‘I Don’t Know Why They Chose Me’: Boy Speaks of ‘Hate Attack’ by Asian Gang

Katie Silver and Rob Cooper, Daily Mail (London), February 7, 2012

A trainee chef left fighting for his sight after being brutally beaten in a suspected ‘hate attack’ today asked ‘why me?’.

Daniel Stringer-Prince, 17, was repeatedly kicked and punched by a mob of up to eight people after falling over as he was chased down in Hyde, Manchester.

In the beating he suffered a fractured skull, two broken eye sockets and faces having his right cheek rebuilt with a metal plate.

Daniel has managed to open his left eye a little although his right one remains closed. Surgeons will now assess how much long-term damage there is to his sight.

His friend Kavan Brown, 17, also had his nose broken in the unprovoked attack.

The gang of attackers were all Asian and the police are treating the incident on Saturday night as a race hate crime.

The teenager said as they passed a kebab shop a man inside banged on the window, produced a knife and made a throat-cutting gesture before chasing after them.

Speaking from his home in Woodley, Stockport, he said: ‘After a while we had to give up running because there was nowhere for us to go. They were older than me.

‘One of them grabbed me, so I grabbed him back. He hit me in the face and that’s about all I can remember.

‘Next I remember Kav coming up behind me saying “It’s all right, I’m here for you”. Thank God he was there.’

A taxi driver who witnessed the attack pulled over and called an ambulance for the teenagers.

Daniel said: ‘I’m upset and feel really down. Why me? I don’t know why they chose me.’

His mother Cheryl Stringer, 44, a care home adviser, said: ‘They are evil thugs who picked on two innocent lads.

‘Daniel has come home from hospital but will need to see a specialist in the next few days to assess the damage to his right eye. Thankfully he is able to open his left one a little. Daniel was punched and was then pushed to the ground and kicked in the head. They also took his wallet.

‘I cried when he opened his one eye—it was a huge relief, we were fearful he would lose his sight completely.’

She added: ‘Daniel doesn’t drink, he doesn’t smoke and he doesn’t do drugs. He’s a quiet lad. Maybe that’s why they picked on him and Kav, because they’re both such good, innocent lads.’

Kavan said: ‘I just can’t understand why it happened. ‘I’d never seen any of them in my life before but they seemed to pick us out as we walked down the street.

‘They split us up and we each had five of them attacking us, it was horrific. When they ran off, I saw Daniel on the floor, he was conscious but in a really bad way.

‘I’m still in shock at what happened to me but it’s even more horrendous to see your best mate in the state he’s in and now we’re all just praying he’ll be okay.’

A police spokesman confirmed the attack was being treated as a hate crime, although it is understood there were no racist or other comments directed at either victim.

Police said there were seven or eight offenders who are described as being Asian, in their late teens or early 20s.

Detective Inspector Dave Moores said: ‘One man has been left seriously injured while another is nursing less serious cuts and bruises.

‘I completely understand why this would cause some legitimate concern in the community, but I do not want anyone to jump to any conclusions about this.

‘This type of incident is unusual in Hyde, but that does not lessen the impact on the victims, their families and the wider community.’

Daniel Stringer-Prince

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  • Anonymous

    Amren readers are probably aware that “Asian” in England refers to Pakistanis, etc. and not to Japanese, Koreans, Chinese etc. as the term is understood in the US.

    • Anonymous

       Amren readers and everyone else should also remember the reaction of Japanese, Koreans, Chinese etc… to that pretty girl from UCLA who posted her opinion on YouTube. Stop defending the enemies of our race.

      • Guest

         Funny how you manage to make so many “enemies of the race”, kind as you are.

      • Anonymous

        Orientals are our natural allies against those whom Rudyard Kipling called, “lesser breeds without the law.” 

    • Who cares Sir?  The point is, it’s non-whites attacking White People.  You know this.

  • tacheles beat me to it by 18 minutes! 😉

    Also, I really wish AmRen would start an online forum where whites in various countries could meet online and discuss local issues they’re facing. That’s how to enable whites to develop a sense of racial identity and camaraderie. That’s a necessary first step prior to political and legal action. (Such as restoring/codifying a “right to keep and bear arms” in England and its former colonies, and passing laws permitting concealed and unconcealed carry of handguns for self-defense.)

    Right now, we are a bunch of individuals who post occasional comments on news article…. Yawn!

    We’re isolate because the MSM rigorously censors anything that may unite us. Because we are isolated, we’re effectively divided and being conquered politically and culturally by those who hate us and want to destroy us, our families, our religious faith, and the free nations we established based on our faith. 

    Our enemies’ plan has almost been completely executed. We can’t afford to waste time and effort on merely posting comments on news articles. We have to earn money, to invest it wisely, to care for our own, and get politically involved. Right now, the various TEA Party orgs seem to share many of our goals, even if for different reasons.

    • Anonymous

      Just to confirm, ‘Asian’ in the UK means Pakistani, Indian, Bangladeshi etc.

      I’m all for your idea of an online forum, even some kind of international organisation of like-minded souls. Personally, I have absolutely no idea how we could organise it – I’m a computer dunce. But if you or anybody else has any ideas, you can count me in!.

      Online sites like this and others have their uses, and allows us to release some steam and communicate to other like minded souls (so sites like this are a good first step), but unless we really organise I fear we’ll never get past the ‘moaning’ stage.

      Personally, I want a revolution NOW!. It’s not going to happen, so I’m open to any suggestions about how we can collectively organise.

      • Anonymous
      • Anonymous

        What you want is not a revolution so much as it is a coup by the minority of white men who agree with you, and you want to set up a right wing dictatorship. 

        • NO, Loyal White Briton wants his Country back!

          Why is it that none of you non-whites and your non-white lover white people NEVER demand non-white Countries do to themselves what White Countries are being forced to do?

        • Anonymous

          “What you want is not a revolution so much as  (it is) a coup by the minority of White people who agree with you..”

          There would be no coup by a minority of Whites who agree with me. When the previous Labour government alloed mass immigration into the UK, it was unpopular from the start. The effects were noticed almost immediately, including in my home city – lots more black and brown faces, and lots of non-English languages heard on the streets and in our schools. Since then, every opinion poll that I’ve read indicates that the majority of British people would like to see immigration curtailed drastically. Everybody that I know, both in work and outside work, feels the same.

          Ergo, I’m not part of a minority.

          “..and you want to set up a right wing dictatorship”

          What I want is this: That the population of Britain reflects the history and culture of this Island. That history and culture is British White Christian. I don’t object to immigrants per-se, so long as those immigrants are White and Christian (easier to integrate), and that the number of immigrants we allow in is a reasonable number so that we can cope – unlike the current unlimited number of Europeans who can just enter the UK at the moment.  

          Why do I want my country to be British, White, Christian? – because that’s what I am, and I have the perfectly normal desire to be amongst people of my own kind. This desire to be amongst one’s own kind, by the way, is also shared by Blacks, Asians, Orientals, and all other races.

          As far as my other Politics in concerned, I believe in the following: Right to bear arms (which we used to have in the UK till about 1920),  A free market domestic economy, Free trade between nations, Low rates of taxation, Capital punishment for murderers, Democracy, Accountable public institutions.

          Ergo, I do not want to set up a right wing dictatorship.  

    • Anonymous

      Also, I really wish AmRen would start an online forum where whites in various countries could meet online and discuss local issues they’re facing.

      There are online forums that allow that; those forums are rough places.  Amren just recently took a huge step toward being more up to date regarding posts. Give them some time to settle in, a forum that allows user created topics would require a different script as well as much more aggressive moderation.  In this case slow baby steps are best; one at a time.

  • Anonymous

    Police have confirmed that this incident is being treated as a hate-crime. Nice to see the Old Bill being even-handed for a rare change. I wonder if they’re being leaned on by a Tory Home Secretary?. I hope so. 
    This incident wouldn’t even happen in a mon-cultural society, of course. But I’m glad Old Bill giving this case the attention it deserves. However, This case is just one in many.  See http://www.britainfirst.org .

    • Anonymous

      They may be treating it as a “hate crime” but so far no one has said that it is a “racist attack”
      Major difference, because whites can hate each and perpetrate crimes on one another as can blacks

      With odds of 8 against 1 this is both a racist attack and a hate crime

  • Anonymous

    All British citizens know that Islam is the cause of these type of crimes. However, the uber-liberal media cannot bring itself to say the words, muslim, islam or any other identifier because they are knuckling under and are good dhimmis, just as are the liberal elitist government types. One would think that European civilization would want to survive the Islamic invasion but they are like lemmings and continue heading for the cliff and to ultimate civilizational suicide. I will miss the markers of western culture such as the cathederals, museums and all things European. Once Islam assumes power, all things not muslim will be destroyed and history for the European will be how glorious the Islamic empire is.
    Sad but true. Look in on the Persian and Byzantine empires. They are clueless as to their heritage. You may know that before Islam conquered Egypt, North Africa and what is now Iraq and Iran, there were about 600 Bishops of the Catholic faith ministering to that part of the world. Now there is only 1 left and this is after 1400 years of Islam dominating that part of the world.

  • Huh?

    I don’t make exceptions.  White People being beat by non-whites is White People being beat by non-whites.

    indian, muslim, paki, afghani, black, hispanic, asian, no, I don’t care.  What I see is, White People being beat by non-whites.  That’s what I see.

    White Nationalist – Not me, I’m American, I Stand for America and Americans only.  Just because it just so happens that America was supposed to be White like she was when she was Born is not my fault.