Dees-Graceful: Proposing a New Orthodoxy at GW Law

Walter Olson, Overlawyered, March 28, 2012

According to college paper Nota Bene, the student bar association Senate at George Washington University is asking the law school to consider a proposed policy which would attach substantial new restrictions to student decisions to invite speakers from “hate groups” to campus. (More: GW Patriot; a list of the asked-for restrictions, which include hiring security personnel at the expense of the inviting group and making “this is a hate group speaker” pre-announcements to audiences, is here; Nota Bene reports that the demand will not be considered this semester, and other sources say NB coverage has overstated how far the proposal managed to get). Making matters especially problematic, the blacklist would consist of groups designated as “hate groups” by Morris Dees’s Southern Poverty Law Center [SPLC] or the Anti-Defamation League.

Dees, long a deeply controversial public figure and polemicist, has been roundly criticized in recent years for expanding his list of “hate” and “extremist” groups, sent to law enforcement groups across the country, far beyond violent and criminal groups to include organizations and websites that advocate various (typically conservative) causes in a vehement and unpleasant manner, and thus offend liberal SPLC donors (and typically offend me as well). This year SPLC came in for widespread derision when it added a new category in its hate group report for “pickup artist” blogs, a target of feminist ire.

The demands for a policy change at GW were apparently triggered by an appearance on campus by the anti-gay Family Research Council, a spinoff of James Dobson’s Focus on the Family group. {snip}



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  • RationalBeing

    While distressing, this news is not surprising.

    Leftists do not like to be criticized. They like to masquerade as the orthodoxy, but they never appear to be confident enough to withstand attack.

    I have said it before: Whites do not have to hate in order to advance white interests. Whites should not give any excuse to leftists, minorities, or anti-white groups that there is any “hate” involved in advancing, let along maintaining, white culture.

    Any reasonable discussion of the merits of defending whites should be entertained in any reasonable forum, and a nonviolent yet assertive, and logically sound, promotion of these interests will stand (likely) or fall (unlikely) if the forum is objective and fair. (Most public forums, unfortunately, are no longer objective or fair, simply because of political correctness.)

    Any group that desires to suppress reasonable discussion, or demand a fate like the one that befell the famed DNA scientist who, recently, initially spoke his mind about intelligence but was made to recant, is clearly afraid of the competition of ideas, is clearly afraid that their illusions about race are false, and simply despises anyone who dares speak truth to power. This is ironic, since the leftists like to think of themselves as the Davids of the world, while in truth, they have become the Goliaths, whose primary weapon is indirection, suppression, and willful ignorance of the facts. Academic freedom is mere pretense to these people.

    Any truth that is real will always withstand reasonable, logical, and factual discussion. The fact that certain groups fear this kind of discussion is an indicator of who the real haters actually are.

    • anarchyst

      This is no different than those who are persecuted for daring to question any aspect of the jewish “holocaust”.  From zionist collaboration with the Nazis to technical details of purported “gas chambers”, certain subjects have been deemed “off limits” by those in charge of media and governments. 
      Most European countries have laws in place that severely punish any deviation from belief in official jewish “holocaust” orthodoxy.  Only “that pesky” First Amendment to the Constitution keeps those laws from being passed here.  Supreme court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg recently advised South Africa NOT to model a new Constitution after the US Constitution.  She also stated that she would defer to “international law” in making her court rulings.  Sure sounds like TREASON to me . . .
       Ask David Irving and Ernst Zundel what “free speech” has cost them.   It would seem that any honest historian would welcome investigation and honest debate into one of the 20th century’s historical events, if only to disprove those who question its factualness.
      morris dees (I purposely did not capitalize his name) is a sleazeball that uses race and “anti-semitism” to fatten the coffers of the $PLC.  That organization, along with AIPAC, ACLU and CAIR should be required to register with the US State Department as “agents of a foreign government”.

  • Oil Can Harry

    So now Morris “The Sleaze” Dees and his $PLC flunkies get to decide who can and can’t speak on campus?

    The article notes that the Southern Poverty-Pimp Center is so desperate to find new hate groups that they’re now demonizing lame pickup artists like Tucker Max.

    I guess these corny “ladies-man” wannabes are the new Skinheads. 

  • anarchyst

    Just ask David Irving or Ernst Zundel how “benevolent” europe’s laws on questioning any aspect of the jewish holocaust are . . . fines and imprisonment await those who deviate from the “official “holocaust” story.  WHY???

  • No

    First, I don’t know why anyone would want to go speak there. 

    Forget politics for one moment.

    As one of the Top 14 law schools, it draws the elite of the elite . . . which translates into a grouping of some of the most obnoxious young people in America.  Combine the arrogance of youth with real brains and you have arrogance on steroids. 

    Second, they’re all infatuated with Washington, social policy, social advocacy and whatever progressive garbage floats down the Potomac. 

    Places like this are a waste of time for us.  Why plant seeds in rock when there’s so much fertile soil elsewhere?

  • It is too bad that all points of view on a subject cannot be discussed without any bias. 

  • .

    This year SPLC came in for widespread derision when it added a new category in its hate group report for “pickup artist” blogs, a target of feminist ire.

    They added pick-up artist blogs? I didn’t know that. One day the SPLC will add porn sites to the list of hate groups because feminists don’t like it — and then make an exception for gay porn to be “tolerant”.

  • The_Bobster

    A lot of them are “elites” because either they or the MSM deemed them such. We need to develop our own elites.

  •  Re Focus on the Family:

    The SPLC added a slew of conservative Christian (aka “religious right”) groups onto its rock ’em sock ’em everything must go list of extremisthategroups (TM) a few years ago as a fund raising gimmick.

    If I was a homosexual or pro-gay militant activist, I would ask Morris Dees this question:

    What took you so long?  The “religious right” has been homophobic for decades.  Are you trying to get into my wallet?

  • ptracy_4

    I take it Alan Dershowitz, supporter of the ethnic cleansing country of Israel

  • anarchyst

    I don’t blame any other race or culture for the “foibles” of whites.  To do so is short-sighted and counterproductive.That being said, how do you explain the “war on Christianity” going on in our court systems?  You will see Nativity scenes being banned while jewish and muslim artifact displays are conveniently ignored and free from litigation.It is obvious that the ADL and JDF are jewish organizations, ostensibly set up for the beterment of their ?race? ?religion? ?culture?  which is it??  They seem to get involved in much of the litigation involving Christian symbols in public places.The $PLC, ACLU and NAACP were all founded by jews.  These three organizations (and others) are responsible for the hostility (and loss of rights) that whites endure in our country.Look up “who’s who” in the government foreign policy sector and see how many hold “dual nationality” citizenship.   (I’ll leave it to you to find out which country is overrepresented and influential in “guiding US foreign affairs to their advantage and NOT what is good for America).  It is interesting to note that there are probably MORE Christians who blindly follow Israeli policies and politics (dispensationalists) and see jews as the “chosen people” (I don’t) than there are of Americans of the jewish faith.  Note that there is MORE political plurality in Israel than is evident in the USA.DO NOT blame all jews for the actions of few of their brethren.  Most jews (as well as other races and cultures) are good people and just want to live decent lives . . .I trust that the above will not be taken out of context.  I hold NO hatred towards anyone, but am merely stating the way things are.Don’t take my word for it.  Research these things.  Look them up for yourselves. . . . Be a seeker of TRUTH.I welcome comments and criticisms.  If anything that I have said above is incorrect, please feel free to comment.I await intelligent responses . . .
    Much of jewish “success” is NOT due to IQ, but a strong social structure that values cultural and social insularity.  In short, jews look out for each other.  These traits are admirable in EVERY society; the social bonding in other cultures is not as strong (and in some cases is looked upon negatively) and is somewhat discouraged by official “government policies”.  Look at our “civil rights (for some)” laws and government agencies that have done nothing more than to destroy one of humankind’s basic rights–freedom of association . . . Imagine if whites were permitted to form social bonds as strong as those of jewish society.   We can form those bonds, however, clandestinely . . .
    I have a question for my jewish friends.  Why is cultural and social insularity looked upon as a desirable trait among the various jewish populations yet predominantly jewish (leftist) organizations push “multiculturalism” and “diversity” on us gentiles? Cultural and social insularity benefits EVERY race, yet, whites are generally looked askance if we attempt to promote it among ourselves.  It is OK for blacks, asians, hispanics and others to promote their own cultural and social insularity; let a white individual (or group) do the same and we are viciously attacked for being “racist” not only by organizations but government.Whites are generally loath to act, even in the face of hostility.  It may take quite some time for “push” to come to “shove” but it will happen.  It may not be pretty, but it will become necessary.  I bear no ill will towards any race, group or individual, but am merely pointing out that the present situation does not look good.  Remember, those who do not remember history are doomed to repeat it.
    It is ironic to see how South African jews rallied against apartheid only to see the black populace turn on them.  Apartheid was put in place to keep the normally warring black tribes from killing each other and destroying civil society.Despite apartheid, there was a larg influx of blacks INTO South Africa.  South African blacks were generally well-fed and prosperous.Look at the situation now, with black “freedom”.  It is whites (and jews) that are marginalized now.  To all you supporters of the elimination of apartheid–how does it feel?