Posted on March 14, 2012

Are New Jersey Trooper Photos Racist?

My Fox Philly, March 13, 2012

Pictures of New Jersey state troopers sitting behind drugs from a raid and holding a Puerto Rican flag are causing a controversy in Camden.

Some people in the South Jersey city are questioning the motives behind the picture.


“You are saying my community. … We are all criminals,” says Angel Cordero. “You are saying my community is the drug dealers. My community is responsible for all the crime. You are sending a message that we are all criminals.”

Cordero, a former candidate for mayor, gave Fox 29 the photos on Monday. He asked us to get answers.

Fox 29 has learned the five men in the photos are New Jersey state troopers. We are covering their faces while we attempt to speak with them.

Fox 29 has been told the photos were snapped after a drug bust in Camden in 2009.

It’s unclear why the officer is smiling while holding the flag of Puerto Rico in one photo and giving the thumps-up in the other.

Cordero sees it as a mockery of Camden’s large Hispanic population.

“You are desecrating my flag. Why would you do that, come on. You don’t do that,” he says.


“State troopers, if you are going to come to my community and claim the residents are criminals — we don’t want you — get out of here,” he told Fox 29.