Race Attack on Grieving Family . . .

The Press News, February 14, 2012

A mum and daughter paying their respects in Dewsbury Cemetery were subjected to a torrent of racist abuse by a gang of up to 20 Asians.

The 39-year-old white woman, who was with her 11-year-old daughter, was going to lay flowers at her mother’s grave.

The mum and daughter had just been dropped off at the Pilgrim Crescent entrance while the woman’s husband went to park up.

It was at this point that a gang of Asian youths gathered and  began taunting them.

They were called “white slags” and “white trash” as they laid flowers on a grave only yards away.

The woman, who asked not to be named, said her daughter was reduced to tears and added: “She was shaking. I had to hold her hand to keep her calm.

“I was frightened and thought we were about to be attacked. Thankfully they stayed by a wall near the cemetery gates.”

The woman, originally from Westtown, had travelled from Hull with her daughter and husband to visit her mother’s grave.

They had just been dropped off by her husband at around 3pm on Sunday when the incident happened.

The husband realised what was happening and drove back to pick them up.

“My husband could see that things were not all right,” said the woman. “Our daughter had drawn a picture for her gran and was putting it on the grave.

“She couldn’t understand why these youths would be so abusive and I don’t either. My mum died only recently and things are still a bit raw.

“Westtown used to be a lovely area when I lived here 20 years ago. I don’t know what’s happened to it. There’s just no respect any more.”

A West Yorkshire Police spokesman said the victim made a complaint after returning to Hull and would be interviewed by Humberside Police.

He urged people to report incidents as soon as possible and added: “We take any form of hate crime extremely seriously.

“Such incidents should be reported to us as soon as possible so that we can get to the area and deal with the offenders.”

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  • Anonymous

    Wait another 15 years.

    This is just the begining.

    • Anonymous

      Asians, and other minorities, have become bolder over the last couple of decades. And they will get even bolder over the next couple of decades.

      They absolutely know that the Law, Establishment, Media, are on their side; they know about all of the ‘Hate-Crime’ legislation, the Political Correctness, and a minority obsessed media and political establishment. They also know that WE know that the powers-that-be are against US, and FOR them. That’s why they walk around in such a confident, cock-sure manner. They know that they have power over us, and they are enjoying every bit of it.

      Enoch Powell spoke of “The Black man having the whip-hand over the White-man”. How true that is today.

      BUT…….it may just be that incident’s like the one above could actually be of service to our cause. As Asians, and other minorities, become increasingly confident of their ability to visit iniquity upon the White man, this will in turn cause increasing numbers of Whites to become angry and start seriously thinking of a solution.

      That solution will be Lawful Rebellion. I’m ready. Just waiting for the day. 

      • To loyalwhitebriton:
         You truly talk about that phony Enoch Powell saying “The Black man having the whip-hand over the White man”. Well sir, if you read and analyze history, quite the opposite has been true for centuries. I guess history is finally
        balancing its’ self out. Wouldn’t you agree? Farewell for now.

        • Anonymous

          Enoch Powell was not a Phony.
          Read ‘Like the Roman: The Life of Enoch Powell’ by Simon Heffer.
          It’s available on Amazon.
          I don’t agree that history is balancing itself out. Africans were enslaving Africans for centuries, possibly millenia, before White Europeans came along. White European involvement in the slave trade is but a bit-part in the history of slavery – we were doing it for far less time than Africans have been enslaving each other. It’s even going on today, in places like Nigeria.
          Guess you’re a liberal. 

    • Anonymous

       Right. Think of an ethnic group with the the behavior and attitude of Blacks and the IQ of Asians.

  • Anonymous

    This story reminds me of a statement made by a british person. He was in america and stated that he would have to be careful how he behaved because he was in america and some people might have guns.Like they say leave his dog alone, leave his children alone or someone might just put a bullet in you. So it seems that access to firearms is one way to cause people to behave themselves.

    • Anonymous

      I absolutely agree!. A lot of people don’t realise that up until about 1920, Britain had very liberal gun control laws. And I mean liberal in the good way, ie, anybody could walk into a gun shop and purchase a firearm. Even kids could.

      In fact, this right to bear arms was first confirmed in law in the English Bill Of Rights 1689. It was perfectly legal to bear arms before 1689, but it was re-affirmed in the 1689 Act.

      I’ve long been a proponent of the right to bear arms. It’s a natural God given right. We need to go back to it.


  • Anonymous

    See how much these Asians respect our culture; these muslims who would shout offensive slogans at a grieving family paying their respects to a dead loved one in a Christian Cemetary?.

    And strange (sic) how the TV media has been silent on this, just as they are silent on the too-numerous-to-mention cases of minority-on-majority incidents.

    What to do?        


  • Anonymous

    If 100 years from now whites are still trying to live with other races as if they’re equal, then whites are the most submissive, weak, and acquiescent race on earth. It makes me sick how so many just roll over and spinelessly put up with it and refuse to connect the dots right under their nose while white civilization goes down the drain like this.

     I don’t think it will be this way 100 years from now. It’s just that popular opinion, government policy, and historical trends move slowly and stupidly. Slavery was also blatantly wrong and crazy and look at all the brilliant, super-intelligent, accomplished people that were nonetheless alive during that era and opposed it. The insanity of current gov’t policy doesn’t really reflect that we’re all a bunch of submissive idiots any more than slavery proved we’re all evil idiots. It’s reflective of the fact that the average person doesn’t have the time to sit down and really think and learn about hard issues, so things happen slowly and stupidly over a period of generations. It unfortunately seems it has to be that way until someone comes up with a better form of gov’t.

    • Wicksteed wrote: “The insanity of current gov’t policy …. [is] reflective of the fact that the average person doesn’t have the time to sit down and really think and learn about hard issues, so things happen slowly and stupidly over a period of generations. It unfortunately seems it has to be that way until someone comes up with a better form of gov’t.”
      This cannot be emphasized enough. But the last sentence is not the solution.

      The problem is that so much of our taxes over the past 50 years have been squandered on “foreign aid” (wealth transfer foreign non-white nations and/or populations), and “domestic welfare”  (wealth transfer to — disproportionately — domestic non-white individuals). I heard that as women entered the workforce in ever greater numbers in the ’70s and later, our taxes went up in lockstep so that families needed two incomes just to have the same standard of living as the previous generation had w/only one income. 

      Now, both husband & wife are too busy w/work, commute, taking care of the kids and family responsibilities to really reflect and get active in stopping the slide of our civilization off the cliff. Most know something is deeply wrong, but just can’t devote time,  effort, and money to fix things. They are so frazzled that any “free” time they just want to spend zoning out in front of the TV or on a vacation. Then back to “the nose against the grindstone” while the government school teachers, MSM, and Hollywood movies/TV/music raise their children and destroy our country, culture, and civilization. 

      Massive tax cuts, massive reductions in foreign aid and domestic welfare are what are necessary for families to be able to survive with a husband who works 40 hrs/wk and a wife who either is a F/T homemaker or works only P/T. Then they’ll be able to observe, reflect, and get politically involved. 

      But w/the country about evenly split between socialists/statists and good, loyal Americans, positive change won’t be happening soon….

  • Anonymous

    What country did these “Asians” come from? This is not the way Orientals behave. 

    • orientals do commit violent crime but it’s mostly on their own and the other Crime is Financial Fraud and that is committed against everybody but especially on The White Peoples.

      What is your point in defending non-whites John?  You can’t include your asian children in White Communities and for some reason, I think that’s your True Goal here.  You’re hoping to be accepted thereby ensuring your asian children’s future.  Is that it?

      White People are Genuinely Good whereas your asians are not.  To this very day, they still practice cruel practices.  Now what is that?

      I refuse to believe the ‘evil asian vs. good asian’ because:  All I hear is how great and good they are yet they won’t or, can’t do what The White Peoples have done and that is to Fight for what is Right.

      • Anonymous

        I do not have half Asian children, but I would be proud of them if I did. 
        In “The Color of Crime,” Jared Taylor wrote, “Asians commit violent crimes at about one quarter the white rate…
        “High arrest and incarceration rates for blacks and Hispanics—and very low rates for Asians—reflect differences in crime…
        “Indians and Pacific Islanders were imprisoned at about twice the white rate, and Asians at only 22 percent of the white rate…
        “Asians are much less likely to commit crimes than whites…
        “Blacks are considerably more likely than any other group to commit crimes
        of virtually all kinds, while Asians are least likely. Whites and Hispanics have intermediate crime rates…
        “Blacks are about eight times more likely than whites to commit murder, and 25 times more likely than Asians to do so. Blacks are 15 times more likely than whites to go to prison for robbery, and 50 times more likely than Asians…

        • don’t have children – For some reason, I don’t believe you.  I can’t think of any other good reason for you to be so pro-asian yet anti-non-white for all other races.

          commit less – That’s according to what’s reported.  Alot of stuff goes unreported because alot of asians are very private.

          Truth is, we only know what’s reported and that’s it.

      • crystal evans

        You are correct. Chinese gangs usually terrorize their own people. They usually rob those who fail to pay “protection money” to these gangs.

        • Chinese Gangs are just as violent as anyone else out there but you never hear about it because it would tar the image of the “perfect race”.

    • Anonymous

      In the US, the term Asian refers to East Asians (Orientals): Chinese, Korean, Thai etc.
      In the UK, Asian refers to South Asians: Pakistani, Indian, Bangladeshi etc.

      • Anonymous

        Thank you. I would like for journalists to be more specific about the race and nation of criminals. Some nations of “Asians” have lower crime rates than whites of European ancestry. Some have higher crime rates. In each case I believe the differences are primarily genetic. 
        I prefer to use the term “Oriental” for Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Mongolians, Vietnamese, and Tibetans. They represent of of the three major races. Asians can be Caucasians. 
        I have been told that “Oriental” is a term that is no longer considered to be politically correct. I do not care about being politically correct. Anyone who reads many of my posts here knows that I have a high regard for Orientals. 

        • Anonymous

          I’ve certainly picked up on that, johnengelman.

  • What happened to the “comments” section?

    Could it be that The Brits are getting a Right Tired?  I know they’ve been doing this but it’s been more and more.  Complete Shut Down in many terms.doesn’t understand – YES, you do understand.  You need to make it clear and unequivocally so, this was DEFINITELY about your White Skin.  This was a Racist Crime and a Hate Crime Committed Against You.

  • crystal evans

    I would like to know what kind of Asians they are talking about? South Asians (Indians, Pakistanis) East Asians (Chinese, Japanese, Koreans) or Malays (Malaysians and Filipinos)?

    • .

      When British papers mention “Asians” in reference to crime they are generally talking about South Asian moslems such as Pakistanis. Hindus from India are South Asian but don’t normally commit these kinds of crimes.

    • Anonymous

       East Asians.

      • Anonymous

        South Asians. See my reply above to johnengelman.

    • Anonymous

      South Asians. see my reply above to johnengelman.

  • Asians=Disgusting, anti-White Muslims.

    This is what the gutless UK calls an Asian…

  • But in the end we win. The blacks, Asians, Hispanics, and other hybrids and races will be slaughtered.

  • Anonymous

    I would be really surprised if these culprits were East Asian. More likely,  they are Pakistanis.

  • Anonymous

    Is there any more definitive definition for the concept of treason when you disarm your populace very recently I might add. You then permit IMMIGRATION of people who are hostile to your populace.Remember the home guard during world war two. I guess as long as the invaders were white.

  • Anonymous

    There is no contradiction between ‘Lawful’ and ‘Rebellion’, except in the technical/pedantic sense.
    Besides, the concept of Lawful Rebellion is codified in Law – sect. 61 of Magna Carta.
    Any rebellion, given the circumstances, would not only be lawful, but moral also. 

  • Anonymous

    Immigrants from Pakistan seem to have a higher crime rate than immigrants from India. Because Pakistan has a higher murder rate than India I suspect that the ultimate reason is that the inhabitants of India have practiced urban civilization longer. Over a period of centuries the criminal justice system of a civilized nation gradually removes those with criminal inclinations from the gene pool. 

  • Anonymous

    Many Americans don’t realise that their actually is a British perspective on the US War of Independence.

    See http://www.redcoat.me.uk/Rev-War.htm for said UK perspective.

  • Anonymous

    Well said!.

  • Anonymous

    Well said!