Mayweather Trashes Jeremy Lin on Twitter

San Francisco Chronicle, February 13, 2012

Not every athlete is caught up in the Linsanity.

Unbeaten boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. has posted a swipe at the New York Knicks’ point guard sensation on Twitter.

Mayweather posted on Monday: “Jeremy Lin is a good player but all the hype is because he’s Asian. Black players do what he does every night and don’t get the same praise.”

Lin has led the Knicks to five straight victories, including a 38-point game against the Lakers.


Jeremy Lin

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  • Anonymous

    Some one needs to tell the blacks that Diversity is America’s strength. Here’s another black making some racist comment about Lin.

    “Some lucky lady in NYC is gonna feel a couple inches of pain tonight.”

    This country has never been so divided since the Civil War.

    • Up to my neck in CA

      “Black players do what he does every night and don’t get the same praise.”
      On a side note, black b-ball players are ALWAYS spotlighted on Every day there is a new story of their many accomplishments or heart aches, either praise or sympathy. They are walking talking contradictions.

      • Was he talking about hurting women?

        • Up to my neck in CA

          Steven, he was talking about sex and trying to make fun of a stereotype. black = a big you know what, Asian = a small you know what.

          • Anonymous

             You may be a little right, but the comment really reflects the sadistic nature of black men in general.  They like inflicting sexual pain, get a charge out of it.  Are you unfamiliar with that fact?

          • Up to my neck in CA

            You may be right, but how a black man gets sexual gratification is of no concern to me.

          • Anonymous

             So 25,000 plus rapes of white women a year are no concern to you?  The use of sex as a weapon against whites is no concern to you?  I bet you have a list of what you do care about, and it’s all about you.  Just how self-centered are you?   Why do you bother to post on this site?

    • Funny, the (presumably) better “endowed” Amare Stoudamire and Carmelo “Warn-a-Brother” Anthony (*), $32 million of salary between them this season, led a losing team.  They get hurt and some $762k bench scrub comes in, and they’re a winning team.

      As far as Floyd Mayweather (when will he start his jail term, btw?) saying that:

      Black players do what he does every night and don’t get the same praise

      The difference is that they’re paid big contracts to do that and therefore they’re expected to do that.  Plus, with this insane notion of black athletic supremacy that infects our culture, that’s another part of the expectation paradigm. 

      (*) – See this:

      • Anonymous

        I wish Pacquaio would knock this idiot out already, but I don’t think the fight is going to happen. 

        • Because Mayweather is finding every excuse in the book not to fight him, because the overgrown big baby doesn’t want to ruin his perfect record.  He knows the Filipino Congressman in question will win.

          Mayweather calls himself the “King of PPV.”  Trouble is, people were buying his fights not for him, but for his opponents.

      • Oil Can Harry

        Floyd begins serving his sentence June 1st, AFTER his May 5th bout w/Miguel Cotto.

        Since I follow boxing religiously, I’ve known Mayweather was a louthmouth, racebaiting idiot since ’97.  However, in fairness, Floyd is partly right on this one.

        Were Lin black there would be some hype around him, especially from Knicks fans, but not the overkill we see now. Part of that is because he’s  Asian.

        And I have no problem w/Asian sports fans showing ethnic pride; I just wish more whites would openly do the same. 

        • Maybe whites are “adopting” Lin as some sort of proxy white guy. The point of Lin is,this is a talented athlete who was STUPIDLY overlooked by the coaching/scouting industry. Why? Because great athletes are black;if you’re not black,you get pushed aside. How many WHITE MEN have been overlooked and denied? Their numbers are legion!  Lin had a great advantage over most white athletes,he got to play at Harvard. He got four years of development, strategy, and teamwork. Maybe the Harvard coach earns 10% of what a big time program  coach earns,but I guarantee he is a lot more than 10% as SMART as the big money coach. He’s probably  as good,maybe even better. Whereas most white college athl;etes play on black dominated teams where the emphassis is on BLACKS!!!!!

    • Anonymous

       Sort of speaks to the sadistic sex/rape culture of black athletes and black men in general.  Of course, Amreners are familiar with the book, “Out of Bounds?”

  • Anonymous

    Who is the last black NBA player to graduate from Harvard? And did he get in on educational merit (as Lin did) or was it because he could throw a ball into a hole?

    I’ll answer my own question now. Here are the Harvard graduates in the NBA, along with their ethnicity:

    Gray, Wyndol 1946-1947 (Caucasian)Mariaschin, Saul 1947-1947 (Caucasian)Smith, Ed 1953-1953 (Caucasian)


    I have been unable to find a single African-American NBA player who graduated from Harvard. If and when that happens, expect him to be feted as a god, with an ESPN magazine cover story and possibly a statue on the national mall in Washington, D.C. And woe unto anyone unfortunate enough to chastice said black athlete in the way that Mayweather is castigating Lin. As with Sam Jackson’s comments about Obama the other day, Mayweather is doing a good job of shooting himself in the foot by unfurling the old specter of Black on Asian racism in all its fetid glory. It turns out sadly that Mayweather’s comments are on the tame side, compared to the barbs unleashed by a coethnic who works for Fox News Sports and made a tasteless joke about Asian sexual stereotypes:


    “Mayweather isn’t alone in igniting controversies involving Jeremy Lin on Twitter. Following Lin’s phenomenal performance against the Los Angeles Lakers on Friday night, in which he out-scored Kobe Bryant with 38 points, Jason Whitlock of FOX Sports drew widespread criticism for a tweet alluding to a racist stereotype about Asian men.”

    Mayweather of course will have to suspend his tweets for as long as it takes him to serve his sentence for domestic violence against his wife. Ultimately, I think the insecurity of black athletes like Mayweather is due to the realization that their only hope for attaining status in America is through entertainment. They have not the capacity to earn respect or money through hard work or ingenuity, and must dance for their supper. When they see someone dancing more gracefully, they have to realize the clock is ticking.

    • Anonymous

      Then you had the bench that consisted of Jerry Lucas, Henry Bibby, Dean Meminger, Dick Barnett and some guy named Phil Jackson. If this wasn’t the most talented team ever assembled, they definitely were the smartest. Barnett went on to earn a PhD, Jerry Lucas possessed an IQ comparable to Einstein. The Rhodes Scholar, Bradley, went on to become a Senator. And Reed, Frazier and Monroe all had a great basketball IQ and were among the most respected players of their era.

    • Oil Can Harry

      Hirchbold: “Who is the last black NBA player to graduate from Harvard?”

      Better yet, who was the last black to graduate from Harvard without affirmative action?

  • Anonymous

    Everyone should be allowed to say what they want without reprisals. However, blacks and their liberal apologists demanded politically correct language.

    The only good thing about hate speech laws is that blacks are the ones being caught in the trap they laid for whites.

  • Anonymous

    You can say the same thing about Tiger Woods, Cam Newton, Serena Williams or any other black who does okay in a white dominated sport (or position such as quarterback).

    Ironically, Mayweather has been ducking an Asian boxer named Manny Pacquiao.

    • Anonymous

      Pac-man is a Phillipino, and it is kinda the other way around.  I wanna see the fight, as I would be pulling hard for Manny Pacquiao.  Mayweather is the cocky stereotypical black athlete no one likes.

    • Anonymous

       I wonder if we would make such a fuss over a white Whitney Houston, or Michael Jackson death?  True, we dig up Marilyn Monroe’s rotting corpse once in while, but today we only pile hatred on her replacements, Linday Lohan, Charlie Sheen, etc.  America hates the white failures, crucifies them, but loves blacks no matter how they act.  If you’re black and you can get a camera on you, you’ve got carte blanche.

      Let’s face it, we have allowed or put the black race on the top in America.  We whites did it, out of guilt, laziness, maybe hypocrisy, or whatever, but we did it.

  • Jackie Robinson was a good player but all the hype was because he was black.

  • More evidence that blacks and Asians are not natural allies.

    Liberals who keep pushing the “People of Color” (POC), mantra just want to coop Asians to increase their power base in attacking our side. 

    Liberals use blacks, Latinos, white women, and various “sexual minorities” — pretty much anyone they can get — to get sufficient numbers to attack primarily conservative white Christian men and the civilization they established. Liberals got blacks to support illegal immigration control and oppose border control even though illegals take entry level jobs that could help blacks! 

    Liberals gladly attack conservatives, whites, Christians, and men, but their ultimate goal is to eliminate those who combine all 4 characteristics, esp if he is married: the conservative white Christian patriarch! He is the greatest threat to their goal of making all Americans dependent upon the state, which they’ll run. 

    Liberals are particularly vicious in attacking anyone whom they think should be on their side if support our side (i.e., someone who is only 3 of the 4 — think conservative, white, Christian women like Sarah Palin).

    A lot of East & SE Asians in the US are conservative and a lot of them are Christians. A lot of them are law-abiding, intelligent, hard working, care about their kids and their future, about property rights, taxes, and self-defense against criminals. And a lot of them have money. 

    Not reaching out to Asians as political allies where our interest align is short-sighted. Allowing the liberals to get them and their resources without showing them an alternative is foolish.

    • Anon

      Liberals gladly attack conservatives, whites, Christians, and men, but
      their ultimate goal is to eliminate those who combine all 4
      characteristics, esp if he is married: the conservative white Christian
      patriarch! He is the greatest threat to their goal of making all
      Americans dependent upon the state, which they’ll run.

      That is because all those you named will NEVER attack back. They are part of our problem, not the solution.

  • Anonymous

    Whitlock and Mayweather just sense the end of their Black privilege and are bitterly clinging to their Colt .45 and White hos.

    • Anonymous

       Very funny, and all too true.

  • Herman

    Jackie Robinson was a good baseball player but all the hype was because he was black.

    Imagine if some white person said that.

    And don’t tell me about all the “‘racism”‘ Robinson had to endured.

    From everything I read Robinson dished it out as well as he took it.

    • Robinson was 28 when he made the major leagues.  As revered as April 15, 1947 has become in recent years, as if some divine figure was born on that day, the mainstream media of the day sure didn’t know it.  Most New York and national newspaper and wire service articles about the Dodgers game that day mentioned the first black player in the major leagues only as an afterthought, deep down into the paragraph count.  The New York Post referred to him, (remember, 28), as a “colored boy.” 

      Funny way to recognize “history” on the day after it actually occurred. 

  • Steve Sailer has noted that almost all White Americans in the NBA came from high schools that are almost all white or from communities that are almost all white, meaning by implication their HS was almost all white.

    If the HS is all white, then the basketball team will be all white, because the head coach has no choice but to let whites make the team.  If there is any significant black percentage at the school’s student body, the basketball team will be majority black, because the blacks will try out, and the coaches buy into the cult of black athletic superiority.  Not to mention the 15-year old blacks are generally more physically mature and developed than the 15-year old whites they’re trying out against.  Too, the coaches see a heavily black NBA and a heavily black D-I college ranks, so they figure they just “have to have blacks.”  And the reason D-I is so heavily black is they rely on prep/recruiting services/websites, and they rank the blacks higher because of their quicker maturity curve, they deserve to be ranked higher as 15-year olds.

    It’s only when there are no blacks around and whites get a chance to mature, which they will, many will do well.  That’s why Jeremy Lin is succeeding, because the two big black lugs collecting $32 million this year in the aggregate were out of the way. 

    Similarly, this is why the Tuskegee Airmen ever got to be airmen, because they didn’t have to compete against white pilots.

  • So true!

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. believes that New York Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin is getting national attention because of his race, rather than his exceptional play.

    Didn’t Rush Limbaugh get fired for saying the same thing about Donovan McNabb? 

    Lin has scored more points (130+) in his first 5 starting games than anybody in modern NBA history.

    Black players do what he does every night and don’t get the same praise.

    Yeah, not like anyone ever talked about Michael Jordan, Kobe or Shaq.

    Because Lin is Asian, he wasn’t recruited or drafted.  If Lin were black, he would have landed a top-notch scholarship and been a lottery pick out of college.

    And it’s not as if Mayweather doesn’t have a history of racist rants against Asians (and given a pass).  Remember this?:

    Mayweather went on a profanity-filled racist and homophobic rant against Manny Pacquiao in September 2010.  Mayweather told Pacquiao, a Filipino, to ‘make some sushi rolls and cook some rice.’ He also said ‘we’re going to cook him with some cats and dogs.’

    Mayweather needs to go back to doing what he does best:  coming up with excuses NOT to fight Pacquiao and demanding a larger share of the purse instead of a 50/50 split.  After all, who is the bigger global star?

    BUT, in fairness to Mayweather, Pacquiao DID refuse Mayweather’s request to submit to an Olympic-style drug.

    Anyone here besides Mayweather think Pacquiao may be doping?


  • Asians could be allies in
    fights for many of the issues that are in white’s self-interest: fighting
    crime, reducing taxes, reducing government wealth transfers (aka welfare), against
    affirmative action in education (they as well as whites will lose slots to
    unqualified NAMs), against the Kelo decision and expansive eminent domain
    takings, and for cracking down on crime, esp violent crime. 

    Since Repubs have “your mentality” and don’t reach out
    to Asians and don’t explain why Repub positions are in their best interest too,
    they, by default, go with the Dems who promise everything to everyone.

    Even assuming Asians can’t be sold on border/immigration, that
    does not mean they cannot be allies on other vital issues. 

    “fiefdoms”? LOL! Welcome to America: “cream rises
    to the top.” If you want to displace Asians in “universities,
    the professions and certain types of businesses”, all you’ve got
    to do is out compete against them.

    I really think you are much more
    optimistic re. can be accomplished at this time pushing a “white


    My guess — assuming we get a Repub
    in Nov and they enforce our border and do not grant citizenship to illegals —
    is that it will be at least 10 years before political candidates could take explicitly
    “pro-white” public policy positions and have even a small chance of
    surviving in some states. (If illegals are granted amnesty/citizenship and/or
    the border is not secured, Ann Coulter is right, America is finished.)


    That’s why I say what whites have
    to do is figure out their key issues (for US: fed, state, and local levels),
    prioritize them (small, achievable wins beat big, unachievable losses every
    time), and work to win them all the while building up a sense of “white identity”
    and a “white community” via the internet to counter the MSM and the
    education establishment.


    Then, in 10 years or so, in some
    small enclaves where whites are the vast majority, white candidates may
    successfully run for local, then state, and last federal office. How long after
    that until we’ll have a federal judiciary that helps turn things around? And
    before that, we’ll need a LOT of trained, experienced lawyers who a qualified
    for the federal bench….


    I really don’t think many around
    here understand the extent of the problem (politically & legally) and how
    late we are in the game.


    Look at what happens to
    non-politicians and politicians who took even a weak, implicitly pro-white
    position recently: 

    • CA-WASP, don’t worry about those who disagree. Asians are NOT our problem. Liberals are. Anyway, without further complicating things, I’m going to keep to the very bare basics: Asians generally get along with Whites. Asians generally hate blacks. Period. Some time in the next half-century or so, Asian numbers will be seriously closing in on the blacks in population here in the US. It’s all the more people to despise blacks  :O) Btw, before some people jump down my throat, just remember that us Whites are not doing anything about blacks. So, I say let’s at least bring in more non-blacks who do NOT have White guilt to worry about. It’s not like we are ever going to take this country back anyway. Very unfortunate, but very true.

  • Better theory to explain people’s fascination with Jeremy Lin:  People love “Chicken Soup for the Soul” stories.  The Asian thing is just icing.

  • Anonymous

    Oh come on, now; Making a big fuss over the first black or the all black ANYTHING and EVERYTHING is the U.S. national past-time for decades now.  For a black athlete to say such a thing is not just hypocritical, but smacks of racial supremacist sentiment.

  • Anonymous

     They aren’t?  It wasn’t Jesse Jackson, it wasn’t the usual black pundit crowd, the NAACP, SPLC, etc.?  Who was it then?  Don’t tell me it was Jews!  I’d rather you say it was Ghandi, if  you’re going to generalize.