How Often Do You Mix with Other Ethnicities?

Simon Rogers, Guardian (London), February 29, 2012

Nearly half of the white population only meet people from a different ethnic background when being served in shops or restaurants, according to the latest happiness index study published by the Office for National Statistics.

Meanwhile, one in 20 adults describe themselves as “completely lonely” in their everyday lives, and adults are more likely to be happy with their personal relationships than with their lives in general.

The study is part of the ONS’ ‘happiness index’ program, a £2m a year wellbeing project announced by Prime Minister David Cameron in 2010 to try to create an alternative to Gross Domestic Product as a national measurement. The ONS has been asking people how content they feel as part of its Integrated Household Survey of 200,000 people.

In December last year the first results were published, which showed that three quarters of Britons rated their own life satisfaction with a score of 7 or more out of 10. Similar proportions also rated the things that they do in life as worthwhile and their happiness over the previous day at 7 or more out of 10.

The figures published yesterday, which collect different survey results together, confirm what most of us may have suspected all along: if you’re happier in your personal relationship, you will be happier in your life.

Less than half of adults over 16—42%—get to spend time every day with their families—and those who are not divorced or separated are happier than those who are.

The ethnicity figurse show that despite Britain becoming a more diverse society, many people only meet others of the same ethnicity. The least mixing appears to take place at school or nursery—only 15% of white people meet other races there, and only a third of other groups.

The older you are, the less likely you are to mix too—52% of over-75s say they mix with other ethnicities, the lowest of any age group. By contrast, the greatest amount of mixing takes place with young people: 92% of 16 to 24-year-olds say they regularly mix with other ethnic groups, mostly in pubs and nightclubs.

The results also show the growing importance of friends to Britons. In 2011, over 4 in 10 (42%) adults say they spent time most days or every day with their friends—and nine out of ten say they are highly satisfied with those relationships, with higher rates among the young than the old.

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  • Pax Romana

    The Multi-culti’s won’t be happy until we are all miserable.

  • Old EnglishTerrier

    Whites are abrupt to be avoidant when being approached by the smell of other ethnicities because odor represents a demarkation line distinguishing tribes.

    Whites who do mix with numerous ethnicities, like other races in Britain, are conditioned to do so at work and in school which is an afront to the bodies natural senses.

  • There where riots in Heywood,UK attacking the workplaces of the 11 pakis that made a sex ring with native girls. The pakis used drugs,booze to get underage white girls
    sounds like its not a good thing to be enriched

  • We are all subconsciously Darwinian 

  • ” By contrast, the greatest amount of mixing takes place with young
    people: 92% of 16 to 24-year-olds say they regularly mix with other
    ethnic groups, mostly in pubs and nightclubs.”

    they could have followed up with another question which would be more telling: “when you interact with other ethnic groups, is it a positive or negative experience?”

  • Oil Can Harry

    Traditionally the most p.c. whites have been those who have the least interactions with nonwhites. Pompous, upper class types who lecture working-class whites for their politically incorrect -and accurute- observations about “people of color”. 

  • JackKrak

    How often do I mix with other ethnicities?

    Like most people, only when forced to by circumstance.

    Is the author suggesting that we could fill the “happiness gap” simply by meeting & talking to people we normally avoid? I’m guessing that the overall happiness of most white Britons would increase significantly if they could feel more at home in their own country instead of like an unwanted visitor to Waziristan.

  • Good grief…the multicults will not give up! The implication is that Britons (White Britons) are unhappy because they are not mixing it up with minorities! Another impliation is that it should be White Britons who are responsible for interacting with minorities. Why don’t they ask minorities how often they go out of their way to associate with White Britons?

    Who in their White mind would wander into an ethnic “no go zone”  to interact with hostile muslims, who would just as soon club you over the head as speak to you.

  • MissBonnie123

    I can’t understand why the (White) British would want to befriend nonwhites. As a White American I can say that most nonwhites start that racial stuff with me. They refer to me as “you people” or they try to “englighten” me on how racist my people are, or how oppressed they are, etc.

    I really think that the White British who do associate with the nonwhites have to take a lot of subtle verbal abuse from them. I know that I took it when I was younger but, now that I understand what’s going on, I won’t take it anymore.

  • The_Bobster

    I’ve already seen two prime time sitcoms this week where beautiful White women hopped into the sack for one night stands with ugly minorities and felt lucky to do so.

    The media masters are laying on the propaganda hot and heavy with no fear of reprisal.

  • Depends.

    The best is at 1:42

  • Alexandra1973

    Or they’ll have white guilt and readily identify with the tiny amount of non-white ancestry they have…like one of my relatives.

    I have no more than 3% Cherokee (at most, and if my information is accurate–I know I have some because my husband says you can tell by how my eyes are shaped) but I identify as white.  I’m happy to be white. 

    Another thing about mixing…it’s hard to be a nationalist when you’re a blend of all sorts of things.  Say your mom was a Canadian and your dad a Nigerian.  Which country do you identify with?

  • loyalwhitebriton

    I live in a small-medium provincial city in the north of England, which has a large, and ever increasing, ethnic minority.
    However, I work at a place of over 60 employees who are ALL White British. My boss never seems inclined to recruit anybody who isn’t (we have a high turnover of staff). Paerhaps he’s one of us.
    Anyway, when I’m travelling home I often think how nice it would be if the whole city, the whole country, was like where I work – just ordinary, friendly, British white folk?.
    Then I look around, and my heart sinks.
    Would I voluntarily enter into a friendship with a non-white?. No.
    If I saw a non-white on fire, I would do my civic duty and call for the energency services.
    But that’s as far as it goes. 

  • If you watch tv you’d get the idea the white people are so delighted to hang with blacks.  My brother allowed this one black guy to hang around with the whites and years later my sister told me that the guy attempted to rape her. He got a janitor job in an almost all white high school and was finally arrested and sentenced for statutory rape of stupid little white girls.
    Hang out with them if you want.  I choose to stay away from them.  Just my experience with them while in the Army ’69-’71.  Went in without a thought for or against black people and 40+ years later I can hardly bare to look at one on tv.