Racial Segregation Continues, And Even Intensifies

Richard Rothstein, Economic Policy Institute, February 3, 2012

In a study released this week, two Manhattan Institute researchers heralded the “end of the segregated century.” Harvard professor Edward Glaeser and Duke professor Jacob Vigdor showed that African American segregation levels have now declined to their lowest point since 1920, just after the beginning of the “Great Migration” of rural sharecroppers from the South to Northern industrial metropolitan regions.

From 2010 Census data, professors Glaeser and Vigdor calculate changes in what sociologists term “dissimilarity indices.” They find a national dissimilarity (or segregation) rate of about 55 percent for African Americans—in other words, “only” 55 percent of African Americans would now have to move to neighborhoods with more non-blacks in order to evenly distribute the black population throughout all neighborhoods in their metropolitan areas. This is a substantial decline from the segregation level of about 80 percent in 1970.

The report attributes this success primarily to legal prohibitions on housing discrimination. {snip}

But the celebrations are premature. Although the Manhattan Institute’s Census data were accurate, a 55 percent dissimilarity rate can hardly be called the “end” of segregation. And segregation can only get worse, not better. Because the epidemic of foreclosures has disproportionately affected African Americans, many blacks who were able to move to predominantly white neighborhoods in the last decade will undoubtedly relocate back to poorer and more racially isolated black neighborhoods. This likely reversal of dissimilarity decline will only show up in future census analyses.

More important, however, dissimilarity indices do not describe what most people mean when they think of a segregated society, and they don’t point policymakers to the most critical problems facing the country which, by more relevant measures, is becoming more segregated, not less.

Recent declines in dissimilarity have had complex causes: One is that low-income Hispanic (and in some regions, Asian) immigrants have moved into neighborhoods that previously were mostly black. This reduces the proportion of blacks in those neighborhoods (and thus causes a metropolitan area’s dissimilarity index to fall) but does little to integrate African Americans into white neighborhoods.

For policy purposes, a more appropriate index of segregation than dissimilarity is an index that describes the “exposure” of African Americans to the majority white population. By this measure, segregation is today greater than it was in 1940, and has remained mostly unchanged since 1950.  As John Logan and Brian Stults of Brown University’s US2010 Project have shown, in 1940, the average black lived in a neighborhood that was 40 percent white. In 1950 it fell to 35 percent—where it remains today. This average, of course, aggregates data from many neighborhoods where blacks have virtually no exposure to whites, and others where integration is advanced.  {snip}

Another cause of reduced dissimilarity is indeed cause for celebration, but also has an unintended side-effect with dire consequences: The growth of the black middle class and the decline of housing discrimination has permitted more middle-class African Americans to flee the ghetto, frequently to inner-ring suburbs that are less homogenously black than the ghetto, although sometimes in transition from a predominantly white to a larger black population.

But as a result, inner-city ghettos are left without a middle class and are more homogenously poverty-stricken and hopeless. {snip}


A special caution to the hyperbole surrounding the Manhattan Institute report, is the observation of Reardon and Bischoff that middle-class black families are still “much more likely to live in neighborhoods with low-income white neighbors than are comparable middle-class white families.”

These discouraging trends partly reflect growing economic inequality in the nation as a whole—now compounded by the disproportionate harm suffered by African Americans during the post-2007 economic collapse. Partly, persistent black segregation (defined as lack of exposure to whites and ghettoized concentration of black poverty) stems from exclusionary zoning laws adopted by most suburbs in the early to mid-20th century, with the not-so-disguised purpose of keeping those suburbs lily-white. As the Brookings Institution’s Jonathan Rothwell recently observed, unless a concerted effort is made to force these suburbs to abandon such zoning and permit the construction of low- and moderate-income housing, there is little hope of reversing these trends.

But the reality that low-income whites are much more integrated into the middle-class population than are low-income blacks suggests that, declines in dissimilarity notwithstanding, an attack on exclusionary zoning—while necessary—will not alone be sufficient to desegregate the nation. Race-conscious policy remains necessary to undo the effects of racial residential rules established over the course of a century. Promoting the “end” of segregation, as the Manhattan Institute has done, can only undermine the political will that must be mobilized to embark on this course.


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  • Anonymous

    What is the fundemental harm in voluntary segregation?  None.  Why is it white America’s job to uplift the black man 150 years after slavery?  There is none.  Why do blacks need to be around whites to succeed, learn, or act cicilized? There is no need because it doesn’t work.  Why can’t blacksbe shoved down hispanics and asians throats?  Because it is the white man’s burden or because of a concerted effort at genocide.

  • Recent declines in dissimilarity have had complex causes: One is that
    low-income Hispanic (and in some regions, Asian) immigrants have moved
    into neighborhoods that previously were mostly black. This reduces the
    proportion of blacks in those neighborhoods (and thus causes a
    metropolitan area’s dissimilarity index to fall) but does little to
    integrate African Americans into white neighborhoods.

    That’s what he means here.  The paradigm of segregation and integration only refers to domestic blacks.  A given neighborhood could be one-third White, one-third Hispanic and one-third Asian.  It would literally be diverse and integrated, and the Shannon-Weaver index would rate it highly diverse.  But Rothstein wouldn’t consider it to be genuinely diverse and integrated because it has no blacks.

  • m e

    “The Manhattan Institute for Policy Research (renamed in 1981 from the International Center for Economic Policy Studies) is a conservative,[1][2] market-oriented[3] think tank established in New York City in 1978 by Antony Fisher and William J. Casey.[4]
    The organization describes its mission as to “develop and disseminate
    new ideas that foster greater economic choice and individual
    responsibility”. The Institute, known for its advocacy of free market-based solutions to policy problems … ”

    There doesn’t seem to be anything conservative or free market about this Institute.

  • Anonymous

    The persistence of de facto segregation means that most whites have little contact with blacks, and are prone to get their opinions from television programs and Hollywood movies. Those who live in close proximity to blacks have a more realistic appraisal of them as a race. 

    • Anonymous

      What they realize it that many Blacks are law abiding ,decent citizens like many people of other races.

      • Anonymous

        Actually they are the most uncivilized, violent, untalented group on Earth.  Look at anything they run.

      • Wrong.  The minority of blacks are law abiding.   The majority are thugs and scavengers on the government free stuff gravy train. 

        • Anonymous

          The same can be said for many Whites.

          • Anonymous

            I can’t argue with this.

          • whites with non-white children you mean.

          • Marcy Fleming

            Some true but much more true about Blacks as a whole.

      • Anonymous

        I was once one of those Whites that fell over himself to make excuses for every shortcoming manifested by the Black “community.”

        But 20 years growing up and living, working, going to school among them makes it impossible for all but the most mental, self-flagellating White nincompoop to ignore that they alone are the cause of all the ills they suffer today.

        I’ve seen 14-year-olds hit a man in the face with a 2 x 4 to get his wallet.

        I’ve seen a young boy no more than seven years old dragged screaming on his knees across the asphalt by his mother.

        I’ve seen the populations of a regular and an alternative high school located within a block of each other empty into the street by the hundreds in a massive melee.  I’ve never been so frightened in my life.

        I put groceries paid for with WIC and EBT in more Cadillacs, Jaguars, and Range Rovers than you would believe.

        And this is just what happened in one year during the hours I was scheduled to work.  One of the veterans told me a particularly disgusting story of a mentally-challenged young woman beaten to death for the money in her purse while waiting for the bus.

        This was in the neighborhood in Seattle where a man was punched in the face and killed by his fall to the concrete for spraying some ill-mannered, disrespectful young wretched Black girls with his hose because he didn’t think he had to stand for their lousy attitudes.

        These just scratch the surface, and I’m only one of the multitudes here with similar stories. And I’m in Seattle; people my dad knows from Detroit and New Orleans tell us that we don’t have any idea what Blacks are, that the Blacks around here are pansies compared to what they left back home. 

      • Anonymous

        Of course some blacks are “law abiding, decent citizens like many people of other races.” I have said so on this website. If they were typical, race problems would be minimal in the United States. A few whites would still dislike them, simply because they were different, just like a few whites dislike Orientals and people from India. Those few whites would not interfere with blacks achieving respectable positions for themselves in American society, just as those few whites do not interfere with Orientals and east Indians achieving respectable positions. 
        I do appreciate your presence here, radical7, and hope you keep posting. 

        • Marcy Fleming

          Why ? Everything he writes is stale Marxist garbage.
          Orientals are not a monolith and there are as many
          bad ones as good ones and some will be the first to tell
          you that. By the way, in Washington State ‘Oriental’ is now
          considered a ‘racist’ term. 

          • Marcy Fleming

             Responding to 54yg. Radical 7 never develops any argument, he simply recycles the same old tripe predominant in the culture and there’s nothing worth reading here. Ergo for Engelman, same old, same old NPR line and he ignores basic criticisms completely. He even objects to the giving of refs !
            Nothing that they say is in the least bit interesting.

          • Marcy Fleming

             Moderator, thanks for the warning BUT an ad hominem fallacy is something that is used in place of an argument. As you well know I have presented many arguments with book length references to back them up. When someone makes a statement that I should be open to the same stuff I have endlessly refuted I respond.
            However I confess that there comes a time when it gets tiresome repeating oneself. This has been since the New Year a great open forum.

          • Marcy Fleming

            Thanks for the citation, I’m a philosophy major  and looked over the list and I agree with 18 of the 20. I have never used any of those 18 logical fallacies here or anyplace else.
            I totally disagreed with the slippery slope listing because that is in fact a very valid argument depending on the specifics.
            There rarely is a ‘moderate’ position on major issues, in fact the term is a weasel word as the distinuguished conservative linguist Mario Pei noted many years ago.
            Also reductio ad absurdum is a totally valid way of demonstrating what a certain argument can lead to !
            Neither it nor slippery slope are fallacies at all.
            Of course the site’s comments section were closed which is exactly what I have come to expect from ‘authorities.’
            Since real flesh and blood people make arguments, not ethereal ghosts, it is legitimate to attack the person making the argument as long as you attack the argument itself. 
            Particularly if the person in question has repeatedly ignored your rebuttals and parrots the same old line
            and has a history of making false statements on several issues. It gets complicated here because many times the Reply icon is missing after some objectionable post and for clarity’s sake you have to list to whom you are responding.
            I’ve always thought that as long as no threats or profanities are used it should be an open forum.
            I believe in property rights so every is free to set their own standards.
            I will also grant you that it does get wearisome making the same points over and over.
            Personally I’m not looking for converts but rather to set the record straight.

          • Marcy Fleming:

            I took at look at this list, and there were some fallacies on this list that I didn’t remember studying from philosophy classes, and some I do remember studying that weren’t on this list.

            I do think that reductio and slipslope are fallacies, because they’re not arguments against the contention, they’re fears (sometimes irrational) against what the respondent thinks are consequences of the argument.  Now, it might be true that for a given action, there will be a slippery slope to a dastardly nadir, and that any logical arguments against the absurdum could also be logical arguments against the original point.  But responses based on reductios or slipslopes don’t address the original point itself.

          • Marcy Fleming

             Here’s the problem with that. The original premise might well lead to the most undesirable consequences because of the inherent logic as it unfolds in the process of working itself out.
            For instance I regard the income tax as an unmitigated evil in itself. But when opponents tried to point out in 1913 that it would go beyond the then low rate proponents accused them of the slippery slope but the opponents were right.
            Laws of logic have to be used in context, not blindly obeyed.

      • Anonymous

        Yawn. Now where is that “ignore” button?

      • Marcy Fleming

        Trouble is that way too Blacks aren’t decent or law abiding. We all appreciate the fine ones that are AND the major problem is white leftists who excuse black sociopathology.

    • Anonymous

      Haha, you are kidding?????

       I have lived around Urban Americans all of my life……I dislike them for the most part……because I know EXACTLY what they are like.

    • There is no value for white kids to get the “black experience.”   By and large, with about a 20% exception rate, blacks are educational losers on their own lack of accord.   Most of them end up going nowhere and being nothing.  All they do is develop a lot of attitude and lifestyle habits suitable for people who’ll probably die before they reach 30.  No white kid needs to be exposed to that.  It doesn’t do them a bit of good. 

    • Marcy Fleming

      Finally something we can agree on. Thanks.

  • Woody Woodpecker

    And that cop was probably a Ted Kennedy Democrat solely because of his union and his pension. Most likely disagrees with everything else they stand for.
    Sad. Very, very sad.

    • Anonymous

      He was probably a new deal political centrist.

  • Anonymous

    Years ago I worked the grave yard shift at a motel in Arlington, Virginia where I was robbed at gunpoint by two black teenagers.
    On another occasion a pink Cadillac drove up. Several black gentlemen walked in who would have made a male peacock feel ill adorned. I not only felt safe, I felt safer than usual. In the hierarchy of crime drug king pins and procurers look down on armed robbers.  As long as they were in the motel office with me no one would have harmed me. 

    • That’s true.  I lived in Oakland, CA while I was going to college.  And the only blacks I didn’t have to worry about were the crack dealers.  If you didn’t want their product, then they couldn’t care less about you.  And they told their low level street dealers not to hassle anybody nor get involved in any stupid crimes that would bring police attention to their distribution operations.   It was the customers of the crack dealers I had to watch out for.   Those base heads were total vermin.

  • Anonymous

    Class is still the largle y undiscussed issue. The fact is that elite , upper income Whites would rather have the Huxtable kids in their schools or as neighbors as opposed to Dog The Bounty Hunter or Larry The Cable Guy. 

    • Anonymous

      Dog The Bounty Hunter and Larry The Cable Guy are now elite, upper income Whites.

      Class is a social construct.  Race is not.

      • Anonymous

        Race can be a social construct.

        • Marcy Fleming

          No, biology is not a social construct but you are a socialist misfit.

    • Beloved Comrade

      Who would I rather have living next to me?   A black male knowing that 1/3 of them and their relatives are either incarcerated, on probation or parole?  

      Or Dog the Bounty Hunter or Larry the Cable Guy, representatives of white men with jobs who statistically have far lower crime rates?

      I would be happy to have Dog or Larry live in my neighborhood as opposed to representatives of the criminal class.

    • Anonymous

      You’re a deluded dolt. Magic movie Blacks don’t count. Let’s look at the real Bill Cosby:


      Would you want this guy living next door to your daughters?

      • Anonymous

        This does not mean that the allegations are true!  Many people , including White entertainers have had all sorts of scurrilous allegations levied against them. Some found out to be true, others falsease.

      • Anonymous

        These are allegations and nothing more. Do you know how many White celebrities or White men in general have been acccused of such behavior? In fact, due to the free sexual liscense he has been afforded throughout history, White men have been notorious for sexually violating women of all races.

        • Sure, because I really have a fantasy of boinking Aunt Jemima against her will.  Really, I’d rather masturbate.

          • Anonymous


        • Marcy Fleming

          Total Communist BS. Blacks are the rapists and criminals par excellence.

          • Anonymous

            Actually White men have them beaten.

    • Marcy Fleming

      Race trumps class as Juan Williams proves.

  • Anonymous

    Be careful………nothing more dangerous than a Whigger on the block……well, almost.

    • Marcy Fleming


  • Anonymous

    I agree with you 100%. I love the city……well, I love the idea of what a city could be.

    I lived in San Diego off and on for over 12 years. In a lot of ways it is neat being in a big city. But…..between the illegal Aliens and Urban Americans……well, just not worth it. So  now I  live in Crackerville/frozen tundra……would be really nice except for the weather……3% Urban Americans population……that is still too much.

    • Marcy Fleming

      It used to be a conservative because of the strong military presence but coastal California seems to be adopting our San Francisco votings unfortunately.
      The Valley’s now conservative.

      • Anonymous

        You are right on, nothing conservative about most of the California costal areas. 
        The filthy liberals have control of most of the major population centers of California, that is what makes living in them oh-so distasteful.
        So if you want to live in an area devoid of most of the liberals blessings in Southern California………head out to the broiling desert areas with all of the other angry crackers……lol, very sad.

        • Marcy Fleming

          Thanks, you are right !

  • Back in the early ’70s, my single mother, in an effort to prove what a good liberal she was to all her liberal friends, sent me to Malcolm X Elementary School in Berkeley, CA, where I spent the next 3 years getting beat up, ripped off, and learning next to nothing in school because the all black teaching staff were quasi-illiterates who spent most of their time beating the black kids senseless for one infraction or another.   All my learning in those years was when I got home and read the Time/Life science books, the Encyclopedia Americana, and Webster’s Dictionary.   By the time I went to junior high school, the racist violence against the white students was so bad that I left school on my own accord and demanded that my mother allow me to stay with relatives in the midwest in an all white farm town.   Until I went to school there, I thought that beatings were a normal part of daily school life.   

    Any white parent who sends their kid to a school with more than 20% blacks in it, is basically guilty of child abuse and neglect.   Blacks ruin the educational experience for whites because whites will be spending all their time developing penitentiary style paranoia when they need to be thinking about their studies. 

    • Anonymous

      I’ve read, from people with similar “educational” experiences, that the upper limit of safe black integration is 5%.

    • Beloved Comrade

      Sorry that you were used as a chit so your mother could show off her lefty cred.   This is sort of like clueless, sanctimonious Whites who adopt black children from Africa to show off how progressive they are.

      Nothing good could ever come about for a White child sentenced to a school named “Malcolm X”, “Rosa Parks” (another elementary school in Communist Berkeley), “MLK”, or “Cesar Chavez.”  

      Does your mother still hold  her lefty beliefs?  

      • My mother was a communist, and clung to those stupid beliefs until the day she died.  She was clueless and a raging alcoholic.  The alcoholism is the reason she never matured past her college age mindset.  

    • Marcy Fleming

      You had a grand slam ! The white libs are the worst. Last year I was visiting my boyfriend in Oakland. We were walking down the street past the largest house on the block when we saw an attractive, rich, white liberal woman giving her eight year old
      adorable blonde girl a terrific spanking on her bare bottom. It seems that the kid had used the ‘N’ word as the woman told us as she soundly spanked both cheeks of her daughter. No more nonsense about progressive parenting, just yank down the panties of the offender and give them an ‘anti-racist’ education !
      Of course all the blacks in this once all black neighborhood routinely use the ‘N’ word on any and all occasions and they encourage their kids to run hog wild. And they champion
      anti-white racism.
      About six months later this liberal woman and her family left to buy a house in a “better
      neighborhood” according to what a neighbor told us. So typical.
      And in San Francisco where I live, young white girls routinely harassed at school by black thugs, can expect the same treatment at home if they have the above example’s
      kind of PC lib parents.

    • Anonymous

      Nice fiction.

  • I don’t believe this at all.

    Please Pardon me Amren for what I am about to write but it is only written to make a point:

    Outside of Genuine White Groups, you ain’t gettin’ no White Communities and that’s all there is to it.

    I don’t mean to be so rough it’s just, I’ve seen it too many times.  Unless you have White People who are not afraid to Keep Sacred what is supposed to be Kept Sacred, you lose.

    I mean, with No Will to Preserve only means to Lose what You are and what You have.  I’m not talking about Individual Possessions.  I’m talkin’ America and The American Way of Life.

    re:  The Article

    Of what “segregation” do you speak when I find myself looking at an (india)n “owner” of an ANTIQUE (Western aka WHITE MAN Antiques) Shop in an Iowa Town of all but 700+ People?  NO, I bought NOTHING!  I would never do that.

    And how ’bout that chinese Gas Station “owner” in yet an even smaller Town in Iowa?

    How about all the non-whites in My Town?  How about Alabama?  Virginia?  Kentucky?  Tennessee?  How about LITERALLY, Everywhere?  You couldn’t get away from a non-white if ya tried and I fear, this is even with an all White Community.  That’s how bad it is.

    • Anonymous

      Stephania Galonska,
      You seem to dislike non whites regardless of their moral and intellectual qualities. People like you are bad for the image of race realism. 

      • dislike – You really want to know why John?  Here goes:

        I don’t like non-whites because there is nothing but a constant declaration of how great, wonderful and “intelligent” these people are and this is over and above White People.  White People are NEVER given Credit for ANYTHING except for the bad stuff of course.

        Also, this constant call for indians.  Americans created these Jobs yet all I hear is how dumb Americans are and how they just can’t do the Job yet some Third World Alien can?  NO!  I will not accept that RACIST LIE!

        I have no patience anymore John.  None.  If White People were given their Due, I’d be willing to admit that yes, there’s some great Non-Whites out there and I’d be willing to acknowledge their contributions but right now, I can’t.  There’s just too much White Bashing going on for me to do that right now.

        Can you understand this?

        bad image – If I’m a bad image then you are an abomination.  You claim to be White yet you are more Anti-White then all the Anti-White people on here combined.

        What you do is this:  ‘I’m for White People I swear! but asians are better!’  The sad fact is, as long as you are willing to bleed out White People via including asians in White Areas, you are the enemy.

        • Anonymous

          I can understand what you’re saying, but that doesn’t make it true, and personally I like truth.

          But truth and being nice isn’t what got black people their power, so maybe people like you are more useful to the cause. I don’t know.

          What makes you think that people who say NE Asians have higher IQs want to include them in white areas? I never got that impression. They are just stating scientific facts.

          • Okay.

            If asians are smarter than White People then why, why, in this Year of 2012, do asian Countries need WHITE Aide and why, in this Year of 2012, are they still Third Worlds?

            Why, if asians are smarter, why are they ONLY up and coming BECAUSE of White Countries?  Asia didn’t create those Jobs they have, they came from WHITE Countries.

            If asians are so smart, why haven’t they figured out that eating Private Tiger Parts does not give longevity?

            If asians are so smart, why, as Mr. John wrote some time ago, did they stop “inventing” in the Year 1850?

            I’d also like to know, if asians are so smart, why would they ever emigrate to a Country filled with people who aren’t that smart?  That’s dumb.  To move to a place filled with people who are less intelligent than you are is to dumb yourself down.

            UNLESS of course, you’re goal is to take-over said Country filled with those not so Intelligent Peoples.

            Intelligent People look up, not down.  I mean, you don’t lower yourself, you surround yourself with Brighter and Better so that you may learn.  People that are not as Intelligent as you have nothing to offer you.

            scientific facts – Given how the Science Community cannot bear to bring themselves to Truth about Racial Differences, I do not Trust their IQ Findings.

            Truth – Yes, I believe in Truth.  You however, seem almost hell-bent in keeping with Anti-White Rhetoric.

            Sir, to hold up a People as more Intelligent than your own kind and this is with having Full Knowledge of just who exactly, who it was that Gave the Most and Created the Most is, well, Unnatural.

            Asians are not smarter nor better than White People.  They never were and never will be.

            What kind of People are you when you allow your People to be so Poor, so very, very, EXTREMELY poor and EXTREMELY desperate that a Parent would actually sell their very small child, babies in fact (five, six years old), to the sex trade?  That’s your “intelligent” Asia.

            How about their Abortion Practices?  Being able to add two plus two just doesn’t do it for me.  I need to see Ethics and Morals for without them, I see No Real Intelligence to speak of.

            I don’t mean to be rigid it’s just, I don’t see White People flocking to Asia they way I see asians flocking to White Countries and I have to ask why?  Why, if they’re so smart, why move to where the dumb people are?

          • impression – I get that impression.  I see no purpose for calling your own kind less intelligent, slightly less intelligent or any sort of less than and yes, it leads to me conclude that those who do this are advocating for them to be included.

            To be included because, they’re slightly above us and therefore, worthy of inclusion….  Yes, I get that impression.

          • Anonymous

             It is not a scientific fact, but a statistical fact for Asians in the U.S.  That is very different from scientific proof that Asians in general are higher IQ than whites.  Also, this notion has become similar to the “all blacks have better athletic ability, etc.”  These generalities are based on exceptions and a great deal of social politics.

            Asians in the US are from cultures that haven’t become Westernized in the modern sense.  They receive advantages as minorities over whites in education along with their hardworking, studious styles.  So more got into college and the stereotype became the rule.

            After three generations in America, I predict that they will show IQ scores similar to below Whites.  Certainly lower if the Asians living across the street from me are a representative group.

          • Marcy Fleming

            Really replying to White Plight. Asians are far from one people.
            NE Asians like Koreans and Japanese have far higher IQ’s than
            SE Asians like Viets, Laotians, Cambodians AND many Chinese.
            There are IQ differences between Mandarin and Cantonese Chinese.
            Asians in general is a nonstarter.

        • Anonymous

          I really agree with most of what you say and your attitude on the need to put White racial survival on the top of the list every time.  However, I can answer this question you asked in your longer post lowerdown;

          “If asians are so smart, why, as Mr. John wrote some time ago, did they stop “inventing” in the Year 1850?”

          They stopped inventing because they had been conquered by the British Empire and Britain did it with opium. They fought two wars against China called, The Opium Wars.  They forced China to make opium available to the public since they (the British) were the suppliers.  Yep, Queen Victoria was a big drug queen.    But really, the Chinese weren’t such big inventors, ever.  What they did invent was invented long before 1850 and was not developed.  Gunpowder was for fireworks and the water clock was disassembled and forgotten, not replicated.

          I must point out to you one thing;  if the Chinese and other Asians took Christian morality and rules into their policies, we would be swamped with many more billions of Asians than we already are.  I actually believe that the Chinese showed great discipline and realism in setting the one child rule.  They saw that the population explosion they were facing would have ruined the nation.  Not facing the population bomb that threatens the entire world is one of the problems of most race realists, because they are Christians first, and race realists, next.  I want all non-whites to have abortions, forced if necessary.  I want to promote the birthing of white children through positive means, not through a hypocritical denial of the rights of grown up adults by a state acting as a theocracy.  Not recognizing the positive aspects of birth control and abortion is not intelligent.

          • Marcy Fleming

            Chinese showed their murderous nature in the one child policy and now that has produced a tremendous dearth of girls that puts their demographic future at doubt. Female infanticide has made a terrific comeback under the one child policy.
            Mao killed 110 million people in 27 yeras, Chiang probably 15 million people in 22 years, the various Emperors many millions more, the truth is that China has had a failed culture for thousands of years. That old Commie rubbish about the Brits being responsible for their age old narcotics habits won’t wash.
            When people like you and Engelman go on with this patronizing about Orientals or Asians as the model minority it reminds me of the white left blackophiles.
            It’s just not true in the real world.

          • Dear White Plight,

            abortion and birth control and forced – I am for that when it comes to non-whites naturally but, the asian promoters’ LOVE to speak so daggone highly of them that I just had to bring that up.  It’s not the abortion, it’s how they do it and for that, I question their Intelligence.

            British Empire – I don’t know.  I never heard about any such thing but then again, I’m no asian expert.

            Chinese Discipline – and I respect that.  I’m just saying, they’re not the Intelligent people that people love to hold them up to be.  That’s all.

      • Anonymous

        Unlike you, she doesn’t want to see her White communities flooded with non-Whites. For you, it increases your dating pool. It’s as simple as that.

        • They’re trying to make me feel like I have no good reason to be anti-asian.

          I see no difference between blacks/hispanics taking over and asians taking over.  The bottom line is, White People are the only ones who are not allowed to just be left alone.

          I am not obligated to accept nor will I accept asians.  To accept them means Whites go without and I can’t go for that.

          • To Guest:


            Have you ever seen the movie “Red Dawn”?  

            There’s a line in there that says:



      • You know what I take away from Stephanie’s comments John? It’s not that she “dislikes non-whites regardless of their moral and intellectual qualities.”

        It’s that she dislikes non-whites DISPLACING WHITE AMERICANS, regardless of what the “moral and intellectual qualities” of those non-whites happen to be.

        I don’t recall seeing her or anybody else here who has a big problem with the Japanese who are in Japan.

        Your race and nationality is IQ John, you seem to have zero loyalty to anything else based on what I’ve seen you post in the past.

        Since you are such the Asianphile though John, I have a project for you.

        Try emulating the Japanese who sure don’t want any large amount of Europeans settling among them running gas stations, antique shops or anything else. Ditto for the Chinese and Koreans. In fact not only do they not want whites there, they in fact absolutely DO NOT want other NORTHEAST ASIANS of any large amount coming in to displace their own population.

        You want some “race realism?” One way I definitely see Northeast Asians as being superior to whites is that they are have thus far proven a greater ability to suppress ideology in the interest of self-preservation.

        The Northeast Asians realize that ultimately their most precious resource is themselves and once miscegenated out of existence they can never recover this.

        Too many white, you being a good example, don’t. 

        • Anonymous

          Miscegenation began when modern humans immigrating out of Africa had children by Neanderthals. It has been accelerating since Columbus discovered the New World. Since the beginning of slavery in Virginia upper class Southern white men like Strom Thurmond have been the most enthusiastic practitioners of miscegenation by forcing themselves on black women they had economic power over.

          • You act like this was a Daily Occurrence and that ALL White Men did it.

            John, you have a bad habit of turning TRULY isolated incidents into the “norm”.

            You Sir, are assuming some Race Traitor slept with non-whites simply because he had “economic power” and that is just ridiculous.  Blacks are not Slaves and thus, have The Right to get up and leave.  By the way, during Thurmond’s Day, Welfare did exist and Blacks qualified.  Black women aren’t held down via “economic power”.

          • Anonymous


          • Anonymous

            Upper class White men have been the most enthusiastic supporters of miscegenation. In fact, I have spoken with a coutless number of White men who are now in their 50 and 60s , some older who have mentioned to me that it was commonplace to engage in sexual activity with Black women. It was usually done discreetly and in private, but it happened.

            For many upper class White males in the south,once they turned 17 or 18, their fathers would take them to a Black women for their first sexual experience. Many White men who are now in the 60s and 70s and slightly younger have attested to this fact.  I had a college professor tell me this when I was a graduate student in the mid 1990s. 

            White men have engage in interraical sex FOR A LONG TIME while trying to implement laws to deny such activity to non-White men.

            Pure hypocrisy.

          • “Miscegenation began fifty to seventy thousand years ago when modern humans immigrating out of Africa had children by Neanderthals.”

            Rape, child molestation, adultery, immediate family incest, torture and even cannibalism have pedigrees that are just as old and I oppose them all as social dysfunction and savagery.

            Homo sapiens drove the Neanderthal out of existence by killing and massively swamping them with their genetics. If you could bring a Neanderthal back from the grave I think he would find it little consolation that the non-sub-Saharan human X chromosome contains a small amount of Neanderthal DNA as a genetic relic given the fact his species no longer exists.

            “Since the beginning of slavery in Virginia upper class Southern white men like Strom Thurmond have been the most enthusiastic practitioners of miscegenation by forcing themselves on black women they had economic power over.”

            The fact that miscegenation took place to some degree in Virginia and states where the blacks were held as slaves is of course undeniable. What is also undeniably true is that it was regarded as social dysfunction and looked down upon in a similar vein as adultery.
            It was certainly never regarded by society as normative behavior. 

            How do we know this? That’s easy, it’s because of the great pains these families took to keep their indiscretions from becoming common knowledge. They sought to cover it up.

            Did we ever here about old Strom’s black daughter while he was alive? No, because in the old America, before the hippies and Marxists completely assumed control in the 60’s, it was considered disgraceful. It would have ruined him. I sincerely wish his daughter exposed him during his life and caused his downfall.

            Now you want to take the extramarital escapades of men like Strom Thurmond that were regarded by the dominate society of our ancestors as immoral and use that to justify your breeding half Asian babies as morally normative behavior.

            No thanks, I’m still with the highest ideals of the old blood and soil America.

          • radical7:

            Get a black woman on your 17th birthday?  Sounds like a good incentive to forge my birth certificate in the opposite direction.  Of course, when I turned 17, all I got was a buffet supper, some store gift certificates and the right to go to R-rated movies.  I think I prefer my 17th birthday better.

          • Anonymous

            Stephanie Galonska,
            If miscegenation was rare why is it that most American Negroes have some white ancestry? Just look at them. Most do not look like Negroes in Africa. 
            Anglo Protestant American,
            Do you know how to spell “hypocrisy?” I just showed you how.
            François, Duc De La Rochefoucauld called hypocrisy, “an homage that vice renders to virtue.” 
            Unfortunately, hypocrites like Strom Thurmond were not punished for what also deserves to be called rape when they forced themselves on black women. The great majority of these liaisons were not consensual. Instead Sen. Thurmond and other miscegenists made it illegal for black women to become wives of white men who loved them. 

          • Ah, that’s very touching John, love. I suppose in the future if a negro shows up at the home of an American Renaissance poster professing “love” for their son or daughter they will now enthusiastically support such a union because you’ve shown us the importance of honoring an overly sentimental concept of “love” regardless of what is good for society or the family.

            Peace and flower power back at you. Let’s buy the world a Coke.

            As far as Thurman and the like goes I think I’ve pointed out I have no sympathy or inclination to defend such actions. If you could show me one of my ancestors committed adultery this would not now make me a supporter of adultery.

            Those in power have always had the ability to shield themselves from the consequence of immoral acts throughout recorded history.

            I uphold what I consider the highest ideals contained in the social values of our American ancestors. One of these ideals was the discouragement and prevention of miscegenation. If you show me that in the past certain people were not vigorously enough punished by society for failing to conform to this ideal that is not a call to me to abandon the ideal. It is rather a call to me to make sure in the future to what degree possible the rich and powerful are punished by society and made to conform to the ideal.

          • This is to your last post to me:

            There are not “so many” blacks with White Features.  You wish for that to be true.

            TODAY, yes, you see alot more mixy’s, no doubt about that but not what you’re talking about.

            You really gotta stop trying to make it look like race mixing is normal John.  You really do.

            Tell me this, why, if race-mixing is mostly “normal”, then why is it only a minority of people who race trade?  I know why but do you?  Here, I’ll tell ya:  because it’s UN Natural.

        • Thank-You.  Thank-You.

          You’re right, I have no problem with non-whites were Truth be Told but those non-whites aren’t trying to destroy me and bring extinction to My Race.

          Loyalty – Spot on.  Perfect.  You know him like the back of your hand.  I look at things White People used to do and how they grew throughout the Ages and then I look at non-whites.  For me, White People are Better.

          Japan and Immigrants – And I FULLY Support them, The Jews and every single other race The Absolute Right to Preserve their Own but I expect the same in return.

          • You’re welcome.

            I’m strongly opposed to the ideas of Mr. Engleman. While I think it is correct that amalgamating with lower iq groups such as blacks has more of a negative impact than say doing so with Asians and other groups, both actions will untimely lead to the destruction of European man and the loss of the historic American nation.

            For those who care nothing about or despise those groups it dose not matter. For those of us who are members of said groups and revere our history as distinct groups of people though it is very devastating.

          • Marcy Fleming

            Replying to WhitePlight. A Republic is not a democracy. The UK is a democracy, the US is a Republic. A Republic is a much more limited form of government than a democracy.
            The Federalist Papers explicitly condemn democracy.
            The limited member Senate, the Electoral College are still surviving remnants of the original republican setup and as Rick Perry suggested we should go back to having state legislatures elect US Senators as we did before Wilson.
            Read The God Of The Machine by Isabel Paterson, first came out in 1943 and is more timely than ever. Chapter 12, The Structure Of The United States, is particularly relevant to the issue we are arguing here.
            A Republic is not a representative democracy, it is the antithesis of a democracy which means mob rule.
            The 1964 Warren Court decision on reapportionment was a huge factor in converting the US from a Republic to a Socialist Democracy.
            Try to think before you recycle the standard conventional unwisdom again and again.
            Read Republics and Democracies essay by Robert Welch for a detailed historical analysis of republics which became democracies failed in Greece and Rome.
            Democracies invariably become Empires, see Patrick Buchanan’s
            book of a decade or so ago on this topic.

          • Dear Anglo Protestant American,

            My thinking is:  John screwed up and but bad and now he wants to come back.  John married an asian, probably has asian kids as someone else mentioned before and now he regrets it.

            But of course, instead of facing up to what he did, he wants to bend us.  I cannot include asians.  To include anything non-white is to only wash out White Blood and I can’t accept that.

            devastating – Tell me about it.  There’s nothing more Obscene, more Grotesque, more UN Natural or more Suicidal than Race-Mixing.

            I myself prefer Non-Whites be in their own Countries and “We” White Peoples stay in our Ours.  America and Europe are ours.  

            Non-whites have most of the Planet.  What are they complaining about?

        • Anonymous

          Actually I would argue that she dislikes Non-Whites and many other Whites as well.

          • Thankfully, nobody has a right to be liked.  Good thing for you, huh?

          • No, per usual you will make no such “argument,” i.e. make a case based on statements she’s made in their original context. You will rather just state it.

            On another note since you were crowing above about how almost everybody today agrees with your ideas about the unimportance of race and no one agrees with us, I’m wondering why you chose the screen name “radical?”

            Is it ironic? Because there is absolutely nothing “radical” about anything you hold to, you are a self-admitted defender of the status quo. Because no one in power would say boo to you at the moment for the ideas you espouse.

            I will say though, don’t take over comfort in the fact that the people who now dominate academia and politics in America and the rest of the Western World (and only there) champion these cultural Marxist beliefs of yours.

            History is not over. No victory or defeat is permanent, except one that lies in complete extinction.

            People like us ruled America for far longer than those like you who have been in ascendancy for around 50 years now and it is your kind that has presided over American decline.

          • Anonymous

            Marcy Fleming;

            “Democracy is the worst of all forms of government as the Founders
            acknowledged in The Federalist Papers and has nothing to with freedom.”

            Where did they do that?  I suspect you are making the typical but bogus argument that the U.S. is not a “democracy” but a Republic.  But if you look it up, a republic is a democracy.  It is just not a direct democracy where everyone gets to vote for its leader DIRECTLY.   A Republic is a representative democracy.  Rome had the same type during its times as a republic.  Representatives are elected by the people who then represent them in Congress where they vote on legislation for their constituents.  In presidential elections we consider both the popular vote with the Electoral College as another representative and demonstration of the principle of Indirect Democracy.

            The Federalist Papers were written public debates about the writing of the Constitution and Bill of Rights.  Many things were said.  The Anti-Federalist papers were fewer and anonymously penned, but they had their influence as well.  The anti-Federalist papers made the issue of the inclusion of  individual rights important.

            I think the real quote on Democracy from those debates was;  “Democracy is the worst form of government, except for everything else.”

            If we were to stick to the conditions as they existed in 1788, then you would not have a vote and you would also not be allowed to voice your opinions in a forum like this one.  Your awful style, lack of reasoning and tendency to misrepresent or screw facts and history makes the argument for a return to those conditions attractive.

          • Marcy Fleming

            Am replying again to WhitePlight but have to note this because the Reply icon after his comments does not exist. I already replied to the gist of why a Republic and a Democracy are incompatible.
            I just noticed his use of the ad hominem fallacy against me at the conclusion of his historically inaccurate sermon.
            My style is fine, am a longtime published, accomplished writer.
            Since you give no examples to show any lack of reasoning by me, how am I supposed to respond to that libel ? Nor do you give any examples of where I misrepresented history or ‘screwed’ with the facts. Coming from someone who doesn’t the difference between WW2 and the Federalist Papers this is rich !
            That stupid Churchill quote on democracy was in WW2, not The Federalist Papers ! You know the difference ?????????
            As far as suffrage goes I think it would have come about just as slavery would have ended. Women played a huge part in opening up the frontier. That’s why the Founders put in the Amendment process, which does not in principle contradict the Republican thesis but that of course depends on the particular Amendment
            being proposed.

          • Well I definitely don’t like non-whites.

            White People – I Love My Race and that’s why I take their abuse.  I don’t know about you but me, I get more flack from White People about my “racism” than I do from non-whites.

            Non-Whites will shut up once you bring up their own Ethnic Pride but Whites?  They’ll just about say anything to keep up their “belief” that “white” racism actually exists.

            I reckon I don’t dislike non-whites as much as I claim.  They’re easy to shut down and because so, I feel sorry for them.  They’re just not that Bright.  No Shame.  No Shame.  Just let those who Can Lead, Lead.  Remember now, No Shame.

        • Anonymous

          She dislikes non-whites.

        • Anonymous

          I uphold what I consider the highest ideals contained in the social values of our American ancestors. One of these ideals was the discouragement and prevention of miscegenation.   

          -Anglo Protestant American
          I consider democracy and freedom to be America’s highest ideals.

          • Marcy Fleming

            Democracy is the worst of all forms of government as the Founders acknowledged in The Federalist Papers and has
            nothing to with freedom.

          • Anonymous

             Why can’t you understand that when a society creates, through whatever means, a multicultural society, that it inevitably leads to miscegenation?

            You just don’t seem like someone who has thought things out, connected the dots.

          • Anonymous

            Why can’t you understand that when a society creates, through whatever means, a multicultural society, that it inevitably leads to miscegenation? 
            – Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight
            When have I said I am opposed to inter racial marriage? If you are still fighting that issue you will lose on issues where you could win. 
            What I am opposed to is white men using economic power to force themselves on black women. That happened on a large scale from the beginning of slavery to the passing of the civil rights legislation. That is why most blacks have some white ancestry.

          • Anonymous

            Democracy is the worst of all forms of government.   
            – Marcy Fleming
            Most who lived under Adolf Hitler or Joseph Stalin will probably disagree with you about that.

          • Marcy Fleming

            Hitler was democratically in 1932 by a plurality. No one doubts he could have been elected by huge margins throughout his twelve year reign.
            A Constitutional Republic is the opposite of dictatorship, not democracy which invariably ends in one.

          • Anonymous

            Hitler was democratically in 1932 by a plurality. No one doubts he could have been elected by huge margins throughout his twelve year reign. 
            A Constitutional Republic is the opposite of dictatorship, not democracy which invariably ends in one.   
            – Marcy Fleming
            In 1932 Paul von Hindenberg won 53.1 percent of the vote. Hitler got 36.7 percent. 
            Hindenberg was 84 years old at the time. The fact that he won by such a margin indicates the desperation of the German people to keep Hitler out of power. 
            The two oldest democracies in the world are those of Great Britain and the Unite States. Neither are likely to end in a dictatorship.

          • Marcy Fleming

            Responding to Engelman because as usual his Reply button is missing.
            The UK is a dictatorship right now where you can to prison for offending any minority, free speech has been outlawed and your
            guns have been taken away from you. The police and video cameras are everywhere but they don’t help whites as the coloreds of all sorts get to run wild.
            The US was never intended to a democracy and is still not one in the UK sense.
            Democracy is simply mob rule and leads to tyranny and collectivism as every example of it from the Greeks to the present day proves. The EU is becoming a super police state and let’s hope the Euro crisis finishes it off.
            Engelman’s usual fatuous complacency as exemplified by his last sentence fails again.
            Hindenburg appointed Hitler as Chancellor because the National Socialists had more votes than any other party in the 1932 elections. It was precisely because Hitler was so popular that Hindenburg felt that he had to appoint Hitler.
            Every study from across the political spectrum from John Gunther in the late 30s to Stephen Roberts before the war to Daniel Goldhagen shows overwhelming support for Hitler from the great majority of the German AND Austrian people, really the same people.
            That’s why after the war the Allied puppet “German” state have had to take such extreme measures to outlaw every manifestation of support for national socialism and to even imprison people for doubting the Allied-Communist version of that ‘good war’ nonsense.
            Roosevelt himself to exterminate all of industrial Germany under the Morgenthau Plan, which was devised by Harry Dexter White,
            a Soviet agent and first head of the IMF under the Bretton Woods Treaty. This was partially carried out, see After The Reich,
            but if it had fully been carried out it would have been literal genocide for 90% of Germans. 
            Talk to many older Germans as I have and you will see that Hitler
            was supported by the great majority down to the end in 1945.
            The insane Allied mass bombing and unconditional surrender policies were to some degree for the fact that millions of Leftist
            German workers supported Hitler to the end.
            Fortunately there are many literate people here who can read real books and there are many to be recommended here.
            Three New Deals, an excellent study of the US, Italy and Germany is one. Gunther’s Inside Europe is another, Roberts’ The House That Hitler Built, After The Reich, Goldhagen’s Hitler’s Willing Executioners and dozens of others spanning from the 30s to today.
            FDR’s foreign policy was actually even worse than his domestic policy. See San Francisco attorney George Crocker’s Roosevelt’s Road To Russia.
            Books are things that contain many pages and have covers on both sides and are more detailed than web links AND you can go on the web to order them from Amazon, Abe Books, Halfcom, etc. They are usually more more reliable than Wikipedia too.
            That ‘democracy’ was first put over on a mass scale with the scoundrel Wilson’s crusade to make the world safe for democracy
            lying agit-prop. Wilson was an evil earlier incarnation of the Second Roosevelt.

      • Anonymous


      • Anonymous

        Do you think you are a race realist?  You seem for be for every race other than White and for policies aimed at suppressing Whites?  Understanding that and arguing/working against it is what Race Realism is about.

        • Anonymous

          By my definition of “race realist,” I suppose I am one. I think the differences between the races in terms of average ability levels, and behavior are primarily genetic, and due to different population pressures lasting for hundreds and thousands of years. 
          How am I in favor of “suppressing Whites?” 

          • Marcy Fleming

            You favor statist civil wrongs laws that violate individual and property rights.

  • and the process will repeat right up to very moment “The People” (us) say No!

  • BUT, “We” can Stand Together and Declare:  No More.

    No More Non-White Privilege.  No More Non-White Immigration (just call it Immigration for the mass majority is non-white so be PC and call it Immigration).  No More Welfare (“We” will take care of “We” financially speaking) and No More Degradation of White People.

    They will only listen if they think and believe, they just might lose that precious Seat of theirs and that’s done by Numbers.

    Our Numbers are thin yes and because so, now is the Time, if ever was a Time, The Time is Now.  “We” have to Speak before our Speech is completely taken away.

  • Anonymous

     any black neighborhood is always intolerable period in my estimation…these people have no sense of  what it takes to make a place safe live in.

  • It is only white liberals who support racial integration.  They make sure it doesn’t happen in their neighborhoods though.  There isn’t a single ‘black’ neighborhood that is worth moving too.  Just the opposite.  As long as a black makes money, they leave their rotten neighborhoods.

    • Anonymous

      When gentrification happens it is young liberals who do it. Gentrification is the mirror image of white flight. White flight begins when a few blacks move into a white neighborhood in order to escape black crime. As more blacks move in the crime rate goes up, and more whites leave. As property values decline more blacks move in. 
      With gentrification a few white recent college graduates move in because they like city life and they want affordable housing. As more whites move in rents go up, and blacks move out. As blacks move out, the crime rate goes down, and more whites move in. 
      Gentrification is a positive development. It requires a source of well paying jobs for college educated professionals and adequate law enforcement. 

      • You live in a Pipe Dream John.

        Once non-whites take-over, they destroy it and many times, destroy it beyond repair.  Many times, the whole damn thing has to be demolished and re-built from scratch.  That’s how bad they destroy it.

        Non-whites need to be in their own Countries.  No “gentrification”, just Segregation.  Let us all for once, just go our own separate ways for we really “don’t have anything in common” as one poster put it and My Goodness Gracious, how TRUE that is.  

        You should have his/her post.  His/her neighbors spoke Foreign and Practiced Foreign.  That’s not Right.  As a matter of Fact, it Violates his/her Right to Live, Breathe, be and be surrounded by nothing but Americans in America.

        Tell me John, why do you believe The White Peoples should accept anything or anyone Foreign?  You will probably say you don’t but from what I read, you do.  Why?

        well paying – Those Days are Long Gone.  And with No Thanks to non-whites and white and jew greed,  “We” are the ONLY ones who pay.  Non-whites get Low Wages and Welfare while “Whites” and Jews get Filthy Rich and White People pay for it all.  Now how do ya like that?  Talk about a Kick in the Face.

        Stand For Your Own or Stand Alone.  I mean you no harm John.  I just want you to get Right and Think White.

        • Anonymous

          Tell me John, why do you believe The White Peoples should accept anything or anyone Foreign?  You will probably say you don’t but from what I read, you do.  Why? 
          – Stephanie Galonska
          On a personal level I am intrigued by other cultures, although I do not consider them to be of equal value. Even the Australian Aborigines can teach about what our paleolithic ancestors were like.
          On a national level I think there is much the American people can learn from other countries. 
          When the Chinese expelled the Mongolians who had conquered them, and established the Ming Dynasty in 1368 they concluded that China was the middle kingdom, surrounded by barbarians from whom they had nothing to learn. This is the reason Chinese civilization, which had compared favorably with European civilization, fell behind. 
          Americans who indulge in pride about American exceptionalism increase the danger that the United States will do the same thing. 

          •  It isn’t about extreme isolationism, but about normal life were you can expect that your grandchildren will be, more or less, the owners of the land in the way you are or your ancestors had been. Sure, things change. Sure, it’s provincial & ultimately defeating to isolate oneself hermetically from the rest of the world. But, that’s NOT the issue. The issue is- European Americans don’t want to become a minority in their own land & be swamped by masses of Hispanics, Asians & Africans. As simple as that.

          • Marcy Fleming

            China was always behind, thousands of years of a failed culture.
            Read Ways That Are Dark by Ralph Townsend.

          • intrigued – Fine.  Be “intrigued” John, just don’t ask The White Peoples to accept those Cultures to be included in our own.

            You know damn good and well that when you mold different together, you lose the original.  Let’s not pretend here okay?

            aborigines teach – NO, there is nothing about living in the Dark Ages that I need to learn about.

            national level – America does not need to look to any Backasswards Countries for any learning.  Fact is, non-whites steal from us!

            I just don’t believe the chinese, for being so “smart” and all, would ever allow themselves to be dumbed down to the point of being nothing at all and they would be were it not for White Help (Aide, Jobs, Immigration, etc.).

            danger = Immigration.  You can tie every last bit of Ill in America to Immigration.  Every last bit.

          • Anonymous

            You know damn good and well that when you mold different together, you lose the original.  Let’s not pretend here okay?

            aborigines teach – NO, there is nothing about living in the Dark Ages that I need to learn about.   
            – Stephanie Galonska
            European civilization learned much from other cultures. Agriculture and civilization originated in the Near East. The use of copper and bronze came from the Near East. The use of iron came from Anatolia, which is now Turkey. The alphabet came from Phoenicia, after being invented in Egypt. Arabic numerals came from the Arab world, after being invented in India. Algebra was invented in the Arab world. 
            Important crops, like corn, most beans, potatoes, and tomatoes came from the New World. The list goes on.
            The Dark Ages happened in Europe after the Western Roman Empire fell. I think you mean the paleolithic era. The paleolithic era lasted for several million years, however it is calculated. It had more of an effect on human evolution than agriculture and civilization. Australian Aborigines practiced a paleolithic way of life into the twentieth century. By studying them we can learn about our ancestors, and consequently ourselves. 

          • John,

            Other Cultures learned from yes but mostly STOLE from White Culture.

            What you’re saying is:  ‘White People never survived before non-whitey came along’ and that My Dear, is Pure Hogwash.

            The Fact is, White People have been around since Adam and Eve and guess what?  They ate.

            You will never convince me that were it not for non-whitey, White People would’ve been without.  No.

            I look to The West and then I look the The East and for me, it is Very Easy to See.

        • Anonymous

          Is there a White way of thinking?

        • Marcy Fleming

          Replying to Engelman’s absurd defense of leftwing Georgetown. They are among the most bigoted, stupid PC leftists anywhere in the world and that has been true since the 50s when trash like JFK lived there. They are greatly OVERpaid, I agree, because of them are parasites on the public payroll. We were all better off when it was a Negro slum 70 years ago.

      • Anonymous

        I don’t see how gentrification is a positive development.  I’m not saying it’s negative, just that when young hipsters with a birthrate falling like a stone decide they want to move into the ghetto and pay Mexicans to mow the lawns and fix up the houses, I don’t see what the great coup is.

        The neighborhoods they reclaim aren’t filled with White children, they have a tenuous grip on their neighborhoods at best and when TSHTF they’ll be the first to be chewed up and spit out.

        If they were interested in anything besides getting to and from the hip club of the week without having to drive home drunk with the latest “hook-up” then I’d get excited about it.  The only potential benefit I can see is the chance for familiarity to breed a little more contempt, as it always seems wont to do.   

        • Anonymous

          Believe it or not, Georgetown in Washington, DC used to be a low income area. Gentrification turned it into one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in the United States. I consider that to be a positive development. 

          • Marcy Fleming

            I don’t considerate it  positive thing it is a hotbed of leftists promoting the kind of policies that AmRen is fighting against.

          • Anonymous

            Marcy Fleming,
            Those of your persuasion are prone to dismiss those on the left as sore losers indulging in “the politics of envy,” because they cannot perform adequately in a competitive economy. Those who live in Georgetown are among the most intelligent and best educated people in the United States.
            In previous comments on this website I have pointed out that people like that are prone to underestimate the danger of black crime. Nevertheless, you cannot call them anything but “America’s winners.” 

      • Marcy Fleming

        Your last sentence is typical of the absurd left-lib BS you promote here.
        College educated means leftist brainwashed and adequate law enforcement means overpaid PC flunkies who get paid six figures for doing squat.

  • Beloved Comrade

    Edward Glaeser and Duke professor Jacob Vigdor showed that African American segregation levels have now declined to their lowest point. 

    Except in YOUR neighborhood, or YOUR children’s schools, right professors?

    Deseg is only for us Whites folks, right?  Not for those of you holier-than-thou intellectual elite who deign to lord over the rest of us telling us what’s best for us and in our own best interests, right?  Or maybe your plan is to completely destroy Whites by destroying our neighborhoods and schools?

    What you are promoting is truly evil, which is the total destruction of White America and White Americans, and you are using blacks as your useful idiots to wreck havoc on innocent Whites. Your utter hatred of Whites knows no bounds and won’t stop until every White living space is destroyed in every White country.  Annihilation of Whites is your goal.

    What befalls us will befall you as well eventually, no matter which country you flee to.
    Those hoards you encourage to destroy Whites will eventually turn on you too.  

    I only hope I live long enough to witness it.

    • Anonymous

      Do you not overreact in your post?

  • Beloved Comrade

    Shall we go even further?  Yes.

    Do White Americans or White Australians have political advocacy groups?  Where and how are their interests represented?

    Do Arabs, Aborigines and Jewish folks have political advocacy groups that promote the interests of their own people?  Yes.

    There’s your difference.

  • anon

    Even many upper class blacks hate whites and say, “I had to work twice as hard because I’m black!”  How do they now?  Why do they blame whites for that, even if it were true that all successful blacks work ‘ten times harder’ than whites?  That assumes they know every rich, successful white person.  That assumes that the reason they had to ‘work harder’ is because of whites and not dealing with the self-defeating, criminal attitudes that their own communities have created.

    • Anonymous

      They have to work harder due to the systematic racism (and to a degree), sexism that is endemic in American society.

      • Don’t post too much, or you’ll be late for your Whiteness Studies class.  You don’t want Professor Wise to give you an F, now, do you?

      • Marcy Fleming

        The systemic racism and sexism in universities is solely directed at white males and this is also true in much of the corporate world.

  • Nobody

     Except that Poitier hates whites . . .

  • My guess is never.

    I know I shouldn’t be so negative but I can’t help it.  I just don’t see us coming together.  I could be wrong but it seems to me that there are just far too many White People who are all too willing to side with non-whites.

    There’s this thing that says: ‘if you don’t automatically like and accept non-whites without question, you’re just a nasty and filthy “racist” and must be ostracized from Society.’

    You could live your entire life in one area but it won’t be you who is defended no, it will be the non-white and just how dare you, just how dare you not open up your Neighborhood, your Community and a HUMONGOUS how dare you should you refuse to pare down your Culture so as to not “offend” the Foreign Culture now forced upon you and this is on top of nobody asking you how you feel about it.

    At some point, we’re gonna have to decide.  Either we stand up to our Fellow White People and tell them no, you’re not going to force this on me or, we won’t and, well….

    I’m sorry Anon.  I just can’t put the entire blame on non-whites.  Non-whites wouldn’t be able to do this without the permission and help of White People.

  • Anonymous

    I’m still waiting for his brother John to be charged with rape for assaulting that 19-yo virgin intern.

    • Marcy Fleming

      Replying to Anon’s nonresponse to Bobster.
      Who cares what you believe ? Were you there ?
      JFK was a lowlife. I knew several women he messed with.
      I’m glad this gal spoke up.

  • Anonymous

    Sidney Poiter hates Whites so much he engages in bedroom genocide. Most “good Black” movies stars have an intense hatred of Whites.


  • Anonymous

    But it is the White conservatives who are leading their White listeners and followers over the cliff. They cower and wither into a puddle of water if ever called or thought of, as being a racist. They know darn well that this country is being handed over to the mexicans, blacks and asians, and they are dumb enough to “think” by pandering to them, they will like them(Whitey) and keep voting them into office. I call them evil, because that is what they are, when they are on board with our own genocide.

    I don’t call them evil: THEY ARE EVIL!

  • Anonymous

    Great! I’ll tell Australia to send all the Aborigines to your
    neighbourhood. Believe it or not, some Australian towns are grateful
    when blacks move in and dilute the Aboriginal population.

    • Anonymous

      Do Australian Aborigines have higher crime rates than blacks of African descent? That is an honest question. Information about that is difficult to find on the internet. 

      • Aboriginal crime rate is, I think, the highest in the world.

        • Anonymous

          Actually, White eastern european crime rates are the highest in the world.

        • Anonymous

          I think there is a good chance that you are right, but can you document that? 

      • Marcy Fleming

        WHO cares ???????????

  • LHathaway

     “People like you are bad for the image of race realism”.

    Race realism is bad for the image of race-realists, or racialists. Of course, that’s only for white people. People of color are encouraged to be as racially conscious as possible.

  • Hi Anon!

    You got that right!!!!  Conservatives are the True Enemy are they not?  Liberals, as you stated, don’t pretend and I appreciate that.

    I only focus on Republicans when I pester Congress and guess what I get?  I get hung up on for the most part.  They are Deathly afraid and this is why I say, “We” need to remind them of just who it is that actually Votes around here before it’s too late.

    You know we’re losing our numbers every single day.  As you mentioned, immigration both legal and not, is massively non-white and soon, whether they Vote or not, our Vote won’t count.  It barely counts now…

  • Anonymous

    I would advise you to read Charles Murray’s book. It might wake you up to who is representative of the criminal class.

    • Sure, it’s them damned Liechtensteiners again.

    • Marcy Fleming

      I did and Noam Chomsky is the perfect rep of the parasite academic criminal class.
      Your parents are going to have to ground you from the internet.

      • Anonymous

        Your parents should have done a better job in making you more tolerant of divergent viewpoints.

  • Anonymous

    There are many real life Huxtables and they do live in racially integrated neighborhoods, attend integrated schools and become productive members of society.

    • Marcy Fleming

      Not true.

      • Anonymous

        Wrong. It is true.

  • Anonymous

    The fact is that people like you and others who post on this board are not representative of the mainstream. Rather you represent an extreme , right wing segment of the population that is viewed with a  healthy skepticism by the majority of Americans.

    • Did you know that black men have to have six degrees in order to get the same kind of job at the same salary scale that a white man with one degree can get?  I know it’s true, because I heard it discussed on a light rail train and read it in Final Call.

    • Tom

      WRONG!  People like Question Diversity, myself, and others who post on this board are representative of a large portion of mainstream white citizens who are fed up with Black Run America.  Many of these people are afraid to speak out because of the well documented retaliation that is directed at Those Who Can See and  who dare to question the status quo.

      YOU and people like you are the ones who are viewed with “healthy skepticism by the majority of Americans”.

      • Anonymous

        I beg to differ.

    • Anonymous

      We represent a segment of Americans that haven’t shifted with the tide.  We’re not moving farther to the right, the “mainstream” is moving farther to the left.

  • Anonymous

    Herman Cain was actually the best candidate of that bunch. Which is not saying too much givne how dysfunctional they are.

    • Is that the way you really feel?  Prove it:  If you state lotto has a “Pick 3” game, play 9-9-9 every day.

    • Marcy Fleming

      Your hopelessly stupid.

      • Anonymous

        Name callling is not nice, however you are hoplessly intolerant.

    • Marcy Fleming

      A sleazebag wannabe rapist who pressures women into sex for jobs. You are the lowlife of lowlifes, NON-Radical, Routine Left-Lib BORE 7.

  • Beloved Comrade

    You are right, of course, but there’s no use making a martyr out of yourself or being carried out as a hero on your shield.

    There was also a lot of blood spilled in the Revolutionary War because of what the framers did.  It WILL come to that eventually, violence, and it WILL be directed against us.  There will be no other way.

    Our ancestors too were always prepared to use deadly force to defend and protect what was rightfully theirs.  We didn’t survive our enemies by playing nice.

    Why do you think the government insists that we remain atomized and terrorized with no cohesive political advocacy group to defend our interests against anti-Whites?

    It’s going to take a lot of bloodshed before this is settled.

     The tree of liberty must be refreshed from
    time to time, with the blood of patriots and tyrants.
    It is its natural manure.

    — Thomas Jefferson

  • Anonymous

    I cannot speak for the Final Call, but I can acknowledge data from the following
    Department of Justice 
    Department of Higher Education 
    The Pew Charitable Trust
    and other related foundations that in engage in painstakingly meticulous reasearch. 

    • And they’re worried about systematic racism?  I thought the real problem was structural racism…oh wait, it was institutional racism.

      Meanwhile, the only thing on which I can rely is my painstakingly meticulous powers of observation.

      P.S.:  Don’t lie, government hates competition.

    • Marcy Fleming

      All three are shoddy statist-collectivist groups that mainstream non-thinking, non-radicals refer to because you have no arguments at all.

      • Anonymous

        Marcy Fleming,  
        You have an obvious ability to disregard facts that violate your ideology. This is known as the fallacy of “Guilt by Association.” 


        Guilt by Association is a fallacy in which a person rejects a claim simply because it is pointed out that
        people she dislikes accept the claim. This sort of “reasoning” has the following

        It is pointed out that people person A does not like accept claim P.

        Therefore P is false  
        It is clear that sort of “reasoning” is fallacious. For example the following
        is obviously a case of poor “reasoning”: “You think that 1+1=2. But, Adolf
        Hitler, Charles Manson, Joseph Stalin, and Ted Bundy all believed that 1+1=2.
        So, you shouldn’t believe it.”             The fallacy draws its power from the fact that people do not like to be
        associated with people they dislike. Hence, if it is shown that a person shares a belief with people he dislikes he might be
        influenced into rejecting that belief. In such cases the person will be
        rejecting the claim based on how he thinks or feels about the people who hold it
        and because he does not want to be associated with such people.           Of course, the fact that someone does not want to be associated with people
        she dislikes does not justify the rejection of any claim. For example, most
        wicked and terrible people accept that the earth revolves around the sun and
        that lead is heavier than helium. No sane person would reject these claims
        simply because this would put them in the
        company of people they dislike (or even hate). http://www.nizkor.org/features/fallacies/guilt-by-association.html

        • Anonymous


        • Marcy Fleming

          Your rant makes no sense, Engelman. Perhaps you could translate your wordsalad into english with specifics.
          I was refuting the three sources that non-radical boring Commie7 cited.
          Can’t you even read straight ?

          • Anonymous

            I am no more of a commie than you are a fascist.

          • Marcy Fleming

            Replying to Engelman, who by the way, routinely does NOT leave a Reply button for his assertions AND most are NOT four deep contrary to some misinformation by the moderator, laissez-faire
            capitalism is the opposite of any form of dictatorship and, NO, you are not interesting, merely NPR BORING. And irritating.

        • Anonymous

           This flaming excuse Marcy has used the exact words on me.  I cannot imagine that she ever questions her own thoughts, however little sense they make to most of us.  Quite a case, this Marcy Fleming. 

          • Anonymous

            Marcy Fleming makes this website interesting, as I hope I do. 
            However, it should be clear that she is a reactionary who would like to restore laissez faire capitalism, even if it takes a dictatorship to do it. She longs for a world that is gone with the wind. 

          • Marcy Fleming

            I’m sorry that my besting in argument many times here has wounded your tender sensibilities.
            I would venture that many more here share my views over yours
            and Engelman.

      • Anonymous

        Well we have seen the “profound wisdom” you have espoused on this board.  

  • Anonymous

    Question Diveristy:

    Aunt Jemima would probably laugh at your small, dimunitive penis.

  • Anonymous

    Question Diversity:
    I would say all forms of discrimination against people of color would be of great concern to all decent people reagardless of race or gender.

    • Aw nuts.  You’re so anti-discriminatory that I can’t even get you to discriminate against any particular type of discrimination.

      Which leads to a philosophical question:  If a tree discriminates in a forest, and nobody is there to lead an anti-racist rally, does it really make a sound?

      • Anonymous

        I believe that discrimination on the basis of race alone is unjust. I also believe that discrimination on the basis of what correlates with race is appropriate.
        I have no sympathy for those who argue that a policy of discriminating against those with felony convictions, or those who score poorly on mental aptitude tests is unjust, simply because blacks and Hispanics are more likely to have felony convictions and to score poorly on mental aptitude tests than are whites and Orientals. 

    • Marcy Fleming

      No, because Blacks are the greatest racists and bigots in the country, what we are concerned about is THEIR racism which has intensified under Obama and Holder.

  • Anonymous

    Question Diversity:

    Yes. The tree does indeed speak out however, given the fact that it is a voice in the wilderness, more than often , no one (in some cases, fellow trees and palnts ) hear the injsutices that are being perpetrated upon it.

    • Don’t tell me that trees can speak now.  There’s a silver maple that has a direct line of sight into my kitchen…imagine the tales he/she/it could tell.  I wonder if tree bribery is illegal in this state.

    • Anonymous

      I told you not to mess with QD, radical7.  You should have listened.  Now he’s got you saying trees can talk.  There’s no way this can end well for you from this point.

  • Anonymous

     Question Diversity:

    Who knows. If they do, they probably are more rational and  make much more sense than many of you who post on this board.

  • Anonymous

    My don’t we stereotype. He obviously has been a very successful mobster.

  • Then there’s the whole deal about how he was blatantly unqualified, he knew nothing about foreign affairs, he mucked up the simplest history that a credible Presidential candidate should know, and he was leading us on with a tax plan that had zero chance of passing Congress.

    “Mobster” was the least of his problems.

  • Anonymous

     Question Diversity:

    A tree free of bigotry, paranoia and hatred toward others. Hint hint!

    • What is the most social justice-y kind of tree?

      I would imagine it’s the doobie tree.  A doobie tree is a really good tree to have during doobie harvest season.

      • Anonymous

        Nah. I would say a progressive tree would be the one for me.

    • Marcy Fleming

      Then you better stay from most Blacks as they daily demonstrate the qualities that you list as objectionable.

  • Anonymous

    This name doesn’t exist.

    I guess you got me now! LOL!

  • Anonymous

    That is because there are very few “conservatives” left in America.  Real old-fashioned pre-New Deal conservatism is all but dead and the few people left who espouse it are lumped together with libertarians on account of their distrust of omnipotent big government and especially foreign military adventurism, by people who are unable to see the difference.  Rothbard today is considered one of the fathers of modern libertarianism, but there is no doubt he first came from the Old Right.

    Modern-day big-government conservatism is an odd blend of fascism and socialism.  There is nothing “conservative” about it. 

    • Anonymous

       Where I grew up in California, most parents were conservative Republicans because there was an Air Force base (two) in the region as well as NASA funded Space program subcontracting companies employing people.  As the capitol of the state, the county had more government employees than usual.  They were mostly Republican conservatives, as they had grown up during the Great Depression, WW2 and seen the MeCarthy trials and believed commies were everywhere.   They supported the presidents in foreign imperialism and adventurism (Soviets used to use those terms in criticizing the US).  What they missed was that they were working not as private business people, but the majority were working for tax payer funded jobs, just like in any socialist/communist country.  This is just one reason that they grew to be hypocrites.

      My point is that what you are saying isn’t all that new.  The majority of the so-called Greatest Generation were big government conservatives who liked the social safety nets they had from their jobs and later pensions, but wished to deny it to others.  They had fascist views when it came to for example questioning the government’s decisions to go into and expand the Vietnam war, because they saw their jobs dependent upon it.  We had to have the opposition of the USSR for economic reasons.  Now, we actually depend upon radical Islam to keep up the need for a large military.

      But as far as old school conservatism goes where it is concerned with libertarianism, the genie is long out of the bottle.  There is no way in this world that a pre-WW2 America political reality could be recreated or could succeed.  Not as long as this country is intact.  It would require a meltdown that would cause a great deal more loss than I think most here ever care to think about.

      • Marcy Fleming

        Total nonsense as from White Plight And if he’s typical of white thinking his name is right.
        The lies getting us into WW2 and the ‘holocaust’ lies have been exposed in many volumes and the Roosevelt genie is not going back into the bottle.
        McCarthy was an anti-interventionist like Taft and opposed NATO and even welcomed Stalin’s great 1948 plan for a neutral Germany.
        See The Twenty Year Revolution:From Roosevelt To Eisenhower by Chesly Manly, Regnery, 1954. Manly was a reporter for the Chicago Tribune. Ron Paul is advocating those ideas, he won’t win this year but he has FAR more traction than in 08.
        The New Deal of Franky The Crip is going to end in ALL its domestic and foreign aspects.
        Defense spending was ALWAYS a New Deal-Fair Deal Socialist ruse.

  • Anonymous

    Question Diversity:

    Wow! You love to masturbate.  Thanks for sharing pervert. Maybe Aunt Jemima could teach you a thng or two.Question Diversity:

  • Anonymous

    It is wrong because it denies opportunities for non whites who perform well enough to deserve those those opportunities. 
    Also, if I choose to date an Oriental woman, or invite a black man to my home as a friend, and I have done both, I do not want there to be any sanctions against that kind of behavior. 

    • Anonymous

      Yes. Mr Engleman. The fact is that many of  the posters on this website are always arguing about freedom of association yet fail to relaize that it applies to everyone including those with viewpoints, as well as social and dating habits they may  dislike.

    • Marcy Fleming

      Private sanctions are totally legitimate as no one can expect a blanket endorsement of their behavior. If the state stops you that is wrong but if
      a restaurateur doesn’t want to serve you and your China Doll, he/she has every right to do so.

      • Anonymous

        Fortunately, they do not have the legal right any more. 

        • Marcy Fleming

          True but that’s why we have this website to CHANGE THAT.

        • Anonymous

          that’s why we have this website to CHANGE THAT. 
          – Marcy Fleming
          I would like for the civil rights legislation passed during the 1960s to be interpreted in ways that preclude forced school busing and affirmative action. I do not want that legislation to be repealed. I am confident that it never will be. 
          Those who try to repeal the civil rights legislation will lose credibility on issues where they could be successful. 

        • Anonymous

          They should. Every private business and individual should.

        • Marcy Fleming

          That law will be repealed in time because it has set the precedent for all the horrors that followed such as affirmative discrimination, busing, quotas, you name it.
          Goldwater was right to describe it as the first step to a police state.
          Ironically every business here in California has a standard we reserve the right to refuse to anyone.
          In 1960-65 you only saw that in southern and border states as a general rule.
          No, Mr. Engelman, the people here want fundamental changes, not just an earlier version of the spreading cancer.
          Rights are indivisible and inalienable.
          When Blacks were fighting state enforced discrimination morality
          and the Constitution were on their side but they abandoned that well over half a century ago and that is how the former victims became victimizers and advocates of The New Slavery.

      • Zorro


        You gave a detailed account of the difference of a Republic and a Democracy, earlier. There was no place to “Reply” on that post.

        I would recommend that people view the You Tube video, “Overview of America” which spells things out easily for anyone to understand.

        • Marcy Fleming

           Thanks very much, Zorro.

    • Anonymous

       Never thought I’d agree with Marcy Fleming on much.  It is not wrong to deny non-whites anything in a society created by and for whites.  Blacks have done and are doing that in Africa, Asians have it everywhere in Asia.  Why is it that the White West must give all non-whites rights to take their livelihoods just because they can do the same job, or even if they do it better?  That’s not the point.  The point is that Whites have a right to have their own cultures and societies that cater to them first.  Also, what you are saying is not the real situation.  non-whites have routinely been replacing more capable Whites for decades.  It has resulted in increased dysfunction of everything to the point of near collapse.

      I don’t know if you think you are converting anyone, but you’re not.

      • Anonymous

        From its inception the United States was a multi racial nation composed of whites, Indians, and blacks. 

        • Marcy Fleming

          Having different races in an area does not make it multiracial.
          All three groups were largely segregated from the others.

        • Zorro

          In the early days of our Constitutional Republic, blacks were considered property. The Indian Tribes were not considered Americans at all, but were members of whatever Tribe they were from.

          Native Indians didn’t get the right to vote until the 1920s. Just what Multi Racial Nation are you tallking about?

        • Proof of what Zorro just said, Art 1 Sec 8 Clause 3, the famous “interstate commerce” clause:

          To regulate Commerce with foreign Nations, and among
          the several States, and with the Indian Tribes

          The construction of this clause is that the Indian tribes were de facto foreign nations.

      • Anonymous

        Facts and logical reasoning cannot change opinions that are based on strong emotions. 

        • Marcy Fleming

          As you ought to know from introspection.

        • Marcy Fleming

          You are the expert here.

        • Marcy Fleming


    • Anonymous

      I think it’d past time to stop concerning ourselves with the opportunities afforded to blacks-especially. 

      They should do for themselves or do without.  A free-to-segregate nation would give them the freedom they need to prosper or fall, whites not involved.

  • Marcy Fleming

    You are a loser who writes here solely to demoralize us. Go away !

  • Anonymous

    What is, in fact, wrong with black people–or white people or any other people–living together in their own communities? Especially since blacks, by and large, can’t seem to get along with anyone anywhere they go?

    You mean like many Whites?

  • It all comes down to a few simple points (I mean, re regular posters here).

    1. do you want the US to stay majority European White country, phenotypically & culturally (language, customs, law, culture high and low, religion,..) ? If this is not the priority- then, any discussion is a waste of time.

    2. IQ thing is an interesting point, but not the decisive one. On immigration issue, I prefer 100 dumb Whites over 100 smart Asians (although their smartness has been exaggerated & we have had long discussions on the subject here, this is not the topic now). Also, if this is not the general attitude- I doubt any further discussion is productive at all.

    3. sure, non-White immigration should be curtailed (it cannot be completely stopped, but it can be brought down to a reasonably low level).

    4. old- fashioned segregation is not to be reestablished. Anyone who seriously contemplates it, better quit the political arena. A voluntary segregation is, on the other hand, perfectly achievable, through elimination of racial preferences & other affirmative idiocies. After all, this was the way Eastern Europe lived well into the 20th century, without coercion. Also, small amount of miscegenation with Native Americans, Hispanics, even East Asians won’t change the big picture.

    These are basic points race realists- White race realists- should agree on. The rest (religion, some legal & cultural patterns,..) are not crucial. White European Americans who speak English should remain 70%+ of the population & preferably grow. For those who disagree- I’d say they are not White race realists- for one group, the accent is on White; for other, on realists.

    • Anonymous

      You seem to think that only your opinions should be expressed here. 

      • Marcy Fleming

        He never even intimated that BUT I can tell that many of us are fed up of reading your lib establishment conventional unwisdom. Seems like many people are catching on to your agenda.

    • jeffaral

      Surely you are privileged with a high IQ, Mr Kaldian.  Israel would be a good place for you, Mr Kaldian.

  • Anonymous

    Not true.

  • I didn’t omit it because I was dealing with Amren debatable points, and the question you addressed is a serious social issue conneceted to the very controversial idea -the American females have to accept that feminism is, in their variant- completely wrong. Then the possibility of demographic replacement becomes an option. Of course, feminism is less important than high women employment rate: Iran & Japan, with feminism non-existent, have a birth rate below replacement threshold due to high female employment (Iran still has a very young population).

    • Anonymous

      I think every point is debatable. The only comments I want prohibited are those that express hatred for various racial or religious groups, and those that insult other contributors to this website. 

      • Marcy Fleming

        You don’t get to decide what goes on in here. This site is set up to specifically oppose the standard left-lib line on race and most everything else. If you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen.

      • Mr. Engelman- I agree that, theoretically, every tenet should & could be discussed. For instance, I may- theoretically- toy with ideas:

        a) there are too many people on planet Earth. Since I consider the White race template the endangered noble species- why not apply biological & genetic selective weapons to eliminate ca. 3 billion humans who threaten, both with breeding & aggression, the very existence of the best human race ?  A 4 billion humans  planet would be a more comfortable place to live in.

        b) also, not only the death penalty ubiquity, but the entire concept of punishment in the Western world has degenerated. Why not introduce public executions, without much delay, and very effective ones- guillotine, hanging & shooting (no lethal injections or similar sissy stuff).

        c) since democracy has a tendency of growing into idiocracy- why not introduce political intelligence (PIQ) tests, every year, to establish who is really qualified to vote ? That would eliminate moronic part of the electorate, easily swayed by cheap tricks.

        d) since Black thug crime has grown beyond any imaginable limit- why not apply to this community methods working in Soviet Union in the 1930s &, in a much softer form, Israel now: simply socially ostracize relatives & neighbors of Black criminals, bulldozer their houses, make them homeless & put them under constant surveillance. And – this is an ex-Soviet part- sign a bilateral contract with Canada to establish a version of Siberian labor camps, NAGS (North American Gulag System)  somewhere in Canadian freezing north, for “re-education” of thugs through hard physical labor & genereously applied mass death sentences – like Garanin’s era when tens of thousands Gulag inmates had been executed. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kolyma – if the camp inmates do not succeed in fulfilling the work norm.

        What I wrote above may sound extremist, but, hey- why curtail a freedom of speech ? Why not express wishes & opinions that are at odds with contemporary ethical and societal standards ? Or with the general tenor of a Website ?

        I’ve been frequenting various sites & forums, and know that, despite differences in opinion, there is a certain uniformity of core beliefs. I’ve seen this at, say, African American Topix. And, Mr. Engelman- I frankly don’t see why a person like me would hang around- not just pay an irregular visit now and then- to squabble with American Blacks about their central ideas how a good life could be achieved, what is world history or that European ancient peoples hadn’t “stolen” their alphabet, ideas, inventions, arts, sciences, social & political fabric or philosophy from Egyptians who were, supposedly, “Black”.

        IMO, your opinions differ radically- I’d say ca. 70-80% (a guess)- from this rather diverse (I know, but I couldn’t have used another adjective) AmRen community. Sincerely- I don’t know why do you post here. Advocatus diaboli in former Catholic Church canonizations ? But, this office has been abolished. Well, it’s OK with AmRen & with me- I’m the last who would try, even if I could, to deny someone to express their opinions. Just, your position strikes me as odd. Something like a Hezbollah cheerleader in the midst of Orthodox Jewish community.

  • Anonymous

    Discrimination got a bad name because most whites came to realize that decent non whites were discriminated against. Particularly after World War II most Americans had difficulty understanding why American combat veterans who were not white were not served in many restaurants, bars, hotels, motels, and so on. 

  • Marcy Fleming

    What does being a veteran, which means a mass killer, have to do with someone else’s absolute right not to serve you ?
    You are a real statist-collectivist and 99% here properly regard you as the enemy.

  • Anonymous

    Have you analyzed what you just said?  You are making a generalization that it is wrong for a White person who finds himself walking toward a group of young blacks to reroute because  of perceived danger, as compared to approaching  a group of young whites.  
    – sshadow
    If that is what you think I mean, you misunderstood me. When I am walking I avoid the approach of young black men I do not know unless they are obviously dressed for work or church. I do not do that with young white men or young Oriental men.
    That is different from a blanket policy of not serving blacks as customers, or not hiring them or admitting them into a college, even if they are qualified. 

    • Marcy Fleming

      Everyone has a right not to serve or sell to or hire anyone they please for any or no reason. The opposite is slavery which is what the civil wrongs movement was all about.

  • Marcy Fleming

    The pizzas were terrible !

  • Anonymous

    Gallup October 7, 2005
    PRINCETON, NJ — Most Americans say they approve of interracial dating…
    Slightly less than half of Americans say they have dated someone from a
    different racial or ethnic background, with Hispanics more likely than whites or
    blacks to say this. Younger Americans are much more likely to approve of
    interracial dating and to have dated someone from a different racial or ethnic
    background… Seventy-two percent of whites approve of a white man dating a black woman, while
    65% of whites approve of a black man dating a white woman.http://www.gallup.com/poll/19033/Most-Americans-Approve-Interracial-Dating.aspx       

    • Marcy Fleming

      Who cares about Gallup’s agenda driven polls ? And from seven years ago to boot !
      They probably never polled the readers here.
      As the old cliche goes 50 million Frenchmen can be wrong and often are…………..

      • Anonymous

        One gets places in politics by getting in front of popular issues. Support for more restrictions on immigration, support for a more punitive criminal justice system, and opposition to affirmative action and forced school busing are popular issues.
        Support for laws prohibiting inter racial marriage is a dead issue. Those who try to pump life into it lose credibility on issues where they could win. 

        • Very few, if anyone, seriously think that IR dating should be prohibited. I’d say the most people here are fed up with MSM rubbing BM-WW fantasy images of happy couples right into their faces.
          Some- like myself- are disgusted with miscegenation with Blacks, but do not strongly object (although I’m not an enthusiast, either) to White- Native American, White- East Asian, White- light skinned Punjabis pairings, under conditions that: a) the figures remain small, b) the progeny assimilates to the middle America culture (no Islam or Hinduism,please). Others- “Nordicists”- will find this, too, abhorrent.

          Be as it may, I’m certain that consensus among AmRen regular readers could be: a) the miscegenation as low as possible, b) Blacks are off limits; they’re phenotypically too different, c) the media manipulation has contibuted to, minimum, 50% of these “liaisons” & the honest reporting plus other factors (exposure of hookup-porn “culture”) could cause these “relationships” to plummet, with perhaps only two “survivors”: European Whites- White Hispanics & White males- East Asian females (for those who have contracted yellow feaver)

        • Marcy Fleming

          I NEVER supported laws enforcing compulsory segregation of ANY type anymore than I support compulsory integration of any type.

        • Anonymous

          Relax, I think your fairy-tale marriage is safe….

  • Anonymous

    To Marcy Fleming:

    As opposed to your heroes on the right like Newt and the late Strom and other sexual deviants and hypocrites who dominate right wing politics. Herman Cain was no worse than his fellow brethern.

  • Engelman:

    Look at this:


    I thought about that when I read what you had to say.

    I contend that the blacks in the right picture are who the blacks in the left picture in 1950 would have really been but for their fear of the segregationist system.  In that sense, the segregationist system was a victim of its own success, because people in 1950 saw (or were only allowed to see) young black men in suits and bow ties, and were easily fooled into believing racial equality, and therefore fooled into thinking that the segregationist-legal system was irrationally bigoted.  Another complication is that the segregationist system literally meant segregation, meaning a lot of white people never experienced the joys of diversity.

    Apart from that, I think that segregationist systems tend to fall apart, even if some outside force didn’t crush them. I don’t know why they fall apart on their own — It’s probably something that some Ph.D. candidate in history or sociology (honest sociology, that is) will have to take up.

  • Anonymous

    Marcy  Fleming:

    It has been my experinece that such regressive qualities are much more commonplace in Whites.

  • Anonymous


    You mean like all those Black tea baggers carrying racially biogoted posters attacking President Obama and his wife and those Black birthers who questioned whether President Bush was really an american citizen?! Please!

  • Marcy Fleming

    He’s very wealthy, lives in an upscale MD suburb of DC, makes more money than 90% of whites AND plays the race card all the time. 

  • Hey Friend!

    GOP – My latest Mantra has been:  What are you doing for White Men?  I get dead silence and then I amend it and ask them, what are you doing for the White Race and sadly, I still get silence.

    I end it by saying I’ll donate when they start doing something for White People and hang up.

    back-stabbing and “christianity” – Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing.  You know this.

    My Husband is from Germany.  I’m American.  The below is My Husband’s Blood Line.  Nine Hundred Years.  Konigsberg, East Prussia.  They were Forced Out by the mongrels and the russians. 

    The russians took the Horse Statue and to this day, he sits in the war museum in russia.

    Why “everybody” else gets theirs back and thensome, ’tis ONLY The Germans, whether they had something to do with it or not, do not.  Double Standard at its worse.

  • Anonymous


    Who are these people who condone Black sociopatholgy ?
    I know I don’t. 

    • Marcy Fleming

      YOU. Chomsky. Zinn. The Nation. Eric Holder. the ADA. The Democratic Party.
      The WashPo. The NY Times. NPR. Pacifica Radio. The Black Caucus. Al Sharpton.
      Jesse Jackson. Alexander Cockburn. Eugene Robinson. Oakland Tribune. Mumia
      Wesley Cook. John Conyers. Julian Bond. Z Magazine. The Progressive.
      Non-Radical 7, this will do for starters…………………

      •  Hollywood, sports mafia, MSM, feminist organizations, ADL, … continue 

        • Marcy Fleming

           Indeed ! Thanks.

  • WHAT!?!

    Yer outta yer Cotton Pickin’ Mind!  Ain’t No Way, Ain’t No How the  East was EVER Meant for The West.  Ever.

    For me, it is Very Much, Black and White.  Entirely Black and White as a matter of Fact and here is why:

    The East is Opposite of The West.  From Religion to Tradition and from Ethics to Values, the Differences are Vast.

    It is simply, Not Meant to be.  Should some white people want The East, let them have it but NEVER should they be allowed to infest The West with it.

    White People have Nothing to Gain from Non-Whites.  This is not about dislike or any such nonsense, it’s just Truth.

    moderation – IS WHAT GOT US HERE!  ‘oh, no worry, there will never be over TWO MILLION NON-WHITES POURING IN EVERY SINGLE YEAR!’  Give me a break please!

    moderation – You mean like all the Non-White Privilege that White People are FORCED to Pay for?  That “moderation”?  Stop feeling sorry for non-whites.  It’s unattractive.

  • Marcy Fleming

     Great idea ! We should have done that then and I will advise girls here in SF to do that. Thanks.

  • Marcy Fleming

     Non-Radical 7 underestimates the human potential as his collectivist state is only fit for scum. Read Atlas Shrugged for a whole different worldview.