MSNBC: Obama Graded Harder Because He’s Black

Joel Gehrke, Washington Examiner, April 21, 2012

MSNBC hosts agreed this weekend that white voters hold President Obama to a higher standard than his white predecessors because he is black.

“[Obama] now has a specific record of governing,” MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry said today on her show. “A record that, I contend, because of his race will be held to a much higher standard than it would have been for a white incumbent. Those white voters who found what they were looking for in 2008 will not necessarily be so enthusiastic in 2012.”

Alex Wagner, host of MSNBC’s NOW, agreed. “I think race absolutely has to do with the conversation about reelection,” she said.

Harris-Perry actually undermined her own argument, though. “There was the great vast middle of moderate Democrats and of disaffected Republicans who were open to voting for a black candidate if he could demonstrate that he was the right candidate,” she said of the 2008 election.


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  • MSNBC hosts agreed this weekend that white voters hold President Obama
    to a higher standard than his white predecessors because he is black.

    So what?  MSNBC hosts have elevated Obama to God-like status.

    If white voters are scrutinizing St. Obama more harshly than a comparable white, then that’s a good thing.  A white country should have a white President, simple as that.  It would actually be the first time in Obama’s life that he has faced real scrutiny and real high-ball expectations.

    • Its called White Guilt.  Only Obama’s blessings can wipe away the White Guilt.  

    • Face it: Obama is far more qualified than his main adversary Mitt Romney. The ONLY candidate who is more qualified and will make a better President than Obama is Ron Paul, MD. But the current crop of white republicans are a joke in front of “St” Obama! Obama has acted far more effectively than even GW Bush in terms of tackling terror. He is the only president in recent history who has successfully killed far more important & high profile Islamic terrorists ( despite ridiculous accusations from his con-servative detractors otherwise). He will win the 2012 elections, beating Romney by a very wide margin!

      Obama 2012.

      •  Hold your horses.

        I’ll give him all the credit in the world for incurring into a nuclear-armed Pakistan (oops, I mean Pockeystahn).  And the reason for that is that there is something in his sociological background, as Steve the Sailer Man has noted, that made him distrust Pockeystahn, rightly so.

        But other than that, he just happened to be the occupant of 1600 Penna. Ave. at the time when we were able to determine where he was hiding, i.e. where the Pakistani Deep State was essentially hiding him and holding him prisoner.  And that process took a long time.

        That and our need to capture OBL was more psychological and retributive than substantive.  He had very little ability to communicate with the outside world, his only means of doing so was that time honored ancient method of boys on foot.  He had almost no ability to organize and/or order terrorist attacks for it. 

        Your precious Obama has very few positive accomplishments other than that.

  • WmarkW

    Yeah, the Nobel Peace Prize Committee was especially tough on him.

    • holyflower

      The Nobel Peace Prize Committee was exceedingly deliberate about the process.  They waited a full two weeks after President Obama took office to nominate him for the prize and then kept the world on pins and needles for another four and a half months before actually awarding the prize.

      • The man of peace ordered the murder of  Gadaffi and Ben Laden.  Who knows who else in on the Obama Kill List or how anyone gets on it.  He send weapons to nations to kill.  Mr. Peace is like the religion of peace.

        •  He also authorized the summary execution of an American citizen on foreign soil (drone attack in Yemen).  I can’t even imagine the outcry if Dubya had done that–not that I’m a Bush fan.

    • radical7

      Nah. They got is right.

  • Hirschibold

    Let’s use some common sense. Pretty much every president in modern memory has been despised by about half the country. The left’s vilification of Bush made the mob storming the castle in “Frankenstein” seem sedate by comparison. There have been more than 20 plots to kill sitting presidents, with four of those resulting in death, and two resulting in serious injury. And guess what MSNBC? All of those men were white.

    So for Obama to step into a job where every previous man before him was white and was despised by half of the country, and then to claim that he is despised because he is black is utter stupidity. The left’s general refusal to take Obama to task reeks of racial patronization. Obama’s problem isn’t that his skin is black, so much as that it is very thin.

  • Francis Galton

    Excuse me, Ms. (Miss, Mrs.?!) Harris-Perry, but I daresay Obama’s high concentration of melanin has allowed him far more leeway in his destructive policies than any other president in history.  If Obama were fully White, and especially if he were a Republican White, and if he had the exact same record, the media, far-leftists, et al., would be calling for blood.  Then again, if Obama were White, he never would have been elected in the first place.

  • Held to a higher standard by who?  certainly not the media, and not white Americans, who will let Obama skate on every issue just to avoid being labeled as racist (which is the intent of the article, kind of a warning shot) I think the only ones to hold Barry to a higher standard are his black brothers, who will never be satisfied no matter how much money he hands over to them

  • ed91

    total bunk!  

    judge him by the economy—–  strictly math– real unemployment=15%+

    judge him by the mood the of the country–  volatile

    judge him by equal justice for all……….. eric ‘my people’ holder

    judge him by his mentors……….. God D#mn America—  +  bill ayers, bomber    +

    judge him by his past actions…………… fraudulent birth certificate, SS#,  hidden school records


    •  But you see —

      One is taught “Don’t Discriminate!”  It is bad to judge, “don’t be judgmental.”

      See, the mushy-heads who wake up in NYC after a night of mixed-drinks and cocaine have not the faintest clue.  They are well-protected by their cushy job of lie-telling, living in a posh apartment protected by the NYPD in an extra-special manner.

  • diversity_is_a_hate_crime

    As annoying as the race bating hate Whiteys on MSM are, they really do us more good that we can do ourselves.

    On any given day, more White viewers come to hate Obama and Melissa Harris Hyphen Perry, because they are irredeemable nuisance black Diversity, than come to love AmRen because we are loyal Whites.

    Folks are hurting, and when they hear that they aren’t supposed to blame our historic, first African American president for their troubles BECAUSE he is black, the hate just gets bigger, as it should, thank you Jesus White Christ.

    “And the hatin’, everybody, is a-gettin’ much bigger.” -Johnny Rebel, “Who likes a N’r”

  • sbuffalonative

    Unlike Bush (who was blamed for a hurricane) Obama’s name has not been linked to a single scandal or misstep. Fast and Furious? No. Secret Service and prostitutes? No.  Heck, Chris Mathews has blamed the Republicans for higher gas prices to make Obama look bad.

  • SStephens

    And not to mention the blacks rioting.  That will happen this year or 2016.  The blacks wont care about the fact that a president can only serve two terms.  They’ll riot regardless, so get ready for it.  The first night he leaves office, its on.

    • Screamin_Ruffed_Grouse

      I’m curious as to whether Obama himself will care that the president can only serve two terms. His philosphy of government resembles that of a third-world dictator (which I suppose makes sense, since he is a third-worlder). Such a philosophy rarely includes relinquishing power voluntarily.

      I’d be highly unsurprised if in his second term he does not openly seek to ammend or circumvent the constitution, to allow him to run or remain in power in perpetuity. In the unlikely event that he is defeated in November, I’d lay odds he will not accept the loss graciously or go quietly. Look for him to pull out all stops to challenge/invalidate/quash election results, as well as trying to hold the citizenry hostage with thinly veiled (& perhaps not so veiled) threats from admin. officials & his fawning admirers in the press. I’m sure the efforts to foment racial animosity/violence from the black population will make those surrounding the Trayvon Martin fiasco seem tame.

    • Lou

       I’m sure most blacks don’t know about the two term policy/Law … In fact, most of them never even pulled a lever until 2008…All  D’s , right down the line…

  • Maybe the voters held him to a higher standard because he promise the Sun and the Moon if he won the presidential election and did absolutely nothing since getting into office? Unemployment is up, deficit at record levels, debt skyrocketing, no end in sight to Afghanistan, involvement in Libya, a failed healthcare reform – and she wants us to reelect him? Huh?

  • anarchyst

    Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!  THAT is funny!  Our “affirmative action” president being held to a “higher standard”.   The folks at MSNBC must be smoking some “good stuff” . . .

  • The__Bobster

    I suspect that none of the Founding Fathers ever thought that the American people would be that stupid. Otherwise, they would’ve added a non-Bantu President clause to the Constitution.

    • Anon12

       They had to know about the enemies within, even in their time, and about those “slave ships” and who brought them here in the first place.  They needed to really spell everything out in DETAIL in the Constitution, especially about race and WHO were allowed to become citizens or even stay in our country.  They did state for “our posterity”(progeny)  but that seems to be ignored today and never mentioned. 

  • The__Bobster

    MSNBC: Obama Graded Harder Because He’s Black

    You mean we finally get to see one of the Messiah’s grades?

  • Ohhh.  Someone must have a copy of Obama’s transcripts that shows the smartest man’s grades.  The problem is that he was graded hard so his A’s and AAA’s are really D’s and F’s.  This is why he was not kept from being admitted to Harvard Law School because they knew he has a very high IQ.  His IQ at Harvard Law was so high that he never had to take any Law Courses and thus never got any grades.  This is why as a Editor of Harvard Law Review he never wrote anything because it would be a futile wast of time, no one would be able to understand.

    Yep, his grades do not represent his accomplishments.  Has anyone ever taken his finger prints?

  • radical7

    I agree with Professor Harris-Perry’s assesment. It is the absolute truth.

  • sbuffalonative

    Obama is our second Teflon President.

  • ageofknowledge

    I still don’t know what they’re talking about. All I see is glowing reports from the modern liberal media for their messiah with just a tinge of criticism periodically.

    It’s incomparable to the heat they poured onto Bush (though that was justified in hindsight).

  • JackKrak

    Obama held to a HIGHER standard because he’s black???

    Meanwhile, in other news, up is down & left is right

  • No

    I wonder if the thought ever crosses the great minds at MSNBC that when you gather a group of Lefty talking heads who all agree with one another politically, you’re going to get some pretty orthodox Lefty thinking?

    Guess not.

    •  It’s worse than that.  Have you ever wondered why MSNBC hosts come off as kook leftists? 

      You said it yourself:  MSNBC’s stable of talkers are all hard core left-wingers that agree with each other virtually 100% of the time, speaking to an audience of a few hundred thousands hard core left-wingers who agree with each other almost all of the time.  If you’re either Matthews, Maddow, O’Donnell, Sharpton, Schultz or (until recently) Olbermann, how do you differentiate yourself from the others?  The only thing you can do is to deliberately say more extreme, kooky, wacko, outlandish things.  And you have to, because if you’re one of the above people and all you’re going to be is a carbon copy of the other four, then the MSNBC audience simply has to tune in one to hear what the other four are thinking, they don’t have any reason to watch any of the other four.

      We know that Matthews, Maddow, O’Donnell, Sharpton, Schultz and Olbermann all think that George Bush is a Nazi.  But if that’s all they’re going to say and think, then typical lib MSNBC viewer only has to tune in one of the five, if all five are going to say it.  Therefore, you have an imperative as an MSNBC host, to get “ratings” (in as much as any MSNBC host can get them), to say something that the others haven’t yet.  So, if Matthews says that George Bush is a Nazi, Maddow will say that George Bush is an extreme Nazi, O’Donnell will say that George Bush is on the verge of committing genocide, Sharpton will say “resist we Bush,” Schultz will say that George Bush is a genetic clone of Hitler, and when Olbermann was there, he would say that George Bush wanted to shower Yankee Stadium with swastika periphenelia.

    • Kurt Plummer

      Iconoclasty as anti-establishment rebellion has come home to roost and the idiot mavens do not even see that, through their very unity, they are now the number one ‘massed target’ of a society that has not been trained to love and respect the Fourth Estate as the One True-Good Thing.

      But you can bet that whoever controls them does see and understand this.  The complete meltdown in social trust, stolen like fire by the Jewish controlled media from the centrist government.  Now is about to be left as a Promethian castoff when they too are strapped to a rock with a gryphon at hand to rip out their liver.

      For when people trust no one, they are set up to fall alone.  And global corporate socialism, through the UN and other ‘international agencies’ is the ultimate endgame objective of this process.

      I am reminded of something Joseph Goebbels once said-

      “If you tell a lie big enough and keep
      repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be
      maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the
      political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes
      vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for
      the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is
      the greatest enemy of the State.”’By extension’ the easiest way to rid us of unpleasant truth is to render it’s mouthpieces so propagandistic that Americans themselves refuse to listen to whatever, genuine, clarion call may escape the dying lips of the starved for attention and gutted of credibility media.’Truthiness’ will then be vulnerable to single source (here) shutdown as much as isolation.

  • .

    I don’t dislike Obama because he’s black. I dislike Obama because he’s incompetent and dislikes me.

  • Lou

    LOL , They have it totally backwards… No, He gets a ” PASS ” because he’s black..   WOW !!

  • FromMissouri2

    No Melissa, the U.S. voted him in because he’s black.  Hopefully, they’ll vote him out because he makes Jimmy Carter look like the reincarnation of Lincoln.

  • It’s hard to see past Affirmative Action.

    Perhaps if the black man had not been given stuff his entire life through for no other reason than he not being a White Man, I’d probably say, well, you can’t please all the people all the time but no, he’s “black” and so, “qualifies” and that gives me the Right to judge him more harshly.

    You cannot expect people to judge people fairly when they are NOT equal.  Affirmative Action does not allow Equality, remember?

    Really, where do you think “racism” came from?  It came from the Government.

    • Zorro

      It was a term that was first coined by Leon Trotsky.

  • Zorro

    That was probably written by our guest troll, radical7.