Immigrants Prioritized over ‘White’ Canadians for Public Housing, Human-Rights Complaint Says

Gary Dimmock, National Post, April 16, 2012

An Ottawa man who was living in a shelter with his wife and two children took the City of Ottawa to a human-rights tribunal last month, alleging that immigrants are given priority over “white Canadians” for public housing.

Kirk Munroe and his family lived at the Carling Family Shelter for months last year while waiting for a public housing unit to call their own. Munroe grew frustrated with the wait after immigrant families at the shelter were offered public housing in only a “matter of weeks.”

In his application to Ontario’s human-rights tribunal, Munroe quoted an Ottawa public housing manager as saying “whites have less chance of getting a home and they have to stay in shelters longer than immigrants new to Canada.”

The tribunal heard that the quick turnaround time for immigrants was in “distinct contrast to the experience of white Canadian families” at the shelter, including his own, who had to wait months for housing.

A lawyer for the public housing agency denied it gives priority to immigrants, and a lawyer for the City of Ottawa told the hearing that the immigrants in question may have been victims of domestic violence, which, he said, would account for why they were offered social housing so quickly. The tribunal also heard that the public housing manager denied saying that immigrants have a better shot at getting public housing.

Eric Whist, vice-chair of the tribunal, questioned Munroe’s account of what the public housing manager told him.

“This statement, characterized as an exact quote, appears to be more of a paraphrase and one from a longer conversation. It is also not evident that this quote, even if accepted as generally accurate, indicates that Ms. Jean Louis (a tenant service manager) was communicating that the reason why whites stay in shelters longer than immigrants was because of the policy of (Ottawa public housing) or others was to give priority to immigrants over Canadian citizens,” Whist said in an interim decision dated March 12.

Munroe’s challenge against the City of Ottawa claimed he was discriminated on the basis of race, colour, disability and reprisal.

The adjudicator of the tribunal dismissed all but one of the grounds in the Munroe application. Ottawa public housing gives priority to victims of violence, the terminally ill and the homeless. The adjudicator considered the disability grounds but while Munroe was diagnosed with an undisclosed “chronic medical condition,” he was not dying and in turn did not qualify for priority housing.

But Munroe’s claims of reprisal—notably that he was subjected to “poorer treatment” in the shelter after filing an application with the tribunal—were not dismissed. In the reprisal section of his application, Munroe also says his family was transferred into the shelter’s smallest room as a punishment for complaining about being kicked out for five days because of his aggressive behaviour.

“The applicant alleged that the decision to expel him from the shelter was discriminatory in that the decision did not appropriately consider that the applicant had mental issues that contributed to the behaviours that led to his being asked to leave,” Whist said.

The lawyer for the City of Ottawa said the adequacy of rooms is an issue for almost everyone and noted that shelters are for emergency housing, not long term.

The adjudicator said Munroe has a “reasonable prospect” of proving alleged discrimination under the reprisal section of his application. The adjudicator directed Munroe to amend his application to include more details about the alleged discrimination.

Munroe could not be reached for comment and the City of Ottawa said that they have yet to receive his amended application.

There are about 15,000 people on a waiting list for public housing in Ottawa.

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  •  True. But this man probably paid taxes during better times for him and his family. Now when he needs help, the government turns their back on him and instead offers available housing to immigrants. I wonder how many of them are illegal immigrants?

  • Rocky Bass

    What’s up with these Canuk ingrates?  They had best learn to heed the supremacy of their new overlords!
    Pay your Jizzya and STFU!

  • Canada is doing its very best impersonation of the worst nanny states out there, like Australia and Britain. It is open season on Whites. You’d be better of as a Chinaman in Toronto than a White.

  • ed91

    every canadian and american elite policy maker should be required to take a black family home to live with him.  each black family must have at least 6 members to make the experience more enriching…….  

    • redfeathers

      This goes for the media elites too.  Chris Matthews should take a black family with him to Martha’s Vineyard this summer. 

    • white_privilege_stigmata

      Some of the funniest stories you will ever hear are about those White liberal families in Montana who adopted Katrina victims strait outta da hood with the understanding that “this new start is an opportunity for self improvement and advancement.”

      The press won’t print what happened next…

  • Totally outrageous!  This breaks a new barrier in my mind.  Displaying more charity for somebody that arrived yesterday than for somebody whose family has been here for generations!  It is the ultimate in, ” Meritocracy”.  Precisely *because* your family has been here a long time , and you are still poor, you are deemed a failure and not worth helping.  Canadian society would rather throw their lot in with some Nigerian who might just be better than the white guy at running a taxi service in Toronto.

    “Canadian White Guy” is right : Canada has gone multi-cult insane.  Whether it is throwing priests or revisionists in jail or doing something like this (unbelievable!), Canada always seems to be in the “vanguard” of thinking up new self-hating nonsense.  
    It would make an interesting study in White Science to study why Canada, of all the white countries in the world, leads the way and is so different from the United States on things like free speech and multiculturalism (where we comparatively still have some semblance of Euro-pride left).  I have always suspected that it has something to do with the larger proportion of Calvinists in English-speaking Canada as compared to the denominational mix of English-speaking America.  If you scratch a Calvinist long enough, you get a progressive.  That is because Calvinism is heavily-messianic.  But there may be other factors at play too  …. any thoughts?

    • redshirts

      One of the primary tenets of anti racism training is that Whites must sacrifice more because they have benefited from systemic privilege.

      Any policy that hurts Whites by punishing them for their White privilege is an anti racist policy. Anti racism, enforced and perpetuated with dangerous and toxic rhetoric, is the global religion, and White bureaucrats all follow its creed with the perfect devotion. When they sacrifice you to the Diversity Idols, they not only keep their own White privilege jobs, they earn cultural credits that helps them advance up the ladder of “specialization”.

      “If you don’t wake up in a panic in the morning, you must still be drunk.”

      -Rev. Jed DeValleyism, “Moloch wants your daughter,” 1998

  • Gutless Canadians are not allowing comments on the story… Typical.  Wouldn’t want the truth to get out there.

    • redshirts

      Telling the truth is hate speech to those how hate the truth; free speech is hate speech to those who hate freedom.

  • But they lived in a mud hut before so its important to make up for that. After all a 5 bedroom council house was not good enought for a somoli who cant speak english or write in any togue.–complaining-5-bed-London-home-poor-area.html#ixzz0tK1nF7AA

    A family of former asylum-seekers from Somalia are living in a £2.1million
    luxury townhouse in one of Britain’s most exclusive addresses at a cost to
    taxpayers of £8,000 a month.

    Abdi and Sayruq Nur and their seven children moved into their three-storey
    property in a fashionable area of London last month because they didn’t like the
    ‘poorer’ part of the city they were living in. ”

    • IstvanIN

      Gotta love the UK.. they complain about how much money the government spends on the Head of State but these people, let’em all in!  Spend a fortune on brown invaders!!

  • He will probably find out very quickly that government “human rights groups” don’t much give a damn about the plight of white people,why? Because, hey we’re all “privileged”.

  • kerrysmith

    John: I submit that the differences you describe between Canada and the US are diminishing. But to the extent that Canada is to the left of the US, other possible factors are: 1) the French Canadians, who revolted against the Catholic Church around 1960 and have by and large embraced ‘progressivism’ ever since, and 2) the desire of a small power to distinguish itself from the very large power next door, which leads Canadians to look to Europe as a model. Possibly also 3), dependence on a strong State to unite a country with a small population spread over a very large area, ending in a general inclination to look to the State as provider, teacher, moral guide, etc. 

  • IstvanIN

    Canada has reverted to it’s racist ways. From 1999 to 2010 Canada was enriched by diversity Governor Generals, woman who were neither Canadian nor British born. Woman who represented not only the rich tapestry of New Canada but it’s vibrant future. The current Governor General appears to be a last gasp by Canada’s old and dying white patriarchy. Well, I suppose one should allow an occasional privileged white into that esteemed office, just as one would allow an occasional white to get lesser public housing.

  • Texan1st

    How can so few blatantly ruin the lives of so many whites and yet still walk away unscathed? Regardless of their elitist status, the fact remains that they put their pants on one leg at a time just like the rest of us.

  • KenelmDigby

    Political elitists claim incessantly that mass third world immigration ‘benefits’ natives.
    It does nothing of the sort – in fact it deprives them of shelter and accomodation.

  • Robb Moffett

    Stop whining. When you give away your country you built, then that is what happens. Go back to will be over soon.

  • ELN

    Fortunately, we have a rather good source of daily up-dated information on our immigration/”refugee” fiasco. Canadian Immigration Report. It can be depressing to read at times, but at least they’re addressing the issues, and allow comments.

  • SintiriNikos

    So any argument that we bring them here to use the services and social housing the local deadbeats don’t want is quashed lol

  • anarchyst

    The same thing is rampant in the U. K. with council housing being given to foreigners while native-born Britons are routinely “passed over” for housing.