Can the White Race Survive Another Five Generations?

Michael Savage, YouTube, June 30, 2011

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  • Marcy Fleming

    What makes anyone think that we have the luxury of five generations ?

    • The problem is that 44% of black 8yo girls has already hit puberty, so 5 generations in 100years for whites could be 10 for blacks.

      •  You have to insane to make such a remark. Study basic human biology please!!

        • Blacks evolved to outrun predators and outbreed disease. You must have learned egalitarian biology, horses do slightly worse than blacks on IQ tests but can breed at 2 years old.

          “As it turns out, puberty at age 7 or 8 isn’t so unusual these days. A new study, published Monday in the journal Pediatrics, shows that more American girls are maturing earlier and earlier. ”
          “Similarly, 23 percent of the 7-year-old black girls had started puberty as compared to 15 percent in the 1997 study. ”

          At age 8, the figures were 18.3 percent in whites, 42.9 percent in blacks and 30.9 percent in Hispanics. The percentages for blacks and whites were even higher than those found by a 1997 study that was one of the first to suggest that puberty was occurring earlier in girls

          • Anonymous

            ” Blacks evolved to outrun predators and outbreed disease.”

            Are you joking?  Blacks did not evolve to outbreed disease any more than Whites or Asians.  You seem to have learned some misinformation from the case of Sickle Cell Anemia.  That is just one case.  Europeans developed resistance to diseases that later killed many Amerinds because the white population was culled by diseases from Asia earlier.

    • I know it’s nasty but I cain’t help it, when non-whites and whites talk about a “brown future” I cannot help but remind them how Third World the ENTIRE Planet is going to be.

      Gone will be the Non-White Privilege, Welfare, Infrastructure, Civility, Ethics, Morals and everything else The White Peoples brought them.  Surprisingly, they don’t dispute it.

      • La Santa Hermandad

        Well said Stephanie!
        Allowing for some periods of total evil and some tragic decisions, the truth is that most of the good brought about in this world was the fruit of the White man’s labor,art and science. The proof of that is evident in Africa and what happened there at the end of the Colonial Period. There isn’t one healthy country south of the Sahara with the possible exception of Ruanda or Burundi. I’m not certain which but I suspect that it’s just a period of calm before the next ethnic butchery begins.
        When some SA Blacks will admit that things were better during Apartheid, what further need have we of witnesses?

        You mentioned the fact that “they” don’t dipute the good brought by Whites. “They” are being manipulated by traitorous, self hating White “progressives”. They are really our worst enemy.

        • being manipulated – And this why I feel sorry for non-whites.  I know I don’t sound like I do but I do and terribly so.  They need to be directed in ALL parts of their Life.  From Family Values right up to Job Assignment, they need help.

          And speaking of being manipulated (excellent point by the way), the Worse Sin of all was to make them believe they could actually measure up to us.  How cruel is that?

          To make one believe they can when they really can’t, is very cruel.  That breeds resentment which breeds anger which breeds violence (acting out frustrations).  Segregation and White Rule is Healthy for Everybody and Everybody knows it.

      • Anonymous

         They’ll be looking around wondering where the good stuff went.

  • Anonymous

    Everywhere I look I see miscegenation in my community.  My father is one of five children, and only two of them had any children of their own.  Blacks and Hispanics on the other hand, are breeding much, much faster.

    Marcy Fleming is right, 5 generations is a luxury.

    The white people are letting the third world into their countries and it is destroying them from the inside out.

    The first priority is to stop miscegenation.  The second should be stop immigration.  The third should be voluntary separation of the races, the way it was meant to be.

    Only then can there be peace and prosperity.

    •  I don’t really agree.
      In reality miscegenation is a tiny percentage of relationships. Overwhelmingly, Whites date Whites. The media might tell us otherwise, but the statistics confirm: most Whites prefer other Whites.

      The real issue is the birthrate issue. The White birthrate is collapsing. And with more immigration, the crisis will continue to get worse. Our priority should be stopping immigration and promoting White racial awareness. Stopping immigration alone won’t stop the massively growing non-White population, but it will slow the tide significantly, buying us some much-needed time.

      But White racial solidarity is key. It always has been. Whites were often in the minority in the South after the Civil War was over, and in other cases, they were the bare majority. However their racial solidarity allowed them to keep control of their institutions and their communities.

      Even if our numbers should decline under the 50% mark before we make a concerted effort to reverse the trends, if we are a racially aware people,  our fortunes will improve.

      Banning miscegenation will do nothing. In the past, before the modern crisis, miscegenation was lower not because of legislation, but primarily because of social attitudes toward it. Focus on the culture, not simply laws. There wouldn’t even be a chance of an anti-miscegenation law passing, anyway.

      • Anonymous

         Don’t any of you here check any news stories in the mainstream?  CNN has for two days run headline articles on the increased practice and acceptance of interracial dating and marriages.  They highlight all the liberal gooblety-gook they can in the stories.  According to their stats, it has gone up quite a bit.  It stands to reason; it is being promoted and pushed daily in the media and at schools.

    • Anonymous

      you have just outlined the basis for South African apartheid. Can’t work: too much jealousy, resentment and spite from the non whites. Look up mimesis as described by Arnold Toynbee.

      • Anonymous

         If apartheid won’t work, what would you suggest?

        I think the blacks should go back to Africa, in racial solidarity.  I think the Hispanics should go back to their respective nations.

    • Anonymous

       Marcy Flemming has an Irish father and a Jewish mother.  What do you think of that?  Is she white?  Is she Jewish?  Is Jewish a race?  Is Christian a race?  Are there black Jews (yes).  Jews as a problem for white race realists is really a matter of our own chickens coming home to roost.  If we hadn’t been tormenting and murdering them for the past 2,000 years, maybe they wouldn’t feel like they needed to surround themselves with others whites have problems with….  just a thought.

      • You’ve already been shown the facts on this in another thread. Why do you keep bringing it up? Your wrong, get over it and move on. Jews aren’t white and if they were persecuted for 2000 years I wonder why.

  • Anonymous

    Alright, since the question of Philo/Anti-semitism is always lurking the corners of debates in white nationalist circles anyway, I’ll raise the question: why is it that the only man in America with a mainstream national forum who will defend whites also happens to be Jewish?

    • Anonymous

      He has the holocaust shield on his side.

    • Anonymous

      Funny, I can’t give you the reply that I think is true, fine.

    • Anonymous

      It could be because non-Jews like Pat Buchanan and Jared Taylor get blacklisted. 

      • Pat Buchanan and Mr. Taylor are not “non-Jews”.

        They are American!

        I hate that.  To call Americans “non-” something is to make them ‘un’.  It’s like saying “We” are not a People.  If you can understand that.

        • Anonymous

          You are too fussy to the point of being impossible to please, much like black people are about language. There is nothing wrong with calling people “non-Jews”.
          What we shouldn’t put up with is being called “gentiles”. That’s a racial slur. But “non-Jews” is fine. I certainly use the terms “non-whites”, “non-blacks”, etc.

          • impossible to please – Of course!  What do you expect exactly, to get from a People whom have been steadily beat down for fifty years?  Smiles?  More Submission?

            To call people “non” is to make the “non” inferior.  I will use myself as an example here:  I call non-whites “non” and thus, make them less than.  To call Whites “non” is to make us less than.  You’ll have to be patient with this ‘ole racist here.  I just can’t put My People behind or under anyone.

            “gentiles” – I don’t use that term, I’ve never heard it used and I’ve never been referred to as one.  I could be mistaken here but, I just don’t hear that word being thrown around.

          • Lou

            What are you babbling about ??  ” NON ” means NOT ..  Or are not.. sheesh !!!

          • Anonymous

             That only shows that you are like everyone else;  they put themselves and their type first.  Even gays look down on heterosexuals.  I used to treat many of them and they called us “breeders” with disgust in their voices.  I would just laugh and tell them that if not for breeders, they wouldn’t be around.  They’d just laugh it off.

          • I don’t see anything wrong with putting myself and my own kind first.  You don’t either I hope!

            How else am I to survive if I don’t put me first and how else are my people going to survive if I don’t them first?

          • Arguing with this guy is like arguing with a 2 year old. When you start making a point or making sense, he puts his fingers in his ears and moves on to the next article to say the same things over and over again. I think he works for the ADL or something. Dont waist your time.

          • Anonymous

             I have never had the sense that the word “gentiles” was a racial slur.  It only means non-Jew.  Maybe closer to “infidel?”  But not a racial slur.  I’ve heard Jew used in a derogatory sense so often it sometimes sounds like a cuss word.

    • because he can.

      All a Jew (no offense Reuben) needs to do is scream “nazi” and everybody stops dead in their tracks.

    • Anonymous

      An alternative question would be why aren’t Mr. Taylor or Mr. Buchanan allowed to express similar views on mainstream national forum? Mr. Taylor is persona non grata to the mainstream media and every time Mr. Buchanan speaks out of line, he’s denounced and excelled. 

      Another question we can ask is why is Mr. Savage allowed to express such opinion without being denounced and vilified but Mr. Taylor and Mr. Buchanan are?

      Why are Israelis allowed to expel immigrants at will and allowed to say they believe their nation should be majority Jewish without condemnation?

      Mr. Savage can say such things because he’s Jewish. You may not like that answer but it’s that simple.  

      • Anonymous

        Savage is denounced. He’s listed on SPLC (where Taylor is also listed) as one of the enablers.  If you believe he is given more latitude because he is Jewish, fair enough. I personally think it is because he is somewhat filled with bluster and that sells markets. Taylor could mop the floor with him in a debate, but the people who pay radio ad revenue don’t tune in for keen insight or citations. They want bluster. Those are my two-cents, as it were.

        • Anonymous

          Savage may be savaged by the SPLC but unlike Taylor and Buchanan, he still gets air time. If  bluster and swagger are what get you and keep you on the air, maybe Mr. Taylor and Mr. Buchanan need to modify their media personas.

          I’m not trying to drive a ‘Jewish conspiracy’ here but I do see a double standard.

          • Don’t count the ADL among the biggest fans of the Michael Savage show.

    • Anonymous

      Pat Buchanan, MSNBC Part Ways: Network Drops Conservative Commentator 4 Months After Suspending Him

      The book “was not his first, nor his worst offense,” said Ari Rabin-Havt, executive vice president of Media Matters. “He’s been making the same racially insensitive, anti-Semitic and homophobic statements for the past 50 years.”

  • Why should Michael Weiner care about whites?  He openly trashed AR a few years ago.

    • Exactly!  I just posted about that and included a link.  I hadn’t read your comment yet.

      • Anonymous

        Yes, it’s strange.  Michael Savage laments the decline of white America but then verbally attacks those of us who band together to try to reverse it.   I partly think that he doesn’t really understand who we are here at AmRen. 
        It reminds me of how Jon Stewart and Seymour Hersh have been the only mainstream voices willing to publicly discuss the power of the lobby that shall remain unnamed.
        The world is upside down.
        sbuffalonative’s comments above is right on target.  While we’ve faced terrible calamities before, this time it is different.  Want to see into the future?  read Illana Mercer’s latest book about South Africa, Into the Cannibal’s pot.

  • NO!

    The suicide book proves it.

  • Anonymous

    Easy, repatriate them. If you want to go mix with them, you’ll have to follow them.

  • Nonsense. Look at the history of Brazil.  And stop with this depressing & self-defeating attitude. All projections of this kind are totally unreliable. Just one illustration:
    Pre-revolutionary era

    According to Dr Malek Afzali, Iran’s deputy minister for research and technology in the Ministry of Health, before the Islamic Revolution, there was family planning but “people did not accept it.” [3]

    [edit] Khomeini Era and pro-natalism

    Following the Islamic Republic family planning clinics of the Shah
    were dismantled “on the grounds that Islam and Iran needed a large
    population.”[4] During the Iran-Iraq war between 1980 and 1988, a large population was viewed as a comparative advantage for Iran.

    Although Iran’s population boom started before the 1979 Islamic Revolution (in 1976 the fertility rate was 6 children/woman[5]), Ayatullah Khomeini’s edict led to an annual population growth rate of well over 3%. United Nations data show that Iran’s population doubled in just 20 years — from 27 million in 1968 to 55 million in 1988.

    At one point in the 1980s estimates showed that Iran’s population would reach 108 million by the year 2006.

    [edit] Rafsanjani era and decreasing natality

    Following the war with Iraq, the death of Ayatollah Khomeini, and taking office of Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and President Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani,
    a sharp change was made in the Iran’s population policy. Realizing “the
    costs of this burgeoning population were going to far exceed its
    capacity to provide adequate food, education, housing and employment”,[6] Iran’s government “declared that Islam favored families with only two children”, as one historian put it.[7]
    Iran’s Health Ministry launched a nationwide campaign and introduced
    contraceptives – pills, condoms, IUDs, implants, tubal ligations, and

    In 1993, Parliament passed further legislation withdrawing food
    coupons, paid maternity leave, and social welfare subsidies after the
    third child. Birth control classes were required before a couple could
    get married. Dozens of mobile teams were sent to remote parts of the
    country to offer free vasectomies and tubal ligations.[8]

    By 2001, an Iranian condom factory produced more than 70 million
    condoms a year, “packaged in French or English to suggest that they are
    imported”, according to a foreign reporter.[8]
    By this time Iran’s population growth rate had dropped from an all-time
    high of 3.2% in 1986 to just 1.2%, one of the fastest drops ever
    recorded.[citation needed]
    In reducing its population growth to this level — a rate that is only
    slightly higher than that of the United States — Iran emerged as a model
    for other countries that want to lessen the risk of overpopulation. In
    2007 Iran’s Total Fertility Rate had dropped to 1.71 with a net
    out-migration of 4.29 ‰ (and population 65 M).

    Explaining the change in religious doctrine on population during a
    birth control workshop in 1995, Deputy Health Minister Husein
    Malek-Afzali stated “Islam is a flexible religion”.[8]

    • islam is not a “flexible religion”.  It’s not even a Religion.

      islam has only one thing in mind and that is Complete Domination.  No Compromise and No Exceptions.

      Stop using wikipedia Sir.  wikipedia actually has a “definition” for a word called “white supremacist” but there is no such word.  There is only “supremacist” and that view can be ascribed to anyone of any race.

      • Anonymous

         I feel I like you , but since this new format has arrived, some people have begun posting that are often telling others to stop doing this or having such an opinion.  Funny, that most of them are women!  We old posters often disagree, but no one I can recall has been trying to order others around (taking the literary position of parent (mother)) until recently.  Wikipedia articles are more often than not, well sourced, but anyone can post on it, so you get some things that others might not like, etc.  No reason to reject a useful reference source entirely.

        • I have a sour taste about it because it dares to reference “racism” as a “white” thing so I dismiss the whole lot of it.  I’ll try not to.

          play mother – Yes.  I do like the ability to debate though.  I would prefer the commenting section to run the width of the computer screen so as to be able to write more without it being so daggone long but whatever.

          People are always going to try to tell us what to do.  We just need to stop listening.  And you know, they don’t matter.

          women – Yeah, some of them worry me too.  I would like to see more support for Men.  I don’t like to see My Beloved White Men walking around with their heads down.  That’s wrong.

      • Anonymous

        Excellent advice..stop using Wikipedia. Rush Limbaugh fell for Wikipedia Hoax about federal judge Roger Vinson back in Sept of 2010..Always amazes me that long time readers of Amren(will not name them;)seem not to read some of the finest Special AR articles by excellent writers.In this instance a very fine article(Special to AR) was one written by Nicholas Stix,dated June 24th,2008..I urge all other readers here to read the article by Stix which i will paste here..

  • Anonymous

    “There is no way the white race can last another 100 years. Lower birth rates, an extremely hostile federal government, other races are at war with us and we are not allowed to defend ourselves or others. Prejudicial laws, constantly having the sins of the world thrown in our faces and being forced to support all other races through higher taxes.”

    ……. More prime reasons for us to revolt, which is underway.

    “When you see pictures of weak minded whites on their knees begging for forgiveness for the sins of slavery; hope just flies out the window.” 

    I’m not on my knees, and I’ve become an activist. Many others on this medium have as well. If we listened to cowards like you, we would have lost the U.S. to Japan in WWII, or we would have lost our country to the Soviet Union during the cold war.  We will win the war. Take your negativity and cowardice somewhere else.

    • Anonymous

      I agree with you. I don’t understand the point of thinking we’re already doomed or will be extinct without the slightest chance to change it.. If that’s true then there is truly no reason at all in commenting or debating the point. But people do that and then want to talk about exactly how it can happen. It’s like a form of masochism. Pathetic.

      • Excellent Point.

        Positive Thinking can and does Breed Positive Results.

        • Anonymous

           They don’t if you just think and gossip about it.  AT some point you’ve got to live the reality you see coming.

          • I’m sorry, what are you talking about?

            If you’re talking about non-white majority, I know.  My Town is less than Four Thousand and we have everything from asians to indians to muslims to mexicans now.

            It’s so bad, I’ve seen THREE different “white” couples with chinese children.  Nice huh?

    • Perhaps Lorin is merely expressing some exasperation.

      I’ve been there only about only a million times myself.  My writing goes back and forth all the time.  One Day I’m Strong and the next, I Need Help.

      It’s hard being White.

      I don’t want to chase Lorin off.  I want to give him ammunition.  Arm him with whatever Knowledge he doesn’t have and give him strength (camaraderie) when he needs it.

      As for your response, I completely agree.

      • Anonymous

        “I don’t want to chase Lorin off.  I want to give him ammunition.  Arm him with whatever Knowledge he doesn’t have and give him strength (camaraderie) when he needs it.”
        “Save your hatred and contempt for our real enemies: Hollywood, the mainstream media, the anti-Racism industry, and the government.”

        Agreed, duly noted.

    • Anonymous

       I don’t like posters like you who have showed up lately and take bossy attitudes with posters, ordering them in this case, to go somewhere else.  You are the one in charge here,  young Stalin!  You and some other new arrivals here ought to learn how to communicate meaningfully.  You are just proving the types who accuse us of being low IQ whites right.

      • Black Swan

        I haven’t been here very long but I see this bossy attitude too, and it isn’t coming from Jared Taylor.  It is coming from holier-than-thou commenters who want to set the parameters of AR to their own specifications, which includes ordering you (or me) off of this site, but not before calling us whiners and cry babies.

  • All we have to do is cut off welfare/benefits. Some whites will take a hit but blacks would starve to death, and mexicans would go home.

    • Anonymous

                      It wouldn’t work. All it will do is to make blacks more violent, savage and lawless – and perhaps provoke actual insurrections and open warfare.

      • Anonymous

        We would win easily in open warfare.

        Letter Re: A Veteran Policeman’s Observations on The Golden Horde

        This shows there might be some pain, but it would mostly be for those that think that blacks are equal.  Blacks can shoot an entire clip and not hit who they aimed at, while 8yo white girls can shoot tight shot groups on black silhouettes.

      • anon

        But many of them already are that way and hate us, so what does it matter?  Why do we keep worrying what they will do to us?  Whites need to toughen up and say no more to them.  Blacks and browns weren’t violent in the old days and they didn’t get welfare benefits or affirmative action.  They are violent today because they know the majority of whites will tolerate their bad behavior.

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        We are in a fight for our survival.  

        Eventually and inevitably it will come to open warfare with blacks and other non-Whites attacking those the government has told them are responsible for their poverty and misery — “The Rich” (anyone with anything more than they have) and Whites (who got rich on their backs by stealing their land (hispanics) or profiting from “slave” labor (blacks).

        It has been in the elites’ best interest to keep us atomized and individualized, us and only us, to keep us from banding together in strength while prodding and allowing non-Whties to attack us openly.

        The US government is broke and the economy is not returning.  The proportion of welfare parasites vs. those who pay taxes continues to increase — as destitute more Third World parasites and refugees continue to flood into the US.

        Which population group is expanding?  The productive or welfare class?  Whites are being taxed to death to support a fecund, low IQ parasitic class.  We Whites are being genocided:

        From every angle, the results showed that the nation’s transformation into a ‘majority-minority’ nation is proceeding even faster than expected. Nationally, the overall share of the non-Hispanic white population dropped from 69.1 percent in 2000 to 63.7 in 2010, a greater decline than most analysts anticipated. In a mirror image, the minority population grew from 30.9 percent in 2000 to 36.3 percent in 2010.

        –Ron Brownstein, A New America

        Look at these disgusting figures:

        *Nearly half, 48.5% of the population lives in a household that receives some type of government benefit.

        *46.4% of households will pay no federal income tax this year.

        *48% of all Americans are either considered “low income” or living in poverty.

        *There are fewer payroll jobs in the United States today than there were back in 2000 even though we have added 30 million extra people to the population since then.

        There will be violence, and lots of it.  And soon.

        Tell everyone you know and care about and spread the word.  We are in a fight for our survival.


    • Anonymous

      Your biggest mistake is thinking that FEDGOV is thinking about your interests.  You are  governed by hostile elites that want you  and your kin replaced by non-whites. 

  • Follow Israel’s lead.

    • Anonymous

       What does Israel do?  I’m not sure what you mean.

      I’ve heard that it’s the only country where a Jew cannot marry a Gentile.

      • Anonymous
      • Anonymous

         Marcy Flemming brags that she is a Jew who has an Irish father and a Jewish mother.  She seemed to be saying she was living in Israel last week, but this week she seems to be living somewhere else.  I don’t know where her parents met and married however.  She seemed to indicate it was Israel, but only she can clarify, or produce another story for us.

  • No Detroit recieves a lot of white tax money, so Detroit is too well off to be a model.

    • Anonymous

      True!  If not for all the state and federal tax dollars that pours into Detroit, it would be as bad as Haiti.  And if not for all the federal tax money that pours into Haiti, it would be worse than Liberia.  And if not for all the….get the idea?  Blacks are far better off with white folks around. 

      After seeing the aftermath of Huricane Katrina, I doubt American black folks could survive very long on their own.  African blacks would fair much better.  

  • Anonymous

    While it’s true that Europe had dramatic loses in populations because of disease, famine, and political instability, there is one important difference. Before, there was no immigration, no drive by the ruling class to create a ‘replacement population’.

    Left alone, white populations the world over would recover. However, that’s not being allowed to happen. Business via globalization  needs workers now, not in a few generations. It’s about workers, not people. Workers can be anyone and white people are only in the way.

    • Yeah, White People are in the way because We expect to be Paid Right and Treated Right.

      It’s not just about workers’ alone Sir.  It’s about White People.  Everything about us is being bit by bit, torn to shreds.

      • Anonymous

        Hi! People were worried about you because they didn’t see your posts for a few days.

      • Anonymous _Amren,

        If that’s true, I gotta tell ya, it’s one of the BEST Compliments I’ve ever had the Honor of getting!

        I was at Politico.  Sometimes they keep me for days.  They like to gang up on me.  They still believe their ‘wolf pack’ tactic will keep me from exposing Truth but to give ’em Credit, they at least read my posts.  They don’t like them but they read them.  Maybe that’s why I don’t mind taking their insults most of the time.  Sometimes I snap back but it’s more of a “you make your Mother so Proud” kind of thing.

        They’re kids (politico) and that’s why I still bother.  Our enemies go after our kids so I try to bring them back.  I’m not sure I do any good.  I’m thinking about going elsewhere.

  • Anonymous

    The good news is….when there are too few tax paying whites left, the system will collapse and the world will become like a science fiction movie.  In other words, what will become of Haiti when there are too few whites to feed them?  People will have to face the reality that we are not “all equal” and measures will have to be taken to save the human race.   Billions will die but we will be brought back from the brink….I hope.    

    • Steven Bannister

      No, you are WRONG.

      The sad reality is that Whites CAN be replaced – they can be replaced by Asians and Indians doing white-collar work and Hispanics doing blue-collar work with A TINY MINORITY of high-IQ Whites and Jews functioning as the elite on top. 

      The buses will run and the factories will hum….but the music, the stories and the voices of our people will be forever silenced. The sight of our beautiful women will become rarer and rarer. 

      Let’s stop kidding ourselves: This often-repeated theory that “things will get better once the system collapses when Whites become a minority” is wishful thinking on the part of “White Nationalists” who just want to sit around until the revolution “just happens.”

      This is dangerous and misguided thinking. The system will NOT collapse when Whites disappear. And there will be no revolution – not unless the very people on this board start one. 

      • Anonymous

        Things can drastically change in a short period of time. No one could have comprehended the radical demographic changes in the U.S. in the 1960’s. We can turn things around but Americans are going to have to suffer and get their priorities straight once again.

      • That oft-repeated theory you mention is generally the false hope of people who have nothing to lose because they have nothing to begin with, WN/RR or not.  It’s especially insane for any of our people to think it, because in the American experience, government grows more intrusive and leftist in times of crisis.

      • Anon

        WN’s just sit around until the revolution just happens?  Sounds more like US. I see more WN’s that do way more than we do here. They do get out in the street and they do face hostility from all sides.They are marginalized in every way possible. They have infiltrators all over the place. They are even demonized by the very people that post on this site. So, my question is, WHO is just waiting around?

      • Anonymous

         I disagree.  There isn’t one non-white people on earth that can stand without the White West.  The non-whites showing up here cannot replicate America just as they can’t replicate Europe in Europe.  It will change into their own unsuccessful states and cultures.  This will cause the system to fail and the chaos will mushroom from there.  I don’t think people like you see the entire picture.  The healthcare systems alone will be overwhelmed and pandemics will break out.  Food will be difficult to process and deliver.  Masses of people will riot.  More disease and martial law crackdowns worse than in Syria today.  It’s been predicted by others, long before now and not just Chittum.  Issac Asimov predicted it in 1980. Everything he said is happening and it is multidimensional in cause and effect.

      • Black Swan

        The economy is in the process of collapsing right now.  Seen the crushing debt we’re under?  Do you think the dollar is strong?  Is velocity up?

        A tiny elite will not be able to feed the seething masses of hostile natives that are left.

  • This is the same savage who rejected an American Renaissance media pitch, a few years ago, with the words:


    Make up your mind, Savage.  Are you pro-white or not?

    • Mahound

      Well, a lot has happened during those few years my friend. Lots of fellas in the neoconservative/counter-jihad movement have done their homework and come to realise some greater truths along the way, I know because I could be counted among those. The tone has certainly changed of people like Steyn and Savage.

      Have patience folks and don’t be afraid to invite the prodigal sons to the camp. When the establishment falls it will fall hard and fast.

  • Anonymous

    You WILL get a picture sooner rather than later. 

    The United States Of Ameritard…… by Blacks and Mestizos……welcome to your worst nightmare.

  • Anonymous

    Whites can run a filibuster in the Senate.The plan should begin now by voting out all Democrats from cold white states.

  • vulturesandhyenas

    In 2100 whites in America will be a minority.  Also the definition of white will drastically change.  Whites will include people of mixed race.  Most whites will be mixed race.  

    Basically the conception of white will look like Brazil now.  

    • Not if you decide to not let it be so.

      White People are scared to death about how they’re gonna feed their Young and I understand this but this is where We must Truly come Together.

      We must Encourage Births and Ensure our Fellows, Help will be Given.  We have to help each other and know, it is not for naught.  We will Win as My Fellow Americans have previously written here.

      • Anonymous

        I know some libtards that actually look forward to the day that we’re bred out of existence. They mistakenly believe that will end all racism.

        • When it comes to those people, I used to call them out on their Double Standard (non-white racism, non-white privilege, etc.) but last time, I used White Genocide (thank you to whoever started it).

          The last beating I took from them (using White Genocide), they actually changed tactics.  They used to just call me names and throw silly insults but this time, they started acting “concerned” about my “anger” and telling me to find “forgiveness” before my “anger” “eats me up”.  It was quite amusing!

  • Anonymous

    The great Arthur Kemp predicts in his very interesting and informative writings (I strongly recommend him to everyone), that the White race (ie persons of undiluted European descent), will amount to no more than 3% of the World’s population by 2100.
      At 3% it’s ‘game over’ pure and simple, never mind what anyone says or writes, once you’re down to those sort of figures you know it’s all over and finished.
      I have such faith in Kemp that I take anything he writes most seriously indeed.

    • Ed

      That’s 88 yrs in the future…….  lots can and will happen………  the antibiotics problems plus the std/aids mutations could easily explode into a factor……….and that’s just one factor…..  how about new generations of people believing differently than  the garbage generation of the boomers. (of whom I am a reluctant member and have always been a reluctant member)

      So it’s too early for game over, but we do live in very neurotic and dangerous times………..  look at today’s news of Obama cutting the warheads by 80%.   Do you believe that China and Russia and Iran etc are not licking their chops while thinking about how to divide up America?   But that’s a different topic than the end of whites…….

    • Anonymous

      At 3%, they can keep us in zoos as exhibits…..if they remember to feed us.

  • Anonymous

    Unfortunately, science shows the planet’s climate can’t survive another five-generations. 🙁

    So the question is more academic than relevant.

    Personally, I think white people would certainly survive both apocalypses. But they would be greatly reduced in numbers, power, and living conditions. And their long-term survival is questionable. And they would never get back the wonderful world they have today.

    • Marcy Fleming

       Bogus leftwing AlGorean utter nonsense parading as science. See Lew site for many critiques of global warming and oh by the way we do not have a wonderful today at all.

    • Anonymous

      Oh, get off that global warming stuff. No thinking individual believes it anymore. We have an immediate concern: the very survival of our race.

  • Anonymous

    The future does not belong to the white race. It certainly does not belong to blacks and Hispanics, unless they are exceptional. It belongs to individuals with superior intelligence. According to Charles Murray’s recent book, “COMING APART: THE STATE OF WHITE AMERICA, 1960-2010,” they are behaving, performing, and living well, while the white working class comes increasingly to resemble the black underclass.
     Michael Savage has nothing to worry about. Ashkenazic Jews, with their average IQs of 115, will be well represented in that future. 

    • Anonymous

      Criticism of Murray by someone who seems to know what he’s talking about: 
      Vinteuil: incessant & proudly ignorant attacks on Charles Murray (the former always makes a point of the fact that he hasn’t read the latter and doesn’t plan to) never cease to freak me out.
      Look, Murray has a long track-record, and that track-record shows him to be an incompetent and a shill. When you’re the most prominent public figure writing about extremely serious and controversial topics, this is a huge problem. Let me cite a few examples.Back in late 1980s, I read Murray’s anti-Welfare “Losing Ground,” which I thought was quite good. Obviously, I noticed he’d left out any mention of the absolutely crucial HBD/IQ role and framed his entire critique in Ayn Randian terms, but I certainly didn’t blame him. After all, authors need to eat, don’t they?But then after his big IQ book “The Bell Curve” came out, he was asked about that in an interview, and claimed that when Losing Ground came out, he’d been totally ignorant of IQ/HBD, and never dreamed it was a factor in anything until Herrnstein had contacted him, and unfortunately, I tend to believe him. Herrnstein/Jensen/etc. had published their stuff in the late 1960s and had gotten *massive* media attention, yet Murray had spent decades as a professional social scientist focusing on welfare/underclass type issues, and had never heard of any of that research. This is not a good sign.Next, Murray’s Bell Curve book was extremely long and full but not very good and got lots of things confused. Anyway, it didn’t really say much that his co-author Herrnstein (a very serious scholar) hadn’t already indicated 25 years earlier back in 1969. In fact, I suspect Murray was really just writing up and popularizing Herrnstein’s research, which he didn’t fully understand in depth, and this turned out to be a *huge* problem since Herrnstein died just as the book came out. I remember seeing Murray on some TV show getting hostile questions from opposing scholars, and he didn’t really handle himself very well, since Herrnstein wasn’t around to pass him the answers.Recall also that Murray claimed that for IQ-deterministic reasons there would be a *gigantic* growth in the national white underclass, just as disorderly and violent as the existing black urban underclass, and therefore by now all our cities would have become deadly no-go ghetto zones on the way to American “custodial democracy.” Instead, crime has since totally collapsed nationwide.Afterwards, he mostly wrote silly libertarian books to impress his silly libertarian friends and paymasters, notably proposing to solve our social problems by having the government annually distribute $10,000 worth of free crack, er, I mean $10,000 in *cash* to everyone living in ghettos. He generally avoided IQ issues, except for a long article a few years ago in Commentary, in which he endlessly praised the unimaginable genius of the Jewish Race, and (as I recall) suggested that one major proof that the Jews possessed the most brilliant minds in history was that they had discovered the only true religion. Presumably, Murray wanted to have his stipend raised so he could buy a fancier house.2/14/12 12:35 PM

      • Marcy Fleming

         A really stupid attack on Murray and by the way crime has been going back up for years, in fact it tends to be vastly underreported in urban America.
        It hasn’t begun to ‘collapse’ in urban America, much less ‘totally’ !
        There ARE increasing numbers of W*****s who act like that OTHER group.
        Ayn Rand was right about welfare, 99.99% of all attacks on her are utterly imbecilic. The Bell Curve is a great book on the whole despite a few problems like sourcing Rushton on some questionable claims.
        Herrnstein was the greater scholar but so what ?
        If you are going to write that a book isn’t very good shouldn’t you back it up with many specifics ? Steve’s Blog seems typical of garbage that proliferates on the net.
        The only thing silly about libertarianism are the attacks on it by statists.

        • JohnEngelman

          A really stupid attack on Murray and by the way crime has been going back up for years, in fact it tends to be vastly underreported in urban America.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
          – Marcy Fleming                                                                                                                      
          How do you document that? According to FBI reports crime has continued to decline during the Great Recession.                                                              

      • Anonymous

        Crime has fallen because of mandatory sentencing laws (reducing recidivism rates).

        • And a lot of other things.  Wooden nickel’s worth of free advice:  When explaining a social phenomenon in a complex socieity, avoid monocausality.

          Along those lines, I was thinking about crack babies today.  Why, I don’t know, but I remember the gloom and doom dyer predictions that everyone was making of the crack babies of 1990 turning into the 20-year old superpredators of 2010.  Why didn’t it happen?  Maybe crack babies turned out to be teenagers and adults who are so mentally disabled that they can’t form the mens rea to be career criminals.

    • Marcy Fleming

       As an Ashkenazim Jew I will tell you that as usual you don’t know what your talking about. We are dying out, we are well below even replacement rate and intermarriage
      as in my parents’ case is now the norm. The only Jews reproducing are lower IQ Hasidim,
      in fact the average IQ in Israel is 89, now 115. Ha’aretz in Tel Aviv, the Left Zionist daily did a study on this a while back. I think intermarriage is great because I never believed that Chosen People baloney nor do I believe that we Ashkenazim are descendants of the ancient Hebrews and considering what a bloody, genocidal group they were that’s a relief. See The Invention Of The Jewish People by Shlomo Sand of Tel Aviv University.
      Two groups seem to be upset at Sand’s thesis, Nazis and Ashkenazis.

      The Chinese American LibDem Governor of Washington State a few years ago actually wanted legislation outlawing the word ‘Oriental’ as ‘racist’ ! Stupid idea but if you were to use that term here in SF’s Chinatown it would considered offensive by most Chinese and others.  The IQ differences between NE Asians and SE Asians and between Mandarin and Cantonese Chinese is vast. You need to stop peddling your antiquated prejudices about a model minority, no such animal.

      On Rushton, isn’t he the same guy that claimed penile v. brain sizes are in inverse proportion ? This was a cause of embarrassment to The Bell Curve authors, who had
      otherwise produce a more solider book.

      If there is any future it will belong to Caucasians. East Asians are great imitators but a copy is not the original as you once noted on another thread here.
      Ultimately all achievment is individual but there are many more talented whites than other races. Western civilization as Ludwig Von Mises noted is the product of the white
      man, which as a white woman I gladly acknowledge.

      • Anonymous

        On Rushton, isn’t he the same guy that claimed penile v. brain sizes are in inverse proportion ?    
        – Marcy Fleming
        Professor Rushton has spoken at several American Renaissance conferences.
        I will not say anything about my dimensions below the belt. Above the neck I have a high forehead, and an extra large hat size. 

        • Marcy Fleming

           I wasn’t asking about your personal specifics. A high forehead is a good sign but an extra large hat might imply a swelled head.

      •  It’s “as an Ashkenazi Jew”, not “Ashkenazim Jew”.  “Ashkenazim” is plural.  Also, to state that Ashkenazim, as a whole, are not descended from ancient Jews is irresponsible.  There is no doubt that many are not.  But there is also no doubt that many are.

        • Marcy Fleming

           Wrong, they either do or do not descend from the ancient Hebrews and the best evidence is that they don’t.
          I understand that Ashkemazim are plural.

          • Marcy wrote:

            “Wrong, they either do or do not descend from the ancient Hebrews and the best evidence is that they don’t.
            I understand that Ashkemazim are plural. ”

             “They” or “we” Marcy?

          • Anonymous

            Recent genetic studies, based on Y chromosome polymorphic markers, showed that Ashkenazi Jews are more closely related to other Jewish and Middle Eastern groups than to their host populations in Europe…
            It is historically well documented that the Khazar King Bulan and his court converted to Judaism at the end of the 8th century CE.1 The Khazars were originally a Turkic tribe from Central Asia who settled in the northern Caucasus and later spread to southern Russia and eastern Ukraine. Some authors argue that after the fall of their kingdom in the second half of the 10th century CE, the Khazar converts were absorbed by the
            emerging Ashkenazi Jewish community in Eastern Europe.18, 19 Since R-M17 haplogroup is also found at moderate to high frequencies in Central Asia20 and southern Russia/Ukraine,5 this haplogroup could have been present in the Khazars.
            However, if the R-M17 chromosomes in Ashkenazi Jews do indeed represent the vestiges of the mysterious Khazars then, according to our data, this contribution was limited to either a single founder or a few closely related men, and does not exceed 12% of the present-day Ashkenazim.


      • Anonymous

         “You need to stop peddling your antiquated prejudices about a model minority…”

        You are one mixed up Schitza.  In a former post, you said that Jewish IS a race, then you say that you have an Irish father.  By your definition, you are a half breed.  Of course, Jewish is NOT a race, it contains a number of ethnicities and several racial groups, not withstanding your own example of marrying out side of your faith.  But wait, you’ve said that you’re an atheist.  So just what does make you Jewish?

        But not stopping there, you claim that ancient Hebrews were a bloody, barbaric people.  And who wasn’t?  How many people did Alexander kill?  How many did Xerxes when he was establishing the Persian Empire?  Later we have the Turkic Huns, who slaughtered entire groups of peoples, millions, I read.  Then, Genghis Khan, whose god told him to conquer and slaughter as his chosen leader of his chosen people.  The Vikings were fierce and bloody.  All the Germanic tribes were aggressive.  Romans too, were murderous lot.  Then we find that in the New World, before any white man arrived, the natives were busy murdering one another and practicing human sacrifice and cannibalism right up to the moment of the arrival of Columbus.  So maybe what you accuse the ancient Hebrews of is not such a lonely category?

        We can top off this with the latest archeological and history analysis’ of the reliability of the Torah or Old Testament.  The best interpretations point to the entire story as having been created by community leaders of the Hebrews while they were as a group, slaves in Babylon.  It turns out that they did not wage a war of conquest in Canaan, they were the Canaanites.  They likely overthrew the ruling dynasty and proclaimed a new era of rule, but were soon conquered by the Babylonians.  The writings were intended to help give identity to them as a group.  There was no Exodus from massive slavery in Egypt.  At best, they were joined by a few escaped slaves and the writers used it to concoct a huge and completely fictitious story, along with the talking snakes and the seven days of creation.  All the bloody battles and slaying in the Torah are minimal in reality compared to the much bigger players of the same historical epoch and certainly compared to the later players, and CERTAINLY compared to the wars of the 20th century.

         “You need to stop peddling your antiquated prejudices about a model minority…”

        I have been posting on Amren articles here for eight years.  I have had many occasions for disagreement with other posters.  Most long time posters know my position on things by now.  We have been able to disagree without calling names and without using commands like “stop doing this, stop that….”

        One thing we agree upon is our right to voice our opinion.  You repeated style is to attempt to shout down, order others to cease expressing their opinion in favor of your own very questionable ideas and claims, and obviously confused premises.   We like women to post here, we white men need and want white women to join with us.  But what we don’t want (and I think I can speak for many) is a sort of post-feminist boss-lady to jump into issues and order people to stop making their arguments on this discussion board or anywhere else. 

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Evolutionary biologists call it the r-K scale of reproductive strategies. At one end of this scale are r-strategies that rely on high reproductive rates. At the other end are K-strategies that rely on high levels of parental care. This scale is generally used to compare the life histories of different species of animals. I have used it to explain the smaller but real differences between the human races.    
    On this scale, Orientals are more K-selected than Whites, while Whites are more K-selected than
    Blacks. Highly K-selected women produce fewer eggs (and have bigger brains) than r-selected women. Highly K-selected men invest time and energy in their children rather than the pursuit of sexual thrills. They are “dads” rather than “cads.” 
    – Professor J. Philippe Rushton of the University of Western Ontario 
    Whites should not try to out reproduce third world peoples by having large numbers of children. They should stop subsidizing the illegitimate reproduction of third world peoples by discontinuing  programs like Aid to Families with Dependent Children. 
    It is more important to raise a few children well than many children poorly. 

  • Anonymous

    There are more white people alive today than at any other time in the planet’s history and yet so many are screaming, “Game over, man!” 
    Ten years ago, no one was talking about illegal immigration. Now it’s everywhere. Things can get better. But we cannot sit on our hands and wait for someone else to light the fire.

    • Anonymous

      Ten years ago, no one was talking about illegal immigration” 

      • Anonymous

        I was thinking as a national political issue. But you’re right.

    • You realize white people are only 10-14% of the worlds population right?

      • Anonymous

        That would bother me if whites were evenly distributed across the globe.

  • Anonymous

    I’d call it genocide as well, but do you apply it consistently? Do you notice it when protestant Churches in the great white north import Somalis and Haitians because that’s “what Jesus would do?”

  • He’s smart in a lot of ways, and worth listening to, though caveat emptor.  But he always brags about his two Master’s and one Ph.D., but then says things that someone with those degrees should not say, or is ignorant about things which a man should have learned while along the road of earning those degrees.

    I’m guessing he ditched undergraduate microeconomics, otherwise he would know the futility of price floors and therefore not be a minimum wage fanatic.  He probably also ditched comparative religion, because he was ignorant about basic fundamental Christian theology when Jerry Falwell filled him in while he was a guest on his show.  That Weiner doesn’t think Christianity is a good idea doesn’t surprise me, and his negative reaction to Falwell wasn’t a surprise either.  The surprise was that he didn’t know, in spite of all that “education” he brags about.

  • Woody Woodpecker

    Just curious here.

    I believe the Semitic peoples are considered Caucasian. Do most of the posters on Amren  consider White and Caucasian to be the same thing? There are many Southern Europeans with the Mediterranean skin tone, are Caucasians in these groups considered by most here to be White?

    Only curious here, not trying to start any arguments. My own personal opinions has always been, for the most part,  that Caucasian = White.  Examples being the Lebanese Christians Danny Thomas & Jamie Farr.  I always thought of them as White. Same for Southern Europeans as well, like the actor Ralph Macchio.



    • Anonymous

      North Africans and the Dalit in India are also Caucasian but are pretty darn far from being white.

    • I don’t like the word “Caucasian” because it has “asian” in it!

      I’m kiddin’!  I personally don’t know but if “Cauc”asian” has any actual asian in it, then no, they’re not the same.

      • Anonymous

         The first time I ever heard the term Caucasian, it was said to pertain to those groups of people indigenous to and north of the Caucasian mountains.  The Ural mountains divide Asia from Europe the same way.  But not liking Caucasian because it has Asian in it is a waste of emotion.

        • I said I was kidding!  I thought it was rather funny but apparently, you don’t!  I’m Sorry!
          As for your post.  Interesting.  I thought some them were lighter due to Colonization.

  • La Santa Hermandad

    You’re right. We got to stop this growing resignation to what we perceive as our impending doom.
    The very first thing that needs to be done is the removal of the present administration.  We then have to be the loudest voice in the room when it comes to our interests. That’s what the others have been doing for the past 60 years.  We just sat and watched while they took over.
    Whomever we elect has got to have his feet held to the fire. They’ve taken us for granted for too long. We make noise, we get noticed.
    As I’ve stated in previous postings, the White worm needs to become a White cobra. No more hand wringing and wishing for God’s help. Give up a day of mindless TV and participate in a demonstration e.g. outside a courthouse where a White crime victim or the loved ones of a murdered one aren’t getting justice.
    We need to stop supporting activities and entertainment that marginalize us.
    I’d like to see White actors refusing to take roles where they’re required to cowtow to their Black superiors and roles where they always protrayed as criminals brought to justice by Blacks in dramas that are supposed to depict reality.
    IF you have sports channels on your cable, drop them: especially football and basketball. Don’t patronize sporting events dominated by thuggish Blacks.

    Just as an aside, what’s the Black population of Hawaii? Hawaii Five-O now has a Black Governor who throughout the latest episode did  nothing but harrass Steve McGarrett and his team. Both the Whites and the Asians spent the entire episode bowing and scraping to him.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, the anti-white propaganda is blantantly obvious in every aspect of the media. I recently saw a black-oriented children’s cartoon on daytime TV. It portrayed a surly black character beating up an “stupid” white man with a stick. The act was portrayed as comedy. I don’t recall anti-white propaganda every being so barbaric and crude. I cancelled cable a few months ago because of that and many other reasons. I tell others to do the same. Ironically, the only person I know of who listened to me was my black neighbor.  Most of the whites I know of are still drinking beer, yelling at the TV while their favorite football/basketball team plays. Go figure.

  • John D

    “–Maybe the reason Michael Savage rejected an American Renaissance media
    pitch is because he afraid of getting blacklisted, himself.  If  he does
    not disavow American Renaissance.  In other words, so that he can be
    able to publicly defend the white race, and avoid getting blacklisted,
    like Jared Taylor and Pat Buchanan.–“

    I think this nails it, Harry.  I listen to Savage a good 3-4 times a week, and he totally gets in on matters racial.  The one thing he hates is what he’d regard as irrational hatred of Jews, while at the same time, he publicly recognizes how crazy it is for Jews to be leftists in such great numbers.  In other words he hates Jews that are leftists, because they are leftists, not because they are Jews.  But he completely gets in on illegals, problems in the black community, Muslims, etc, etc, etc. 

    Better he disavow places that would get him kicked on the air if he publicly supported them, allowing him to stay on the air to speak what comes closest to truth about matters racial of anybody on the air.  If you haven’t given him a listen lately, I’d suggest you give me a try, because the only other guy that approached speaking the truth about matters racial (Pat Buchanan) is off the air.

    • Weiner could have just rejected it by throwing it into File 13 then saying nothing.  But he crossed a Rubicon with his vicious vile hateful response.

      He does not defend whites qua whites.  He said what he truly wants is “non-racial nationalism.”  What the fudge is that, other than an oxymoron?  He always boasts about his black “friends,” the ones in between his ears, no doubt.

      We shouldn’t make him out to be something he’s not and plainly says he doesn’t want to be.

    • Anonymous

      You and Harry are engaged in wishful thinking. Savage is a sad sack!

  • jeffaral

    The real question is:  Can the White race survive another TWO  generations?    It seems some people -like Mr Savage – are too optimistic or live in their own fantasy world!

    • Yeah I was thinking the same thing….FIVE??? We may survive 5 generations but god help those poor white people that are still around.

  • deb

    Amazing that you still think that gays are cowards. Go into the bars in any city and you’ll change your mind oh so fast.

    • For every tough gay you can produce, 100 limp wristed femmes can be produced. Get real. Prolly could produce 100 gay child molesters also.

    • mikejones91

      Yeah I am with you on that. Gays can be VERY masculine. They just “act” differently in the Bedroom lol. My only problem is this..Gays are ALWAYS excessively liberal, and therefore anti white, for the most part. I have yet to meet a pro white gay. Though I am sure they are out there, I havent met one yet.

  • Marcy Fleming

     Exactly. Thanks.

  • Marcy Fleming

     Exactly. I know people who know him over in Marin County where he lives and they say he’s like pro-wrestling, as sincere and in it for the $.

    • Anonymous

       You just live everywhere, don’t you?  I lived in Marin for years and know people there.  But I’ve almost always lived on the West Coast, except for living in Eastern Europe for a couple years.  “Red diaper doper babies.”  You sound like one of them. in a neo-fascist sense.

  • deb

    “Feminism”: The need a woman has, instinctive and powerful, to define her life for herself, to live her own way and to know that only she owns her body.” Ah, now I see why you’re terrified.

    • Anonymous

       I was a young adult at the inception of the Women’s Movement in the late
      ’60s.  I can tell you that men were not supporting this, and the ones
      that later did, did so for the same reason everyone corrupts; their
      livings depended upon it.  Once men gave a little and the door opened,
      the rush was huge and the women played real dirty.  A good book on it is
      by a former LA Chapter President of NOW.  Tammy Bruce left NOW and
      wrote the expose’  “The New Thought Police.”  It’s all about how
      feminism created the language of PC and modern political intimidation.

  • Anonymous

    Marry her. 

  • Anonymous

    I had moderately curly hair at one time. Scots-Irish.

  • Anonymous

     Which explains why so many females post on this site?? Wasn’t it MEN who gave women their rights? I’m a white woman and I vote conservative; always have. You’re painting with much too broad a brush, Woody.

    • Anonymous

       I was a young adult at the inception of the Women’s Movement in the late
      ’60s.  I can tell you that men were not supporting this, and the ones
      that later did, did so for the same reason everyone corrupts; their
      livings depended upon it.  Once men gave a little and the door opened,
      the rush was huge and the women played real dirty.  A good book on it is
      by a former LA Chapter President of NOW.  Tammy Bruce left NOW and
      wrote the expose’  “The New Thought Police.”  It’s all about how
      feminism created the language of PC and modern political intimidation.

  • Anonymous

     Exactamundo, Dan. In my large, extended (white)  family, three children were  born in the past year, two young women are pregnant now, and every one of their friends is having or has had a baby in the past year.

  • Anonymous

    You think you’re living in a Mad Max film already. I’ve known men like you, and they usually crumble when it come right down to it.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t’ think American Renaissance should promote Michael Savage’s videos or his show.

    Michael Savage/Michael Weiner (real name) is an actor and he has a successful act as a right wing talk show host appealing to a White American audience. But, if any of our people actually have some success and challenge the anti White system, Savage slanders them/us as evil Nazis and it doesn’t matter how much  our leaders pander to Israel, they are slandered and marginalized by Savage and other Neo Conservatives as Nazis.

    I am pretty confident that if Michael Savage’s show goes off the air, Savage/Weiner will disappear for a while and then come back with a new name and a new act – next time he might be Michael Mohammed – a born again Muslim speaking for the Muslim immigrant community in the US and Europe and fighting evil White racist, Islamaphobes.

    We need to support real pro White Whites in the Media like James Edwards – they don’t have to be anti Jewish or anti Israel, but they should be real White people, honestly working for the legitimate rights of our people.

    • Even if he was for real (which we both doubt), I wouldn’t promote anyone who hated me, bashed me in an e-mail, and threatened to sick the FBI on me.

    • jeffaral

      Spot on!   Mr Weiner and the Revere Society hosted  a party at Schroeders’ cafe in San Francisco to celebrate the re-election of George Dubya.   Says it all!

  • I disagree with most – not all- comments here because they ignore both historical perspective & future possibilities. I’ll be brief.

    1. from what we know, it seems that White Europeans had been less than 10% of the world population well into 1500s. Since civilization began in Sumer 3,500 yrs B.C., in next 5,000 yrs Whites- not Caucasians, but European Whites-  had been between, say, 7% and 12% (I found differing figures for various periods). The most populous areas were East and South Asia.

    2. in next 400 yrs Europeans have expanded & demographically covered both Americas, a big part of Asia (Siberia), Australia, NZ and SA. In the mid 20th century, White population of the world was around 25%.

    3. due to lowered birth rate, ideologies, life in post-industrial societies etc., Whites now constitute 15-18% of the world. Thanks to Western medicine and food supplies, other races and “races” (Blacks, dark Caucasians, East Asians etc.) have demographically exploded. Now East Asians (Japanese, Chinese, Koreans,..) are stable and similar to Whites. High breeding human species are, in the beginning of the 21st century, mostly- Blacks, Muslims and Hindus.

    4. White European race, and the US  especially, are still dominant global players & there is almost zero possibility they will be replaced by some other “classical” ethno-racial group (Chinese extreme nationalism & xenophobia make them unlikely candidates for dominant global power).

    5. IMO, regular AmRen readers are, perhaps due to everyday experiences, essentially pessimistic & conservative in their projections re the situation in 2040 or 2060. OK- no one knows what the future holds. But, I’d say that genetic engineering combined with advanced prosthetics and integrated biotechnology & nanotechnology will radically alter the situation- phenotypically, socially, demographically, economically, … The master template for the future human will be White race, slightly refurbished. Don’t delude yourself: Blacks want to be White- it is their greatest wish in the world, short Asians want to be tall; darkies want to be lighter, ….
    Who holds the keys to genetics, has the future on their palm.

    And biological reproduction ? Women in high-tech societies would not assent to 3 or more babies, no way- Finland or Japan, doesn’t matter. It will be quality over quantity plus surrogate mothers.

    In short- science has destroyed medieval world & ushered in liberalism and indiscriminate democracy. Now again- science will destroy liberal democracies & usher in a new world. And this world will be closer to Plato’s “Republic” than to More’s “Utopia”.

    • Anonymous

       “Whites now constitute 15-18% of the world.”

      Where did you get your stats?  Every demographic report I have ever seen shows the white population presently at 9% down from 12% in the 1990s.  And where did you get your past demographic data?  The entire world had a much smaller population before the 20th century.

      There is another problem in your post.   Homo sapiens are the only species of Homo genus in existence.  There is no scientific identification in existence for categorizing people according to “race.”  They use “ethnic group.”  I think of it as “breeds,” and I think the scientific nomenclature ought to be defined to better show what we know are definite differences beyond ethnic identity alone.  But even if we did have an official use of “race” as the term for “breeds” for the 5-12% genetic differences between certain groups of homo sapiens, they would be listed UNDER species, not referred to as “species” in the nomenclature.

  • But without whites coming to the rescue

  • anon

    Whites take a long time to react and fight back.  It’s our nature to be civilized and not use our resources until it’s absolutely necessary and out of options.  That’s why, say, blacks and browns will kill people for ‘disrespecting them’ or for some other stupid crap (like wearing a blue shirt or whites for past ‘injustices’), but a white person will not fight back until you have directly threatened their lives or people they care about.  A person can insult me all they want, and if I’m in the mood and I know I won’t be harmed for saying anything to their face, I might just insult them to their face.  However, if that same person tried to harm me or a family member, I would pound them into the pavement.  If that same person broke into my house while I was home, I’d grab my firearm and use it on them.   The Wrath of the Awakened Saxon by Ruyard Kipling.  I advise all whites read that poem and remember it whenever we are depressed about how things are going. 

    • libtard69

      “White Man’s Burden” is a good one too.

  • anon

    There are gay white men that are muscular and tough and don’t talk with the lisp or have a limp wrist.  I think their lifestyle is gross and unnatural, but I don’t have them or wish them harm.   Go to Gold’s Gym in San Francisco.

    • Marcy Fleming

       I did ! The one in SOMA not too far from the freeway. Terrible place.

  • anon

    That’s NOT what I said.  Read it again.  I don’t want us to mix, but on the same token I don’t want the other to not have the freedom to mix.  If a white person wants to have children with a nonwhite, that should be their right, even though that’s not natural.  If a white person wants to breed to with a white person or a black person with a black person and so on, that should be their right.  If a person doesn’t want to brush their teeth, it’s gross and unnatural, but that should be their right.  Do you see what I mean?  If we don’t want a law forcing people to mix, we shouldn’t have a law forcing people NOT to mix.   We should stigmative people who engage in behavior and lifestyles we don’t approve of, for sure, but that doesn’t mean we should outlaw it.

  • Anonymous

    John Fuller:
    Most gay men are probably much tougher than some of you pseudo masculine straight men.

  • Anonymous

    Michael Savage is an idiot.

  • Anonymous

    ‘White’ is definitely NOT a ‘social construct’ as you put it.
    It is a scientific and genetic fact, as plain as the nose on your face.
    Geneticists by studying ‘clusters’ of alleles know for sure who is European and who is not – it is incontrovertible.

    Why some people try to argue that black is white – literally and unshamefacedly is a fact that is beyond me.

  • Marcy Fleming

     True. Though the age of puberty is way down across the board.

  • Marcy Fleming

    Just like him. Any criticism of Israel  or the ‘holocaust’ line is “Jew hatred.”
    He’s disgusting, as a Jew I avoid Weiner-Savage. He backed Jerry Brown for Governor.

    • Anonymous

       You’re not a Jew.  You’re a Bay Area, post feminist willing to say anything to win an argument, feel you must order people about, and that white male race realists need to read your opinions and take your orders.  You’re just another wannabe denizen of Marin Co., CA., completely guided by the Post Feminist, or third wave feminist model, which is to say, you can rationalize anything that you think serves you and your ego.

  • Guest


    There are 2 reasons for early puberty.  First is fat to muscle ratio.  When a certain ratio is achieved the eggs ripen and menstration begins.  In times of hunger the girls are skinny children until about 16.  English working class girls did not begin to menstruate at age 13 or 14 until the 1950’s due to generatons of poor nutrition.  Before 1950 working class girls often did not menstruate until 17 or even 18.

    The more fat a girl has the earlier her eggs ripen.  That is basic biology taught in every nursing and medical school in the world.  Black and hispanic girls are chubby.  Look at one of our 98 percent hispanic elementary schools in California.  Every hispanic kid is a butterball, girls as well as boys.Age does not matter.  The fat to muscle ratio does.  If an 8 or 9 year old has the proper fat to muscle ration she will begin to menstruate.

    Elementary school nurses and teachers have been keeping kotex for the 8 to 11 year old girls for about 20 years now.  It used to be very rare, but it is now common for 9 and 10 and occasionally 8 year olds to begin menstruating.

    Another and equally important reason for unusually early puberty is penetration and ejaculation sexual activity.  The sperm will trigger very early puberty even in a girl who is skinny like a normal child.  When you see those news article about 8 or 9 year old gives birth to a baby it is because she has been molested on a regular basis. 7 year olds have given birth.They ovulated because some one molested them regularly.

    To trigger very early puberty the girl has to be molested on a regular basis, a couple times a week for at least a year.  It is not one time rape by a stranger. This kind of molestation is always done by a household member or someone like a baby sitter’s son or boyfriend who hasweekly access to the child.

    Black and hispanic girls are often obese. Black and hispanic girls are often molested regularly by family members for years.

    That is why those girls are so prone to early puberty, obesity and molestation.

    These facts are known to the medical profession.

  • Anonymous

     You must be young enough to not remember the Zero Population Movement.  It began in the late 50s after scientists made a lot of publicity about how the earth was going to become impossible to manage in the near future if the human race did not voluntarily stop producing so many people.  Replacement became a societal rule in Northern Europe, North America, Australia, all of the higher educated, industrialized world.  It was possible to see a “2.3 Children” ad on many tv stations into the 90s anyway.  Then somewhere along the line, the conversation changed.  I don’t think conservative Christians were necessarily on board politically because the program included “family planning” issues like abortion, but they already typically limited their families anyway. 

    The conversation changed to immigration with the burgeoning third world populations wanting into the more prosperous nations.  Racism was and is still used as a complaint.  The rights for them to immigrate to the U.S., Europe and other countries became a conflict because the governments suddenly realized that there wouldn’t be enough money with only a replacement birth rate.  The slippery slope, downhill slide began as more and more whites came to see their futures limited as non-whites have arrived.  So they had even fewer children.  Some countries were just dumb, like Finland.  During the ’80s for example, all Finnish women took a pledge to not have any more babies until the nuclear energy debate was settled against nuclear plant building.   to supposedly take their place and provide revenue so that bureaucrats will keep their jobs and the state will survive.  Of course, that plan is not turning out to be so easily achieved either.

    The entire thing has become so insidious that even public education has become part of the replacement system.  Through property taxes public schools pay for processing (I won’t call it educating), the large immigrant populations in many places.  Many schools are nearly all non-white immigrant, but the teachers and their unions want more immigration so that they can keep the schools operating, of course through more and more property taxes from the aging white population.  It really is time to end the public school system.

    I don’t see anyway out of the mess that has been created other than eminent collapse.  I am sure that will happen, but it won’t be a nice time for anyone.

  • I was called a “bigot” and told it was not very “Christian” of me when I refused to see an indian “doctor”.

    I said: “No other religions include Christianity so other religions not entitled to be included in Christianity.”

    I wasn’t trying to be smart, it’s just, I get sick of people trying to make it like, in order to be Christian, you must be all accepting and all without question.

  • Anonymous

     That was an excellent movie that I own a copy of and used to watch time and again.  What was appealing about it was the tension of the film, and the existential  lives the submariner crews were forced to live in contrast to the usual  types they interact with during the film.  This sort of worked to undermine the idea that Germans were one people during that time because they let some really do the hard work and take the risks while others lived it up.  I think that is why it was so accepted.  It was an honest film portrayal of men at war.  I don’t think any modern female sailors would be signing up to serve in such a situation, do you?

  • Anonymous

     I agree and I point this out all the time on other posting sites.  Same for Europe.  You can already see it happening there.  Southern Europe is no longer White European.  It is also no longer a place where anyone with money wants to invest.  I got that from Wall Street business reports.  When the rest of Europe is like that Europe will collapse into chaos and it isn’t far away.  The U.S. is in slow collapse.  It is slow enough that it requires an effort to stand outside of it and see it, but it is happening, despite the occasional “good news.”

  • Anonymous

     Birthing children is not the only way to have fulfilled life.  Many of our greatest achievers in white history were childless.  I am childless, but mostly because of feminism.  I met my wife too late in life for children.  But I spent my life working, traveling including working for a few years in Europe, studying of history, Not wasting my time at theme parks and such.  While most people I know were fighting over their kids at little league games, I was enjoying a truly free adult life.   I have known many white men who are childless because of feminism.  If the trend is changing and there is a better field of white women today, I am happy to know it.

  • Anonymous

     I was a young adult at the inception of the Women’s Movement in the late ’60s.  I can tell you that men were not supporting this, and the ones that later did, did so for the same reason everyone corrupts; their livings depended upon it.  Once men gave a little and the door opened, the rush was huge and the women played real dirty.  A good book on it is by a former LA Chapter President of NOW.  Tammy Bruce left NOW and wrote the expose’  “The New Thought Police.”  It’s all about how feminism created the language of PC and modern political intimidation.

  • Anonymous

     What you are saying is true, but if you look at it closer, you will find that it was activist WHITE Women who started the NAACP.  Elanor Roosevelt was the one who got the Civil Rights Movement off to its start.  Men have certainly done the things you say, but you are missing some big female political players today; Barbara Boxer, Diane Feinstein, Hillary Clinton, and a good handful of others, including some women Supreme Court Judges, a female Homeland Security Chief, and many others in important positions, like a famous California Attorney General, Rose (can’t recall the last name), who helped make California Mexico.  Lots of liberal female governors who allow open immigration, activists who push for it, etc.  I blame most of the men you list and others who bend to pressures.  But a great deal of that pressure comes from women.  In the 1980s NOW announced a policy that called on all American women to refuse to birth white children because they claimed, white men are the root of all evil in the world.

    I applaud your position list.  But there are far to few women like you around.  What white men need are not more women to lead us, but women who will marry white men and be content to raise more beautiful white babies.

    • Black Swan

      Judge Rose Bird.  Recalled by the people of California.

  • Anonymous

     Uh huh, and you are just one step from going on some sort of rampage.  Look, bub, we’re way ahead of you.  We are race realists here.  Some of us put a high emphasis on REALIST.  I am as well prepared as any, I guess, but I have no starry eyed fantasy about how we’re all going to rise up, join  together and rid ourselves of intruders.  For one thing, just look at all the vitriol that gets passed around by Whites to Whites on this site.  You are typical.  You think that everyone agrees exactly with you on all points.  The problem is that many of us are NOT Christians, but race realists.  And there are many other points of assumption people like you make.  Whites are all over the board.   We are a divided people, separated by our own assumptions as much as by non-whites.

    • Black Swan

      Thanks for that comment.  We whites are all over the place and are often our own worst enemies.  We have no leader who stands up and speaks for all of us.  Anytime someone white tries, he is shouted down and called a Nazi.

      We can’t even agree on who to vote for as a group, unlike other races.  If there were solidarity among whites, we would determine all national elections.

      Whining and complaining?  No.  You are exactly right, we are realists here who see what is coming, not whiners who are going to roll over.  

      I will fight to the death if I have to and am prepared to do so.

      For those of you who accuse us of whining and complaining what is your plan of action for us whites?  How are we to overcome the vast forces aligned against us? 

  • Anonymous

     I don’t think whites or the world has much of a future, but I live like it might and I prepare.  I have a garden, I can food, I even have chickens.  I know weapons and keep as fit as I can for an older man.  I don’t waste my time watching or talking about sports or such things.  I live my life around what my wife and I do.  I think we are more prepared for the future than a lot of people who rant about taking action on this site.

  • Anonymous

     Most of those coming here as non-white immigrants are Christians.

  • Anonymous

     I agree with you here.  But it is time to be careful.  If  you watch any mainstream news, the FBI and HMS is talking about monitoring internet media for the purpose of …. you know what.

  • Anonymous

     I like a bit of a bugger zone, myself.

  • Anonymous

     It has to do with the fat content in children, but it also can be brought on by the molestation of young females.

  • Anonymous

     The entire system will collapse before that.

  • Anonymous

    Socialist America is creating a minority white population. They are globalists and therefore want no borders so ilegals stream over the borders by the millions. In 1965, Ted Kennedy and his socialist buddies passed the new immigration act so hundred of thousands are streaming into America from non European countries. And the socialists are pushing multiculturalism which says that a vastly superior American culture is equal to any other culture that comes into our country. What drivel. This is the old device of divide and conquer. Separate cultures living side by side are constantly at war. This is the Balkanization of our country. Even European nations could not live side by side in peace. Our socialist leadership is committing cultural suicide as fast as they can and to what end? They want all the power and the glory and to lord it over we the people. What ever happened to intelligent leadership with character who have a love of country and knew how to lead as envisioned by the Founding Fathers?

  • Anonymous

    ‘Biblical’ evidence is not scientific evidence.
    Science is based on demonstrable fact and observation.

  • I would expect that, seeing that heterosexuals are in the majority. Kind of the same as more white people are on welfare or doing drugs. Proportions. If a guy molests a boy, hes a homosexual in my book. If a guy molests young girls and boys, hes still a homo to me. It all stems from the sexual deviance that is the gay community.

  • Black Swan

    Not true. Many of us are just able to keep our heads above water.  We’re the one providing the taxes so LeKeesha and Rosaria can breed indiscriminately.  There isn’t must left after that, by design.  To live in a safe area away from LaKeesha and her feral children takes money.  Fewer children or safety?

    I don’t know of anyone who has exchanged children for a McMansion.  We can barely keep up the payments on our small homes, and because of racist AA policies,  WE are the ones passed over for job opportunities and promotions.  Try moving up in the business or corporate world and see who gets all the perks.  Try taking out a business loan if you are white and see how far you get.

  • Black Swan

    You are right, of course.  

    Feminism has been a weapon used to reduce white numbers.  Remember ZPG?  Zero Population Growth?  and Paul Erlich?  This was directed at whites and only at whites, white females in particular who were told their place was in the board room competing with men, not home having babies.  An entire generation was brainwashed that having children would overpopulate the earth, ruin the environment and make life miserable for the rest of us with rampant pollution and by using up limited resources. Paul Erlich, of course, was an idiot.Feminists have certainly wrecked havoc on this country.

  • Black Swan

    What “Whites only” club?  And why would you want to be a member anyway?

    Am I allowed to be a member of “Jewish only” clubs?

  • Now I know you’re really Mark Simone.  He’s Medved’s only listener.  (Not an original observation on my part.)

  • JohnEngelman

    Michael Savage has a PhD from Berkeley. I respect that. His first book was about American Indian medicine. That is not the sort of thing a right wing person would write. I suspect he decided there was more money to be made as a right wing demagogue. 


    Lisa Kudrow looks like a typical Syrian.  She looks nothing like a Northwestern European woman.  

  • Simon

    Other people follow white society around the globe in the hope that whites can protect and elevate them as they always previously did.Unfortunately these people don’t seem to grasp the fundamental fairness and anti racism that is core to the way that white people think.

    The followers of whites will get a horrific shock when they eventually destroy the whites and end up being destroyed themselves by either the billions of Islamists or the billions of Chinese.

    Neither will show any mercy to them.