Should White South Africans Be Asylum Seekers?

News 24, February 27, 2012

After the latest asylum seeker application by white South Africans, there’s been a lot of talk about whether or not they should be allowed to apply for this status in countries around the world.

The first issue is the difference between refugees and asylum seekers.

A refugee is a person who, according to the UN Convention on Refugees “owing to a well-founded fear of being persecuted for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group, or political opinion, is outside the country of his nationality, and is unable to or, owing to such fear, is unwilling to avail himself of the protection of that country”.

This means that even the definition of refugee is somewhat subjective. A person can believe themselves to be a refugee if they believe that they are subject to persecution. An asylum seeker is someone who believes they are, but no international country has agreed with them yet.

But what is persecution?

Persecution is the systematic mistreatment of an individual or group by another group.

Here, too, the definition is subjective. To a non-white South African, it may seem ludicrous that a white South African, in their middle class house, with their middle class life, might feel persecuted. They’re probably right—in some ways.

It’s far more dangerous to live in a township than it is to live behind high walls and electric fences, with armed private security on call, in the suburbs.

But when you scratch the surface, the reason for that feeling of persecution isn’t hard to spot.

Just yesterday, our president admitted that in his youth, himself and his friends were plotting to murder white people. Julius Malema called whites criminals, and JZ still sings shoot the boer. Manyi’s views are well documented, and there are plenty of others who have made plain their views on white people.

You may argue, however, that sticks and stones break bones, but words will never harm, but what about the history of the ANC? Bombing, burning, murder. All of these things were a part of the struggle, and it’s not a stretch to say that the ANC is once again in a struggle—a struggle to retain it’s rulership.

Considering that the only thing required to apply for political asylum is the BELIEF that you may some day be the target of violence, it’s not all that hard to make the leap between talking about these things, and acting on them, is it?

The fact is, asylum, like the belief in persecution, is a subjective thing. There’s no shortage of evidence that some people at least would not shed a tear if every white person in South Africa today were to be magically erased, and it’s no stretch from there to believe that in the absence of magic, less ethereal means may become an option.

So, while some may say that asylum seeking for white South Africans is ludicrous, I would reserve my judgement. I think, if anything, the next five years in South Africa’s history will tell the tale. I hope it is all a case of paranoia.

White people are scared. They’re scared that the ultimate legacy of apartheid will be rabid policies of revenge on people who did not have any direct involvement.

Ask yourself. If you believed that you and your family were the target of violence for whatever reason, would you not try to get away, by whatever means necessary?

I would.

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  • loyalwhitebriton

    Of course White South Africans should be entitled to claim asylum – they are being persecuted and murdered. According to the UN’s own definition of a refugee, White South Africans qualify.
    If I was Prime Minister, I would stop all 3rd world immigration to the UK, and allow every White South African to settle here. They would be what I would call ‘The right type of immigrant’. 

  • crystal evans

    Why are they the right type of immigrant ? Because they are white? How many of them actually speak English as well as Afrikaans? Don’t they have an ancestral homeland like the Netherlands or the UK? I agree that they should be considered as refugees but will our government consider them as such since most of them appear to be middle class and well educated and would possibly take jobs away from the native born Americans?

    • redfeathers

      I doubt this country would let in many white South Africans or Rhodesians anyway!  We’ve had an anti white government for decades, and the current one is obviously the worst.  If any whites are allowed in from Africa, a large number of them are probably not ethnic Europeans.

      • crystal evans

        I wonder if white South Africans could come to the US if they win the diversity lottery? Or are they even eligible?

        • its over

          Do you know as a white south african you can not take the train ( metro rail) any where anymore. They robe and rape you on the train.
          1. There is noway where you can go into johannesburg centre city after five in the evening with out being attacked or killed.
          2. I think some get born with a crime booklets in the hand>  

        • GeorgeGalbraith

          My son (late forties) and his wife won green cards late last year (2014) and by January 2015 they were ensconced in Kentucky. I love them deeply but I encouraged them to emigrate, for their own good – the ANC is anti- White in its policies, rhetoric and dogma and is too myopic to realize that it’s loser governance is rapidly driving SA to failed-state status. This is three years after the above article and the predictions voiced in 2012 are coming home to roost. I am middle class, but emphatically consider the White minority to be persecuted in its own country, under serious threat and subject to genocide, particularly in respect of White farmers. Western countries should allocate tranches of ‘right of domicile’ slots to Whites from Southern Africa, then manage them. They will be assets to their adopted countries.

    • Sheila

      I realize it really chaps your backside, as a self-identified Asian, but this country has historically been White and Christian.  If you’re so terribly concerned about American jobs, then you ought to be protesting all the H1B visas Chinese and Indians are getting (often fraudulently) to take American tech jobs.  Regardless of IQ or English language skills, White European and Christian people are the only immigrants we should be accepting at all.

    • Karina

      99% of South African schools are bilingual, we have to be proficient in both languages (Afrikaans and English) to pass.

    • Gertjoubert10

      who are you the devil

  • Anan7

    First off, only European Whites should be let in to the USA.  The Afrikaners/Boers are our brethren and we should do all we can to protect them, especially when they live in the savage land that is Africa.

    If I had the financial resources, I would be more than happy to help them out.

    • Blu_Titan1

       Thank you so much, for your kind words, and your understanding.

  • Ciccio

     The one white South African who was granted asylum in Canada created an international storm of protest. The South African government protested officialy to Canada, calling the decision racist and the rest of the world soon followed their tune. No western government likes to admit white South Africans, they are a danger to ultra-liberalism and p.c., they know multi-culturalism is a lot of balony, they learnt it the hard way.

    • Nikki

       Hmmm. Canada is a major trade partner with South Africa. I guess that no-one wants to upset that apple-cart. However, China is now replacing many Western Countries as our trade partners. This is terrible news for South Africa. They are getting their foot in this door, and I would guess they are the next ‘Colonialists’ to take Africa.
      If I may though, I would like to point out that the person who Canada granted asylum to, quote incidences that happened to him BEFORE the ANC took power. This is what was used against him. Unfortunately, what was never realized was that those events did happen during a transition period and have since escalated to becoming the norm now. The door was closed on us all because of this, and I believe, our trade with Canada. 

  • Anonymous

    I don’t blame them either.  I am not mad at them for coming here nor even mad at the bad behavior of blacks.  What I am mad at are the do gooders and greedy people who are bringing them in here, making us support them and not punishing them when they get in trouble.  It’s kind of like a kid who causes trouble.  You don’t blame them, because they’re kids.  They can’t help it.  Instead, you would blame the parents since they are the ones responsible for them.

    • Anon

       I don’t blame them either.  I am not mad at them for coming here nor even mad at the bad behavior of blacks.

      Well, I am MAD and MAD about their behavior also.  Yes, I do BLAME them for who and what they are.  These blacks are not “kids” like our White kids are kids!

  • slobotnavich

    Our understanding of South African history is sketchy at best, completely false at worst.  The fact is that the area now known as South Africa was completely uninhabited, excepting a few bushmen, before the arrival of white Europeans to settle it.  Blacks came only later in order to take advantage of the jobs created industrially and agriculturally by the whites. 

    Whites, did of course, establish the system of apartheid in order to preserve what white invention, energy, and know-how created, none which would have been created by blacks.  And none of which has ever been created by blacks in any nation, on any continent, or anyplace in the world.  And which, true to form anywhere in the world, the blacks of SA are now destroying, as they’ve destroyed Amercan inner cities.

    The nations of the world should open their doors to any white South Africans wishing to emigrate.  Their only sin was building a great nation in a wilderness, which benefitted both blacks and whites and which, true to unvarying form,  is now being destroyed by blacks.

    • Anon

       Thank you for that. Not very many people know the REAL history of South Africa and who BUILT it. They just think, as usual, that ole Whitey oppressed ole blacky, and made them slaves as usual.

    • Laager

      Possibly the biggest misunderstanding about South Africa I have encountered since relocating to the UK is:

      “the blacks in SA are just like us (i.e white caucasians), the only difference being that their skin is black”; 


      “the white settlers “stole” a fully developed western society from the blacks.”

      The fact is there was nothing for the European settlers to steal from the black Africans

      Whites arrived in present day Cape Town in 1652. By c1770 they had expanded 500 miles eastwards to present day Port Elizabeth where they encountered the first negroid blacks.

      What they found was a subsistence farming society, maintaining some cattle, living in round mud huts with conical thatch roofs. That was as far as their architectural accomplishment went. No glass opening windows or hinged doors. There were no larger civic or public buildings or formal educational and health care institutions. There were no domesticated beasts of burden pulling wheeled vehicles. There were no roads, bridges or dams. There was no use of the wheel in any shape or form. The people (Xhosa tribe) wore animal hides for clothing. Government devolved from an all powerful despotic chief until deposed, normally by murder, by the next strongman who wanted to be the boss. Land was collectively occupied with each family tilling a few acres from which they survived. Despite what is now South Africa having a 2,500 mile coastline there was zero maritime tradition. Rivers were not used as trade routes as there were no boats. Armaments consisted of animal hide shields, wooden clubs and assegais (spears). Barter was the medium of exchange.

      With the arrival of more immigrants post 1806 the whites introduced the following western benefits to black African society:


      Woven fabrics which they adopted to create distinctive tribal apparel

      Reading and writing.

      It was the whites who turned the 9 black languages into the written form and opened up the possibilities of extended formal education

      Western democratic government and administration

      This included the Roman-Dutch Code of Law

      Private ownership of land.

      With the discovery of diamonds (1868) and gold (1886) South Africa changed from an agricultural to an industrial society. This impacted on the black peoples in the form of employment opportunities – at first manual labour and blue collar and then expanding to white collar and professional posts. This was a radical transformation for black society where women worked the fields and kept house, young boys tended the cattle herds and adult men were warriors. They now had access to a cash economy and all the technological imported benefits of western consumerism. 

      Whilst this was evolving blacks and whites met in the work place but lived apart in their distinctive societies retaining their traditions, culture and languages.

      Blacks started migrated to the emerging cities in search of work. They abandoned their rural tribal lifestyle and built shack slums on city perimeters. These were unplanned, unsanitary with no compliance to any construction code. Successive white governments declared them health hazards and replaced them with western model suburbs which became known as Townships (= to US Projects and UK council Housing.) The people were rehoused at state expense and paid minimal rental which was government subsidised.

      The squatter camp shacks and slums were then demolished. These  events made headlines around the world as “forced removals”  

      Hospitals, schools, commuter systems to their places of work and universities followed later – all built with white taxpayers money. Health care was free and travel on the state railways and bus services was subsidised.     

      The bottom line is that ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING the black man is in South Africa today is thanks to the arrival of the European immigrants. 

      For more detail on this process see:

      Click the Pandora’s Box button on the masthead

      To see the results of black gratitude for this 240 year upliftment program see:

      Sound required

      WARNING: graphic images

    • Blu_Titan1

       True. And the land which they claim we stole, was vacant land developed by whites. When they came to the cities as migrant workers, they set up informal settlements on Government owned land. Instead of moving when they were asked to, they continued to develop the land. After many warnings as well as offers of alternative sites, they were removed by force. Which other Government in the world allows people to simply ‘squat’ on land earmarked for building cities? NONE.

      This is the land they want back. In fact, now they want anything developed. They are not interested in ‘fallow’ lands. Its all about greed, and not about restitution.

      At the turn of the century there were not even 1.5 million blacks inhabiting South Africa. How is it possible that they could have owned all the land? They migrated from neighboring countries, and did so seasonally, following the weather. To this day, in some of their languages (Zulu and Xhosa), its not hard to detect language originating from higher up in Africa.

      It just goes to show how powerful propaganda really is.

  • crystal evans

    Personally, I could care less on who populates Japan. As far as I know, there are Filipinos and others working there doing jobs that the Japanese do not want to do. I do not speak the language and do not relate to that country. I just look like them. I am all American as anyone else. My question is how many of these White South Africans speak English. With the unemployment rate as it is right now, do you want them to compete with native born whites for available jobs?

    • Anon

       Don’t agree with anything you said.  I will bet the Japanese in Japan care, even if you don’t.

      I DO care about my race and MY country, America.  There are a few South Africans here and YES, they learned English, most knew it back in S. Africa. Even if they didn’t I want them here. Why? Because they ARE White, that’s why. My brothers and sisters (brethren)..They are all hard workers and most are well educated, btw.

    • Blu_Titan1

      You asked: My question is how many of these White South Africans speak English.
      With the unemployment rate as it is right now, do you want them to
      compete with native born whites for available jobs?
      I will answer as follows:
      English was compulsory through ALL Schools, for the full duration of our schooling. We all speak, read and write English.
      As for the unemployment rates , our entire population including the retired and school going population is 5.4 million. It is estimated that we currently hold around 1.2 million jobs. In an entire world, this is not hard to absorb. I promise you this, the economy will certainly not be hurt by our educated, hardworking people. It may be a great opportunity to get rid of some of the ‘lazier’ people who sit tight in undeserved jobs year after year…
      However, I can understand your concerns. Especially as you already face a situation where illegals are flooding across your borders to take up jobs in your country.
      We don’t want to be outcasts, have handouts, and be persecuted in other countries. We are being driven out, or will die a brutal death here.
      No-one wants to be country-less, and least of all when we really have worked extremely hard for whatever we have here. There were NO handouts for us ever, we have no state pensions, no free schooling or medical care,…nothing.  We have paid for it every step of the way. We wish only to have a place where our families are safe from rape and murder. We do, can and will work very hard for any scrap thrown our way, as long as our families are safe and can have a future. 
      Lastly, being white, we have the same cultures and value-systems to what you do. We do not riot, scream racism to manipulate, murder, rape, plunder, fight about our religious beliefs. We make good neighbours and good citizens. And we do work very, very hard. Our work ethic is very strong too.
      I would love for you to come out here, and see first hand just who we are.

  • crystal evans

    How do we know that these South Africans will be able to work with people of different races? Do we really need them to compete with our own people for jobs?

    • Nikki

       Oh dear Crystal,

      I really wish you would come over here. We have worked with people of many diverse languages, cultures, ethnic origins for a long time. Would you not think that this equips us to be more flexible than most?

      At first I was laughing at some of the comments made, until I realized that you have concerns based on your perception of us. I would love it if you could outline who and what you think we are all about. That way, I can get a better understanding of where your perceptions may deviate from what we really are, and address these more holistically.

      Sadly, many who have neither lived here, nor had any contact with us, seem to think we are illiterate barbarians who run around slaughtering black people.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

       We are descendants from the same families that you are. We have a different accent, and call a refrigerator a fridge, but we are no different to you.

      Perhaps you know the actress Charlise Theron? Well, shes a typical South African Afrikaaner. (OK…Maybe just a tad prettier than most of us :))

      writer J. R. R. Tolkien, author of The Hobbit and  The Lord of the
      Rings , was born in Bloemfontein in 1892. This is a VERY Afrikaans City. 

      Please come to visit us. I will gladly put you up in my home and welcome you with open arms. You may be pleasantly surprised at how similar we really are.

  • crystal evans

    We tried that once, it is called Liberia.

    • Anon

       They sent very few to Liberia. The US did not have the money at the time and Lincoln was killed so it was put on hold of course.  We now have the money (money saved from what they cost us HERE!) and many of us have the WILL to send them all.

  • crystal evans

    No one from Mexico or from Central or South America is eligible for the diversity lottery.

  • Anon

    She looks and acts black…

  • Nikki

    Dear All,

    Thank you so much for the interest (and concern) you show towards us (White South Africans).

    I would like to clarify a small issue, if I may. EVERY SINGLE white South African is fluent in English. It was our national language, and was taught to a high standard in all the schools as either a 1st language, or a 2nd language (Afrikaners). It was compulsory and had to be passed in order to pass the school year. So no danger of us not coping on that front.

    I am currently studying Clinical Psychology with Criminology as my elective Major. Its a real eye-opener on many fronts.

    Did you know that over 4000 white farmers have been slaughtered (I used that word deliberately) post apartheid, of a population of a mere 4 million whites? This statistic has placed us on the world genocide watch. Why? Because it becomes genocide when its a crime of extreme and uncalled for violence. Because there is unspeakable torture before killing. Because there is no theft in some instances, just a bloody aftermath. (Feel free to google this yourselves).

    Did you know that in the entire Apartheid rule, the figures were under 1500 such acts, and this was in 25 million plus strong black population? Its frightening that this was viewed as an act of racism, but the cruel deaths of our farmers isn’t by the global communities. (Recently downgraded to level 5, from level 6 of 8 possible levels). A little research shows that EVERY SINGLE country that genocide was predicted, eventually panned out that way. 

    The average white South African is caring and generous. Some may say that we can afford to be such because we live in houses. We never stole the houses. we pay huge mortgages too, just like very single other country. And yet, despite efforts to educate people on birth control and safe sex, the black population exploded. In the face of such growth, very few nations would be able to provide sufficiently for all. Whites have been here for 300 years. We are South Africans. We do not have European Ancestors that are alive. We do not have alternatives. It’s terrifying sometimes.  

    Without any ill-thoughts intended, I do need to ask the world why they did not give up their land, their developments, their technology, their money, their houses as atonement for settling there earlier, to its own indigenous people? Why am I a criminal for trying to correct a system that I was taught is wrong by my own parents, and opposed for many years? My generation is the generation that set about undoing the sins of apartheid. Yet this same generation is now on the Genocide watch list.

    When Nelson Mandela took his seat, there was a collective sigh of relief as he was a fair man, who had hoped to build a RAINBOW Nation. We accepted training Black people to literally take over our jobs. We accepted that past inequalities should be righted. But now, Jacob Zuma  is actively trying to change the constitution. He says it no longer suits the peoples needs. 

    Because he cannot simply go ahead and make these changes as it is protected by the Constitutional Courts, he now is REVIEWING the Constitutional Courts powers, and wishes to reduce them. 

    Did anyone know that the ANC is not representative of all the people within its nation? Its all about Black Consciousness Movements, African Renaissance, and declaring whites as criminals. Indeed, this was the cornerstone of the its foundation all those years ago. They are just executing it now. (Read the history of the ANC). Once we have criminal status, no-one will turn a hair as yet more of us are slaughtered. Indeed, it becomes accepted and encouraged. 

    My son has a 15 year old black friend, who while staying over for the weekend, told me to my face that they want us dead. His Dad is a Doctor by the way, and became a doctor in South Africa during the apartheid years. So where did this young boy learn such hatred? He wasn’t even around during the true Apartheid years. His Dad is very wealthy, and became so under the old apartheid government. *Sighs*. This child also told me that they don’t want us to run away, because then we can take whatever we can, and they want it. They would rather murder us. Never mind that the laws are already so strict that we cannot get money out even if we had it. (Perhaps in a suitcase, but not via Forex). In fairness, this is just 1 child and I have no way of apply the risk across them all.

    Again, Google the ANC website. Google the Genocide watch lists, Google the recent news on Zuma. Watch footage of Julius Malema. Wow, imagine what would happen to us if we spoke like that?

    And now, heres the clanger. Google South Africa and its relationships with CHINA. Not only are we whites in serious trouble now, but in the long term so will they be. China is colonizing Africa.  Its there in black and white. All over the net and news. They need land. They need labour. They supply the infrastructure and loans to the African countries. This also poses a second danger to our plight. Because China is now firmly in bed with South Africa, we have a global partner. Because of this, the government will not be as cautious of incurring the wrath of western countries with human rights violations. 

    Also, China publicly states that it is supporting African Countries as a counter to the western white influence and past colonization. This same caring China has the worst human rights violations record, and still continues to torment Tibet and suppress her own people in gory ways.
    I am not only afraid for myself, but also for the numerous wonderful black people here too. It shall be a truly dark Africa if this comes to pass. Unless something changes radically, this will come to be. 

    Also available on Google. 

    I apologize for hijacking this post, but I am trying to raise awareness of various issues, and encourage people to RESEARCH and not act emotionally only. 

    White South Africans include:

    The Afrikaners, descendants of Dutch, German and French Huguenot who came to
    the country from the 17th century onwards.
    English-speakers, descendants of settlers from the British Isles who came to
    the country from the late 18th century onwards.
    Immigrants and descendents of immigrants from the rest of Europe, including
    Greeks, Portuguese, Eastern Europeans, Hungarians and Germans. 

    As you can see, we really have been here for ages. Nowhere else to call home and ‘go back to’.

    I for one, would be extremely grateful to any country who could in a controlled and responsible manner, offer us a future. I would 4.4  million whites left in South Africa. This includes children and the elderly…. I stand corrected if its slightly more. Thank you so much for starting this blog.  

  • linz1works

    We in the US were effective to dismantle aparthied segregation when we didnt really understand the dynamics of the country.  They were about 20 years behind the US but what they had to face fear  that was far greater than what we did as a caucasion majority. Just google images of south african farm murders and you will understand what they feared and what they fear now/

      The tribal mentality still interferes with the politics of the ANC today, and as mentioned, they have done nothing to help their people anymore than Mad Bob next door.  It is a cronyism that has become especially dangerous for the white tribe,  as Zuma and his thirty wives promote Malemas ANC youth direction in singing kill the boere though courts ruled it to be inciting racism and hate speech.

    The irony is, that many of the whites in this generation marched with the blacks beneath the eyes of  De Klerk to end segregation. 

    Either we require  accountability for plaasmoorde or we help the victims of white genocide happening today!

    Remember Rwanda, brought to you by the UN!  Afriforum has submitted petition to the UN, it has largely been ignored, what the White Tribe needs is the US, write to your congressmen, write to your ambassadors, send money to the attorneys of the asylum seekers, but dont just sit there!

    • Blu-Titan1

       And today we sit at exactly the same level of GENOCIDE Risk as what Rwanda is at. It is coming. It has started. Slowly, deliberately and all hidden and suppressed. Do not confuse mass murder with GENOCIDE. Genocide is a slow and steady elimination of a group. Mass murder is where entire groups are wiped out over a period of a few days.

      Like HIV Aids, its a slow and steady killer. Seen only when its too late. Mass murder is like the Ebola virus by comparison. Fast and very bloody.

  • Nicola

    There are a few areas I would like to cover here. Firstly, for those who are not English speaking as a first language, English was compulsory in all our schools all the way to University entrance. Most can read, write and speak English fluently.

    Yes, we are eligible for the Diversity Lotto, and many of us do apply.  Few get in, of course.

    Whites are no worse off when it come to daily crimes than our other colours are. HOWEVER, the crimes committed against whites are noticeably more violent and cruel. This is the hallmark of hate crimes.

    If you google Genocide Watch, you will see that white South African are listed as level 6, of 8 possible levels. This is called the ‘Mobilisation’ Phase, meaning its past planning and IS happening. Genocide is the steady eradication of a group of people. Its not the same as mass murders, but is just as effective. Slowly, but surely, we are being picked off. Its deliberate! So-called ‘Freedom’ songs are actually war cries.

    How so?
    Well, there’s a call to murder…’Kill the Boer’
    There’s a clear target…The Boer
    Its hate speech in most constitutions and its an incitement to ACT in a PLANNED manner, against a GROUP of PEOPLE.

    Our Genocide is being hidden by:
    Denial of the Government
    Control of Media (most cases are never published)
    Manipulation of Statistics
    Refusal to Protect the group being tortured and murdered

    Our statistics only reflect these murders as ‘homicide’. There isn’t even a gathering of stats on the race groups killed, not if an additional crime took place such as torture, rape etc before the murder. If you read up on Genocide, you will see that there is an excellent reason why International Organizations have listed us as Genocide happening. You will also see the modus-operadi is EXACTLY as described as the standard methods.

    And now, as for our ancestral roots, and leaving to go back there:

    Firstly, many of us have been on this soil for over 350 YEARS! We have no other roots.
    Secondly, most countries will only consider us for ancestral visas if we are 1ST generation immigrants, meaning our parents were foreign. Almost NONE of us qualify.
    The ancestral roots door is a deliberate fallacy, among others, that we can just leave and go back to wherever we came from. Guess who started that? The ANC themselves, while petitioning for their freedom, all across the world.

    Slowly the noose is tightening on 5.4 million whites. There are in excess of 40 million blacks. If just 20% of them want us dead, it will be so.

    Lastly. It never ceases to amaze me that the world believed we were all cruel evil suppressors, and that we denied our black brothers any care. How on earth did their race get to be 40 million, when it started off in 1911 as just above 1 mill, almost the same as white population, to a thriving 40 mill today?  We are now just over 1/10th of their population. The statistics alone should speak for themselves.

    There are many wonderful people here, across all groups. We don’t want to leave. We are being driven out. We have the highest rape per capital in the world! Our police are corrupt. Our Government sings war songs against us. Our eduction system is in a shambles. Policy keeps being revised to eliminate any whites in any employment. This too is a violation of our rights. Genocide Watch has us listed as already taking place.

    16 September, 2012 

    Contralesa president Chief
    Phathekile Holomisa has called on South Africans to stand up and reclaim
    land from the white minority by next year. Chief Holomisa says the
    ANC-led government has failed people by adopting the land redistribution

    Why do they want the ‘whites land’ when the Government is sitting on large tracts of undeveloped land that could be distributed instead. They want the wealth within it. They want the houses, crops, animals etc. This is yet another fallacy…We just cannot win this. The motivator is greed, not restitution.

    So much more to say… But a little research on the ‘net should expose those too.

    I would like to thank every single person who has posted any suggestions here. It’s nice to see that we aren’t as isolated as we feel sometimes.

  • Blu_Titan1

     I am so pleased that you managed to get out! What a wonderful person that friend of yours is.
    My brother-in-law left around 20 years ago to Australia. He warned us of exactly the same thing as you raised. We should not ever raise whats happening here because they think we are speaking nonsense. They are so politically correct that its beyond them to
    1. Realize that much of what they heard about the past was propaganda
    2. Stop and consider what statistics say: Around 1 mill white in 1911. 5.4 million now.
          Around 1.5 million blacks in 1911. 40 million now.
    Surely, if they were being treated the way the world believes, they could never have grown to those numbers. Some-one was looking out for them.

    As you say, no-one will speak out in Oz as they fear ridicule. But silencing the truth does not make it a lie. Its real. Its true. Its happening to us.

    I wish you happiness and peace in your new home! God bless

  • Caroline

    I am a white South African Woman with 3 young children aged 6years, 15 months & 4 months.
    Every single day my Husband And myself are petrified of what might happen. How do we protect our children? How does my husband protect me? We are stuck in a country where
    our families and friends are being murdered and tortured. No one seems to care! What
    is going to happen to us?

    Why wont anyone grant us Asylum? How many more white South Africans have to be brutally murdered, woman raped and little children andbabies set on fire. It is a reality and a frightening one at that. Where do we go where we can be protected? I was bornIn Zimbabwe and pushed out of that country and now South Africa is doing the same.