t say I’m shocked.

  • Hirschibold

    The race-hustlers constantly make the argument that ‘contact theory’ is valid, that white people who tend not to live around black people live with a host of false perceptions of black people that could be cured merely by mingling with blacks. They are right of course, but not in the way they think.

    Outside of urban centers like Dorchester and Boston, New England is home to the most delusional, naive Caucasians this side of Scandinavia. White people used to be easier to snow (pun intended) up in Minnesota, but their Somali experiment has managed to provoke the ire of some of the folksiest, hard to anger stock in the world. When I think of New England I think of someone like Stephen King, from Bangor Maine, a dyed in the wool card-carrying proud democrat who probably views Obama as the kind of numinous Negro who inhabits the pages of his books (like Mother Abigail in “The Stand”), here merely to sprinkle his benighted pixie dust on all the nation’s wounds. It is an utterly dependable phenomenon, by the way, that white people who live in close proximity to blacks will not  vote for a black city councilman, mayor, governor, or president. Only whites who know very little about black people put black people in office.

    Under the law of ‘worse is better,’ I would gladly donate to any fund which would redirect some more Somali traffic to Bangor.

  • WmarkW

    This might surprise a lot of AmRen readers, but Tennessee (second least-peaceful state) is  well above the national average in its non-Hispanic white population, 76%-64%.  The black population is a little above average (17-13) , but other minorities are rare, such as Hispanics who are only 5%.

  • Francis Galton

    If I have the time or inclination, I might decide to run a simple correlation between the states’ peace indices and the percentages of their populations that are non-White; I’m sure the result will be very interesting.  I will guess that not only is the correlation strong, but also that the variable in question–percentage of population that is not White– has a stronger correlation to peace than ANY other variable.  Stay tuned….

  • Francis Galton

    Whew!  Okay, I did a bunch of number crunching using Census 2010 data (which counted the non-Hispanic White Only populations for each state and the states’ respective total populations) to determine the percentage of each state’s population that is non-White; plugging the data into Excel, it gives a correlation of about 0.53 between the peace index (the lower the number the better) and the percentage of the population that is not non-Hispanic White.

    The Institute for Economics and Peace (who publishes the Peace Index) considered correlations for a number of different variables, and it furthermore considered correlations of 0.50 or greater in magnitude to be significant.  Needless to say, they did not consider race as one of the factors in a state’s peace index, although from my analysis it appears they should have. 

    • The__Bobster

      Try correlating the peace index with proximity to the Canadian border.

    • Francis,

      Would you be willing to email that data to me? I think it would be very useful for my doctoral research.

      [email protected]



  • The__Bobster

    Unfortunately, the Bantus won’t stay in one place for long. You can count on that.

  • i moved to utah from oregon and believe me this is without a doubt one of the greatest places in america. i would encourage any whites to move here. it’s one of the last truly american states left. utah is very pro family with high native (white) birth rates, number one in the nation for doing business, a 5% unemployment rate, and very anti-federal govt. salt lake city is one of the only cities in america right now that is actually investing in infrastructure and expanding with dozens of new construction projects, proving that this country doesn’t need immigrants to achieve economic growth. i see white children here all over the place. the quality of life is very high, excellent weather, salt lake city metro is almost totally white with a population of around 1.5 million. the house i live in is always unlocked, even at night. people leave their cars running, windows rolled down. i saw two police cars in the middle of the road, idling, windows down, no cops to be found. utah is a model of success for the whole nation.

  • surprised idaho and montana aren’t in the most peaceful category. and why isn’t california in the least peaceful? that place is a god-awful wasteland.

  • yes they are but not all the whitest states made the top of the list. the whitest states in america are maine, idaho, montana, north dakota, south dakota, minnesota, rhode island, wyoming…

  • KenelmDigby

    Of course, the correlation of ‘peacefulness’ with ‘non-minority population’ is most likely to be as strong as any correlation is possible in sociology.
    Don’t expect this to be publicized though.

  • as far as i know it’s mild compared to other states. there are a lot less latinos here than in oregon. probably due to less agricultural work.

  • Anon12

    And Elvis even liked blacks and hung around them when younger to “learn” their style of music. He wasn’t racially aware, as we say.

  • The__Bobster

    The  Lewiston Somoolies were first run out of Atlanta by our native NAPA’s. They went to Maine to avoid the violence and for the better freebies. Bantu’s have even settled in Alaska. Free stuff trumps a harsh environment.

    Our government will use the Section 8 program to spread them all over the rural areas.

  • I’m glad to live with rednecks and Mexicans. Eastern Madera County is a wonderful place to live.

  • SMK

    How could Minnesota, with a large black-“Hispanic” population in Minneapolis-St.Paul, and Utah, with a large Mexican population, be more “peaceful” than North and South Dakota?

  • Maine is not a peaceful place. It’s actually one of the states rated with the highest amount of domestic violence cases. What the study should have done was first sort state size per capita, THEN followed through on demographic comparisons. California naturally looks more violent when you fail to consider it has 29-million more people than the entire state of Maine.