Research Shows Black Women Simply Don’t Tolerate Racist Comments

Charlotte Young, Madame Noire, April 13, 2012

{snip} A new study shows that black women have a more direct response to racist comments compared to Asian women because of their cultural heritage. {snip}

Researcher Elizabeth Lee, a doctoral student at Penn State University, tells PsychCentral that their “work shows that racial, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds are sources of diversity that may explain why different targets of racism behave the way they do.”

“Our findings are consistent with Black women’s cultural heritage, which celebrates the past accomplishments of other Black confronters of discrimination, as well as Asian women’s heritage, which advises finding expedient resolutions in the name of peaceful relations,” she said.

The study, which was published online in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, continues past work’s observations of communication, emotional display and conflict management across various cultural backgrounds. Researchers tested responses to racism by asking both black and Asian women to use Instant Messenger (IM) to chat with other college students. These other college students were in reality research assistants in disguise told to make racist comments about dating.

Participants then completed a seemingly unrelated taste test study where they chose jellybeans for their prospective online conversation partners from good tasting flavors such as cherry and lemon, to bad ones such as ear wax and dirt.

Researchers found that black women were more likely to directly respond to the racist IM comments made by the conversation partners. In contrast, the Asian women were less likely to respond to the racism online, instead they chose the bad tasting jelly beans for their conversation partners to eat in what Lee calls “a sort of quiet revenge.”



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  • Black women “don’t tolerate racist comments” because society has given them permission to go ballistic when they hear them.  It’s not necessarily inherent, but a consequence of a sense of entitlement.

    • Natassia

      Considering everything under the blasted sun “be rayciss”…

      Heck, a Hallmark card referring to outer space and black holes is racist. Only a half-retarded uneducated moron doesn’t know what a black hole is.

      • Spartan24708

        Or a “college educated” black woman!

        • Natassia

          Did you see what Derbyshire wrote yesterday in response to comments regarding college educated black women?

          Check this out:

          * The many and the one

          • Comment: Here is a typical example of an extremely common response. (I took it from the comment thread on my April 12 TakiMag column, but there are dozens like it elsewhere — given the web-wide volume of commentary on this piece, quite likely hundreds.)

          Please tell this black woman who is a devoted mother, professional woman, cat lover, and gardener, and Ivy league graduate about her inherent nature and intelligence. Do tell!

          Now, it’s well known that I hate to give offense — ask anybody! — but the temptation to say the obvious thing here is so strong, I am just going to yield to it.

          Ma’am: If you cannot distinguish between a statistical statement about a population (“On average, men are taller than women”) and a statement about some one particular member of that population (“Sally’s real tall”), then … how intelligent do you expect me to believe you are, actually?

          And if a person who cannot make that elementary logical distinction truly does have an Ivy League degree, Affirmative Action is a greater evil than I thought.

    • SStephens

      Do you honestly think they would behave themselves even if society had NOT given them permission?

  • Rocky Bass

    I was going to say that this article has some validity, at least the headline.
    When ever I am out in the wild and make a realist comment, it is usually black women who try to argue with facts (They claiming the NCVS and FBI and police reports and all are LIES). Black male don’t usually bother or try beyond F.U. CrAcKeR!!

  • Of course they don’t.  Higher testosterone levels lead to higher levels of aggression, which in turn causes confrontation.

    • Natassia

      I read a scientific study that showed black vs white testosterone levels in American men have little to no difference.

      In other words, we can’t even blame the aggression on hormones.

      • No

        Not so fast.

        You’re probably referring to the 2007 Rohrman study.  It showed “no difference.” 

        But there are four or five other studies that do show differences (around 20% higher in young blacks).

        A lot depends on age, BMI and other factors.  It’s very difficult to gather a group of blacks and a group of humans and have them be so close that significant differences don’t factor in.

        One thing I remember about the Rohrman study (if that’s what you read) is that it was difficult to figure out the AGES of the people they compared.  One of the things we appear to know is that blacks have higher testosterone when they’re young . . . whites when they’re middle aged . . . then they’re almost equal as men age.

        Other studies also show that blacks receive increased doses of testosterone in the womb and that black females have higher t-levels than white females.

        I trust my eyes.  I see too many blacks looking ripped and muscular . . . I see the NFL (over 80% black) and I see the Olympics . . . no non-black sprinter has competed in the 100 meter sprint finals in the last 20 years or so.

        Something’s going on . . .

        • Jesse from Sweden

           That blacks are better sprinters have nothing to do with hormones.

          A study noticed that the belly button for black was located two inches higher compared to whites, with the same body length.

          Since the belly buttons placement in fairly unfirom on the torso, this means that blacks on average have longer legs than whites, but shorter torsos.

          And longer legs means better runners, not very surprising.

          Don’t quite know about the NFL, but when it comes to real strength sports, such as weightlifting, whites tend to dominate.
          Even the “black” sport of boxing has become white-dominated in the higher classes now that it’s a more international sport (before, it was heavily american dominated and the various “world champion” titles were given out by american  boxing organisations that were corrupt and politicized).

          • SStephens

            Let me clarify something; the ONLY reason there are so many blacks in the NFL and football on the whole is because of their speed.  I played in college and then semi-pro till I was 30.  It has nothing to do with their testosterone.  The game today is all about speed at most positions and blacks are physically equipped to fit that bill better than we are unfortunetly.  But they are just as much of a coward on the football field as they are in public though.  Total premadonnas. 

          • pcmustgo

            yeah, and asians have tiny bow legs

        • Natassia

          But they are still more likely to be violent than whites in their 20s, 30s, and 40s. If their testosterone levels have evened out by then, what explains that?

          Blacks don’t age the same as whites, and they also don’t seem to be as prone to cellulite. Something to do with the physical nature of the structures between the skin and fat. Men in general are also less predisposed to cellulite because their bodies have not evolved to store fat as efficiently as women. And maybe the problem is not that black women have too much testosterone but rather that they have less estrogen.

          • pcmustgo

            The melanin in their skin helps them look younger as they age… or not age as much… Black’s melanin is like permanent SPF 200. They never burn in the sun. Whites are meant to live in Europe.

  • No

    QUOTE:  “because of their cultural heritage”

    That’s a laugh.  Uh . . . no.  That’s not why.  Blacks have the “cultural heritage” of a pack of rats.

    Look elsewhere for your answer p’fesser.

    They explode when they’re “dissed” because in the animal kingdom, any dissing usually leads to your death by starvation.  Blacks react like any feral beast would . . . from perception to violence in a nano-second.

    It takes a HUMAN brain to actually process information, make a rational judgment, choose a course of action and carry it out.

    BE SURE TO READ the last paragraph carefully.  Test subjects were required to choose a jellybean flavor and the BLACK WOMEN DIDN’T FINISH THE TEST.

    Homegirl was probably too busy reaching for the switchblade in her purse to worry about jellybeans.

  • IstvanIN

    There too busy making them to tolerste them…..

  • Celestial_Time

     What I love most about most modern(faux) psychologists and sociologists is their ability —completely unintended, I might add—to show you a darker side of society by trying to shine a light on some supposed unique quality, trait, or social derivative.

    So these behemoths of social grace and fortitude don’t tolerate no racism up in herre? Too bad they don’t tolerate extremely high levels of crime and incarceration, ignorant and violent children, crumbling neighborhoods wherever they become a high percentage, and the sheer lack of advancement and civility the black community ever truly strives for. Why bother to work on things that involve introspection when it’s just so easy to sit back, get offended, and erupt like a volcano at everything someone else does?

    The only thing this study seems to indicate is that being able to hold your temper in the face of adversity and ridicule build better people and societies than those who have to fly off the handle to get their point across.

  • bluffcreek1967

    It shouldn’t surprise anyone with common sense and a little bit of life experience to recognize that Black women, in general, are loud, uncouth and physically confrontational toward anyone who voices an opinion they don’t like. Aside from their weight issues and dreadfully poor fashion attire, they have inflated egos and just plain bad attitudes. It is, in fact, extremely rare to see a Black woman dress and conduct herself as, say, Condi Rice (formerly of the Bush administration). 

     The Black woman who is soft-spoken, polite, gracious in speech and reserved is indeed rare! On the other hand, such qualities are common among refined White and Asian women. Black women, not matter what they are told, refuse to believe that their crude speech, attitudes and aggressive manner is a complete turn off to most men (even a large percentage of Black men!). It’s no surprise, then, why they are at the bottom of all the races when it comes to dating and marriage.

    •  I agree with you that Black women can be crude, rude and intrude. Condi Rice, was raised by a minister father and a music teacher mother who taught her how to play the piano. She also was a competitive figure skater at one time. When she was a child, she and a few of her friends wanted to emulate the Supremes musical group and form a trio. Her father discouraged this and told her to perform a tap dance to the song Sweet Sue. She entered the University of Denver as a teenager. Asian women come from Asian countries so they are not apt to notice discrimination as easily as Black women do.

    • Impertinent

      “(even a large percentage of Black men!)”

      I have a black male friend….he swears he’ll never date black women. He despises them..he tries to date Hispaanics instead.

      • sbuffalonative

        I work with a black woman who said that Dominican men refuse to date American blacks.

  • libertarian4339

    “A new study shows that black women have a more direct response to racist comments compared to Asian women because of their cultural heritage.”

    Or, more correctly, black females react in a ballistic manner if they just PERCEIVE something stated might be racial, which includes almost anything since their comprehension levels are very low, and their feelings of victimhood very high even if they’re not even close to being victims of anything, but rather the perpetrators.

    You know, hearing a white say that he/she likes Angel Food Cake, but not Devil’s Food Cake identifies a person as a racist by every black welfare mammy in existence. …..and her black leaders too, of course, especially Al Sharpton.

    • Mainstreaming_Diversity

      That’s why self respecting Whites, you know, the ones whose lack of Diversity friends prove they aren’t masochists, limit contact with black Diversity females to the most extreme minimum possible.

      Any time spent in the attention zone of blacks is an endangerment to your White future. If a black is looking at you, you are under a Bill of Attainder for vile racism, and you have no recourse in law. Your White skin is your White privilege is your badge of racism.

      No matter what you are saying to a black female, all she hears is, “I hate you, you dirty, nasty, good for nothing N-word. I am a racist! I have white robes in my close and tie nooses for a hobby. If I had things my way, you’d be in chains or on a boat back to Africa.”

      So, really, why say anything at all if saying anything is a guilty plea?

      Black females adore the “proud legacy” of Ida B. Wells (ugly!). She helped bring an end to lynching by shaming Whites. She claimed that White women who accused black freemen of whistling at them or raping them of having really been consensual fornicators. It worked. Blame Whitey brought an end to lynching. Blame Whitey is the most profitable racket in the history of Earth.

      “As bad as lynching, Jim Crow, and segregation were, the integration, civil rights, and Diversity are worse.”

      -Rev. Jed DeValleyism, “How Hinton Rowan Helper taught the White South how to love Abolition,” 1994

      • pcmustgo

        “That’s why self respecting Whites, you know, the ones whose lack of Diversity friends prove they aren’t masochists, limit contact with black Diversity females to the most extreme minimum possible.

        Any time spent in the attention zone of blacks is an endangerment to your White future”

        I couldn’t agree more. I used to have “diversity friends”. Now I avoid them all like the plague. Just one more chance to lash out at an unsuspecting and kind white.

  • This seems to be a very stupidly put  together “study”. The authors arent  even sure what they have “proved”. Maybe they have demonstrated  that black women are crude and combative while Asian women—are less so. Ha ha ha not trying to get that John Engleman character involved.

  • radical7

       Crystal Evans”I agree with you that Black women can be crude, rude and intrude”Women of all races can be rude, crude and intrusive.

    • IstvanIN

      But nobody does it quite like a black woman..nobody!

      • pcmustgo

        Black women are more aggressive in their meanness, go further than other women would, often bring up sexually explicit themes, stare you down with hateful, simmering rage, etc.

    • Celestial_Time

       But it’s the black women that wear it like a badge of honor. You can watch any conflict and it’s almost always the black woman pushing things to another level.

      Not that black men are any better, but we’re not talking about men.

      This video should have accompanied the article:

      It would have been much more readable and informative.

  • This “study” compares women from the highest and lowest IQ groups and discovers different responses.  Hmmmm….

  • I W

    Well said QD,

    But both you and the article missed the key phrase “don’t tolerate racist comments” -‘Directed at Them’

    Every black woman I have ever met or seen has no problem with either making or tolerating racist comments -so long as those comments were directed at someone who was Not a precious black.

    Yet this article paints them as paragons of diverseful (?) virtue; White Knights riding to the aid of all of the world’s weary and oppressed, valiantly riding forth to battle ‘evil’ Whitey on behalf of the downtrodden Korean Shopkeeper at Crenshaw and…  oh wait…

    As for the Asians -most have simply learned to pay lip service to the diversocrats; to nod, and smile at the same time taking what advantage they can of being (momentarily) on the good end of the offially sanctioned diversity spectrum.  At the same time, they are  careful to keep their culture, caste or bloodline free from ‘contamination’ -an action which speaks louder than words.

    I would be interested in seeing how these same groups react to racism By a member of their Own racial group directed toward a different group. e.g. How would these black women react toward seeing a group of black women verbally assaulting an elderly asian.
     How would the asian women react to seeing a video (if one on earth exists) of a group of asians taunting an elderly black.
    Would the headline still read “Research Shows Black Women Simply Don’t Tolerate Racist Comments”?
    Or would there be no headline at all?

    True Blue

  • I W

    First off, thank you; I’d never have heard of Trofim Lysenko if you hadn’t presented me an -ism I was unfamiliar with.

    I think that    “work shows that racial, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds are sources of diversity that may explain why different targets of racism behave the way they do.”  

    means  “our study blatantly shows more evidence that race is more than a ‘social construct’ and does manifest itself in many ways, both culturally and behaviorally, but it would be absolutely career destroying to just say anything so heretical. So we crouched our results in newspeak phrases about diversity and inclusiveness, while crossing our fingers and hoping it slips by.”

    “Our findings are consistent with Black women’s cultural heritage…as well as Asian women’s heritage…” so the stereotypes are True then? Our great-grandparent’s views of these peoples’ great-grandparents (their ‘heritage’ by definition) were correct?

    Ever notice that Eddie ‘Rochester’ Anderson (of the Jack Benny Show) is now considered a ‘negative racial stereotype’? Uncle Remus? (Try to buy Disney’s ‘Song of the South’ in the US and see what I mean.)
    Now picture every black ‘entertainment’ act in the world today. Do you see a single one that -in fifty years- Won’t be considered a ‘negative racial stereotype’? Ok, Ok, Some of Bill Cosby; but he is excoriated by the black community almost every time he says something. That makes him an ‘Uncle Tom’ who must be pushed down the memory hole too.
     So, their ‘cultural heritage’ is one that seems to fall into the same ‘negative stereotype’ groove with appalling regularity.
    The writer of this particular paper actually stumbled straight into the truth, but either cognative dissonance made her unable to see it, or she saw it and had to twist it into newspeak so convoluted that it is Almost indecipherable so she could still collect a paycheck.

  • JackKrak

    Isn’t Penn State the school that gave us the “study” a few days ago about how WalMart is related to the growth of “hate groups”?

    The benefits of higher education……

  • anonymous_amren

    Actually, this study is interesting, but still shallow, and ignoring the obvious.

    The “because of their cultural heritage” part misses the main reason, it’s mostly because of their DNA. The same results can be seen in newborn babies (not to racist comments of course, but to different stimuli, like blocking their nose).

    But it’s useful to know that black women respond to honest comments that paint them in a bad light with aggression and outraged shouting at people. And that Asian women react to honest comments against their group with dishonesty, unprofessionalism, and sabotage. Now I know to be more careful and less trusting about going to an Asian restaurant or dealing with Asians.

    It would have been better if they also tested how White people react to racist comments against them. I’m guessing they would have responded by saying “Yes, yes, you’re right, I’m so sorry. Won’t you please forgive me? I’ll give you all the best jelly beans and eat all the worst ones myself. I salute your brave resistance to oppression, you are a real hero. But you forgot to mention a few other terrible things about us white people like … etc.”

  • ed91

    black women.  is there anything they don’t know?

  •  Black “women” huh? So they are women now? Those 90 pound Black Barbies and 300 pound water buffalo are women now?

    O tempora! O mores!

  • Shawn_thefemale

    ‘Cultural heritage’ my backside.     Oh, please. Save the effort. Black women don’t tolerate anything they don’t like, and their  ‘not tolerating’ is comprised of a plain old temper tantrum on steroids. Because they can.

    •  Makes sense, in a roundabout sort of way.  Blacks are more aggressive, and far less able to control their impulses than other races.  And since a race’s culture will tend to reflect its nature…

  • ageofknowledge

    Gee, who would I rather spend most of my waking time around?

    #1: A crazy woman that spews insane verbage at me trying anything to push my buttons so she can call the police and have me arrested while she’s trying to cheat on me


    #2: A decent woman whom I can talk with like an adult?

    I’ll have to choose the second one 100% of the time and the first one 0% of the time.

  •  {snip} A new study shows that black women have a more direct response to
    racist comments compared to Asian women because of their cultural
    heritage. {snip}

    OCEAN: Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, Neuroticism.

    Blacks: Low, Low, High, Low, Low (though that last is debatable).

    This ain’t hard to figure out.  Black behavioral genetics mean more disagreeable, aggressive, extraverted behavior that is less likely to be reined in by conscientiousness, openness, or neuroticism.

  • Guest

     A black woman apparently shot and killed a 28 year old white mother outside a clinic near Houston today, and abducted the woman’s white three-day old baby.

    • ageofknowledge

      That’s completely crazy! Wow! What criminal evil boldness.

  • pcmustgo

    We don’t count.