Asians Fastest-Growing Race in United States, Census Finds

Yahoo! News, March 21, 2012

Asians are the fastest growing race group in the United States, reflecting a surge in immigration from the entire region over a decade, the US Census Bureau said Tuesday.

As part of an ongoing analysis of the data it reaped from its 2010 census, the federal agency said those who identified themselves as Asian alone, and not mixed race, grew by 43.3 percent from a decade earlier.

That was more than four times faster than the rate of growth for the overall US population, which grew 9.7 percent in the same period to 308,745,538.

Some 14.7 million people, or 4.8 percent of the total population, identified themselves as Asian alone. Another 2.6 million, or 0.9 percent, said they were Asian in combination with another race group, most commonly white.


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  • White People are going to split.

    Some White People see no threat from asians and some do.  Some don’t see a take-over and some do.  Some don’t see the poor quality and depressed wages they brought and some do.  I could go and on about what some see and some don’t and this is why I say, White People are going to split.

  • I don’t care what their crime rate is. I don’t care what their IQ scores are. I care about one thing and one thing only, the White race. Asian are competitors who love to bilk the system and take ol’ Roundeye for every little bit of tax dollar they can. They are notoriously corrupt invaders.

    Deport ’em all!

    • Amen!

      Tell me, do you get an odd feeling when you see them?  I get an odd feeling.  They’re just so ‘out of place’ to me.  I need Rhyme and Rhythm and they just don’t give me that.

      • Well than since 
        you like “Rhyme and Rhythm” so much….African Americans would certainly be more to 
        your liking than boring insipid whites! Eh?

        • Excuse me?

          Do you know how to read?  Do you know how to comprehend what you’re reading?

          I thought you Jews were supposed to be “Intelligent”.

        • Black Swan

          Yeah, like those insipid Jews that run the music industry promoting white-hating blacks like kanye, who on his new album says that white women have flat asses but are o k to suck his ****. This guy gets accolades from your community.

          • Well what is wrong with what Kanye said? What he stated was absolutely true. HAHA blacks & Jews and even Asians can be fun…but whites are as impotent in their sense of humor as their fertility rates. Must be the cold Tundra climate which made such boring stiff oafs! And Kanye sells real well among the present generation white teens and adults….there are far far more hot white nordic girls who are die hard fans of Kanye and if given the chance would gladly suck his **** then those who would even care to listen to Mozart, Elvis and white country male singers. If Toby Keith, Keith Urban or the old timers from Alabama were compared to the likes of Black artistes such as T Pain, Kanye, Jay Z and Russell Simons, the white dudes would never even compare in terms of business output, commercial success, album sales, cash input, popularity and fan following among white girls….the blacks would totally kill them in all these features.   

          • Black Swan

            Why do so many Jewish men marry out? Why do they reject their own women so often? The out-marriage rate is around 50-60&. The out-marriage rate for white men is around 3%.

            Why is the out-marriage rage about 50%? If so many White women are, as you claim, undesirable why do so many Jewish men find White women so attractive?

            Why don’t Jewish men find their own women attractive? Could it be that Jewish women ARE unattractive, loud and foul-mouthed?

            Next, I’ll write about cousin marriage among Jewish people and the high rates of genetic diseases from inbreeding.

          • Katherine McChesney

            Many Jewish men in Hollywood marry blacks.

          • Katherine McChesney

            Israel Finklestein….Jewish hater of White Christians.

  • How so very true.  My posts appear automatically (because of facebook) and Amren has deleted some of my posts.

    Don’t know if you’re interested but you could sign up and just use your Jupiter name as your “real” name.

  • JohnEngelman

    My like was directed to the moderator, rather than to Jupiter7. Needless to say, I disagree with Jupiter7 about the Chinese Exclusion Act.

    • IstvanIN

      So you think we should be over run by Chinamen?

      • JohnEngelman

        We are not going to be over run by them. I have liked every Chinese person I have known. 

        • IstvanIN

          Then you’ll have 1.3 billion reasons to move to China!

        • Xanthippe2

          What you personally like and dislike should be subservient to
          the ethnic integrity of the nation.  Of course you may disagree, but in my opinion ethnically homogenous nations work (especially when White) and multi-ethnic nations don’t.

          • JohnEngelman

            In the United States blacks and Hispanics fight each other and attack whites and Orientals. Whites and Orientals get along harmoniously. We compete in the class room and on the job. We do not fight in the street.
            Many of the same whites who gloat about the inferior performance of blacks and Hispanics resent the superior performance of Orientals, immigrants from India, and Jews. 
            The only Americans who have the right to complain about race displacement are American Indians. 

          • Stealing…..Sorry.


            I can’t be nice to you anymore.  You’re a Traitor and Traitors, well, you know…

            Were you the Honest person you claim to be, you’d leave behind all the comforts White Brilliance has Graced you with and instead, embrace your asian, india and jewish brilliance but you don’t.  You use White Stuff and at the same time, crap all over it and White People.

            Were this My America, you’d be expelled.  My America Does Not Tolerate Traitors.

            Indians – Have you ever shown any concern for the Natural Rights of The White Peoples to own Europe?

        • Now this is a Statement!  You’re not White.  You’re a Mixy.  Asians won’t accept you so you’re trying your “White” side right?

          How do you come to a Pro-White Site and bash blacks, hispanics and muslims yet put asians over us?  asians are just as bad as any other non-white out there.  They too practice weird, bizarre, brutal and cruel customs and they too, have gangs, sex trade, slavery, etc.

          And, we most certainly will be “over run” by them.  We are already.  There’s no good reason for any asian to be in an American Town that is all of 3,410 Pop. as of 7/09 outside of intending to take over.

          Let me give you an example of a take-over:

          There’s a Rite-Aid, a Pizza Shop, a Laundromat (pizza and laundry owned by same White Person) and then, there is the chinese nail place and the chinese fast food take-out.  Next to that is a restaurant that is “owned” by an egyption and his TRAITOR WHITE wife.  Next to that is an auction place that is also non-white owned.

          Now, that entire complex is mostly non-white and the only reason they haven’t gotten the pizza and laundry is ’cause that Fella’s been there forever and he does well but if he wasn’t, it’d be non-white “owned” too.  This I can guarantee you.

          Oh and yeah, the Rite-Aid, the pharmacist “manager” is an indian.  As a matter of fact, every single drug store around here has indians in their pharmacy departments.  It’s disgusting.   

          Now, all four of those non-white “owned” businesses used to be White Owned.  What does it mean when all of a sudden, it’s all non-white?

          It doesn’t stop there.  How many asian restaurants do you need in such a small Town?  Apparently, many.  For every complex you can find, you will find something asian.

          • What your problem is that you see both Asians and Asian Americans as one and the same. We are not. Japanese Americans do not have the high suicide rate that occurs in Japan.  We are more like you than you think.  Nearly all of us, except those who spent time in Japan, do not speak Japanese. I only know a few words. We eat American food but enjoy different cuisines like everyone else does.

          • Crystal,

            There is NO difference between asians and asian-americans. Both are Asian.

            America belongs to Americans and that’s it.  Asians have Asia.  What no one will explain is, why is it ONLY White Countries who must accept and change for non-whites?

            Where is all the White People and White Culture in all the other Non-White Countries?

            How about this:  Why must asians force their way into Small Town America?  Why can’t you people stay in the multi-culti cities you created?

            how about this:  Allow Americans to Vote.  If the Majority wishes to allow a take-over of their Town, so be it but if not, you people must go elsewhere to peddle your asian culture.

            By the way, I never had a problem with American Culture so I’ve never eaten cuisine and I’m not interested in trying it neither.

          • JohnEngelman

            Welcome to American Renaissance. Please post here frequently. India is the home of a great and ancient civilization. 

    • John,

      Try as you might, no one is ever gonna accept you and your asian family except other asian lovers.  You will tell me, ‘I’m not trying to be accepted’ but you are and that is why you are here.  This is how I feel about you:

      You screwed up.  You thought you had something in common with asians but found, you really don’t.  So, in your White Loneliness, you seek out your own kind (us) BUT, and here is where you really screw up, instead of you divorcing your asian family and coming back to White and keeping secret (I don’t like to hear about race trading, it makes me sick), your Traitorous Deed, you choose to try to convince us Racially Aware White Folk how “good” those people are.

      You want to be surrounded by White but you’re not willing to be Loyal to White and this is why you and people like you cannot be Trusted.  I was willing to forgive your Traitorous Ways and chalk it up to a mistake but it’s not a mistake is it?

      For years now, years John, you’ve been advocating for asians.  Are you Asian?  I kinda think you are.  There is no good reason for you to choose asians over your own.  None.

      • JohnEngelman

        Not that it matters, but I am a Gentile Nordic. What does matter is IQ and achievement.  Those to take pride in being Gentile Nordics have nothing else to be proud of.

        • Fine.

          As of Today, Asians are not allowed due to the fact they are still Third World in these here Days of Knowledge.

        • Insoc

          John Engelman, do us a favor and just shut up.  Asians are some of the most colonial and cruel people on the face of the earth yet no one is calling for their countries to be flooded with black refugees from Africa because of “Asian guilt.” They have no right to immigrate to white created countries to compete with us for resources and living space.  They have despoiled their own countries with massive pollution and will do the same here.

          Everything White-haters like you have,  you have because of us. Democracy? That was our invention. Theory of evolution? That was ours too. Computers? Yup, us. Internet? Medicine ? Cars? X-rays? Space flight? Radio? Television? The environmental movement? Classical music? Satellite communication? They only exist because of us, not Asians.

          Maybe those who believe whites don’t have a right to exist in their own countries should thank us for all that we’ve given the world instead of attacking us like the spoiled children that you are. 

          Without the inventions of white Americans the world would be a cruel and barbarous place.

          • JohnEngelman

            Just because I admire Orientals does not mean that I hate whites. 

          • Insoc

            You are Anti-White. 
I’ll stop calling you a white-hater when you stop hating whites.

  • You notice how it wasn’t until AFTER the Death of our Last Standing Founding Father that “americans” were allowed to murder Americans and America via Eastern Immigration.

    You know our Founding Fathers’ would never allow any “american” to deny an American in America in favor of some cheap eastern immigrant.  No Western Immigrant either for that matter.

  • IstvanIN

    If “Asians” are so great move to Asia.  We don’t need them.  Want to raise our average IQ without exterminating Eurpopean-Americans, just deport the blacks and Latinos.

    • Really? Asians have higher IQ’s than whites. They have better SAT/ACT scores and grades that whites. Where would you deport the Blacks and Latinos to. We tried to send the Blacks back to Africa to a country called Liberia but that did not work. I agree that we should send illegal immigrant Latinos back to their country of origin.

      • StivD

        Yet, they always have to turn to American universities created and made competitive by white men. ‘Asians’ obviously need the world created by white people in order to have the level of success they have.

        You, along with the rest of your race, are not honorary Americans or whites; you have no right to ride the coattails of this country, no matter what anybody else thinks.

        • JohnEngelman

          I think they do. 

          •  OF COURSE YOU THINK THAT! You think the yellow peril is entitled to spots in our colleges created and funded by White men. You think they should benefit in a jobs market created by White men. You said that Asians have a right to ride the coattails of White nations. GTFO.

          • StivD

            By what logic?? Are they also owed something somehow. Yet another group that’s ‘owed’ a debt.

          • Insoc

             Try to imagine how much brainwashing it would take to convince all the Asians living in Asia, that they need to go ahead and replace themselves and their children (in Asia) with North African Muslims or blacks?Now imagine that they were so totally mind conditioned and brainwashed. That they really believed it would be RACIST not to?

            Here’s a question for everyone here: 

            Is there anything dumber than an anti-White White?

        • Insulting Crystal does nothing to advance your political/racial agenda….

          • StivD

            I think at this point that you and that little opportunistic japanese slut and Engelman and his whore can all burn in hell. This also includes Jared Taylor and his piece of yellow meat. 

            Wayne Lo should also say some of the things he’s saying outside of his protected comfort zone. 

            I want to find white people who have passion and are alive with a determination to work for their own solely. Since this isn’t the site for that. I have no interest in the lot of you Oriental worshiping zombies.  Typical academician, educated idiots with very, very little loyalty to  what are white peons in your/their eyes.

            I’m done.

          • Wayne Lo

             Interestingly I read a few years ago that Mr Taylor was quite the cassanova around the Japanese ladies.

            He was actually questioned by a journalist over this during his visit to Halifax, Canada, and Mr Taylor lost his composure.

            There was also a rumoured infidelity with a Japanese lady surnamed Akisada, if I remember rightly.

            It seems hypocrisy abounds in the WN movement. I would hardly imagine the WN crowd being so forgiving of a white women who slept round with black men.

      • Xanthippe2

        Maybe Blacks haven’t done well in Africa (by White or Asian standards) but Asians have done well in Asia.  I don’t mean always, White countries don’t always do well either, but sometimes.  At least when an ethnic group has its own area it can be itself.

      • First, it’s NOT “We” and second, you’re a “third generation JAPANESE-american” remember? You also have no problem with asian based groups or asian based favoritism.

        Non-Whites and Whites do NOT belong together. Nothing personal, just fact.

        • Like I have said previously, Asian Americans succeed because of hard work and parental expectations.  Asian parents, especially first generation immigrants have high expectations of their children. Their children not only study hard, some of them also work part time in the family business. These kids do not sit at home and play video games or watch American Idol like their counterparts do.

          • StivD

            You and Mr. Engleman are Oriental supremacists. 

          • Nonsense.

            Asian Parents can expect their young to learn in Asia.  Asians are better remember?  No need for them to be here.Look, Intelligent People do not lower themselves and there is only one reason why an Intelligent Person would live in a less than Intelligent Country filled with less than Intelligent People and that is to take them over or to School them and the fact of the matter is:  Asians can’t teach White People anything.  That is why you people learn from White Knowledge rather than White People learning from Non-White Knowledge so where does that leave us?  Take-over and were you to be Honest, you’d admit that that is exactly what is happening.There is no sharing, no competition, no fairness and no equality between our races.  Your race gets tons of advantages over mine and that’s why your race is “smarter”.

            As for the Television, perhaps if Americans were not forced to submit to Third World Asian Wages, perhaps mom could be there and that Television wouldn’t have to be the babysitter.

          • JohnEngelman

            Those kids most assuredly do not get into trouble in school and with the police. 

        • JohnEngelman

          What is factual about that assertion? 

          • What “assertion”?

            Depressed Wages is a FACT!  And who brought Third World Wages here?  Non-whites brought them.

            The fact is, if non-whites were American, they wouldn’t accept Third World Wages but they do and they do because they are, they can’t help it, they are, Third World.  They’re comfortable with it, they need it and that’s why they ALWAYS bring it with them wherever they go.

            Once Upon a Time in America, a Dad could afford to Feed his Family and Mom could raise their Young…

        • And 
          you are a third or fourth generation Polish American. Don’t forget that…remember?

          • More Jew “Intelligence”…

            “Galonska” is German and, my dear little ever so “intelligent” jew, I AM AMERICAN.  ONLY AMERICAN.

            My Blood Line has been here FOREVER and, my “chosen” one, it is you who needs to remember, last names can be paternal, maternal and yes, even married.

            you jews ain’t special, you’re not chosen, you ain’t gonna inherit nothing and while you’ve fooled many, you haven’t fooled us all.

            Look, you don’t get to start and expect to not get it back.

  • Are these good asians like japanese/chinese or bad asians paki/middle east?

    • Anon12

       Does it even matter?  They all belong in their own lands. We do not need one single one for anything or for our well being and happiness.

      • My grandfather came to the US to work in the sugar cane fields of Hawaii. After completing his contract, he stayed on and opened up a general store and a pig farm. At this time, the Native Hawaiian population would not work in the sugar cane fields so plantation owners hired people from Japan and the Philippines to work in the fields. They were considering bringing in Blacks but decided against it because they were seen as too unruly.

        • So you live in Hawaii?  Hawaii never was a part of America anyhow so you’re okay.

        • “They were considering bringing in Blacks but decided against it because they were seen as too unruly.”

          They sound like wise plantation owners….

          I read that Oakland, CA, used to be a really nice town prior to WW II. Then during the war, Kaiser Shipping moved tons of blacks from the South to there via railroads to build ships. Ever since then, most of Oakland has been a ghetto.

          • JohnEngelman

            Oakland’s Chinatown is an oasis of civility in the middle of all that. 

  • IstvanIN


  • As I already said, commenting suicidal ramblings of our Asiaphiles:

    Orientals (let’s call South and East Asian peoples with this name) are around 3 billion people. And they- Indians, Chinese, Thais, Vietnamese, Japanese, Koreans, Bengalis, … possess old cultures, some going back as far as 1700 B.C.

    So- why would a 310 million nation, created by European peoples (White race + English language + Western culture) lead a policy of ethnic inundation, which is, essentially, suicidal ?
    Although they fall back behind White Europeans even today in creativity & originality & inventiveness , Orientals can oust average Whites in the US simply by sending their upper crust- this is the upper crust of more than 3 billion people, a huge numerical disparity – 10 times more than the entire US population.
    So, it’s not that average Joe is lazy & spoiled. It’s that he’s being pushed aside by the best “specimens” from an enormously bigger pool.

    Denmark has ca. 5 million people, as I recall; also, there are more than 300 million Bengalis. It’s easily imaginable that if Denmark were to lead a relaxed immigration policy towards Bengalis, it is certain that most qualified jobs would go to the Bengalis- simply, from a 300 million pool- and Bengali culture is an old one & very rich, especially in religious philosophy and visual arts- one can “extract” more qualified people for almost all jobs than from a reservoir of 5 million Danes.

    In plain English- US universities should serve to school US population (at least 80%)- and not the entire world.

  • StivD

    Their sheer numbers in the world alone should be enough to cause whites to be wary of them. They’re also very ambitious people in some not so positive ways for whites. I think they always plan ahead and can carry those plans out well, far more than other races.

    • Wayne Lo

      Sheer rubbish. Their sheer numbers are not that much more than whites.

      ‘Orientals’ number about 1.4 to 1.5 billion. Whites (at least those who would be recognised as whites by Amerenners) number around 1.2 billion.

      Whites are clearly the world’s second most numerous race, not that far behind East Asians. And whites are a lot more closely related to most of the 1.1 billion people in India, than East Asians are (refer David Duke’s My Awakening).

      There are significantly more people of ‘white’ descent in the world than there are of sub-Saharan African descent.

      And if you included North African and Near Eastern caucasoids as white (and there are good reasons to —after all many North African caucasoids would be at least as closely related to say Italians, as Southern Chinese are related to Koreans), then the numbers of ‘whites’ would be about the same as the number of ‘orientals.

      And if we consider the larger racial grouping –ie total number of Caucasoids v Mongoloids, I think it is the Caucasoid race which is larger.

      Get your facts right before throwing around lame comments.

      • StivD

        Put Nordic/Celtic, etc, up against those numbers and see how much the comparison suffers. Indian, North Africans et al count for far less. 

      • Insoc

        Whites are clearly the world’s second most numerous race, not that far behind East Asians. 

        White people ARE a minority. We are anywhere from 8% to 10% of the earth’s population, which any 8th grader who wasn’t SILLY would say is a minority.

  • As one of the posters who are okay w/Asian & Caucasian marriages (or, if you prefer, Occidental & Oriental or yellow & white), I want to say that I think ALL immigration (except in exceptional cases), needs to STOP and we need to deport ALL the illegal aliens within our borders, regardless of their race.

    We are on the verge of losing our civilization due the MSM/Hollywood, sociologists, psychologists, school teachers and college profs. promoting illegitimacy ( ). The higher the illegitimacy rate, the more crime and the less stable, educated, and productive our society becomes. All these problems will cry out for a governmental solution (i.e., the socialistic Nanny state). The MSM and the others are also in lockstep w/promoting multiculturalism, religious pluralism, and anything else that dilutes our Western cultural legacy.

    All those illegals employed by WHITES to care for their kids, wash their cars, construct and maintain their homes and gardens, flip burgers, work in factories, etc, IF they become American citizens, will stop doing that kind of work (since those are “jobs that Americans won’t do”), thus creating a vacuum for the another wave of millions of illegals. Those new “Americans”, most of whom have, at best, a MEXICAN high school education, will vote Democratic to push socialism. Those whites who employed them will find their wealth taken away by the big gov’t redistribution programs. Those whites don’t care one wit about this country, all they care about is increasing their personal & families’ wealth. Those whites will have paid for illegals to come here and destroy our country.

    (Note: you rarely see Hispanics/Latinos working for black or Asian Americans, it is almost always whites who are the traitors paying the illegal Latinos.)

    Thus, for me, since black Americans aren’t going anywhere, the #1 racial threat to our country are our open borders and the illegals already here, those being primarily Hispanics/Latinos. If we could put a man on the moon 40 yrs ago, and if North Korea can close their border, we can close ours to illegal aliens.

    IMO, our #2 threat is black on white criminal violence (primarily, the rape of white women and the assault of white men).

    Compared to those two threats, Asian (i.e., “Far East” Asian) LEGAL immigrants are a MINOR threat to whites in America.

    Note well that the military and/or economic threat to us from hostile Asian nations (e.g., communist red China and North Korea), is a real, but separate issue.

    • You have a good point. Originally, Blacks worked as maids and other domestic help in white homes. After the Civil rights movement and Blacks were able to get other jobs. Now illegal immigrants make up the majority of domestic workers.  They are at the bottom of the totem pole but there is a difference between them and the Blacks. It is the lack of papers and without papers, they cannot get a good paying job so they get the jobs that they can get.  Most people employing household help are not going to check a potential employee’s immigration status.

      • Nobody hires blacks for domestic help anymore. Too many of them have the chip on their shoulders, so people are afraid to open their homes to them. Latino workers, however, are thankful for their jobs so whites aren’t as afraid that they’ll tell their friends how to rob the place.

        Latino men stand around all day on Cesar Chavez/Army St and Bayshore Blvd in SF and around Home Depots waiting to work. Black men hang around all day in public housing waiting for an opportunity to commit a crime….

  • You are right. Not many Americans get advanced degrees in STEM. Would you rather have these people use their degrees in our country, open up business that would employ American workers or have them go home and compete against us? 

    • StivD

      Who is “us”?

    • Xanthippe2

      Compete (and cooperate) with us!  Can’t independent nations with different cultures and ethnic make-ups exist?  Whites can get advanced degrees and build things and discover things, you know.  It has happened in the past.

    • DelmarJackson

      Steven camarotas latest data show 1.8 million Americans with engineering degrees can not find work in their field and are no longer working in engineering. Any reduced amount of advanced STEM degrees by Americans is due entirely to the awareness that massive importing of cheaper and younger foreign workers to take their jobs makes the STEM field a poor choice for a career unless they don’t mind being kicked out at 35-40 years of age. this creates a self fulfilling scenario where few Americans will enter the profession so even more foreign workers are brought in.

       When you add in the nepotism and cronyism that occurs in industries once the employees reach a certain level of foreign workers from China and India that will work to keep out Americans, and the added threat of foreign workers taking business secrets back to their home country and the lack of loyalty to the country allowing companies to behave in ways that hurt the communities,there is little reason to encourage massive foreign immigration in the STEM fields.

       Finally, if companies are truly having trouble finding American workers, why are the wahes depressed? if the forign worker is truly the best and brightest, why aren’t the companies paying them top dollar instead half to 2/3 of the regular pay for their position?

       Immigration is a racket and we are being made to pay for our own disposession.

      • THANK-YOU!!!!  I need this. (video)

      • A lot of these jobs are outsourced to India where these companies can pay them a lot less than they do American workers. 

    • “We” don’t need your third world asian wages and your third world asian working conditions.

       You should hear they way you write.  Get this right little ms. asian,

      Americans will NEVER be Under you.

    • Well stated…if not for high IQ Jews, Asian Indians and East Asians ( orientals) who are the best academic performers outscoring white gentiles and are the wealthiest ethnic groups in this nation…many middle class whites would be unemployed! The fact is, these groups start businesses and with their good educational degrees in the Sciences along with their business savvy helps generate the world’s greatest economy. While traditional white Americans maybe the backbone of this nation, being the majority…the priceless contributions of certain aforementioned ethnic groups was and still is vital to American progress, whether in the Sciences, technology, medicine, Engineering, architecture, business, academia and research.

      • Black Swan

        I have a question for “Israel” et. al, and his fellow white haters here like John Engelman:

        Why should white countries and only white countries have a moral imperative to admit millions of nonwhites so that they become a minority? It’s not just the US, but every white country and only white countries.

    • Insoc

      Not many Americans get advanced degrees in STEM. 

      Meanwhile in the real world…

      Wonder how white Americans put men into space without STEM degrees or Asians.

  • Asian is one of the three races of man. It was formerly called Mongoloid. This description also includes Native Americans. Formerly, Indians and Pakistanis were classified as white but from I understand, the change to Asian was made and they were listed as South Asian because Indians and Pakistanis complained that they were not eligible for Small Business Administration loans designed for minorities.

  • Yeah, but the Chinese built the railroads out west.

    • Xanthippe2

      Whites wanted to build them too — but for higher wages and better working conditions.  Could this have worked?  Yes, it could have!

      • StivD

        I think there were also some Irish working on those railroads.

    • And what an astounding contribution that was!  In case you haven’t heard, there’s more than one way to travel.

      Let’s talk about why asians, in all their “intelligence”, need so much catering to instead.  Or why they always cheat.  Or why they’re so cruel to animals.  Pick a Negative and let’s talk about it.

      • Wayne Lo

        Yeah sure. Let’s talk about it.

        Cruel to animals?

        By almost very measure whites are worse to animals than Asians.

        Asia has a long history of vegetarianism. Over 10% of Taiwan’s population are vegetarians.

        Japanese eschewed, even banned consumption of the meat of slaughtered animals for centuries. That is until they decided to ‘catch up’ with the West, and start eating beef.

        Animal welfare is a fundamental part of most Eastern religions.

        Whereas Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, rarely mention animals, except as objects of sacrifice and food. Even Jesus himself drove a whold herd of pigs off a cliff to die what undoubtedly would have been agonising deaths.

        Here is an excellent thread which thoroughly debunks the notion of Asiatic ‘cruelty’ towards animals.

        • I can’t debate deliberate liars.

          NEWS!  WATCH IT!  It’s only been on the news for YEARS about you people and your cruelties.

          Burlington Coat Factory stopped buying from you people because of your cruelty.

          Why do chinese cut the fins of sharks and leave the dead bodies so they may cause damage to the ecological well being of the ocean?  

          Why do they WASTE the fish they catch instead of feeding their own starving people?

          If you can’t be Honest, don’t respond to me.

        • Black Swan

          Speaking of Chinese – they make a fortune polluting and destroying their (our) environment in their industries due to the fact they have no regulations. 

          I saw a great documentary last year of some Swedish brat kids traveling China to reveal the conditions of Nike and other manufactures. During an interview with a plant manager one of the young woman workers passed out behind him. The manager looked, turned back and smiled like a cheshire cat and said “oh oh, dont worry, they recover quickly”. He thought the Swedes were concerned about production, LOL, so many points came to light at that moment.

        • Black Swan

          OK Wayne, yeah, sure, let’s talk about it.

          Chinese regularly skin dogs alive in the most heinous manner for their meat and fur.

          I’ve posted two images from these imaginably cruel “farms” that WayneLo seems to think don’t exist.

          The caption on the second image states:  “A raccoon dog destined for the dinner table looks out of its cage in Xin Yuan wild animal market in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou.”

          From the Australian press:

          “Horrific video of animals being skinned alive for their pelts in China have been featured in Australian news reports on the illicit trade in dog fur.”

          “According to the reports, tests on a range of clothing detected the fur of raccoon dogs, a breed ‘mainly farmed in China where the animals are kept in unbelievably cruel conditions before being beaten and then skinned alive.’

          “Animal advocacy group Care for the Wild, in a report on animals reared on Chinese fur farms, confirms that many animals are alive and fully conscious while being skinned “and remained so for up to 10 minutes afterwards!”

          “At the end, even after all its feet had been cut off, the animal was still alive and had sobered up after its vain struggles.  Like something out of a horror film like “The Fly” it raised its head, blinked with its remaining eyelashes and then lay its head down to continue dying for anything from 10-20 minutes.  On Chinese fur farms they are skinning cats and dogs alive.”

          Hey Wayne:  How about showing us anywhere where skinning dogs while they are alive is practiced by whites in the U.S.?

          Report from PETA called  “skinned alive” on the cruel Chinese dog fur trade:

          Here a link to a video about dogs being skinned alive from PETA.


          Take a good look WayneLo and then come back here and try to tell us that “Whites are worse to animals than Asians.”

          • Wayne Lo

            Anyone who thinks that animals are easiest skinned alive is an absolute fool. It is simply unbelievable, not only from a cruelty perspective, but from one of efficiency.

            “Trying to skin an animal alive is stupid incarnate; it will thrash and
            bite. Killing the animal quickly and cleanly THEN skinning it is much
            quicker, safer, and easier. Its also cleaner and less damaging to the
            fur because a corpse doesn’t bleed while skinning, thus the fur can be
            removed without it being soiled.”

            Check out on the internet a bit more about this video. It was very likely staged. Extreme animal rights groups have a history of doing this sort of thing:

            As the man prepares to skin the raccoon dog alive, another man
            appears to be instructing him with such expressions as “You should do
            this.” Meanwhile, a clearly surprised on-looker asks, “You will skin the
            animal alive?” After the animal has been skinned, another on-looker
            calls to the cameraman, “Take a picture here quickly. The animal is
            still alive.”

            The camera then comes in close on a skinned, but still moving animal
            on a pile of animal carcasses. While the moving animal is covered in
            blood, showing its heart was pumping during the process, the animals
            beneath it are clean, as they would be if skinned while dead, which, of
            course, is the normal procedure and the ONLY acceptable one by humane

            Another scene shows a man wearing tattered shoes, hitting a fox on
            the head with a knife, temporarily stunning but not killing it. He then
            struggles to skin the obviously alive, moving animal, alternating with
            beating it with the knife. The animal struggles so much as to make the
            job impossible, and a shot is seen of the man’s shoes on the animal’s

            It is nonsensical to suggest that skinning an animal alive is normal
            practice since even this film of inhumane behavior proves this process
            to be difficult and dangerous, and furthermore the pulse of the living
            animal would cause extensive bleeding and damage to the fur. It is
            therefore highly likely that these scenes were staged.

            Anyone who would believe that skinning an animal alive is the easiest way to get to its fur is simply not exercising common sense.

          • Black Swan

            Pathetic Wayne. You’re clearly putting a lot of effort into avoiding reality as hard you can You are defending the indefensible, you are doing a bad job and stink at it.

            China has no human or animal rights. It is a barbaric dangerous, polluted place for humans and animals:

            China has an appalling record regarding human and animal rights. Among the cruelty to animals in China there is:-

            The slaughter of cats, dogs and other animals by skinning them alive.

            The use and export of this fur to countries such as ours.

            Dogs beaten to death on the streets of China on a regular basis.

            A population that still seems to enjoy the cruel spectacle of animal suffering.

            Not defensible, Wayne. Westerners don’t do this, PETA, the SPCA and caring whites makes sure animals are not beaten to death on the streets of America.

          • Wayne Lo

            In fact this is far more believable:

            Pig abuse in the US:


            Slaughterhouses in the West:

            Pigs skinned alive:
            In the slaughterhouse the pigs are hung upside down by their back legs and bleed to death. Because of improper stunning, many pigs are still alive at this point. They will kick and struggle while the slaughterhouse worker sticks a knife in their neck. After this, the pigs are thrown in a scalding tank to soften their skin and remove their hair. Some are thrown in while still alive and fully conscious.


  • krak11can

    Jupiter said:”There are only two reasons for importing post-1965 high fertility Asian legal immigrants.”   What high fertility Asians? Asians have lowest fertility of all races in America. East Asia has much lower fertility rate than even Europe!

  • Oil Can Harry

    Harry, his name was Denis Kearney and like Samuel Gompers was a labor leader and a socialist.

    Another supporter of the Chinees Exclusion Act was Jack London, one of America’s all-time greatest novelists and also a socialist.

    Until the middle of the 20th century most labor leaders were economic leftists but socially conservative.

  • Xanthippe2

    Asians are over-represented because those who do the admitting prefer anyone over a White (especailly a White male).  I know Whites guys with IQ’s of 150+ who cannot get into any of their preferred grad schools.  My old school said, ‘while we are making great strides in diversity,  unfortunately the med class of 19– (can’t remember the year) is still 10% white male’.  This was when White males made up about 30% of the population.

    • JohnEngelman

      According to the following American Renaissance article, talented Orientals find it harder to get into elite American colleges and universities than do equally talented whites. 

      • Give us a break already!  “orientals” suffer absolutely none!

      • Not just orientals but Asian Americans in general ( in particular Asian Indians). Asian Indians are the highest achieving Asian sub group in terms of educational achievement, contribution to research, business & science as well as wealth status. Indian Americans are the wealthiest group in the United States followed by other East Asian groups and Jews. 

        What was stated by John Engleman is correct. Asian Americans ( Orientals, Indians etc) do find it harder to get into elite American schools than do equally skilled whites.

        • JohnEngelman

          Thank you Israel. You are new here. I hope you enjoy American Renaissance and continue to post here. 

          • Black Swan

            You are a useful idiot and a bigot justifying white Genocide.  Here let me help you:

            WEBSTER’S EXPANDED DICTIONARY:Bigot:   big’ ot-ri, n. blind zeal in favor of a creed, party, sect, or opinion.

            Well, that describes just about every Marxist, liberal, progressive or white hater.

        • CourtneyfromAlabama

          Why do they have to come to white societies to do all this if they are better?

          • Why did whites come into Asiatic societies ( China, India etc) in the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries if they were so much better? 

        • Black Swan

          “Israel” and of his incarnations and John Engelman are in the accusation and pro-white genocide business, graduates of the Tim Wise school of whiteness studies.

          And it must pay well. They are not alone in this. Anti-racism is a way to attack White society and these two do it well.

          What is lacking is the ability of the average white person to defend defend himself against tools of attack. Let’s all start working on building the ability to push back, for the sake of the preservation of our white children.

          • Get a life. Black Swan and Insec ( insecure) or is it Insoc? 

            Shalini and John Engleman are wholly different posters, so I don’t know what incarnations you are talking about! Please compose logical and coherent posts. I find it hard to reply back to intellectual gibberish!

          • Black Swan

            Israel the Fink:

            Ha! Not much used to encountering opposition to your White hating rants are you?

            Israel, Aron, Lindsay: you’ve made it clear, and there’s no doubt, that you’re a one-woman “movement”.
 We need MORE “movements” like you jumping up and down in public places saying things like …
”… I hate Whites because ….”

In fact, could you encourage TimmyWyse to take you on a book tour with him? You could tell personal stories about the gas-chambers of your mind, where you off all the Whites your fantasies can imagine. The audience would LOVE it! I’m sure it would help him sell books.

            What you really are is a genocidal White hating animal.

    • This is true of Asian Americans, they have difficulty getting in to schools such as UC Berkeley and UCLA because even though there is supposed to be no affirmative action at these schools, they tend to admit more Blacks and Latinos than whites or Asisans. They know that if they were to admit students on academic achievement only, the campuses would be full of whites and Asians and so much for diversity.

      • Xanthippe2

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        the address bar of your browser).

  • Only White Australia policy is the guarantee of survival. Everything else is the suicide of a country.

  • JohnEngelman

    Would you like to deport Orientals who have the legal right to live here? Would you like to deport or silence me because I like Orientals? 

    • anonymous_amren

      “Would you like to deport Orientals who have the legal right to live here?”

      Yes, I would like to. And not just because their “legal right to live here” is usually a scam of some sort.

      “Would you like to deport or silence me because I like Orientals?”

      No. But you may wish to leave of your own accord if you miss the Orientals that I deported. Or you may wish to stay. It’s up to you. You are correct about the virtues of Asians, but that doesn’t mean they belong in white people’s countries where they don’t fit in.

      But what I would like isn’t relevant, since I will never have that kind of power. If we campaign against Asian immigration, and we are very lucky, we might make a slight reduction in the amount of new Asians coming in each year. So your fears of me deporting legal Asians are unfounded.

      • “No. But you may wish to leave of your own accord if you miss the Orientals that I deported. Or you may wish to stay. It’s up to you. You are correct about the virtues of Asians, but that doesn’t mean they belong in white people’s countries where they don’t fit in.”

        I’m just curious.  Is the US white people’s country as well according to you?  What about the black slaves that were brought her by the white people?  I’m not picking a fight here I just want to know if the US is included in this category according to…you.

    • StivD

      Replying here to another statement of yours.

      According to new research that I read directly on this site the American Indian’s native status may be in doubt. That position of theirs isn’t so solid any longer.

    • I meant to hit “reply” and  not “like”.  To answer:

      YES and YES!!!  You don’t have “The Right” to force your asians on us.  “We” however, do have “The Right” to be left alone and Free from Invasion as Anon12 wrote.

      Just tell me why John.  I want to know why.  Why do you choose them?  What is it about White People you find so odious that it drives you to “admire” or “like” a people that is still, I can’t believe it, but still, with all the Foreign Aide and access to White Knowledge, why they are still Third World and why you find that attractive.

      You have to tell me why.  If you’re Asian or a Mixy, just tell us.  I can certainly accept you better were you one of those than I can you being a White Traitor.  You admit you’re not White and I swear to you, I’ll be your Friend.  You can’t be Pro-White yet not be Pro-White John.  Tell me who you really are.

      • JohnEngelman

        I do not dislike anyone because of the race the person belongs to. I have always had good experiences with Orientals. My experiences are substantiated by facts that are easy to document. Some of these facts have been presented by Jared Taylor, and others who have spoken at American Renaissance conferences.    

    • Insoc

      The USA was not intended to be a melting pot of different races, but as  liberal facts inconvenient to your sick anti-white orthodoxy are discarded.

       Only free, white persons were eligible to be citizens until 1865 and America had restrictive immigration laws resulting in the Chinese exclusionary acts of the 19th century and in Dwight D. Eisenhower’s famed “Operation Wetback” in the 1950’s. 

      Then in 1965 Manny Celler, a nonwhite, opened up the floodgates to the third world.

  • JohnEngelman

    That is why I prefer to use the word “Oriental” to refer to the people and cultures of China, Japan, Korea, and Vietnam. I like and respect those people for reasons that have been explained by Jared Taylor, Professor J. Philippe Rushton, who has spoken at American Renaissance conferences, and Richard Lynn, who spoke at the most recent conference. 

    • anonymous_amren

      Vietnamese people commit a lot more crime than white people. They have the same IQs as white people though, as far as I can tell. They have their virtues, but they don’t really fit in, and there’s no reason they couldn’t all go back to Vietnam and be happy there.

      • JohnEngelman

        The Vietnamese crime rate for proven offenders was significantly lower than the non-Vietnamese rate…
        Vietnamese youth had much lower drunk driving and drug offense rates than non-Vietnamese youth,  
        This is true in Australia, but it is also true in the United States. I lived in the downtown area of San Jose, California when it was engulfed by Vietnamese war refugees. I often left work at 10:00 pm, and walked three miles to my apartment through downtown San Jose. I never had any problems. 

        • Asian Culture has it so that “telling” is frowned upon.  This is popular in all non-white groups.

          Were asians like White People in that, we are willing to speak up and speak out, their numbers would be high to very high.

          It’s not just about drinking and driving or drug use or petty theft because of.  We’re talking about ALL crime.  Tax Fraud, Business Fraud (transferring), Birthing Tours, Welfare Fraud, Immigration Fraud, I mean it just goes on and on.

          Asians, or, Orientals, are very, very far from being any sort of “model” or “being like us”.  From their fishing standards to their air standards to their infrastructure standards to their sanitation standards, I mean, c’mon!  There are far too many negatives for any positive to reach the light of day.

          • JohnEngelman

            Asians commit violent crimes at about one quarter the white rate… 

            High arrest and incarceration rates for blacks and Hispanics—and very low rates for Asians—reflect differences in crime rates, not police or justice system bias… 

            In total, blacks had the highest incarceration rate at 7.2 times the white rate, followed by Hispanics, at 2.9 times the white rate. Indians and Pacific Islanders were imprisoned at about twice the white rate, and Asians at only 22 percentof the white rate… 

            Asians are much less likely to commit crimes than whites… 

            Blacks are about eight times more likely than whites to commit murder, and 25 times more likely than Asians to do so. Blacks are 15 times more likely than whites to go to prison for robbery, and 50 times more likely than Asians.

             – Jared Taylor, from “The Color of Crime”

        • Insoc

          MINNEAPOLIS — Nine suspected gang members and associates were charged Friday in a sexual attack on a 14-year-old girl who was forced back inside an abandoned St. Paul house and raped after trying to leave a party last November, authorities said.

          • JohnEngelman

            There are Orientals who are guilty of violent crimes. This does not mean that Orientals have a high crime rate.  They have a lower crime rate than whites. 
            A number of years ago I read about a Chinese American who got a failing grade in mathematics at UCLA. The event was so unusual it was deemed worth a news story. 

      • StivD

        Both Triads and Chinese Tong, I think it’s called. They are pretty vicious criminals from what I’ve heard.

  • JohnEngelman

    Orientals do not compete fairly. They work too hard. They are too intelligent. 

    •  Do you think you are second class to Ching Chong, John? Every other post you’ve got here is a paean to Oriental Awesomeness. Pick any one of those great East Asian countries you want and hit the bricks if that is how you feel.

      • StivD

        At this point he’s just being provocative. I don’t know why doing that appeals to him. 

        Also, it seems to me that if you have to work so incredibly hard to stay ahead of whites that maybe you-asians-aren’t so brilliant after all. The brightest don’t have to slave away to be competitive.

        • JohnEngelman

          If AR posters were angry at me for condemning whites, I could understand it. Instead I post facts, often quoting Jared Taylor. 
          I am provocative because I agree with the following quote by Thomas Jefferson, which is posted at the top of the first page of this website: “There is not a truth which I fear or would wish unknown to the whole world.” 

    • Now you’re just being deliberate.  You do realize that you’re wasting your time just being here don’t you?  No one is gonna change their minds about your “orientals” John.  Ever.

      • JohnEngelman

        Unfortunately there are those who are impervious to facts and logical reasoning.  
        When praising Orientals I like to quote Jared Taylor, articles that have appeared on this website, and those who have spoken at American Renaissance conferences. 
        Of course, facts are facts wherever they appear. I love facts that can be documented. 

        • Mr. Taylor can view asians however he pleases but as far as I’m concerned, a people with such great “intelligence” would have no need to suck from White People and White Countries the way they do nor would they all be Third World.

        • JohnEngelman

          Mr. Taylor can view asians however he pleases but as far as I’m concerned, a people with such great “intelligence” would have no need to suck from White People and White Countries the way they do nor would they all be Third World.                                                                  
          – Stephanie Galonska             
          Orientals came to the United States for the same reason whites did: there were more opportunities here. 

          • Katherine McChesney

            ‘Orientals came to the United States for the same reason whites did: there were more opportunities here.’

            East Asians came AFTER Whites had created all the opportunities.

            John Engleman is an ass, an anti-White ass.

          • JohnEngelman

            I am not hostile to anyone because of that person’s race. I do believe that it is legitimate to evaluate a race in view of the average qualities one finds in it. Indeed, such an evaluation is the essence of race realism.

        • Black Swan

          White haters like you are not telling any Asians that they should flood their countries with millions of nonassimable blacks, mestizos and refugees.  

          No, you only ever try to justify the genocide of white people in white countries.

          Genocide is genocide,whether it is committed by bullets and mustard gas or mass immigration and social engineering makes no difference.

  • I, also, do not like the term “Asian.”

    What do a Pakistani, a Japanese, and a Samoan have in common? Original language? No. Any sort of recorded history? No. Similar body shape and facial appearance? No.

    So-called “Asians”, esp when Pacific Islanders are thrown into the mix, seem to have less in common with each other than Eastern Europeans, South Europeans, and Northern Europeans.

    Crystal E., IMO, the deficiencies seen in pure blooded “native Americans” in North, Central, and South America are the consequences of being descendents of a small number Asian experiencing various genetic “bottlenecks” in crossing over to the Americas and separating from each other and thus inbreeding too much over the centuries. Again, linguistically, historically, and culturally they had become a distinct people.

    Many here distinguish between (north) American Indians and (Central & South American) Latinos, when in fact both primarily descend from Asians. (I say “primarily” since there may have been interbreeding w/ancient white immigrants.) Their genetic “stock” improved after whites came to America and started interbreeding with them, which is why there is such a wide variation in their looks. Do we lump pure blooded American Indians, pure blooded Central and South American natives and white-native mixed Hispanics all together? Under what category???

    Related: the “average” pure blooded European often looks “weird” or ugly compared to the “average” white American (who are whites from various European countries but have intermarried). The average European often has “stronger”, “harsher”, or “heavier” features that almost look like caricatures. Before the anti-Americanism of post-Vietnam era, Europeans were envious of Americans’ attractiveness.

    If attractiveness is a crude proxy for genetic fitness/health — and many think it is — being “pure blooded” isn’t necessarily all it is cracked up to be….

    Lots of things need to be hashed out. Too bad AmRen doesn’t have an online forum where it can be done  effectively & efficiently.

    • If you look at East Asians and Native Americans, they have many similarities such as high cheekbones and slanted eyes. This is why they were put in the Mongoloid category.

  • RationalBeing

    You are blurring the distinction between “race realism” and “white supremacy” with your comments and playing into the hands of those who believe that “race realism” is simply nothing more than hatred of nonwhites.

    • Black Swan

      Race realism and white supremacy?   The establishment call both “haters”.

      A white race realist who loves his race and wants to see it survive into the future is called a “hater” “racist” “white supremacist” by the white hating establishment.

      Meanwhile, the white hating establishment and supporters like John Engelman and “Israel” are doing their best to eliminate white people via non-white immigration and “assimilation” yet they call themselves “tolerant” “benevolent” “moral”.

  • krak11can

    I’m against Asian or any other non-white immigration to US or anywhere to the West but low birth rate of Asians ( in Asia and US ) is a fact.

    • CourtneyfromAlabama

      In China too?

  • StivD

    They employ their entire family.

    • You mean Yahoo who was founded by Jerry Yang hires just family?

      • StivD

        Yahoo is a decrepit old dinosaur these days; not able to keep up well with Google, among others. I don’t think creating Yahoo justifies your presence here.

      • StivD

        BTW, did you marry a successful white man yourself, Crystal?

  • Me personally, when I write the word “asians”, I am speaking of everybody from the East.  I do write chinese, etc. when I’m writing race specific though.

  • Absolutely Right!  It does get tiring sometimes though.  Talking to the young is hard.  I’ve only come across one young White Teen boy (seventeen and pro non-white) who was willing to speak about race with Intelligence but the rest of them just prefer to attack.

    Outside of distributing print material, it seems almost hopeless sometimes (speaking, internet debate).  I mean, there’s a never-ending supply, literally, of information about the damage done by non-whites yet they gloss over it as if it’s not there.  How do they do that?

    • JohnEngelman

      Where is the information about damage done by Orientals? 

      • Everywhere!

        Why is it okay with you that asians are known for transferring businesses right before they are due to pay taxes after their seven years of TAX FREE Non-White Immigrant Privilege at the expense of American Tax Payers’?

        Look, I like you believe it or not but man oh man, do you ever insist on putting those people first.  Why?

        I want you to come back to us.  Drop your Orientals John and come back home where you belong.

        • JohnEngelman

          If the information is everywhere, why don’t you document it? 

  • Agreed.

  • Your comment is a mixed one.

    1. Chinese girl in John Glenn’s suit… this is cute, not disgusting. Absolutely no provocation.

    2. Chinese (and Japanese etc.) in the US have abysmally low birth-rate (add a mixture with Whites:

    3. while it’s certainly true that Chinese govt has some far reaching & mercenary plans with their diaspora- the vast majority of the Chinese (and other Asians) would like simply to fit in (exclude most Muslims). They’re here in search for better life. Of course- it’s too much of them and the US should say NO. Russia, which has the longest border with China, does not have a Chinese immigration problem (on the other hand, various Asians are not best candidates for learning Russian language & assimilating into an essentially homogenous ethnic culture- and without money easily flowing)

    4. East Asians would like to be White, and Asian Indians much less so due to their religion. be as it may- they are not viciously anti- White and like to emulate almost all White ways, especially high-brow culture.

    Anyway- they should be tactically dissuaded from remaining in the US. Who needs this:

  • They’re Proven Cheaters.  They’re also Affirmative Action Flunkies.

    Why can’t you people address the Negatives of these people?  The Japs will shame you into Suicide and their economic solution is to print money thereby making it damn near worthless (Yen equals…), the Chinese have their child sex trade as does Vietnam, Korea and elsewhere and most parts of their Countries are all still Third World.  Trash everywhere, cramped like you wouldn’t believe, pollution, etc.

    • Japan is not a third world country. Neither is Singapore,Malaysia or South Korea. In fact, South Korea is the most wired country in the world. 

      • StivD

        Is it true that a Japanese father will turn to his eldest daughter if the mother dies? Japanese men are also well know for groping young girls on subways. I doubt there is much difference in China, eh?

        • Wayne Lo

           No. that is something that rural whites are well known for. they don’t even wait for the mother to die.

          • StivD

            LoL, rural white people in the U.S. are still some of the most moral people you will find in the world, little man.


      • WHAT?!?

        I prefer Steak and Potatoes, Victorian Houses and Cobblestone Streets while you prefer overcrowding, asian food and abject poverty for the masses.

        You can’t sit here and tell me that those Asian Countries you name are seriously, on par with The West.

        By the way, what happens to “wired” Korea once the Chinese succeed at knocking out the power?

        • Steak & potatoes better than Asian food? Well it seems some people surely have a rather poor taste in food. Steak & potatoes is insipid, boring and tasteless food…need I also mention gross unhealthy and a high risk diet for cardio-vascular diseases. Does it explain why both white and black Americans are so fat and stupid?

          • CourtneyfromAlabama

            White Americans are stupid? Once Asians go back to their OWN societies THEN you can call us stupid. By the way, do you live in a white country, Israel? And having an opinion on what good food is hardly entitles you to call an entire group stupid….as if steak is all that white food consists of. Please forgive white people for originating on a continent sparse in spices, which is probably why we came to create so much science. You are a hateful person. Why are you on here?

      • Black Swan

        No, they’re not third world countries after they adopted Western-style economic and financial systems that have enriched them.

      • blazed

        That is true of Korea, but guess what, you can’t drink the water. It’s a real mix of first and third world.

    • Wayne Lo

       China has a child sex trade? Really?

      I think you are confusing China with Thailand. Most of the patrons of child sex are whites actually.

      This stands to reason. After all Orientals in the West are almost completely absent from the statistics of sex crimes of any kind.

      Sexual deviancies is something that many Chinese ascribe (rightly) to whites.

      • Yes, China has it and a big one too.  They sell their own little babies.  It can’t get any worse than that.  Five year old little baby girls are being sold into the sex trade by their very own mothers and all for nothing but desperation only a Third World Person can know.

        Just because a few “white” child molesters take advantage of your willingness to do it doesn’t get you people off the hook.

        Oriental Sex Pervs in The West – This is HUGE but you don’t hear about it ’cause like I wrote earlier, Silence is Golden to you people.  White People however, acknowledge and abide by, Right and Wrong and that alone makes White People Superior over you.

        • Wayne Lo

          Stephanie: can you substantiate your claims that five year old baby girls are being sold into the sex trade in China?

          Also the case of oriental sex pervs in the West—-again – pleas substantiate your claim that the problem is HUGE.

          • Yes.  It was on the news.  Dateline did a story.  60 Minutes did, damn near everyone has done a story on it.

            West – again, news.

        • Wayne Lo

          Well surely then dear Stephanie, if it has been all over the news, it would be easy to provide a link?

      • JohnEngelman

        Welcome Wayne,
        Please post more often. BTW, my best friend in high school was a Chinese American who was named Wayne.

    • JohnEngelman

      Stephanie Galonska,

      You seem to be the “(Edited by a moderator)” champion around here.

      • So?  They capitalize alot my stuff but you should already know that as you and your asians are so “smart” remember?

  • Crystal is, perhaps, a Japanese-American or a Philly-American. It’s old news for regulars here. 

  • This may be the case now, but over one hundred years ago it was not the  Asians in American were mostly laborers and farmers. Their children excelled in school because they were expected to. Their parents saw that by obtaining an education, they could be successful. Their parents steered their children into careers such as  doctors, lawyers, accountants, and teachers.

    • And all at the expense of White People not to mention, because of White People.

      Affirmative Action Crystal.  Affirmative Action.  Affirmative Action is what gives you people your advantage, not your brains.  And who gave you Affirmative Action?  That’s right, White People.

    • JohnEngelman

      Affirmative Action Crystal.  Affirmative Action.  Affirmative Action is what gives you people your advantage.                                  
      – Stephanie Galonska
      As I have mentioned previously in this thread, the following American Renaissance article explains that affirmative action works against Orientals when applying to college.   This is because they tend to perform better than whites. 


    I grew up in those Mountains.  I went home in 2006 for my sister’s wedding and my Town had asians (chinese I think they were) and indians.  My childhood little strip mall stank to high heaven of asian food and asians were at their shop entrances pestering people, come, come, come inside.  It was EXTREMELY disgusting.

    I can never go back again.  I must preserve my memories.

  • Japanese.

    • JohnEngelman

      Feel at home here. I’ve got your back. 

    • Well stated Engleman et Evans…..I’ve got ur backs!

    • Black Swan

      Japan is 98.5% Japanese. Japan does not let foreigners vote and kicks them out all the time. Japan is RICH and has a horrendous colonial history. 

      Yet no one is Demanding the Japanese in Japan, be replaced with a Blended humanity to end “racism”. They only Demand this of White countries.

      This is the common ground on which White haters say we must all agree:

      What is non-White belongs to non-Whites. What is White also belongs to non-Whites.

    • Wayne Lo

      Black Swan says: Japan is RICH and has a horrendous colonial history.Yet no one is Demanding the Japanese in Japan, be replaced with a Blended humanity to end “racism”. They only Demand this of White countries.

      Sorry Black Swan. You analogy hardly make sense. Japan does have a horrendous colonial history (albeit one much shorter than Britain and France).

      However at the end of their colonial history most Japanese people went home.

      Japanese descended people did not stay in Malaysia or China or Singapore or Korea, outnumber the natives and change those places to be Japanese.

      The Japanese went home, and the vast majority of Japanese descended people today live in Japan.

      Thus the situation is completely different from the English, the Scots, the Irish, and other European ethnies.

      More Anglo Saxons live outside of England than within. More Irish descended people live outside of Ireland than within Ireland. Same with Scottish people.

  • Wayne Lo

    Get real. East Asian places like Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, and soon to follow in their footsteps China have the lowest fertilities in the world.

    Hong Kong’s is about 1.5 I believe.

    East Asians are also the race with the lowest fertility in the West.

    Read Rushton’s work. ‘Orientals’ are simply less fecund than all other races.

    Why their ‘huge’ numbers then?

    Well not that huge compared to whites. About 1.4 or 1.5 billion compared to 1.2 billion whites. If we include North African and Near Eastern Caucasoids as white, the number of whites in the world would be about the same as the number of yellows.

    A century ago the number of African blacks, European whites, and yellows were about equal in number.

    China is ‘huge’ because it is basically a continent sized area with diverse peoples, all united into one country. That is why China has the world’s biggest population.

    Here is something to think of.

    Just because there are more Germans in the world than say Frenchman, does not mean that Germans are more naturally fecund than Frenchmen.

    Just because there are more Irish in the world than Polynesians does not mean that Irish are biologically more fecund than Polynesians.

    And just because there whites outnumber blacks on the planet by about 25%, does not mean that whites are naturally more fecund than sub-Saharan Africans.

    Just apply a wee bit of logic.

    • Insoc

      Well not that huge compared to whites. About 1.4 or 1.5 billion compared to 1.2 billion whites…

      Meanwhile, back on planet earth…

      You being racially Chinese, how would you like it if your homeland were being inundated with millions of non-Chinese who were putting an end to your historic culture and your way of life? What if you woke up one morning and saw that the president of China was ethnically Pakistani? What if you suddenly found that the Chinese people are literally threatened with extinction through genetic annihilation? Can you even imagine that? That’s what we White Amerians face.
      But you can’t sympathize, because this is not happening to you. Your race and your culture are secure. Ours is not. We White Americans are literally losing our nations and our identities, and people are actually cheering it on. They don’t do the same for any other race, just ours. Imagine patriotic Chinese in China being accused of “racism” and “intolerance” simply because they want to save their identity in the face of exinction. That wouldn’t happen, because the Chinese deal with dissent by putting a bullet in the back of the head.

      • Wayne Lo

        Genetic annihilation? Well what about Amerinds and blacks in the US. Are they not the minorities.

        Whites are the second most numerous race in the world with 1.2 billion. True or False?

        Surely sub-Saharan Africans should be more concerned with their demographic destiny than whites. Afterall there are a lot less Africans than white people in the world.

        Now what about the whole of South America—were the people their, using your definition, not genetically annihilated?

        What about the Australian Aboriginies, Maoris, of whom there are hardly any pure-bloods left….did they not suffer genetic annihilation?

        What about American Indians—they are far more racially endangered than 1.2 billion whites.

        And anyway. No one is threatening whites with genetic extinction. If a white woman finds a non-white sexually attractive then it is her choice who she dates and mates.

        If interracial amalgamation was so unnatural, no one would be doing it and the races would find one another physically repulsive.

        But that is not the case….especially if you look at the white lechers who hang around East Asian women.

        So what you call ‘genetic annihilation’ will only happen if whites desire it—-that is sexually desire it.

        Wayne Lo (formerly John Liu)

        • Black Swan

          Whites are the second most numerous race in the world with 1.2 billion. True or False?

          False, Wayne.  You are still justifying white genocide and you still stink at it.  Yep, you really love supporting white genocide.

          Sorry genius. Every nation on earth was founded by conquest, genocide and dispossession of the aboriginal inhabitants. Japan is no exception. The Japanese did bad things to the Ainu to get what’s now Japan. But no one says  Japan doesn’t deserve a country for past bad acts. 

          Guess you didn’t get the memo Wayne about the first Americans, did you?  Wayne thinks the “history” written decades and centuries ago, that “history” which claims red men were “here first”, is still relevant.

          Mail Online: “Archaeological evidence shows first Americans were Europeans” 

          So it looks like your beloved Indians wiped out the first white population to make room  for themselves.

          A puzzle for you Wayne. The answer to this question won’t be found in Wiki … you may have to actually think for yourself.

          Q: What did the Indians say when the Pilgrims first stepped off their boats?

          A: “Welcome back, White Man.”

          The legacy of blacks in America:

          Black man abducts and rapes 4 White women:

          The brutalization of White women at the hands of sadists and torturers .   That and Detroit, a white-free black utopia, right Wayne?  The proud product of running off whites by white haters such as yourself.

          I have another question for Wayne and his fellow white haters here:

          Why should white countries and only white countries have a moral imperative to admit millions of non-whites so that they become a minority? It’s not just the US, but every white country and only white countries.

          Nobody is telling Japan or China to import millions of third world scum and “diversify” are they Wayne?

          • Wayne Lo

            False, Wayne……well then since you know it is false, you must know how many white folk in  the world. So how many?

        • Insoc

          Genetic annihilation? Well what about Amerinds.

          People like Wayne claim, “this history or that history ‘proves’ that White People have no right to a homeland.”

          Wayne is just presenting his RATIONALIZATION for the ethnocide of White People wherever they dwell.
You never miss a chance to support Genocide.

          You’re also laughably wrong.

          Wayne, call your office. It’s becoming more and more clear that proto-Europeans came to this continent from SW Europe anywhere from 19-25 THOUSAND years ago. That’s around Ten THOUSAND years before the Asian Tribes came over that land bridge.

          Let me ask again:

          As an anti-White can you name an Asian country that you believe must bring in millions of non-Asians and assimilate with them until Asians become extinct?

          No country names typed in as yet… 

          Oh also, you might want to read up on WHO it was who brought Africans into America.

    • Black Swan

      The truth hurts so much that Wayne Lo is reduced to ad hominem sputtering.
      Nothing unusual here.

  • Wayne Lo

    White people prospered off looting the East.

    Afterall the impetus for the so-called ‘Age of Discovery’ was for the West to get its hands on the wealth of the East.

    China itself was richer than the US and Europe combined, just before the Opium Wars.

    India was also richer than the US and Europe combined in the early 19th Century.

    After a century of looting at the hands of Western powers, both China and India were pauperised, and only started to recover after the mid-20th Century when the imperialist invaders had been kicked out.

    When the US wanted to trade with China, and China did not want to trade with the US the US (and other Western countries) forced on China ‘open door policies’ using military force.

    • StivD

      Looks as though we should have finished the job. We also had another chance during WW2; too bad we didn’t press the advantage completely

    • Black Swan

      Wayne — How did you become an anti-white if I may ask and would you wish that Asian countries opened their borders and their current majorities become minorities? 

      You can name specific countries if you wish.

      • Wayne Lo

        I’m not anti-white….I am married to a beautiful blonde American girl, we live in HK, and I have half white kids.

        So. How can I be anti-white???????????

        Wayne Lo aka John Liu

        • Black Swan

          You are anti-white. I will stop calling you a white hater when you stop being a white hater.

  • Wayne Lo

    The Chinese from mainland China come to the US specifically to avoid China’s one child policy

    Can you substantiate your claim?

    East Asians are the racial group with the lowest fertility in the West. That is a well known fact.

    You undermine your own cause when you start chucking around easily falsifiable nonsense.

    • I can’t believe you.  How many chinese are there?, what was that?  Did I hear you say, OVER a Billion?

      To dare say asians have slowed down their breeding is preposterous at best and an outright lie at worse.

      Please, let us loose the technical details and just deal with the number of you people.  Your race is not in jeopardy of fading away so you people really shouldn’t be breeding and especially not since you still haven’t figured out how feed yourselves.  Starvation does exist in China does it not?

      • Wayne Lo

        China is actually self-sufficient in food.

        There are 1.3 billion Han Chinese. And 1.2 billion European whites in the world.

        So the Chinese nation is similar in size to the white nation.

        The fact that whites are so warlike and aggressive and greedy, even among themselves, so that they divide up into a whole lot of smaller groups and kill each other, and call each other different nationalities is not the problem of East Asians.

        The fact that there are 1.3 billion Han Chinese who all call themselves Chinese is testament to the unification of the various peoples of China who speak different dialects (in fact languages), and their peacable nature. Not to some inherent biological urge to breed – at least any more than other races.

        • Then why do they need Foreign Aide from America?

          There are not 1.2 Billion White People.  Non-whites are being labeled as “white” and of course, this is intentional as it is meant to make the queasy White Person feel safe and thus, stop wondering and stop questioning.

          White Nations – If you’re talking about America and Europe, then I say, you’re wrong.  Europe and his little sister have been invaded and under assault since damn near day one by you Third World Dependents.

          The rest of what you write is pure garbage as well.  You want “greed”?  Check out Wal-Mart in China.  That’s right, they cram your people together in barracks with shared bathrooms and charge them rent even if they choose not to live there and guess who allows Wal-Mart to get away with that?  That’s right, the chinese.

          The chinese do have starvation by the way.  Lots of it and that is why they sell their very own little baby children.  You must eat if you care to survive and when it comes down to it, Death is not a Human Option.

          Most People cannot help but seek survival.  It’s Nature at its Core and many times, that core causes bad things.  Look at what people will do to survive.  They will and have, eaten each other.  This  is what the Need for Survival will do among other things.

        • Black Swan

          Very funny Wayne.  China sits on its different ethnicities with an iron fist.  Chinese rulers “don’t play”

          Foreign aid to China.  

          Daily Mail:  Four countries in the world’s top 10 richest received foreign aid last year with China receiving $27.2m…, is relatively small thanks to sanctions imposed following Beijing’s 1989 military crackdown on pro-democracy demonstrators at Tiananmen Square. 

          Speaking of whites as warlike and aggressive, Wayne, how about when the Chinese government put down the pro-democracy demonstration in Tiananmen  Square running over peaceful, unarmed protesters with military tanks?  Not very neighborly, right Wayne?  According to the Chinese Red Cross, 2,600 Chinese were slaughtered by the Chinese government in Tiananmen  Square.

          “The Chinese army from around 10pm the previous night, had been opening fire on anyone who got in their way. By the time the first armoured personnel carrier reached Tiananmen Square, the massacre had been going on for five or six hours…On the morning of June 4th the Chinese Red Cross claimed that 2,600 people had been killed, based on a survey of the hospitals. However, foreign journalists who witnessed the incident have claimed that at least 3,000 people died.”

          • Wayne Lo

            There were several hundred killed in the confusion and melee between protesters and soldiers.

            A small number compared to the population of China.

            China has not killed several hundred thousand innocent combatants over the past 10 years. As the US has.

          • Black Swan

            Well genius, the U.S. didn’t kill approximately 45 million of its own people during the 20th century like the Chinese did.

  • Wayne Lo

     Well Jupiter, you can always go back to Ireland if you don’t like it.

    The Irish are the most far flung race on the planet. A bit hypocritical to moan about other immigrants.

  • It’s stuff like this that makes me say:  Let the War Begin…

    I’ve yet to see any benefit to America and Americans from having these people and their culture here.  I see no benefit in changing American Culture so Third World Culture can be included.  I just don’t get it outside of deliberate destruction of us and our ways.

  • Wayne Lo

    Actually China did pretty well even before the economic ‘reforms’. Its just you don’t hear much about that in not only the West, but in China itself nowadays.

    The West benefitted enormously by moving some of its industry to China. Firstly labour is cheaper. And labour is relatively skilled in China. China has probably the highest literacy rate and highest educated workforce of all developing nations.

    The West also benefitted from a plethora of good products, which in the main are of pretty good quality.

    I think it is 9 dollars out of every 10, goes to Western capitalists, when we consider most of the products produced in China by Western companies.

    The West shifting some manufacturing to China was not done in a fit of altruism.

    • Black Swan

      The West benefitted enormously by moving some of its industry to China. Firstly labour is cheaper.

      Sure,  because China is a third world country without regulations or pollution controls.  Have you seen the filthy pictures of China, Wayne?

      I picked this link up from the old American Renaissance site, from  a documentary  called “Amazing Pictures, Pollution in China.”

      “At the junction of Ningxia province and Inner Mongolia province, I saw a tall chimney puffing out golden smoke covering the blue sky, large tracts of the grassland have become industrial waste dumps; unbearable foul smell made people want to cough; Surging industrial sewage flowed into the Yellow River…”

      “In the Yellow Sea coastline, countless sewage pipes buried in the beach and even extending into the deep sea.”

      ” The villagers live in this heavily polluted environment where the village is under the iron rain every day.”

      Lovely Wayne.  We don’t want this here in the United States.

  • Wayne Lo

    Can someone here explain why if whites are so brilliant and creative, they spent the best part of the past 5 centuries figuring out ways to get to the East, and exploit its fabulous wealth?

    Why was Columbus so desperate to get to India?

    Why were so many Portuguese, English, French, Germans, desperate to force China open for trade?

    And that they had to resort to narcotizing the Chinese people in order to steal China’s silver?

    Surely if whites were so awesome, they could have created a paradise in Europe, all with manufacturing, industry, etc, without having to steal from non-whites?

    • Europeans were not “desperate” about anything. Simply, European powers have been from the 12th century, and most visibly from the 1400s-1500s, in the process of expansion in all fields- artistic, scientific, technological, military, … that took them around the globe.

      The wealth of Europe is mostly a product of her own ingenuity, and not “stolen” from Asia or any other continent. Simply- compared to Europe’s scientific, artistic, medical, architectural, technological,.. all other continents’ accomplishments are dwarfed.

      • Wayne Lo

         Really? Europeans were not ‘desperate’ to get to the East?

        What’s with forcing open China, Japan, etc for trade then?

        You mean they went to all that trouble to trade with China just for fun?

        • The whole China affair was a product of two (2) Scottish adventurers. China, Japan etc. came as the side-effects of European expansion, and very late, in the 19th century- Europeans were much more concerned with their own wars (30 yrs war, 7 yrs war, French revolution and Napoleonic wars,..) to pay any serious attention either to China or Japan.

          European exploration has begun as a sign of strength, just like Alexander’s conquests in Asia some 1800 yrs ago, and not because of some fabulous riches.

        • CourtneyfromAlabama

          You missed his point. He originally said that Asians have become great by copying white science and technology. You responded by going into a historical account about the riches of Asia that had absolutely nothing to do with whites becoming great due to their own advances in science with little help from Asia.

          • Wayne Lo

             Courtney: Where did I originally say “Asians have become great by copying white science and technology?”

            The wealth of Asia had a huge role in enriching the West.

            India itself was wealthier than the US and all of Europe combined in the early 19th Century.

            China itself was wealthier than the US and all of Europe combined just before the 1840 Opium War.

            The impact of Western imperialism was to pauperize these two countries.


          • CourtneyfromAlabama

            Your comprehension is terrible. I said that Bardon said that and I was agreeing with him while trying to show you how your response to him was irrelevant.

          • CourtneyfromAlabama

            I thought everyone on here understood that a poster is responding to the comment that their comment is indented under. I was responding to you obviously and your ridiculous response to what Bardon said about the West becoming great due to its own merits.

          • Do I have to spell it ? West conquered the world because of dynamism & the ever expanding and searching nature of the Western man. No other civilization has been so adventurous and courageous to sail around the world (Magellan) just to prove- literally- that it was round; no one but Richard Francis Burton and similar people were tough enough to search for the source of the Nile; no one as stubborn as Scott and Amundsen to reach the Antarctic- all these heroic exploits without any material reward.

            If you want the truth- well, here it is, from Karl Marx’s article:
            on British rule in India. “Sickening as it must be to human feeling to witness those myriads of industrious patriarchal and inoffensive social organizations dissolved into their units, thrown into sea of woes, and their individual members losing at the same time their ancient form of civilization and their hereditary means of subsistence, we must not forget that these idyllic village communities had always been the solid foundation of Oriental despotism; that they restrained the human mind within the smallest possible compass, making it the unresisting tool of superstition, enslaving it beneath traditional rules, depraving it of all grandeur and historical energies … We must not forget that these little communities were contaminated by distinctions of caste and by slavery, that they subjugated man to external circumstances instead of elevating man to be the sovereign of circumstances, ….man fell down on his knees in adoration of Hanuman, the monkey, and Sabbala, the cow … The question is, can the mankind fulfill its destiny without a fundamental revolution in the social state of Asia  ? If not, whatever may be the crimes of England- she was the unconscious tool of history in bringing about that revolution. Then, whatever bitterness the spectacle of the crumbling of an ancient world may have on our personal feelings, we have the right, in the point of history, to exclaim with Goethe:

            “Sollte diese Qual uns quaelen
            Da sie unsere Lust vermehrt ?

            [ “Should we be grieved by this pain that increases our pleasure ?”]

            (New York Daily tribune, 25 June 1853.)

  • Over the past 50 years, tens of millions of illegal aliens from South and Central America have come to this country. Up until recently, Asians have been an EXTREMELY small % of the US population. The primary payers of illegal workers are WHITES! Even today we are still the majority in this country.

    I drive around on my job during the day thru middle class to extremely wealthy areas of the SF Peninsula. I have NEVER seen an all white construction crew in the past 5 years. The VAST majority have a white general contractor and, if he doesn’t speak Spanish, he’ll have a Spanish speaking foreman who oversees the ALL Latino construction crew.  I love it when that white GC has an American flag on his pick up. What a hypocrite! Those are the people AmRen commentators should be mad at — and they’re WHITE!

    I also regularly see “squaty body” Latinos (thick trunked w/lots of visceral fat thus driving the obesity and diabetes epidemics in America — think health care $$$, increased insurance rates), w/4 or more kids. Both are extremely rare w/Far East Asians.

    As I’ve said before, AmReners need to prioritize their “targets” and public policies. Far East Asian immigration should be a low priority compared to (1) blacks w/their assaulting & raping of whites and (2) Latinos flooding our borders, their crimes, out reproducing us (“good Catholics”), and wanting us to join w/Mexico.

  • Frankly, I am saddened by how the comments on this article have, in many cases, degenerated into petty insults. I think this is the result of frustration, where we turn on each other over our differences, because we are not able to support each other where we share goals.

    A few months ago when AmRen switched its “look,” I sent AmRen a list of what I hoped it could become. One of the things I suggested was a forum. There we could hash out a list of important public policy goals and prioritize them. We would be able to inform members when an issue was coming up for a vote in a subcommittee or committee or the floor, and who to contact to push it forward. I encouraged AmRen (or some PAC that grows from it) to imitate the NRA.

    In April 2010, Barney Frank, a pro-homo Congressman who is on the opposite end of the political spectrum from most NRA members, encouraged homos to imitate the NRA and explained how the NRA gets things done (and things they don’t do because they don’t work). From:

    (beginning of quote)
    I asked because it seems that some people think that just by signing a
    petition, they’ve completed their duty as an activist. Frank said:

    “Or by marching on Washington. They tell me they were
    going to put pressure on Congress. All they put pressure on was the
    grass. Members of Congress didn’t know it [the National Equality March]
    happened because they didn’t call anybody. And I don’t understand why
    they think that works. By the way – you know who understands that? The
    National Rifle Association. They don’t have shoot-ins and rifle marches –
    they write and call. The NRA – person for person –  they are extremely
    influential because they lobby that way.
    (end of quote)

    As of late Oct 2011, Barney still thought the NRA was the best at getting what it wanted and encourage the Occupy Wall St people to imitate them:

    At the national level, welfare and various wealth redistribution schemes, Section 8 housing, foreign aid, immigration, border control, federal court justices, and many other issues are decided.

    If the forum grew, it could have subforums for different states. At the state and local levels, self-defense issues, gun laws, death penalty, stopping the restoration of voting rights for felons, voter ID, funding for police, etc are all dealt with and are all important issues.

    Right now, these are all separate issues with independent non-pro-white advocacy groups.  (Even though those on the opposite side of these issues are often explicitly pro-black/illegal alien/whatever.) An AmRen online forum could become a clearing house of info for pro-white policies and politics without becoming a PAC!

    As for now, I won’t be spending much time here because it is pointless venting.

    (Getting tired. Ending now. Will edit in am if necessary.)

    • Hold on now, you can’t Violate The Constitution with your want for denying convicted “criminals” aka Americans of their Rights.

      Please remember, “We” have Freedom from Unusual and Cruel Punishment and this means, you do wrong, you pay for it and you move on.  You don’t get to take away Rights from Americans forever because of some long ago deed.

      You can’t punish a person forever.  And, psychologically speaking, it does no good to make clear to people, there is no point in straightening up your life now for you will NEVER be allowed to be American no matter how good ya are now.  In short, if you’re gonna be branded the first time out, you may as well stay out.

      Americans cannot be denied their Rights when it’s been proven, they ain’t real criminals.  Lots of people do wrong.  It’s what and how many times they do it that matters.  Did ya spend your entire life doing wrong with never bothering to try?  I have lots of questions when it comes to American “criminals”.  And why.  Criminality is not common among The White Peoples so there are many questions to be asked as far as I’m concerned and I will not support any sort of denial of their Rights.

    • That goes to show you how much Barney Frank knows.  The NRA isn’t powerful per se because of its large and tending to activist membership base.  That’s a consequence of being powerful, not the cause of being powerful.

      The cause is that the legal legit American domestic market for small arms, i.e. Joe Bob buying a 12-gauge and shells for dear season, and Mary buying a pink revolver and some hollow points (yes, I know hollow points aren’t legal in all states) because he wants a CCW permit because she lives in an encroaching ghetto, is the third largest in the world.  The firms that design, manufacture, sell at wholesale and sell at retail those firearms and ammunition would like to keep that market open.  So they spend part of their profits on a lobbying front (NRA).

      That’s the thing about money, always has, always will be:  People with money will spend money either to make a lot more money or to keep their existing money from being taken from them.

      While the Democrat-left has had sugar daddies from time to time, e.g. Soros, and there is sometimes a QPQ cycle between them and Democrat policies, as far as I can tell, there are only two similar built-in industries that revolve around the Democrat-Left like the NRA does around (usually) the Republican Party:  One, public employee unions, and two, the aborticide industry.

    • CourtneyfromAlabama

      I dont see anything hateful in this discussion other than that coming from the opposition. Most whites on here agree that SOME Asians score better than us on a test. What most of us resent is being told that whites must believe that Asians are better than us in every way and that we must allow them in our societies. How did we put a man on the moon or split the atom without Asians? I will agree that Asians are better at some things but when it gets to the point on this website where whites cant even discuss why they are proud of their race without being called haters, and without getting harrassed, then I will no longer waste my time on here. Whites get attacked by the media all the time and if we arent allowed safe refuge on here because American Renaissance cares more about being a haven for Asiaphiles, then I will look elsewhere on the internet.

  • JohnEngelman

    Thank you for that post. Please post more often. 

  • JohnEngelman

    The reason whites with high IQs disagree with you is that they realize that the survival of the white race is not in danger. 

    • Insoc

      Is there anything dumber than an anti-White White?

      Meanwhile, in the real world, Whites compromise 7% of the world population and falling.

      John Engeleman —  Do you think you and yours will elude slaughter, from people who don’t look like you?
      Quisling Whites, in South Africa helped install the Black racists thugs the ANC. And now, if they are lucky, have had to flee for their lives (which they don’t deserve). Do you think this won’t happen to you?

  • JohnEngelman

    Unbelievably repellant isn’t it? 

    No it isn’t.

    • Insoc

      John Engelman:You win the prize today: You are officially now a militant idiot of the anti-White kind.

    • Black Swan

      You are delusional.  You don’t even have the sanity to pretend you’re not supporting white genocide

  • JohnEngelman

    I enjoy reading and usually agree with the articles posted here. Unfortunately some of those who post comments here are race bigots. They illustrate the following quote by Eric Hoffer, “The less justified a man is in claiming excellence for his own self, the more ready he is to claim all excellence for his nation, his religion, his race, or his holy cause.   

    • Pertaining to your quote, what?!?

      Your quote is taken way out of context or the Author is stupid.  No how and in no way, does one’s Love and Loyalty for and to God, Country and Fellow Country Men equate to their own inadequacies in any fashion.  For you to try to insinuate such a thing tells me all I need to know about you John.

      Last, am I a “race bigot” and if so, why?  Why should you be allowed to put your asians on a Pedestal without question and should question arise, why is the questioner a “race bigot”?

      I need to understand why certain Speech is allowed while other Speech is not.

      • JohnEngelman

        Your quote is taken way out of context or the Author is stupid.  No how and in no way, does one’s Love and Loyalty for and to God, Country and Fellow Country Men equate to their own inadequacies in any fashion.  For you to try to insinuate such a thing tells me all I need to know about you John.                                                                          
        – Stephanie Galonska            
        It is one thing to love God. It is something else to maintain that one’s religious denomination is the only legitimate way to worship Him, and that everyone out of the denomination is going to Hell.  
        If you felt loyalty to the United States you would not have chosen as your avatar the battle flag of an effort to disunite the United States. 
        Eric Hoffer wrote “The True Believer.” It explained how failure and low self esteem lead can lead one to religious or political fanaticism. 

        • Oh no daddy-o, oh no.  No you don’t.

          My Flag is the ONLY True Flag of America.  The North was the INVADER and, and, and guess what?  The North PRACTICED every single last bit, you got that?  EVERY SINGLE LAST BIT of EVERYTHING The South has been repeatedly bashed for doing.

          You attack My Flag and you gotta a problem John.  This Flag is My Heart and Soul.  You can’t touch her.

          When you can prove to me that slavery and that ever so evil Klan did not exist in The North, then we’ll talk but until then, cease and desist John.  I will not allow you to attack My Flag, My Country, My People, My Religion or My Racism with your misinformation.

          I also demand proof that all those people, both black and white, were COMPLETELY innocent before you judge the Klan of both The North and The South.  I also demand you prove that the likes of hangin’ was not a way of doing things here, I want you to prove to me that hangin’ was done out of nothing but pure hate for skin color and nothing else.

          In other words, prove to me that those bank robbers’ were hung not because they broke the Law but because of their skin color.

          You can’t bash my Country and expect me to not flare up.

          • JohnEngelman

            You have obviously flared up. I never even mentioned the Klu Klux Klan and lynching. 
            At the height of the popularity of lynching it was a rare year when more than a hundred people were lynched. About one third of lynching victims were white. I have not made a study of the matter, but I am of the tentative opinion that most of those lynched were guilty of heinous crimes. 
            I believe Jesse Jackson has pointed out that more black men are murdered by other black men every year than the total number of black men lynched since the end of the Civil War, but I cannot find the quote. 

      • JohnEngelman

        Last, am I a “race bigot” and if so, why?  Why should you be allowed to put your asians on a Pedestal without question and should question arise, why is the questioner a “race bigot”?       
        –  Stephanie Galonska
        Bigotry is the state of mind of a “bigot,” a person obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices, especially one who exhibits intolerance and animosity toward members of a group.  
        A race realist is one who recognizes that races differ in average ability levels and behavior, and who believes that the differences are largely genetic. A race bigot dislikes those of different races. 
        It is race realism to acknowledge that compared with blacks, Hispanics, and even whites Orientals tend to be intelligent, law abiding, and sexually responsible. It is race bigotry to dislike Orientals and to believe that they do not belong in the United States. 
        The only people who may have a legitimate claim that Orientals do not belong in the United States are American Indians. Their claim would extend beyond Orientals.

        • Your comment is ahistorical. For instance:

          * I don’t like Blacks. I do not want them to be humiliated, persecuted etc., but I also don’t want them to be near White people. Also, I would be against any plan of race replacement of Blacks from Africa -let them live in their continent.
          History shows that Blacks are incompetent to rule themselves in a manner characteristic of industrial or modern society. It’s not some abstract “difference” without radical consequences, but an extremely significant statement- Blacks are, as a race, “condemned” by genetics to stay at the lowest strata of a society based on meritocracy.

          I don’t like fish, the 18th century painting and opera. So, I’m a bigoted against these things ?

          * Asians. Well- Asians were a marginal presence in the US up to 1950s. The US is a country founded & consolidated on three basic ingredients:

          * European cultural heritage
          * English language & customs
          * White European phenotype

          And Orientals/Asians are only a recent presence in the US- except Chinese laundry etc.. In past 200+ yrs US was a country molded by Europeans- and NOT Africans, nor Asians.

          So, do Orientals belong to the US ? Do Muslims belong to the US ? Do Hindus belong to the US ?

          Yes- as a marginal minority. Everything else is a self-deception.

          • JohnEngelman

            So, do Orientals belong to the US ? Do Muslims belong to the US ? Do Hindus belong to the US ?

            Yes- as a marginal minority. Everything else is a self-deception.

            – Bardon Kaldian
            The liberal belief that there is strength in diversity has become a liberal dogma that is presented without proof, or even evidence, with the implication that anyone who questions it is morally lacking.

            I believe that different racial, ethnic, and religious groups should be evaluated on the basis of characteristics that distinguish them. Orientals and immigrants from India usually perform and behave well, so I do think they belong here. I feel less supportive of Muslims, because some are prone to terrorism.

          • John Engelman

            I believe that different racial, ethnic, and religious groups should be
            evaluated on the basis of characteristics that distinguish them.
            Orientals and immigrants from India usually perform and behave well, so I
            do think they belong here. 

            NO. They belong here ONLY as a negligible minority. If they would become 10%, 20% or 30% of the US society, this society would have fallen apart because of alien unassimilable ethnic groups.

            Deng Hsiao Ping told all those Chinese who began emigrating to Western societies during 1990s: “Just a look in the mirror will convince you that you will never be the same as they are. This difference is not something you can change- ever.”

      • JohnEngelman

        I need to understand why certain Speech is allowed while other Speech is not.           
        – Stephanie Galonska        
        I never said you should not be allowed to post here. That is something others suggest about me. I want you to keep posting, although I would appreciate it if your comments became more civil.  I enjoy debating you. Nevertheless, when I asked, “Would you like to deport or silence me because I like Orientals? ”
        You answered, “YES and YES!!!  You don’t have ‘The Right’ to force your asians on us. “

        • Well, you don’t!  Now John, you’ve insulted me.  I am civil.  Where was I not civil?  I’m allowed to be frustrated.  I have not raised my hand in anger, just my voice and dear heart, that’s my Right.

          Now, what would you like to debate?  I will use the term “orientals” for you or I will at least, make clear about which “asian” I’m talking about.  Fair?

          By the way, my “yes and yes”, I meant it.  You can have your Orientals John, I’m just saying, I too am allowed to have a Community of my preferred peoples too.

          • JohnEngelman

            Stephanie Golonska,
            How have I insulted you? On at least one occasion you have called me a traitor, simply because of my admiration for Orientals. 

  • JohnEngelman

    You live up to your pseudonym. Welcome to American Renaissance. I hope you will continue to post here. 

  • I can say the exact same thing about non-whites and how they treat and what they say about White Folk.

    It cuts both ways.  This is not about “hate”.  It’s about fairness.

    And please, please understand the frustration. It’s been forever now and still, with all the Non-White Privilege that is so prevalent Today, still, No Truth is Allowed.  This is hard to take and smile at the same time.

    No one here is trying to be hateful or insulting.  We’re tired of being constantly assaulted, insulted, disregarded and discarded.  You can’t really expect us to have never-ending patience.  We’re not God.

    Stay on a little and get a better taste before you decide to judge but again, you gotta take into consideration, how non-whites have been treated and portrayed vs. how The White Peoples have been treated and portrayed before you judge the “hate” and “insults” and, this is really important, how those “insults” directed at non-whites, were provoked by non-whites themselves.

    There are non-whites here who do start it and by American Constitutional Standards, Americans are allowed, they’re actually obligated, to Stand their Ground.

  •  Let’s see 5-10 unsubstantiated allegations.

  • JohnEngelman

    I post here because I enjoy investigating different points of view, stating my own, and debating those who disagree.
    I agree with Jared Taylor on certain core perceptions, and with the quote by Thomas Jefferson at the top of this page, “There is not a truth which I fear or would wish unknown to the whole world.”    
    Of my various opinions I can state some here that are not allowed elsewhere. I find facts and insights here that are not posted elsewhere. 

  • CourtneyfromAlabama

    I have been following this discussion and I am mad now. We have John Engelman telling white people on here that we cant be proud of the societies we create, but meanwhile he keeps encouraging and giving a thumbs up to any Asians who come on here demanding that whites believe Asians are better than us. Well they arent better than us. Whites somehow managed to create most of the science of the world and we have also created societies that everyone else, including Asians, wants to come to. I will not just stand by and allow John to get away with this and neither should anyone else. He keeps misquoting Jared Taylor who I have met in person twice. Why doesnt he spend more time on an Asian supremacist blog instead of wasting our time…same for his Asian friends.

    • Wayne Lo

       Courtney: I think you should be mad at those white men who claim to be white nationalists on the one hand, yet not only do not have a problem with WM-AF dating, but actively engage in themselves.

      These same white men go apoplectic at the very thought of a white woman dating a black man.

      • CourtneyfromAlabama

        If I am upset with John what makes you think I am not upset with those others you mention?

        • Wayne Lo

          Courtney: Nice dress by the way—-you look great! I greatly appreciate beauty —and you sure as bring it to this site!

          Wayne Lo (formerly John Liu)

    • Wayne Lo

      Hey Courtney—-one day you will be bearing my child!

      And you will be Courtney Lo   🙂

      Get revenge against all those white dudes you hate going with asian females —-you’ll show them!

    • JohnEngelman

      How have I misquoted Jared Taylor? 

      • CourtneyfromAlabama

        John, where you come up wrong is by trying to say that Jared Taylor stands with you on this idea that we need Asians here.

        • JohnEngelman

          Where did I saw that Jared Taylor wants more Orientals in the United States? What I did say is that he agrees with me that they have low crime rates. 

        • Wayne Lo

          Oh Courtney,,,,,if only we had the chance to meet! You would quickly fall in love with me, as I have with you, and we would get married, have some mixed race kids, and live happily ever after!!!!!

          Surely, that’s the best way for you to get back at those race traitor white men who find Asian women more sexy than white women—-go out with a studly Asian thoroughbred like myself!

        • Wayne Lo

          Jared Taylor may not want more Asians in the US, but he certainly enjoyed his full of Asian women in Japan, I have read.

          Apparently he enjoyed the sexual services of a certain Ms Akisada for a considerable period of time.

  • What nonsense! The following high profile companies are either founded or run by Asian Americans or Asians and have millions of whites employed there:

    Krishna Bharat ( Indian American) is the prinicpal scientist at Google also famous for creating Google news.

    1. Bose – World’s #1 Sound System & Audio technology corporation – founder and Chair Dr. Amar Gopal Bose ( Indian American inventor, pioneer and Emeritus Physics professor at MIT, Boston)

    2. Sun Microsystems – One of silicon valley’s premier compnies which was Co founded by Indian American.

    3. Pepsico – CEO, Indian American

    4. Hotmail – co-founder Sabeer Bhatia ( Indian American)

    5. Cisco , Adobe, HP, Master Card, American Express, Citibank/ Citigroup,  International Capital Partners ( founded by Indian American), Cirrus logic, TIBCO software, AppLabs – world’s #1 software testing company – founded by Indian American), Sntel, InfoUSA etc.

    And as for other Asians ( orientals) who have either founded or have run companies in America, here is a link 

    • JohnEngelman

      Israel, in your ability to discover those facts you help to illustrate points I have made here about the intelligence of the Children of Israel. 

      • Don’t be naive, “Israel” is a Hindu Indian. It’s obvious.

    • Insoc

      Oh, I see you’re back “Israel”  or is it “Aaron from Rhode Island” or “Lindsey Weiss” of “Shalini” the Indian?  Which is it?

      You are  pro-White genocide.

      Let’s spin this yarn from another angle, shall we. Let’s say that I’m a White American college graduate looking to break into the upper echelons of a Chinese company. Let’s say that I go to China and start making a big stink about “glass ceilings” and covert racism. Let’s say that I go to the newspapers about it, that I start internet campaigns about it, that I get all loud and mouthy about it. How long before I waited behind “useful idiot” John Engelman to get  a bullet in the back of my head, seriously?

    • Black Swan

      Good job pandering to Asians “Israel.”

      Hopefully they’ll fight your wars in the Middle East for you since you know whites are a dying race.  Hope they’ll agree to fill your coffers as well and load you down with the  latest high tech military weapons like we American whites have been doing for decades.

      I wouldn’t count on it.  A very wise Chinese man told me they are on to you and won’t be used as your cannon fodder.

      Surrounded by a billion muslims are you?  Good luck finding someone to help you out.  It won’t be us because the likes of you have wiped us out.  

      Congratulations.  What happens to us will happen to you as well, only worse:  lose of your living spaces and eventually genocide, pushed into the sea…

      • Actually, India ( the 3rd biggest armed force on the planet) and 4th most powerful nation IS Israel’s strongest friend and ally apart from the United States. 

        • Black Swan

          Wonderful, then you should be able to convince Indians to fight your proxy wars for you. Let them invade Iran for you and leave us White Americans alone.

          India is overpopulated with low IQ illiterates. Perfect cannon fodder for your Middle Eastern wars. How about we open up the floodgates and let them enter Israel?

          Oh…that’s right! Israel doesn’t let in anyone except Jewish people.

  • CourtneyfromAlabama

    You are picking and choosing bits and pieces of what people said and blowing them out of context but that is beside the point. Just because a white person says something that you consider false about Asians, how is that hate speech? Maybe I should declare that since certain people on here have tried to twist facts by saying that Europeans are as numerous as Asians in the world or that Asians have contributed as much to science as Europeans…..maybe I should declare that hate speech. But since I am white and held to a higher standard than that, I won’t.

    • Wayne Lo

      I never said Europeans were as numerous as Asians.

      The facts are though that European whites number about 1.2 billion, East Asians number about 1.4 billion, and South Asians number about 1.1 to 1.2 billion. Sub-Saharan blacks number around 900 million I think.

      That is of the major races, East Asians are the most numerous, followed by whites, followed by South Asians, followed by black Africans (or their descendants).

      If of course we include near Eastern and North African white people, the number of whites in the world would be about the same as the number of East Asians.

      So Courtney—-where have I twisted facts?

      And by the way, Asians certainly have contributed as much to science as Europeans. Maybe not in the past couple of centuries. But certainly in a historical sense.

      • CourtneyfromAlabama

        Which is why every book on the history of science has most of it’s pages devoted to Europe by a wide margin. Where are all these mythical Asian contributions to science that nobody has heard of?

    • Wayne Lo

      Where are all these mythical Asian contributions to science

      Refer to the works of Joseph Needham “Science & Civilisation in China.”

      To date they run to 27 volumes.

      I can’t be bothered listing it all out here….

  • CourtneyfromAlabama

    Jupiter, in regards to your last paragraph, even the accomplishments of the Chinese in China don’t compare to those of whites, and I should be allowed to say that on here without being called a hater. Why doesn’t our opposition spend their time on a pro China site instead of dictating to us what we can and can’t say on one of the few websites where whites can be proud?

  •  I find it absurd one would have to “prove” that western culture is more important & the only globally universal culture. There are a few other high cultures, mainly in Asia. And they remained traditional ones, with brilliant periods of wealth & innovation, but have never reached the radiance of the West that surpassed everything else. No cultural relativism, please. As I said in the short piece:

    p { margin-bottom: 0.08in; }a:link { }

    West begins in the Greek
    miracle. Not in static Egypt, nor in later, rather slow witted but
    efficient Rome. And what we have with old Greeks (aside from
    bisexuality) ?

    1. the idea of man as a rational individual,
    frequently at war with gods2. very developed abstract language
    which is still the source of neologisms in sciences (and sometimes
    arts)3. democracy and other forms, but always questioning the
    forms of government4. naval orientation, which helped foster
    expansion & questioning of dogmas5. not very reverent
    approach to the tradition6. population which is, although
    significant, not very big in numbers

    In China, we have:

    1. a civilization which is by its very nature
    land-oriented (although, of course, not land-locked)
    conservative approach inherited from the Bronze Age, a refined
    “enlightened despotism”
    3. general conservatism &
    unwillingness to search for “the new”
    4. orientation
    towards practical, pragmatic and disregard for the abstract, which is
    seen in the structure of Chinese language (see Nakamura:
    Ways of
    Thinking of Eastern Peoples)
    5. too big population- China has
    always been ca. 15-25% of humankind

    In sum, if we are talking about not just practical
    inventions, but instead of complete civilizational orientation which
    could create a modern world, Chinese were lacking in:

    * abstraction

    * orientation towards the future

    * expansive disposition that comes from too many

    I’ve read the entire Confucian corpus &
    Confucius is one of my cultural heroes. One of the few strong
    influences on my world-view. He was the first person to present human
    personality, with its idiosyncrasies, irony, humanism, righteousness,
    a sense of  transcendence combined with common sense to the
    world- and it was before ca. 2500 yrs.
    In my mind, he is more
    alive than, say, Euripides or Parmenides.

    That said:

    * Confucius was clear about his mission. ” I do
    not invent, but transmit.” (quot from memory). Confucianism,
    both idealistic & naturalistic, somehow, due to this prevalence
    of conservatism, remained the strongest factor in molding China’s
    tradition of self-sufficiency & ultimately stagnation. They
    lacked DYNAMISM.

    * abstraction is the keystone of philosophy and
    science. Greeks had it & they questioned everything- nature of
    gods, human psychology, politics, metaphysics, ethics, aesthetics,
    ..they invented sciences, mathematical proof (no other civilization
    knew about mathematical proof), they mathematized cosmos
    (Pythagoras), integral calculus (Archimedes),..

    Without abstract thought we wouldn’t have magisterial
    works of Euclid, Ptolemy, Plato, Aristotle, … We wouldn’t have
    world-views we can find in ancient Greece:

    * proto-fascism* democracy* communism*
    feminism* materialism* skepticism* idea of  the
    “Renaissance man”- this is Plato refurbished* physical
    education* universe as the intelligible & comprehensive
    whole* atheism* panentheism* mathematical mysticism*
    idea of cosmopolitanism* idea of abolition of slavery* idea
    of free individual* …

    Or :
    * the unparalleled arts (Greek and Roman sculpture, Michelangelo, Rembrandt, Goya,..)
    * the dominant literary form, novel, “the encyclopedia of inner life” (Cervantes, Tolstoy, Melville, Dostoevsky, Proust, Joyce,..)
    * classical music ((Palestrina, Bach, Beethoven, Mozart,..)

    * exact sciences (Galileo, Newton, Harvey, Lavoisier, Gauss, Maxwell, Einstein, Pasteur, ..)

    * inventions (Gutenberg, Bell, Tesla, McCormick,..)

    * medicine (Lister, Koch, Fleming, ..)

    * film as art (Welles, Tarkovsky, Kieslowski,   ..and Mizoguchi and Kurosawa)

    *’s boring: –  alist is just for fun, but not
    without significance

    * Chinese simply did not possess cultural atmosphere
    of expansion, restlessness etc. Greeks- ancient- were heroic &
    frequently tragic and passionate people. It isn’t for nothing that
    Chinese keyword is “harmony” (with Dao, nature etc.).
    Western  way is that of conflict with nature, God or gods.
    Western way (or “Dao”) is struggle.

    In short- there was no Chinese Prometheus. And
    this-as a metaphor- has had deep historical consequences.

    And that’s why the West is the best.

    • Wayne Lo

      Basically listing out a list of Western achievements says nothing. I could do similar with the Chinese. But I’ll just point you to Joseph Needham’s magisterial work, of which you are no doubt familiar.

      One point of fact I would like to pick you up on:

      Europe: population which is, although significant, not very big in numbers
      China: too big population- China has always been ca. 15-25% of humankind

      In fact only 100 years ago whites constituted about 30% of the population of the world.

      Europe’s population has not been that much behind that of China’s. If you add in the population of the Americas, the white population of the world would have exceeded China until quite recently.

      In fact East Asians in 1950 constituted 27.77% of world population compared to whites (27.98%).

    • Funny Bardon, again 
      you err. There are some prominent Jews and East Asians in that list ( who are NOT white). Remember?

      •  Jews are White- I never subscribed to the idea they were not- and I mentioned Japanese directors with purpose to show that all creative effort is not solely & exclusively White European.

        But, in case you insist: almost 99% of 20-40 major figures in all fields were White European Gentiles. Einstein cannot compete with Newton, Kafka with Goethe, Mizoguchi with Tarkovsky or Kronecker with Poincare.

        And if this hurts- well, it’s not my fault. Only a loony would be hurt by the fact that Newton is the greatest scientist and Bach and Beethoven greatest composers.

        • Jews are white? Despite a clear semitic middle eastern DNA I wonder how Jews can be considered white. We are NOT white. We are a distinct ethno-racial group distinct from white gentile Europeans.

          Obviously, you don’t realize that you are talking to an engineer. Einstein was far ahead of Newton et al. Newton made tons of errors, infact Einstein was the first to correct Newton’s faulty gravitational field theory and gave the concept of a curve linear space as opposed to Newton’s inaccurate linear model.  Einstein was well influenced with Hindu-Buddhist philosophy( like other Quantum physics pioneers such as Planick, Bohr and Heisenberg), he was the first to conceive the concept of mathematical singularity, which is currently being actively pursued by the Japanese American Quantum Physics genius – Michio Kaku. Einstein’s abstract genius is certainly far superior to Newton’s simplistic mechanics based linear models which btw were prone to numerous errors corrected by LaPlace and Einstein etc. I doubt 
          you know much about Physics or engineering.

          • What an ignoramus.

            1. Newton is the supreme scientist who invented physics, as it were. Einstein corrected & modernized Newton’s grand scheme, relying on work of Poincare, Lorentz, Fitzgerald and others.

            2. Einstein was absolutely clueless about Hindu-Buddhist philosophy. His main sources of philosophical thought were Kant, Hume, Mach and Spinoza.

            And you are talking to a theoretical physicist, troll.   

          • Troll is a term more specific to you or perhaps that is the best (lame) rebuttal to my rather astute posts. Pathetic!

             1. “Supreme scientist”? What is he Pizza Hut’s Super Supreme? You seriously have to make more logical arguments rather than just throwing ridiculous superlatives. Again, if not for Hindu, Mesopotamian and Chinese mathematicians and scientists ( whose works were mentioned in my previous post) where would your “Supaah-Supreme” Newton be? Perhaps he would have been employed for minimum wage at a Pizza joint!

            2. Einstein was certainly well aware and conscious of many eastern philosophies especially Vedic Hinduism. You have obviously not read his works nor his biography. In fact, Tesla, Oppenheimer, Einstein, Bohr, Heisenberg et al like the late Steve Jobs were deeply influenced by Vedic science and philosphy. Einstein also famously remarked:

            “We owe a lot to the Indians, who taught us how to count, without which no worthwhile scientific discovery could have been made”


            Here is Tesla’s deep influence of Hindu Vedic Science on his works:


            Yes, his spiritual beliefs were based on a rather pantheistic view of Spinoza which in many ways was congruent to Hindu-Buddhist philosophy.

    • Wayne Lo

      I find it absurd one would have to “prove” that western culture is more important & the only globally universal culture

      And then he goes and writes the longest post in the history of the world.

  • Wayne Lo

     ‘Invading Russia’—-sorry did not the Russians invade those parts that are now Russia a little over 100 years ago. Was not Khabarovsk, Vladivolstok part of the Chinese empire until quite recently?

    The more obvious question is why do you have Eastern Slavs in the Far East?

    Why do you have Chinese people around the world? The same reason why you have so many white people round the world (in even greater numbers mind you). Economics.

    The same reason why white people invaded China in 1840. That was when China was richer than Europe.

    And my question again. If white people are so smart and wonderful, why did they not just remain in Europe and create paradise on earth. Instead of going to every corner of the earth disturbing other people?

    In this way Europe would have remained white, and miscegenation would not have been a problem for you.

  • And, as for Asian Indians- don’t make me laugh. Inferiority complexes of an ethno-racial subgroup are all too very visible:

    What have Indian creative mind done in the past 50 yrs in any field worth mentioning, comparable to the achievement of  Americans, Russians, British, Germans, French,…? Apart from Chandrasekhar and a few others ?

    Enough with these jokes.

    • Don’t make me laugh, Bardon. Winning a Wolf prize and listing them proves nothing much. In many cases these prizes are given away due to a political agenda. Heck, even guys like Obama and Gorbachev were given Nobel prizes. Serbian American genius – Nicolas Tesla did not win a fancy Nobel prize or an Abel/ Steele award, but nevertheless his contribution to electricity and thus technology in the 19th century goes unparalleled, even more than the savvy Anglo American business tycoon Edison. So what does that prove? Can 
      you state that Tesla was insignificant just because his name does not appear in the list of notable awards present in those links you posted?

      In response to the rather unlettered post 
      you made disparaging the contributions of Indians, especially Indian Americans in the past 50 
      years, I must say, I’m rather appalled by the blatant ignorance displayed in your post.
      The inventions of modern tech marvels which run our lives such as, the Pentium Chip, MIMO tech which enhances Wi-Fi/ WiMax, co-inventors of the Intel Pentium processor & USB port,  HDTV, MPEG4, vital for all modern computers/ laptops and thus some vital aspects of modern technological life were the inventions of American citizens of Asian Indian ethnic heritage. If not for the Pentium chip invented by an Indian genius ( Vinod Dham), 
      you would not be sitting in front of a modern computer or laptop sending me these posts right here on Amren! And, this is only the tip of the ice-berg. I think 
      your biggest folly is underestimating a timid but highly formidable people. And as 
      you sit there and compose posts trying to belittle those timid dark skinned Asians from the subcontinent, they are successfully taking over the science-technology, medical-pharma, academia-research, hotel-motel, steel, jewellery/ diamond and small business industries.  I also see quite a few prominent Indian faces in the Media ( Fareed Zakaria, CNN superstars like Ali Velshi, Zain Verjee etc) and politics too ( the current 
      Federal Chief Officer of the United States ( the highest position in the land for these fields) for: Science, Technology and Communication / Information.( as of now, 2012) 
      And last but not least, regarding Indian Americans vs white Americans. 

      • These are significant contributions in just one field, and let’s remember- absolutely incommensurate with White European/American work. Does name Jack Kilby ring a bell ? Or Dennis Ritchie ? In case of confusion, I’ll give an overview:

        For instance:

        Or, another site:

        In sum- Asians have made a contribution to the computer science (and other fields, too). But- having the whole picture, from 1950s on in mind-although we can narrow down the period from 1990 on- their contribution is less than 5%, if one could express these things numerically.

        About mathematics, biology, biomedical sciences, physics, chemistry, astronomy, geology, social sciences… I won’t even bother to talk.

        • CourtneyfromAlabama

          By continuing to mention 1950 onward you are giving fuel to the other side. Why don’t we talk about all of history? Whites still outshine everyone else. Plus, some of those inventions Israel mentioned were mostly invented by a team of whites. And I guess he doesn’t know that Tesla was white. Most of us don’t care about comparing Anglos to everyone else although Anglos have done great things too.

          • The posters here bragged about their (their race’s) contribution in past decades. Speaking about 1800s or 1700s would elicit squealing about colonialism etc.
            So I left it.

            Anyway- it’s imbecile to brag about what other people have done, irrespective or race or religion or gender. And more so about average household income.

          • In that case the biggest imbeciles would include white nationalist posters who keep posting links of the supposed greatness of the white race. The Asians and Jews have no choice but to sometimes give these white nationalists a taste of their own medicine.


    I would expect nothing less from you.  You people just don’t know how to be Honest.  You speak of dregs and that is supposed to answer my question?

    It is your people who have sex with little boys.  You people have carvings in STONE that are ORGIES for Christ’s Sake!

    Last, I don’t believe you.  Successful people have no need to start off with telling people how “successful” they are.  I know you’re lying.

    glass houses – Yep, you and your indians do live in glass houses don’t you?  You and your people ALWAYS claim to be “intelligent” and “successful” yet you are all THIRD WORLD!

    I’m not one you want to talk to.  I have NO respect for you people for I know what you’re really about.  Muslims are more Honest than you people.

    • Stephanie, looks like John Engleman was right. Delusional trolls who make infantile arguments in posts based on highly illogical non-factual emotional outbursts are some of the funniest to read. I was quite amused all this time. Please, please don’t leave. The “honest” civilized Muslim fans of 
      yours will be sad too ( albeit for different reasons!) 

      • Once again, you PURPOSELY fail to address my points.

        Are you telling me there are no carvings in stone of orgies in India?

        Are you  telling me that India is not a Third World?

        Are you telling me successful people start off by telling people how “successful” they are?  Perhaps you jews and non-whites do due to your inferiority complex but Americans damn sure don’t.

        If you can’t address my points, don’t bother responding.

  • Wayne Lo

    By the way William Cutting….you are a Turk, are you not?

  • I’m outta here so please, don’t respond to me anymore as I won’t be back to respond.

    As for the people who are considering leaving because this White Community, much like all White Communities, have been taken over by yet again, non-whites, I don’t blame ya.  I’m about ready to do the same thing.

    Last thought, funny it is, for a Race that is “second” and whom only has their Knowledge and Wealth because they “stole” it or “expanded upon” non-white “intelligence”, sure is funny how they can NEVER leave White People, White Places, White Groups or White Countries alone.

    Slater Gators…

    • CourtneyfromAlabama

      Stephanie, I just sent American Renaissance an email. Jared Taylor respects me and has met me in person twice. If they don’t take my advice and put a stop to this harrassing, they are going to lose a lot of valued posters (they already have). I will spend more time on sites like Political Cesspool and they will be the ones receiving my money. But I am sure our antagonists will follow us there as well. It just goes to show the superiority of our race considering that nobody else will leave us alone, not even on the internet. Pathetic.

      • Thanks for the amusement, ladies! Superiority ?  Touche!

      • StivD

        Let them continue. Whites who have real loyalty to the white race should be more motivated because of these people.  Maybe this particular site can be abandoned for one with a lot fewer fetishists commenting on it.

      • CourtneyfromAlabama

        Moderator, do you consider Israel’s above comment that you haven’t deleted yet where he called white people stupid for eating steak, thoughtful criticism? I haved been posting on here a very long time and I know what polite debate consists of and I am open to letting the other side speak, however, there comes a point where when enough of them are on here it causes those of us who are regular posters to not enjoy the atmosphere anymore. As Jared Taylor says, “sometimes white people just want to be left alone”.

        • I don’t call insults “thoughtful criticism” either.  I call them insults.

          You can go to any Liberal Website of your choice and get a never-ending supply of that but here, here we should be able to be free from deliberate antagonizers.

          And for me, it’s not about being able to take it or “debate” it, it’s about having at least one place, just one place a White Person can go and get support without being bombarded by people who are here to do nothing but make sure White People have NOTHING and NOWHERE to go.

      • Tell me about it!

        Debate is one thing but it’s not Debate when they refuse to address points.  I can get this from Politico and quite frankly, the columns here are too small for this sort of nonsense.

        I wouldn’t care about their constant avoidance but the page (comment box) does not go all the way across and pardon me here but I’m spoiled.  My first time debating on the internet was on Politico and I became very spoiled by their format.  I’ve yet to see anything that beats it.

        Also, I come here for strength when the Democrats and Liberals have finally succeeded in sucking me dry.  I come here for awhile, get rejuvenated and then go back out into the Lion’s Den but now, with no thanks to those “intelligent” non-whites, I can’t even do that anymore.

    • “Last thought, funny it is, for a Race that is “second” and whom only has their Knowledge and Wealth because they “stole” it or “expanded upon” non-white “intelligence”, sure is funny how they can NEVER leave White People, White Places, White Groups or White Countries alone.”
      Hmm I wonder if that meant like how whites can never leave non whites alone, whether in the Americas ( native non whites), Australia ( Aborginals), New Zealand ( Maoris), Africas ( South Africa, Zimbabwae…original black Africans), Asia ( not so long ago…in China, India, Middle east) and even now with un wanted American presence in SE Asia, Afghanistan  and the middle east. Please entertain us more with such blatant hypocrisy  or should I say imbecility, my dear “superior white” ladies?     

      • WHAT?!?

        Just like a jew, tell a bunch of lies but because you’re a “jew”, we’re just supposed to automatically believe it regardless of any facts that say otherwise.

        You don’t address points, you tell lies, mislead, skew facts and through it all, throw in insults for every false sentence you dare to write.

        Why do jews, who are supposed to be so so so very very very “smart”, why do you need Money and Blood from White People?  Shouldn’t it be the other way around?  Shouldn’t it be you people who created Weaponry and it shouldn’t it be you people who gives Aide (financially and militarily) to White People instead? 

  • Insoc

    Because John Engelman is a  brainwashed useful idiot who has bought into the anti-white, pro genocide propaganda of “diversity” and “multiculturalism.”

    He has no idea what fate awaits him when the U.S. is minority white and he is lorded over by nonwhites who desire nothing less than the extermination of the white race.

    There IS nothing dumber or worse than a white-hating white.

  • CourtneyfromAlabama

    Point taken, rationalbeing, but I have two points to make in response:

    1) Most whites on here are fighting for their survival and they would rather not get harrassed by antagonists every time they show any sense of pride for their race that might ‘gasp’ offend an Asian. I guess whites can’t be left alone anywhere….not even the internet. Meanwhile, I wonder how many Asian websites are saying hateful things about whites.

    2) You make a statement suggesting that up until a few centuries ago Asia was ahead of us in science. I never understood what that ambiguous statement is supposed to mean. Most books
    that specifically focus on science history claim that 90% of scientific achievements came out of Greece and then later Europe post-Renaissance. Richer and bigger doesn’t mean superior in intellect.

    • Wayne Lo

      Most books that specifically focus on science history claim that
      90% of scientific achievements came out of Greece and then later Europe post-Renaissance.

      And most of these books are written by men of what race???

      I can point you to books written by Chinese who claim we are the best ….

      And if you read books by American historians you would think it was Americans who won WWII. And if you read books by British historians, Stalingrad was a sideshow compared to the Battle of Al Alamein.

      Phillipe Rushton on the Chinese:

      “The Whites who explored China were just as racist as those who explored Africa, but their descriptions were different from what they and the Arabs had written about Africans. In 1275 Marco Polo arrived in China from his native Italy to open trade with the Mongol Empire. He found that the Chinese had well built roads, bridges, cities connected by canals, census takers, markets, standardized weights and measures, and not only coins, but paper money as well. Even a postal system was in existence. All of these made him marvel when he compared the Chinese to what he saw in Europe and the Middle East. Even though he was an Italian, proud of his people and well aware of the greatness of Ancient Rome, Marco Polo wrote: “Surely there is no more intelligent race on earth than the Chinese.” Historical research bears out Marco Polo’s impressions. As early as 360 B.C., the Chinese used the cross bow and changed the face of warfare. Around 200-100 B.C., the Chinese used written exams to choose people for the civil service, two thousand years before Britain. The Chinese used printing about 800 A.D., some 600 years before Europe saw Gutenberg’s first Bible. Paper money was used in China in 1300, but not in Europe until the 19th and 20th centuries. By 1050 Chinese chemists had made gunpowder, hand grenades, fire arrows, and rockets of oil and poison gas. By 1100, factories in China with 40,000 workers were making rockets. Flame throwers, guns, and cannons were used in China by the 13th century, about 100 years before Europe. The Chinese used the magnetic compass as early as the 1st century. It is not found in European records until 1190. In 1422, seventy years before Columbus’s three small ships crossed the Atlantic, the Chinese reached the east coast of Africa. They came in a great fleet of 65 ocean going ships filled with 27,000 soldiers and their horses, and a year’s supply of grain, meat, and wine. With their gunpowder weapons, navigation, accurate maps and magnetic compasses, the Chinese could easily have gone around the tip of Africa and “discovered” Europe!”

      • And the Italic text is just about everything the Chinese civilization accomplished (apart from literature and some proto-philosophy). On the other hand, it’s impossible to tally Western creative contribution:

        * old Greek science was exactly this- a science. No Chinese Archimedes, Pythagoras, Eratostenes, Euclides, … Chinese did not have an idea of heliocentric system- unlike Greeks. They did not possess the idea of mathematized cosmos; they did not leave huge mathematical textbook like Euclides’ “Elements”; nor did they invent integral calculus like Archimedes (method of exhaustion).
        Chinese inventions were haphazard & came mainly from dabbling in alchemy, not as products of inquiring mind.

        * in other fields the discrepancy is even greater- Chinese did not plant new ideas. The idea of  universal substance of everything stopped at 5 elements. Not like Greeks’ 4 elements (Aristotle), 1 element (Heraclitus, Tales), atoms (Epicurus, Democritus), apeiron (the infinite substance) (Anaxagoras), .. No developd ideas about psychology (Plato, Aristotle, Plotinus), political theories like totalitarian state, feminism, curriculum for development of entire human being (gymnastics for body, music for soul, mathematics for mind- Plato), no democratic and republican ideas (Stoics), no …

        Gunpowder, printing press  and compass did not change the world. Scattered, without unifying culture and values characteristic of the West- they were footnotes  in history.

  • Insoc

    It would also be flat-out false to consider Arabs, Persians and those from the Middle East as “white,” but this is what the U.S. government does.  Their haplogroups and DNA are very different from those of white Europeans yet they are often categorized as “white” for government purposes.

    The U.S. government does this to puff up white population numbers, to lull us whites into thinking there are more of us than there actually are.

    The Middle Easterners are fighting back, they don’t want to be grouped with a dispossessed and hated minority that is discriminated against by government decree.  They don’t want to be subjected to genocide as is planned for white Americans.  Ask “Israel” about that, ask “him” why Palestinians or anyone else who isn’t Jewish isn’t allowed to settle in Israel.  Looks like the Israelis want to keep themselves apart from others — and good for them.

    • Israel DOES have a 14% Arab population. Please do some more research before looking like an ignoramus on this forum!

      • Black Swan

        Shall we ask the Palestinians about that?

        Why is Israel building a fence along all of its borders, hmmm?

        Could it be that they want to keep their population unpolluted with Africans and others from the Third World?  

        “Israeli planning authorities on Tuesday approved construction of a detention centre for illegal immigrants, at a projected cost of 250 million shekels ($67 million), the Defence Ministry said.” The government fears that once the Egyptian border fence is complete migrants will attempt to sneak in from Jordan until that frontier is also sealed.”

        Hey “Israel:”  

        Why aren’t Africans offered a “path to citizenship” and Israeli citizenship for any spawn they produce? Hmmmmm?? Why isn’t there a massive outcry from the UN and other “Human Rights” organizations about Israel’s detention and expulsion of its African population? 
        Seems they don’t want the same “multiculturalism” that they demand for us Whites in White homelands.

  • The Gaul (vous etes un homme ou femme d’Armorica?):

    The pioneers I mentioned were 100% Indians, whether in India or America – what difference does that make? The point 
    you made is moot! 
    Je parle Francais aussi, garcon! A bien tot!


    Before Pascal it was the Chinese who came out with the Abascus at least a milenia before l’homme de Francais. And the first folks who came out with the very concept of mathematics ( decimals, numerals, arithmetic, algebra, linear, quadratic equations, trigonometry etc) and the number zero were the Hindu Indians or as my fellow ethnic – Dr. Albert Einstein famously  stated:
    “We owe a lot to the Indians, who taught us how to count, without which no worthwhile scientific discovery could have been made!”
    In fact, even the earliest pioneers of Calculus who predate both Newton & Leibnitz were brilliant southern Indian Hindu mathematicians from Kerela. 

    Tell me sir, without the Hindus, Mesopotamians and Chinese, would Newton, Galileo, Pascal, Leonardo or Leibnitz get far? NOT! I don’t blame 
    you because 
    you seem to be the generic product of a historically flawed & biased Euro-centric thinking! Get a better history book.

    I did mention I have touched the tip of the ice-berg. I made that comment with good reason. Or should I break that down into a less verbose nomenclature? Of course Asians have made significant contributions in other scientific fields as well.

  •  Asian posters here are, as I see, insecure & not very confident. How else to explain their constant urge to “prove” they are more intelligent than Whites, or that their civilizations were/are “superior” to the Western culture.

    A true balanced mind & free spirit can easily acknowledge the real state of things. For instance, famous British novelist E.M. Forster (A Passage to India) has, in his “Aspects of the Novel”, written: ” Can we, while discussing English fiction, quite ignore fiction written in other languages, particularly French and Russian ?…. An unpleasant and unpatriotic truth has here to be faced. No English novelist is as great as Tolstoy- that is to say, has given so complete a picture of man’s life, both on its domestic and heroic side. No English novelist has explored man’s soul as deeply as Dostoyevsky. And no novelist anywhere has analysed the modern consciousness as successfully as Marcel Proust. Before these triumphs we must pause. English poetry fears no one- excels in quality as well as quantity. But English fiction is less triumphant: it does not contain the best stuff yet written, and if we deny this we become guilty of provincialism”.

    That’s free spirit talking.

    • That is quite amusing coming from posters like Kaldian et al. I believe, I saw white posters here first, who went on a rampage posting links and diatribes espousing the supposed “superiority” of whites over Asians. Talking about insecurity, no one can beat the white race! In that aspect, I will admit your superiority!  The funny thing you missed Kaldian: when you point a finger at someone, three fingers point back at you! Oops! Shabbat Shalom!

      • No, everything you can hope for is White incarnation in the next reincarnation cycle.

        • Hah, that would be tantamount to me hoping to be reincarnated as a gutter dwelling pale skinned pig! Thanks, but I will give your consideration a miss. In our culture, pigs are not Kosher. Shalom or rather, ciao.

          • You are quite the nasty little snit aren’t you?

            Much all the other Third World Spawn, you too know you cannot measure up so what do you do?  You come here, not to debate for your side no, you come here to insult.

            Were you truly “intelligent”, you’d answer questions and address the points but much like your asians, you won’t and it’s because you can’t.

            If jews are “intelligent” and/or “better” than White People then why do your people need America and Americans do your bidding?  Shouldn’t you ever so “smart” and “able” people be taking care of yourselves instead of sucking money and Blood from WHITE Tax Paying and WHITE American Soldiers?

            Also, why do you jews here in America need so much pandering to and special Jew Privilege?

            Why do jews get to be addressed by Politicians promising all kinds of special privilege but White People don’t?

          • First of all my dear nasty little snit, I’m not the one using the loser’s flag as their avatar. The same flag that wanted to break away from the United States and oppose the constitution, almost treasonous! The supposed southern pride nonsense is moot. I find it amusing how some deluded folks believe that the rebel flag of the south represents America. Face it: the South LOST! Beaten, defeated and thrashed into the dustbin of history. If an American is so desperate to show pride, use the beautiful stars n stripes – the REAL American flag, not some contemptuous rebel flag which denotes losers, low IQ bottom feeders, under educated, poverty stricken white, rural, Bible thumping blonde beer pork munching red neck hicks! That loser flag does NOT impress me! And one more thing…for all the talk about the south rising up, here’s the trillion dollar question: for more than a century has passed and where has the south really risen? Heck in two southern states, they now have Asian Indian governors running ’em, while the disgruntled rednecks keep whining about their pathetic status-quo! I’m not being mean, just factual.Also, thanks for letting in the info, that people like you admire Muslims even more than Asians ( Hindus, Chinese) and Jews….I must exclaim: White conservative rednecks and Muslim fanatics are so much alike! Both are losers who detest us Jews! 

            The flag I represent – Jewish Star of David ( Israel’s great flag) denotes success, high IQ, innovation, determination against adversity and above all positive progressive dominance over the likes of you, even the God 
            you worship was a non-white brown skinned semitic Jew – Jesus Christ! If white European pride is so important to people such as Courtney and 
            you, please stop worshiping Jewish men like Jesus and return back to Odin, Thor, Wotan and Zeus…at least those were genuinely white European “gods”!  The fact is Asians ( Indians, Chinese) and Jews are dominating and taking over white domains. Don’t like it? Cry me a river and deal with it!      

  • StivD

    This, I realized last night, has all been some sort of silly test.  It was to see how well we could stand up to severe taunting and the arrogance of other races. I think some are trolls but others truly believe the tripe they’re posting.

    I don’t care that I didn’t quite pass. Whites have been under emotional, mental, and sometimes, physical assault for years. I came here only to find mostly like-minded people and a little camaraderie. White accomplishments and the merits of white society have been called into question enough; everything whites have we (and others far more than me) earned. We built every damn bit of it. Even IF we didn’t necessarily start everything single thing from ‘scratch’. 

    I don’t really want to learn how to talk and reason with other races or peoples.’ The ancient history of other civilizations interests me very little. Most of the old Other world didn’t make it very well in the here and now without OUR inspiration. Whites have learned and pushed the boundaries much, much more than any of you. I still think we are the future and you are the past. We shouldn’t make too many concessions for anybody.  We are the ones that are surrounded and we should feel a sense of defensiveness and be aggressive when it’s called for.

    You can’t be reasonable, or even honorable, with the unreasonable and dishonorable.

    • IMO, things are simple- everybody would like to be White. Just, they can’t, so they vent off here.

      • Opinions are NOT facts. In your case, it seems opinions are wishful fantasy! Theres this real good song by the American rock band – Aerosmith – Dream On! 

      • Wayne Lo

        Actually that’s quite untrue. I prefer to be my studly Asian self, a handsome Chinese man, than an ugly dweeb of a white man like yourself. You hardly look like the swashbuckling whitey type that you so adulate.

        And guess what? White chicks find me more attractive than they would find you!

        By the way….Kaldian…is that not some Persian place?

        You are not bone fide white yourself are you?

        •  This “comment” is worth reading. It glaringly reveals all the misery of Asian emotional-mental condition.
          Of course, there are numerous Indians & Chinese of noble spirit who are not swallowed by inferiority complexes. But- they are, judging from various sources, minority among these races.

        • In order for you to demand “proof” from others of the things they write, you too must provide proof, so, provide proof of this absurd claim of yours.

          • Wayne Lo

            But Stephanie….do you mean that if I send you my pics, there is a chance that you will be my……girlfriendd????????

            Wow! AMREN…a new interracial dating site!

        • Periapsis

          You’re a stud alright, a regular 2X4 complete with lots of splinters.

          • Wayne Lo

            hahahhahahahahah….sorry where I come from its a 100 x 50, or 90 x 45 dry dressed dimensions.

            It would look good wrapped round your head!

    • CourtneyfromAlabama

      I agree. It is for the reasons you go into that I disagree with the moderator’s response to me. John Engelman irritates me but at least he is a polite debater….same with rationalbeing. Israel, on the other hand is disrespectful and I don’t understand why he is given a voice on here. Most whites on here barely live paycheck to paycheck and we have little tolerance for this type of bullying. I thought AR used to be a place where we could escape this abuse.

      • John Engleman won’t address points either.  I’ve asked him time and time again, why, why does he choose asians over us yet want to be around us and he won’t tell me.  How can you debate when you can’t even get an answer?

        John and the rest of the non-whites won’t explain to me why Non-White Countries are all still Third World.  They won’t explain to me why they need Aide, why they learn from White Knowledge, blah, blah.  They won’t answer.

    • Exactly!

      How can you debate when the non-white won’t even address the points?  I’m told my points are false by these people yet what I write is all, very old news but still being practiced but instead of explaining why it is so, they deny it.  That’s not debate, that’s deliberate irritation.

  • CourtneyfromAlabama

    I am normally not the type to talk about one race being better than the next, as I am a polite person, although I will rationally compare races in certain areas of endeavor. However, it is during moments like these when Asian supremacists push me a little too far that I start to get a little mean. Let’s settle this right now: which race is better, whites or Asians? Let’s see, which race appears to have more of an inferiority complex? Based on what I have seen all my years on Amren, I would say Asians. It is Asians who waste their time on pro white sites trying to prove how they are better than us. Meanwhile most whites could care less about what is being said about them on pro China sites. Usually it is a mark of intelligence and maturity when you realize that some things are best not known and that you are better off keeping your nose out of other peoples’ tents.

    • Wayne Lo

      Meanwhile most whites could care less about what is being said about them on pro China sites.

      Not quite true Courtney. Whites like to interfere in Chinese things all the time. Whites always seem to have an opinion on China—whether it is about ‘human rights’, ‘free Tibet’, ‘democracy’, ‘freedom of speech’ etc.

      It is whites who always stick their noses in other peoples affairs, and who have multifarious websites dissecting Chinese domestic affairs, even to the point where they make demands on ‘gay marriage’ in China.

      In fact in Hong Kong the whole gay rights thing and abolition of colonial era legislation regarding buggery was led by a gay white dentist.

      Anyway does not a good rigourous debate actually help you to shore up your own convictions?

      Most blogsites are precisely for debate if nothing else, not just places to pat one other on the back and tell one another how wonderful we all are.

      Its like a football team —if it only plays weak opposition, soon their own standards start to go down.

      I like this site because it is a site where white people come out and express their true feeligns on race. Unfortunately for them, I win most of the arguments.

      Wayne Lo aka John Liu

      • Periapsis

        No, you prove us right Wayne Lo. I know full well the Chinese like the Muslims and certain other hostile ethnic and religious aliens regard outsiders as less than human barbarians who are either to be killed, or exploited. We know full well what some Chinese really think of non-Chinese in general, and whites in particular. Funny though that Chinese women like to try to look white though, why is that? I’ve seen evidence of this time and time again. Now you should know that some whites look at Chinese as duplicitous and back stabbing. Could it be because the Chicoms murdered Americans and others who helped them fight back against the Japanese? Could well be, many Americans know the truth about how China is really run than you think. Surprised? Get used to it. This is a forum where we talk about OUR legitimate interests and how ordinary people can do anything to preserve them. Don’t like what’s said here? Then get out, I have far more important things to do than argue with non-whites who mean harm to me, my nation and my race.

        • Wayne Lo

          I have far more important things to do than argue with non-whites who mean harm to me, my nation and my race.

          Well Mr 低能….thanks for the 30 minutes you took to string those sentences together!

          Wayne aka John Liu

  • Wayne Lo

    By the way, a suggestion here: would it not help facilitate discussion to have a column down the side of the page with a link to the latest comments of each current thread?

    Often I have made a comment, someone has responded, and it takes ages for me to realise they have responded (on occasion I even get accused of being a coward for not respondign!). The old site had its merits —at least there was just one thread which was easy to follow, but now these threads seem to take of in all directions when people repond to individual comments and others respond to those responses.

    Wayne Lo aka John Liu

  •  In short- no. Non-European peoples have had their chance & they did show what they can and cannot. White European civilizations can become second -rate only if they self-destruct. Blacks are not the issue. What remains are great ancient civilizations of East and South Asia, plus Islam. Islam is hopelessly mummified; India is a not a nation, but a conglomerate of nations which will, in all likelihood, fall apart when the glue of Hinduism has ceased to matter; there remain China and Japan. These cultures are good for quick development due to pragmatism of Confucian heritage, but cannot produce lasting influence on the whole world due to “otherness” and lack of universality. No mystique of English parliamentarism and empiricism, French revolution and haute culture, German idealism and science, American dream and technology. All they are capable is regional hegemonism. Globally- they lack individualism, power, magnetism and seductive attractiveness which have characterized Greece, Rome, Britain, France, Russia, America, …

  • Wayne Lo

    Just asking….interesting…..because most Amerenners would not accept Turks as white.

    In fact if you are living in Europe, most Amrenners would as soon kick you out of Europe as they would an ‘oriental’

    You must be awfully conflicted.

    Wayne Lo aka John Liu

    • John Liu, it is NOT most Amreners but rather ALL white Amreners or white Europeans for that matter who would NEVER accept a Moslem Mongol-Semitic Turk as white. At least the Lebanese Maronite Catholics can pass off as whites, but Turks? Nope. Turks are even darker than quite a few Jordanian Arabs Syrians, Iranians and some North west Afghans, Indians and Pakistanis who would look more Nordic and white by comparison.  The funny thing is, there have been repeated stories on all white nationalist, pan & local European sites ( esp Germany)  including Amren where the scourge of non white Turks on white Europe have been addressed. It would be in Mehmet or Ahmet AKA duh “Williamcutting’s” best interest to wake up from his delusional coma and smell the darn coffee!  Mehmet “Williamcutting” Uygur- you are a NON white & the likes of 
      you are NOT welcome in the western world ! 

  • Wayne Lo

     Frankly I don’t really care about the aims and ‘ideas’ of AMREN, except to have a good time refuting all your rubbish.

    • Shalom and Kudos to you Wayne Lo and Engleman et al. I’ve got your backs!

  • Wayne Lo

    By the way GM, what the hell are white folk doing in Australia….did that place not belong to the aborigines?????

  • It  depends. Going to the genotype level, many indisputably White people are likely to possess some”Middle Eastern” dominant haplotypes. During their more than 2000 yrs long sojourn in Europe, Jews have- mostly unwillingly- mixed with native populations, so it’s hardly defensible to consider European Jews as Middle Eastern stock like most Arabs. Armenians and Iranians are White, of course.  

    I doubt anyone could discern that Paul Ehrlich, Karl Kraus, Gustav Mahler, Heinrich Hertz, Carl Gustav Jacobi, … could be considered anything but Europeans.

    • Jews are Asiatic, west Asiatic to be exact. Askhenaz Jews do have some European DNA due to race mixing. Askhenaz Jews in fact are a perfect example of Eurasians. So according to your rather unlettered opinion, mixed race people are white? So I guess Obama (Mulatto), Keanu Reeves( Half Asian-white), Uma Thurman ( half Asian-half white) and Kate Beckinsale ( half Burmese Asian-white) are all whites? Oh gimme a break, man!

      The last I checked Eurasians are NOT white. Ehrlich, Kraus, Mahler, Hertz, Jacobi et al were Jews and they may have been culturally and nationally Europeans but genetically they were never be white Europeans! Period.

  • Hypocritical?  There is definate proof that whites were NOT the original native inhabitants of Australia, New Zealand, Africas, Americas and even Papa New Guinea or Hawai for that matter…however, Israel has and will always be the historical homeland of Jews. Don’t show your ignorance!

  • Thank You My Friend.

    My idea of Debate for the Future is something I am not allowed to write…

  • HAHA a Turk in Europe? Good grief, oh the hypocrisy! “Williamcutting” or is that Mehmet Engin Islak from Izmir? Turks are NOT white. In Europe, whites see Turks as an inferior cancerous non white Islamic hoard to be eliminated. I’ve noticed many delusional Turks who desperately want to be identified as white Europeans, only to be utterly disappointed! I think people like you need serious Psychiatric help with 
    your identity crisis! And whats with all those black haired natural tanned semitic mongol Turkish pop stars and models/ movie stars dyeing their hair blonde? Duh, pathetic! Get well soon!

  • Amren,
    Would it be possible for you to stretch the page and perhaps make it where it will flow into pages after say, twenty, thirty or so posts?

    Responding to people makes the post get skinnier and skinnier and then, you can’t respond anymore due to the “reply” button going away.

  • StivD

    Mr. Engelman is clearly out of his mind. I think at least half of the trolls are his doing. This is sort of fascinating to watch.

    • More likely, boring.

      • SOUR GRAPES! The fox could not reach the height of the grape tree and thus his best comeback was to ostracize something(someone) far above his level! Great job “Kaldian”…wonder how someone with an Arabic name is fighting for the white cause? I smell TROLL!

  • Where’s my post to isreal about his “intelligent” conclusion about my name?  If these people are gonna be allowed to insult us, allow us to insult them back.

  • Wayne Lo

    Mr Turk……while regurgitating David Duke, what do you think of Duke’s opposition to Turkey as part of Europe?

  • StivD

    Now some of us know what is really in the minds of Orientals, many Jews, and plenty of whites who consider themselves intellectuals. When they titled this American Renaissance it really meant a renaissance for a smallish portion of elite whites, a little slice of Orientals, and quite a few Jews that can be all fit into the Ivy League, elite only, WASP mode. 

    To hell with the rest of whites  even if they believe in and help to uphold white society.  The architects of this site obviously do have lefty backgrounds. You haven’t strayed too far from it. The majority of the white population is viewed in as unfavorable a light as the radical far left view us. You do it in a different way and just happen to have the same disdain for blacks, hispanics, etc; that’s the only real difference.

    Congratulations you just radicalized me even more.

    • Why make a fuss about two trolls, one obviously- judging from Web persona- an immature Chinese or Korean, and other Jew-impersonating Hindu ? While their ignorance & lack of logical thought is understandable (and laughable)- after a few posts it all becomes predictable & boring.

      Simply, don’t feed the trolls & they die out naturally.