Minorities Form Racial Majority in 106 U.S. Cities

G. Scott Thomas, The Business Journal, February 27, 2012

More than 100 markets across America have qualified for “majority-minority” racial status, according to an On Numbers study of U.S. Census Bureau data.

A majority of the residents of 106 metropolitan and micropolitan areas are members of minority groups, a term that encompasses blacks, American Indians, Asians and Hispanics.


On Numbers analyzed raw data from the Census Bureau’s 2010 American Community Survey, making adjustments to isolate Hispanics as a distinct race. (The bureau classifies Hispanics as an ethnic group. It assigns separate racial identities to individual Hispanics—generally white or black. On Numbers removed those identities.)

Texas contains nearly a quarter of the nation’s “majority-minority” markets—25 of 106. Next are California with 17, New Mexico with 13 and Mississippi with 10.


The “majority-minority” list includes 21 major markets, defined as metropolitan areas with more than 500,000 residents. Among the leaders are Honolulu (80.7 percent minorities), Los Angeles (67.6 percent) and Miami (63.8 percent).


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  • This is great, though. Lots of diversity. New York City and L.A. aren’t even 40 percent White a piece anymore. Fantastic. It is just like London having more Pakistanis and Bantus than Pakistan and Somalia. Lots of diversity.

    Tell me how diverse Egypt is though? Or Japan? When will we read articles about how diverse Tokyo is and how only 3 out of every 10 people there are Japanese?

    See? Diversity is only for White countries.

    • crystal evans

      There are a lot of guest workers in Japan such as Filipinos, Americans and Europeans who have renewable visas to work in the country.

      •  They re not permanent residents with citizenships. Not immigrants.

      • The difference is they go home eventually  and the offspring born to these “GUEST” workers are not considered Japanese citizens. Japan has not subscribed to the “diversity is our greatest strength” mendacity.

  • Anan7

    What we need to do is to stop complaining and FIND A WAY TO FIX THIS, peacefully, of course.  Stopping non-White immigration would be a nice start.  Shipping back the illegals, both in and out of jail, would be another great start.  We should also follow the advice of President Monroe and help out Liberia with “Diversity”.  I’m sure they could use it.

    The anti-racists have done everything in their power to ensure that Whites will be extinct within a few generations.

    We need to find a way to preserve ourselves.

    We should all have as many children as we can afford, otherwise people like Angel Adams are the future, and I sure as hell don’t want my descendants living in a world over-populated by the likes of her.

    • IstvanIN

      There will be no peaceful end to all this.

      • No there will not, whether it is in a race war or we just slowly spiral into the abyss, attacked in our places of work, learning, and homes, as we are now.

    • Shawn_thefemale

       That’s the problem Whites ARE having as many children as they can afford. Whites are responsible enough to not burden the rest of the country with their offspring.

  • A majority of residents of 106 of the country’s metro/micro politan areas are non-white, and yet they tell us America is still two-thirds white?

    That computeth not.

  • RememberVienna

    Don’t worry; we are all in the suburbs.

  • Under the Boot Heel

    Diversity is a Vile Hate Crime against God’s Plan of Kingdom for our White Privilege and the Purity of our White Humanity.  

    Segregation was a management policy written onto our hearts by the finger of God.If you aren’t feeling very apprehensive about the future, you just aren’t paying attention.  The failure of deporting the blacks back home to their happy Africa is was the second escalation of our Diversity Curse.  The first was bringing them here.

    Be ye evermore enriched by the meet and right wisdom of a Yankee bishop in the Episcopal Church:

    “But the second branch of the argument, namely, the danger of the system, is still more worthy of attention. Although I believe that the great body of our southern slaves are perhaps the happiest and most contented laborers in the world, yet there are always some likely to be among them of a very different temper, prone to feelings of resentment, and disposed to regard their masters as oppressors, whom it would be no sin, but a virtue, to destroy. Instances have occurred, in all ages, of the terrible result of passion and revenge on the part of slaves. The histories of ancient Greece and Rome are full of them. In modern times, we cannot fail to think of St. Domingo; and in the Southern States themselves, there have been not a few lamentable outbreaks, which carried horror and misery in their train. Hence the insecurity, the constant sense of peril, which must attend the possession of slaves, even under the best of circumstances. Doubtless, habit may go far to reconcile their owners to the danger, and even to make them altogether insensible to their risk. But I have met with cases, in my small acquaintance, where it was a source of continual apprehensiveness; and this alone would be a serious objection to the system, if there were no other.”

    -Bishop John Henry Hopkins of Vermont, The American Citizen: His Rights and Duties (1857)

    We have turned ourselves into the losing character of a Greek tragedy.

    • It is the height of irony that the “Great Emancipator” always felt that the black man and white man were incompatible in the same country.  It is an even greater irony that Lincoln had firm plans after the war to deport or repatriate all blacks to Africa and the Caribbean.  Now for some reason that is not included in the American History curriculum.  In any case, it has now become the white man’s cross to bear.

  • I wonder how a list of these 106 minority cities  matches up to the lists of America’s poorest/violent/miserable cities.  My guess is that they are interchangeable .

  • hypnotized by hate

    The suburbs will become ghettos bc you’l be sued by the DOJ and HUD for being “too White” and “not reflecting enough Diveristy to enrich your community”.
    You are targeted by your own government for mongrelization.

    You are a hate crime victim already.

    Invest in your religion: Virulent Love for the Essense of White Humanity.

    When I see a White mother with a White baby, which is rare, I say a prayer of thinks to God in Heaven for blessing me with that opportunity.

    Then, I find myself wondering if the mother is guilty of child abuse for bringing a White child into this world where nothing but hate, misery, and degredation await.  Her White child, if a daughter, will be  horribly abused in school if she doesn’t date blacks or Muslims.  Is it fair to bring a baby into such a hateful world?

    • saxonsun

      “Virulent” carries a negative connotation.

  • Shawn_thefemale

    I must say that as a member of a rather large extended family, there have been 4 births in my family in the last two years and two more are currently expecting. At least 10 of their friends have also just had babies in the last year or so and more are expecting. It’s a white baby boom here. But before anyone does the happy dance, remember, it’s whites who have allowed this country to become what it is. It certainly doesn’t mean that all these little whites will grow up to be sensible, race realist conservatives, now does it?

    • Anonymous

      Unfortunately, no.  We say “have large white families!”  Well, guess what?  I know whites who had two siblings or more who don’t have kids, marry outside their race, have kids outside their race, had conservative parents, etc.   They are being influenced by the diversity, gangsta rap, white guilt and people who overpower us.  As much as I see whites are waking up, I see many whites who are not waking up.

      • June39

        Well, we at least have the Duggers doing their part!

        • They were a victim of an extortion plot:


          She said that she had pictures of Mr. and Mrs. Duggar in “intimate situations.”  With 19 kids, that’s sorta “Duh.”

          • The_Bobster

            I suggest reading the article before posting it


            Sources tell E! News that the photos were said to be of 25-year-old Amy Duggar, the daughter of Jim Bob Duggar’s older sister (so, not one of the 19), in a compromising situation with an older man.

            Amy has denied having an inappropriate relationship with the man, whom she called a “longtime family friend.”

  • krak11

    Whites will not go extinct. Minorities will not grow with faster rate than whites any more. Blax don’t have highier birth rate than whites and hispanics (white or not white) birth rate has slowed down greatly and continues to drop. Hispanic birth rate in US simply follows general Latin American trend where fertility rate is dropping fast. Mexico has fertility rate 2.1 ( same as US) versus 6.0 children per female 25 years ago. Brazil has 1.8 and is below replacement level. These are facts. You can check them in statistical sites of those governments and these data is available there in English too. Immigration is slowing down too. Predictions of majority non-white US may come true only if demographic and migration trends of last 25 years continue for many decades into the future. But they will not! They have already changed.  For Mexico drop in fertility rate from 6-7 kids per female to close to 2 in only 25 or 30 years means nothing else but aging society problem in next few decades. Future is bringing set of very different problems than those that we worry about today. Miami is 64% non-white? Lots of Cubans. US Cubans are 90% white!

    • That’s because all of Mexico’s breeders are squatting in this country illegally. They have no qualms about pumping out 3-4 anchor babies respectively , sometimes more, especially since our government is more than happy to subsidize the reckless breeding habits of these invading parasites.

  • MikeofAges

    If illegal immigration is stopped, and legal immigration is reduced.

    Will tell you what is in the pipeline, however. The 1965 immigration act allowed each Eastern Hemisphere country an annual quota of 20,000. Someday, that will mean 20,000 Muslims from Great Britain, the same from France, the same from Germany, the same from Spain, the same from the Netherlands, the same from Italy, the same from Belgium and so on. The family unification provisions will allow many more in. What we have here, really, is a mad race to see which group of infiltrators can take the most territory and control the most economic niches — Hispanics in the Southwest and increasingly the South, Chinese and other Asians on the West Coast, Indians everywhere in the professions and hi-tech occupations, and Muslims in the Northeast quadrant.

    The white upper middle class sees the immigrants as a bulwark against the rest of the white population. Blacks, at least the black political class, probably see immigration a tool for ending white domination.

    How will either of these group fare? In the end, not very well. The white ideal of the “well-rounded person” and the “healthy body and healthy mind” cannot stand up against the one-sided pursuit of academic success practiced by the Indians and East Asians. And the blacks? Well, the chartered goal of the NAACP was the “end of white supremacy”. Nothing in there about the progress of blacks, I guess. I suppose, if you can end white supremacy by ending “whitey” that counts as achieving your goal. Never mind what happens to you, and it will only be harder for many when the people in charge cannot be construed as having any accountability for the blot of slavery.

  • KenelmDigby

    America will balkanize on the basis that the non-whites will be a predominately urban population, living in horrific Mad-Max style dystopian urban hell-holes, whilst Whites, voting with their feet, will primarily have excaped to exurban areas.
           It is ironic to note, that until relatively recent times American blacks were largely confined to the countryside, and that most Mexicans were from rural backgrounds.
     America’s big ciyies, by contrast, were built and founded by Whites over a century ago,

  • KenelmDigby

    London is a sick joke.
    There are hardly an English people left there in that city of 7 million plus.
    In a few decades there won’t be any – you mark my words.

    • Anon12

      You know what gets me? 

      Remember the Royal Wedding?  Where were all the black muslims while scanning the huge crowds?  Where is all that diversity?  Nowhere to be seen.

      Every time they show London or some other European country it all looks so WHITE and we all know better don’t we?  The media is in cahoots with those who want us NOT to know what is happening in Europe or in America for that matter, to our White population.

  • JackKrak

    Not mentioned is here is the fact that once that tipping point is reached, it never goes back the other way – never.

  • The sad truth is that blacks = crime….it’s undeniable.

     America’s Most Dangerous Cities
    1 Camden, NJ 53% Black
    2 Detroit, MI 82% Black
    3 Atlanta, GA 61% Black
    4 St. Louis, MO 51% Black
    5 Gary, IN 84% Black
    6 Washington, DC 60% Black
    7 Hartford, CT 38% Black
    8 New Orleans, LA 67% Black
    9 Richmond, VA 57% Black
    10 Birmingham, AL 74% Black

    America’s Safest Cities
    1 Newton, MA 2% Black
    2 Amherst, NY 4% Black
    3 Mission Viejo, CA 1% Black
    4 Clarkstown, NY 8% Black
    5 Lake Forest, CA 2% Black
    6 Thousand Oaks,CA 1% Black
    7 Colonie, NY 3% Black
    8 Cary, NC 6% Black
    9 Toms River, NJ 2% Black
    10 Irvine, CA 1% Black

    • anonymous_amren

      Detroit and Atlanta have been caught faking their crime statistics. So I doubt Camden is really on top. The blacker a city is, the more understated it’s crime statistics are.

  • John Maddox

    I hate to say it, but I think we’ve lost this war. How can you win when your own Government is assisting the invaders. We might hope for a reprieve in November but I think its just going to be more of the same. Hispanics are going to be the deciding factor. There are more of them, their numbers are increasing at a much more rapid pace than any other minority group and they receive broad support from a wide spectrum of the community.

    One could only hope that they remain concentrated in urban areas, but I’m seeing more and more evidence that they are  moving into the rural areas especially the small towns. They’re like a cancer spreading in our society. Once they become a political majority in these areas its only a matter of time before we are literally strangers in our own countries. Still if you live in or near a city the best thing you can do is get some land in a rural area and arm yourself. I’m not talking about radical suvivalism, but    the more you can do to relieve  your dependency on the commercial market the better off you are. One of the last things to go away in changing societies is property rights.

    • saxonsun

      Yes, if we protest this insanity, our own military will shoot us down.

  • Idaho is quickly filling up with Hispanics.

  • saxonsun

    I live on the upper east side of NYC. Would you believe that groups of nursery school kids are overwhelming comprised of blacks and browns!? I almost never see White kids.

    • Sounds to me that that nursery school has an affirmative action policy.  I bet they get free tuition to boot.

  • Whiteman

    “once that tipping point is reached, it never goes back the other way – never”.
    None of these 106 areas are calling for more whites. Quite the opposite. Quite, quite the opposite. By the way, I believe I can find 106 regions in my former town alone where there are no or very few whites, and it would be hard to find places more in need of ‘diversity’ than those. 

  • Kurt Plummer

    Darwin originally termed ‘geographic isolates’ as those areas of unreachable terrain division which -preserved- ‘diversity’ as a given geneline, allowing for speciation into new forms through non-competitive environments, free of predators and population pressure.
    In 1950, whites were 27.5% of the population.  Now, we form 16% of the population.  By 2060, we will be about 9%.  And by 2100, only 4%.
    We are the ONLY population group predicted to have an absolute (not percentile but total numbers) loss of population among all the competing groups with black Africa (2.7 billion and growing, the only group with a constant rise, through 2100) and India (3.0 billion, fixed) the two worst of the ‘breed poverty get Malthusian ELE’ leaders.
    I ask you, bluntly: Where will whites go, to continue the line unabated, after we dump half our genetic heritage to non-breeding.  And lose half of what is left to interbreeding and competitive dumb-down with all the screaming voices who want to enter our land of some 450 million?
    Where is our Galapagos?


  • anonymous_amren

    Unfortunately, the planet’s climate would also be destroyed with global warming if we did that. Both are apocalypses that we didn’t addressed until the last minute when it’s probably too late, because the truth was inconvenient.

    • dmxinc

       Where have you been?  The Man Made Global Warming myth was exposed a long time ago.

  • This is why I really don’t have a problem with Hispanics and Asians. They hate blacks too.  Maybe it’s different on the East Coast here in NY, but if I venture into a Mexican or Indian or Chinese area, I don’t feel unsafe, nor do I receive threatening/hateful looks. Plus, there’s either very few blacks or none at all in those areas. Seems like as long as there is a very low black population percentage in a city or town, there is a very low crime rate, even with a somewhat substantial Hispanic or Asian population percentage mixed with the Whites. At least that’s what I notice when I go through census numbers and crime rates… low black pop. = low crime rate, despite the variables.

  • MikeofAges

     Not if white access into graduate and professional education, equal hiring with foreign-trained professional and entrance into skilled work continues to be truncated

  • CidMartel

    This why I after flirting with idea of moving to Texas I have decided against it. It would be like living in occupied territory. Sad to say but the great state of Texas will eventually be swallowed up by the coming of Aztlan. Demographics are a hard cold fact and the US government is doing nothing to resist the tidal wave of 3rd world invasion into the American South West. 

  • ageofknowledge

    And the money for social welfare strains to the breaking point in these places with at least one of the cities declarine a state of economic disaster on themself.

  • RememberVienna

    Should start a white rescue fund.