Nine Men Jailed over London Stock Exchange Terror Threat

Metro, February 9, 2012

Woolwich Crown Court had heard how the group had planned to raise money for a terrorist training camp in Pakistan and recruit Britons to attend.

The court was told how the men planned a ‘Mumbai-style’ series of attacks upon a number of targets in the run-up to Christmas in 2010. In 2008 166 people died when terrorists attacked the Indian city of Mumbai.

A hand-written target list found at one of the defendant’s home listed the names and addresses of London mayor Boris Johnson, two rabbis, the US embassy and the London Stock Exchange.

The nine men, from Cardiff, Stoke-on-Trent and London, admitted a range of terrorism-related offences.

Three of them received indeterminate sentences for public protection.

Mohammed Shahjahan, 27, described as the plot’s ringleader, was jailed for a minimum term of eight years and ten months.

Usman Khan, 20, and Nazam Hussain, 26, each received minimum terms of eight years.

The other sentences handed down saw Mohammed Chowdhury jailed for 13 years and eight months; Gurukanth Desai for 12 years; Omar Latif received ten years, four months; Abdul Miah was handed a 16-years, ten-month jail term; Mohibur Rahman got five years; and Shah Rahman was jailed for 12 years.

Piers Arnold, reviewing lawyer of the Crown Prosecution Service’s special crime and counterterrorism division, said after the hearing: ‘These men were motivated to act as they did in large part by extreme jihadist propaganda circulated on the internet by organisations like al-Qaida in the hope that impressionable young men in the west will be inspired to carry out attacks in the places where they live.’

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  • Anonymous

    These minimum terms are so odd. However, they are also known as “indefinite sentences”, and may in effect be life terms.

  • Anonymous

    Four of these Islamic “Religion of Peace” practitioners were from my home city: Mohibur Rahman (27), Mohammed Shajahan (27), Usman Khan (20), Hazam Hussain (26).

    The problem of Islam is so much more than just seeing a lot of brown faces, women dressed like walking coffins, and alien looking mosques littering our landscape.
    They plan to kill us.
    I have spoken on a previous posting about article 61 of the Magna Carta (Amren article “47 Alleged paedophiles, All Muslim men, in Liverpool Crown Court – Feb 10th). This important article, often overlooked, gives British citizens to right to enter into Lawful Rebellion if it is felt that we are being unjustly governed.

    Are we not being unjustly governed?.

    It’s all very well for UK authorities to convict would be Terrorists. But isn’t it the case that the reason we are under threat in the first place is the Government’s blind adherence to the heathen/marxist cult of Multiculturalism?.

    We, the British People, need to enter into Lawful Rebellion. The Government is spineless and pathetic.

    Any Lawful Rebellion should be pursued with exactly the same type of ruthless determination (“by whatever means necessary”) as that showed by the Left that got us into this mess in the first place.

    • Anonymous

      There is a series currently being screened on Tuesday nights on BBC4 called: The World Against Apartheid: Have You Heard From Johannesburg? Past episodes are available on BBC iPlayer. 

      In it the leaders of the forces marshaled against apartheid are interviewed. Lead by Oliver Tambo they stated that resorting to physical violence was justified as this was a just war – as prescribed in the Bible and a number of western government constitutions. The World Council of Churches actually contributed funds to the terrorist campaign that took the lives of many innocent (black and white) people – like placing bombs in bars, railway stations, outside downtown office buildings and detonated at peak commuting hours. They even went so far as lobbing hand grenades into a white church congregation and then spraying the auditorium with small calibre light machine guns.

      Western governments found this quite acceptable from the 1970s to 1990s, so it looks like you have got a good case for your (Armed?) Lawful Rebellion.  

      • Anonymous

        Yes, any Lawful Rebellion would be Armed if necessary. I would prefer peaceful means, but I would be prepared to do whatever is necessary.

        • Anonymous

          To laager

          I wanted to expand on what I wrote above, and accidentally hit reply instead of edit. Oh well, no matter.

          The hypocrisy, of course, of the West is staggering. When Black communists in South Africa orchestrated their campaign of terror, the West (or at least the movers and shakers at the UN, and Leaders of National Governments etc) looked on almost indulgently. When commi thug Robert Mugabe slaughtered over 5,000 Matabele in Rhodesia (sorry, Zimbabwe), what was the West’s and the UN’s response? – a whimper.

          However, I would not let global hypocrisy stop me from doing whatever is necessary to restore my country to a white, christian nation. If only we could get really organised. 

  • I just have but one question. Did London or for that matter, Great Britain, have to worry about anything being blown up by those who fancy the “religion of peace,” before the flood gates were opened to massive muslim immigration to that country?

    • Anonymous

      “Nine men” The camera does not lie.

    • Anonymous

      Mass immigration in to the UK has been going on more or less unabated since the end of WWII. Many of the politicians who made and supported the policy of mass immigration are now dead. But, many are still alive; and that includes Tony Blair and other members of our previous diabolical Labour administration, who opened the floodgates even wider, and one could even include David Cameron and other members of our current coalition government for allowing it continue – despite all those (now broken) promises made before the last election in 2010 to drastically curtail immigration. All of them need to be charged with Treason, and punished approriately.