Number of U.S. Mosques Up 74% Since 2000

Cathy Lynn Grossman, USA Today, February 29, 2012

The number of Islamic places of worship in the United States soared 74% in the past decade.

While protests against new mosques in New York, Tennessee and California made headlines, the overall number of mosques quietly rose from 1,209 in 2000 to 2,106 in 2010.

And most of their leaders say American society is not hostile to Islam, according to a comprehensive census of U.S. mosques and survey of imams, mosque presidents and board members released Wednesday.


They’re also very engaged: The study finds “98% of mosque leaders say Muslims should be involved in American institutions and 91% agree that Muslims should be involved in politics.”

The study—The American Mosque 2011—was sponsored by The Hartford Institute for Religion Research (Hartford Seminary), the Association of Statisticians of American Religious Bodies, as well as the nation’s largest Islamic civic and religious groups, including the Islamic Society of North America and the Council on American-Islamic Relations.


Major findings include:

• States with the most mosques are New York (257), California (246) and Texas (166).


• Mosques are ethnically diverse. The major participants are South Asian, Arab and African American, with growing numbers of new immigrants including Somalis, West Africans and Iraqis.

•Most mosque leaders (87%) say “radicalism and extremism” are not increasing among Muslim youth, “in their own experience.” They say the greater challenge is “attracting and keeping them close to the mosque.”


Although the study does not claim to say how many Muslims are in the USA, Bagby estimates there are 2.6 million “mosque participants”—people who have attended prayers for Eid (a major holy day) or Friday prayers or were considered participants by the mosque leader survey.

Bagby says he reached the number by taking mosque attendance reported by the leadership and multiplying the average number of attendees by the number of mosques.

Bagby’s report concludes, “If there are 2.6 million Muslims who pray the Eid prayer, then the total Muslim population should be closer to estimates (by Bagby) of up to 7 million.”

No other survey projects even 3 million Muslims in the USA.


Bagby disputes other studies, saying they underestimate because they are based on random phone interviews and many Muslims, particularly immigrants, will not discuss their religion with a stranger on the phone.

However, the Pew research, which included phone interviews in four languages, also synthesized data from the Census Bureau and immigration authorities. {snip}

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  • crystal evans

    One thing that this article did not mention is the number of American born converts to Islam.

    • Also of great concern should be the Islamic centers located in the SW US whose sole purpose is to convert illegal Mexicans coming across the border.  The last that I read about this was that they were successful in converting 1000s and that the centers will be built next in other states with large hispanic populations.  According to what I read, the muslims found it easy to convert the Mexicans when they focused on the male centric notion of the muslim faith.  Issues that have troubled the Catholic Church such as sexual molestation were always discussed.  Apparently the article summarized the muslim appeal to Mexicans in these ways:   the Catholic Church is in turmoil, Islam allows the male to be in charge, muslims are economicly self-centered and assist other muslims in business startups, and Islam projects a hard image against such groups as homosexuals and feminists. 

  • Quick.  Somebody hide this news from Grover Norquist, or he’ll be in every damned one of them hawking the Republican Party.

  • June39

    They don’t think Americans are hostile to Islam? Nobody asked me.

  • IstvanIN

    Here in NJ the number of Mosques, Hindu temples and Korean churches makes me feel like I am the foreigner in the state I was born in.  Without ugliness we are surely doomed.

    Has anyone seen those “I am an American” commercials where they have all these foreigners saying “I am an American” in their foreign accented English?  It doesn’t fool me.

    • Yes…I’ve seen those commercials as well. The powers that be will shove it down our throats until they can shove no more.

      • IstvanIN

        Do they really think they can convince me that those people are American?

    • The_Bobster

      They started 10 years ago, right after 9/11, and now they’re back. To me they’re a big joke, but a libtard would believe the propaganda.

  • NYB

    What the article doesn’t mention is where the funding for these mosques comes from. 

    New mosque buildings of bricks and mortar cost more than communities of immigrant taxi drivers and shop owners can afford.  

    Often the capital comes from donors in the Middle East, who see it as their religious duty (jihad) to plant the conquering flag of Islam in the West.  

    Let there be no doubt:  building a mosque “in the land of the non-believers”  is an act of Muslim jihad aggression.  

  • crystal evans

    There are also large numbers of white women converting to Islam. I hate seeing these women wearing their scarves and claiming that Islam is not degrading to women. I know better.

    • Heinrich24

      Do you have any statistics or the like on this. I know a few oddballs may go that route, but had not heard “large numbers” of White women were converting to Islam.  That certain isn’t the case in my part of the country.

      • Some do, but this is a rather complex issue. AFAIK, the main character trait of women converts to Islam is a psychological need to be submissive in a “dumbed-down” way. Rich & free white women convert not only because of marriage, but of inner need to be “slaves”, so to speak.

        There is a good comment I think, from experience, to be true:
        Women who I have met as converts to Islam have always struck me as
        insecure individuals, both in their appearance and in social settings.
        Their attraction to religions like Islam would seem to be based on a
        need to be told what to do and your measure of ‘goodness’ is how well
        you follow those rules. The reality is that Islam is a totalitarian
        ideology that governs every aspect of one’s life and has no room for
        questioning or dissent. For some people this is very appealing,
        basically you don’t have to think. Ultimately it is just a cop out from
        personal responsibility.
        As for Western lifestyle being empty, well tell me why practically no
        new invention, creativity, thought or technology comes out of the Muslim
        world. It is our Western freedom of enquiry and freedom to choice which
        has allowed us to lead in creating solutions to world problems.

  • Islam and the gay movement are growing at the same time.  It will be interesting to see where this ends up.  Gays are pretty quiet when it comes to Islam and they spend all their time criticizing Christianity.  Are they stupid?  No Christian (and formerly Christian) countries execute gays but many Islamic countries do.  Same goes for the feminists.  The Left simply cannot bring itself to speak out against Islam, and they will ultimately suffer for it. 

    • IstvanIN

      Gays and Feminists should be on the forefront of being anti-third world immigration.

    • Christopher_Nelson

      Nobody ever said that those on the left were rational.

    • Gays in the US may be stupid, but not in ole Europe:

  • Christopher_Nelson

    “And most of their leaders say American society is not hostile to Islam”

    Ofcourse not. You might get charged with a hate crime.  Or come up against a Muslim judge.

  • I’d only add  that Koran has a few great, succinct passages/ surahs. But, out of them 122, most are confusing & boring. The general intonation is a voice of a threatening invisible teacher-judge: Sit on your bum, else #$%&

    Bible has its deficiencies (sorry, Christians, this not a pulpit) but many small books are magnificent (part of Numbers, Job, Kohelet, 4 Gospels, parts of Paul’s epistles,..) & can count among the world greatest literature. Not the Koran- IMO.

    As far as women converts question goes, I’ve not only known a few, but have read numerous testimonies in books and articles about their conversion. There is something disingenuous about them – I won’t go into details.

  • Alexandra1973

    Seems like so many of their beliefs collide with each other.  Like that Terri Schiavo so-called “right to die” case (it wasn’t right to die, it was murder).  How many feminists were there condemning Michael Schiavo for his behavior?  I don’t recall hearing about any.

    They seem to be rather quiet on the issue of China aborting/killing its daughters, too.

    • I wouldn’t call that murder.  The Husband merely took her off Life Support. If you need Support in order to Live, you’re not alive.

      I don’t mean to be cruel but no one gets to live forever.

      • Alexandra1973

        All she needed was a feeding tube–that’s it.  Nothing else.  And even then the nurses said she could swallow.

        At any rate, this is a bit off subject…I was merely pointing out how liberals’ dogmas contradict each other.

        • anarchyst

          Terri Schiavo’s “treatment” was disgusting . . . denying water to a living person is tantamount to criminal abuse.  If the same treatment that Terri Schiavo was inflicted on an animal, charges would be forth coming.  There would be a public outcry for a long time . . .Her parents wanted to take care of her but her “husband” wanted the life insurance proceeds.
          Abortion is the start of the “slippery slope” that makes “unproductive” life worth less . . . the only problem is “who decides?”

  • anarchyst

    There is an old saying “when in Rome, do as the Romans do”. 
     Ever since the “immigration reform” debacle of 1965, immigration has been used to deny us white Americans a say-so in OUR uniquely white American culture.  Immigrants (whites) used to come here to adopt our ways.  Their children were even discouraged from speaking their “home” language–they were expected to do well in school and speak ENGLISH.
    The concept of “dual-nationality” (once banned in the USA) has added fuel to the fire.  (See who runs our “foreign policy”. . . you will be surprised that it IS “dual-nationals”.  To preserve impartiality and to deflect charges of “bias”, I will leave it to you to investigate.)
    Immigrants MUST conform to OUR WAYS, NOT THIERS.  I have had immigrants tell me how “wonderful” their home countries are.  My immediate response to them is “why don’t you go back there?”.  The looks on their faces is pricless.  Their lack of a “comeback” also speaks volumes . . .

  • anarchyst

    The koran is a writing in which the later passages take precedence over the earlier passages.   It is not a book of “advice” like the bible. . . the koran is a series of “commands” that its “adherents” are bound by. Those who cannot read receive their “commands” from their “imams”.
    What may have started out as a “religion of peace” (I don’t believe that) has degenerated into a cult of violence.
    I enjoy talking with muslims that I meet . . . they try to convert me, but I am ready for them . . . when they tell me that islam means “peace” I inform them that “islam” means “submission. 
    Upon further discussion, I bring up the concepts of “taquiya” (lying to the “infidels” to gain tactical advantage) and “dhimmitude” (allowing “infidels” to live as third-class citizens without any human rights). 
    I ask them about the advancements their “culture” has brought to humanity.  The blank looks on their faces speaks volumes.
    That being said, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A “MODERATE” MUSLIM.  Islam is a political system and belief system (religion) rolled into one . . .

  • anarchyst

    A number of years ago, a prominently Christian community in Michigan (Hamtramck) ordered its churches to refrain from ringing their church bells “for the public good”.  They complied.
    There have been several mosques built; the “call to prayer” is broadcast from loudspeakers 5 times per day.  Lawsuits were threatened if the city did not comply with the mosque’s requests.
    Looks like a double standard.