Posted on February 22, 2012

Oldham Hare & Hounds Pub Scene of Violent Pub Brawl Involving More Than 50 People

Dean Wilkins, Mancunian Matters, February 19, 2012

Oldham’s The Hare & Hounds pub is recovering after a rival gangs clashed in pub brawl of more than 50 people last night.

The pub, in the Chadderton area of Oldham, was hosting a 21st birthday party when at approximately 10.30pm, a 19-year-old white male was confronted by three Asian youths as he rode past the building on a BMX.

The white male was reportedly assaulted and later returned with a crowd of approximately 45 from the pub. The mob were forced inside as a group of possibly around 30 Asian males threw bricks, bottles and missiles at the building, leaving windows smashed and surrounding cars severely damaged.

One member of the birthday party said: “I was having a cigarette outside before the mob attacked the pub. They smashed all the windows on one side, where children and parents were inside drinking.

“They brought bricks and other weapons. If the police hadn’t been called, the clash would have been fatal.”

The two gangs dispersed after police managed to control the disorder. Approximately 45 officers were required to dilute the situation, as several police dogs helped to separate the groups.

The trouble occurred in the Block Lane area, an area that has seen race-related crimes in the past.

A number of arrests were made by police, however the majority of the gang members were ordered to leave the area.

Oldham Police’s Chief Inspector Rob Tinsley said: “I want to reassure the community that we have also launched a full CID investigation which look into the circumstances leading up to this incident and will seek to identify possible offenders.”