‘Cooter’ Says NASCAR Dishonoring Southerners by Banning ‘Dukes of Hazzard’ General Lee Car

Bob Pockrass, Scene Daily, February 18, 2012

Ben Jones, who starred as the mechanic Cooter in the TV show “The Dukes of Hazzard,” isn’t a big fan of NASCAR these days.

Jones, a former U.S. congressman from Georgia, was dismayed that NASCAR nixed a plan for golfer Bubba Watson to drive the General Lee car from the hit television series on a parade lap prior to the Sprint Cup race March 4 at Phoenix International Raceway.

NASCAR did not want the car on the track because of the Confederate flag on the roof.

“At a time when tens of millions of Americans are honoring their Union and Confederate ancestors during this sesquicentennial of the Civil War, NASCAR has chosen to dishonor those southerners who fought and died in that terrible conflict by caving to ‘political correctness’ and the uninformed concerns of corporate sponsors,” Jones said in a statement.

NASCAR has tried to distance itself from the Confederate flag, which used to be a staple in the infield camping areas at many tracks in a sport whose roots are in the Southeast.

{snip} NASCAR said that the flag “is not something that should play an official role in our sport as we continue to reach out to new fans and make NASCAR more inclusive.”


“This is also an extraordinary insult to rural southerners, who are NASCAR’s oldest and most fervent fan base, and it sends a message against inclusion and against the need for diversity,” Jones said.

“Many of us who are descended from ancestors who fought for the South see this as a crude dishonoring of our kinfolks and our heritage. Our ancestors were proud Americans who had fought for our nation before the Civil War and have served honorably in every conflict since then.”

Jones said he does not believe the flag is a racist symbol.


“I am a veteran of the civil rights movement, a life member of the NAACP, and a proud member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. As a cast member of ‘The Dukes of Hazzard’ and the owner of several General Lees, I can attest that the car and our show reflect the very best of American values, and that Hazzard County was a place where racism was not tolerated.”


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  • affirmative action is a hoax and should be done away with.  Bill Bishop.

  • This race is in Phoenix.  Who’s really going to be offended by the General Lee and a Confederate Battle Flag?  You probably couldn’t find one in a hundred Hispanics who could identify that flag.

  • eonsmadcat

    Just one more reason not to support NASCAR.

  • sbuffalonative

    NASCAR would stop this if everyone who supported the Confederate flag stopped going to these events.

    Unfortunately, most won’t.

  • dukem1

     Nascar more inclusive?…No way!…Hows about they make it more exclusive?…Limit the competitors to guys who can only drive fast and good….ditch the hangers-on who are only out there to sell something.

  • Blacks do not attend NASCAR so why can’t the Flag of Freedom be displayed?  The Rainbow flag would not be objected to.

  • Heinrich24

    Jones does make an interesting point. From what I can remember(I watched the program as a kid), the Dukes Of Hazzard was an entirely “PC” experience when it came to race. That theme was huge in the 70’s – “must defeat the evil bigots.” This theme played out everywhere from All in the Family to the Waltons and back.

    Thus, as usual, these knee-jerk protests against the Confederate Battle flag are completely out of keeping with the decidely anti-racist message of the show from which this iconic automobile derives. It’s just another excuse to attack Whites, the South, the Confederacy, etc.

    NASCAR should be ashamed of themselves! Talk about attacking your own base!!   

  • Cooter once ran for congress — as a Democrat!

    • Oil Can Harry

      Yes, Cooter was one of the few decent Democrats but unfortunately lost his final race to Newt Get-rich. 

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    NASCAR is being targeted.

    NASCAR did not want the car on the track because of the Confederate flag on the roof.

    How about if the Confederate flag is covered up with a Muslim or Mexican flag?  Would it be OK then?  Maybe an Iranian flag would be more appropriate.

    This may be payback for booing the despicable Michelle Obama and Jill Biden at the Homestead-Miami Speedway.  The people showed their disdain, spoke the truth and rejected her presence.

    NASCAR was “Jesse Jacksoned”  into paying money to an affiliate of the rainbow/push coalition, $250,000 until NASCAR (supposedly) said “enough” in 2003.  NASCAR also agreed to start a diversity program to get Je$$e off of their backs.  This may be payback for cessation of the protection payments..


    • R P

      NASCAR has hired a bunch of diverse employees.

      I stopped watching seriously about 5 years ago.

  • This_Name_Doesnt_Exist

    This is what inevitably happens to any organization that grows large enough to have a human resources department.

  • Christopher_Nelson

    So NASCAR screws over its base so that it can be more “inclusive”? Great. Instead of the General Lee, maybe they can have the General Antonio López de Santa Anna , with a mexican flag on it.  That might be more “inclusive”.

    Well,  people should start boycotting NASCAR, especially southerners.  Money Talks.

    But, I bet that they won’t. People will not hold NASCAR accountable.

    Besides, who wants to be seen supporting the confederate flag? That would be ghastly. And nobody wants to be seen as a  “raciss”.

    • Tim

      Chiclets could sponsor the Santa Anna car since he was the guy who invented chewing gum…

  • fuzzypook

    It’s not as much about banning our flag, but destroying anything associated with white people, our history and heritage.

  • JackKrak

    I’m offended an average of about 20 times every time I go to the mall and I walk past car after car with Mexican, Cuban and Puerto Rican flags hanging from the rear view mirrors and on bumpers. What isn’t the mall worried about “including” me?

  • slobotnavich

    I’m surprised that everybody’s overlooking the feelings of the many Union veteran NASCAR fans, many of whom doubtless still harbor feelings of hostility toward their Confederate opponents.

  • I don’t watch NASCAR anymore… It’s too hyped and over the top ! NASCAR is also forgetting its roots as a “southern sport”, started by,and attended by folks who were proud of the Confederate flag ! It wasn’t started by “Northerners” !

    There was even a race called the “Rebel 500” that featured Confederate flags galore !

    As for auto racing, I like the American Le Mans Series, Grand-AM, Rolex series, and other GT racing series’…

    The cars in those series are closer to what you buy in a auto showroom than what you see in NASCAR !

  • I’m very glad this is happening.  White People are getting fed up with being consantly insulted and attacked and being told ‘this’ (insert whatever) means ‘this’ (insert lie).

    When White People get fed up, they stop listening and start seeing.

  • A phony one.

  • I LOVE your Flag!!!!  It’s BEAUTIFUL!