“Saving Face”: Horrific Acid Attacks Target Women in Pakistan

Christiane Amanpour et al., Yahoo! News, February 29, 2012

Every year in Pakistan around 150 women are victims of acid attacks, horrific incidents where liquid acid is thrown on their face, leaving them permanently scared and disfigured.

Many are left without access to proper medical care, while those that do have access often require up to 20 surgeries to properly treat the damage.

In truth, the number of victims is likely much higher than those reported as many are attacks are typically carried out by someone close to them, such as a disgruntled husband or suitor looking for revenge.

According to filmmaker Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, who just won the Academy Award for the short form documentary “Saving Face”, “If a man wants to take on a second wife but his first wife doesn’t want him to, he says, right I’ll just throw acid on her face and get rid of her, so she’ll spend the rest of her life in and out of hospitals.”

It’s been difficult for advocates of women’s rights in Pakistan to combat the attacks since many go unreported, while attackers that are caught, are often let go with minimal punishment from the state.


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  • crystal evans

    This just shows how Muslims actually value their women. Throw acid on your first wife . That will get rid of her and then you can marry another wife or wives. Muslim men are allowed 4 wives at one time.

  • These lovely winners are coming to a White nation near you, if they aren’t already there. Been to London or Sydney or Dearborn Michigan lately? This is what the White nations are told they need to import by the millions and the tens of millions. These absolute disgusting savages!

    Edit: You won’t hear one peep about this from Christians or feminists, either. Eh, who cares if the men throw acid on their wives and rape women before executing them? Celebrate diversity!

    • Alexandra1973

      Oh, you’ll hear a peep from THIS Christian.  The Bible tells husbands to love their wives.

  • Sonya610

    In most Muslim countries marriage contracts are the norm, and the vast majority of time the wife states she will be the ONLY wife.  If a marriage contract exists he could always just divorce his first wife but he couldn’t simply disfigure her and marry a second or third.

    Pakistani’s are ultra ignorant low caste Indians and they still act like Indians; acid attacks are much like the bride burning customs in India.

    • crystal evans

      Do you really think these folks care about a contract? All they know is that if they have to kill their current wife to remarry, they will do that.

      • Sonya610

        Uhh….yes they do care. The punishment for ADULTRY is DEATH in many Muslim countries, that means if there is a contract and the husband cannot legally take a second wife the consequences could be VERY serious indeed.

        Throw in the fact the families of the brides are involved in these matters and they aren’t going to let their daughters enter a sham marriage that leads to adultry charges and shames the whole lot of them.

        They burn them with acid because they want too, not because they can’t divorce them, divorce is very easy for the men.

        • This reminds of the story of the Stoning of Soraya M in Iran.. She was an innocent woman whose husband claimed that she had committed adultery so that he could marry a 16 year old girl. It did not matter whether she was innocent or not, he convinced the Sharia law court that she was guilty and she was stoned to death.

  • guest

    I can’t believe that female liberals and feminists could actually be okay with these people.  Don’t they know that women’s rights have no place in the world of Islam?

    • Alexandra1973

      The funny thing is, they enjoy putting down Christianity because they say it enslaves women…which, by the way, is not true at all.

    • Oil Can Harry

      The feminists were outraged when Newt Get-rich dumped his second wife after she turned down his request for an open marriage.

      But when Muslims throw acid in women’s faces their response is “We must respect their diverse culture and alternative lifestyles”.

  • Coming soon to a neighborhood near you! Won’t this make the feminists happy?

    • MartelC

       all products of cultural marxism – feminism included – have one purpose – to destroy the west – islam just does it better- that’s why feminism gets swept aside. 

  • MartelC

    as I type, I can hear the Muslim call to prayer- never heard it before in my neigborhood- muslims have been flooding in and liberals think its just GREAT.. 

  • loyalwhitebriton

    To Muslims, and other non-White Christians, women are chattel.
    Women exist to fulfill two basic functions:
    1. Sate the sexual desire of the man.
    2. Produce babies – preferably sons.
    Nothing more, nothing less.
    Christianity teaches that men and women should have only one partner; husbands and wives should love one another; parents should love their children. That’s why Christianity is the religion of peace and progress – not the war-like, paedophilliac, religion of the moon-god ‘allah’.

    • Desicat674

      Also because more people have died in the name of the Christian god than any other religion and most other things throughout history. if you call bullshit on this you might want to check your facts before damning other religions.

  • Kurt Plummer

    And Britain apologizes for sins done in pre-separation India by sending these people BILLIONS OF POUNDS worth of ‘education funds’ while their own schools go to pot.  Money which is funneled directly into madrassas that continue the tradition of Islamic dominion over and hatred of women.
    And we allowed AQ Khan, a Pakistani transplant, to steal the plans for the Type 2/3 centrifuges from Europe’s URENCO (specifically _instructed_ Dutch intelligence to let him go) nuclear industry so that he could turn Pakistan into a nuclear power and from there ‘the world’ as the nuclear technology bazaar he set up which fed engineering capabilities to the likes of Iran, Libya and North Korea.  A system which was made possible by a Firefox scenario wherein ‘the interests’ of an ongoing CIA intelligence operation as job security caused them to let a Swiss Family Genociders (Tinners) company to supply Euro-engineered (precision lathed) components that now render nuclear proliferation impossible to contain.
    Not to mention the BILLION$ which vanished down an ISI black hole of Mujahadeen-today-Taliban-tomorrow fight in AfG, back in the 1980s.
    We have no right to sanctimony over these people when we empower their sadism.
    And for those who say that ‘if not us then someone else and at least they pick up the phone when we call’, keep in mind that they are ALREADY going to outside sources.
    When the Pakistanis wanted to get a secure nuclear delivery system (far more penetrable than the F-16 which we embargoed spares for), they went to China for the M-11 ballistic missiles as ‘SKD’ or Semi-Knock-Down kits which avoided export controls and taught them how to build their own HATF-1 (‘Terror’) followon.  Did they use U.S. money from the Russian Insurgency operation to buy them?  It doesn’t matter.  What does matter is that Charlie Wilson forced the State Department and CIA to cover the existence of these weapons purchases up in making requests to Congress for the Afghan money to begin with. 
    Pakistan is a land of 170 MILLION people.  Half the populaiton of the entire U.S.  contained in an area the size of Texas.
    They have no control over the most basic responsibility of all peoples: to retain resources by not overbreeding their exploitation.
    In this, there is nothing to be said for them.  But much to be said -against- U.S..  Because whites are the ONE race group, which, if left to our own resources, would never have to worry about competing by birth rate with a bunch of third world madmen and their misogynous
    There but for the liberal dysgenics and corporate profiteerism which seeks to destroy us all.  There truly is no excuse for what we do to ourselves.

    • loyalwhitebriton

      It really does beggar belief that we are giving literally millions of tax£ to a country which has it’s own Space Programme, and even overseas Aid Programme.
      The Department for International Developement (which doles out the money) is nothing more than a make-work scheme to allow politicians and civil servants to jet around the world, stay in 5* Hotels, live high on the hog, throw our money around like it’s confetti, just so that they can feel good about themselves.
      International ‘Aid’ should be scrapped, and the money invested in the UK. In fact, why don’t we use some of that ‘Aid’ money, that we send to India, to send BACK to India the literally thousands of un-documented Indians that are currently residing, illegally, in the UK. 
      That would be a good start.

  • MartelC

    Read my post a bit more carefully, preferably when not red-eyed with anger.
    Feminism in its modern form has nothing to do with ‘liberating’ women, any more than the civil rights movement leaders like MLK’s handler, Stanely Levin (or Stalin for that matter) gave a damn about blacks.

  • loyalwhitebriton

    Good point.

  • Anan7

    where does the Bible say that?