Obama Promises Probe: ‘If I Had a Son, He’d Look Like Trayvon’

Jonathan Easley and Peter Schroeder, The Hill, March 23, 2012

President Obama has promised a full investigation into the killing of Trayvon Martin, saying Friday, “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon.

“And I think [Trayvon’s parents] are right to expect all of us as Americans are going to take this with the seriousness that it deserves and that we’re going to get to the bottom of what happened,” Obama said in response to a reporter’s question.

The remarks represented the first time Obama has waded into the controversy surrounding Martin, an unarmed Florida teenager killed weeks ago by a self-identified volunteer neighborhood watchman. The killing has sparked protests around the country and a nationwide debate over race.

“When I think about this boy, I think about my own kids and I think every parent in America should be able to understand why it is absolutely imperative that we investigate every aspect of this and that everybody pulls together, federal, state and local, to figure out exactly how this tragedy happened,” the president said in remarks at a Rose Garden ceremony unveiling his nominee for the World Bank.

“Obviously this is a tragedy; I can only imagine what these parents are going through,” he continued. ”I think all of us have to do some soul-searching to figure out, how does something like this happen?”


Just prior to the shooting, Zimmerman called 911 to report what he said was suspicious behavior on behalf of Martin. Zimmerman then began to follow Martin, despite the emergency dispatcher telling him not to do so.

Police questioned Zimmerman but did not arrest him. A Florida state law known as the “stand your ground” law permits citizens to use deadly force when acting in self-defense, but a grand jury is being called to investigate the incident.

Martin’s death has provoked protests and intense media focus, and on Monday students across Florida held rallies calling for Zimmerman’s arrest. On Wednesday protesters in New York City held a “million hoodie march” in honor of the teen, whom many believe was targeted because of his skin color and clothing.

The Department of Justice also has stepped in to investigate the shooting, and the Sanford, Fla., chief of police has stepped down.


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  • Leave it to the Mulatto Messiah to inject himself into a purely local matter, just as he did with the incident in Massachusetts involving the “put upon” black college professor. I suspect he’s making a big mistake this time — just as he did the last time — because the public’s opinion on the death of the “hood in the hoodie” is not nearly as unanimous as that of the mainstream media.

    Why has not a single national media outlet told us exactly what the police report says about the incident? Why did Zimmerman have cuts on his face and the back of his head, and a bloody nose? Why has the media focused solely on the “outrage” (ginned up mostly by its own inflammatory “reporting” on the incident) instead of really trying to get to the bottom of this incident?

    And why do they keep showing a photo of the black youth which appears to have been taken when he was in fifth grade? It has been reported that he was 6-2, and a high school football player. And by the way, why was he suspended from school for five days recently, and why did some lawyer go to court to prevent the reason from being divulged to the press? As if any of them would want to report it, of course.

    • Why?

      Because the media, in conjunction with the black lobby and the Obama machine, are trying to provoke black riots, because they somehow think it will help either the black lobby, liberalism in general, and/or Obama’s re-election campaign.

      I won’t want there to be riots, because you never want to play with fire.  But if there are going to be riots, I would only hope they wait until October.

      • Say, I never thought of it that way. Think we could manage to PROVOKE some riots in October?

      • Because the media will say anything to boost its own ratings, even if that means incitement to riot and hate.   And if it helps re-elect Obama, even better, since these lovely people are usually liberals.

    • tickyul

      Exactly what I was thinking.

      Obama’s biased pandering, will really rev the natives up.

      On the plus side, this will drive blacks and whites further apart.

    • Dave4088

      Because anytime there is racial conflict the mulatto messiah feels its gravitational pull and the need to prove that he’s black enough to the virulently racist American black community.   The same reason he moved to Chicago since it was ground zero for black vs. white racial conflict.  Race baiting is an art form with our African potentate-in-chief. 

      The media is absolutely shameless in their biased reporting of the incident.  Rather than show a fairly large, menacing looking black teen while noting the possible behavioral problems they use an old photo that depicts him as a baby faced, happy go lucky young black kid to elicit sympathy from the unsuspecting.   

      Now, sadly, Zimmerman can look forward to being tried and quite possibly convicted in a kangaroo court.  The “Justice” administration will see to that.  Ain’t multitracial mobocracy just grand?  

      • MikeofAges

         So he retains 97 percent of the vote. If he slipped to 93.5 it could cost him in a close election. Slippage is slippage, no matter where in the electorate it happens.

  • Any son of his would look like Trayvon the Skittles Man?

    I’m no biologist, but my guess would be that any son of Barack and Michelle Obama would look something like him, or something like the men closely related to Michelle, or somewhere in between.

    Maybe he meant that any son of his would BE like Martin, though I can understand why he didn’t say that, because it wouldn’t have spoken well to his skills as the father of a man child.

    • “Look like me” is one of their cliche code phrases.  It means simply “black”. Just Obama trying to cement his cred wit’ da bruthas.

    • gemjunior

      Michelle’s jawline has a similarity to a piranha or barracuda, the way the mandible protrudes.  It seems that this look is one that can make a person look aggressive and stupid at the same time, a bad combination.  I agree with you on what a male child spawn might look like ( the country has enough problems, thank God that isn’t one of them). 

  • The_Bobster
    • Re the 2nd URL:  Of course there is no paper trail between Merah and AQ.  Do they actually think AQ has a home office that prints membership cards?  AQ is more of a mentality and an imagery rather than a highly centralized organization.

      • MekongDelta69

        Besides, that’s a AP story. If I want to get closer to the truth, I’d have kept up my subscription to Pravda or the New York Times or the AQ Daily (aka, ‘Explosive’ News Network).

        To update an old expression, I wouldn’t line the bottom of my monitor with an AP story….

  • joewest666

     Let’s have a kool-aid summit and hammer this out.

  • Hirschibold

    He didn’t come right out and say any white people acted “stupidly” in this instance, simply because this is an election year. If he wins in 2012, and this sort of thing happens in  2015, I imagine that he will behave like a man who has everything he wants, and virtually nothing to lose. Then his replies to these sorts of racially tense incidents will be something on the order of “Kiss my a**! Black power, suckas!”

    • MekongDelta69

      He didn’t come right out and say any white people acted ‘stupidly’ in this instance, simply because this is an election year.

      Only partially true.

      He COULDN’T say that because Zimmerman is Spanish (or Hispandex or brown or whatever term people use these days). He’s NOT white.

      • Hirschibold

         True Zimmerman isn’t white, but the MSM has continued to call him white. If Obama calls him white there isn’t going to be any clarification or repercussions.

        • MekongDelta69

          That was a big disappointment to the left after screaming, “He’s white, white, white” for a few days. I haven’t heard anyone in the MSM screaming, He’s brown, brown, brown” lately. Have you? Don’t stare at the TV too long waiting for that. It’ll hurt your eyes!

          • Hirschibold

             Besides, the police chief (or the Crowley in this case) is white, and will be the one to receive the “stupid” tar from the president, should he feel he has the latitude to be his racist self.

          • The city manager, the one who has the power to dismiss the police chief, is a black man.  He held a press conference after the vote of no confidence and said he would not dismiss the chief until the results of an independent investigation made clear it was necessary.  I saw this man try his best to keep the rule of law paramount in the midst of all this noise.  

            Give credit people.  

          • Lou

             Just like when Jared Lee Loughner, shot Congresswoman Giffords..
            He was a conservative rightwing whack job until the truth came out that he was actually from the left, but that didn’t stop them from report as such.. Besides, once it’s said in the news ,the stupid side of America believe it and NOTHING will change their minds..

          • MekongDelta69

            There’s a pretty good article here (in addition to all the rest of them, which have been previously posted):

        • Lou

           No, the new one is he is a, ready for this ? ” White Hispanic ” I sh!t you not, look in some of the Florida papers.. That’s what they are referring to Zimmerman now.

          • 90404


          • Link please.

          • gemjunior

            I’m not looking for the links – I’ve seen this a few times.  I was wondering what a white hispanic was.  Was he from Spain?  I’ve seen “non-white hispanic” used on checklists for “what is your ethnicity” (basically asking if you are non-white, if not, get out your wallet) and all of a sudden now we have  a white-hispanic.  It’s a hispanic who is a white hater.  White = haters.  Get it?  Hispanics are minorities who are usually NOT haters, but hatees, by the evil whites.  The ones who hurt more minor minorities are whiter minorities, so just insert white in front of their minority.  Got it?

  • MekongDelta69

    I’m waiting on “The One” to comment on all (or ANY, for that matter) of the black on white murders, which took place just THIS week (see below on AmRen, or on the other sites readers here obviously frequent).

    Maybe I missed it, but did “Dear Leader” comment on the ‘oppressed’ AQ ‘youth of color,’ who killed those kids in France?
    (If he did, and I did miss it, he probably blamed Bush or Limbaugh or Solyndra or the Volt or Republicans or Americans or Martians or any sentient being or inanimate object for what happened. Just like he did when Ortega blasted America to his face and Mr. Wimp just said, “I’m glad Mr. Ortega didn’t blame me for things America did when I was just three.”)

    Vote in November. Vote early, vote often. ESPECIALLY if you’re dead and/or an illegal alien and/or you’re not registered and/or there’s voter fraud going on. Remember – it’s your RIGHT!

  • MekongDelta69

    If I give you my number, could you call me and wake me from my coma when he does? TYIA for your cooperation in this matter….

  • tickyul

    You are right on, one way or another they WILL put Zimmerman away for a long time.

  • One must wonder if this gasoline throwing by the media will backfire on the left.  Sure, this will increase the numbers of blacks that show up to the polls in November – but doesn’t it have the potential to drive a wedge between blacks and Hispanics in Florida?

    This has the potential to get ugly really fast – on the order of wide-spread civil insurrection a la Rodney King – but this time with the blacks and Hispanics at each-others’ throats.   

    • anarchyst

      One could only hope . . . mutually assured destruction . . . let them kill off each other

    • haroldcrews

      Certainly the potential exists for a black flag operation.

  • MikeofAges

    His son would be like Travon Martin? I hope not.

  • “This is what it is all about folks. Get Whitey out of the police force. They are already doing that with firefighters, our White doctors, our White EVERYTHING.”

    My mother once told me that her third grade teacher said that blacks will one day make us their slaves, that was in 1929, just outside of Detroit.  How right that statement has become.  We are told to give up our money in taxes to provide for others in the way of food, shelter, health care, education and entertainment.  Is that at least the modern definition of slavery?

    In my local newspaper a black physician wrote an opinion piece about the Martin shooting.  He went on and on and was obviously angry and almost out of control.  He made generalizations about my community and white people in general.  I thought about this, how easy would this man just forget to remove an instrument when sewing back up a white person or to nick an artery?  After all, we kill their children, don’t we?  I feel badly for the younger white folks looking to the future in this country.

    • saxonsun

      The younger white folks have been thoroughly brainwashed about blacks.

      • Gen__Lee

        An extreme generalization.  You obviously did not attend the recent American Renaissance conference.

        • gemjunior

          No, it may be somewhat generalizing but by no means extreme.  My son did a report for his school presenting the issue of Boer Genocide and almost his entire grade of lily-white high school sophomores almost had a stroke at the idea of blacks harming whites in these consistently black on white farm murders.  The ones at the AmRen and YWC counferences are the exception among the young not the rule.  But I hope soon it changes and you are right…. 

    • Lou

       Only stupid  liberals go to black doctors .. The rest of know that an affirmative action physician has no business in that profession and simply wouldn’t go…

  • Christopher_Nelson

    Apparently, he didn’t learn anything , from when he made himself to look like a jackass, with the “beer summit”.

  • anonymous_amren

    If I had a son, he’d look nothing like either Martin or Zimmerman. So how can I form an opinion on this incident???

    Maybe I’ll have to actually look at the evidence and the law! The eyewitness statements, and the police statements.

  • tacheles

    Looking at all the protests going on in the country, I can only shake my head. Massive indignation about a case that is still murky when you could fill volumes with black atrocities.

    At least Obama didn’t say that his son would look like one of these Knoxville monsters:

  • Looks like most people here don’t understand why Blacks are making such a fuss.
    Well- I don’t understand how you don’t understand.

    The principal difference from various crime acts perpetrated by Blacks is- Zimmerman was not arrested. Now, we can argue about it, but this is rather unique- you shoot an unarmed minor & you’re not even arrested.

    In gruesome cases of Black on White crime murderers were arrested & tried (or awaiting the trial). So, this is a judicial gray zone that leaves Blacks a space to act their favorite role of Whitey’s victims.

    • Insoc

      The cops went by the evidence they encountered at the scene.  Zimmerman had injuries to his face and the back of his head.  The back of his shirt was wet and covered with grass stains indicating Zimmerman had his back on the ground.  The eyewitness “John” said Zimmerman WAS on the ground being pummeled by Martin and calling for help.   The injuries and shirt were consistent with the witness and Zimmerman’s account.  The cops figured from all the evidence and the eyewitness account that Martin attacked Zimmerman and the shooting was justified to prevent death or great bodily harm.   Martin was not unarmed, he was using his fists as weapons.

       “Unarmed” blacks are known to stomp their victims in the head, Martin was 6’2″ and on his high school’s football team.  The voice heard calling for help on the 911 call is Zimmerman’sEvidently, the prosecutor chose not to prosecute based on the evidence that was presented in the crime report.What evidence do you have that the cops and Zimmer man were wrong?

      • Well I guess he should not have been following this 17 year-old monster then huh.  Just think for a moment what would have happened if Zimmerman just stayed in his car and followed the boy until he reached his father’s home.  Trayvon would have delivered the Skittles to his younger brother and continued watching the All-Star game.  End of story.

        • Insoc

          Guess the 17 year old monster shouldn’t have attacked and beaten a man carrying a loaded gun, hun?

          The Skittles man would have delivered the Skittles to his younger brother and continued watching the All-Satr Game.

          End of story.

        • Ingsoc

          The area had had a lot of robberies lately, all by blacks.    The nearest store was 2 miles away.  The Skittles man had no receipt nor has video been discovered and shown of Martin buying candy/and or Iced Tea (why no calls for this).

          What was Martin doing out looking at houses?   It appeared he was casing them for future, probably daytime burglaries, because he had been suspended from school for tagging and drug possession.

          Mr. Skittles, was also caught with women’s jewelry and burglary tools, the jewelry sent off to the local police dept. for comparison with recently stolen items.

          So, yeah, according to you and the media,  he was out just enjoying an evening walk, an innocent black child, A/B student beloved by all when a white racist stopped and shot him in cold blood.  You and the media are delusional.

    • haroldcrews

      And if he had been arrested but later released and the charges dropped because he acted in self defense blacks would have been satisfied?  Somehow I don’t think so.  No there still would have been protests and outrage.

  • http://m.yahoo.com/w/news_america/gingrich-calls-obama-comments-trayvon-martin-shooting-disgraceful-203622527.html?orig_host_hdr=news.yahoo.com&.intl=us&.lang=en-us

    Gingrich Calls Obama Comments on Trayvon Martin Shooting ‘Disgraceful’By Matthew Shelley | National Journal – 16 hrs ago

    presidential candidate Newt Gingrich harshly criticized President Obama
    for commenting on Trayvon Martin’s race as he extended condolences to
    the 17-year-old shooting victim’s parents on Friday. Obama said, “If I
    had a son, he would look like Trayvon,” a remark that Gingrich said he
    found “disgraceful” and “appalling.”

    “What the president said,
    in a sense, is disgraceful,” Gingrich said on Sean Hannity’s radio show.
    “It’s not a question of who that young man looked like. Any young
    American of any ethnic background should be safe, period. We should all
    be horrified no matter what the ethnic background.

    “Is the
    president suggesting that if it had been a white who had been shot, that
    would be OK because it didn’t look like him? That’s just nonsense
    dividing this country up. It is a tragedy this young man was shot. It
    would have been a tragedy if he had been Puerto Rican or Cuban,  or if
    he had been white, or if he had been Asian-American, or if he’d been a
    Native American. At some point, we ought to talk about being Americans.
    When things go wrong to an American, it is sad for all Americans. Trying
    to turn it into a racial issue is fundamentally wrong. I really find it
    appalling.” ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

    Hm….could be worse, at least he said something.

    • Excellent point Bardon!  If Gingrich could only take the same rational position when talking about illegal invaders from Mexico, I would support him. Instead, he does a 180 on that subject and has adopted a “compassionate” position when dealing with those who have zero respect for our immigration laws, and even less respect for this country!

    • redfeathers

      What was the CONservative Hannity’s response?

    • radical7

      The fact is that it  was Zimmaerman who was race baiting when he took it upon himself to go after a Black teenager who was minding his own business, confront him and murder him,

  • I thought Obama has half White!

  • The_Bobster


    HOUSTON — A woman has been charged with capital murder in the death of a 12-year-old Houston boy whose badly burned body was found in a ditch this week following his Christmas Eve disappearance.

    Mona Yvette Nelson, 44, was arrested Wednesday. She remained in jail Thursday on no bond. Court records did not list an attorney.

    Police say Jonathan Foster, who had been left home alone, was kidnapped from his home on Christmas Eve before being killed and burned.

    “Mona Nelson has made what investigators call a self-serving statement, which places her with Jonathan. However, she has not admitted to killing him,” Houston police spokesman Kese Smith told the Houston Chronicle. “She is the only suspect.”

    • saxonsun

      Blacks just love to burn living things. About a year ago one put a baby in the microwave, another put her kid in the oven and here in NYC, a black girl put a kitten in the oven.

      • Insoc

        Out of Miami:

        “A group of five minority teens set a teenage white boy on fire and laughed about it. The teens, say police, set Brewer on fire after dousing him with rubbing alcohol, and have been charged in the attack. The boy remains in intensive care and doctors say it will take months for him to recover.”

        It’s time we whites fought fire with fire.

      • And just last week in Cape Town, South Africa, we had another incidence of “People’s Justice”, when three men were necklaced.  The front page of the local rag showed them with gasoline-filled tires around their necks, moments before they were lit.  The natural sequel to those fun anti-Apartheid rallies in the 1980s.

        But again, they weren’t White men (didn’t “look like me”), so I’m having a hard time trying to raise any concern about it.

      • radical7

        Hmmm? You just reminded me of sordid, horrific memories of  mobs of Whites murdering lynching Blacks and in some cases, burning them afterwards.

        • Afrikanerhart1

          And in just about every case those who were lynched were guity of a crime that outraged the community.

          What is it with the anti-White trolls on this thread, anyway?  There seems to be more activity than normal.

          Use the flag button on these clowns, folks.  That’s what it;s there for.

          • Standing up for someone who was targeted based on color is not being anti-white. How the hell would you know if the lynchings were justified or not? If Zimmerman were lynched tomorrow, would you say it was justified because he is guilty of a crime that outraged a community?

          • Afrikanerhart1

            To vega below….

            First off, what are you doing here?  Amren is kind of out of your comfort zone, wouldn’t you agree?  You’ll find this place even less tolerant of your views than RWN.

            Second, don’t put words in my mouth.  I never said that lynching were “justified”.  I’m a rule of of law kind of guy, so I feel vigilante justice is rarely justified.   But I hate to see people try to trot out that tired old misconception that all lynchings were products of “racism”.  The 3000 or so White that were lynched from the mid 19th to mid 20th centuries put the lie to that.  The fact of the matter is that most people got lynched because they were acused of some act that outraged the community or in cases were the community had no faith in justice being carried out.  Race rarely had much to do with it. 

            Finally, the guy above was indeed trolling by drawing such a comparison.

          • Ingsoc

            I’ll second that again, Arikaner.

  • anarchyst

    Moderator:  Why am I being flagged (or banned)?
    Afraid of the TRUTH?
    Best regards

    • Lou

       Well anarchyst , You have a green light..  Why not enlighten us with the truth ?

      • anarchyst

        I will be happy to . . . here is what I posted and it ended up disappearing in the “ether” . . .
        It turns out that Mr. Zimmerman was on the ground being pummeled by “poor little” Trayvon Martin. Mr. Zimmerman was merely defending himself against “great bodily harm”. The police report and witnesses state that Mr. Zimmerman was attacked by “poor little” Trayvon Martin (who outweighs Mr. Zimmerman by a considerable amount). The grass stains on Mr. Zimmerman’s back and the wounds to the back of his head PROVE that he was attacked. Of course the feds will get involved in this so-called “civil rights (for some)” “violation” because no crime was committed by Mr. Zimmerman. Of course, it will be brought out that Mr. Zimmerman uttered a racial “slur” (never happened). What we have in MY country is “mob rule” with the certain minority as the complainant and the federal government as the “enforcer”. Look at the inaction against the “Jena 6” and the “Knoxville murders” . . . google them and prepare to be sickened by the depravity of the “minorities” involvedRevolution is coming . . . honest people are tired of one certain race (blacks) forcing our so-called “legal system” to charge an innocent person under threat of violence. Yes, revolution is coming . . . it won’t be pretty, but is sorely needed.

        Was it necessary to flag this??

  • When this dope arrived in Washington D. C. ,he told his daughters that they will NOT go to a school with people who look like YOU!!! HELL NO!! Because even if the Secret Service can protect you from people who look like you,you will still get a completely WORTHLES education in a classroom Zoo,full of people who look like you,and even the SS cant stop you from getting a boyfriend among the people who look like you. You will go to schoo with people who look like THEM!

  • It was NOT a tragedy for God sakes!! A vicious dirtbag like Trayvon was put to death trying to kill someone! Thats good!!

  • I have a hunch that not-so-nice recent Trashon’s pics will emerge in the broad daylight in very near future.

  • IstvanIN

    Female of her species might be a better description.

  • IstvanIN

    Another example of this administration’s anti-white bias. Sadly the Republican’s will not point out all the black-on-white crimes that are committed daily.  They will not point out Barry’s racism.  They will pretend that they are running against Harry Truman, if they get that tough.

    • saxonsun

      How can they? No white person can tell the truth about what’s happening in our land–and we allowed it with our ideas of decency and fairness applying to all. No one wants to get fired and worst of all, to be painted as a racist in public. 

    • With the same result as 1948.

  • Of course, our fearless “leader” never misses an opportunity to pour more gas onto the fire! Any White that even considers voting for this person is insane!

    • They did because at the time he was running against another insane person.

    • gemjunior

      Yes, you have to be a special kind of asshole to vote for Obama if you are White.  Absolutely, you have to be really mental.

  • Thats why I dont like referring to blacks as man OR woman.

  • MartelC

    So if he didn’t look like Obama (eg of the same race) he wouldn’t’ give a damn. But we knew that already, didn’t’ we? 

    • NotYourTypicalBlack

      “So if he didn’t look like Obama (eg of the same race) he wouldn’t’ give a damn.”

      Nor would he give a damn if Zimmerman did.

  • MartelC

    I wish just ONE reporter or ONE republican would ask just that. I would love to see the look on Obama’s face. – like Holder, indigent anger that whitey would even THINK to say that to him. 

  • Interesting. The Obama regime says it will get to the bottom of this mestizo-on-Bantu shooting, while at the same time it’s stonewalling the Project Gunwalker congressional probe. Holder foams at the mouth and promises an investigation in this episode, while he claims he knew ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about BATFE letting felons purchase guns to arm the Mexican drug cartels.

  • When Haiti becomes a prosperous nation.

    When Detroit turns back like it was, circa 1950.

    When Congo (Leopoldville or Brazzaville) sends a manned -rocket to Pluto and back.

    Don’t hold your breath. You won’t live long. 

  • tacheles

    Mother Jones (of all places) has a lot of background information on the case, including full audio recordings of calls and transcripts. Worth taking a look.


  • vladdy

    So his son would look  like this, eh?


    Let’s make it viral.

    • That doesn’t have anything per your suggestion, but it’s still a good blog.  I’ll add it to my own blogroll.

      I never much liked the Jawa Report, because it was too neo-connish.  This Jawa Report is labeled “3.0 beta,” so it’s probably a different Jawa Report.  At this moment, you’ll see a Facebook pic of Trayvon the Skittles Man the media aren’t showing, and also a media story that it was known that the suspect in the French Jewish school shootings yelled “Allah U Akbar” from his scooter.  That means they knew he wasn’t a white right winger, yet the media peddled that notion for days, in spite of them knowing better.

  • vladdy

    My apologies for posting pic already posted — you guys are quick!

  • Impertinent

    “shell casing being found in the gun’s chamber by police ..”

    What? He was using a KelTec 9 auto. Casings are ejected after firing.

  • tacheles

    I thought that offering acces to the recordings is a service.

    Talk about media bias, this is a disgrace:

  • Impertinent

    Where’ve you been? You didn’t hear about his “African – American” party for his reelection?

  • NotYourTypicalBlack

     Tell it like it is.

  • ncpride

    If Obama had grandparents that looked like Bob and Nancy Strait, he would be just as outraged. Oh, wait a minute…..They don’t count because they are, in his view, typical White people. 

  • Shawn_thefemale

    Absolutely. But, if by some technicality or bizarre freak of circumstance he is NOT railroaded into prison after a trial that is virtually guaranteed to come, riots of the level of Rodney King and OJ Simpson will be a certainty. All due to the incessant predjudicial  race-baiting news media.

    • I certainly think the media is race baiting on this one.  I don’t think anyone can deny that.  What I’m wondering is if everyone here truly denies there is a systemic prejudice toward young black men floating around this country.  I mean…this is AmRen for heaven’s sake.

      • radical7

        Most of the posters here do.

      • Zadie,

        What if the very oppression the Blacks suffer under was from those who claim to liberate them?

        Look at all the Black neighborhood in the inner cities.  Who rules these places?
        The Democrats.

        Who are the Democrats run by?

        Naiive White Elites, who think Black men are weak, and pander to them.

        Mushy-headed hippy Whites, who try to apply their mushy ideas to the Black community.  Black people do not buy this mushy nonsense any more than Whites, but they get it forced on them.

        Black men who are friends with the above two, porch negroes basically.

        Strong discipline, a focus on the family, no incentivising single-motherhood, and entrepreneurship can help right Black America.

        If you tell someone they are only subject to influences from outside, they will be weak.  If you tell somebody everybody hates you for your skin, they will become hostile, and will not seek out opportunities.

        Bring opportunity to Black America, you have been tricked by false friends.  You bought your freedom from a party that sold your soul.

      • MikeofAges

         The people here wish young black men were different than they are. Most believe they could be. Blacks have been as victimized  as anybody by the decline of the industrial economy and the rise of the service and information economy, a process which began around 1970 and has continued on till today. Those blacks who have been able to adapt to this change have done pretty well. Those who haven’t remain stuck in the underclass, with predictable results. Those whose parent or parents have done well who fall out of the middle class track at an early age also seem to get involved in crime and violence. No middle ground there, or so it seems in our eyes.

        Yes, people are concerned about society’s problems. But we largely are concerned about our own problems. Discrimination against us in various forms and the lack of any area that can be identified as our North American homeland. Or maybe homelands, since we are not all the same by any means.

  • Detroit_WASP

    I wonder if Trayvon’s parents have layered up yet?  I’ll bet they are exploring suing the shooter as well as the condo complex and association.  If they have ANY insurance, they will be sued.

    The shooter should have just followed the strange kid in the complex and not engaged him.   

    • The_Bobster

      Yes, they have and they’re primed to play the ghetto lottery. They’re going after the condo complex and association. The deep pockets theory, I suppose.

    • Oh, yes, believe it.  First thing the lawyer did was get a court order barring disclosure of the reason why TM was suspended from school, and thus staying in that neighborhood with his father.  Obviously not a story to inspire sympathy for the little dear.

  • davejon

    As a Brit I was fascinated by his family’s lawyer – a Negro – and his pronunciation of the English language. I always thought only low class, uneducated blacks sounded like that – but a supposedly educated black lawyer? Why is that?  Jessie Jackson sounds the same. Can anyone enlighten me as to the origin of the Negro accent?

    ps what sort of name is “Trayvon” – is it “Trevor” but mis pronounced? Wierd.

    • It is almost too painful for caucasians to discuss.  Briefly, negroes have developed an almost secret language that only their own kind and maybe some few other races that have chosen to become negroid in behavior will understand.  The language by the way has been given official status as a dialect of English.  That dialect is called Eubonics.  Each February, for the entire month, America pays homage to everything black.  That includes making believe that America couldn’t exist without the many contributions of the world’s great negroes.  Each year, new history and historical figures are discovered and taught to all in this wide land.  And just in case the month of February is not enough, all year long we play a game called Affirmative Action in which we create the fantasy world that all good marxists are wont for all of us to live.  That includes truly adoring the language of our tormentors, Eubonics.  Oh, it has become fashionable for America’s black folk to make up names for their children.  As in, “We not goin to be namin our babies no slave names like Trevor, we be makin de names from de motha country, Africa, so’s we be namin our baby Trayvon.”

      • davejon

        Thanks for that explanation. 

        Here in the UK, the elites in the criminal justice system, education, media etc appear to ignore the lower than 75 IQ average which bedevils  around 25% of “our” negroes. I often wonder if they really do know but dare not admit it. But it’s great fun to poke at them and mock their ignorance.

      • Two points:

        1.  I don’t think Ebonics is some secret code black language, I think it’s merely the sum total of both black laziness with grammar and spelling, and their inability to pronounce certain sounds.

        2.  I’ve heard theories about the reasons blacks give their children ostentatious first names, the most “intellectual” of those is that blacks in slavery knew their sons and daughters would be sold off, so they “tagged” their child with a unique first name so they would know that the particular person is their son or daughter when the inter-plantation gossip inevitably made its way around.i

        The problems with that theory:  One, these fanciful first names didn’t start until recent decades, and Two, it’s a tempest in a teapot to assign cerebral motivations to anything that blacks generally do.

        • Adding to that, someone here at AR advanced a clever and unique, and probably correct, theory about a year or so ago about why black women give their children such weird first names.  His or her theory is that for most ghetto-type black women, having children is the highlight of their lives.  So they subconsciously give or formulate these strange names because they know this is all they’ll ever really do.  To give your newborn child a common first name would be to admit that there’s nothing unique (and yes, I have seen Unique in circulation) about procreating, thereby busting your “special” bubble.

          • robinbishop34

            I believe the book ‘Freakanomics’ goes into some theories and patterns of naming children, both black and white.

          • tacheles

            My theory is that blacks give their offspring weirdly concocted names as a protest against the media’s failure to indicate the race of criminals. These parents feel that they can do an end-run around this media censorship by giving their offspring readily identifiable “black” names like Antwon, Latrina, Treshon, Quovadis  or what have you. Actually, Quovadis is real. He ran a red light and killed someone. He didn’t pay attention to where he was going. (Don’t take my theory seriously. It’s supposed to be joke. However, the names are real).

          • Quovadis?! Can you believe it? Yes, I can — easily.

          • “Latrina”….how fitting.

          • redfeathers

            There’s a college basketball player here in NYC named God’s Gift!!!

          • 90404

            SMC football player named Quintero and a Bodybuilder named [this is verifiable] Parenthesis Devers.

          • radical7

            I once knew a White woman named Marsha Mellow.

          • 90404

            And as the names ‘caught on’ it was like wild fire. I believe it started with LBJ / Giveaways hence single moms and that need to have a ‘unique’ name.

        • One more explanation.  At least a fun one.  I worked in a hospital in a unit with an older nurse.  She told us a story that when she was in the army, stationed at a hospital base, many blacks came there for treatment as it was the only hospital for miles around.  Well as things go, women would arrive ready to go.  After they had their baby they would ask this nurse what name they should use.  She would suggest names like Meconium ( The first intestinal discharge from newborns) and others as illustrative.  Cruel?  Perhaps but none the worse than these actual names: Jerrick, Rhashan, Sheik, Da-Shawn, Zyshonne or Illishalmelda.

      • They want to have people struggle to say and  remember their names so they can correct them and feel important.  Some low class whites do it, too, especially Hollywood stars.

    • Southern__Hoosier

       I believe it would  be a form of Pidgin English that Blacks speak around the world. It allows them to communicate without having to learn proper English. I would also point out that many Blacks do speak excellent English, when it suits their purpose.I would guess that Trayvon is a misspelling of Tyrone or some other common Black name based on Black pronunciation.

      • gemjunior

        What is really hilarious is that Tyrone is Irish.  Tir Eoghan (Land of Owen) my keyboard doesn’t have the fada accent marks so that’s as close as I can get – and it ends up being the name of countless thuggish negroes.  The irony.  Some of the most beautiful, scenic, picturesque green land in the world, named after an ancient king, Eoghan, (Owen) and his land (tir).  Good grief. 

    • It’s one of those odd-ball, made-up-out-of-whole-cloth ghetto names that blacks give their kids. They not only refuse to speak proper English, they refuse to use the standard names most White and Asian Americans give their kids.

  • The riots aspect should be foremost in every white person’s thinking.  Especially here in Florida, we have experienced such outbreaks and they are nasty.  I fully expect any time now there will be an outburst.

  • Lou

    We be racist against clothes..

    • IstvanIN

      We be raysis against grill wearing, gang-sign flashing, fence hopping, thug criminals who attack watchmen.

  • Lou

     Wow the messiah said EVERYONE should do some soul searching.. pppffft !!  I agree with you.
    What for ?  I didn’t do anything and this case has no bearing on me or my family..  Trust me, I have NO white guilt at all and The messiah or anyone else will ever make me have any, I’m very proud of my race…

  • Lou

     Agreed .. I thought the same thing… You can tell them ANYTHING and they will believe it..

  • anarchyst

    Why is our “mainstream media” showing “poor little” Trayvon in a photo as a 12-year old when his age 17 “gangsta thug” picture is available?
    Our so-called “news media” practices journalistic malpractice when it comes to race. 
    The “Jena 6” and the “Knoxville horrors” are downplayed while a “gangsta thug” gets elevated to near “sainthood”.
    The solution is to BOYCOTT the advertisers in these media outlets and LET THEM KNOW WHY.  Money doesn’t just “talk”, it “screams”. . . Hit them in the pocketbook.  When they see their “bottom line” collapse, they will get the message.
    Since whites have been effectively disenfranchised from the legal system (according to “attorney general” eric holder, whites are not afforded “protections” under the so-called “civil-rights (for some)” laws) , this may be the only way to get “justice”.

  • I don’t ever wish for anything like this to happen.  But one silver lining in this cloud is that it’s acting as an acid test on lamestream conservatives and neo-cons.  There are some of them who are somewhat taking the right side on this issue, in spite of the fact that they’re scared of the race issue, and there are some (Rich Lowry, Allen West) who are siding with Trayvon the Skittles Man and showing themselves for what they are and really were all along.

    • redfeathers

      Lowry was on the McLaughlin Group this morning.  He sure is in Trayvon’s corner. 

  • What, a tragedy because someone died?  Funny, I feel no pain at all. He didn’t look like any son I might have.

  • Southern__Hoosier

    If Comrade Obama had a son like Trayvon, that son would be jet setting around the world with a dozen or more secret service agents, all at taxpayers expense. 

    • Impertinent

      And you can be dang sure the One wouldn’t allow his kid to wear dreads, gold caps sagging undie showing pants and a …a….HOODIE!!!

  • Well, not so much the parents of Amy Biehl, who forgave her murderers, paid for their education, and gave them jobs.

    An engaging woman of 65 with a blond bob and a warm smile, she has grown
    exceptionally close to her daughter’s killers. “Easy and Ntobeko are
    fascinating, and I really do love them,” she says. “They have given me
    so much.”

    Sickening, isn’t it?

    • AM, you are kidding are you not? That would be akin to Elie Wiesel, Nazi death camp survivor and Nobel laureate, heaping praise on Hitler and his minions for trying to find the “Final Solution”.

      • redfeathers

        It’s true.  This woman is truly deranged.

  • Zimmerman does not stand a chance with Eric “my people” Holder in charge of this investigation. Initially, I was indifferent to this case and Zimmerman, given he is a Mestizo. However, my sympathies are starting to lean heavily towards Zimmerman, especially considering how the corrupt MSM and outright racism displayed by Obama is being used to lynch Zimmerman in the court of public opinion. Before long, Zimmerman will be lynched in a court of law because the diversities are demanding it.

    Besides, I cannot help but reflect back upon the brutal murder and rape of an elderly woman last week, committed by a black about the same age as the “victim” in this case. Perhaps Nancy Strait would still be alive today if her neighborhood had someone like Zimmerman looking out for them.

  • chuck_2011

     in general linguistic inability is an indication of mental inferiority.

  • I don’t think they have any genetic inability to speak properly; listen to several of the (conservative) black commentators on Fox News, for instance, and you probably wouldn’t guess they’re black if you couldn’t see them. It seems to be a badge of (dis)honor among urban blacks to speak in ghetto-ese. If one attempts to speak standard English, he is looked at with suspicion by his henchmen, who will brand him as being “a White-talkin’ dude.”

    • 90404

      Its called ‘Uppidy’ [Rush used the term recently and was drubbed] or ‘Oreo Cookie’ etc.

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

       Blacks who have inherited thinner European lips can sound normal, but then there’s the vocal cords that usually give it away.

    • davejon

      Yes, but even if there’s no genetic inability to speak properly, surely there’s got to be something wrong with them (low IQ?) to account for their attitude. They certainly appear to have very low self esteem – the best solution would be to create a separate part of the US, just for the blacks – a bit like that place in Africa – Liberia. Somewhere in the desert?

      • haroldcrews

        They have an entire continent and a large one to boot.  It’s called Africa.

  • Wouldn’t THAT be a sight to see?! He only got 43 percent of the White vote last time; he might sink to the single digits if he did that!

  • rentslave

    Romney’s Superpacs must target Hispanic neighborhoods in battleground states to inform them on whose side Obama has firmly come down.

  • Impertinent

    If it was “faulty ammo”…then it jammed. Then the kid would still be walking around. It’d take a hell of a lot of muscle pressure to prevent this casing from being ejected.

  • redfeathers

    Pat Buchanan said that about 80 percent of the people on Medicare are white.  Obama wants to cut it, and we know why.  Obama wants to expand Medicaid, and we know why.  There are millions of latinos that he wants to give benefits to. 

  • tacheles

    Did anyone ask Trayvon’s parents how they came up with that name? I think concocted “black” names are another sign of an unwillingness to assimilate, i.e. become productive members of society.

    You’ve gotta see what this guy is called.


  • 90404

    He will comment if he thinks its good for his career!

  • 90404

    Gees, thats quite a riposte.

  • 90404

    Majority are Dead Blacks, killed by other Blacks, Yes?

  • 90404

    In NYC recently a Black guy killed a woman with a blow torch. She had been helping him!

  • Frank_GaIton

    Preezdent Bama: “If Iz haz a son, it beez look jus like Trayvon, noamsayin!. An if Iz haz a dawta it beez look jus like Jonatha Carr, noamsayin!, coz deyz beez gud chillens, noamsayin!”


  • I just love checking in with you all when something like this hits the news.  

    • Ingsoc

      How about taking yourself over to Black Planet or The Root? 

      You’ll find your comrades there.  

      You are far out of your league on this forum.  Your posts show do not have the education, insight or knowledge to post here. 

      Do us a favor and shut up and go away.  Your comments are childish and inane.

  • I’m not sure I follow you.  Please explain how the media is twisting the story.  No one ever said Zimmerman was white.

    • Insoc

      Do you live under a rock or are you just stupid?

      Zimmerman was identified as white in national and international media.

      ABC news:  Zimmerman, 28, who is white, claimed self defense: http://abcnews.go.com/US/trayvon-martin-family-seeks-fbi-investigation-killing/story?id=15949879

      CNN:  A police report describes Zimmerman as white:  .Neighbors describe watch leader at center of Florida investigation – CNN

      Dallas Observer:  Martin, who was black, was shot dead , by George Zimmerman, 28, a white : At Paul Quinn College’s Trayvon Martin Rally, A Cry For Justice – Dallas News – Unfair Park
      Enough for you genius? 

    • MikeofAges

      The people who post in online forums, whatever their stripe, are people who are well-informed about current events. We know that George Zimmerman man is a person of half Caucasian (Jewish) and half mestizo descent. In the federal government’s racial classification system, he is considered white. Anyone on the street would consider him an Hispanic with an other than Iberian surname. But most people don’t seek as much exposure to events as we do. So they hear he is white, and think he looks like a Bubba. Fortunately, the MSM has by now shown pictures of him and reported the allegation that Trayvon Martin jumped Zimmerman after Zimmerman broke off contact with him. Martin may have been a fairly decent and peaceful kid as some claim. But if he was, and went over the edge, then he made a terrible mistake. I still say, Zimmerman should not have been following him around. The 911 operator told him to go home. The police are trained in experienced in  handling contacts on the street. Considering the numbers, there are few bad outcomes.

  • Justified?  

  • Or Gavin Newsome

  • I just don’t follow you here.  Under the Obama administration, and the economic disaster that our country has endured, black and brown people have suffered far more than any other ethnicity. It’s not like he’s bending over backwards to help the “black community”.  

    • radical7


    • You are right there.  Blacks and Brown have suffered.   I think you catch the drift of how Dems really operate with their Black “friends”.

  • OMG! LOL! Are you serious with this?

    • “In October 2005, GDC housed 44,990 male inmates in 73 facilities; median age was 34 years (range: 15–88 years). A
      total of 28,350 (63%) were black, 16,364 (36%) were white, 50 were American Indian (0.1%), and 47 (0.1%) were Asian; race
      was not reported for 179 (0.4%). A total of 856 (1.9%) were known to be HIV infected, of whom 780 (91%) were infected
      before incarceration, and 732 (86%) were black.”


    • gemjunior

      God love your innocense Zadie.  You’re obviously on the site here visiting The Zoo of White Racist Haters.  Why don’t you go to the archives and look up the articles about Prison Rape, or google Prison Rape so you can see for yourself who rules who in prison (due to superior numbers) LOL OMG! 100% serious Sadie, black men RAPED 37,000  white women last year, and white men raped less than 10 black women!  OMG LOL Imagine.  Why are there signs all over Africa that say “Don’t rape! Your woman is your friend!” with cartoons of black men pulling up black woman’s dresses?  It doesn’t sound like you’re a world traveller but you might want to look it up.  Surprising, isn’t it?  And difficult to admit you’ve been had, most of all.

  • The boy is DEAD!  How can you argue who the victim of this crime is.  He’s dead!  

    • MikeofAges

      The allegation is that Zimmerman broke off contact with Martin, after which Martin attacked Zimmerman from behind and started beating on him. Agreed, Zimmerman should have left it to police to determine Martin’s purpose in being in the neighborhood, which was legal and innocent. But in the immediate circumstances, Zimmerman was defending himself against someone who seemed intent on inflicting serious bodily injury to him and was in the process of doing so. That, if this story represents the true facts of the case, makes his action self defense. The grand jury will determine if his actions prior to that of their own accord constitute a chargeable crime or represent a form of incitement which would allow a manslaughter or endangerment charge. Sorry, but that is reality.

  • However you feel about race relations in the country in general there is no way to argue the facts.  Zimmerman is not white.  This is not a black/white thing.  This is about a poorly constructed law that allowed this man to follow that 17 year old boy and shoot him.  Please don’t forget that he was just walking down the street talking on the phone.  Zimmerman followed HIM!  He hunted him, and he shot him.  

    • Afrikanerhart1

      Why are you trolling this thread?  I think I speak for most when i say you are not wanted here.

      • Insoc

        I second that Afrikaner.

    • haroldcrews

      He shot Martin as Martin was attacking him.  Except for the gun Zimmerman was otherwise defenseless against Martin’s potentially fatal attack.  Fists can be lethal.  Additionally from what I’ve read Zimmerman had broken contact and was walking away from Martin when Martin attacked him.

  • sick.

    • MikeofAges

       Just sarcasm. Learn the diff. And lighten up.

  • A reporter asked him a question.  What was he suppose to say.  No comment.  Did you listen to the POTUS?  

    • Insoc

      How about:  We will allow NO vigilante justice in the United States!  The racist Hate Broup New Black Panther party will be dealt with immediately.

      We are a nation of laws including the Stand Your Ground law which has protected American citizens against the likes of thugs like Treyvon.  Zimmerman was well within his rights to stop a vicious attack.

    • gemjunior

      Yes, but it’s too bad he isn’t asking the POTUS questions about Channon Christian, Chris Newsome, Eve Carson, Mr and Mrs George Strait (85 year old savagely raped and beaten but I guess it’s ok because she was old and soon to die anyway) and all the white people raped and tortured by black scum.  You think you are progressive.  You are so horribly confused.  There is little difference beween Zadie Progressie Indie and a parrot sitting next to MSNBC or CNN or any liberal professor claiming black people are victims of  “a legacy of” fill in the blank racism, jim crow, slavery, etc. ad infinitum, ad nauseum…. you are way behind here.  Read a few independently written blogs for a couple of years then come back and post.

  • radical7

     I’ve asked so many people during my lifetime why they hate African-Americans so much and most often I got “I don’t know…I just do.” For a long time I thought it might be some type of weird sub-conscious guilt but I don’t think that is the case. In the past 3 years I’ve seen how much deflection and especially projection comes from these people and now I think that it is based on fear because so many of the white racists know that if the situations were reversed they would be lusting for revenge…it is very possible that it is beyond their comprehension that not everyone lives for revenge…most just want a decent shot at life and to live that life with security, love and laughter….all three qualities which do not get much respect in the lives of racists.

    • I asked once before if you were lost here, not because we are not tolerant of opposing views, not because  the rest of the media is your playground but because you make no attempt to put forth a thinking person’s view.  I shall take you as I found you, not worth my time reading or responding to your small capacity for reason.

      • Insoc

        Excellent response, Ran.  There have been a number of trolls here lately putting up silly and inane comments.   I wonder where the moderators are?  This site is moderated, isn’t it?

        • MartelC

          to ‘anti racist’ and frankly, most college students who have accepted even an ounce of ‘diversity’ dribble they sound perfectly “logical”. 

          It reminds somewhat of the line of an inquisitor ‘his blasphemous remarks are proof of his heresy’

        • Moderation appears to apply to us mostly.

      • tacheles

        These robotic leftists share a lot of responsibility for the dismal state of the underclass by making the subject taboo. Except for a few brave souls, the subject is off-limits in public discourse.

        A forthcoming book will hopefully put another dent in this taboo:

        Publication Date: April 17, 2012

        In the Age of Obama, the ugly charge of racism is more prevalent than ever.
        Why? Because telling the truth about racial profiling, crime, the social fallout
        of single parent homes, and the ways racial preferences distort the very meaning
        of equity and justice would mean facing up to the soul-destroying pathologies of
        urban black culture. Instead, black leaders and their guilty white allies focus
        tirelessly on historic oppression and the supposed need for more government aid,
        and demonize those who challenge their shopworn views as—what
        else?—racist.In No Matter What . . . They’ll Call This Book
        Racist, Harry Stein attacks the rigid prohibitions that have long governed
        the conversation about race, not to offend or shock (though they certainly will)
        but to provoke the serious thinking that liberal enforcers have until now
        rendered impossible. Stein examines the ways in which the regime of racial
        preferences has sown division, corruption, and resentment in this country. He
        pays special attention to the stifling falsehood that it is racism that
        continues to mire millions of underclass blacks in physical and spiritual
        poverty. by far the greater problem, says Stein, is the culture of destructive
        attitudes and behaviors that denies those in its grip the means of escape.

    • MartelC

      Nice strawmen there radical 7.  Your circular reasoning “racists just hate black people’ sounds more like someone thoroughly indoctrinated and completely void of any cognitive reasoning abilities. tha

      I sincerely doubt you’ve read Jared Taylor or any other of the writers here, or stopped for a minute to even consider what they are saying.  That’s understandable. It gets in the way of your rather silly narrative. 

      But as this case shows, your lot rarely lets reality get in the way of your ideology.

    • MissBonnie123

      The reason why many people are cautious around African-Americans is because of the experiences they’ve had with them. Many Whites have been victims of Black crime (which rarely is charged as a hate crime) or have had to put up with their incessant belief that they are chronic victims of discrimination.

      It has nothing to do with projection. It has everything to do with experience.

    • IstvanIN

      You sound truly demented.

  • radical7

    Do two wrongs make a right?

  • radical7

    Richard Lowry, a conservative columnist for the National Review and New York Post columnist wrote a fantastic columm a few days ago advocating that the justice department review the Trayvon Martin case.  

    • JJDKII

      You will be better able to better understand the way we think – and the way you think – if you read two books by Thomas Sowell: A CONFLICT OF VISIONS and THE VISION OF THE ANOINTED.

    • Ingsoc

      Lowry is not a conservative. 

      Is this the same INjustice Dept. that refused to charge black racists with using weapons and thug tactics to intimidate white voters at a polling venue, calling them “crackers?”

  • davejon

    Perhaps they are subconsciously trying to recreate their ancestral jungle environment?

  • davejon

    No, generally blacks in the UK have a characteristic tone – a good example is ex boxer Frank Bruno – it might be due to their larger nasal chamber or even the capacity of their mouths. I really don’t know. There’s a black MP who sounds “white” so perhaps the entire phenomenon is cultural (educational) and not racial (physiological). We also now have the imput from Asians (“our” Asians are generally from Pakistan) who have added their curious twist to the English language – a good example being the word “life” which thay pronounce  “laaihhff”. When talking to call centres, we hear this type of pronunciation, but increasingly, whites, mainly young whites, are talking like Negroes. Many are also walking around with their trousers half way down their legs. Incidentally, when I’ve visited Australia, the locals think I’m American (on the basis of my pronunciation)!!

  • davejon

    There’s two interesting cases being reported here in the UK – one regarding Trayvon (black victim) and another very similar where two English tourists (white victims) were shot dead in Florida by black Shawn Tyson. I’m monitoring the relative amount and the tone of the reporting in both cases.

  • robinbishop34

    Just a sample of media cover ups of the real world. This is actually nothing but it’s a start.


  • Afrikanerhart1

    He’s probably going to be subject to a double jepardy judical lynching like the cops who beat Rodney King.
    Sad, but true.

    • That was not double jeopardy. The cops were charged with violating his civil rights.

      • haroldcrews

        I’m guessing you’re saying that tongue in check.  The trial court as a determinate of fact decided that excessive force was not used in what way were Rodney King’s civil rights violated?

        • Of course they were, because it was a different charge. One court has little to do with the other, unless it was the same charge. And it wasn’t.

          • haroldcrews

            Then since he was not arrested with excessive force how were Rodney King’s civil rights violated? I’m an attorney licensed in two states and can recognize a legal sham when I see one.

          • Good for you. Then you should know that the cops were not charged with “excessive force”. They were charged with violating his civil rights, as in pulling him out of the car and beating him.

      • Afrikanerhart1

        Why are you being pedantic, Vega?
        You know exactly what I mean.  The first trial did not come up with the result the government and the volitile black community wanted, so they found another charge they could hang on them instead.    It was a judicial lynching done to head off further civil unrest.  Zimmerman faces the same fate in my opinion.

        • Those cops should have gone to jail. The trial should have never been moved.

          • Afrikanerhart1

            That anti-law enforcement bias of yours is showing again.  Remember that I know you! 😉

          • StanW

            Morning, Afrik. I see you are having to deal with Vega as well. As stalkers go, he is very impotent and pathetic, so don’t be surprised if he lashes out at you and then runs away crying!

          • I don’t have any anti-law enforcement bias. I have anti-abusive law enforcement bias. That is, cops that go over the line should either be fired or be in jail.

            That is just your mechanism for shutting me down. Like if I told you the only reason why you are talking your position is because of an anti-black bias.

          • Ingsoc

            Yeah, just like the OJ trial should have never been moved — from a White Santa Monica to downtown LA so a jury that “looked more like OJ” (read black) so the brotha could get a “fair trial” , even though OJ lived in a White area, married White and hung out with Whites and Jews.

          • I would certainly agree the OJ trial was ridiculous.

  • Gated communities and apartment complexes are suppose to be crime-free.   Unfortunately, tenants’ associations and landlords do not have the power to evict anyone for violating their leases because of potential  lawsuits.  Remember, the minorities get endless legal representation by the Legal Aid Society.  All you need is one tenant to bring their hoodlum relatives in and crime goes up.  That was why Zimmerman sounds so frustrated.  A rash of crimes in an expensive gated community shouldn’t be happening.

    • haroldcrews

      I’m going to start recommending to my clients, particularly those who buy multi-unit buildings, to place in their leases that the tenant must agree to pest control measures for insects, rats or etc at owner’s discretion.  I saw a show that featured an apartment building infested with cockroaches.  One tenant, a Hindu, would not allow their apartment to be fumigated so it ruined the building for everyone else.  Failure to allow for the pest control would breach the lease and justify eviction.  Off topic I know just wanted to share.

  • radical7

    There are amy people named Michael, John, Phillip etc.. who are in prison. What does a name have to do with a person’s behavior ? 

  • radical7

    Do two wrongs make a right?

  • Harumphty_Dumpty

    I posted this to the original article:

    Most unfair to the Hispanic dude. Are Hispanics expected to absorb by osmosis the racial training that’s given to Whites only, to tuck our tails between our legs in every racial situation? 

    Whites have been trained to accept the flooding of all White countries with non-Whites, and to accept being legally forced to assimilate with those non-Whites and be blended out of existence. 

    Other races haven’t been trained to submit to their own genocide as Whites have been trained, and you can’t expect them to act in the same submissive fashion.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White!

  • MartelC

    I suspect as america becomes more ‘multicultural’ it’s going to be harder and harder for MSM to maintain the whitey is racist out to murder blacks narrative.

    Oh, they’ll keep trying, no doubt, and they will continue to brush aside legtimate newstories about black on white ‘hate’ crimes or the pandemic of black on oriental violence in urban schools which has prompted several lawsuits by Oriental activist groups.

    Soon, the bewildered left will discover, other races will play the pc/race card when it benefits their group – if whites are stupid enough to fall for it,” why not?”, most of them will think – but groups like asian Indians, chinese, mexicans, have pretty much open contempt for blacks and will ignore the NPR White Liberals when it comes to protecting their own races. 

  • haroldcrews

    Or he is brought up on some sham federal charges and forced into entering a plea.  The conviction rate (including pleas) in the federal justice (sic) system is 95% or higher.  This can only come about my two ways; under-prosecuting or over-prosecuting.  Under-prosecuting is only indicting when it is an open and shut case.  That is not what happens.  Over-prosecuting is piling on the charges; out spending the defense; with-holding exculpatory evidence; and suborning perjury: such that they have little choice but to plea to a reduced charge.  There are also more hardball options such as going after his family.  Plus in this case would Zimmerman be willing to risk being sent to general population when he could make a deal and stay out of the general population.  The former would for all practical purposes be a death sentence.

  • Just watch this as it becomes and excuse to try and disarm law abiding citizens.

  • haroldcrews
  • Shawn_thefemale

     And, Art, my big question is where is their  outrage when they slaughter EACH OTHER at rates that would virtually guarantee a win to a lottery ticket holder? At least 4-5 every week in just Atlanta. No outrage whatsoever as long as they’re killed by their own.  I’m seriously thinking about buying stock in candles. They DO love those candlelight vigils, and I see no sign of those ‘senseless murders’ slowing down at all.

  • MikeofAges

     Kinda, sorta. But look at pictures of Barack Obama and Charles “Sonny” Liston side by side. Obama’s house in the South Kenwood neighborhood of Chicago is very close to where Liston’s house was during the year he lived in Chicago, maybe on the same block. One of the ironies of world history, I guess.

    Obama must get his masculine force by channeling Sonny  Liston. He sure didn’t get it from his dissolute father. Or his milquetoast maternal grandfather.

  • Afrikanerhart1

    She’s trolling….

  • gemjunior

    I agree, perhaps someone can acquaint Zadie Progressive Indie with the names of these victims.  She thinks only black people are being hurt by whites.  The above names have been kept from her until now.

  • gemjunior

    “Why would one choose to so passionately support another race and culture and pretty much be indifferent to their own.”

    I wish we could get anywhere close to the answer.  I found (on my own facebook wall) a friend of mine had posted photos of herself and her daughters at the protest of poor Trayvon’s tragic death by the cold blooded White man named Zimmmerman.  We don’t need no stinkin’ jury anymore as it’s no longer the US anyway.  We have newsmedia.) The lady who posted it is called Mary O’Connell and she is white she’s see through, and she loves black “culture” so much that she and  her 2 little daughters moved to Harlem.  It didn’t work out too well so she had to move again.  Anyway, that’s the mentality of the weak minded college educated white.  Last summer I laid a million racist statistics on her to no avail.  These people may be lost, but there are many eager minds who are suspicious of these black innocents and just  need one perusal of AmRen.

  • radical7

    There are White people who live off  Black People and Hispanic people who pay taxes!

    • Anon12

      That (your fuzzy math)  doesn’t even begin to add up, radical.

      There are MILLIONS more black/browns that TAKE our $$$$ than there is black/brown “taxpayers”…You know it and it is killing you, isn’t it?

  • anon

    I concur!   I go into a rage when I hear about this sort of thing. Our pets are defenseless against these mentally depraved “humans”…

    Have you ever seen those commercials from the ASACP?  The abused and neglected animals in our shelters?  I cry everytime I see it. Those poor sad little faces and innocent eyes gets to me everytime. The “people” that harm our pets needs to be put in front of the firing line. 

  • Ingsoc

    This forum is supposedly monitored by the $PLC and/or other groups whose sole purpose is to foment white hatred.  How easy would it be for them to put out a call to their loser minions to come on here in droves and start flagging our comments?

    They can’t refute or rebut anything most of us have written so their only weapon and tactic is to flag the posts as “unacceptable.”

  • Anon12

     So true… It is at the point now that many “available” doctors are black, even in the HMO’s…..It is coming to the day we will not have a choice as you say…THAT is what ObamaCare is really about. Put Whites with black, asian, mexican doctors is their goal…

  • Ingsoc

    Anon12:  I was just reading about this. Appears Weisel’s story keeps changing dramatically.  His book, Night, was originally published as “fiction” it has recently been changed to “memoir.”

    All deconstructed in “The Truth about Night”:  

  • radical7

    If I recall correctly, the incident you are talking about took place in a predominately Black neighborhood. Moreover, according to Abigail Thernstrom who was at the justice department duirng the fall of 2008 and  asked to look into the case, there was no evidence of intimidation that took place.
    This was a story that was greatly misrepresented by certain segments of the right wing media.

    •  Au Contraire, J. Christian Adams, who was also at the DOJ, and was in fact trying to prosecute those NBPPs when Eric Holder pulled the rug from under him, confirmed all.  It is his expose from where we know Holder referred to the NBPP goons as “My People.”