Nick Griffin: State-Sanctioned Racist Murder of White Farmers in Africa

YouTube, February 2, 2012

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  • Anonymous

    There is a guy on YouTube named rendier who regularly reports on this.

    It is truly a tragedy.

    I pray for the white South Africans.  Ending apartheid was the most foolish thing they have ever done.

    • Anonymous

      I wish we could make Sting live there for the rest of his life.

  • 1500-300 farmers murdered; 20000 whites killed since apartheid ended;

    South Africa is falling apart, no infrastructure is being renewed;

    Contact your representatives and ask why they have not reacted through international channels.

    Ask them what this implies for other whites if they lose political and cultural control of their country.

    ASK.  Wait for an answer.   Not an excuse, but an answer.

  • Laager

    To Anan7      

    “Ending apartheid was the most foolish thing they (whites) have ever done.”

    Apartheid was ended by the liberal white governments in the west working in conjunction with the African block in the UN. It was the western governments that invoked sports boycotts, followed by cultural boycotts and exclusion from virtually every international forum and body in the world. This was followed by denial of flying and landing rights over and in any African country on the continent, arms embargos, disinvestment and trade sanctions. Finally South Africa was threatened with having its oil supplies cut off and having the gold price artificially lowered to an unprofitable level.Leading spokesman of delegations in these pressure “negotiations” and threats was Henry Kissinger – Secretary of State in the United States Government of the time.  


      Gingrich also goes above and beyond in the usual pandering and cowardice on race when it comes to policy. He supposedly champions English as an official language—but is a passionate advocate of Puerto Rican statehood. He sponsors Hispanic forums and Spanish language publications that openly call for more immigration into the United States. Significantly, he has earned the support of Somos Republicanos, a supposedly Republican Hispanic group that doesn’t seem to do anything except attack patriotic Republicans. He not only pals around with racial racketeers Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, he attacks even black Republicans who criticize them. He claims to be a foot soldier in the Reagan Revolution, but against the wishes of President Reagan, he championed sanctions on South Africa, with the absurd rationale that Republicans needed the black vote. (Note: it didn’t work).

      • Anonymous

        A man who cheats on TWO wives can not be trusted.  At least Bill and Hill had an “accomodation”.

    • Anonymous

      Your list represents what would only be considered a series of acts of war if they were leveled at a “respectable” country.

      Many have gone to war over far less. 

    • Anonymous

      They should have acted crazy like the Norks and implied they were prepared to use their nukes. 

    • jeffaral

      Laager: You totally miss the point.   Apartheid was doomed from the beginning, since its main concern was economic explotation of low wage black labor.   The Apartheid regime allowed the black population inside South Africa to explode while at the same time not curbing the entry of milions of illegals from neighbouring countries.   The Apartheid was all about taking advantage of low wage Blacks instead of effectively protecting Whites.   

      • Anonymous


        No I don’t miss the point.

        Have you ever been to Africa? Have you ever lived in Africa?

        Have you ever been to South Africa? have you ever lived in South Africa?

        Please explain what you mean by “THE Apartheid”


        Let me address your statements; 

        “Apartheid was doomed from the beginning, since its main concern was economic exploitation of low wage black labor”

        “Apartheid was all about taking advantage of low wage Blacks”


        (1) Apartheid was created by the British. Follow the legislative trail on:

        O’ Malley – “The Heart of Hope – South Africa’s Transition from Apartheid to Democracy”

        [An extensive collection of Padraig O’Malley’s interviews conducted between 1985 and 2005 with many key personalities, who influenced South Africa’s political history. The collection presents a broad range of perspectives on events in South Africa during and after the Apartheid period. There are also summaries of historical events by year as well as descriptions of the historical background to place events in context.]

        [Padraig O’Malley is John Joseph Moakley Distinguished Professor of Peace and Reconciliation, MCCormack Graduate School of Policy Studies, University of Massachusetts Boston, Boston, Massachusetts and Visiting Professor of Political Studies at the University of the Western Cape.]


        (2) Post 1820 the British poured missionaries into South Africa to “civilise” the blacks and turn them into Christians. They took the 9 black languages and turned them into the written form for the first time ever. By enabling blacks to read and write they could now be formally educated


        (3) The British conquered the lands of the Xhosa (East Cape) and the Zulu (Natal). In Natal they appointed an official Theophilus Shepstone as Native Secretary. He was Knighted by Queen Victoria for his Native Policy c1860: “We ( British / whites) have no right to force our culture and ways upon the blacks” – Zulus in this case. “Leave them alone to practice their tribal lifestyles in their own territories.”


        (4) With the discovery of diamonds (1867) and gold (1886) the British then went to war against the Boers to gain control of these natural resources. This was achieved through the second Anglo-Boer War 1899-1902. In 1910 the British created the Union of South Africa. This included the territories of the 9 black tribes. The British had the power to include Basutoland, Swaziland, Bechuanaland and Matabeleland in this construct but they did not. They felt that the 9 SA tribes would adequately provide the labour source for the mines they now controlled. 


        (5) Before the white man came to South Africa there was no such thing as a cash economy nor was there a system whereby blacks employed one another for remuneration. These were western concepts. In black society women kept house and worked the fields, youths tended the livestock and adult males were warriors.


        (6) Thus the exploitation you speak of was low wage capitalism introduced by the British to substitute slavery. In Natal the British imported low wage “indentured labourers” from India (c1860) to work the sugar plantations after slavery had been abolished. Blacks at first refused to work for the white man for wages. When blacks eventually started working for wages, SA society became a replication of the low wage working class structure in Victorian England, with blacks being the working class. For every labouring job there were at least 10 who wanted it. Supply and demand and Victorian greed ruled.

        At the same time this was the first entry blacks had into a cash economy. They normally worked 6 month contracts on the mines and then returned to their tribal lifestyle for the remainder of the year.


        (7) When the Boere/Afrikaners gained political power in 1948 they gave the existing status quo of 142 years of British discriminatory legislation a formal title; Apartheid. They set about restoring the traditional tribal lands to the 9 black tribes as independent states equal to Basutoland and Swaziland which were quite acceptable to the west.


        (8) Through a very skillful international spin doctoring and propaganda campaign the Afrikaners have been villified and blamed for all South Africa’s woes through Apartheid – this so called “Crime Against Humanity.” See point (1) 

        Read the full true story on;

        Click: Pandora’s Apartheid Box on the masthead


        “The Apartheid regime allowed the black population inside South Africa to explode”


        (9) I notice you use the word “allowed”

        The apartheid regime was practicing civilised Christian behaviour towards the

        9 black tribes under its jurisdiction inherited from the British. They built decent water tight masonry houses in the townships for the blacks that migrated to the cities. These humble dwellings were a major step up from the mud huts they came from in the rural areas.

        They built schools and hospitals for the black urban communities and later the rural communities. The health care delivered in these hospitals was free. 


        the major population explosion of blacks took place during the apartheid years.

        The west labelled this benevolence (paid for by the white man’s taxes) as “A crime against Humanity”


        “while at the same time not curbing the entry of millions of illegals from neighbouring countries.”


        (10) Wrong

        During the apartheid era South Africa’s borders were very efficiently managed and policed. True, blacks from the north were trying to get into the country because of it’s good economy but by far the majority were kept out. Contract mine workers came in from as far as Malawi.

        It was Pres Thabo Mbeki (c1999) who ordered the dismantling of the fences along South Africa’s eastern, northern and western boarders with Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Botswana. That is when the illegal immigration issue started. Estimates range from 4 to 10 million illegals in the country. This in turn has lead to the Xenophobic killings of illegal blacks by local blacks and an escalation in the crime rate seriously affecting the white population as the unemployed blacks rob and steal violently in order to survive.


        • jeffaral

          Laager: You go round and round and come to nowhere.     Just one final word on Terre Blanche:  He organised a paramilitary force of twenty thousand Boers, but why for if he never really intented to use it?    If he had striked at the right moment during the chaotic years leading to dismantling the Apartheid and establishing a Black majority rule, he would have a good chance of securing a power base for the White community, especially for the Boers around Pretoria and the Transvaal.  He should have arrested traitors like Frederik De Klerk and have them summarily executed.    Big words not backed with action are useless at best.   

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      Yes.  Kissinger also threatened Ian Smith of Rhodesia, who pledged not to surrender to the terrorists in 10,000 years.

      We don’t know what kind of pressure or threats Kissinger presented to Smith, but it has been speculated that Smith was threatened with a military invasion of Rhodesia backed by the UN, the US and the British; a military invasion was in the works for SA as well, as the Carnegie Endowment for Peace had drawn up and published plans for such.

      Meanwhile, the Western media were feeding the American and British public information such as the following:  

      Times of London to American Ambassador Andrew Young:  “Does Mr. Mugabe strike you as a violent man?”

      Ambassador Young:  “Not at all, he’s a very gentle man.  In fact, one of the ironies of the whole struggle is that I can’t imagine Joshua Nkomo or Robert Mugabe ever pulling the trigger on a gun to kill anyone.  I doubt they ever have. I find that I am fascinated by his intelligence, by his dedication. The only thing that frustrates me about Robert Mugabe is that he is so damned incorruptible.”

      The Council on Foreign Relations promoted Mugabe and hosted him as a honored speaker. David Rockefeller, chairman of the CFR, called Mugabe a “very reasonable and charming person.”

      The American media sang Mugabe’s praises, ignoring his well-documented record of atrocities against men, women and children, black and white.

      And, if it weren’t for the Internet, the American public to this day would not know the hideous conditions Whites face in SA and Zim at the hands of murderous blacks.



  • Anonymous

    Seriously, white people need to get the hell out of Africa. There is no reason to be there. Read any bio of stupid whites who insist upon living in Africa and you will quickly understand how insane they are. They have a pathological love for Africa and its animals and Black Africans as well. Mad dogs and Englishmen. You would not make excuses for whites who insisted on staying in detroit and subjecting their children to the horrors of black racism, so don’t feel sorry for white south africans. My mom moved us to Oakland and ruined my life. The African countries belong to the blacks and we should leave them to it. We should also stop telling them how to manage their wildlife. If they want to kill every last rhino and elephant, let them. A great deal of why we are in this fix is due to Europeans attempting to civilize the natives. Can’t be done. Experiment over. If you think whites weren’t in danger during apartheid you’re wrong.

    • Anonymous

      “The African countries belong to the blacks and we should leave them to it. ”
      How about North America belonging to the Indians and leaving them to it?

    • No reason to be there. Right.  Oh, unless you were born there.  As a South African citizen, you aren’t welcome anywhere on earth – unless, of course, you’re black.  If you’re White, you may find a new home, if you’re rich enough, highly qualified, young enough. A lot of people are not any of those.  A lot of others who are, have dependent parents who aren’t.

      My daughter, educated in an American university, tried to immigrate and couldn’t.

      Your cavalier attitude to the extinction of wildlife is also unbecoming.  I read recently the white rhino is now extinct in the wild. Sad.

  • Anonymous

    This is exactly what the South African Govt was doing through its Homelands Policy.

    The Union of South Africa was created by Britain in 1910. After defeating the Boere in the Anglo-Boer War of 1899-1902 they consolidated the two British Colonies (Cape and Natal) and the two Boere Republics (OFS and ZAR) and the 9 black tribal territories within the 4 western states into a single new nation  – the Union of SA. 

    Peculiarly, at the time the British had the power to include Basutoland (Lesotho), Swaziland, Bechuanaland (Botswana) and Matabeleland (S Rhodesia) into this new construct but they did not. As we now see what the British effectively did was create an African Yugoslavia.

    When the Afrikaners came to power in 1948 they embarked on completing their republican dream. In 1834 they left the Cape to escape British domination and oppression to seek their self determination in a territory they would negotiate for with whomever they encountered in the interior. They trekked in peace – not to conquer and rule. Their objective was to live in peace alongside their neighbours.

    Thus they inherited the 9 black tribes they had no desire to rule over. In 1961 they achieved the Republic of South Africa and the British withdrew. The Homelands (= US and Canadian Reservations) were then developed through white taxes, administrative and technological input to become independent self sustaining territories on a par with Basutoland, Swaziland and Bechuanaland which the rest of the world recognised.       56% of South Africas tax revenue (mainly generated by the white community) was spent on this policy.

    The western liberals interfered and succeeded in having this aspect of the Apartheid policies declared “A Crime Against Humanity” by the United Nations. Furthermore they refused to recognise the Homelands that felt they were ready to go it alone and had become independent nations.

    Now we have a situation where the reverse is happening. The Boere / Afrikaners have already petitioned the ANC South African Government for a territory of their own but the ANC has refused to comply with this request. 

    In the meantime the white population suffers these farm attacks and the destruction of the self sufficient agricultural infrastructure; they are being taxed into poverty; certain sectors of the white community are denied employment in the economy; they are denied support benefits from the state; they are discriminated against in gaining access to university education; resulting in many who can emigrating to find a safe environment in which to live, work and raise their children.

    All of these developments are the direct result of the meddling in the internal affairs of a sovereign nation by the liberal governments of the west and the African block in the UN at the time.

    To read the full story of the untold truth of the apartheid era in South Africa, visit:

    on the masthead click on the button: Pandora’s Apartheid Box

    This is the information which the liberal western media, kept, and is still preventing their citizens from reading

    • That is a good link. Here is another. To the Afrikaner Genocide Museum

      4041 white farmers murdered  by black thugs since 1994.  69,000  whites  murders by blacks also counted. True figures unknown.

      Caution explicit crime photos.

    • jeffaral

      Laager:  That’s the problem with Whites:  they want to keep their privileges but don’t want to fight for it, all they can is whining and whinging.   The fat  Boers let the commies and blacks take over, so they should blame themselves.   And do you remenber the Afrikanner resistance leader Terre Blanche?   Only a bigmouth full of bravado!

      • Anonymous

        What do you mean by “keep privileges”?
        White South Africans were at the coal face assisting tribal societies to cross over to christian, democratic, capitalist, industrial structures. In this respect they had the best track record of any sub Saharan country on the African continent.

        Why demonise the so called “fat Boers”?
        The staffed the civil service, police and security forces for 42 years which created a safe haven for the English and Jews to accumulate great wealth.

        Yes I remember ET well.
        If you took the trouble to listen to his speeches in Afrikaans you would realise he was a passionate nationalist opposed to power sharing and black majority rule – something which many correspondents on this site propose.

        Once he was neutralised by the liberal Afrikaaners he advocated a territory for an independent Boer State  – again advocated by many correspondents on this site. His proposal was founded on the original Boer Republics (and their predecessors) which were destroyed by the British
        Read all about it on the AWB website. 
        They have done you the courtesy of translating it all into English.

        A bigmouth full of bravado?
        Actually a very eloquent and gifted public speaker who unfortunately clothed his movement in a quasi-military image which was out of touch with modern political presentation.

        He was no more radical then the BNP and UKIP in the UK today.  

  • Anonymous

    The real looser in all of this is the Black Africans. The only thing keeping the country running is the Whites.

  • Anonymous

    Actually if we left them be their numbers would decrease substantialy.  They can not feed themselves, maintian infastructure, make or properly use modern medicine.  Leave them alone, no foreign aid, and they will slowly die off.

  • Anonymous

    Exactly how are you going to “demand” an end to the murders of whites in Africa. We can’t even stop the murders of whites in America. Africa is a country full of blacks. Whites are a tiny minority. If you whites are unable to maintain safety and control on your own, you need to get out. There is no will in this world to send troups to save you. African Union troops would just participate in your slaughter and Obama is black and he certainly is not going to send troops to save white people. You are right, though, South African whites are dead cool. I would love for them to come and be farmers in California. But they have a stubborn love for Africa and they are clearly selected against.

    On rhinos, I, for one, will never be visiting Africa to see one in the wild and I don’t want Africans to tell me whether to hunt mountain lions in California or not. I don’ t get satisfaction from knowing there are rhinos wandering around in Africa. It is just another form of environmental activism to tell others how to manage their wildlife. Since we killed all the wolves, grizzly bears and wolverines and condors here in California, we are great ones to talk. You may have a poor opinion of African blacks, but they managed wildlife quite well before whites got there. Primitive living is good for the animals. One thing white people are really crappy at is “managing wildlife”. We are really good at destroying animal populations in a short period of time. I have no complaints about the extinction of grizzly bears, here. I am terrified of them and would never go camping or fishing around them, but I have no illusions about the whiteman’s sudden realization of the need to preserve the native flora and fauna

    As for giving the US back to the natives, that is a moot point. The natives are now a tiny, tiny minority from whom we’ve little to fear. Africa is still dominated by its natives and those natives are very scary indeed.

    • Anonymous

      Google: Africa Addio and see what blacks did to the wildlife in the game parks of East Africa during the Uhuru that followed the de-colonisation of the former colonies.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry, didn’t mean to say Africa is a country. I know the semantic obsessives will jump on that because they can’t argue aganst my points.

  • Anonymous

    Who cares? Yawn. Ho hum.


  • Anonymous

    Well if North America did not “belong” to the Indian tribes they certainly “occupied” parts of it – from the Iroquois and Hurons in the east, to the Cherokee and Seminole in the south, to the Apache, Navajo, Commanche’, Arapaho, Sioux and Shoshone in the west and North West.

    No different to the 9 tribes of Southern Africa – Xhosa, Zulu, Tswana, S Sotho, N Sotho, Venda, Pedi, Shangaan and Ndebele – who “occupied” the south after displacing the original inhabitants; the Khoi-Khoi (Hottentots) and San (Bushmen)

    The Boere / Afrikaners settled on the vacant highveld (prairies) and created the Orange Free State and Zuid Afrikaansche Republiek (Transvaal). By contrast the British went to war against the Xhosa and Zulu and took their lands from them.

    Whites have been in Southern Africa since 1652 – longer than Australia and New Zealand. Why should they have to pack up and leave?

    Absolutely EVERYTHING the black man in South Africa is today is thanks to the arrival of the white man and his western customs, education and technology  

  • Anonymous

    Obama associates with people that overtly hate whites. I can only assume he hates whites as well. It does not surprise me that he would offer help to innocent whites who are being brutally attacked in Africa or the US. It makes sense, he sees whites as the enemy. My question is why don’t white Repulicans offer any assistance?  Did George Bush do anymore than Obama? Which white republican actually speaks out against  racial attacks on whites? Which white republican tries to stop affirmative action, forced bussing, or section 8 housing?  Where is the resistance and outrage? They are mostly spineless, and they ignore these awful situations. I only know of politician who stands up against these injustices. It is David Duke, of course, but he is unelectable.

  • Anonymous

    Eric Holder has already done this.