What’s the Matter with Soledad O’Brien?

Michelle Malkin, Yahoo News, March 14, 2012

CNN’s Soledad O’Brien isn’t used to criticism. In the world of media elites, she’s a beloved figure and an award-winning news anchor. But last week, she revealed her true, decidedly non-neutral colors. And she’s not happy about the hoi polloi questioning her hallowed journalistic objectivity.

On Thursday, O’Brien interviewed Joel Pollak, editor-in-chief of the late Andrew Breitbart’s online empire. Breitbart’s BigGovernment.com released a 1991 video of Barack Obama (then a 30-year-old law student) at a Harvard rally embracing radical racialist Derrick Bell and his push for more aggressive race-based hiring at Harvard. Bell is a proponent of critical race theory (CRT), which posits that America remains a hopelessly racist country dominated by Jews and white supremacists.

O’Brien lost her cool when Pollak shed light on Bell’s fringe legal theories. Acting more like an Obama campaign surrogate than a disinterested host, she angrily jumped on Pollak’s mention of CRT. “That is a complete misreading of critical race theory,” she shrieked. “That’s an actual theory. You could Google it and some would give you a good definition. So that’s not correct!”

When viewers took to Twitter to pepper O’Brien with follow-up questions about critical race theory, the CNN star had a twit fit. She invited a liberal professor, Emory University’s Dorothy Brown, on her television show to back her up and then lashed out: “See? That was our critical race theory 101. Stop tweeting me. We have moved on, people.”

Not so fast, sister.


O’Brien failed to disclose her pro-Bell bias to viewers before her segments.

O’Brien also failed to disclose that the liberal prof who denied on her show that critical race theory had aaaaaanything to do with bashing America as a white supremacy-ruled government actually wrote the exact opposite. In one of her own books, Brown asserted that the purpose of CRT was to “highlight the ways in which the law is not neutral and objective, but designed to support White supremacy and the subordination of people of color.” Oops.

O’Brien is entitled to her opinions, of course. The problem is that she masks her political activism under the banner of corporate media “diversity.” Of multicultural heritage, O’Brien has won countless accolades for her “Black in America” and “Latino in America” documentaries for CNN. The medical school at historically black Morehouse College created the “Soledad O’Brien Freedom’s Voice Award” to honor “outstanding catalysts of social change.” The first recipient of the activist award? Soledad O’Brien, of course.

O’Brien is also a card-carrying member of two racial/ethnic-centered journalism lobbying groups: the National Association of Black Journalists and the National Association of Hispanic Journalists. These organizations are inherently politicized entities that enforce a skin color-deep ideological solidarity and push a social justice agenda of advocacy journalism. I know because I’ve fought their collective herd mentality for the past 20 years.



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  • There’s nothing wrong with Soledad O’Brien.  The problem is with white racial panderers who invested so much hope in some non-white journalist.

  • Who’s crazy here ?  It’s her with her 4 children (I suppose): http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_pkqX2orcoGA/TNWCAqIZDlI/AAAAAAAAAe8/0MxJL9-oF5M/s1600/soledad_and_family2.jpg

    What are these children, racially ?  Liberalism is, truly, a disease of the mind.

    •  If I am not mistaken, Soledad Obien has a white Australian father, and  a black Latina mother. I think I read somewhere her mom was a black Cuban, or a Jamaican, or some such ethnicity. I am just too lazy and don’t have the time to look it up rught now. LOL!!!!

      • The_Bobster


        O’Brien, who is half Cuban black,  half Australian Irish, has gathered many boring conventional awards, including one named after herself: the “Soledad O’Brien Freedom’s Voice Award”  from the Morehouse School of Medicine for being a “catalyst for social change”.  

        But, because the competition is stiffer, ours is harder to win—and therefore more prestigious.

        I note that the “O’Brien Award” given to O’Brien is significant because, as you will soon learn, she’s in love with herself.

        O’Brien has also been included twice in Irish America Magazine’s list of top 100 Irish Americans—as well as on Black Enterprise’s hottest list! 

      • Yes, partly Black. OK. But, this loony woman is waging war against HER children who- forget about one-two drops- if mentally sane, will NOT identify with Negroes or Hispanics.

        On the other hand, loonies are not  predictable- leader of Sudeten Germans, Konrad Heinlein, has had a Czech mother: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Konrad_Henlein

        I barely can stand diversity idiocy, but:

        * your father is White
        * your husband is White
        * your children are White- I’m not myopic

        and you are in the crusade against not some hard-core racial obsessives, but against White European heritage and culture. and “being”.

        In short, you- Soledad- are a psycho.

        • Oil Can Harry

          Yes, it is disturbing that a woman whose father, husband and four children are white would hate Caucasians.

          Then again there are many liberals out there who are 100% white and who despise their own kind as much as the the Nation of Islam buffoons ever did.  

          • ncpride

            I was thinking the same thing. How can anyone who has children that look as White as hers be so vindictive and hateful towards other Whites? Can you imagine the psychological mess those kids must be in? How does she even begin to explain her view points and opinions to them? Yes, she is truly a disturbed person.

          • It may not be a case of hating all caucasians, just those that disagree with you.

        •  I completely agree with your sentiments. I was just pointing out one possibility of why this O’brien chick would so vehemently defend blackness.  On a sidenote though Mr Kaldian. I have known literally tons (too many to count) of white women who defend anti-white male legislation. Most notably affirmative action policies that discriminate against their own fathers, uncles, and presumably any future male children that they may bear. (seeing as though the bulk of white woman still do bear white  children)

          Liberalism (and modern conservatism as well by the way) are a big lie.


          • redfeathers

            Robert, about your sidenote…I recently asked a friend of mine (female, white, 67 years old) why she supports affirmative action.  I used your exact terms… policies that discriminate against their own fathers, husbands, sons, etc.  This is what she came up with – it stems from the Middle Ages, when women were considered property.  Incredible, right?

          • Amazing answer. I do not mean to  beat a dead horse, (figuratively of course) however when you examine the mentality of such a mindset it is really eye popping.

            Looking at it superficially, one can easily say “oh well, who cares if white women support such programs. All they are trying to obtain is equality for all”.

            However seeing it as I do, one quickly comes to a much  darker conclusion. Affirmative action, permeates many areas from American life. As a result, anyone who supports such a doctrine is directly  supporting the legalization of institutional bigotry directed against one particular demographic. And that demographic is the white male. Bigotry in regards to government contracts, bigotry in regards to University admissions, bigotry in regards to setting up yor own business. The list can go on and on. People try and use many big words to try and justify this great injustice.

            Any white female (or male) that supports affirmative action is essentially applauding, and encouraging the government to make me and my sons a 2nd class citizen. And I do not say 2nd class citizen figurativey. But in a very real literal sense a 2nd class citizen. A citizen that lacks certain opportunities within the frameworf of society.  With understanding all that I have just stated.  Anyone (and particularly white females) who supports such a unjust doctrine against me and my sons  must be viewed as very dangerous enemy. A enemy that seeks to disenfranchize us from  the society that our forefathers built. This is how we as white males must view this.

            In closing, white females seem to be particularly unique in their hatred of their own men. I have never in my life met a black woman (and I have know many)  that has applauded discrimination against their own men.  Not one.  Conversely, I have never met one single white woman who gave a positive critique of the white man. Hell, I rarely  even hear  white woman  refer to  whitemen as “whitemen”. It is always “whiteguys”. When they refer to adult black males it is usually “blackmen” or “black man”. The difference between referring to  one group of males as “guys”, and the other group as “MEN” may seem trivial on its face. However those terms reflect something much deeper in my opinion. I encourage white men who read this post to casually pay attention to that when talking to white females in the future whenever they refer to the race of a particular male.  

    • That’s flat out wierd!  Maybe she went “Swedish”?

  • Heinrich24

    “Of multicultural heritage, Obrien…”

    No, “culture” has little if anything to do with this, Michelle.  She is of multi-RACIAL heritage – and that has EVERYTHING to do with it!

  • What did you expect? See, critical race theory is interesting. You have to answer what it is “critical” about, that is what is it bashing and undermining? Capitalism and the White race. It is one component of Critical Theory. It is Communist trash.

    • libertarian4339

      The most blaring thing about CRC is that it’s based in illogical concepts and propositions that are flat out lies, and the entire resoning behind it is based in unadulterated anti-white hate.

      Bell was always raging about how he was thought of as not up to par regarding mental ability and qualifications.  Rather than refuting those premises,  this clown offers his CRC theories and displays exactly what his opposition accuses him of.  Absolutely amazing.

      The only thing concocted that is dumber is Black Liberation Theology, but it’s not dumber by much.

      • blight14

         Kwanzaa comes to mind……granted it has vastly less ‘power’ than the examples you posed…..fabricated from thin air, poof!

  • This is too simplistic. Actually, it’s known from history that numerous people with a fraction of Black ancestry – and who looked White- very easily “forgot” their Black side & assimilated into White society. Not to mention other races’ “mixes” (Native Americans, some Asians etc.) 

    This Soledad is simply cashing in on White hatred. How on earth can a sane person subscribe to the “theory” that US is “ruled” by Jews & White supremacists-say, KKK.

    Jews and KKK rule the US in perfect harmony. Well, I don’t have anything to add.

    • I’ve heard a Farrakhanite refer to the “Zionist KKK.”  I used that phrase in a jocular sense in one of my blog posts today.  Speaking of which, it might be OT, but I’m sure most of you will like the second post:


    • The_Bobster

      In South America, such individuals declare themselves White if they can, as there is no financial benefit to doing the opposite

      • In South America (and the Caribbean) even real Blacks declare themselves White, let alone such “examples” as Soledad O’Brien. It takes a completely perverted way of thinking & behavior to demonize European White heritage and identity.

        Heck, all thinking Hispanics are Europe- and US- oriented & no one denounces Western heritage.

  • NorthAtlantic

    Ms. O’Brien has one hell of a nerve to pretend to be black. I understand one of her grandparents used to smack her gum, but really!  Has anyone every noticed that prominent “blacks” distinctly tend to have light skin?  Which is to say, white ancestry.  Go figure. 

  • radical7

    Actually, she is no different than Pat Buchnan

    • JJDKII

      You really shouldn’t use ‘radical’ in your name because there’s nothing radical about you. I hate to break it to you, but you represent the elite mindset. Your screen name should be establishment7.

    • Energizer2112

      Except that Pat Buchanan’s IQ is one standard deviation above hers.

      • radical7


        • The_Bobster

          You’re on a roll, Jamal. How many of your asinine comments have been removed today?

    • blight14

       You MUST be kidding……….

  • robinbishop34

    Don’t forget, Columbia was where the developers of Critical Theory and the rest of the Frankfurt University ilk took refuge after Hitler assumed power in Germany.

  • Xanthippe2

    She does not look 1/2 Black and the kids do not look even 1/8 Black, let alone 1/4.

    I have seen kids who were 1/16 Black and they still had many Black features: wider nose, tight curls.  They had light skin, light eyes, and reddish brown hair, but it was still clear that they had Black ancestry.

  • There is an empirical test to “one drop rule”. Put her kids in predominantly Black public school & see what will happen to them.

    I guess we all know. So much for “one drop”.

  • As I said to all “one-droppers”: put Ms. O’Brien’s kids in Black inner city public school & see what will happen to them, which will be their experiences. Let them talk to child psychiatrist about it.

    Then transfer them to all- White private school & see what happens. Again, consultation with psychiatrist after the school.

    You have an experimental situation, draw the conclusions.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Soledad O’Brien?  

    Isn’t she the double Affirmative Action admitee from Harvard? 

      Did she ask the White House how to “disappear” college transcripts?  They’re experts at that.  Counting oneself as black brings with it the perk of immunity from scrutiny and criticism.

    This lefty journalist is finding out how much fun it is to be outted by smarter, quicker thinking people on national TV and exposed as a pathetic, corrupt, mindless hactivist.

    What was on display wasn’t her lefty, White-hating bias, that is a given, rather she displayed her ingrained stupidity.

    She’s finding out what could go wrong when you get all your information and talking points from Media Matters.


  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Name some media heores:  Well, there’s Walter Cronkite . . . ‘most trusted man in America.’ 

    Another hero of the NY Times is Walter Duranty, even though everything he wrote about the Soviet Union was a damned lie — doesn’t matter, it’s what the media wants YOU to believe that counts.  They still think Walter Duranty was right.

    Another hero:  Jayson Blair.  Everyone knows he was railroaded by  White, entrenched racist, supremacist investigators who couldn’t stand to “see a black man succeed.”

    Ask  “Professor Dorothy Brown, Drek Bell and Soledad O’Brein, they’ll tell you about “Critical Race Theory,”  go ahead, you can google it, it’s a real theory…


  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Yes.  Remember the  Skokie case where the ACLU (which claims it “defends and preserves the individual rights and liberties guaranteed to every person in this country by the Constitution and laws of the United States”) pretended to defend the KKKs “right to march” through Jewish-dominant Skokie, Illinois? 

    This was back in 1977 and they haven’t done any such thing since (such as defend American Renaissance’s right to peaceful assembly against death threats from leftist thugs).  

    The Skokie case was a ONE TIME instance, which I believe was set up specifically for this purpose, so the ACLU could forever brag that they defend “even the KKK” when accused of only defending their pet lefty causes.

    They are a bunch of hypocrites and liars — make that heavily funded, anti-White hypocrites and liars.


  • anmpr1

    The most interesting thing that one might want to know about Maria O’brien is what kind of white man could be married to this sort of woman. given her anti-white bias?  I’m guessing that she is the one “wearing the pants” in that family.

    •  Better- why did she marry a White man at all ? If you’re so anti- Western/European/White/..- then, go get a Black husband & everyone will be happy.

    • Anon12

       Just because her husband is Irish doesn’t mean he is “White”.  Or Italian, or German, or Austrian, etc etc…The same goes for any of those others they call “white.”

    • bluffcreek1967

      Soledad O’Brien is an attractive woman, so I’m sure she would not have a hard time finding a liberal White male who would be willing to allow her to rule him. Her opinions, I’m sure, tend to dominate their conversations in the morning as well. Her marriage would probably not last if her husband’s opinions differed from hers – especially if they turned toward race-realism!

  • For ca. 10-15 yrs I’ve been thinking that KKK was on the FBI payroll. Maybe not, but their virtually complete inactivity is conspicuous.

    • I vote for “maybe so.”  A Geo. Mason University Ph.D. thesis demonstrated the symbiotic relationship between Federal law enforcement and the Paranoia-Industrial Complex (ADL, SPLC).  The former uses the latter to gather evidence in ways that it is not allowed to, for they are government agents, and pays them back by having its assets dress up in funny uniforms in public so that the ADL and SPLC can have photos of people in white sheets and bent crosses in order to send fund raising letters.

  • saxonsun

    Cannot stand this woman–her anger towards whites has always been immediately apparent.

  • Jupiter7

    Soledade O’Brien’s husband is an investment banker named Brad Raymond…A White
    Male..obvious Irish ancestry by the photo. It just more evidence of my basic point. The White Liberal Greedy Cheating Class is waging a very vicious war of wealth theft against millions of Ordinary Native Born White Americans. Soledade is a fraud. She is a poser…posing as a persecuted black-latina..listening to her you would think she grew up on the same block as Mike Tyson in Bedford Stuy in Brookyn..in fact, she has lived a very very privledge life from the day she was born. She wages a vicious race-war against millions of Native Born White Americans because she is paid millions to do it…just like the buffon on MSNBC who hosts the Ed Show.

    Her sister Maria O’Brien was kicked out of the University of Northwestern Law school after a real bona-fide black..a female black law professor at the school exposed her as a fraud. Maria O’Brien is even Whiter looking than here sister Soledade O’Brien. She was hired at the Northwestern Law school which had an affirmative action faculty openning designated explicitly for an African American Female Law professor.  She wrote down African American on the job application. A bona fide Female African American Law professor at the Northwestern Law school went ballistic when Maria O’Brien was hired for this affirmative action faculty postion. She publicly called Maria O’Brien a fraud who was passing herself off as a persecuted African American …even though an African American by definition has ancestry in the American South and had ancesters who were chattel slaves in the Americn South..Maria O’Brien was born and raised in a very safe Lilly White suburb-like her sister Soledade O’Brien-on the North Shore of Long Island. In fact, this Law Professor made so much noise about the hiring of Maria O’Brien that it resulted in the firing of Maria O’Brien. So it seems that the O’Brien family business revolves around being a fraud and making money off it. Joe Guzarrdi wrote about Soledade O’Brien fradulent identity politics shennanigans over at vdare.com about four years ago…go goolge it…Soledade O’Brien has been exposed-like her very white lookinig sister Maria-by a Female Black American blogger who is also an Academic. So it seems that Black Americans are onto Soledade and Maria O’Brien’s con-game. They are totally shameless.

    So here is how everyone  should think about Soledade O’Brien:she is a money grubbing psychopathic nonwhite married to a deracinated psychopathic  money grubbing Irish American and the both of them are in the very profitable racket these days of waging a vicious race war against the Native Born White American Majority. As I have written many times before here, and other places:behind every great fortune is a very great crime. At the most fundamental level the policy of Native Born White American race-replacement is driven by the incomprehensible and psychopathic level of greed that consumes the deracinated Liberal Greedy Cheating Class.

    • The real problem is media/academia imposed ideological matrix demonizing White European- American culture and heritage. Were it not so- morally bankrupt con-artists like this family wouldn’t matter at all.

  • Pandemonium

    Unfortunately for us (Whites), it is NOT a game. It is deadly serious. 

  • quick_quip

    The curtain has been pulled open, laying bare the hypocrisy and bias of the mainstream and legacy media.  Question is, what is to be done about it?

    • Expose it.

      1. Ms. O’Brien doesn’t speak Spanish at all. A bit strange from a first generation, Cuban-mother Latina.

      2. Afro thing. How, after all these lies, do we know that her mother was Afro-Cuban ? Where are family pictures ? Soledad loks like a White Latina with a bit of AmerIndian mix, but not anything Afro. Well, Black-White progeny does not bleach so easily. And she’s not Black in any visual sense. I suppose that Afro part of Cuban ancestry is also a lie.

      3. her studies etc.- fraud.

      I think that her entire image (part Black, strong Hispanic heritage) is a lie. Heck, great American writer John Dos Passos was of Portuguese descent, but didn’t claim any Iberian heritage; neither did philosopher George Santayana (of Spanish descent).

      IMO- the whole Soledad O’Brien’s “activism” & media personality is one big, big…hoax.

  • Lygeia

    This is going too far. I know we are all mad because we have had to deal with a world we were told was one way when our eyes and ears and experiences showed us it was another way. But these are children, and white children at that who would not last one minute in a black, inner-city ghetto school. We cannot let our frustrations with the current poor state of race relations descend into irrational hatred.

  • tickyul

    Yeah, I remember when that Phonycon O’Reilly actually agreed with what Big Brother did during Katrina…………confiscating weapons……….like you said…..he’s pretty liberal.

  • Her name Soledad is most likely a reference to the ’60s Soledad brothers.
    if so she was probably raised by radicals.

    • anmpr1

      According to WP, her full name is María de la Soledad Teresa O’Brien. It is
      supposed to mean “The Blessed Virgin Mary of Solitude”.  I guess Maria was neither unique nor show biz enough, so she uses the name of the prison/city/Virgin. Probably as a way to show everyone that she is “down with the brown.”  What a fraud.  I’d like to see her after spending five hours in the ghetto or barrio banging with her brothers and sisters.  Can you imagine!

  • leonardkrol

    Bernstein’s sister was a Weatherman terrorist. She was on the FBI’s most wanted list. He used to visit her on the weekends.

  • Detroit_WASP

    The only thing more sickening than an America hating black radical, is a white America hating radical. 

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    @Robert Griffith

    Conversely, I have never met one single white woman who gave a positive critique of the White man.

    Hello, Robert.  It is nice to meet you.

    I am a White female, the daughter, mother, sister, cousin and niece of White men.  

    As someone who has watched almost all of them fall  victim to an anti-White men culture, government, school system and media that disparages, mocks, vilifies and passes them over, I have never, ever done anything except defend White men against an evil, entrenched system as fiercely and strongly as I possibly can.

    The feminists who run and have emasculated the schools are the worst.  I have battled them for years.  

    White men, after all, created, built and defended Western culture, the First World lifestyle that we enjoy and live in — and have defended White women with their very lives.   Without White men, we White women wouldn’t be here.  Some of these White men gave their lives to ‘defend’ a nation that is doing everything in its power to squash them like bugs and wipe them off the face of the earth.   This is why we have made a pact in my family that NONE of our White men will be used as cannon fodder for a White-hating government’s never-ending overseas wars.

    I cannot imagine any mother wishing dispossession, race replacement, and extermination  for her son, sister for her brother or daughter for her father, I certainly do not.   Anyone who believes this is not happening has not been paying attention.

    White women who defend or support non-Whites or anyone else against White men are the lowest form of scum, deserve to have their DNA taken out of the gene pool and deserve whatever fate awaits them at the hands of non-Whites.

    I only hope I can witness it for all they’ve done to destroy White men.

    Oh, and Robert — Please capitalize the word “White” in reference to White people.   It’s bad enough that the media refuse to use a capital “W” when they capitalize every other racial group (i.e., African-American, Asian, Hispanic, etc., then white, small “w.”  Done on purpose, of course to further debase Whites). Thanks.


    •  Bon,
      Robert Griffith is evidently speaking of a certain kind of “liberal” women. Just, this entire stuff makes me think: for instance, it is well known that atheism is strong among biologists, and some kind of theism is pretty well represented among mathematicians (I’m talking about current top of the crust). Biologists see creatures live & die without purpose; mathematicians, on the other hand, see the universe (perhaps multiverse) as so ordered a structure that it’s maybe natural to presuppose some kind of superior intelligence above or beyond it.

      I’m curious about female graduates & postgraduates, but have a hunch that those with liberal education curriculum would be more prone to racial indoctrination, and those in more exact sciences at least open to race realism. High school etc.- perhaps the crucial element is the influence of family, at least partly.

      Just, let us not forget that- I think I read it in Pinker’s “Blank slate”- ca. 40-50% of child’s inclinations are “genetic”, ca. 40% are the result of “wider” environment (society, culture) and just 10-15% of nuclear family.

    • It is commendable for you to defend Europan American males when others try to degrade them. However you are a anonymous poster on a internet site. Wheras if I had to put a number on real life experience, I would say that atleast 50% of European American females either support, or are indifferent to the debasement and demotion of the Euro-American male.

      How do I come to that number? The Democratic party openly applauds Affirmative action programs. Over half (among younger Euro females it can sometimes reach 65-70%) the white woman in the nation vote democratic. Therfor, that tells me that atleast half of them either agree with the practice, or are more or less indifferent to it.  Any group of men that are forced through neccessity to view half of their own women at potential enemies have a up hill struggle ahead of them.

      Now understand that I am neither a Democrat, nor a Republican. They both support programs and policies that I find abhorrent. Whether it is the Democrats with Affirmative action, or the Rebublicruds with endless wars all over the Arab world. They are both abhorrent to me. I simply use the Democrats because they are very blunt about their joy at the dispossession of the Euro American male. And yet Euro-American females (and admittedly some white male submissive fools as well) flock to the Democratic party.

      To put it into perspective, I could not imagine African-American females voting for men who openly advocate discriminating against African American males at a rate of  55% to 60% with regularity. That thought is just mind boggling. Yet this is what we see with white women.

      Now, to address my non capitalization of the word “White” in my previous post.  I usually do capitalize the W in the word “White”.  (I can’t believe I am even addressing this LOL) Truth is, in real everyday life I rarely use that term to describe fellow Europeans. Whether they are Irish, Swedish, Italian, or Portugese. I believe debasing who and we our ancestors were to a mere color is injurious to us. Describing all we are and all our ancestors were by using a simple color is a great disservice to all of us.

      White is just a color.  White has no history, no culture, no real heritage. European  is what we are. Columbus, Shakespeare, Cortez, Tesla, Augustine, Michael Angelo, Thomas Jefferson,  and many many others are all of  European origin.

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        I see your point.  I may be an anonymous nobody posting on an internet site but if I don’t stand up for White men who will?

        We have a lot of very powerful but mortal enemies in the media, government and academia.  They have had free reign to mock, debase, impugn, and tear down our people, especially White men,  for 50+ years with little to no outcry.  Meanwhile, we are being dispossessed of our identities — jerks like Tim Wise publicly claiming we don’t exist.  If we don’t exist, we can be exterminated easily which is where this is headed — with people like Drek Bell and other Whites haters cheering on our demise.

        People like me are held in check by a PC reign of terror that has descended upon our culture.  I know standing up and speaking out in favor of White men could cost me my career and the ruination of my reputation.Many larger movement started with small steps such as one small voice. Yesterday, I read about some brave folks in the EDL who marched through a village in N. England — 

        Local people could be seen welcoming the EDL as if it were a liberating army as the coach convoy drove into town, showing just how out of touch most politicians are with the sentiments of the downtrodden English people

        The marchers chanted “I’m English ‘til I die”, “E,E,EDL” and “We’re coming down the road.
        That’s what era we’re entering. It’ll be looked back upon in history, across this country, as when British people stood up, they come together, they said enough is enough…“It is like…if you look at what is happening in our country, especially with these Muslim paedophile gangs, it is like an invading ideology have come to our country and started raping our women and nobody is doing nothing.

        A year ago this would have been UNTHINKABLE!!

        Seems the English have had enough!! (and it will come to that for us as well, when more people realize we are in a fight for our survival).


        WONDERFUL article here: http://digitaljournal.com/article/320220#ixzz1pTnmH3SD

  • OK then, it’s settled. 

  • Actually- it’s orthographically correct to use lower case: black, white, red, yellow,… It’s the other prescription for geographical names: African, European, Hispanic, Asian, Iberian, Anglo-Saxon, Slavic, Mongol, Germanic, Indian, ..

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      Bardon,  the use of the small “w” in reference to White people is being used as a weapon against the White race, to demean us.  In official school forms I see this:  African-American, Asian, Hispanic or Latino, white.  This is used by the media as well.  The term “Euro-American” is not used widely.  Even the term  “black” has fallen out of disfavor.  Yet it is still white, small “w.”

      Fortunately, there are some style books where White in reference to people  is capitalized, for instance the Chicago Manual of Style, and the style books of the American Psychological Association, and the University of Pittsburgh —  all capitalize White.

      If more people did this and insisted on “White” with an upper-case “w”, yes, it’s a small step (or maybe not), we could start a trend. 


  • Anon12

     Being Irish, German, etc. can also mean that person can be Jewish. They just don’t add that part of the equation for the most part.  They normally list themselves as just German, Irish, etc.

  • No, post, please. These guys..ugh, men are actually gentlemen & are just venting off. But being civilized men, I doubt any woman will be less than welcome here.

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

      “White women are demoralized (and White men seem to drool over and enjoy
    the promiscuity and whoredom of today’s White females),”

    I would love for you to explain how white women have become so demoralized.  For, unless you mean that they have no morals, a misuse of the term, demoralized, I can’t see what you are saying.  Women have nearly complete control today.  They have a wide open path to the best education and jobs, feel fine about a single, playgirl lifestyle, or they can just get pregnant and then force the father to pay child support and go on the dole – with honor.   They have the preference in education, jobs, they can again, choose honorably to either have a career or stay home and make babies and keep a home, they don’t have to and have never had to sign up for the draft, but they expect to be made officers at an equal rate to men and get combat credit when they never have to go afield and risk their lives on actual patrols.  They don’t get bashed daily in the media, and they seem in charge almost everywhere I go for some time now, whether it is at the courthouse, my professional organization, my congresswoman, my governor, my police chief, my educational board, local community college is run by women and women’s studies and Diversity is actively promoted by them, my newscaster, my local mail delivery,  the checkout stand, the manager of the local home improvement store….. must I go on?

    Young women choose to follow other women like Madonna and such into whoredom and deny what you and I see as degrading to them.  Madonna exploited sex to make herself popular and used sex shock to do it.  Young women take these sort of examples as permission and an example of liberation.  But they also do it by exploiting men.  Men are designed to respond visually to women, drool, as you say.  Many of us just look away, but it is difficult when it is EVERYWHERE you turn.  Post Feminism says that a young woman can choose her liberated path to be the CEO of a company by political force or a striper or even porn worker.  I see women like those three in that series, “Sex in the City,” as the examples of role models young women follow.  Twenty something women usually have jobs and live the single lives they enjoy, playing with men in a way they consider liberated.  They have had “Slut Walks” where they dress provocatively and dare men to look at them, or react.  This is a recipe for mental illness.  No wonder men sometimes act they way you don’t like, If women refused these sorts of occupations and ways, men wouldn’t be looking or taking any advantage because they’d have nothing to act toward.   

    So tell me how women are demoralized?

    Regardless of the scathing nature of this reply, I appreciate that you personally have followed the traditional women’s role.  I just want to know why you makes you see women as at the disadvantage these days?  If your children are boys, you’re going to have some sad revelations ahead as you see what happens to them going forward.

    • Everything, everything you said is true. BUT – don’t forget: this is men’s world. If, in a nightmarish magical scenario, some grave disaster should occur & society could function with females only in the most traditional roles- they could be stripped of all rights and privileges (voting right, education, possession of any significant private property,..)- and they would not be able to put up a successful resistance. This would be brutal, but- they’re incapable of resistance.

      Their status is the result of White man’s mercy, not their heroic struggle. Just, they seem to forget it.

      • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

         I have long thought, and I still think that we will see reverses due to any number of things that are increasingly likely to occur.  But to gather them all up into one and the most likelihood, I point to the late Issac Asimov, the physicist and science fiction writer who used to host the “Futurists” conventions every decade.  In 1980, while I was still in college and happened to be studying microbiology section of my program, Asimov and the Futurists came out with a major set of predictions for the 21st century.  The 21st century he said, would see an increase in wars over resources .  He showed that a steep crash of the world’s human population, as well as other higher life forms was inevitable, a mathematical certainty.  Earth, like  a petri dish in a microbiology lab, is a closed system.  Within closed systems, the growth and demise of life is predictable as nutrients are used up and waste products grow until the entire system collapses.  There is a growth period, where life expands exponentially, a long period of stability, and then a sudden drop in life because waste products have built up and the nutrients and even oxygen necessary to life is used up.  It is a mathematical formula that has been proven over and over again in the lab.  Asimov said that the sudden drop could come from any number and causes, be it war, disease, disaster, or even man made disasters, like the Japanese nuclear meltdown after the natural disaster of an earthquake and tsunami, or a combination of all or some of them.  Everything that was predicted in 1980 has been coming true and the crescendo to the series of events and cataclysms that seem to become more gravid every day continue to set a ponderous weight on the house of cards we have in this thing we call civilization.  When the initial collapses occur and the markets collapse and people lose jobs in the millions, that magic scenario will suddenly become real.

        I agree with you that it was a completely artificial and extraneous  notion and circumstance that saw women gain the right to vote and that has provided for a near reverse in male female roles in the past 50 years.  Up until this century of technical progress, survival for most people mean cooperation between the sexes in everyday life.  The luxury afforded by technological advances have been so unnatural that they have produced a number of abnormalities that feed directly into the Futurists predictions 32 years ago.

      •  That was well said Bardon Kaldian. The modern day western woman of Euro heritage has more rights and say so in how society should be ran than any other sect of women in the entire history of the human race. Now I know some feiminist might say “no,no, there was the ooga booga tribe in  the  Amazon rain forest in which women were the leaders”. To this I say LOL!!!

  • Shawn_thefemale

    @ Soledadd. Please continue to post. There are actually many of us White women posting on this site; many using nondescript  pseudonyms. I tend to think that we MUST make our position AND our numbers known. We make up a huge voting block, and the most important thing we can do as women is raise race-conscious, respectful, responsible and strong men (and women). One similarity we as Whites have with the black community is that our children are a reflection of our beliefs and way of life. Make it a good legacy.

  • She has some African DNA I think.

  • ? OK, let’s get this straight-at least, summarily:

    1. US women are, in many societal positions that determine everyday life, privileged over White men. No doubt about it.

    2. US women- any race- do not hold the real power in the US. The men, and mostly White men, do. From politics & economy to the police and the military. Just- ordinary working & middle class American males frequently get a short shrift in this social contract.

    3. 2nd and 3rd wave feminism were disasters for both men & women. Actually- more for women, since men got free access to pursue their prominent pastime, promiscuous sex, while women got a label of “sluts” that won’t go away- as long as human species exist.

    4. anatomy is destiny, and the double (sexual) standard is not a prejudice, but a fact of life.

    5. women will always be -consciously, unconsciously- looking for dominant men. That’s the way biology & psychology work. And not just money-wise, but emotionally, romantically,…

    6. women hold the keys to the family & society, to the whole texture of life. Not only by their “biology” (giving birth), but also through raising children, keeping their men in the family, education etc. Women can have both family & careers. But, if they – the majority- give preference to their careers, this particular society will die out. The final result of feminism is demographical suicide & disappearance of both such societies & women who live within them. Those who survive will be reduced to some kind of semi-slavery (read Islam).

    7. some men are frustrated by adverse effects of feminization of whole areas of society. Why ? Because they are, by such processes, partially emasculated; because White females who engage in such policies are destructive both to White men & themselves; because the entire Western society is, by subtly growing anti- men legislation condemned to collapse & extinction.
    No one wants to be eradicated; shallow & self-centered White females who subscribe to particular ideologies of “White privilege”, patriarchy-ogre, all-men-are-rapists, all races are literally equal re potential achievement, it doesn’t matter what color their progeny will be- they are the best catalysts for White-European demise.

    8. at the end- regular men (and I’m talking about Whites) – just can’t live without their women. They may be angry, they may look confrontational, but the net result- although they rarely can express it- is the one from the 17th century verse:

    woman! lovely woman! Nature made thee

    To temper man: we had been brutes without you.

    Angels are painted fair, to look like you;

    There’s in you all that we believe of heaven, –

    Amazing brightness, purity, and truth,

    Eternal joy, and everlasting love.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Thank you for your kind reply.

    I do not enjoy reading female (or male) bashing especially on a pro-White issues site. We have enough enemies as it is, they must leap for joy when we turn on each other as we do.

    Yes, there are White females who are harridans, shrews, crones, nags, etc. but I don’t believe most of us are. Would I prefer to go into the working world to “compete with men” which is where the feminists tell me I should be? Or would I prefer to stay home with my children instead of sticking them into government day care?

    Whites who bash other Whites deserve nothing but the most scathing, vitriolic scorn and debasement. I do not allow it in my presence, including at my PC-terrorized workplace. I have zero respect for Whites who bash other Whites, they deserve…(can’t say here, I’ve already been censored once on this thread).

    As for the media, AFAIC, it is a lost cause. They are deeply anti-White and this is why I implore all Whites to cancel their newspaper subscriptions immediately and turn off White-hating TV such as CNN and MSNBC. The media understand ONE color: GREEN. They have done tremendous damage to White Americans and White Culture by subjecting it to undeserved, unfair withering criticism. I do not understand why any White would subject himself to their glee at ripping apart our culture and traditions.

    The schools are just as bad. If possible, take your kids out of leftist government indoctrination centers and home school them if possible. I say this as a high school teacher in a government school. I know exactly how anti-White and anti-American they are.

    I may be a small voice on an “obscure” internet forum but if I don’t fight back, even in small ways, who will?

    These are not small things:

    1. Capitalize the W in White in reference to the White race, as a sign of respect. If anyone challenges this, tell ’em to look it up in the Chicago Manual of Style if they don’t like it.
    2. Donate to pro-White issues sites like this one and/or V.Dare.com. Even $10 helps as they are not lavishly funded like our enemies.
    3. Do not subscribe, watch or patronize any media that debases White culture or White Americans.
    4. Refuse to buy products whose advertising portrays Whites, especially White men, as morons, buffoons or idiots in need of “straightening out” by blacks or Hispanics.

    If all of us follow a few things like these (which were not my ideas BTW) we would start to make an impact and let the media and academia know we are sick of their….


  • Jjt19335

    Rob you are a idiot! Everything you have written is so untrue!