South Carolina Teen’s Brutal Soccer Attack Earns Assault Charge

Cameron Smith, Yahoo! Sports, March 29, 2012

It seemed to come out of nowhere. In the midst of a tight South Carolina girls soccer match between two area rivals, a player fell after a seemingly innocuous foul. While most anticipated that she would calmly restart play, what she did instead has sparked a criminal investigation.

The player who is now the subject of local law enforcement is Lewisville (S.C.) High senior Annette McCullough, who brutally attacked an unnamed Chester (S.C.) High opponent during a Monday match. While there is no video showcasing prior incidents between the two players, McCullough reacted viciously to a small trip that sent her tumbling to the ground.

The attack, which you can see above, featured hair pulling, punches being rained down on the Chester player—Carolinas CBS affiliate WBTV counted 11 different punches—and a frantic attempt to halt the attack before it reached even more dangerous levels.

{snip} Shortly thereafter Chester County deputies were called to the scene and McCullough—who is 18 years old—was charged with simple assault.

Alan Parker, the referee of the match, made perfectly clear that this incident invoked a sense of violence that made it much more troubling than other girls soccer skirmishes.

“Some incidental contact ended in one girl going down and she just got up and started pummeling,” Parker told WBTV. “It’s unfortunate, it really is. Contact is a part of soccer, but when you retaliate like that, obviously, there is no place in the game for that.

“Occasionally you have players that go at it, on the field together, but in this case it was just one girl pummeling the other girl. And she didn’t stop which is even more egregious.”



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  • Tim

    “It seemed to come out of nowhere…” Uhh, no. It  most assuredly  came out of an angry Black lady… And I have to further add that the only thing more disgusting than the Black players aggression was the White players submission. You`re an athlete in good condition who was victimized for no good reason  on the playing field. ! Get up and fight like one!!

    • Exactly.  Although I must say, that ladies should not fight.  In Fact, girls have no business playing soccer competitively.  Traditional Catholic bishops have always advised against it.  Women should not be striking objects with their legs.  It was only in the wake of Vatican II that US Catholics (always the vanguard of soccer in the United States) organized girls teams.  The next thing we knew, they were stripping down to their bras in World Cup action.

  • ncpride

    Just to let you folks know, at first this beat down was reported as a ‘fight’ between these two girls here in the Carolina’s in our PC local media. It was nothing of the kind as the video clearly shows. It was an unprovoked attack, plain and simple. After much outrage from the locals, they started reporting this for what is was. BTW, from what I can gather, the White girls mother is beyond furious and is pushing for more serious charges to be filed. And as per usual, we have those who are making excuses for this savage behavior. Pathetic.

  • Up to my neck in CA

    The Yahoo news link to this video’s comment section are a good sign that White eyes are opening to black rage against Whites. Savage blacks bring more to our cause daily.

    • yes, that is until all the comments sections on the Internet become “Facebook-linked” because anonymity encourages too much “racism”.  

      • The_Bobster

        “Racism” and “hateful comments”, meaning comments the PC crowd disagrees with. 

        However, nothing is stopping you from creating a fake Facebook identity. Sure, they’ll close your account after enough libtards complain, but it only takes a minute of two to create a new one.

        • okay,, I will try it. Because all newspapers are doing away with anonymity  in commenting.

  • Oil Can Harry

    “It seemed to come out of nowhere.”

    No, it came from Africa.

  • I’m certain that the rayciss White girl whispered the n word just loud enough for the african female to hear. Maybe the african girl doesn’t recall it yet, because she was traumatized , but once the race pimps get hold of her, she’ll remember right quick. She’ll need counseling, naturally. The White girl will need remedial diversity training. Heck, maybe all the White folks at the soccer game will need re-education to understand why the african had every right to pummel the rayciss into submission.

    • IstvanIN

      The white girl clearly pounded her face against the Black young lady’s hands!

  • j j

    You beat one of mine, then gotdamnit, I gotta beat one of yours.

  • And why do they feel dissed?  The same reason that a white person in Kenya would feel dissed, rightly or wrongly, because he is out of place: he is not where he belongs.  That was the white Southerners fatal mistake: blithely thinking that you bring a foreign race of people to this country and just insert them and everything will somehow just work out with the help of “law and order”.  I understand why they did it:  in order to make the hotter climates in the South be productive, they needed human beings who are acclimated to the heat.  But it does not remove the fact that it was folly, totally.

  • No

    Blacks playing other blacks is an enjoyable blood sport.  Allowing blacks to “play” with whites is criminal.
    I’m sure those white girls took the field thinking #15 was just another “opposing player.”   They didn’t realize the ferocity boiling behind the dead yellowish eyes, the total lack of impulse control, the total lack of any intelligent regard for sportsmanship (another white invention) and the complete lack of moral inhibitions.
    Blacks should never be allowed to compete with whites.  But if they are, they should be required to wear a muzzle and should be checked for rabies, HIV, STDs, weapons, drugs, needles and crack pipes.  A trained handler with a TASER should be on stand-by.  Black spectators should be quarantined behind barbed wire so they can’t rush the field in defense of their little beasts.  Blacks should be delivered to the playing field in cages and should depart the same way.  Their locker room should be fumigated and freshly painted.  All towels used should be burned.
    Once we start treating them like flesh-eating chimps, we’ll realize how much sense it makes and we’ll ask ourselves why it took us so long to figure it out.

  • tickyul

    Urban American are and always will be a very poor fit for this once fine country.

  • Anan7

    Not one of those links have the video… was it blocked?

  • The_Bobster

    Maybe she was afraid of being “Zimmermanned”.

  • Kurt Plummer

    This is yet another example of why blacks ‘being different’ is not just a social statement but a HARMFUL effect on whites.

    Blacks have so much physical ability that they tend to dominate sports with it.  But the dominance is cruel because -violence- is the implied consequence to ‘not getting along’ as submission to black egos. 

    Whereas young whites learning sports do so from the position of incomplete (2 years later entry to puberty) physical development, we MUST learn ‘team sport’ as a system of ethics and fair conduct that makes _the play_ more complex and interesting.  And ultimately: capable.

    We should be proud, not embarrassed, that whites _do not_ look to violence in their non-contact sports as a reason to be less than who we are.  Especially our  women.  Because while learning sport is all fine and good (Spartan women did), the reality remains that women teach as they do.  And it is not the white woman’s place to teach violence to her children but rather restraint and warmth and utter acceptance if explicitly not accommodation.

    None of which requires us to swing back on black offenders.  Separation is better.  ‘Accomodating’ them, within our groups, is what is _destroying_ our White Folkway as a most successful evolutionary path.

    We know better.  Even the liberals are beginning to see it as an inherently dangerous thing to do to themselves as their control modis.  For they are the most domineering of all.  And yet they cannot stop blacks from being black.  And when there are not enough of us to enforce their ‘everyone plays fair or we call you racist’ pathologies, the ethnies they have endorsed will turn on them as the last victims.

    And they will lose that power-of-associative-betrayal they so long for.

  • ncpride
  • interesting.  And all that is missing from his Wikipedia entry.  In fact his Wikipedia entry makes him look like a racial Saint with carefully-selected quotes like this: ”
    “Who can describe the injustice and cruelties that in the course of centuries they [the coloured peoples] have suffered at the hands of Europeans? … If a record could be compiled of all that has happened between the white and the coloured races, it would make a book containing numbers of pages which the reader would have to turn over unread because their contents would be too horrible.””

  • exerces

    Fox News Sunday had a ‘power player of the week’ who was a negro brain surgeon. Later broadcasts include endless parades of negroes talking about Trayvon. What a joke. An endless anti-White joke.