Are New Jersey Trooper Photos Racist?

My Fox Philly, March 13, 2012

Pictures of New Jersey state troopers sitting behind drugs from a raid and holding a Puerto Rican flag are causing a controversy in Camden.

Some people in the South Jersey city are questioning the motives behind the picture.


“You are saying my community. … We are all criminals,” says Angel Cordero. “You are saying my community is the drug dealers. My community is responsible for all the crime. You are sending a message that we are all criminals.”

Cordero, a former candidate for mayor, gave Fox 29 the photos on Monday. He asked us to get answers.

Fox 29 has learned the five men in the photos are New Jersey state troopers. We are covering their faces while we attempt to speak with them.

Fox 29 has been told the photos were snapped after a drug bust in Camden in 2009.

It’s unclear why the officer is smiling while holding the flag of Puerto Rico in one photo and giving the thumps-up in the other.

Cordero sees it as a mockery of Camden’s large Hispanic population.

“You are desecrating my flag. Why would you do that, come on. You don’t do that,” he says.


“State troopers, if you are going to come to my community and claim the residents are criminals—we don’t want you—get out of here,” he told Fox 29.


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  • The_Bobster

    As Nipsey Russel once said, a sp*c is a sp*ck away from a sp**k.

  • White Death

    And I had always thought that America WON the Spanish-American war?  Then why did we get stuck with Puerto Rico? Lucky us…

  • No, they are mostly tanned White or light brown. Ca. 15-20% could be considered some variant of Black.

  • “State troopers, if you are going to come to my community and claim the residents are criminals—we don’t want you—get out of here,” he told Fox 29
    Of course he doesnt want the state troopers there as he is a criminal

    • Impertinent

      Jersey State Troopers are an elite breed. If you’re every stopped by one…you definitely will be intimidated.

      Jersey Troopers are dressed like the SS and ready to invade…Poland. Don’t doubt for one minute that these guys aren’t a pseudo military outfit.

      And BTW….if you have a CCW permit from anyone of the other 44 states that issue them…you’ll still go to jail if you have your pistol on you or in your car.

      New Jersey…does not recognize the 2nd Amendment. In a state where it’s sorely needed.

  • Kblankenship7

    Maybe the Trooper is Puerto Rican and proud of  P.R.  Nothing wrong with that.  Texans and Virginians like their flags too.

    • MissBonnie123

      Texas and Virginia are states within our country. Puerto Rico is not a state.

      (I know. It is a U.S. Commonwealth and should be granted independence.)

  • nBmnp

    It’s only racism when we do it.

  • Big Daryle

    I know it would cost a lot of money initially, but we need to offer a nominal sum of money (maybe 5K) to all Hispanics and blacks to get permanently sterilized when they become of breeding age. It would save a LOT of money in the long run.

  • MissBonnie123

    Nonwhites never had any respect for the New Jersey State Police. Part of the reason is because the majority of troopers are White, so the NJSP are easy prey for the race hustlers and “aggrieved” criminals.
    I can’t understand why any White man would want to work in law enforcement(although I am grateful that they do). At the drop of a hat they can be accused of racist acts.

    •  Well.. Have the ”nonwhites” pass the trooper test like everyone else.. then there will be no problems.

  • Impertinent

    Two days ago I was reading about a huge cocaine trafficking bust down my way…( FlaDuh ) where 19 were arrested in connection with the trafficking. 

    Every last name ( swear to God Almighty ) was “hispanic / latino”. Every one aged 18 to 34.

    How many were illegal pukes…the libbie Palm Beach Post ( Bird cage cover ) would never say. Don’t want to upset the ILLEGAL….ahhhh…undocumented lawn mower community, do we?

    Nah….got to be PC…especially when it’s clear the connection is to murderous drug cartels…from “back home”.

    Again…there wasn’t one “Smith, Jones or Brown” in the bunch. Just stating the facts folks.

    Welcome to America…..dirtbags.

  • Impertinent

    I got news for some of you. Since the Moores’s invaded and conquered large parts of Italy….most Italians have black DNA.

    Sicilians too have a history of criminality and violence. Like their African cousins / conquerors.

    Alas….the black thing touches everyone.

  • Impertinent

    Nah…that wouldn’t be…”latino / butch / macho” would it?

  •  You are right. We should just gather all the folks who hate the police have them dig a 20ft deep hole and drop you all in there and let you run your own damn country.. .OH hold on.. there is such a place.. GO THE HELL BACK HOME. You hate it here, you hate our laws, you hate the people who try to enforce them to make it a safer place for even you scum bags well then go back home and dont let the door hit you on the way out. Oh by the way we will be taking those lovely food stamps, and health insurance back upon your exit. So long!