The Silly Panic Over a Minority White Nation

Ronald Bailey, Reason, February 21, 2012

“Whites will become a minority of the American population by midcentury if not sooner,” states America Enterprise Institute scholar Charles Murray in his fascinating new book, Coming Apart: The State of White America 1960-2010. In repeating this claim, Murray (likely unintentionally) furthers a misconception about the country’s shifting racial makeup and what it means for the future of the United States.

Murray’s likely source is the much-ballyhooed 2009 U.S. Census report [PDF] that parsed certain immigration trends and fertility trends to reach that conclusion. But the claim that “whites” will be a minority in America by 2050 implies an invidious view of the importance of ethnicity and race. “Whites,” by earlier definitions cherished by nativists, are already a minority in this country and have been for many decades. The successful amalgamation of previously scorned “races” is a testament to the ever-broadening inclusive tolerance of the American social project.

Let’s take a brief tour through the history of race and immigration politics in this country: Shortly after the turn of the last century, many nativists feared that mass immigration was overwhelming the white “races” that had historically contributed the most to populating the nation. One of the most notable expressions of this racial anxiety was the classic 1922 anti-immigration screed by Saturday Evening Post correspondent Kenneth Roberts, Why Europe Leaves Home: A True Account of the Reasons which Cause Central Europeans to Overrun America. “The American nation was founded and developed by the Nordic race,” asserted Roberts. “If a few more million members of the Alpine, Mediterranean and Semitic races are poured among us, the result must inevitably be a hybrid race of people as worthless and futile as the good-for-nothing mongrels of Central America and Southeastern Europe.”

In 1921, Congress passed the Emergency Quota Act that established the national origins formula that limited the number of immigrants admitted from any country annually to 3 percent of the number of residents from that same country living in the U.S. based on the 1910 Census. Roberts claimed that the 1921 restrictions were not enough.

“After 1880 the Nordic immigration was overwhelmed by the backward, unassimilatable, undesirable immigration from Eastern and Southern Europe,” he argued. {snip}

Inspired in part by Roberts’ book, Congress passed the 1924 Immigration Act to change the national origins formula, limiting the annual number of immigrants to 2 percent of the number of people from any country who were already resident here based on their numbers in the 1890 Census. The national origins formula remained the basis of U.S. immigration law until 1965.

But, from the point of view of nativists like Roberts, such immigration restrictions would prove to have come too late. The “Nordic races” have already been overwhelmed and mongrelized by the progeny of the “Alpine, Mediterranean, and Semitic races,” black Americans, and immigrants from south of our border.


Nowadays, the growing number of Hispanics is what most concerns many people. The Census Bureau uses the terms Hispanic or Latino to refer to a person of Cuban, Mexican, Puerto Rican, South or Central American, or other Spanish culture or origin regardless of race. That group now comprises the largest “minority group,” numbering just over 50 million.

So adding up all of the “non-white” groups, one finds that they and their descendants now total 184 million out of 313 million citizens, constituting nearly 60 percent of the country’s current population. But how can that be? After all, the Census Bureau notes, “In the 2010 Census, just over one-third of the U.S. population reported their race and ethnicity as something other than non-Hispanic white alone (i.e. “minority”).” The answer to this conundrum is that Italians, Poles, Jews, and the Irish are now considered “white.”

It is this fact that renders silly and nearly meaningless the pronouncement that “whites” will be a minority in this country by 2050. By 2050, just as the earlier waves of Irish, Italian, Jewish, and Polish immigrants were assimilated, so too will today’s Hispanic immigrants and their descendants be. For all intents and purposes, Hispanics will become as “white” as Irish, Italians, Jews, and Poles.

Meanwhile Roberts’ worst fear of the “mongrelization” of the races in America is being realized. The rising intermarriage rate between members of the arbitrarily defined and federally recognized ethnic groups demonstrates ever-lessening concern by Americans about this issue. It is my hope and belief that Americans of whatever ancestry living in 2050 will look back and wonder why ever did anyone care about the ethnic makeup of the American population. America is an ideal, not a tribe.


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  • Hirschibold

    “But the claim that “whites” will be a minority in America by 2050 implies an invidious view of the importance of ethnicity and race.”

    No it doesn’t. All it does is state a fact. The “invidousness” of which you speak is your own effort to keep sane people from drawing conclusions based on this fact.

  • Anonny

    The author raises a good point and I’ve made the same myself before: the majority of the US population is unlikely to ever be considered “non-white.” For better or worse, due to both intermarriage with non-hispanic whites  as well as a likely shift in the definition of whiteness, the descendants of many, if not most, hispanics and asians (and even some blacks) today will be considered white in a few generations.

    • sbuffalonative

      You can call a sows ear a silk purse but it’s still a sows ear.

      Non-white Brazilians are notorious for defining themselves as white but it’s all in the nomenclature and not the genes.

  • And when a mulatto/Brazilified America has no use for libertarian ideology, and Reason magazine goes out of business, (notwithstanding Koch trust fund subsidies), don’t come crying to us “bigots.”

    Then again, stepping on Jack from Chicago’s territory, white America should have never had any use for libertarian immigration ideology.

    • ViktorNN

      Agreed. The libertarian get-rich-quicksters will get their comeuppance once hispanics start flexing their political muscle.

      A more devout bunch of statists you won’t find anywhere outside of, well, Latin America. 

      The weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth in Libertarian La La Land as their taxes go up and up and up will be loud and sustained. How’s your cheap labor now?!

  • KevinPhillipsBong

    To quote Kenneth Roberts in regards to a modern understanding of race and ethnicity is about as salient as quoting Galen in regards to modern surgery.

  • Dan

    Again with the wormy deeds.  The editorial rule – Make sure we compartmentalize the issue to “this country” and weave around the issue that this article is published in one form or the other in every White country and DON’T EVER LINK THEM.  

    This race based Bolshevick wealth re assignment really does not help anything.  Talk about no load public policy.  If Africa is poor, we need to try to make them wealthier but it seems easier or at least more sinister to make Whites hand over the cash.   Never before have so many done so much for so many.  Not only do the Whites hand over the cash, the immigration masters get to control the new ones which means they get to control …period.

    Is it really wise to “Fix” Norway?  I think not!  Fix Mali if you want progress or is Mali unfixable or is it just not worth controlling?

  • Scotsman018

    “It is my hope and belief that Americans of whatever ancestry living in 2050 will look back and wonder why ever did anyone care about the ethnic makeup of the American population. America is an ideal, not a tribe.”
    Statements like this make me question the sanity of libertarians.   What California looks like now is American by 2050, if not sooner.  Are they all future assimilated “Americans” sharing in this ideal he calls America?  No, California is seen by them as real estate to divided up among the disparate tribes that have colonized it.    It is probably not long before California is no longer seen an a beach front paradise, but a backwards, corrupt embarrassment.   California is our future. 

  • KevinPhillipsBong

    According to US Census reports (see “Multicultural Health” by Lois Ritter, p. 203) even Hispanics who’ve been in the US for four generations or more are twice as likely as (non-Hispanic) whites to report not having a HS diploma.

    So my question is, if four generations (about 100 years) isn’t long enough for the magic-sparkle-fairy-dust of assimilation to white norms to take place then how long do they think will it take? 

    I see no evidence – just faith in some inevitable future miracle of ethnic/racial transubstantiation.

  • Erik

    Mexicans or Mestizos will not become “white” rather “whites” will become brown or mixed and cease to be white, their average IQ will become lower and they will become more criminal. It is dysgenic to allow non white immigration.

    History shows that intermixing is indeed inevitable which is why we must oppose non white immigration. The issue isn’t one of legality, legal vs illegal but rather white vs non white. I welcome illegal white immigrants, I condemn legal non-white immigrants. Republicans claim millions of Mexican non white immigrants would be perfectly fine as long as they have a peice of paper stating they are legally here. The problem is that non-whites are coming here not their legal status.

  • Ottawa4000

    “Hispanic” is treated as a separate category from race on the
    census. Hispanics can be of any race. Over half of all Hispanics in
    the U.S. are white. Charlie Sheen (Estevez), for example, might
    very well call himself Hispanic. Whites will not be a minority any
    time soon.

    The reason why this concept has been promoted? Because Democrats
    view it as their political future. What they’re aiming to do is to
    make sure white Hispanics view themselves as minorities and vote
    for Democrats, rather than assimilating into the overall white
    population and voting for Republicans.

    •  I think what you say rings true.

      I know many people who identify as Hispanic, whether Puerto Rican, Cuban, or Mexican, yet as White as snow. Of course, the original Hispanics, the Spanish, are indeed White. But many Hispanics today who are White are descendants of Europeans who became the elites of the countries from which they are from (and generally led their independence movements) and usually have little or nothing to do with the majority mestizo peoples of those countries. Yet they are trained to identify themselves as racial and ethnic minorities. The same goes for those who claim Indian descent. I know one in my history class who claims some Amerindian descent, yet he has blue eyes and pale skin. It’s kind of stupid, really.

  • StivD

    This article is deliberately naive and glossing over a few complications involved with their opinion.

    OTOH, sometimes people in nationalism or realism are very rigidly self-limiting in their stance on people who may have the slightest admixture from a few generations removed,  or who are just outside of the Nordic/WASP category.

    I don’t mean Asians either. I can’t hop on that bandwagon. But there are people who are a sort of cousin to typical Western whites; if they have a positive attitude toward us and don’t want to change the Western world in any fundamental way, I have no problem with them.  Some of them may have more loyalty than a typical disloyal white professional.

  • “If a few more million members of the Alpine, Mediterranean and Semitic races are poured among us, the result must inevitably be a hybrid race of people as worthless and futile as the good-for-nothing mongrels of Central America and Southeastern Europe.”


  • Southern__Hoosier

    “Blacks Must Adjust to Changing Times, USA Today

    They need to form alliances with Hispanics.”

    Now how are they suppose to that if Hispanic are white?

  • The_Bobster

    I do if I see a mixaloid like the women in a lot of commercials nowadays.

  • StivD

    Uh, are you suggesting that the Irish and Poles are not white, or did I misunderstand you?

  • I’m curious as to why magazines and websites allow so-called “science correspondents” to discuss historical issues.

    Firstly, he has a totally wrong view of who was considered White back in the 1800s. The US government of the time did always consider both Irishmen and Italians as Whites. In terms of the latter group, Italians were classifies as “White – ethnic” to differentiate them from Anglo-Saxons and other Northern Europeans. Back then, the population was overwhelmingly of European extraction. Racial minorities made up at most maybe 8% of the entire population. And given the large immigrant population, the government needed to track what kind of people were in the country. When you have four million Italians in New York City alone, it’s kind of important to emphasize.

    That being said, even though there were cases in which Italians, for example, were distinguished from the classic WASPs, this doesn’t imply that there was a belief that Italians were not racially European. Indeed, Thomas Jefferson regularly corresponded with an Italian in Tuscany, and one of the first governors of Maryland was Italian as well. Clearly if Italians weren’t considered European, there would be no chance that one would rise to such a prominent position. If the Italians could do it, we’re expected to believe that the Irish wouldn’t? Yeah right.

    Furthermore, can someone tell this fool that the indigenous Indians have been on this continent longer than anyone else and them and the blacks still can’t assimilate into mainstream American society. Why is that? Is everyone simply melts into the American melting pot, of the American “ideal” then why haven’t these groups, who preceded all other immigrant groups, been capable of doing so?

    Perhaps because race is a little deeper than what this guy thinks?


    And yet I refuse to give up hope. Moreover, I’m not just indulging in wishful thinking. Enough whites may well awaken to give rise to changes comparable to those wrought by the civil rights revolution that shifted into high gear in the 1960s. Who in 1960 could have believed that, within 50 years, we would have:

    A black president.

    Abortion fully legalized and available effectively on demand.

    An illegitimacy rate of 40 percent (and over 70 percent for blacks).

    Movies that regularly showed very realistic sex, graphic violence, and obscene language.

    Universities with courses in various ‘studies’: African-American, Hispanic, Gay and Lesbian, etc.

    Gay Pride parades as a regular feature of the American culturescape.

    Gay and Lesbian days at Disney World.

    Christmas demoted to a ‘Holiday.’

    And so on. My point is that the counter-culture won many battles,, but the war continues and we are the new counter-culture. In fact, I was part of the old 60s CC! (Please don’t rub it in.)

  • ViktorNN

    Bailey is charmingly behind the times.

    Even if hispanics were “assimilable” (I don’t think they are) that’s not what this next generation of hispanic immigrant children are being taught in our state schools.

    The Party diktat these days is that every group is to retain its identity and be proud and even chauvinistic about it.

    Except whites, of course. Whites are to be permitted a sense of racial self-awareness, but only to the extent that that awareness makes them feel bad about themselves.

    Also, I’d like to hear Bailey explain why many blacks who have ancestors who were brought here 300 or 400 years ago remain about as alien and foreign as their forebears? Talk about a gaping hole in his argument!

  • Ryderreturns

    This is what passes for thought and “reason” in 2012.  Amazing.

    The author doesn’t consider crime rates, IQ differentials and its impact on everything from our schools to earning potential, genetic clustering and what that tells us about group relatedness, political implications of importing a low IQ underclass (hint to libertarians: they aren’t going to be supporting libertarian policies), and….pretty much anything else worth considering. 

    Leave it to “Reason” magazine to offer one of the most trite, superficial and quite simply dumb takes on what is in fact a very complex subject.  Yet I can guarantee you that the author feels quite proud of himself.  He really thinks he’s showed us.  Mission accomplished! lol

    His basic argument is that, because some anti-immigration commentators have said things in the past that turned out to be less than true, therefore…a Bantu is the same as a European!  An Indian is the same as an Irishman!  Nothing to see here, just move along. 

    I learned what a non-sequitur was somewhere around middle school at the latest.  Apparently the gifted and talented thinkers at “Reason” magazine must have skipped that day. 

    When the author isn’t ignoring reality and throwing around non-sequiturs, he’s engaging in brazen misrepresentation, for example the idea that the Irish weren’t considered “white.”  Um….yes they were.  America, by law, had a white immigration policy during the great waves of Irish immigration.  The Irish qualified as…drum roll please…white.  Just as they were white under the anti-miscegenation statutes at the state level.  Nice misrepresentation by “Reason” though.

    Again, this is a complex subject, but if I had to make it simple, I’d say this: immigration by ANY group in massive numbers is likely to make the natives a bit restless.  Waves of people that swamp neighborhoods and then whole cities are going to create some blowback, white or not.  Then some commentator will try to hype the differences, and perhaps some silly things end up being said. 

    That’s more or less what happened with some earlier groups of whites.  An oversimplification, but still.  This fact doesn’t make a Bantu an Irishman, or a mestizo a German.  To not understand this is either madnesss, plain stupidity, or having one’s brain so fogged by slavish devotion to an ideology that any sense of reality is lost.  The idea that importing 40 million non-white third worlders is essentially the same as importing 40 million whites from Europe is so far around the bend as to be ludicrous.  

    One final note: like any good spewer of misrepresentations and distortions, the author does throw in at least some truth.  It is true that a portion of these new immigrants, in particular a minority of hispanics and some arabs, are essentially white.  They either already are or likely will be classified as such.  So what? It’s clear that a large portion of even these nominal “whites” don’t meaningfully identify as such, and even if they did, they would only marginally slow down the process of our dispossession.  In some ways, by blurring the lines, they may even increase the rate of our decline.  That is precisely what these ideological nuts at “Reason” want, and they are more than willing to lie and misrepresent in order to help that process along.    

  • WHAT!?!

    Mr. Roberts is right.  Every single word he wrote is right.

    Now, how does a non-white (hispanic) become white?  If you add any color other than White to White, don’t you dilute the White thereby making it non-white?

    Also, if the Irish weren’t White before they became White, what color were they and how did they get so White?

    look back – No one is going to have any time to “look back”.  Money’s already gone and our remaining Resources are being eaten up by the Non-White Hordes.  All you’re going to have time for is protecting your own from those same Hordes who will soon be after you.

  • Amen Brother.

  • StivD

    Kennedy’s problem wasn’t that he was Irish but because he was one of the elite, or could pass for one with gobs of money.

  • vercingetorix

    JW, you’re absolutely correct. In fact I’ve tried to explain this to some of the blacks I work with, but to no avail. If anything, blacks should be on our side. But sadly, I doubt they ever will. They’re just pawns of the Democrats and will never be useful to us.

    • StivD

      The worst possible thing that could happen would be that blacks are useful to us, or even ‘allied’ with us. Too much cooperation with blacks equals being too close to them for too long and giving them an in. To blacks that means we are one big happy interracial, interbreeding, and intertwined family. They would love that. 

      ‘Using’ blacks against Hispanics would be like filling your home with venomous snakes to get rid of mice. They are the worst alternative imaginable.

  • That’s not what I got from it.

    There’s nothing like watching your own people be overwhelmed to make one impatient towards others.

    It seemed to me that Mr. Roberts did not like seeing his People being washed out via mixing and I think that’s why he said what he did.

  • MekongDelta69

    Ronald Bailey – “America is an ideal, not a tribe.

    Really?!? Any other comments I could make would be a waste of keystrokes (besides being boringly repetitive).

  • sbuffalonative

    The One Drop Rule: Say you have a glass full of pure water. To this glass full of pure water you add one drop of listeria tainted water. Is the water still pure? One drop can make all the difference.

    In regards to screening. Race is a genetic reality. The reason we have different races is because our genes are different. If there weren’t differences there would be only one identifiable race. The differences are more profound than the color of skin. One expression of these genes is what we would refer to as culture. The genetic expression of  cultural differences is dramatic.

    There is a great deal of work being done on ‘race’ and genetics. Only the people doing the research don’t use the word ‘race’, they use the word ‘population’ so as not to upset people.

    As for genetic screening being used to define people. It’s done all the time. Oprah Winfrey and many other famous blacks have had it done to prove their historical genetic legecy.

  • Heinrich24

    The day some four-foot nine-inch, Asiatic-faced Mestizo with skin as dark as many an African is considered “White,” then for sure these racial terms will have long since held NO meaning whatseoever! By this logic, you may as well designate Barak Obama a Chinaman, and insist that Albert Einstein was Black. This article is one of the more nakedly stupid I have ever had the displeasure of reading.  

  • Xanthippe2

    Hey, this works quite well for crime stats!  Mexicans are called “white” and, bingo, plenty of “white criminals” to make the Blacks a little less conspicuous
    by their over representation!

    Also, my school district says that Arabs and those from Northern Africa should choose “white” for their children’s ethnicity.  There can always be plenty of Whites — on paper anyway.

  • KenelmDigby

    As a matter of fact, in every US census ever taken and in every government or army registration form, Irish, Poles, Italians etc have never been described as anything other than ‘White’.

    Where does Bailey get this bull-poopy from?

  • JackKrak

    America is not a “social project” or an “ideal”, it is a nation of people who already find it hard enough to find common bonds without the likes of Mr. Bailey sarcastically dismissing anyone stupid enough to be concerned with the racial makeup of the population.

  • whathappened2ourcountry

    The problem is that we make up a minority of the babies being born, according to the 2010 Census. I haven’t seen the 2011 and 2012 Censuses but don’t imagine there’s very much difference now. 

  • Christopher_Nelson

    “It is my hope and belief that Americans of whatever ancestry living in 2050 will look back and wonder why ever did anyone care about the ethnic makeup of the American population. America is an ideal, not a tribe.”

    White Americans  living in 2050 America will be looking back to the 1950’s and saying I miss you.  Maybe even the 1850’s.

    • Beloved Comrade

      Open your eyes.

      There won’t be any white Americans left in 2050.  We are not on the road to dying out, we are on the road to genocide.  We will be hunted down like animals and killed if we don’t start fighting back with extreme force, which is what will be used on us in the near future

      Any legacy of whites left will be that of white vilification with a side note that they “had what was coming to them because of what they did to nonwhites worldwide over the centuries.”   

      The US is slated to become a country of warring ethnic tribes competing for living space and dwindling resources who desire nothing more than the death of other ethnic tribes.  If there is still a government left, it will be an authoritarian police state which is the only method known to “keep the peace.”

      • StivD

        This overheated sort of comment always causes me to take this movement just a little less seriously. It also makes you and other people saying this sound terrified. 

        • Beloved Comrade

          You should be terrified.   I work in the financial industry and know what is happening to the economic system and how much the media is lying to the population.  

          Recovery?  Hardly.  Is the dollar sound?  Check the price of gold, oil and other non-dollar commodities.  Check out what happened in Zimbabwe when the idiot government papered  the country with worthless currency. The same thing is happening here.  Totalitarian government?  Check out legislation passed, especially recently.  There’s a strong move to monitor the Internet and force everyone to hand over their passwords.  Been to an airport lately?  Does that not seem like police state tactics?  

          I was at a major airport the other night picking up a friend and apparently wasn’t driving fast enough when two thugs disguised as “home security” agents got in front of my car and told me to pull over.  A small but very angry man with a mustache proceeded to yell at me for five minutes about following proper procedures, which apparently I wasn’t familiar with.  Reminded of what I’d read about another small angry man with a mustache…

          I rest my case.  Not trying to scare you but look around at what’s happening and then prepare yourself for what’s to come.  

  • JohnEngelman

    Hispanics will become as “white” as Irish, Italians, Jews, and Poles.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              
    – Ronald Bailey, Reason, February 21, 2012       
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Not really, because they tend to have lower IQs, and more of a tendency to engage in crime. These characteristics are genetic, so they will not change. 

  • JohnEngelman

    Reason is a libertarian magazine.  Because many on the right recoil from the religious right “libertarian” has become a popular label. Nevertheless, the logic of libertarianism leads one to support open borders. 

    • William_JD

      Quite the contrary.  Libertarian principles (property rights) require closed borders.

      • JohnEngelman

        How do open borders interfere with private property rights? 
        Those who derive their incomes from property ownership rather than labor benefit from a high degree of immigration and a rising population. Employers benefit from more job applicants. This enables them to hire better quality employees, while paying them less. Landlords have more tenants applying for a place to live. This enables them to raise rents without increasing the quality of rental units. Those who sell goods and services have more consumers, so they can raise prices without improving the quality of the goods and services. 

  • Sonya610

    Even if one disregards the race angle there is a huge difference between the Irish, Italian, Jewish, and Polish immigrants compared to the waive of Hispanics.

    1) Most all of the European immigrants entered the country LEGALLY.
    2) They did not come here to suck off the government doll (there really wasn’t one), they came knowing they had to fully support themselves and their offspring with no assistance.
    3) They had to pass health checks and the infirm were not allowed in to prevent dependance on the government for subsistence or medical costs.
    4) None of those new immigrants EVER claimed they had the right to claim states for their ethnic group and then secede from the union of their new host country.

  • I’m Italian. I didn’t know I wasn’t White…  :O(   lol

  • First, I know my beliefs are in opposition to many on here, btw, and I never intend to upset the members.

    I do think that many Hispanics will assimilate over time, as many (Cubans and Puerto Ricans…some, not all) have already done so over the last few decades or so. Clearly mixing will contribute to the assimilation process. There’s no question that the way that the USA is now designed, there’s not as much motive for assimilation.  My Italian ancestors assimilated because they wanted to, but also because they had little choice. There was no press “2” for Italian and no government hand-outs. While I’m certainly NOT justifying the reasons why Hispanics have not, as a whole, assimilated.

    As for Asians, same thing. I will say though, however: While I am against Hispanics and Asians creating exclusive areas and keeping them that way (on purpose or not), I actually cannot blame them. Why? Well, it’s not welcoming to blacks (or Whites but that’s not my point here). Having an all Hispanic or Asian area makes a black stand out and that benefits any non-black group. In my old Italian neighborhood, blacks knew to keep out because it would be so obvious they DID NOT BELONG. Now, that’s to diversity, blacks in many neighborhoods do not look “out of place”. Not good.

    Anyhow, the one thing I know we can all agree on is this: Blacks will NEVER assimilate for reasons which go beyond the color of their skin.

  • bluffcreek1967

    I wonder if Ronald Bailey would argue the same kinds of things when Blacks and Jews bemoan their declining numbers? I highly doubt it. But somehow, according to him, it’s unnecessarily alarmist or misguided for Whites to be concerned over their dwindling numbers within the U.S. and Europe?! 

  • candide


  • Beloved Comrade

    The Mexican government must not be left out of the equation. It is made up of white Europeans (El Presidente Fox was of Irish descent) and prods its poorest, sickest residents to cross into the United States.  Any objections by Americans seeking to protect their border is met with cries of racism.

    The corrupt Mexican government is well rid of its excess poor population lest they foment another revolution over their tyrannical rulers — better to pawn the destitute off into the US and call us racist if we resist.

  • Jay,

    I can tell you that as an Italian, I’m not insulted at all. In fact, I do understand what you mean…seriously. We do have our own mannerisms, etc. Most groups do. What bothers me are those, such as the libtards, who wouldn’t even want to admit to something as honest as what you said.
    Libtards and blacks, the REAL problems folks. Well, at least that’s what I think.

    I agree too, that some Hispanics are not going out of their way to assimilate (though some are too), but again, blame our government. They give hand-outs away like candy, not to mention thinking it’s a great idea to press “2” for Spanish.

    Sure, when Italians came in huge numbers, we created our own neighborhoods, spoke Italian, etc. However, the government did not give us hand outs and did not cater to our different language, etc. The result: Assimilation!

  • candide

    Electing a black president is no way to preserve a white America.

    What were you thjinking???

  • William Cutting

    All White people may be classified into one of three categories:
    Nordic, Alpine, or Mediterranean. All are racially White but have different ethnicities._______

    No, they can’t. Although they are all white, there are many more sub-races among whites such as Baltic, Phalian, Tydal, Dinaric, Sudetian, etc… And they are not mixtures of these 3 groups, as frequently believed. 

    In addition to this. there are even local variations among these groups and sub-groups e.g. a Norwegian Nordic is quite different from a Swedish one and so on..

  • Beloved Comrade

    Many so-called “conservatives” support middle-Eastern budget-busting wars that drain our treasury and kill our young males.  This  I find contemptible.

    Libertarians oppose a welfare state and believe in small, limited government and free markets. Libertarians believe in so-called open borders to the extent that labor be allowed to move freely but without a welfare state as a magnet.  The Founding Fathers certainly did not believe in a welfare state OR open borders so welfare users could mooch off of the population as is the case now.

    I find little difference between so-called conservatives and democrats as both are for expanding government intrusion into our lives and endless invasions against third world countries that are no threat to us, such as Iran.  This is contemptible.

    Libertarian policy does have its faults but it is 100% better than anything offered by “conservatives’ or the much worse socialists who disguise themselves as democrats.

  •  There is absolutely no consensus about White Hispanics- I’ve seen that on AmRen many times.

    • El Catalan

       I used to enjoy reading Amren articles and comments and have considered myself a race realist for more years than I care to count, but apparently I’m not white because I’m from Spain. They condemn interracial marriages, but for some reason marrying and having children with an Asian is just fine. And you just have to love the one-drop-rule, especially since I remember a few of these hypocrites at one time or another bragging about their “Cherokee” ancestry …

      •  Dump 20 M Hispanics & the US will grind to a halt. Dump 20 M blacks- the US will flourish. There is a truth in your contention-  but only partially. No one is too happy about Mestizos, but their phenotype is overemphasized by White nationalists.
        These specimens are, as rule- give or take- not bad:

        It’s Blacks, Muslims & Raza thugs that are off limits. They are No-No-No. Many Hispanics are assimilable & good for White phenotype. But, many AmReneres are- IMO- to “anti-septic” in their approach.

      • I never said I didn’t like Spainards.  I’m not part Indian either nor do I believe in asian mixing. 

        Since you’re here, I want to ask you:  Why do Spainards shoot Bulls with arrows and and where from did ya’ll get that idea from?  Do you not consider it to be just a little dangerous to shoot a Bull full of arrows and then cut him loose to chase ya’ll?  Don’t some of ya’ll die doing that?

        Don’t take the above question to be insulting in any sort of manner ’cause it’s not.  I’m just curious.  I’ve never met a Spainard so I want to know.

      • ViktorNN

        I’ll go on the record here and say that I have no problem with Spaniards and consider them “cousins” in the white extended family.

        The Spaniards I’ve met over the years were as white as any French or Italians I’ve known, and with just as impressive of a history and culture.

        It’s the mestizo influence which I’m not crazy about. And it’s not that I particularly dislike them – it’s just that I don’t want to live in their countries. I’ve been there and seen it. I don’t want to live like them.

      • Clytemnestra

        I can understand where you might see some hypocrisy inherent with White Nationalists who brag about being Comanche “princes” or Cherokee “princesses.”  I view this as a problem with clarification or articulation on their part which keeps them from properly defining the issue which is this:

        Has any European country calmly accepted the invasion of another European country because everyone is indigenous European anyway?  Looking at the feuding between Spain and Portugal, England and France, Germany and Poland, etc ad infinitum and the answer is no. 

        I might add that there is a big difference between a White American who claims some North Amerind ancestry and a Mestizo.  White Americans are proud of OUR Amerind ancestry who were a proud, warrior race that were only subdued after four centuries.  Mestizos are rightfully touchy about the Mesoinds because they were already a slave race that was fairly easy for the Spaniards to conquer. 

        The Mexican invasion is trying to use their indigenous blood to lay claim to the entire American continent, including North America.  But do you honestly think the Northern Amerind tribes like the Cherokees, Apaches, Comanches, Iroquois, etc. ad infinitum would have tamely rolled over and played dead to invading MesoAmerind tribes like the Inca and the Maya?  Tribes, I might add that they view as racially inferior to themselves as the Teutons considered the Slavs?  Me neither.

         I do not regard anyone from Spain as not white.  I do think that any anti-Spanish sentiment in America has its roots in the original Anglo-Hispanic conflict between King Phillip II of Spain and Queen Elizabeth I of England and that itself was based on the Catholic-Protestant divide in Europe.

        There IS a subtle Anti-Catholic bias in this country that was starting to fade because previous Catholic ethnicities, like the Poles, the Irish, and the Italians made a point to learn English and assimilate to American customs.  It is coming back in full force, because Hispanics have not, will not, and cannot bring themselves to do the same.  

        Hispanics get deeply offended if a White treats or refers to them as a different race; then they are an “ethnicity.”  But this ethnicity refuses to learn or speak English and assimilate to American custom  This ethnicity chooses to refer to themselves as “La Raza Cosmica” and self-identify as Chicano. 

        In short, you like to “have your cake and eat it, too.”  That’s nice if you can get away with it (and our treacherous government is bending over backwards to enable that idea in Hispanics) but in the real world with real White people, it does not work that way.  You have to finish your business or get off the pot.  Make a choice.  If you are White then BE White, but be prepared to accept any down sides to it.  HINT:  “White Privilege” ain’t what it used to be.

    • Beloved Comrade

      Visit California if you want to see the faces of what is flooding into the U.S.  AND, what the U.S. will look like in the too distant future. 

      Do you think any Hispanic organization would allow ME, a White American to join (even though “White Hispanics” are freely allowed to join?).  Why can Hispanics, no matter if they look “White” claim AA benefits and privileges that I am not allowed?  The American government certainly thinks there’s a difference between White Americans and Hispanic Americans, except when it comes to crime, then, they’re labeled “White” to boost White crime stats.

      Here’s another difference:  Hispanics, no matter what they look like, are allowed political power advocacy groups and favored “minority” status not allowed White Americans.  Try forming a White advocacy group and see what happens.

      Yet, when Hispanics commit crimes, they are labeled as White.  Look at this Most Wanted poster from Texas, note how many obvious Hispanic criminals are labeled “White?”  How many of them look “White?”

      •  Dear Beloved Comrade,
        I hope your position is safe in North Korea (or am I writing to a ghost, since this family’s addiction to charming names-adjectives has long since completely confused me so I really can’t tell one from another ? Oh, well …)

        Now, back to basics.

        1. the photo you posted is a very well known. Of course, the fellas here are not Whites- ironically, the “Hispanic” guy is the closest to White among them all. And where we are then ? We can sort 50 pictures of Hispanics & some will look like White, and others like  AmerIndians.

        2. the fact that Hispanics misuse US social classification system and its concomitant welter of benefits for their own selfish advantage shows that- they are normal human beings. Who on earth wouldn’t take such an advantage if possible ?
        Change the laws & completely disband this ethno-linguistic category & voila.

  • ageofknowledge

    All I know is that the whites who came here were able to forge the most powerful and prosperous nation in the world but the “whites” replacing them are quickly turning it into just another poor failed Latin America country.

  • Just curious, have you ever been to California?

  • Ernest

    What is ‘American society’ ?

  • Detroit_WASP

    Detroit is the future of America….and maybe the world.

    • JohnEngelman

      What I saw in that video was the ruins of a deserted city. That is not the result of Hispanic immigration. It is the result of de industrialization. From 1950 to 2000 the population of Detroit declined from 1,849,568 to 591,270. That cannot be blamed on Hispanic immigration. 

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble


    You should NEVER, EVER EVER publicize that you are a prepper!!  They won’t come to you for assistance when the time comes — they will come at you with deadly force because of what you have.

    Prepare quietly and KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT.  Never Never Never advertise what you have — or you will be a target.  Make your property or wherever you live as private and secure as possible from  preying eyes — or, later, marauders.  This may save your life.

    Always better to keep a low profile and not show your hand.


  • John McNeill

    I think it’s because some people care about average “IQ” more than ethnic identity. I’m a white American, and part of my ancestry comes from Italy. I can’t get behind any Nordicist or Anglocentric form of American white nationalism, even though I don’t oppose the existence of such movements. But I need to be a part of a movement that embraces the white American identity that arose from the 20th Century melting pot of European peoples, from all across the continent.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    I am from Europe, and I actually do not see the big problem with the Hispanic immigration to the USA. 

    They are not us, the Founding Population and other White Europeans who created and built this country from nothing.   They are from a different culture. AND, they certainly consider themselves different from us — try entering one of their colonias in California and see how welcome you are.  Don’t speak Spanish?  You are not welcome.  You are only tolerated to the extent to which you can support them in a middle class lifestyle so they don’t have to work.

    They are parasites who have come here to mooch off of our labors.

    They come to the US for Free White Money.  Period.  They are extremely ethnocentric and view YOU as the enemy (not your wallet, of course).  They have overwhelmed California with their demands for taxpayer-funded services which are bankrupting this state.  

    The government certainly does not consider them White, allowing them to have White-hating grievance organizations that call for the ethnic cleansing of Whites off of “stolen land” which they believe “rightfully belongs to them.”

    Here are a few stats about Hispanics and reasons why California is broke:  

    The Hispanic population is characterized by high rates of teen pregnancy, illegitimacy (53%) and welfare use.  By eighth grade, only 19 percent of Hispanics are proficient in reading compared to 43 percent of Whites.  Only 56% of Hispanic 9th graders reach graduation in four years in LA.

    U.S.-born Hispanics use welfare programs at twice the rate of U.S.-born non-Hispanics. Welfare use was even higher for households headed by an illegal immigrant, 82 percent, and 61 percent for households headed by a legal immigrant.

    Hispanics made up nearly 60 percent of California’s poor in 2010, despite being less than 38 percent of the population.

    The middle class in California (read WHITES) is tired of  crushing state taxes and their wages being confiscated to support this underclass, tired of the destruction of schools that their children can no longer attend and tired of the destruction of the quality of life (go to any given emergency room in California and notice what it’s packed with — scores of destitute, uninsured Hispanics there for “free” medical services —  some emergency rooms now report waits of up to 24 hours), so they are voting with their feet and leaving The Beholden State in a conga line of U-hauls heading to Arizona, Texas and Nevada.  

    Until they too become overwhelmed with the poorest denizens of Mexico and Central America.

    There’s nothing like having your quality of life destroyed — and these people have done a bang-up job of it.


  • StivD

    The absolute purists and/or fanatics are a big part of what keeps this ‘movement’ from..actually becoming a widespread movement. I have no other ancestry, that I know of,  except Scots-Irish but I feel a little out of place here sometimes myself.  Some of the views don’t come from common sense and the real world.

    The constant harping on IQ is far less important to me than racial identity. I don’t believe a high IQ alone makes anyone more worthy and desirable racially. A high IQ doesn’t make Orientals honorary whites.

  • radical7

    JW wrote:

    Consider that African-Americans rely on their various themes (slavery, Jim Crow, institutional racism, unconscious racism, and white supremacy) and weird freak stories (they spit on a black Congressmen, oh, my) to keep many of the diverse white American peoples silenced (not guilted, just silenced).  

    Do you think it is approrptiate for a person to spit on another human being?

    • No, but if you have proof that actually happened, you can lighten Andrew Breitbart’s wallet to the tune of $100k.

      Put up or…

      • radical7

        Given the hostility of many right wing Whites toward Blacks, it probably did happened.

        • Well, it’s like a cop once told me, if you expectorate, you can’t expect to rate.

  • JohnEngelman

    Libertarians will come up with all kinds of nonesense to justify supplying the White Liberal Greedy Cheating Class with an unlimited supply of hispanic scab labor.                                               
    – Jupiter27                                             
    What about the White Conservative Greedy Cheating Class? Libertarians see the concept of “freedom” from the eyes of employers and investors.  Most of those are not religious. They favor legal abortion, stem cell use, and gay marriage.  They also favor no restrictions on immigration, lower taxes for themselves, fewer regulations for their companies, more business subsidies for those companies, and anything that makes them richer at the expense of working class whites. 

  • JohnEngelman

    Toward the end of his life William Buckley wrote an interesting column in which he candidly expressed the dilemma a high degree of Hispanic immigration presents rich conservatives like himself with. It was candid because he did not conceal his concerns behind rhetoric about freedom and the Constitution.
    He said a high rate of Hispanic immigration enables employers to reduce wages. This is good. However, most Hispanics vote Democrat. This is bad. Moreover, Hispanics are not rising through the social order the way previous waves of immigration did. He concluded by predicting that when Hispanic voters realize that their grandchildren have the same low wage jobs they do they will vote for economic redistribution.
    Perceptive liberals are also aware of the problems presented to their agendas by a high rate of third world immigration. In a column Paul Krugman wrote, “open immigration can’t coexist with a strong social safety net; if you’re going to assure health care and a decent income to everyone, you can’t make that offer global.”  

  • The basic differences between regular posters re Hispanics are pretty well defined. OK, here we go.

    1. I’d say we agree that illegal immigration is a bad thing & should be halted. Also, massive legal immigration.

    2. we agree that Hispanics are, generally, a mix of Whites and Native American peoples (and some Black, depending on a country). But, mostly Whites and American Indians.

    And where we disagree ?

    1. there is a gulf between those who count many Hispanics as White and those who deny “Whiteness” status to them. All I can say that there are people, Europeans, who are indisputably White, or are/were considered as such- better, no one had thought of them in racial terms- but who could, due to dark complexion, slanted eyes, puffy lips and/or other facial features easily be considered non-White. For instance: Rudyard Kipling, Abraham Lincoln, Joseph Conrad, Ludwig van Beethoven, Paul Hindenburg, Boris Yeltsin, Aleksandr Lebed, …

    The most reasonable approach is not to be too nitpicky about certain facial features if they, phenotypically, fall into White category. I’ve already given a link- IMO, more than, say, 80% are White. If Hindenburg and Yeltsin are Whites, so are these females. This DOES NOT imply that brown Mestizos are Whites. Their number should, I think, be as low as possible, using all legal measures. But- it is hypocritical to overemphasize this issue & simultaneously ignore the fact that some indisputably White Americans are 1/16th or 1/32th of Sioux, Cheyenne, Cherokee or what not heritage.

    2. another, more pressing & important issue is assimilation. Of course, Hispanics are in better position to resist assimilation than other, earlier migrants, due to territorial continuity & modern communication systems. But- assimilation is inevitable for them, too, since schools & universities and English as the world’s lingua franca won’t disappear or become Iberian.

    And it depends on the political wisdom how these issues will be treated. They:

    a) can be assimilated, at least 50-60% of them
    b) Mestizos can be used as a good buffer zone between Blacks and Whites

    Remember- they are not unassimilable due to very great racial (Blacks) or cultural (Muslims) differences.
    But hey- if you don’t drive a wedge between various Hispanic groups & force them to stick together, although, in other circumstances thy wouldn’t- this is, IMO, a short sighted policy.

  • ViktorNN

    Actually, no, Amerindians don’t have a right to move anywhere they want in the Western hemisphere.

    The Amerindians who are descended from those originally living in what’s now the US have their own lands.

    The Amerindians descended from Aztecs, Mayans, Incas and so on have no such right to move to the US.

    And white Americans who still make up the majority of the US have a perfectly legitimate right to say, “no, we don’t want this country to become mestizo-ized or Latin Americanized or hispanicized.”

    Why would us whites want to say no to immigration from hispanics (who are mostly mestizos)? The answer is very simple.

    Look at their countries.

    (You said you didn’t see the problem. Hopefully you do now. You’re welcome.)

  • What you’ve written is as dated as flogiston & steam engine. Alpine etc. types with their skulls & jaws & noses is a hopelessly anachronistic paradigm. Essentially, you stick to the 19th century anthropology. Well, I have a news for you- it’s obsolete.

    Hindenburg & Yeltsin could very well been classified as some kind of Mongoloid mutts due to their slanted eyes- as well as late general Lebed:

    I’m glad these differences are cleared:

    a) the 19th century anthropology you- and many AmReners- stick to is an obsolete pseudo-science

    b) modern forensic anthropology is quite another matter

    c) as far as Hispanics issue goes, most of those I posted are White (or phenotypically barely distinguishable from “pure” Whites)- and mixing with them is, phenotypically, good for White- “pure” European White- people, since it replenishes White gene pool.

    Well, good to know where we differ.

  • I’m sorry, I don’t know anything about Spain outside of The Bull Run.

    Yeah, I’ve noticed contradiction too.  But, I too am Guilty of that but only because I don’t clarify myself.

    My writing goes back and forth on sympathy for non-whites for example.  I do feel sorry for them but only those who are caught up in their own Countries and not begrudging of White Folk.

    Old Black Folk I care about too.  Not all but many of them are okay.  They’re the last though.  You’re not gonna find any well behaved Blacks after them.  And, them older ones, they were raised, I must add, under White Guidance.  Unspoken it was but then again, it didn’t need to be.  Consequence was Understood.

  • 1.. if I don’t care about obsolete quack theories from the 19th centuries, it doesn’t mean I’m blind. Slanted eyes are slanted eyes, without any “theory” behind it.

    2. wrong site ? Maybe. I’m a White supremacists who isn’t afraid of small mixing with non-Negroid races & who believes in the strength of our race. To hell with anti-septic purity. We can get stronger by assimilating some “others”, not by panically  worrying about purity of “bloodline”- which is the same as virginity-fixation.

    Although the Hispanics are the theme, also this White- Asian mix is not something I- and many normal Whites- should/could be much worried about- if it’s still a marginal issue:

  • ? I don’t get it. You’ve stated your opinions, I did mine. Well, we disagree- not because I didn’t study sources that you consider scientific.  I did, and found them either obsolete or simply quackery,like, say: phrenology, memetics, social darwinism, astrology, evolutionary psychology (a big part of it), general semantics, etc. etc. These are approaches I’m not particularly convinced in.
    They are as “scientific” as marxism or psychoanalysis.
    I agree that we disagree & I’m perfectly fine with it.


  • I can’t believe white men like Bailey hold such cowardly opinions. They say “please take everything my parents built, let all the africans in”. he wants europa to look like brazil I guess, half slum.

  • StivD

    “No dark skin”

    You just eliminated at least a third of Europeans. You must be taking into account genes from many centuries ago forced on those populations by Turks and Moors? You’re excluding white people who were invaded and oppressed by non-whites centuries ago…….

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Excellent reply, Clight12 !! 

    I saw this RUDE comment a few days ago but did not have time to reply.

    The Okies were midwestern WHITES.  

    My grandparents were from the Central Valley, the dry West side.  They weren’t Oakies but I grew up hearing about them from my relatives.  My grandfather said they were poor and destitute and lived in “camps” called Hoovervilles.  They were lured in from the Dust Bowl with promises of jobs —  as cheap labor and scabs.

    But, through VERY hard work (yes, the summers in the Valley are brutal, temps of 110 are not uncommon) sacrifice and saving their money, the Oakies were able to buy up tracts of land — the most fertile, productive land in the world.  And this, WITHOUT GOVERNMENT AID.

    My grandfather could never get any water or water rights to his land so it lay fallow.  He owned a gas station that burned to the ground along with the house so my mother’s family lived in a tent for six months — there wasn’t any government help for them and no crying, demands or sob stories.  

    The last time I visited my grandparents’ small town, I noticed it was now 99% Mexican and covered with graffiti and trash with run down, unpainted houses with dirt yards.  I’m sure the denizens of the town survive on government aid.   I vowed never to return.

    My grandparents are buried in Bakersfield, which is now ~ 50-60% Hispanic and growing and I wonder if the graveyard they’re buried in will be torn up and sold off, the bodies eventually discarded by non-Whites.