Seeing the Dragon of Racial Prejudice

Stanley Crouch, NY Daily News, February 20, 2012


For at least 20 years, I have heard stories from Americans who speak Mandarin, have traveled to the Asian country and have tales about Chinese bigotry against black Americans and Africans.

Yet this reality is barely whispered in our diverse media circus.

I have no doubt there are thousands upon thousands of decent Chinese and Chinese-Americans who, having known the sting of prejudice themselves, harbor no ill will toward African-Americans. But let’s not deny a stubborn cultural problem when it is staring us in the face.

Here are examples of what I have been told.

One Irish-American friend fell in love with Chinese culture and learned Mandarin. Often in New York’s Chinatown, he heard this answer when Chinese New Yorkers were asked by those from the mainland what New York was like: “Fine. But too many black people.”

A friend who does business in China and travels there at least six times a year was questioned by a Chinese cab driver who claimed that Chinese people were amazed that George W. Bush had chosen Condoleezza Rice to represent America to the world.

Why? “Because she is black, quite an embarrassment; it dishonors your country,” was the cab driver’s answer.

Another frequent business traveler to China was recently in a Hong Kong bar with college-educated, upper class, very successful men who were supposedly well-educated.

After a few drinks, one said to him upon seeing a black person on the bar’s television, “They need to wash more. That is why people do not like them.” {snip}

These are just stray anecdotes, you say? Well, I invite and hope to encounter some defenders of Chinese adherence to transcendent humanitarian beliefs.

I actually expect to hear nothing other than accusations of supposed black American paranoia.


But let’s be clear: A broad admiration for certain facets of Chinese culture ought not conceal the fact that bad racial attitudes there may be at least as pervasive as they are in the United States.

There are those who would have us assess individuals not as being human types, but as being examples of what we’re told to genetically expect from a given ethnic group.

That is an impulse that all of us—across skin tones, ethnic cultures and political systems—must continually expose and fight.

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  • They have Yellow Skin privilege and haven’t had 90 years of “anti-racist” indoctrination and White collective guilt brainwashing.

    That is all stuff that Whites used to say with impunity because it was true and they weren’t de-racinated candyasses who looked around the room and over their shoulder 9 times before saying something truthful about blacks.

    • JohnEngelman

      I can’t even admit that I agree with Charles Murray, unless I know who I am talking to, that no one else is in the room, and that the doors and windows are shut. 

    • Detroit_WASP

      “yellow privlege”  I like it!  So when Asians succeed where blacks fail, blacks can blame it on “yellow privlege”   lol


  • Hirschibold

    Here is the most important thing I have noticed about racial animus in American discourse. When people say they “hate white people” they are talking about some abstract concept they were force-fed in college. On a daily basis, in restaurants and parks, Asians, Hispanics, and blacks do not face any sort of violation at the hands of whites.

    Conversely, when people say they love “black culture” they are talking about abstractions and exceptions: the trumpet of Louis Armstrong or the on-court grace of Magic Johnson. On a daily basis, though, blacks make lives miserable for everyone, and Asians (much like those of Middle Eastern, Hispanic, or European descent) notice this and pass the information onto their cohorts to save their brethren the grief of learning from experience.

    • JohnEngelman

      The last black contribution to American culture that I like was soul music. This Temptation song is about unrequited love:
      Can anyone imagine a rap music song about unrequited love?  

  • “Seeing the Dragon?”

    Uh oh, Mr. Crouch.  You’re going to hear about this from the Asian American Journalist group now bossing the media around about how to cover Jeremy Lin.

    I would like to see Crouch’s face when he realizes that China is quickly in-all-but-name colonizing a good chunk of black Africa.

  • 1gravity

    Most East Asian cultures, one way or another, think westerners are barbarians.  So, I keep my knuckle dragging to a minimum, they make allowances, and we get along fine.  Pace Mr. Crouch, one thing I am not going to do is lecture anyone on their bad racial attitudes. 

  • loyalwhitebriton

    Chinamen don’t like blacks?. So what?. Who does?.

    • The American Democrat and Republican Parties, the UK Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat Parties, most major political parties in other formerly white countries with a lot of blacks, and various NGO civil rights and activist groups.

      Other than that, nobody.

      • loyalwhitebriton

        Ouch! – point taken.
        You sound like a real snarkey, mid 30’s, right wing accountant to me.

        • Why do I get the feeling that you’re not exactly encouraging me to have a horizontally good time when you say “go forth and copulate?”

          BTW, I make sarcastic responses to a lot of people.  Don’t take it too personally.

      • Black Swan

        Not true.  They only PRETEND to like blacks.   They champion blacks only to the extent that it harms whites.

        Their main goal is the destruction of whites worldwide, in the UK, the U.S., SA,  any and all other white homelands.  They do this by importing blacks and then using them as a weapon against whites.  Nothing more.

        How many of those mentioned live around blacks? How many of THEIR children go to school with blacks?

        They do not like blacks, they are hypocrites.

        • I get what you’re saying.  Political alliances and personal amicability are two different things.  I sometimes think most black leaders realize instinctively that nobody really likes blacks as a whole.  I can’t prove it, but it’s just the feeling I get from some of the things they say and do.

      • loyalwhitebriton

        Sorry about my previous reply to your post. I see it’s been removed. Quite rightly. In the sober light of day, it was an over-reaction.  

        • Yeah, I’m really having a good time with the Brits on AR as of late.  One is telling me that economics is a pseudo-science, and another is telling me in a polite way to, well, I know what it means now because I looked it up on the slang dictionary.

          Point is, I better be careful, or I’ll end up banned from entering the UK just like Michael Savage.

    • radical7

      You might want to read the post of  Clight 12.   He/she is right on the money.

      • I thought “right” and “money” were two of your very least favorite things, and frankly, I’m surprised you buckled under to the verbal pressure of the evil exploitative repressive capitalist regime.

        • radical7

          Speaking truth to power is not buckling under pressure as you seem to believe.

          • Have you ever tried speaking power to truth?  It’s the classic Goliath vs David struggle.

  • Detroit_WASP

    Amen to that.  I believe that North Asians are our only hope in saving the world from the 75-85 average IQ group which consists almost exclusivly of blacks.   North Asians are the only ones with the guts and brains to take the bull by the horns and make some changes so that the human race can survive on this ever shrinking world. 

  • ViktorNN

    Want to find a group that is equally as racist as the Chinese are?

    Why blacks, of course.

    How many incidents do we hear about blacks violently preying on Asians? How many times do you hear about Asians violently preying on blacks? (Answer: almost never.) How many times have you seen black comedians ching-chonging it up on TV, movies, music? 

    Frankly, blacks are some of the most racist people you’ll ever meet. 

    The “anti-racism” of blacks seems to end when it comes to looking at themselves in the mirror. 

    I’ll start to take a black pundit’s musings about anti-black racism seriously at about the same time I see blacks even broaching the subject of how prevalent racist attitudes are amongst blacks.

    • True, Viktor. The original Black Panther Party, they of the Huey Newton, Eldridge Cleaver, Rap Brown and Geronimo Pratt faction, were just as racist as the Klan they purported to hate, perhaps even more so.

  • Sonya610

    Yes the Chinese will also help decimate the last African wild animals too (no I don’t mean blacks).

    They are utterly without empathy. When they aren’t torturing puppies to death for food (skinning them alive makes the meat taste better!) they are running over 2 year old children and watching in droves as the child dies.

    If anyone has not seen the video of the 2 year old chinese girl run over TWICE as 18 people casually walk by without helping her it is utterly shocking by any standard. Here is recap vid, google the full vid but I am boycotting youtube so I can’t post a link:

  • LOL…of course this is all coming out after some black athletes have been caught saying racist things about Jeremy Lin. Me thinks the blacks are trying the re-capture the “victimhood” high ground.

  • Yeah, it’s incredible, blacks don’t just want every other race to like them, they demand that you love and worship them .

  • wonder when black folk will have an epiphany and realize “it’s not them, it us!” 

    •  When Auburn University unveils its 15-foot-tall statue of Bear Bryant in front of the athletic dept. building.

    •  Not in out lifetime……

    • Jean, that will happen when you’ll get wool from a donkey – in other words, NEVER.

    • radical7

      I would argue that Blaks are often the vicitm of other races, in particular, Whites.

      • I would argue that Blaks (sic) are often the victims of other races, in particular the Daytona 500.

  • My favorite line was the “supposedly well-educated” Chinese men who disliked blacks. Yo Stanley, that just proves how intelligent they really are!

    The Chinese are also right about Condi Rice (and her predecessor as secretary of state, Colin Powell). In 2003 she famously screeched that anyone who opposed the Iraq war was a racist. She is definitely one of the top 10 neocons who richly deserve to be hanged as war criminals. (At least Powell has repented for his lies to the UN just before the war.) One can imagine Rice howling “You’re all a bunch of racists!” over and over again until the trapdoor opens.

    Of course, the Chinese (and Japanese, Koreans, etc.) can speak honestly about blacks because they weren’t force-fed the PC Kool-Aid in school, and can therefore call a spade a spade (no pun intended). Nor, as “Question Diversity” and others have noted, will they hesitate to land on their African subjects like the proverbial ton of bricks if they step out of line.

  • Wayne Lo

    Chinese are no where close to being as racist as whites. There is no general hatred of blacks, the worst blacks will get in China is the same sort of curiosity, mostly friendly, that whites use to get 20 or 30 years ago. Not outright hostility. The Chinese are certainly politically incorrect, but are fast learning not to be so.

    Chinese are the most ‘live and let live’ race in the world, much to their own detriment.

    In Hong Kong, a business colleague is a black scotsman, who has been sleeping with the wife of another chinese business colleague for years. He has less trouble picking up women here than the average chinese man.

    Black men openly date Chinese women in China and are not harrassed for this. Obama’s brother has lived in China for years, way before Obama became well-known, and is married to a Chinese women. He loves the place.

    Whites are the only ones who have gone out and lynched people for taking ‘their’ women. Not Chinese.

    This ‘chinese are the most racist people on earth’ is absolute rubbish dreamed up by whites to let themselves off the hook in this regard.

    There is not one country in the world, which legislates to  encourage minorities to breed at a faster rate than the majority race, which is what China does when it restricts Han to one child, but not ethnic minorities.

    Under the PRC, Tibetans have doubled in number, and retain their traditions and languages, unlike those indigenous people under European colonization.

     And there is not one country in the world with more generous affirmative action policies than China for minorities. So much so that increasingly more and more Han are adopting ethnic minority status to get into colleges and universities with lower marks.

    • bubo

      You sound like a PRC propaganda minister.   I couldn’t care less if you believe whites are “racist” or not.   Whites make up about 8% of the world’s population.  If keeping whites from being overrun in our ancestral nations is deemed racist, then so be it.   We are not beholden to anyone to prove our right to exist.  

      • Wayne Lo

        There are 1.2 billion whites in the world. There are about 1.4 billion east asians.

        Whites, as understood in the Amren sense, are the second most numerous race, and perhaps the most numerous if you include North African and Near eastern caucasoids.

        So to say whites are endangered, in any sense of the word, is fantasy.

        And it is good you have mentioned ‘ancestral’ lands. Whites definitely have the moral right to stop their ‘ancestral’ lands from being ‘overrun’, if these same whites reverse the ‘overrunning’ of North and South America and Australasia and return to their ‘ancestral’ lands in europe.

        • StivD

          Whites will reverse the ‘overrunning’ of those lands you mentioned as soon as China stops colonizing Africa and holding Tibet hostage.

    • anmpr1

       Wayne, you are wrong.  Dead wrong.  The Chinese do have a black population, but they are Africans on business visas, and mostly confined to ghettos.  As such, they are in many ways a cut above US blacks.  The Guangzhou “chocolate city” is one of them.  A few, very few, Chinese may interact with them, but it is strictly business.  Most of the GZ Chinese cannot stand these people.  Google “Guangzhou Chocolate City” and read the articles.  Chinese women who “date” these Africans are shunned, and their parents “lose face.”  I know many Chinese, and none of them consider blacks to be equal, much less superior to them.  Their parents would disown them if the brought a negro home for dinner.

      Regarding your beloved minorities: in fact, the Chinese policy is to “replace” ethnic minorities with Han.  The so-called “autonomous regions” are bastions of anti-Chinese sentiment, and trouble is always present.  A recent article in the Peoples Daily actually commented on expected violence in Tibet, this upcoming year, and the Xinjiang Yughur Autonomous Region is always ripe for anti-Han violence.

      Your posts make me wonder if you are you a 50 center?  [For those of you unfamiliar with Chinese slang, the “50 Cent Party” are those cadres paid to post pro-CCP comments on Chinese BBs.]

    • ViktorNN

      You do seem to enjoy trolling a pro-white site with your pro-Asian chauvinistic comments, but you also seem a bit confused about the point of this article being posted here and the comments on the thread.

      At the end of the day, I doubt many of us pro-white folk here care much about winning the strangely obsessive contest you have going on in your mind over who is more racist, whites or Chinese? How would one even go about deciding that?

      Your real argument – if you actually have one aside from trolling – is with Stanley Crouch, an African-American, who says that yes, Chinese people are quite racist towards blacks. 

      Got a problem with what he says? Take it up with him.

      Most of us race realists read and article like this and find it instructive or simply amusing, watching blacks and you Chinese mixing it up. As a white, it’s nice not to be the racist bad guy every once in a while. 

      And overall, the point of posting the article here is to point out that race is an issue worldwide, that whites are far from the only racists, and that indeed it’s natural for people to self-select to be amongst their own and to not always be so accepting of others. That is, there’s a difference between treating someone unfairly on the basis of their race vs. having a natural sense of solidarity with one’s own extended racial “family.”

      At any rate, you obviously realllly don’t like your people being portrayed as the bad guy in this article. So much so that you come here and try to derail the conversation and make it about evil white folks again. Predictable move for someone who probably doesn’t hear his people getting fingered for being racist very often.

      Well tough! The old story line that only whites are evil racists is over. 

      Pro-black commentators like Crouch aren’t going to let racist attitudes among Chinese go by uncommented on, and we whites certainly aren’t going to let you drive by and try to change the subject.

    • StivD

      There is no such thing as a black Scotsman.

  • Wayne Lo

    In fact Mr John Derbyshire has written an unusually unbiased article,
    for him, on Chinese racial attitudes, which sums things up Chinese
    racial attitudes pretty well.

    From the article:

    ” There is a widespread vague opinion in Western countries that the Chinese are unblushing racists, who hold black people in contempt……In fact matters are much more complicated than that. Modern Chinese racial pride certainly exists, but it is more defensive than offensive, founded more on resentment at past wrongs — the Opium Wars, the Boxer Indemnity, and so on — than in notions of innate superiority. Since none of those historical wrongs were committed by Africans, anti-black feeling is wellnigh absent from the modern Chinese psyche. To the degree — and it is not in any case a very high degree — that Chinese people see the world as an arena of racial conflict, Africans are hors de combat.”

  • Speaking of faces, I note how much Stanley Crouch resembles the Sudanese dictator, Bashir Omar. A lot of people in the West still think that the Sudan rapes and tortures in the Darfur area are carried out by white Arabs against Bantu Sudanese. They’re NOT. It’s one Bantu, Arabic-speaking faction, against another Bantu, non-Arabic speaking faction.

    Think Sudanese Crips against the Sudanese Bloods.

  • Apparently, in some major cities in China, there is a sizable African-race population.  Mostly males, most are in the business of buying manufactured goods in China and trading it to fellow tribeman in Africa.  Some are used as agents in trading with Africans in commodities/raw material.  Like anywhere else there is the TNB.  Rapes of chinese women, murder, armed robbery, theft, drug smuggeling/peddeling is common.  Other than the drugs (opium) the other crimes are rare in chinese culture.  Why?  Thats their culture, reward for hard work and Severe punishment and .

  • You may or may not remember this, but a few years ago in China, there were riots on Chinese campuses between Chinese and Malian students, over rapes that the Malians committed against Chinese female students. Chinese men defended their own, while the Malian students howled “racism” to their embassy  in China.

  • crystal evans

    From what I saw on television once that Chinese fashion shows do not book Black models because the Chinese people do not think that they are attractive and do not relate to them at all.

  • The Chinese have a right to their opinions and I respect them for voicing them.

  • candide

    I am not fond of the Chinese  but at least they tell the truth.  No white pseudo-guilt.

  • The_Bobster

    Asians aren’t too fond of Whites either:

  • brew730

    Well said!!  And let’s not forget the impact of AA as well.  Two of my brothers are firefighters and they are amazed at the blacks that passed over hundreds of other candidates to be “selected” for the job.  Guess what you get when you have blacks that rank 500-600 out of 700 candidates that beat out better qualified candidates for 30 jobs.  You get idiots that don’t know what they are doing in life-or-death situations.  Do you want someone ranked 600 fiddling around while your house is on fire or do you want the best qualified – period!     

  • JohnEngelman

    But let’s be clear: A broad admiration for certain facets of Chinese culture ought not conceal the fact that bad racial attitudes there may be at least as pervasive as they are in the United States.

    There are those who would have us assess individuals not as being human types, but as being examples of what we’re told to genetically expect from a given ethnic group.

    That is an impulse that all of us—across skin tones, ethnic cultures and political systems—must continually expose and fight.     

     – Stanley Crouch, NY Daily News, February 20, 2012 

     When I lived in the San Francisco Bay area I had a Chinese immigrant girl friend whose family owned a Chinese book and gift store in Oakland’s Chinatown. If a young black person entered the store she would watch that young black person carefully and nervously until the person left. She did not behave that way with a young white person.

    The dashboard of her car had buttons that locked the car doors and raises the windows. If we were driving in Oakland, and she saw a young black man on the sidewalk she would push those buttons.  

    I promise I did not teach her that. She learned from experience, and from the experiences of other Chinese Americans she talked to.

  • Some blacks don’t like other blacks.

    Remember the most recent Knockout Martin Luther King story from St. Louis?  The white man was leaving a grocery store when that group of future rocket scientists who just happened to fall in with the wrong crowd confronted him. 

    A while back, I overheard two black women talking about that very grocery store in that location.  While that one was the closest grocery store to them, they both agreed that they shopped at a different one farther away.  Why didn’t they like that one?

    “Too many n*****s.”

  • anonymous_amren

    White people have Dragons too, you know! Ours are huge, physical, fire-breathing monsters with enormous wings, that guard treasure. One day they’ll see our dragons of racial “prejudice”!

  • ageofknowledge

    I actually didn’t know that until reading your post and going online and qualifying it. You’re right.

    • Thank you for the link. Very Interesting revisionism regarding Gandhi!

  • anarchyst

    Blacks will rue the day when they come to be under Chinese overlords.  They will wistfully look back at the days when they were “sticking it to the (white) man” and getting away with it.  This century (and the next) will not be as kind to the black race as our present “leaders” who are leading the white races down the path of genocide.  “Affirmative action” will become a thing of the past . . .
    The white race will survive.  We will (be forced to) establish white enclaves, smaller than countries, but quite successful.  This will be a cleansing of the “white spirit” that will ensure that whites live on in perpetuity.

    • radical7

      What makes you think Whites will not suffer the same fate?

      • anarchyst

        You are correct in your assumption that whites will not be treated fairly by orientials.  However, the intelligent orientals realize that they need white people to provide innovation, invention and fresh ideas.  Please be aware that orientals are good at copying and improving inventions by others (whites) but due to their culture, everything they do is done by consensus.  Independent thought is frowned upon.  This is where the white race excels. . .the ability to “think outside of the box” . . . best regards.

  • The Chinese call them “junk people,” good for nothing.

  • joeg2

    ‘ I have no doubt there are thousands upon thousands of decent Chinese and
    Chinese-Americans who, having known the sting of prejudice themselves,
    harbor no ill will toward African-Americans.”
    So having ill will towards blacks  is baseless nonsense thought up by indecent Chinese people, according to Stanley Crouch? It seems blacks are completely incapable of introspection. Most blacks will not hear anything negative about blacks in general. Any criticism, true or not, is Racist.

  • Observing such opinions from people who came from the other end of the globe, who have a religious tradition utterly different from White Protestant Americans, and had no history of slavery and segregation must tell us something about Africans.

    If White American opinions about them are the result of “prejudice”, why do Chinese, both overseas and in the USA, share such views. Could it be because both Whites and Chinese share common observation and experience about the same group of people?

    What if the generalizations expressed in so-called “stereotypes” are true in far too many cases?

    Food for thought!


    • blight14

       The generalizations ARE true……they are the result of seeing/experiencing a certain pattern of behavior over and over……

  • Thank you for your observation, but can you tell us where you first heard this. This is a significant revelation about an important historic figure; certain to be quite controversial, and some additional documentation would be helpful.

  • Chinese are perhaps the most ethno-centrist & racialist group of people on earth. When Nixon was pursuing the policy of establishing friendly Sino-American relations, he had studied seriously for the  task. He contacted famous French writer Andre Malraux- art theorist, De Gaulle’s minister & whatnot, who spent 1920s & part of 1930s in China and around. Malraux was true man of the world.

    Malraux’s advice to Nixon was: “Forget about everything you’ve read or heard about Chinese. They don’t give a hoot about the entire world. They are only interested in themselves & consider all other human beings as inferior. Of course, defeats by Europeans and Americans forced them to reconsider that position- but deep down, they are convinced it was just an unhappy period that will have disappeared & Chinese supremacy will have been re-established. All others- Japanese, French, Germans, Americans, Russians, Africans, Indians, … are potential enemies or despicable barbarians.”

    • JohnEngelman

      What is the difference between what Andre Malraux claimed is the prevailing Chinese attitude, and American exceptionalism? 
      Also, where did Andre Malraux say that? A quote like that should be attributed. 

  • Black Swan

    Children born of Vietnamese women fathered by black soldiers were destined to be at the bottom of the social order there.

    They were called ‘dust children’ or ‘children of the dust’, indeed on the lowest rung of Vietnamese society.  They were scorned and rejected, oten abandoned or forced to beg on the streets.

  • Wayne Lo

    The responses to my post are basically a load of unsubstantiated rubbish, fantasy in the minds of white people who wish to justify their pathetic little cause of ‘white nationalism’, by pointing to the apparently more virulent ‘racism’ of East Asians.

    Now consider Africa. Chinese engagement with that continent has benefitted it enormously, with growth now at around 7% per annum for sub-Saharan Africa (the highest in its history), and an average of 4% per annum over the past decade.

    Poll after poll carried out in sub-Saharan Africa has shown that the Chinese are overwhelmingly popular, in fact more popular in Africa than any other place in the world:

    As of their views of China, polling figures from Western sources show that Africa is the only place in the world in which not only Chinese economic power is welcome, but also her rising military power.

    And polls also find the average African  finds Chinese more fair to deal with than Westerners.

    Although this is not surprising – because Chinese tend to pay top dollar for things. Whereas whites have historically just gone in and stole land and resources and people.


    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      Poll after poll carried out in sub-Saharan Africa has shown that the Chinese are overwhelmingly popular, in fact more popular in Africa than any other place in the world.

      Polls?   Polls taken in corrupt, strong-arm dictatorships?  I’m sure they’re as valid as a 100 billion dollar Zimbabwean note.  Let’s take a look at reality, shall we?

      The following is from a South African news source:

       Beijing has launched its so-called ‘One China In Africa’ policy because of crippling pressure on its own natural resources in a country where the population has almost trebled from 500 million to 1.3 billion in 50 years. Officials in Beijing, where one expert has estimated that China will eventually need to send 300 million people to Africa to solve China’s problems of over-population and pollution.

      Exclusive, gated compounds, serving only Chinese food, and where no blacks are allowed, are being built all over the continent. ‘African cloths’ sold in markets on the continent are now almost always imported, bearing the legend: ‘Made in China’.

      According to one veteran diplomat: ‘China is easier to do business with because it doesn’t care about human rights in Africa – just as it doesn’t care about them in its own country. All the Chinese care about is money.’

      Business is business,’ says Chinese Deputy Foreign Minister Zhou Wenzhong, adding that Beijing should not interfere in ‘internal’ affairs.

      Massive dams are being built, flooding nature reserves. The land is scarred with giant Chinese mines, with ‘slave’ labourers paid less than £1 a day to extract ore and minerals….Pristine forests are being destroyed, with China taking up to 70 per cent of all timber from Africa.

      There have also been riots in Zambia, Angola and Congo over the flood of Chinese immigrant workers. The Chinese do not use African labour where possible, saying black Africans are lazy and unskilled.

      Ever since the U.S. and Britain imposed sanctions in 2003, Mugabe has courted the Chinese, offering mining concessions for arms and currency.

      Mugabe is orchestrating his campaign of terror from a 25-bedroom, pagoda-style mansion built by the Chinese. Much of his estimated £1billion fortune is believed to have been siphoned off from Chinese ‘loans’.

      Chinese-made AK-47 assault rifles, grenade launchers and ammunition for rifles and heavy machine guns are continuing to flow into Darfur, which is dotted with giant refugee camps, each containing hundreds of thousands of people.

      Between 2003 and 2006, China sold Sudan $55 million worth of small arms, flouting a United Nations weapons embargo.

      For more, lots more, see here:


      • occa0577

        Buy Wayne told us that black Africans and Chinese are having a liberal lovefest, celebrating diversity and the decline of the white man. This fiction makes us feel so good, how dare you bring up facts! Right now, Wayne and I are covering our ears yelling, “LA LA LA LA LA!”.  I’m going to CNN, where offensive, truthful comments are deleted. I’ve had enough of this realism.

        Obama, Black Panthers 2012!

    • JohnEngelman

      Keep posting Wayne. BTW, my best friend in high school was a Chinese American named Wayne. 

  • Wayne Lo

    “The word for Chinese person in mandarin, cantonese, fukkeniese and other
    major Chinese languages is human being.  All others are not quite
    human. ”

    What a load of rubbish. Zhong guo ren, hei ren, bai ren, meiguo ren, yingguo ren…..

    ‘ren’ is human.  The words for America and England are rather flattering —‘beautiful country’ and ‘heroic country’, respectively.

    So Mr ‘Chinese expert’, please substantiate your claim that Chinese only consider themselves  ‘ren’ (human).

  • Many years ago, a Vietnamese man came here to visit the company where I worked to learn our accounting system.

    Probably so that he could teach your accounting system and GAAP to as many Vietnamese as he could, in order to have a pool of cheap labor Vietnamese that could get H-1B visas, so the Big Four can have cheap labor Asians instead of living wage/salary native born white Americans.

  • I pulled my daughter out of day care the day it got a black.  I hope the other parents did too.  If every white parents boycotts day cares that take in blacks, the day care people will get the message.

  • Guest

    There is no general hatred of blacks…Black men openly date Chinese women in China and are not harrassed for this.

    The following is from unfriendly-to-whites Wikipedia:

    Animosity towards African students has been a recurring event since the early 1960s, when scholarships provided by the Chinese government allowed many students from ‘China-friendly’ African countries to study in Bejing.Hostility from Chinese students towards Africans flared up when there was contact between African men and Chinese women. African students were attacked after playing loud music and making sexual remarks to Chinese women.300 Chinese students, spurred by false rumors that a Chinese man had been killed by Africans, broke into and set about destroying the Africans’ dormitories, shouting slogans such as ‘Kill the black devils!’ Part of the destruction involved setting fire to the Africans’ dormitory and locking them in. When the fire department arrived, reports were that they stood by the watched the fire. The President of the University had to order the fire department to take action.

    In protest, 3,000 Chinese protestors took to the streets singing the national anthem and chanting, ‘Down with Black Devils!’.

    Anti-African demonstrations spread to other cities… the Beijing protests were one of the currents that led to  the Tiananmen Square protests

    Well, that doesn’t sound very neighborly, does it? 

    Then, there was that black/Chinese brawl last August in Beijing when the black Georgetown basketball team played an exhibition game against the Baiyi Rockets:

    Georgetown had to leave the court during the fourth quarter after both benches emptied and brawl erupted between the two teams.  The Hoyas had to dodge chairs thrown onto the court and water bottles hurled from the stands.



  • radical7

    The same can be said for many Whites and people of all races for that matter

  • radical7

    Exactly.  The fact is that too many posters on this website assume that any other race  of people who dislike Blacks automatically Like Whites. This is nonsensical misguided thinking. I can tell you thatn Asians are very clannish and do not have a great love for whites. In fact, there are conflicts among certain Asian groups themsleves. Japaneese and Koreans do  not have a loving relationship.

    Speaking of intergroup conflicts,  Mexicans and Puerto Ricans are not exactly best friends. Mexicans are exactly in love with Whites either.  And of course we know the problems that Whites have had with one another. Irish and Jews and Poles were often mistreated by other groups of Whites. Remember the “no Irish need apply” signs that were commonplace in many storefront windows in the days of yesteryear.  The northern/southern conflict  “damn yankees” and “southern hicks” etc…

    My point is that before too many of you posters gloat in the “everbody hates Blacks, yippie” mindset, we might want to be aware of the fact that Whites are not exactly adored by everyone either.  

    • The_Bobster

      Oh, most of us know that the other races hate us and look forward to our destruction.

  • radical7

    Yes! Exactly!

  • anarchyst

    It is interesting to note that during the communist reign in Russia, black “foreign exchange students” that came to the USSR were strictly segregated and generally not permitted to mingle with ethnic Russians. 

  • Memphomaniac

    I am not aware of any reasons why I would be interested or offended that the Chinese would be considered racist. I have no direct contact with any Chinese and how they treat other races of people (including blacks) is definitely none of my concern. The Chinese must decide what kinds of relationships they want from other races, just as any other group of people. It is not my role, or anyone else’s, to “shame” the Chinese into a “transcendent humanitarian belief”.

  • Detroit_WASP


    I know that some of you on this board don’t like any other races but whites.  I honestly am not like that.  I like anyone who is a productive member of society.  But I also recognize that certain “stereo types” of some groups being less intelligent and lazy is really just a fact that I have experienced first hand.  

    I think Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Jewish people are really pretty good folks and they don’t cave to political correctness they way a lot of my white brothers do.  

    I don’t care what god they pray to or what they look like.  It is all about being productive and improvement of the human condition to me.  Political correctness is a religion invented by the feeble minded and must be eliminated because it inhibits progress.   And I think Asians are very helpful to that end because they are willing to tell blacks to go blow it out their ear.      

  • blight14

     A neighbor of ours went for two weeks and she had a great time….although I can think of 20+ places I’d rather go before China…..

  • blight14

     Well stated…..

  • radical7

    There are White people that eat dgos and cats too.

  • radical7

    Many Whites are worse I would argue.

  • radical7

    Actually, I knew a Black person who was born in Scotland. This would make him scottish.

    • StivD

      He’s an interloper only. 

      The idea of a black man being truly a Scotsman in any sense is vile.

  • Dave4088

    The Chinese have their faults but at least they are sensible and don’t have overactive imaginations when it comes to racial matters.   Therefore, the concept of racial equality is a totally foreign and idiotic concept to them.  They believe in a racial pecking order in which blacks are at the bottom and deserving of no respect or consideration.  If the Chinese ever gain control of America the black race will yearn for the good ol’days of the Jim Crow South.  

  • StivD

    Being invaded by the Russians at the height of the Cold War would be preferable to Chinese colonization. Want to see young white girls treated like prostitutes or forced into serving all the little emperors, open the door for the Chinese. 

  • StivD

    Take a wild guess why he’s allowed to continue…

  • Tom P.

    It is the Darwinian “selection process”–i.e., the morality of survival–that detrmines what
    should be done in our interests.   It is fatuous to assume that the three major races were
    created attendant to the Garden of Eden.  If interbreeding has produced a racial winning
    group, then that process fades  into oblivion and the winning meld stands out annointed by
    the pressures of selection.   At a geometric rate of accelerating change, within the context of an unprecedented scientific and technological synergy,  it is not anti-race to ponder a survivalist meld betweeen the abler elments of the Norther European man and the northern Asian man.  The fusion of the American and Chinese cultures is well beyond inception and doesn’t exactly obscure our own,  thus far.   Chinese exchange students over here in huge numbers are in many ways more American than the Americans.   

  • Gandolf

    Chinese culture probably couldn’t be more different than Afro culture. Generally speaking blacks are a loud, boastful, highly emotional lot and often display a herd mentality (see the sneaker thread). Easily provoked and prone to violence. Sexually impulsive and often shameless.

    The Chinese are wise to keep their distance from them.

  • anonymous_amren

    Tibet wasn’t ever the paradise liberals made it out to be. It was a hell-hole of slavery and religious fundamentalism.

  • Wayne Lo

     Which was proven to be an absolute load of bs.

    • Beloved Comrade


      Please put up a reputable source refuting what Jeremiah posted.

      Are the Huffington Post and World Net Daily wrong in what they published?

      If so, please show.

  • Wayne Lo

    Yes. And many many Chinese women working in the Central district of Hong Kong, where white expats abound, complain all the time about how they are sexually harassed by horny white men, who on hitting Asia, completely eschew the bovine white women in favour of svelte Asian women, and think any Asiatic women is their’s by right.

    You guys need to re-educate your race traitors – for the benefit of all.

    • Beloved Comrade

      Then let me ask you this:  Why do so many Asian women reject Asian men?

      Why do Asian women find White men so much more attractive than Asian men?

      White women certainly reject Asian men, and with good reason because they are unattractive.

      And again, cite your source that White men sexually harass Asian women in the Central District of Hong Kong because I do not believe you.  

      My sources in the financial sector who are White men and who often travel to the orient on business report that Asian women throw themselves at them repeatedly offering sexual favors.

    • Black Swan

      You guys need to re-educate your race traitors – for the benefit of all.


      I’ve read your commentary with great curiosity.  Why have you come onto a forum for pro-White issues to insult and demean Whites?

      What is your purpose in doing this?

      I cannot fathom seeking out and taking the time to post on a pro-Asian issues site to remind Asians of their inferiority to Whites in the areas of creativity, technology and medicine, to call Asian women “ugly and indistinguishable” and to ask why Asians insist on leaving their “superior” culture to colonize White countries?Please explain to us Wayne what your purpose is in continuing to bash Whites in a such a hateful manner.

       I was not prejudiced against Asians but am now after reading your posts.  If your underlying purpose in coming her is to turn Whites against Asians, you are doing a wonderful job.

    • Don’t make me laugh. In White male- East Asian female game, the erotic chase is frequently in exactly the opposite direction.
      And, although beauty is- so they say- only skin deep, White woman is the human species’ (not only for us Whites) the imago of Heaven.

  • Wayne Lo

     Really? Where is your evidence for this? I have seen white men repeatedly send flowers, importune Asian women to the point of sexual harassment, in order to get a date.

    You are welcome to your white women….in fact that is the way I would prefer it. White women for white men, black women for black men, and Asian women for Asian men.

    In the world of nature, it is the man who takes the initiative to get the woman. When I see white men with Asian women, I’m afraid the white man is going to cop most of the blame. That of course does not mean the Asian race-traitor will be forgiven. Both the white man and Asian women should be executed.

    So well done Bardon Kaldian. You are a good white man. A good white man is a white man who finds Asian women ugly, and white women beautiful.

    I hope whites here will agree that white men with Asian women are as despicable and digusting as white women with black men?

    • Get a shrink. I won’t even bother to reply seriously.

      • Wayne Lo

        In fact, Bardon, you look exactly like the type of ugly white man who would go for an Asian woman.

  • Wayne Lo

    The format of the site makes it difficult to track comments, and which one has been replied to.

    Do you really think that the Chinese government would implement such a policy? Even if they were racist, it would be totally counterproductive, as they are building good diplomatic and economic relationships with Africa.

  • Wayne Lo

    Actually Chinese are in general as supportive of animal rights as whites. Its just that China is poorer and more uneducated than Europe as a whole. Which leads of course to less awareness of animal rights.

    But public feelings on animal rights in Asian countries are remarkably similar to those of European countries:

  • Wayne Lo

    In fact it is only whites who go out and shoot animals for ‘sport’. Sarah Palin guns down wolves (basically a dog, in fact more intelligent than a dog, and just as sentient) from helicopters for fun, and shows off about it.

    Most races hunt only for food. Whites for fun and for trophys.

    It is only whites, in this modern age, who will hunt with bows and arrows and shoot pigs and deer for the sadistic fun of it, when guns would do a quicker job.

    Whites put hooks through live fish and dangle them for hours, torturing them as ‘live’ bait and think nothing of it.

    Whites kill far more animals per capita for flesh consumption than Asians. In fact Japanese eat hardly any meat, and in fact banned the practice of meat eating before whites arrived in the 19th century.

    Whites do not have a culture or heritage of vegetarianism, which is common in the East.

    In fact my mother and a cousin do not eat meat, out of humanitarian reasons from buddhist beliefs.

    Hong Kong abounds with restaurants which only have ‘jaai’ (vegetables on the menu).

    And in fact many many Chinese own dogs, with growing affluence, and treat them better than the average white person treats his.

    After all how many Chinese (or Asians) in the West are prosecuted for animal cruelty –I would guess hardly any, probably less than whites.

  • Wayne Lo

    I rather think it has been Western countries doing most of the invading these past 500 years, and it continues to this day.

    Whites go home to Europe and have a pure white continent there. How about it?

  • Wayne Lo

    Correct. Dog meat and cat meat were widely consumed in Europe during times of war and poverty.

    Google ‘blockade mutton’ and educate yourselves.

    And horsemeat is today widely consumed in Europe. Horses are also highly intelligent emotional animals.

  • Wayne Lo

    Absolute rubbish.

    What is true however is that Europeans for centuries indulged in medicinal cannibalism:

    “In the heyday of medicinal cannibalism bodies or bones were routinely taken from Egyptian tombs and European graveyards. Not only that, but some way into the eighteenth century one of the biggest imports from Ireland into Britain was human skull”

  • JohnEngelman

    Wayne Lo has as much right to live in the United States and to post on American Renaissance as you do. 

  • JohnEngelman

    If you were confident in your opinions, and able to defend them, you would enjoy the intellectual give and take of discussing issues with those who disagree with you. 

  • JohnEngelman

    I guess Wayne Lo obeys the Rules of American Renaissance and has comments that merit consideration. 

  • JohnEngelman

    Before World War I China had about three thousand years of civilization under various dynasties. 

  • curri

    The author of this piece is (surprise) another violent black guy: 
    “Now, Yablonsky [Peck’s lunch companion] says Dale Peck said, “So what?” but I thought I heard him say, “Yes, I’m Dale Peck.”
    And Stanley said, “Stanley Crouch. I just wanted to meet you . . . ” (I didn’t hear the rest.)
    Then Stanley, who was still holding Peck’s hand in a frozen handshake, slapped Peck with his other hand, TWICE, on both cheeks, and said, “Don’t you ever do that again. If you do you’ll get much worse.” Stanley let loose Peck’s hand and pointed at him, “I should spit on you. Now, we can settle this outside . . . ”