29% of Mississippi Republicans Still Think Interracial Marriage Should Be Illegal

Graham Smith, Daily Mail (London), March 13, 2012


The pivotal primaries in Alabama and Mississippi come as a new poll appears to prove just how non-progressive some GOP voters in the region are.

An astonishing 29 per cent of Republican voters in Mississippi believe that interracial marriage should be illegal.

This number falls to a still significant 21 per cent among self-declared GOP supporters in Alabama, according to the survey by Public Police Polling.

In Mississippi, 54 per cent said they were in favour of mixed-race marriage, a figure that increased to 67 per cent in Alabama.

Interracial marriage has been legal across the U.S. since June 1967, when a Supreme Court ruling banned anti-miscegenation laws then enforced in 16 states.

Today’s closely-forced primaries in Alabama and Mississippi offer Mr Romney a key opportunity in a region that has been slow to embrace him.



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  • The question of whether interracial marriage should be illegal or not really doesn’t cause me to lose any sleep, even though I wish it still weren illegal.  The reason is that nobody is forced to marry anybody else.  However, governments through the implied force of a gun take some of my money to fund ghetto EBT cards.

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

       The real cause of miscegenation is immigration.  I realize that you probably will agree with this idea.  Anytime you have instances with “others” implanted within a racially homogenous group, there will be some “other coupling.”  Before the modern era, this could not occur very much or quickly because of transportation limitations.  A small amount of it is healthy.  A natural, gradual change in ethnic ID is called “genetic drift.”  It’s not always “natural” either, as Genghis Khan caused a great deal of genetic change through his extremes of conquests and genocidal murders.  And there are other examples of unnatural genetic drift.  But the situation we see today is unprecedented and markedly unnatural.  That good will come of it, is doubtful to me.  It really seems to be caused by a kind of cultural degeneration that will result in a barbarous world, not the utopian one that many of its promoters imagine.

  •  Here is another one from the British press, this time “The Economist”:

  • Ronald

     “The pivotal primaries in Alabama and Mississippi come as a new poll appears to prove just how non-progressive some GOP voters in the region are.”The “Legalization” of  marriages between “Blacks” and White people is an indication of “progress”?  I wonder what the next indicator of “progress” will be? The “legalization” of “marriages” of two or more persons of the same sex? Ronald

  • 60% (speculative figure) of black women  in Mississippi wish interracial marriage was illegal.

  •  I don’t know whether you’re a man or a woman, but the rule is simple: stay away from our females. This is primal, visceral reaction of any normal male. And it’s more pronounced re Blacks since Blacks are repugnant to most Whites. But, it applies to Indians, Asians etc.

    As Shakespeare broke with his patron, Earl of Southampton, when he heard an unconfirmed rumor that his lordship was making-successful- advances toward his mistress: ” You were hunting in MY forest !”

    • And Shakespeare was quite upset when he later discovered that HIS forest was now host to some unwanted critters!!

  • MS is 37% black according to the last census

  • IstvanIN

    Considering that most white women who give birth the black babies aren’t married to the “daddy” to begin with, what difference does it make what the marriage law states?

    • Symbolism? It is at least a strong statement… And might prevent women from marrying foreign Africans and bringing them back. 

  • There are Blacks who are against interracial marriage as whites are. Many Black women will not date outside their race because they are still looking for the Black Mr. Right. This group hates it when black men are seen with white women on their arm.

    • Perhaps, but their response is usually to assault the white woman or have her assaulted.  Almost never the black man.

      • “…to assault the white woman…” So?

      • radical7

        Similar to the White men who used to lynch Black men in an effort to preserve White womanhood.

    •  This is a very limited truth (although, it IS truth). Black males are all about IR dating/marriage, preferably with White women. Huge majority.

      Black women are, as a rule, not very attractive to White men. But, many- too many- are more than happy if they could end up with Whites. This is perennial theme on Black discussion groups. Educated Black women want marriage & settled life that cannot be achieved with Black males (generally).

      So, marriage squeeze for Black women has resulted in more WM- BW couples in past 2-3 decades. As is well known:

      * the highest divorce rate is between Black males & White females

      * then, Black males and Black females

      * White males & White females

      * White males & Black females- the lowest divorce rate, ca. 50% of W-W rate

      Of course- it would be best if Blacks were even more against race mixing than Whites. Just, they aren’t.

      • One thing that I have noticed is that when a white man is with a black woman, she is usually very dark skinned but black men on the other hand, favor light skinned black women.

    • IF  black women were more attractive to white men,(say comparable to how attractive Mexican women are. When young Mexican girls can be very attractive)and IF the threat of black male violence(a constant in the life of black women) were totally removed,I wonder how many black women would go with white men?  The growing mullatto class will create more “black” women aho are attractive to white guys. The Brazilianization of America proceeds…

  •  Well you know it’s not politically correct to admit that you’re against interracial marriage in a public poll.

    Additionally, I bet most simply don’t even know that they’re opposed to it, or convince themselves that they aren’t, when in fact they are.

  • In short- it can be cut down drastically through legislation. No AA, miscegenation plummeting.

  • Southern__Hoosier

    I’ll bet the percentage would be even higher for Democrats.  Liberals are probably the most racist group on earth.

    • blight14

       I fail to see how it would be ‘racist’ for ANYONE to oppose miscegenation…….

  • Alexandra1973

    I’ve always believed that one should marry within one’s own race.  No  one had to tell me this.  It just seemed to be common sense…which, sadly, isn’t common.

  • libertarian4339

    Yes, I agree.  Government should not be in the business of micro-managing our lives.

    But, on second thought, aren’t they doing that another way?  I mean, as in brainwashing, intimidation and threats?

    I saw a documentary on the Natgeo channel of a journalist who accompanied a doctor who went to N.Korea to give freebie eye surgeries.  What transpired was absolutely chilling.
    After several people had surgery they were herded into a room consisting of several pews all facing portraits of Dear Leader.
    Each person who benefitted from the surgery came forward, facing the pics and to a person, bowed and grovelled,  thanking the great leader for allowing them to alleviate their suffering, saying things like, “If it wasn’t for our great leader none of this would be possible.  Thank you great leader.  Thank you for your generosity and kindness, etc., etc. 
    It was that way throughout the entire tour.  Everybody who had something to say praised their dear leader for one thing or another and it was plain these people were browbeaten into submission, terrified to do anything but praise dear leader even though he had nothing to do with any kind of good occurring.
    It was stunning in its depiction of people so brainwashed and mentally conditioned by the threat of force and oppression they unashamedly prostrated themselves to the point of grovelling. I immediately thought it was just like PC was here.  It was plain to see this was where political correctness eventually leads a society.
    Here it has not reached that point…yet, but it’s coming.  Right now we praise diversity and multiculturalism, instead of dear leader.  If we don’t we’re haters and racists.

    Continued unchecked we will be grovelling before the alter of political correctness, thanking dear leader for things he’s never done and ignoring the whip lashes across our backs.

  •  I don’t think ‘incompetent, shameless parents’ are to blame in all
    cases. I suspect that many parents are being eaten apart inside with
    shame… but if they had acted correctly earlier, they could have
    avoided this. Society may have shamed them, but he who stands with pride
    cannot internalize his guilt.

    It is very difficult to shield children from a culture that promotes miscegenation, white guilt, and generational conflict. Total withdrawl from the corrupt society is not always feasible.

  • Yes, this was discussed vehemently on AA Topix.

    There are also stats at Pew research, but I couldn’t find it.
    Interracial marriages that have one white person and one person of
    another race mostly only show higher divorce rates when the white spouse
    is a female (i.e. white guy + other race girl don’t show particularly
    high divorce rates compared to same-race couples).

    – Black husband/white wife marriages are twice as likely to divorce as
    white/white marriages, and Asian husband/white wife marriages are about
    60% more likely to divorce as white/white marriages. Which, I suppose is
    an unfortunate statistic for Aditya and me (and one I didn’t expect at

    – White husband/black wife were nearly 50% less likely to divorce than
    white/white couples, and white husband/Asian wife couples had pretty
    much the same divorce rate as white/white couples

    Black men usually try to “explain ” this as a S & M thing: Whites with slave fetish (mostly members of KKK) live happy married lives with Black wives whom they beat, humiliate & sexually exploit by fulfilling mutual most depraved perversities.

    I offered a different angle- saw the thread & wrote a few lines. Most Black women agreed, and men just ceased posting.

    • Do they not realize how silly they sound?  Do they actually believe that we white men would waste our most lurid fetishes on Aunt Jemima?  That would actually be a buzzkill.

      • If you haven’t spent some time on AA Topix- you ain’t seen nothin’ yet  ;^)

      • radical7

        Throughout history, White men have routinely sexually violated Black and othen non-White women.

      • QD, some Jewish men would. They’d rather date and marry Bantu women than Jewish women. 

    • I saw something somewhere about how white men who marry black women have a much higher homicide-by-wife rate. That doesnt sound promising. Dont sugar-coat black women OK? They come from a profoundly different evolutionary history(not a lot of pair-bonding in Africa) and can be high-T and very assertive.

      • radical7

        Could you post this article?

      • Hahahh… this is beginning to sound like a reverse Topix. Seems that there is a tendency to deny that the “other” race is human at all & depict them as evil incarnated- the difference is that for such Whites, Blacks are almost animals, and for such Blacks, Whites are diabolical sadists.Well, regards WM-BW marriage, the thing is rather simple: the lowest WM/BW divorce rate
        comes from the following facts: this pairing, in significantly higher
        percentage, is realized after too many obstacles which results in
        partners knowing each other much better and deeper than in regular
        marriages (W-W, B-B, A-A,..). Societally, “the distance” between WM and
        BW is absolutely the greatest. When two people come together after all
        these obstacles and distances and inimical elements- they have much
        higher probability of staying together than in many- other “pairings”- WM- WW or BW-WW or WM-AW marriages are, frequently, just a
        prolongation of a hookup & after a year or two a partner realizes
        they in fact don’t know who are they living with.

        In short-
        “hurried”, impulsive and immature marriages are significantly lower than
        in other unions, so this is not a big surprise that WM/BW divorce rate is lower than in other racial pairings (including the same race).

  • Well…. after all, White male- White female is still the norm.

    White men marry White women 94.7% and Latinas (White) 1.9%. So- no need to worry.

  • Sailer’s perspective is severely limited- as is the case with many AmRen readers who adhere to paradigms of social Darwinism, evolutionary psychology and various variants of genetic determinism. Many people here have a very limited knowledge of “humanities” and social sciences- philosophy, history, arts, literature, history of sciences, psychology, religion, ethnography, sociology ….

    One of the best examples of these limitations is this article: http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/the-scientific-fundamentalist/201012/is-why-teenage-girls-don-t-swoon-middle-aged-billionaires

    Essentially, female adolescent infatuation for the likes of Justin Bieber- and not for Bill Gates – is “explained” via evolutionary psychology in a way that is plain wrong. Adolescent girls swoon for teen “idols” not because they would “procreate” in some convoluted way, but simply because their imagination is fired off by images of young good looking boys- and not middle-aged billionaires.

    Sailer- and Rushton is broader in approach, but still limited- is all about invisible hand of procreation and gene flow. This is reductionism that fails to explain essential human traits- language, imagination, moral codes, altruistic behavior, honor suicide, religion, creativity, …

    Man (I mean human being) is a biological, psychological, sociological, political and metaphysical animal. The last four traits cannot be simply reduced to the fist one in such a sloppy manner.

    •  Humans cannot be understood in purely biological terms because, unlike all other creatures, we are sentient. We exist above the natural ecological order.

  • There is sometimes more than one principle at play. I have always supported immigration restriction and oppose the toleration of illegal immigration (particularly, as you said, from “south of the border”). Still, I have dated numerous women who are immigrants, including several who can claim the designation “Hispanic”. Although those relationships did not work out, I would not have been less willing to marry and create legitimate issue with those women because of their foreign origin. They were all of white race and were all decent women in their way. Although foreign they are not alien.

    On the other principle, however, what is best for our people as a whole is what takes priority. We cannot allow our interests to be muddled by the appeal to exceptions.

  • It is mostly an excuse, but bear in mind that there ARE white Hispanic women. Such women are not rare in my area, and as a rule they are more traditional and feminine and less feminist than the norm.

  •  Not true… Neanderthals are an exception to that, and Peking Man also.

  • R P

    In Mississippi, 54 per cent said they were in favour of mixed-race marriage, a figure that increased to 67 per cent in Alabama.

    Who the hell did they poll? People who were in or previously in a mixed race marriage? 

  • No, his wife is an Italian-American (I think they have 3 children).

    • He brags about his son doing Ap work and learning so much. If his son were 1/2 black…less bragging.

    • Doesn’t necessarily have to be him though. Perhaps a brother, cousin, or close friend is involved in some sordid relationship? Such is the issue I find often. 

  • They do tend to have many more genetic abnormalities, however, and are also generally worse athletes (except perhaps in baseball and golf, where hand-eye perception matter for more than raw athletic potential). 

  •  That is not really true: I have mostly seen that even if a black woman would be willing to date white males, they would prefer black men in the same success-range.

  • I would just add a thought (rather trivial) – what can you expect when in a big part of a culture one night stands & sleeparounds & threesomes & BDSM & what not have become something acceptable ? And people write freely & extensively about their “preferences” on craiglist and other sites ?

    Promiscuous way of living naturally leads to interactions of the debated kind with a race that is, generally, incompatible with a notion of monogamy.

  • MikeofAges

    Why are we bothering to pay attention to a poll which asks the wrong question? Interracial marriage cannot be made illegal in this world. Not anywhere. Not anymore. More relevant questions might have been ones like “Do you think interracial marriage is a good idea?” Or “Would you discourage someone who was intending to get involved in an interracial marriage?” Or “Do you think interracial marriages are likely to be successful marriages?”  Otherwise, you are setting up the respondees as “straw men” who can be berated as racist and ignorant.

    Note that a majority said that interracial marriage should be legal, apart from the issue of whether they approved of it or though it was a good idea.

    Personally, I have been around interracial (black-white) married couples all of my life. Now and then I see an interracial couple who look like they have been married for a very long time. Man, they boring. Pudgy husband with a stuffy attitude and a plain jane liberal wife with thick glasses and funny looking teeth. Not very threatening if you ask me.

    • Dan

      Mike your analysis is an assertion and that means its lacking.  Race mixing as its practiced today is very racist.  There is definite pecking order with Black women at the bottom and White women at the top.  Men of all races want to show they aren’t racists by dating and marrying White women while the others are ignored.  Nothing shows success like White trophy bride.  Even before marriage there are plenty of unwelcome come ons and the women are subjected to lots of classic sexual pressure to  mix away from other Whites.  

      On a typical day a White women will push of an Eastern Asian, an Indian Asian, a Latino, an Arab and a Black man all this happens while walking right past Black women.  Visit Amsterdam’s Red Light District; the White area is busy and lively, the Black area is dead.
      Ukraine women for marriage sell well on the internet, Nigerian brides don’t.  Talk to Saudi Princes about the brothels and the Sultan of Brunei as well.  

      The White community do not want these people back esp the mixed race children.  They are Americans now and they can’t come home to Europe with us.  

      White men that marry Asian women as well are highly selective.  It looks real fishy.

      A case by case analysis of each couple and coupling would should some very disturbing examples of bad judgment and not so hidden maliciousness.  

      Men don’t want Black females and we are allowed to do so.  This is your color blindness.  After  White women has a mixed race daughter, we don’t want the daughter.  These are societal evidences, my opinion comes from that. 



      • MikeofAges

         I was thinking more in terms of the play of a political issue, how people with a valid opinion, namely a skepticism or a sense of disapproval regarding interracial relationships, are manipulated into looking like toothless, backwoods idiots. These relationships and marriages are never going to be made illegal anywhere in the world. Not any time soon. If you want people’s opinions on a subject, ask a relevant question. That is what I was complaining about.

        Of course the real problem is that people who were children a few years ago themselves find soon themselves in charge of reproduction. That is partly nature’s doing, but also partly the consequence of the decline of previous modes of social control, which at a minimum pressured people to make choices which had at least a reasonable likelihood of being the correct ones. Not no more. Good choices today are made mostly by people who delay marriage and reproduction until well into their thirties. But these people do not represent the demographic future of either their own group or the population in general in America and the Western world.


    •  “Interracial marriage cannot be made illegal in this world.”

      Well I don’t know about that: I do believe that there are a handful of places in the world with restrictive marriage laws that in effect restrict interracial marriage. Israel’s laws are a prime example (though they are often dodged by marrying overseas).

  • MikeofAges

     You keep on not getting it. For some people, losing the benefits of modern civilization and living under worldwide feudalism and in a “world lit only by fire” would an acceptable price to pay to get rid of “whitey” and his hated cosmopolitan civilization. Other think that the elements of modern civilization they approve of will still be available, sustained by the East Asians and more remote elements of the white race, such as the Russians, Germans, Scandinavians and Canadians. Kind of a deal with the devil, you might say.

  • radical7


    Secondly, whom two consenting adults decide to date, marry or have sex with is their own business and on one elses. 

  • radical7

    The fact is that many of those same Whites who decry interracial dating, marriage and miscegenation are frequently the same one who sneak around engaging in sexual intercourse with Black and other non-white people.

    • The_Bobster

      That sounds like most of your black radical leaders, Jamal.

      • radical7

        My name is not Jamal.

      • radical7

        My name is not Jamal.

      • radical7

        Interesting that you know so much about me?

  • Why do we have to go to London to read about a poll apparently conducted in the United States? Something seems amiss to me….

  • I don’t support interracial marriage, but I don’t think the government should be involved in regulating marriage at all.  And how would we decide who is black and who is white at this point?  Would we go back to the “one drop” rule?  It’s absurd.  

    We can recognize racial differences and live our lives according to our values.  We don’t need the government to enforce our values on others, just as I wouldn’t want the values of others enforced on me.

  • MikeofAges

     Didn’t you just describe the current president?

  • MikeofAges

    Probably, marriages between white men and black women more frequently involve older people and people who are closely matched in their social expectations. Probably, they occur most often among people who are in social settings that are pre-accepting of these relationships. In other words, they either have better formation in the first place or they do not occur at all. That would be a good explanation for a low divorce rate.

    • radical7

      Then what does that say about White men and Black women as they get older?

      • MikeofAges

         There are not a lot of these relationships, but I have seen them in places which are more cosmopolitan, say California urban centers. Think of also of Chicago, New York, Boston etc. Usually among more sophisticated people, but not the social register types. Of course there are other wm/bw hookups, but I can only imagine that the divorce rate is low because these relationship are skewed toward the older people.

        As to why a white man would get involved in a wm/bw relationship, I suppose frustration with the histrionics and overdeveloped sense of entitlement many white  women have plays a role. Likely these relationships involve people who are well matched in their horizons, but don’t rule out jungle fever. Or reverse jungle fever either.

  • The_Bobster

    They’re not ignoring these 350-lb, spandex-clad sows. They breed with them and then leave them to raise the resulting bastards alone.

  • MikeofAges

     Sleeping alone and no physical contact — It just gets to you after months and years. Not like there are white American women throwing themselves at you if you are white man and not rich. White women too often are sabotaging white men both through their politics and up close and personal. Not to mention, many white men viscerally doubt the present-day ability and willingness of white women to be good mothers.

    The watershed year, I count as 1970. Saw the rise of feminism and environmentalism. The death spiral of the American industrial economy and the outsourcing of formerly American jobs. The beginning of the Affirmative Action system and systematized discrimination against white men particularly. The beginning of mass Third World immigration. Any surprise that in our age some large number of white men just decide to stop p*ssing into the wind and get hooked up with a Hispanic, Asian or Native woman?

  • Like a black male gives two damns whether his kid escapes the ghetto!!!!!! What an innocent you are!!!!!

  • Funny that government of Israel  begs to differ. They have severe guidelines on whom you CAN’T marry. And a very strong anti-immigration  program is swinging into action–with OUR money! Yep those poor dear Israelis,how they must envy us our freedom!!!!!

  • In some cases the loss is less keenly felt than others….

  • I doubt anything illuminating can be said about the topic of miscegenation in the US, now, because:

    * it’s such a huge theme books could be written about it, and covering just a period of last-say-two decades. From various perspectives- sociological, psychological, demographical, ..

    * I guess most rational people agree that miscegenation ban/prohibition is unrealistic. Other countries which practice some kind of segregation (mostly religious- Muslim countries) shall have to renege it, sooner or later.

    * I won’t delve into apocalyptic scenarios – the realistic ones, not fictions- because it would take too much time & would be, ultimately, pointless

    So, where we are ?

    Most people here are against miscegenation. But, is it “natural” or not- we don’t know. All societies we have data from are traditional ones, and therefore not pertinent. Postmodern affluent secular society, multiracial, is something that has never existed before on earth. But, what we can surmise from various investigations- and common sense- is:

    * people tend to marry and-or procreate with their own kind. Birds of a feather ..

    * there will always be a small amount of people who prefer something “other”.

    * people are, generally, very susceptible to media manipulation. I don’t know how long or deep this manipulation can last, but famous Lincoln’s saying needs to be modified. Say- you cannot fool all the people all the time, but you can fool a very big portion for long enough time to make an irreparable damage.

    * the crucial problem is- I think many here would agree- is some kind of culture war, waged against White Europeans (and White men in particular) in the MSM & education. It’s all pervasive, but it isn’t a simple one. In short:

    + this is against White men (women are somehow exempt, or frequently portrayed as White men’s victims- women of color are not  portrayed as colored men’s victims), so it leaves us with White man as the ultimate Devil

    + it is pervasive because it works through cliches  and low-brow culture of TV, popular music etc. In high-brow culture, although there is an onslaught on White heritage, there is no way to replace it. Just- most people don’t know or care about it. And the majority are left with TV, movies, Grammys, Oscars, Emmys, StupidBore etc.

    The best way to fight it is through media, mostly Internet & TV. And although manipulation is annoying, the manipulators themselves know there are limits:

  •  It’s not doable. It would be like going back to Ford-T or slavery or the prohibition era. Media manipulation is one thing, and it should be counterbalanced by race realist movies; legal ban is something entirely different & not a realistic option.

    • MikeofAges

       We had a very good race realist movie a few years ago, called “Crash”. But keep in mind, Hollywood is very skilled at selling you its movies while in subtle ways keeping you from knowing what they are about. Some are leftist propaganda. Others have socially conservative messages which are undermined, sometimes by the external publicity associated with the film. In other cases by the subtle alteration of critical scenes. Seek and ye shall find.

      • Yeah, I remember “Crash” & was pleasantly surprised by its subtleties (Philippe character, a lib cop who winds up killing a Black who tried to reach for St. Christopher; Dillon (I’m not sure) as a cop who is pissed at some Kenisha-Laquisha because of his father’s condition,…).

        I think it got Oscars- deservedly so- over that gay Western, “Brokeback Mountain”. Watched that one too- two hrs of boredom.

        • radical7

          Brokeback Mountain was actually a slightly better movie.

        • why cant ah quit you???????

  • radical7

    The fact is that most White male/Black female couples tend to be upper income couples.  With many Black male/White female couples the reverse is true

  • radical7

    Yes I do.

  • You may be on to something, SW. How far will it go, in terms of pushing the envelope? Now that gay marriage has been ruled constitutional by some judges, what’s to stop a woman from marrying a horse or her Rottweiler?

    All you need is some judge in California to rule that anti-bestiality laws are unconstitutional, on the grounds that they “prevent humans from enjoying intimate relationships with other species, and are a violation of the equal protection clause in the U.S. Constitution”.

    This is no joke: Film director Kevin Smih says that “interspecies sex” should be made legal.  

    •  Actually, ca. 3-4 yrs ago, there had been, in India, a “marriage” between a man and a bitch (not derogatory- female of a dog). Some village “sages” & occultists had “seen” that a ghost of this man’s deceased wife has been reincarnated in his bitch & wouldn’t go away toward happier celestial realms without a marriage ritual- a sort of spiritual cleansing. So, a man wed his bitch among all the pomp & circumstance, the entire village attending.

      I don’t know whether this was consummated & what happened to the old-new couple afterwards. Husband was in his 70s, so I guess the age difference was too much for him.

  • OK, after so many abstract & generally quasi-scientific comments, let’s try to be honest. At least, I’ll try.

    1. I’m not so nitpicky about race mix-especially Latinas and, sometimes, Native Americans & Asians- only if it’s in SMALL doses. I could swallow even a partly Black heritage- say, 1/16 or 1/32, if it isn’t conspicuous. That is different from the majority of AmRen commentators.

    2. just- I can’t stand White-Black miscegenation, especially BM/WW, but also the other way around. I don’t consider Blacks “subhumans” & certainly wouldn’t like to offend a decent Black person. Just- this gut feeling, somewhere in the solar plexus, spontaneously arises when I see a White woman with a Black man. In all these cases I even don’t know these women & actually don’t care about them & their lives. But- the reaction is automatic & guess it’s primeval “stay away from my-our womenfolk”. Further rationalizations don’t change things a bit- a perspective of biracials is not heartening at all.
    As far as other races are concerned, the feeling is of slight annoyance & disapproval. But, with Blacks, reaction is qualitatively different.

    Maybe because Blacks are, as far as normal Whites are considered, profoundly “other”. We can find rationalizations in Cavalli-Sforza researches of differences between races etc., but undeniable “otherness” of Blacks, compounded of distinctly different physique, bodily odors, behavior, … results in, to use Faulkner’s terms, complete rejection- physical, mental, spiritual, emotional.
    I don’t mind interacting socially with Blacks- but the very idea of miscegenation is reprehensible, securely rooted somewhere in the unconscious.

    3. as for women who engage in this kind of relationships- there are no reliable stats. But, judging from cohabitation statistics & hookup “culture” & general atmosphere- it could be 20-30% or more White females, age group 15-35 yrs, who’d had sex with Blacks.
    I don’t know about others, but they are, IMO, soiled & repulsive (I don’t include rape victims in this category).
    OK, enough with it …

  • JohnEngelman

    One gets places in politics by getting in front of popular issues. The fact that anti miscegenation laws are unpopular in one of the most conservative states in the country should deter those who want to revive this issue. 

    • radical7

      Good point.

  • radical7

    Yes I do.

  • The US cannot be treated separately from the rest of the world, especially Western world. I may be wrong in some particulars-it can be verified- but anti-miscegenation laws were NEVER part of the Western-European legal systems.

    Not in continental Europe, not in Britain, not in czarist Russia, not in parts of the US, not in Canada, not in major parts of Spanish and Portuguese America. And I am talking about 19th, not 20th century. US anti-miscegenation laws were clearly an ANOMALY, and not the NORM of the Western societies.

    That said, it is perfectly clear that ethnic-racial groups want to be with “their own” & multiracial families are actually rare, even in Brazil or Colombia. As far as I am concerned, things are pretty clear:

    1. main currents of Western societies are “equal chances” and humanitarianism. But- both freedom and equality cannot be pushed to extreme limits, since those forces may cause a society to self-destruct

    2. in multiracial societies, very great majority will like to be with their own kind. Miscegenation happens, but it is unavoidable, like prostitution or flu.

    3. some people, who are in the minority, prefer other races (Robert De Niro comes to mind). IMO- OK, let them have it, but they are even smaller minority than are homosexuals, who are ca. 2-4% of any population in any country.

    4. what is clearly a lie & ideological warfare against White European heritage is aggressive propaganda of miscegenation & demonization of European identity and heritage. This is a US phenomenon, since this kind of  behavior and ideology is not existent in France, Spain, Germany, Russia, Argentina, Brazil, even Cuba or Colombia.

    5. As far as I can see, the solution is both simple and hard to implement: re-establish meritocracy (abolition of Affirmative Action), stop the immigration- or take it to the levels of Brazil or Russia or Argentina & finally,establish powerful media that will affirm European values and heritage of the US. It can be done, because political correctness, various “positive discriminations” etc. are against practice of most of the world’s countries, including European and Europe-originated.

    •  France had such laws in the later part of the 18th century, but those were probably overturned with everything else during the French Revolution.

      During the reign of Augustus Caesar, native Egyptians were barred from migrating or being imported as slaves to Italy for the expressed purpose of protecting the racial integrity of the Italian stock. I believe there was an exception for Greeks living in Egypt and for gladiators.

  •  Tell your father he has an admirer on the Web.

  • “Love” should be irrelevant in considering the regulation of marriages. What sort of couplings are considered legitimate and which are not is an issue that concerns the whole of society, not merely the couple involved.

    • “Love” should be irrelevant in considering the regulation of marriages.


      ? Sorry, but you missed  a few centuries (or, considering Provencal trouvers), nearly a millennium

      • Mr. Kaldian:

        Yes I did miss many centuries. But then, why not when in those centuries we had not a degenerate and indulgent culture but a virtuous and proud one? I don’t claim that every Westerner was once a pious exemplification of Christian morality, but that throughout the West we had both customs and decrees that limited who could marry whom legitimately. Gender, religion, origin, status, and citizenship could all have been taken into account. Now, everything goes. Now we will soon, and in many places already have, men “marrying” other men. How long before the same man can marry three men? Or three men and a woman? Or three men, two women, and a canine? Who are you to say he does not “love” them all? Who are you to say what “love” means to him?

        Perhaps you have a libertine understanding that human desire has moral worth: in that case you would be wrong, and so I object.

        Love cannot be defined with precision, and I am not interested in doing so. What is permissible and what is wrong, however, may be defined. From that, the law can be used to decide what marriages are legitimate and which are not.

  • Gandolf

    Oh yes of course, we all want to do our own thing. The government has no business trying to preserve the white race. What an old fashioned and bigoted concept. We’ve all evolved into equals doncha know. A white man doing his thing with an African Pygmy is cool. What’s the problem here? People are just people Western civilization will go on despite the hedonism.

    Sarah Palin got with the program and she’s a conservative. Take a look at one of her lovers right here.

    (if you doubt the validity of this simply google their names together. She never denied it and he actually confirmed it.)

    • I don’t care about Palin, but Palin-Rice “story” is a typical example of French proverb -Slander! slander! some of it always sticks.

  • Yes, but also the descendants of non-Spanish immigrants to Latin America. Their ancestors adopted the Spanish language in the New World, but they are just as frequently of German, Italian, British, or E. European ancestry as they are of Spanish ancestry. I know of three girls whose parents primarily speak Spanish but have more German ancestry than Spanish. They don’t show a drop of non-white ancestry. Perhaps it is my high-brow nature, but I much more readly would go out with them than with Anglo-American women who proclaim their “part Cherokee” lineage.

  • I agree, but you are preaching to the choir. Most Whites, including parents, are not nearly as solid in their political, societal, and ethical beliefs as we are. It is also quite unlikely that the masses can be made so: today, as always, the masses are fairly apolitical and sheepish. The framework of society itself must be shifted if we wish for the main body of our people to adopt more positive attitudes towards our existence and heritage.

    I applaud the decisions you have made in raising your children. You, however, are not like the everyman who may indeed fear condemnation: yes, even by his own children. One of our most important missions is to free our people from their fear.

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

     See, call them white trash and they hate it so much they go find a black man in an effort to find a place to exist where they will be accepted by at least one group.

    • So we call them “white trash” and they prove us right with spades? Pun intended. 

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

     kjh64Actually the claim that women want equal treatment and social justice for everyone.  In the past 40 years, they (feminist groups) have worked hard at oppressing men, especially white men.  (Feminists officially called white men evil and promoted the idea that having white babies was evil during the late 1980s, early 90s).  Colleges are full of policies that are aimed at affording women preferrences over males, and white males are last in line for everything.  It’s called Protected Groups, and you must know about it.The final nail in the coffin of this claim to fairness of mind is that Feminist leaders and feminists have NEVER from the start of the modern movement, supported the idea that women ought to be forced to sign up for the draft as 18 year old males must – TO THIS DAY.What we have is a female culture of superior rights.  Just look around and see who has the most cushy jobs, and the most government jobs.  Even many of the less nice jobs are now peopled by females.  They can get virtually any position or job before a male today.

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

    “The comment that White women are “sabotaging” White men is absurd.  As
    far as 1970 and “feminism”, women had every right to demand  equal pay
    for equal work and other rights, if the situation were reversed, men
    would have been demanding the same thing, and been violent about it. ”

    Oh yeah?  Then why aren’t men being violent about it today?  I do think a few OWS men have mentioned this however.

    You have a great deal to learn historically and factually.  The Feminist Movement was markedly anti-male for decades.  What it is settled into now is called “Post Feminism” or “Third Wave Feminism.”  This present form basically says that modern young women make it whatever they want it to be, which is exactly what you are doing.

    There are many good articles on Feminist history online as well as good hx of people like Gloria Steinem and Betty Friedan on Wikipedia.  On former NOW president of the LA Chapter, Tammy Bruce wrote a book on how NOW made use of Critical Theory through making slogans like “Sexist Pig” and “Male Chauvinist Pig,” and “Sexist Pig,”  into fearful social labels.  The term “racist” came directly from that movement as well.  Tammy Bruces’ book is called “The New Thought Police.”  It chronicles the unsavory practices of intentional injustice by NOW to gain power and intimidate all who stood in their way through their own brand of sexist intolerance while creating a culture where name calling can destroy lives.

    Of course, the obvious and most hypocritical issue of these feminists was their call for equal rights during a very hot war and a very active draft that was seeing 18-19 year old boys drafted and sent to war.  I always noticed that their demand for equality was NOT really a call for the nasty aspects of equality that being drafted equally would provide for them.   When the military went voluntary, the issue became about benefits and position in the military.  Even today, men do the real fighting, while women reap the benefits of position and all that entails.  The rape problem is a result of mixing the services; never should have happened, but it did because of Feminism.  If you dont’ believe me, just check the stats for who is dying in our wars in the past 40 years; White men, by 95%.

    The Feminist conspiracy against males became institutionalized, present especially in education and from the start of elementary school.  A female psychiatrist, Christina Hoff-Sommers wrote a book on the issue called “The War Against Boys.”

    The obvious injustice of the 60s feminists and NOW was obvious to me from the start;  they weren’t demanding to be drafted equal to men!  Well, well,… 

     Feminism has always been the epitome of hypocrisy and the feminists of the 1960s and 70s were the biggest hypocrites of all.  Further, if you look at these women’s personal lives, I mean their circumstances while growing up, it is clear that they were driven by personal issues.  The next thing you will find is that the central leaders, Gloria Steinem and Betty Friedan, were Jewish.  They brought their personal problems with men, as well as their cultural experience as oppressed Jews and combined it with very volatile personalities.  You ought to read up on the history of Feminism.  You might not be so quick to refer to it as either a fair or just movement.  Even Betty Friedan admitted that she was a horrible person to get along with and many made note of it.  She and Steinem competed, along with Fonda and the others who came aboard.  This was the origin of the term, “Witch Wars.”  Still, by the late 70s, they were promoting the idea that children don’t need fathers.  By the late 80s, it became that white men were the evil of the world and having white children was evil.  All this anti-male, anti-white male work and propaganda has resulted in the national policies and chaos we have today as women came to fill more and more managerial positions in government.  Just take a close look at the present head of Homeland Security, and Hillary Clinton, who must be the epitome of the white man hating white woman in government.

    I realize that many young women today think they are feminists and are really just mild cases, the Post Feminist type what doesn’t mind taking all the advantages over men, but also doesn’t really hate men.  This doesn’t really remove the problem.  If you search it out there, you will find posting sites, like Spearhead, where many men, and many of them young, declare their intention of dropping out, having nothing to do with society.  They declare their intention to never marry, never sire children, and only use women, maybe for sex.  Their perception is very clear.  They say that they have no desire to contribute to a society that doesn’t value them.  They call their decision “Going Ghost.”  Like it or not, this is the result of Feminism and today’s conditions.

    It is going to be up to American White Women to redeem the White Males.  I have doubts that this will occur because it would mean giving back a great deal of control, and this is hard to do, and the males are largely ruined.

    As for miscegenation being 5%, I just don’t buy it.  My own extended family and what I witness in the media and on the streets FOR DECADES, give the lie to the stat, which I think is there to deter objections.

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

     But if the state didn’t allow so many non-whites into Germany, the whites in Germany might have a chance to work things out.  I lived in nearby Germanic cultured Slovenia for a couple years and although not opened, eventually, I had many very intelligent, beautiful and loyal Slovenian women interested in me.  And I am a white male who is fairly short in stature.  That is what I noticed in Slavic nations, they don’t judge you by height as much as Germany and Scandinavian countries.  Finnish women don’t judge on height either.  They were more interested in my educational level and that I while I might be short, I was good looking and athletic, fairly equally.

    • Germans remain pissed because they got a bloody nose-and much more- from Russians in WW2. Russians are, generally, short.

      • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

         Not the Russians I’ve seen.  I was watching a couple Russian women playing tennis today on tv for a while.  They sure aren’t short.  You’re really generalizing.  As for Slovenia, It’s not near Russia but part of former Yugoslavia, and Yugoslavs have more 7 ft. tall people among them than most geographic locations.  They just respect intellectual achievement over height, that is all.  Westerners and Americans are really prejudiced in that way.

        I don’t know what being pissed about getting beaten by Russians in WW2.  Are you saying that they don’t like short people because the short Russians beat them in WW2?

        When I was in Germany, I saw lots of short Germans around.

  • Detroit_WASP
    • MikeofAges

       Salma Hayak is one-quarter Lebanese and three quarters Mexican. He first name Arabic name. If you are of white European descent, and I assume you are, this relationship would not qualify as miscegenation by many people’s standards. If you want to go out with her or someone like her, first make about $300 million and we’ll talk. Better to be a billionaire though. You get the billionaire cachet. Good luck! But hurry, she was born in 1966.

      • RememberVienna

        Do Lebanese qualify as White? I know Cavalli-Sforza designated that particular cluster as “extra-European”.  So, under a broad definition, the answer would be yes, yes they are “extra-European” Caucasians (ie. Whites).  But, Mexicans,  who are of Amerindian stock? No way.

        • MikeofAges

           Depends. It’s in the mind of the beholder. Many Lebanese-Americans. Radio host George Noory, entertainers Danny and Marlo Thomas, sportsman George Maloof, pro athlete Doug Flutie, writer William Peter Blatty, entertainer Herbert “TinyTim” Khaury (sorry about that), pro athlete Rony Seikaly, activist Ralph Nader, politician Darrell Issa. Many others, all considered white in the American context. By now, probably almost all Mexicans are mestizos, some predominantly European, most predominantly Indian.

  • Sorry, but you missed a few crucial points (and the source is full of mistakes &  naive philosophy of history). I’ll repeat the basics & won’t elaborate.

    1. yes, change in the genotype & phenotype destroys a civilization as has been existing

    2. anti-miscegenation laws are impossible in modern world, especially in technologically advanced societies. If this has to be “proven”- then we’re wasting time. I don’t live in the past.

    3. I don’t think there is a vast conspiracy to eradicate White Europeans.This is nonsense. What we are witnessing is a decadent stage of the most powerful- Western- civilization with many self-destructive elements. Some, of course, think that there is some kind of Masonic-Jewish-whatever conspiracy (not me).

    4. Be as it may, those forces of  destruction are the most powerful in the US and Western Europe, perhaps Australia, and much less in White parts of Latin America and Eastern Europe. They consist mainly of three elements:

    * ethnic swamping through non-White immigration

    * pumping up the ideology of White guilt

    * miscegenation of Whites with non-Whites

    The first two elements are more dangerous, while the last one (miscegenation), while annoying, is not demographically as important as the others.

    5. miscegenation will naturally drop to much smaller & bearable levels when the two, more pressing problems of racial inundation & ideological idiotization had been solved.

    6. it’s doable, but it must be preceded by serious societal troubles. People don’t awake from slumber automatically.

    7. miscegenation is, in small numbers, acceptable with cultured races of Asia or Native Americans- here, many AmReners will scream. I say- SMALL numbers.

    8. Blacks are, generally, off limits- the distance is too great. They should be helped to live a self-sustained existences- but not anything more, no pandering to parasitism. Those who mix with them are, as a rule, written off from the White European pool.

    9. I believe in the future of White-European genotype, phenotype & cultural identity and heritage. Just- I’m not too touchy about possible Korean or Sioux grandparents.

    10. And- I believe we’ll win, but only after going through the struggle of  purifying suffering & perhaps bloodshed.

    • Your views on Jews are so open minded! Some see a jewish element in PC–but not you! WFB would be proud of you. But wasnt the 1965 Immigartion Act written by Trotsky-ite JEWS like Norman Podhoretz,and didnt they press extremely hard to get it passed,and didnt the Jewish civil rights brigade cheer its passage mightily? HINT:Yes.I’ll never forget the Jewish “civil rights” who said,in a look back article in the New Yorker–wish i could cite it,dang!!–“This was JUST as important as the Civil Rights Bill”…

    • OK, I’ll write a few sentences, without trying to lecture anyone about nations & races.

      1. the site about White race “corruption” is bunk. Actually, it is full of  misinfo: for instance, the faux “Egyptian” female face is not from ancient Egypt at all, but is made in the last decades of the 19th century Vienna secession style, like most of “Nefertiti”  busts which are controversial- to say the least. Even Egyptians, fierce defenders of their cultural heritage- who would acknowledge that one of their most precious exhibits is in fact- a plagiarism ?- admit that the bust has been refurbished. Ancient Egyptian bodies & skulls have been excavated & facially reconstructed many times- and they look almost exactly like contemporary Christian Copts, for instance former UN secretary Boutros Boutros Ghali.
      Egyptian civilization in proper sense lasted from ca. 3000 B.C. to 700 B.C. It fell after a so long a period not because race mixing, but because its ethno-cultural matrix has been exhausted & conqured by Assyrians, Persians, Greeks and Romans. Arabs came after after 700 A.D., and Turkish Mameluk dynasties later. Black ingredient in Egyptian culture became more prominent only after Islamic conquest & slave trade which flourished from ca. 800 A.D. on.

      The disappearance of ancient Egyptian civilization- after ca. 2,500 yrs- has nothing to do with race mixing. It is a product of too many facts, the central one being: all things, sometimes, become extinct.

      The same goes for the fall of Rome, which took ca. 400 yrs to “complete” & is, in your line of thought, actually a counterargument: Rome was swamped by “Nordics”, not Negroes or Asiatics. Just, the old societal stricture collapsed because Rome has exhausted herself- demographically, financially, ideologically and politically.

      The rest is so full of mistakes & half-baked statements that it hardly deserves a comment.

      2. the rise and fall of civilizations is a fascinating subject that has not yet been solved. Perhaps it’s too complex. I can only offer a few valuable sources-books, actually- which can be described as mixed successes in philosophy of history- and that’s it. A too am finished with this thread.

      Oswald Spengler: The Decline of the West
      Lewis Mumford: Myth of the Machine Arnold Toynbee: A Study in History
      Joseph Tainter: The Collapse of Complex Societies
      Julius Evola:Revolt Against the Modern World
      Tomislav Sunic: Against Democracy and Equality
      Steven Pinker: The Blank Slate

  • MikeofAges

     You ridiculous feminazi commie rat. Are you saying that some large number of white women have not over many decades pursued an agenda which has truncated the educational opportunities and career development of many white men? I’d like to hear this, if you don’t mind.

  • radical7

    Mike and Jensie Shannon, who are married, describe themselves as almost polar opposites.
    She’s a Democrat. He’s a Republican. She likes to collect things. He’s a minimalist. She went to private school. He went to public. She grew up Catholic. He didn’t, and for years he told their two young daughters that he didn’t get in line for Communion because he needed to stay behind to save their seats.
    “We have so many differences that I have to remember, ‘And, oh yeah, he’s white and I’m black,'” said Jensie, 38, who was Miss Iowa USA in 2000. “That’s what other people see.”
    Dawn Turner Trice Bio | E-mail | Recent columns Maps Chicago, IL, USA Ads by Google(5) Signs Of DepressionThese 5 Chilling Depression Signs Will Shock You. Learn Them Now. thelifevibe.com
    Scary Signs Of DepressionThese (3) Signs Of Depression Are A Clear Sign Of Depression. See Now. knowwhatsbest.com
    Mike, 39, is an adviser for a tax audit and advisory firm and made a protest run for Congress in 2006. He contacted me after reading a column I wrote last fall on Stanford University professor Ralph Richard Banks’ book “Is Marriage for White People? How the African American Marriage Decline Affects Everyone.”
    Banks suggests that black women who want to marry would have a better shot by dating outside their race. I attended one of Banks’ Chicago book events, and it was clear that many of the black women there wanted insights on interracial dating that Banks, who’s black, couldn’t provide. The Shannons, who live in the northwest suburbs, offer an honest snapshot.
    According to a report released last week by the Pew Research Center, about 15 percent of all new marriages in this country in 2010 were between spouses of different races. That was more than double the 6.7 percent in 1980.
    Although interracial marriage increasingly has become more acceptable, challenges remain. We talked about how they met, the baggage they brought to the relationship and Mike’s initial reservations about dating a black woman.
    “The truth is that we wouldn’t be together, or we wouldn’t have been able to breach that initial hesitation, which does exist, if (Jensie) had just stayed isolated in the black community,” Mike said.
    How they met
    Jensie and Mike grew up less than a mile from each other in Moline, Ill. Her family’s ancestors had moved to western Illinois from Texas before the civil rights movement, seeking integrated schools. His grandfather moved to Moline from a small farm town to live in the “big city.”
    At 8 years old, Jensie entered a park district pageant and represented Karstens Park at a big to-do. That was the first time Mike saw her. He was 9. She stood out among the sea of white people. He didn’t, and she didn’t notice him.
    They crossed paths a few times after that — at a conference coed track meet and later at a Rock Island hot spot where young people hung out. In 1998, they were a couple of years out of college and he was living in Chicago, while she was living in Des Moines, Iowa.
    “Everyone comes home (to Moline) for Thanksgiving, and all the young people go out to the same restaurants and bars,” Mike said. “We ran into each other again and started dating after that.”
    He had never dated interracially. She had, and so had others in her family.
    The baggage
    “High school had taught me that it wasn’t easy,” Jensie said. “I was always one of only a few black kids in the school and I was popular enough and well-liked and everything was fine until I became dating age.”
    Although she excelled in her academics and was a cheerleader and a member of the band and track team, nobody asked her to school dances. And since the first grade, her friends had been trying to set her up with the only biracial boy in the school. She resented it.
    “Since then, I’ve talked to guys from high school who said, ‘I thought you were very pretty and I wanted to ask you out,’ and some admit they just didn’t want to be that guy dating the black girl.”
    The reservations
    Mike said that when he and Jensie started dating, he had some reservations.
    “After knowing someone for 12 or 13 years, you become desensitized to things like race, but that first step is like breaking a mental barrier,” he said.
    He said that when it was just the two of them together, he didn’t think about her being black. As they grew closer, he started bringing her to functions with his parents and their friends.
    “They were immediately accepting of her,” he said. “But I don’t think anyone wants to be the person who makes other people feel uncomfortable, and I didn’t want Jensie or my family to be uncomfortable, and that contributed to the hesitation.
    “But you get beyond that and, for the most (part), people around us have been very accepting.”
    The adjustment
    Jensie said she, too, worried Mike’s parents wouldn’t accept her in the same way they might have accepted a white woman. And although she remembers that “they struggled a little,” she said she completely understood why.
    “We all imagine different things for our children, and I would say that I’m probably not what they imagined initially,” Jensie said. “So while I wouldn’t say ‘hesitation,’ I would say they had to make an adjustment, and that takes time. We had to have time to cultivate our own relationship, and his family has adopted me into the family just as mine has accepted him.
    “And I can’t think of a greater source of joy for my mother-in-law than her grandkids.”
    Mike and Jensie, who have been together 14 years, married three years ago. They said that although race is part of what makes them different, it’s not the main thing.
    “Our marriage would be described as a bunch of healthy compromises,” Mike said. “We’re opposites in a lot of different ways, but we are committed to making it work.”

  • radical7

    I would argue that since Barack Obama has become president,  a number of Whites have spoken their minds and exposed the ugly racism that has long been the ugly underbelly of American society.

  • radical7

    Does Strom Thurmond rign a bell?

  • radical7

    Your friend’s father was an idiot just as anyone who thinks like he does is as well.

  • JohnEngelman

    Then don’t marry a Negro. Other people want to. 

    • radical7

      Good one!

  • MikeofAges

     Who wants to give up their perfect, flat tummy? Please stop thinking like this.

  • Oh BTW I just read of a dear couple who adopted a young black.  How wonderful. Except they had an arguement,and well,one thing led to another and now the couple is dead. Murdered. The son is in custody.

  • Lou

     Well, I wouldn’t vote for that .. I live in Sebastian Florida and it’s 97% white the other 3% is a mix between Mexican, black and asian.. I’m fairly happy and lucky to live here.. You just have to look for places like this , they’re hard to find but they are here..

  • MikeofAges

    Repeat. Over the last four decades some large number of women have organized and through legislation and legal action promoted policies which have denied many men, white men in particular, the opportunity to pursue educational development and careers entry and advancement. Minority men, and minority women also, complain that white women have been the primary beneficiaries of affirmative action policies.

    Fine if you want to come here and express your opinions. Amren is organized as a free speech forum.

     Not only that, but how do you know that just because I can express myself articulately that I have received any semblance of equal opportunity in my life. Actually, I haven’t. Grew up very poor under ghetto-barrio conditions right there in Mr. Obama’s neighborhood on the South Side of Chicago at that. No graduate or professional study or career entry for me. No special admissions or outreach. When I did get a career going, no advancement possible. The actual published hiring policies in my occupation stated different criteria for minority and non-minority hiring. Under the minority criteria, I could have been hired by a major employer. Under the “white” rules I could not. Don’t tell me it didn’t happen. It did. Or that there was any way to work around it. There wasn’t. It was set up so that there could not be. The law, not private opinion,  but the law, the written opinions of the United States Supreme Court, defined outreach for someone like myself as discrimination against someone else, indeed the essence of discrimination-based unmerited privilege. Not a joke.  No company, no school would go against the guidelines set by the courts, federal departments and non-governmental organization such as the American Bar Association and other professional associations. Not when to do so could potentially result in ruinous legal action.

    Anyone who truly believes that that feminism sought only equality of opportunity and equal pay is a fool. The feminists were and still are a bunch of Popular Frontist oppressors.

  • Herman

    I don’t know why white men complain so much about I/R marriage.

    It seems like (in my opinion)  white men get about 90% of the top Asian women and least 50% of top black women.

    White women may hook up with black men in greater numbers but the white women seem to be of lower quality than average.

  • MRX

    Like it matters? Black guys are not into marriage to begin with and further more why would they need to marry any one when they have access to white , black, latino women in abundance.

    •  Those in Africa who can’t be refugees are VERY interested in marriage.

  • For a high profile politician a slander suit would be counterproductive. Besides, there is no evidence, just a hearsay.

    I repeat: I don’t give a hoot about Palin; actually she always look liked a nymphomaniac & this “story” may as well be true. Just- it is not corroborated enough.

  • Mr. Palin is partly of NA extraction, which is very visible – I am not good at this game of skulls, eyes & cheekbones, but when I saw Bristol Plain in a photo (with her family), I thought: what this little Chinese- White mix is doing there ?

  • Obviously you did not spend ANY time in a little place called OAKLAND……..

  • MikeofAges

     When someone is a public figure, it is almost impossible for them to win a slander or libel suit. Someone who knows the law should check in on this subject.

  • MikeofAges

     Hey man, you’ve got Gondwanaland and you’ve got Laurasia. It started in the Age of Dinosaurs. Some people think, as long as the chick’s Laurasian, it’s good.

  •  Snowhitey:

    Yes, an active and guiding parent can do such things. Thus far I have yet to meet such a parent* and so at least where I am we might as well be talking of fairies and Valkyries. Parents have been infected with wrong ideas by popular culture at least as much as their children: in many cases, such as mine and those of close friends, we are in fact rebelling against our parent’s liberal worldviews. My mother used to try introducing me to the daughters of her East-Asian co-workers and associates: fine women, generally, but not for me.

    *(I do recall one girl whose parents explicitly required that she not date non-whites and who was raised as a traditionalist Catholic intent on retaining her virginity until marriage and who had other positive attitudes towards her heritage and lineage. She was, however, a Chilean-born female of Italian and Basque ancestry and thus ‘hispanic’… meaning she is not a product of our Anglo-American culture.)

  • radical7

    I have noticed while some Whites many not want to marry Blacks (although a number do), they sure have no problem engaging in sexual activity wth them. Past and present history demonstrates this fact.  

  • radical7

    Can’t handle dissent and truth I see?

  • radical7

    You  said it like it is!  Too many White men want to have it both ways. 

  • kminta

    Bardon Kaldon is right. While the majority of you may find interracial relationships to be repugnant, you should also understand that still have freedom of association and individual rights in this country. So get it through your thick skulls that people are entitled to be happy; be it with their own kind or not.
    BTW, can some one please define for me those whites who mingle outside their race as “low quality”?

  • That is sick. I can only name a few people (including men) who have created mixed-race prodgeny. I don’t know where the parents stood except in one case, and her mother and step-father were both furious and made her get an apartment.  The child (a girl) is not black, however, but part mestizo (and so 15-33% Amerind.).

    The two cases I know of involving the birth of a mulatto child both resulted in the child being taken by the state, and the parents may be in jail because they were all heroin addicts.

    As far as interracial relationships go, I don’t know of many parents who would approve if an African or Arab-Muslim was involved. Can’t name one, for certain.

  • Dylan Lowe

    But I’m sure most of these GOP supporters are self styled Christians who are not truly Christian as such; as the Bible teaches that God’s second commandment is to love thy neighbour.

    Clearly, those who are opposed to interracial marriage have no other reason but their own bigotry and hate; which means they are not truly Christian as such.

    So if we follow the logic of Christian theology such people who are not Christians are destined to be destroyed by God’s wrath on the day of judgment. (Matthew 13 v. 40; Revelation 20 v. 15).

    However, I’m not saying that I believe in Christianity; but such haters who call themselves “christian” should be frightened out of their wits because they have consistently disobeyed God’s commandment to love thy neighbour.

    Such “christians” have no other destiny but the lake of fire, which is the second death or eternal destruction at the final hour of judgment.