Black Male Teachers Becoming Extinct

Allen Huntspon and George Howell, CNN, February 23, 2012

Take a moment and think of all the teachers you had between pre-K and twelfth grade.

Now, how many of them were black men?

For most people, this question won’t take too long to answer. That’s because less than two percent of America’s teachers are black men, according to the Department of Education.


It’s this kind of impact that Education Secretary Arne Duncan says he is trying to replicate in classrooms around the country. He launched the Teach campaign and is actively trying to recruit more African-American men to go into teaching straight out of college.

“I think all of our students benefit from having a black male in the classroom,” Duncan says, “But particularly our young black males. I think what we haven’t talked about enough is that we’re competing with the gangs, we’re competing with the drug dealers on the corner, and when students fall through the cracks, when young people don’t have that positive mentor, in a school setting, in the church or community, there’s always a guy on the street corner that can say come my way.”

“I just want our teaching workforce to reflect the tremendous diversity of our nation’s young people. [But] I think fundamentally we have done a poor job as a country, historically, of making the teaching profession attractive,” Duncan says.

The newly launched RESPECT Project is one way the Department of Education is trying to do just that. By offering incentives to teachers and school districts that will increase starting salaries and provide more professional development and training among other things, Secretary Duncan hopes to eliminate barriers and concerns that may keep qualified candidates away.


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  • The_Bobster
  • Take a moment and think of all the teachers you had between pre-K and twelfth grade.  Now, how many of them were black men?

    Three.  Middle school band leader, high school calculus, and high school physics, though the calculus teacher wasn’t quintessentially “African-American,” he was a boyhood Ibo Nigerian immigrant.

    Speaking of education and beancounting, that freak in the LAUSD, (whom I am told showed up to work dressed like Richard Simmons, that should have been a clue), set the cause of men teaching elementary school back a hundred years.

    • Anon

       Take a moment and think of all the teachers you had between pre-K and twelfth grade.  Now, how many of them were black men?I had ZERO black teachers, thank God.  When I was growing up EVERY teacher was WHITE. Many were Christian and not afraid to say so.  Jesus wasn’t a word that we were “afraid” to say in public or in the schools. I have only good memories of growing up in my family, in my town, in my school and I shudder to think of any blacks in our town and our schools. Everything would have been completely  different and my memories would never be the same. I truly feel for White kids today. They will never know the DIFFERENCE of how wonderful and SAFE it WAS and how it is today. 99% of the students were also White. Thank God.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      His name is Mark Berndt and he’s in prison on $23 million dollars bail, one for each count of child abuse.

      The fall-out has produced a witch hunt in the LAUSD with all kinds of idiot parents whose children didn’t even attend Berndt’s school coming forward to see if they too can collect in the ghetto lottery pay-out.

      What I’d like to do to this jerk cannot be written here without getting me banned for life.

      He did indeed show up dressed as Richard Simmons almost every day.

      And, do not EVER tell me the teachers’ union protects perverts like Berndt or teachers who come to school in inappropriate dress. The union does not.  An administrator should have sent Berndt home immediately every single time he came to school dressed in short shorts.   I have seen this happen.

      The official teachers’ evaluation (called the STULL) contains a section on professional dress and appearance.  Berndt should have received an unsatisfactory (and sent home) and told in no uncertain terms he was not to come to school dressed as Richard Simmons EVER AGAIN.  Instead, when looking back through his record, there was no evidence of inappropriate dress or behavior.


  • Too many must be getting arrested for sex crimes. While Eric Holder is trying to force places to hire felons teaching and healthcare have standards about what crime records are allowable.
    We saw here last week the black male head of the Detroit school system leave due to MUH D!ck

  • Anon

    Black males who actually manage to graduate from college and not have felony records are in high demand.  Why should they go into teaching instead of some make-work Affirmative Action job?  Which do you think pays more and has better working conditions?  I’m with the black males on this one.  

  • radical7

    You are correct. They won’t have to worry about Black male teachers molesting them and feeding them semen as we have seen a number of White male teachers who were recently arrested did

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      There was only ONE teacher who did that.  

      Meanwhile, in the past two weeks in the LAUSD:

      A former Los Angeles Unified School District substitute teacher, George Hernandez,  is on the run after his arrest on charges of indecent exposure and child pornography.

      A female high school teacher Spanish teacher in Los Angeles, Gabriela Cortez, was arrested after two male students said they had sex with her, police said.

      Corey Hogan, 32, the band director at George Washington Preparatory High School was arrested after the student and her mother told police that the girl agreed to have sex with Hogan at his home, the Hawthorne Police Department said.

      None are White.


    • The_Bobster

      Hey, Rufus.

      Five in a couple of weeks in NYC. Guess the color.

      Oh wait, there was another one yesterday.


      The first arrest came on Feb. 7 when Taleek Brooks, a teacher’s aide at Public School 243 in Brooklyn, was charged with filming child porn at the school.

      Three days later, Gregory Atkins, a teacher’s aide at Public School 87 on the Upper West Side, was charged with molesting a disabled 8-year-old boy.

      A third teacher — Wilbert Cortez, a computer instructor at Public School 174 in Queens – was arrested Feb. 16 on charges he fondled two young boys.

      And on Wednesday, Chukwumu Duru, a substitute teacher at Bronx Career and College Prep High School, was charged with twisting a 16-year-old male student’s nipples.

      Read more:

  • Oil Can Harry

    Back in high school we had a Jamaican substitute teacher, around age 55, who bragged to us that a black family recently hired him to tutor their teenage daughter .   

    “First we hit the books, then we hit the sheets!” he crowed. 

  • radical7

    ” I had ZERO black teachers, thank God.  When I was growing up EVERY teacher was WHITE. Many were Christian and not afraid to say so.  Jesus wasn’t a word that we were “afraid” to say in public or in the schools. I have only good memories of growing up in my family, in my town, in my school and I shudder to think of any blacks in our town and our schools.”This probably accounts for your racist, mypoic attitude.  

    • Alexandra1973

      Personally I think the moderators let your comments slip by so that they can be refuted.

    • Rad, there’s some racism under that rock, so you better hide under your bed before it jumps out and gets you.

      Hurry up, here it comes!

  • JackKrak

    So, first they want black males to graduate from high school. There’s 50% gone right there. Then they want them to get into college (more gone) and major in education (even more). If by some miracle they graduate from college (down to a handful now), they have to bypass other employers in the private sector throwing money at them to fill a quota spot (down to single digits). After getting their certification to teach (a formality, let’s be honest), they have to accept a fairly modest starting salary by government standards (a couple more  just walked away) only to step in to a classroom full of the ghetto garbage they thought they left behind (one or two left now) and somehow find the self discipline and determination to make it through a stage that has about a 40% turnover (can we go into negative numbers?).

    Yeah, good luck with that.

  • Christopher_Nelson

    They might as well. Education already blows in this country.  So anything that the government can do to make it worse , is much appreciated.

  • Alexandra1973

    I grew up in the Detroit area and not too many black male teachers come to mind.  I had one for my 9th grade World Cultures class, and the same one in 12th grade for my Government class.  Then there was the assistant band director (I was in the high school marching band).  Other than that, I can’t recall any black male teachers I had. And I graduated from high school in 1991.

  • I have had zero black teachers and I thank my lucky stars. I had plenty of black bosses in the Army and while I had some that were alright, most were terrible little tyrants with awful behavior and atrocious personal hygiene. They literally and figuratively stink. Not a single one was anything that I’d consider bright and certainly not capable of teaching me anything other than the races shouldn’t mix because non-whites are just mental and moral inferiors and burdens.

    • Alexandra1973

      I can’t really say anything bad about the ones I had, to be honest.  Of course I only saw them during those classes; what they did behind closed doors, at home, is anyone’s guess.  If they were screwing around with any of my classmates, I never heard about it.

  • The_Bobster

    So what if the kids aren’t learning? It’s a union job. Results don’t matter.

    TWO DOZEN city teachers got the lowest possible score on the Education Department’s controversial instructor rankings, a Daily News analysis has found.

    Data released Friday names 16 math teachers and eight English teachers who received zeroes on evaluations of how well they raised student achievement over more than one year.

  • The_Bobster

    The second black teacher was a very old, or anchient, black woman that must have been suffering from demtia. She told the class once that the letter “Y” was a vowel, or some common sense concept that she screwed up.


    Errrr, sometimes it is.

  • The_Bobster
  • In St. Louis, the equivalent term is “hoosier,” and it’s not a term of endearment like it is in Indiana. 

  • anarchyst

    Since it is (somewhat) common knowledge that blacks require black “role models”, why stop with black teachers?  Blacks should have their own schools for “blacks only”. 
    This would go a long way in diffusing racial “tensions” between the races. 
    Finally, whites could be free of the negative influences of blacks . . .