Police: Teens Set 13-Year-Old Student on Fire

DeAnn Smith and Amy Anderson, KCTV (Kansas City), February 29, 2012

A 13-year-old East High School student suffered first-degree burns after two teens dumped gasoline on him and set him on fire.

The boy was rushed to Children’s Mercy Hospital after the flames ignited. His face and hair were burned, according to police.

The boy was walking home from East High when he was accosted by two other boys about 3 p.m. Tuesday.

He said he made it to his home on Quincy Avenue when one suspect physically barred him from entering. The second suspect grabbed a red gallon gasoline can and said, “This is what you get.”

The second teen then used a light to ignite the gasoline, which “produced a large fireball burning the face and hair” of the victim, according to a Kansas City Police Department report.


The boy is white. The two suspects are black. Police are reportedly investigating whether this was a hate crime.

Kansas City Police Department Detective Stacey Taylor said detectives were concerned about damage to the boy’s eyes and lungs. He said this was a particularly heinous crime.




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  • Of course it was a hate crime. It is legal however to hate and brutalize Whites, particularly boys and men. Ask yourself who made these PC rules and “hate crime” laws and who enforces them and you will see why.

    The blacks should be tried as adults and executed.


    Imagine if this had been Whites attacking an African-American.   There would be international coverage of this horrendous racial hate crime 24 hr/day for 2 weeks.   Then the story would be brought up monthly for the next 20 yrs. 

    But, because this racial hate crime was comitted against a White child, it will not be covered by the mainstream press, will not be discussed, and will be pushed down the memory hole.

  • If you’re white, and live in suburban Jackson County, Missouri, such as Lee’s Summit, Independence, etc., remember that worthies like these two blacks will be going to school where you live in your white flight districts if that wonderful genius from my side of the state, one Jane Dummyham, oops, I mean Cunningham, gets her way and the KCPS is eliminated and its territory divided up among bordering districts.

    •  They are trying to pull something similar in Memphis by dissolving the Memphis City School district and forcing a default merger with all of the Shelby county schools, but most of the suburbs are fighting to form their own school districts. 

      • The latest news is that the most likely course of action will be a state takeover of the KCPS.  I’m starting to think that the talk about dissolution was a bait and switch to make a state takeover seem harmless by comparison.  When the state took over the St. Louis Public Schools a few years ago, the move was not without controversy and loudmouth protests from various Obama-style ACORN-style community activists.  That means in this go around, the state is threatening a more severe solution to make the less severe solution seem more palatable.

  • Boereseun

    “The boy is white. The two suspects are black. Police are reportedly investigating whether this was a hate crime.”

    No, of course it’s not a hate crime, they do it simply because he was there at the wrong place at the wrong time. Nothing to do with his white skin at all. This could have happened anywhere, anytime and to anyone. Nothing out of the ordinary. This could have happened in Japan or South Korea just as easily as it would happen in Somalia or Zimbabwe. /sarcasm

    Yea, because setting a 13 year old white boy alight with petrol is such a normal act that white people do it all the time. Give me a break!

  • Boereseun

    They might have learnt that if they bothered to watch the Winnie Mandela heart throb movie.

  • elitist

    this crime is so horrific it should be the watershed moment for the white movement.

    White activists should make it their business to ensure that every American is aware of it.

    If only someone with media savvy could create a fake version of this story with white perps and a black victim.

    Then watch it go viral as the nation castigates itself for the persistence of racism, etc.

    Once things have reached fever pitch, the hoax could be revealed.

    At that point, national and international attention would be focused on the real crime.

  • Sonya610

    Yes I wondered about the “first degree” burn thing.

    Thankfully, the teen victim had the presence of mind to pull his shirt up over his head and snuff out the flames. He was treated at Children’s Mercy hospital, having suffered first-degree burns to his face and head. And police said they were concerned about possible damage to his eyes and lungs.


  • He must have destroyed the grading curve.  Blacks hate it when you do that

  • Sonya610

    The video says the kid did NOT know the two blacks that attacked him. They give detailed descriptions of what the blacks were wearing. For some reason that makes this even worse, this kid was set on fire with gasoline by thugs that were asked to do it as a favor and it wasn’t even a personal vendetta?

  • StivD

    What IS it with blacks and burning people.  In the case of whites it may be to ruin our skin color, but they often do the same to other blacks.

  • Burns to the face throat and grion are all more life threatening than burns elsewhere.

  • How many times  must we say “If the roles were reversed, it would be international news” before someone gets its?

  • rcdude12359

    Oh, but it’s only a hate crime when the victim is black and the perpetrator is white.  Silly!

  • Sonya610

    Here is easy research in the form of video. With all the smoke I can’t make out the tire but the intent is obvious despite the smoke.


    (Warning — Viewer Discretion Advised — Graphic Content)

  • Great Schools:  East High in the KCPS is 46% Hispanic, 36% black, 16% white, 2% everything else.

    • JohnEngelman

      Hispanics stand up to the blacks. We no longer have the will to. 

      • Beloved Comrade

        We do.  Think about what would happen to us if we fight back.

        Charges of race-based assault with enhanced hate crimes added in. When was the last time whites had justice in this country?  The entire system is rigged against us.

        • JohnEngelman

          Whites control the judicial system in the United States. The white liberal guilt complex has an expiration date that is coming due. 
          Immigrant groups that move to the United States learn to dislike blacks. They do not learn by absorbing irrational white prejudices. They learn from exposure to black crime. Hispanics fight back. I respect them for that. 

          • Black Swan

            Hispanics are a favored group. There is a double standard when it comes to whites.  Try ethnically cleansing blacks out of your town like the Hispanics did in Southern California and see what happens.

        •  This is really the kind of crime you should be fighting.  Clean up your own backyard before you start talking about someone else’s!  http://www.nydailynews.com/news/crime/fbi-pursue-charges-ohio-man-accused-raping-exploiting-adopted-children-article-1.1031264

  • Shawn_thefemale

    The vile, unfeeling, vengeance and violence of young people today is astounding to me. Naturally, blacks are much more so in much larger numbers, but I can’t fathom the simple meanness of these ‘youths’. They feel absolutely nothing. Life (or death) means zilch to them.

  • If the situation were reversed and two White boys had ignited a black, they would have already been charged with a hate crime. Assumed racism, with no further investigation required.

    • JohnEngelman

      I the situation was reversed and two white boys had ignited a black boy it would have started a black ghetto riot that white liberals would have made excuses for. 

  • razorrare

    White people need to be more like the Cape Buffalo who with fierce Heart will protect their own..if you havent watched this video i urge you to do so…Imagine the Buffalo as the White Race and the Lions as the black race…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LU8DDYz68kM


    I can assure you of one thing.  If this had happened to one of my kids, the only person going on trial would be me.  

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Kudos to Yahoo and KCTV (Kansas City) for reporting the races of the victim and perps.

    Most lamestream outlets did not:

    kmbc, Kansas City News:  

    Police said the two suspects are male and have facial hair… The second suspect picked up a can of gasoline and said, ‘This is what you get,’ according to police reports.


    The victim is a student at East High School and regularly walks home after class. When he reached his porch, two older teens grabbed him, pinned his arms behind his back and then poured gas from a gas can on the boy. They then set the boy on fire.

    Kansas City, Mo. (AP):  

    Kansas City police are looking for two teenagers who a 13-year-old boy says followed him home from school and started a gasoline fire that burned his face and hair.

    St. Joseph Post:

    Kansas City police are looking for two teenagers who a 13-year-old boy says followed him home from school and started a gasoline fire that burned his face and hair….the boy says one of the attackers said ‘this is what you get.’ 

    Detective Stacey Taylor says the case is not being treated as a hate crime.

    This is the result of 60 years of conditioning by the msm, government and schools, convincing one group of people that another group intentionally oppresses them and are responsible for all of their poverty and misery.

    Remember this the next time some media report or movie or TV show pounds you with stories of Racist White America.

    Also remember that unless our culture reverses course, crimes like this are going to increase and become a part of everyday life.


  • Varina

    Many years ago in NYC there was a case of a  little black boy, maybe 2 y/o, whose mother stuffed him into a hot oven and burned him to death to “get the devil out of him.”

    These people are beyond hope.  

  • razorrare

    Police said the two suspects are male and have facial hair… which leads me to the question..why werent the ages of  these ‘Boys'(perps) given as well. Looking forward(hopefully) to a follow up on this story.

  • razorrare

    From the original article…Police are asking for the public’s help in locating the two suspects who are described as being around 16 years old. One was wearing a blue beanie, blue jacket and blue-green Nike Air Jordans with #23. The second suspect was wearing a black hoodie and black sunglasses with silver on the side….guess that answers my question..the ‘Boys’ havent been apprehended yet.

  • tickyul

    White liberals think this IS funny and justified.

    Don’t think so……LOL, go to some left wing sites that are dominated by White Libs…..they hate white people and white society.

  • JohnEngelman

    Rodney King was an ex convict on parole who was driving at twice the speed limit, and who was under the influence of cocaine. When he was stopped by the police he resisted arrest. Since this incident he has been arrested several more times. 

  • Xanthippe2

    Actually, a lot of Jews left Germany and immigrated to countries more favorable to Jews.  Unfortunately there is no country favorable to Whites to immigrate to.

    • Black Swan

      Do you think they’ll let us into Israel?  We let them into the United States.

  • The cops do have the ability to apply for and get warrants to search the suspects’ houses, personal belongings, social networking presences, etc., and the detectives can ask their relatives and friends some questions.  It wouldn’t have been hard to turn up evidence that they specifically despised white people.

  • Sonya610

    Hate  to say this but I fear you may be right.  The news now says the blacks did not bring the gas, they followed the kid all the way home and then found the gas can on the porch of the house.

    If they planned to attack him why wait until he got home? And how would they know a gas can would be there waiting for them?

  • Pax Romana

    Apperently the media is editing out what was said by the black attackers. An  article by the New American is quoting:  “This is what you deserve. You get what you deserve, white boy.”  and  “Police, they say, are “investigating” whether this is a hate crime.”

  • No “suspects” have even been arrested yet as of March 2,2012 at 2:36 p.m.

  • Beloved Comrade

    And let us not forget the responses that most liberal whites will give as an explanation: ‘Whites commit these types of crimes all the time. It’s not just a black problem.’ 
    Ask them to prove it to you.  Ask them to show you proof that “whites commit these types of crimes all the time.”  Because if they did, there would be international outrage and headline news for weeks on end.

    Then, you can quote FACTS from The Color of Crime about black vs. white crime which uses the government’s own FBI and DOJ crime statistics.  

    Prepare to be assaulted.  Liberals do not like Hate Facts that explode their notions of reality.

  • Beloved Comrade

    True. But I need my job and cannot afford to lose it. 

    No need to be a martyr carried out on one’s shield to make a point and keep one’s pride and honor.  Good luck finding anyone to come to your defense, you are alone.  

    “Oh, Poor Us!” Does not pay the bills, my job does, and to keep it the current atmosphere most of us here are forced to keep our mouths shut.

    Do I like it?  Hell no.  But what choice do I have.  

    Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.

    Ask Michael Richards, Larry Summers, Don Imus, Fuzzy Zoeller if they’d say the same thing again if they had another chance.

    I suspect not.

  • Black Swan

    Again, here we are making excuses …Whites fought to the death for centuries regardless if we would jailed of fined. 
    You go first.  Show us how it’s done.  Lead the way.
    Don’t tell anyone to risk his livelihood unless you have done this yourself.  Otherwise shut up.

    • StivD

      This is very typical, lol. 

      Sometimes I think whites would be better off if more of us thought like other races in our own defense. It may be better to be slightly impulsive and quick to react defensively, instead of thinking everything to death.  

      Sometimes I think whites would be better off with a few more skinheads and a few less, maybe a lot less, cerebral Ivory Tower elites and so-called respectable people.

      So much of this feels like weakness.

  • Black Swan

    The authorities’ handling of this case shows how the lives, rights and well being of whites mean nothing to the ruling elite, and how they are actively working to perpetrate a slow motion genocide against us.
    Yours is by far the best, most sensible comment on the entire thread.

    A  G*E*N*O*C*I*D*E is being waged against us by a hostile elite, not by blacks or anyone else.  Blacks are nothing more than useful idiots doing their masters’ bidding, which is to ruin our schools and neighborhoods, assault us and drain our funds.   Blacks are less than expendable.

    Soon, the UK, the U.S., and every other place whites call home will be taken over by nonwhites with long, seething grievances against whites.

    If there’s any bright spot in this, the hostile elite will suffer the same fate that they have planned for us.  They will have nowhere to run and hide, no one to supply them with the latest grade military weapons, no one to fight proxy wars against their many enemies, no white taxpayers left to fill their coffers.  They are outnumbered and will be overwhelmed.

    I hope I live long enough to see their people suffer the same way they have made my people suffer.

  • lenaopal

    I am typically that person at the party who says the politically incorrect but true thing and I also find that a couple people will agree with me but it is still really frustrating how many otherwise logical people will mindlessly recite the accepted opinion without even giving serious thought to the subject of race.  People have been conditioned to believe that anyone who advocates for our race must be a Nazi or someone who wants to harm individuals of other races.  I have no hate for anyone of a different race; I merely prefer the company of my own people and know that is is a natural and normal thing. If I did not feel that racial policy in this country was a threat to culture and way of life, I would not spend my time thinking about race.  We have been subjected to so much  PC propaganda nonsense that it seems like no one can think for themselves anymore. Is there really any hope of getting people to think rationally on this subject at this late date?

  • StivD

    My comment was one half rhetorical and one half questioning what gave blacks the idea in the first place, including necklacing. 

  • YES! and,

    it’s not just a “prison yard” think type.  It’s them.  They’re just not able and this is why I prefer to take care of them than to allow them any sort of Freedoms.

    Show me an area (school, park, neighborhood, anywhere) where they haven’t destroyed and I’ll allow non-whites to have Freedom.

  • William_JD

    No comment.

  • jackellis

    gemjunior asks:
    “I wonder if we should get each other’s addresses and try to get groups going?  Any ideas? ”

    jackellis responds:

    I suggest implicit White nationalism – we’re the new “gays”. Most Whites will not want to come “out of the closet” and embrace open White nationalism for (the true) fear of suffering social persecution.

    Instead try something that is “implicit” White nationalism where you operate a local anti crime group. Be against all crime, and work hard to include some stories from say 100 years ago where there were White criminals, White gangs, White slums – then work hard to get some decent non Whites (a few) in your anti crime group and target, publicize the real gangs, punks operating now (Who just happen to be ~ 98% non White) in your area. Mixed race women are generally good for these anti crime groups.

    Don’t give in to despair and understand America has always had crime, bad racial problems. Black crime is not nearly as bad now in Chicago, New York City, Los Angeles as it was 20 years ago when Black gangs terrorized, ruled whole communities. Look what happened in New York City when Guliania and the White NYPD took bad the city in the mid 1990s – that should be our model.

    Don’t whine, but also understand that it’s just the way it is that open, out of the closet White racialism is tough to pull off. There’s nothing “fair” about our situation, it’s like being under Communism in Eastern Europe from the 20s-50s. 

    And above all, take lots of time to get off the Net and get out and do simple, nice positive things with other White people.

    Be kind to white people. Kindness means being “kind” to your own kind.

  • jackellis

    Please contact Kansas City (White) and Kansas State elected officials in a responsible way and express your concern about this terrible hateful crime and the media’s suppression of the story.

    Here are contacts:


    Voice – 877-KSWORKS (877-579-6757)Local – 785-296-3232For the Hearing Impaired – 800-766-3777Email Governor Sam BrownbackConstituent ServicesToll-Free – 877-KSWORKS (877-579-6757)Local – 785-368-8500Fax – 785-368-8788

    Here’s the link to the whole state legislature – e-mails are included

    Let’s get to work and do what the Left does – spread the news.

    • This happened in Kansas City, Missouri.  Calling Samnesty Brownback would do no good, not just for geography, but also for the fact that he hates white people:  While he was in the Senate, he explicitly said no to white South African refugees because “they would bring racist attitudes.”  Except now that he’s Governor, and has executive power over a state that must have a balanced budget, his tune has suddenly changed:  He wants the illegal alien children of illegal alien parents not to get food stamps, and the libs are beside themselves.

      Best to call the Governor of Missouri, the Attorney General of Missouri, the KCPD and the Circuit Attorney for Jackson County.

      • jackellis

        Yes, of course you are right QD – mea culpa.

        Kansas City is in Missouri, not Kansas (which doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense now does it. The founding fathers of Kansas City must have been drunk and confused about which state they were in 🙂

        So folks should contact (White) Kansas City and Missouri officials. I think most Missouri suburban and rural White areas are pretty aware of the crime and depravity of Black urban areas – but it’s always a good idea to reinforce racial reality and also spread the meme that the cursed MSM – Mainstream Media lies about racial hate crimes.

        • Once upon a time, and for quite some time, Independence was actually the prominent city in western Missouri.  Those of you who are Mormons or versed in the history of the LDS Church know about that particular city.  Kansas City, Missouri wasn’t founded until several decades after Independence was.

    •  Please find out why there has not been more publicity about this hateful crime!  http://www.nydailynews.com/news/crime/fbi-pursue-charges-ohio-man-accused-raping-exploiting-adopted-children-article-1.1031264

  • “This is what you get…”  …for being white.  

  • jackellis

    Was the victim Black or White.

    Usually American Renaissance does and excellent job of posting accurate news stories – this one seems to be in the rumor stage. If it turns out the victim was another Black teen, then we should apologize as this wasn’t a racial Black on White hate crime.

  • occa0577

    Because of this anti-white hate crime, and the hundreds of similar incidents that occur in this country EVERY DAY, all white citizens should stop recognizing our current government. We should especially stop supporting our racist, black president and his band of racist black thugs. We should elect our own revolutionary government and take our country back. That is the only way. We need a second American revolution.

  • It is terrible that young kid was burned, and if someom=ne else was responsible, I hope they are severely punished.  That being said, don’t you people sense something’s not right here?  No one sees 2 teens walking around carrying a gas can?  The boy can recall every detail, even the number on one boy’s shoes, but can’t give a facial description.  The mother says the boys go to her son’s school, but THEY HAVE YET TO BE IDENTIFIED.  First it was “whitey”, then “white boy’, both which are terms that are rarely used by black teenagers.  There has been no other official word on this incident.  I think a lot of people are going to be eating crow when all of the details finally emerge.

    • StivD

      “White boy” is used plenty by blacks of all ages.

    • Beloved Comrade

      I’m sure Holder and the DOJ and FBI are investigating…oh, wait!  The kid is White.

      There will be no “hunt for justice” as there was for the Duke rape hoax, right?  
      No one ever apologized or “ate crow” did they?  NO professor that signed the Duke 88 manifesto stating that the boys were GUILTY lost his job, in fact, several were promoted.  No one was held accountable except the lying Nifong who was eventually  (and rightly) disbarred.

      According to Holder, we Whites have no Civil Rights.  According to Tim Wise, there IS no White race so we don’t even exist!  

      Latest Tim Wise article here:  Tim Wise on White Resentment in a Multicultural Society.


  • The race of this pervert isn’t mentioned.  Should we guess as to his race???  http://blogs.houstonpress.com/hairballs/2012/03/edward_jorodge_gladney_child_p.php

  • Black Swan

    They think they’ll escape to another country, possibly a small one in the Middle East that is 100% surrounded by mortal enemies — a country that is surviving due to U.S. Foreign Aid and military weapons.

    They will eventually meet a fate worse than ours. I hope I live to see it.

  •  It’ll never reach court because it’s a hoax.  Zip, zilch…didn’t happen that way.  Whole lot of people are going to be eating crow on this one!

  •  Didn’t happen.  Did you really read the story and look at the facts, as presented or did you overlook those questionables in a rush to form your own misguided opinion?

  •  By now you should feel a little foolish after realizing that this story is a hoax!  The boy did not tell the truth.

  •  If you’re trying to anger blacks and make them want to kick the crap out of little liars, then keep making up stories like this one.  By now, you should realize that this story is a hoax.  A lot of people are looking silly right now.  You are so eager to believe a story like this that you overlooked so many questions.  Why didn’t they take the gas can as evidence?  How do they know the boys are 16 years old and have yet to identify them??  If the kid could describe his “assailants” down to the NUMBER ON HIS SHOE, why haven’t there been sketches given to the public???  How can a fireball cause only first degree burns????  The mom said that the boys go to her son’s school.  Really????  Then why haven’t they been identified??????

  • By now,
    you should realize that this story is a hoax.  A lot of people are
    looking silly right now.  You are so eager to believe a story like this
    that you overlooked so many questions.  Why didn’t they take the gas can
    as evidence?  How do they know the boys are 16 years old and have yet
    to identify them??  If the kid could describe his “assailants” down to
    the NUMBER ON HIS SHOE, why haven’t there been sketches given to the
    public???  How can a fireball cause only first degree burns????  The mom
    said that the boys go to her son’s school.  Really????  Then why
    haven’t they been identified??????  The boy was chased for blocks by two black boys but no one else saw this????  Where is the press conference by the police to calm down all of the bigoted racist fanatics????  C’mon people, put on your thinking caps and use your brains.  It’s not funny, but reading most of these comments from a “fooled y’all” perspective is kinda humorous!