Backwards on Racial Understanding

Scott Jaschik, Inside Higher Ed, April 10, 2012


A new study being presented at this year’s annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association suggests that as undergraduates progress in higher education, they become less interested, on average, in promoting racial understanding. The study finds that this is true across racial groups—although it finds some characteristics of the college experience that may make students more interested in racial understanding as they proceed from freshman to senior year.

{snip} They used survey data of students at 6 liberal arts colleges and 11 universities collected by the Wabash National Study of Liberal Arts Education.

Students were asked: “How important to you personally is helping to promote racial understanding?” The researchers write that they selected this as the question because, unlike questions about “openness to diversity” or “other more abstract notions of tolerance,” this question “attempts to capture respondents’ personal commitment to improving racial understanding and may be less prone to social desirability bias.” {snip}

{snip} All four groups were lower at the end of their freshman year, and lower as well by their senior year. Asians showed some rebound between the end of freshman year and senior year, but still ended up at a lower point than where they started.

Importance to College Students of Promoting Racial Understanding, on Scale of 1-4

Group Start of Frosh Year End of Frosh Year Senior Year
White 2.47 2.32 2.31
Black 3.26 3.18 2.95
Latino 3.13 2.93 2.82
Asian 2.88 2.63 2.74

The researchers write that “contrary to our expectations, the average change in racial attitudes during the first year and over the entire four-year period is in a negative direction.” In between the start and end of freshman year, 30.5 percent said that promoting racial understanding was less important at the end, while only 17.3 percent thought it was more important. (The rest didn’t change.) Between the start and end of college, more students “trend negative” (33.8 percent) than positive (21.4 percent), the study finds.

The paper’s authors say these data challenge the conventional wisdom about college and race: the findings suggest that for most students, being in college has no impact on a desire to promote racial understanding, and that those who change do so in the direction of being less committed to intergroup understanding.


“These findings cast doubt on research and conventional wisdom that argues for the liberalizing effects of higher education on racial attitudes. Instead, it suggests that, for some students, negative experiences with diversity may dampen the relatively progressive racial views they hold when entering college,” write the authors in their conclusion.


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  • WmarkW

    I wonder how many experienced students  feel, “I came here to learn Civil Engineering/English Lit/Biology; and instead I spent half my time being lectured about White Privilege.”

  • A typical college frosh is 17-19 years old, a typical senior is 21-23 years old.  It’s all a function of the brain maturing, which means the brain relies more on reality and experience than on mindless mantras.

    • WmarkW

       They also might have come to the realization, “THESE are the SMART ones?”

      • That was exactly my epiphany during law school.  Funny to read someone frame it like that.

      • WhiteGuyInJapan

        Also,  I remember realizing that a lot of my profs in the social sciences were just old hippies who had no skills for the world outside of academia and were bummed about the 60s being over. 

    • robinbishop34

      That’s why those in the transitional stage of development from adolescence to young adulthood are relentlessly targeted by the high priests of diversity and multiculturalism.

      • The_Bobster

        At the time when they are first separated from their parents and have to rely on their peers and professors for their “wisdom”. A recipe for disaster. Small wonder that Obongo wants every American child to go to college.

    • Spartan24708

      You’re right QD- as kids grow up they naturally gravitate toward those of the same race- or should but that is another story. As college students mature and get closer to graduation they realize that they have to think like an adult Rather than an adolescent and part of this is networking. Most of the people I knew or hung out with in college are almost exclusively in association with those of the same race. Notable exceptions are those who were in interracial relationships.

  • bluffcreek1967

    I think many of the students, after years of this ‘diversity’ stuff,  just get plain tired of it. They realize this is just a bunch of politically-correct nonsense that doesn’t have any basis in reality. I think others finally discover that Blacks, on average, are simply not as intelligent as they are portrayed to be. A certain percentage of them, I’m sure, learn through experience that Blacks can be quite dangerous and uncivilized, especially when in large groups.  

    • It can be dangerous to mess up the grading curve is a class with lots of blacks

  • This_Name_Doesnt_Exist

    I got a big help in this direction when I put together the disappearance of valuables from rooms on my floor in the dorm, with visits from the “scholarship football and basketball players” who lived in large numbers on the floor above.  The former always seemed to follow the latter, but never happened otherwise.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      I think it starts earlier than that, as I’m seeing now with my 18-year old senior as he watches  non-Whites with inferior grades and SAT scores receive slavering attention from prestigious universities offering full scholarships and paid living expenses including transportation.

      Don’t think White kids don’t notice this inherent unfairness, they do as they wonder why they worked so hard only to see what THEY deserve go to lower-ranked students “of color.”

      AND, his is after YEARS of an anti-White K-12 curriculum that tells them they are evil slave holders, colonists, bigots and haters.  — that plus 24/7 media that hammers in the same anti-Whtie message.

      UC Berkeley, sandwiched between two black/hispaic ghettoes can no longer get away with NOT warning White and Asian kids about rampant crime committed by blacks who ride the BART over from Oakland or Richmond to PREY on college students for their computers, iPads and other expensive electronic equipment.

      I now see “beware” posters around the Berkeley campus ALL OF THEM WITH BLACK FACES — of those accused of backpack snatching,  armed robbery, car jackings, etc.  I’m also noticing more building are locked up and guarded.

      No wonder the #1 club on UC Berkeley’s campus is the Young Republicans, yes, really.


      • This_Name_Doesnt_Exist

        Indeed, it definitely starts before that.  Well before.  I could have gone back farther to my year of experience working in a supermarket in one of the only majority-black neighborhoods in the Pacific NW, all the WIC and EBT groceries that went into the trunks of Cadillacs and Jaguars, gang fights in the street between the two high schools.  Hell if I go back far enough I can remember being shouted at when I was ten by the black mother of my mulatto friend because she heard me call him boy, which we all called each other because I went to a majority-black school and hadn’t yet learned this was verboten.  I had to wipe her spit off of my face.  We could go back even farther to age six where black kids my age threatened to beat me up if I didn’t give them the pudding cup my mom put in my lunch every day.

        Your comment also reminded me of a peculiar incident that happened to me in the sixth grade.  A pseudo-intellectual parent of one of the black kids in my Catholic school class must have raised a stink about the lack of “Afro-centric” instruction in this particular class, because we suddenly had to write papers for some essay competition on the woes of the inner-city and what we could do to help. 

        I don’t remember what I wrote about other than the fact that I referenced “gang members” and “black” in the same paper.  I remember getting a lot of As on my papers because I wrote pretty well for my grade level.  I remember feeling pretty good about this one I wrote.  Then I got a C- on the paper.  The pseudo-intellectual black parent was involved in vetting these papers for the competition, as well as grading them for the class which was outrageous and something I’ve never experienced before or since.

        Care to guess who’s daughter won the competition?

        • anarchyst

          I attended Catholic school in the 1960’s.  Blacks were given preferential treatment and could do no wrong.  Yes, this attitude pervaded Catholic schools as well as public schools. 

  • crystal evans

    One thing you learn by the time you graduate from college is that diversity,no matter how noble the intent, ends up being a failure because each race has a tendency to separate itself from each other. They have their own organizations such as MECHA, the Black Student Union, Asian American Students Association. They live near each other in the dorms. They associate with each other in the lunchroom and everywhere else.

  • MIT seems to do ok with diversity “caucasian americans” are 40% of graduate students sounds like a minority, I wonder how they pull it off. Oh wait blacks are 2% hispanics are 3%  I think I understand now.

  • ncpride

    Wow, these guys are late bloomers. I think it was around age 10, being one of a handful of White kids on a bus full of blacks to school that I learned I had ZERO interest in learning about racial understanding. They made it clear there would be no ‘understanding’.

    • Spartan24708

      It was because you were a minority among a majority of blacks that you woke up so soon. Those of us who were almost always around whites didn’t get an education until later. It can be horribly jarring when you get educated.

      • ncpride

        It certainly is. Those were terrible years for me and my sister both, and they will forever be seared into my memories. The only good thing to come from it (if you can call it that) is that we learned to defend ourselves in short order. It was fight back or get the crap kicked out of you. We chose to fight back.

        • Fighting back is all they understand.  This is why The White Peoples Ruled with an Iron Fist sometimes.  Sometimes, you just have no choice.

          That sounds hard, harsh and mean but it’s True.  I hate it.  I mean, I hate it but what can you do?

          • ncpride

            You are absolutely right Stephanie, violence was all they understood. There was no reasoning with them, or talking about it, and our pleas for peace fell on deaf (and mocking) ears. So we took the only recourse we had left, and that was to fight back as hard as we could. They made
             our lives miserable for 3 years on that bus.
            I’m sorry you lost your mother at such a young age, and to have her mocked that way… just.. wow. But you are right, these tramatic experiences, and make no mistake, they were tramatic, left us with a clear understanding of what we are dealing with when it comes to race, and AA have done nothing over the years to change those views. That’s why it enrages me when I hear that blacks can’t be racists… people like you and I, and millions more Whites absolutley know better.

          • The negro laughing was bad yes and being pinned up against the lockers was bad (I never did go back) but I consider mine to be not anywhere close to what others have gone through.

            My experiences were two moments.  Yours was three YEARS.  For me, what you went through was much worse and everybody else.  The beatings, rapes, murders, robberies and CONSTANTLY being terrorized by them is why I don’t like them and do not cry when they die.

            Even the “good” blacks on Fox News won’t talk about all the blacks attacking White People.  NO black will ever Truly side with us no matter what.

    • I got two and before I start, not be “smart” but I do believe I’m gonna win this one:

      A group of blacks held me up against the lockers and tried to beat me and I was scared to death and I just kicked and kicked and kicked and kicked.  They finally let me go when they finally figured out they couldn’t get past my crazy kickin’ little legs.  I was about eleven or twelve then.

      Before that, I was ten here, my Mother was being carried out of the house on a stretcher and there was a negro standing there in the small crowd that had gathered, laughing.  My Mother died a couple of weeks later but it’s the black laughing at my Mother that really stands out.

      I reckon this could be why I’m always advocating for us Whites to take the Lead once again for I cannot help but believe that you, I and everyone else would not have experienced what we did had not The White Peoples given up their Right to Lead.

  • No no no. It isn’t that they promote racial understanding. It is that they see the inadequacy, the pathology, the idiocy of non-Whites. They begin to understand non-Whites.

    The best cure loving blacks and browns is being around them.
    Freshman are PRE-judiced to like non-Whites and then as seniors they post-judge non-whites and find them wanting.

  • No

    So this comes as some kind of surprise to the geniuses at the American Educational Research Association, does it?

    Please allow me to explain what every blue-collar white already understands.

    A 9-year old will allow you to stuff his brain full of liberal mush because he doesn’t know any better and his mom and dad tell him that’s OK.

    A 19-year old freshman will allow you to stuff his brain full of liberal mush because the hottest chicks are all members of the campus Young American Socialists club and his mom and dad tell him that’s OK.

    A 23-year old senior is staring at the prospect of leaving school and having to make it in the real world . . . unless mom and dad cough up the tuition for a graduate degree in French Literature Of The Middle Ages . . .

    The prospect of starvation, homelessness and not being able to score because you’re broke . . . or worse . . . having to move back in with the two liberal idiots you know as “mom and dad” . . . forces you to deal with reality.

    • crystal evans

      What they should have done is majored in Business, Accounting or Engineering and they would not be living with mom and dad but on their own with a decent entry level salary to boot.

  • What, exactly, is “Racial Understanding?”  If universities were smart, they’d try to PREVENT racial understanding.  It seems the more white kids understand, the less they like. 

    • haroldcrews

      That was my response.  I’m all in favor of ‘Racial Understanding’.  Every day I increase my racial understanding by coming to AmRen.

  • crystal evans

    However, I tend to think that there is more diversity in the US Military than in any college or university. In the military, you have people with different abilities doing different jobs throughout the world. You have people from every state as well as from Puerto Rico, Guam, Saipan, American Samoa and the US Virgin Islands.

    •  Please Crystal Jackson, do not comment on things you know little about.  I was in the U.S. Marines for 4 years. 2 and 1/2 of those years were in  Special forces. The military is in many ways even worse in pandering to non-white males than that of the civilian world. There were only 2 non-white males in my entire unit. One was a Mexican guy that I was (and am) very good friends with. And the other was a Vietnamese dude.  The Vietnamese guy absolutely despised blacks. His family was robbed at gun point several times in the 2 1/2 years we were in the same unit. Every armed robbery they experienced was at the hands of  “urban youths.”(codeword for black between the ages of 15 and 38)

      On a sidenote. As I was typing the above statement, a memory just came back to me LOL!!

      The Marine Corps was doing a special on our unit. As a result the Marine Corps  times had come to our barracks in order to interview several of the guys. As I remember it, EVERY last man interviewed was white. This was manly because our unit was 99% white. However I have no doubt that the powers that be were responsible for what happened next.

      The Marine Corps times came back to interview the support services unit that looked after us. These ranged from admin clerks that were responsible for organizing our pay, to Motor transport guys who would truck ammo and other necessary items to the field for us.  Those interviewed were either virtually ALL white females, or black males. They were even given designation as being IN OUR UNIT when the story was published. None of these people were in our unit.  This was done intentionally. This was done to make it seem to a casual observer who may read the article that Marine Corps special forces units were a bastion of Black male, and white female productivity.

      Now understand that I am not saying that those in the support services are not important. They definitely have a important function. However those in charge intentional created a false persona of what our unit consisted of. They tried to show a multi-racial, multi gendered elite unit. To do this they lied, and intentionally fabricated things to mislead. If I had to choose between who was a greater deceiver, and the two choices were the U.S. government and Lucifer. It would be a close call either way.

      • anarchyst

        I served in the Marine Corps in the late 1960’s.  During training at Camp Pendleton, our NCOs warned us whites to travel in groups in order to avoid the marauding gangs of black Marines.   Even in Vietnam, blacks were pushy and often caused trouble . . .

        • Bon, From the Land of Babble

          Your comment reminded me of something I read recently about DIE versity in the military during the Vietnam era:

          From, Armed Force Journal. 1971:

          Racial conflicts (most but not all sparked by young black enlisted men) are erupting murderously in all services. At a recent high commanders’ conference, General Westmoreland and other senior generals heard the report from Germany that in many units white soldiers are now afraid to enter barracks alone at night for fear of ‘head-hunting’ ambushes by blacks…Kelley Hill, a Ft. Benning, Ga., barracks area, has been the scene of repeated nighttime assaults on white soldiers.

          Other reports tell of jail-delivery attacks on Army stockades and military police to release black prisoners, and of officers being struck in public by black soldiers… In Ulm, last fall, a white noncommissioned officer killed a black soldier who was holding a loaded .45 on two unarmed white officers.


    • The_Bobster

      Until recently, the military had an IQ cutoff of 93, meaning they got only the top 30% of the black community. However, even the cream of the crop presented them with constant problems.

  • Instinct My Dear Watson, Instinct…

    No one is interested in “racial understanding”, they’re interested in Survival.  These College Kids are not so blind as to not see how their Future is No Future.  The last thing someone wants to care about is someone they don’t know and won’t be helping them.

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

    I sincerely hope that Mr. Zimmerman behaves like a man when he finally speaks. I hope that he stands up for himself and defends himself admirably as did Anders Behring Breivik and does not stoop to apologizing and groveling like every other white man has been doing recently. He defended himself and he should be proud.  I am proud of him. I wish that our gated community had a watch leader as efficient as him. If he is charged with manslaughter and convicted which is unlikely he will serve no more than 3 months all of which would be in 24 hour protective custody so he has nothing to worry about not to mention that he will be wealthy from legal action and interviews etc. after the fact. Thank you Mr. Zimmerman, for keeping the residents of Twin Lakes safe and secure and watching out for the innocents in your community. May we all have the same courage and tenacity.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    neaderthalDNA, This_Name_Doesnt_Exist, Stephanie Galonska:

    These personal stories and anecdotes are extremely important, the more we relate the better.  We must keep getting out the message and hammer home the message that Whites are under siege and assault by the media, educational system and government.  All three are silent, if not complicit when blacks attack Whites and all promote government-sanctioned White discrimination in the workplace, housing patterns and college admissions.  

    All work mightily against Whites organizing to promote and advocate for White interests which is nothing but pure evil directed at White families.

    We must keep drumming it into everyone that anti-White policies have real-world consequences against Whites, especially White children and it is for this reason that these anecdotal stories are more powerful than just rattling off facts and figures which are easily dismissed by the left as examples of White hatred and bigotry.

    Keep it coming, it’s the best and most powerful part of AR AFAIC and you can be sure NONE of the incidents we’ve related on this thread will be reported by the media.


    • I will do that but I consider my experiences with non-whites to be nothing compared to everyone else.  I never went back to that School and I never saw that black girl ever again so my experiences were only two.  I guessed I learned right quick, not to be around them.

      My pain comes from what other White People have experienced.  The loss of jobs because of aliens, loss of life, limbs, brain damage, paralysis and last but not least, the mental anguish they’ve put upon us.

  • Duxinarowe

    Well maybe the white students are sick and tired of being told they are born evil and losing opportunities to unqualified minority students who just need additional help at our expense.

  • I’m with Harold Crews on this one:

    “That was my response.  I’m all in favor of ‘Racial Understanding’.
     Every day I increase my racial understanding by coming to AmRen.”

  • The_Bobster

    Typical undergrad attends an all white college or a college where he never interacts with any black. 

    Could you perchance name one of these “all white colleges”? Just one?

  • Andromeda

    I was thinking “Yeah, I’m sure blacks are pounded in college with the idea that they should understand white people.”  * cough*

  • anonymous_amren

    Q: “How important to you personally is helping to promote racial understanding?”
    My answer: “Very. That’s why I spend so much time explaining to people that black criminality is genetic, and that they have IQs of 85 in white environments, or below 70 in any environments they create for themselves. etc. I really want people to understand race.”

    I think there’s a problem with the way they worded the question. 🙂

  • Dean_Wormers_Hot_Wife

    “Before I started working here, I wasn’t a racist.”


  • Sounds like you and I are much alike.  I too only venture out when I absolutely have to.

    Thank You and I feel the same.  I wish I could fix us and our People.  None of us would have to suffer the way we have and are had we just had the Right to be left alone.

    And yes, I am very hard-hearted but it’s not because of what I went through, it’s because it was me who filled out the paperwork that brought some indians over here, arranged their hotels, transportation to get to work, etc. but the worse part was listening to the “replaced”, I mean, “laid-off” Americans, cry and cry and cry and I couldn’t do anything about it.