Blacks Must Adjust to Changing Times

Julianne Malveaux, USA Today, February 17, 2012

As we reflect on Black History Month, I am struck by how America is changing, and how African Americans must change with the times, too.

No longer can black politicians in urban areas rely just on catering to the black vote to win. The movement out of inner cities is likely to have an impact on the black political base. Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minn., for example, represents a district that is 71% white. As more African Americans move to the suburbs, black politicians will have to widen their vision on issues that will win over and lead constituents who are more diverse.

The most extreme evidence of this trend is in Washington, D.C. Who would have thought that Washington, once called “Chocolate City” with a black population as high as 70% in 1970, would dwindle to the point where blacks are now 50%, and dropping. Coalition politics will be the order of the day in newly diversified urban areas, and groups such as the Congressional Black Caucus could see their membership decline as black population disperses.

Nowhere is the importance of coalition building more apparent than in the surge in the Hispanic population. According to the 2010 Census, the Hispanic population now tops 50 million people, outnumbering the 42 million African Americans. Will blacks coalesce with Latinos on issues of mutual concern, or will these two minority populations compete for resources? Already, there is some tension between the two groups on immigration issues because of employment implications. Ultimately, it will be in the interest of both groups to find common ground on issues such as equal access to education, housing, health care and employment.


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  • Liberalssuck

    Blacks will fight with Hispanics, they’ll fight with whites, they’ll fight with Asians or any other group that is better off than them, or just when they are looking for a scapegoat to justify why they fail in life.  We are more likely to break up into racial enclaves: Northwest for whites, the Southeast for blacks, the Southwest for Hispanics, with Asians trying to fight for California and other parts of the Southwest with Hispanics.  It won’t look pretty!

  • Hirschibold

    Yes, Ms. Malveaux. Right now there is “tension” between blacks and hispanics. Continue to court your
    rainbow coalition, and the “tension” will flower into something that makes the Bosnian-Serb conflict look like a tea party.

  • Blacks down to only 50% of DC they must be killing each other faster than they can breed on welfare.

    • They’re being encouraged and prodded to move to Prince Georges County, Maryland.  You can see similar quiet efforts on the part of white liberals to make their precious cities safe for white liberals in Chicago and St. Louis, and to a different extent, Los Angeles.

  • It will never, ever happen. There isn’t any racism like the two precious little non-White affirmative action failure races fighting each other for the contents of the White man’s wallet. On the east and west coast in places like L.A. and NYC there is already a black on brown race war with their general criminality masking it.

    Coalition my White ass. These are dysfunctional races at each other’s throats 24/7.

    Black only respects black and the browns have their saying “For our Race, EVERYTHING! For those outside it, NOTHING!” Doesn’t sound like a real healthy coalition!

  • Need a black-Hispanic alliance?

    Does she not realize that the CBC is as open borders and pro-amnesty as members of Congress can get?

    Ultimately, it will be in the interest of both groups to find common
    ground on issues such as equal access to education, housing, health care
    and employment.

    Only until white society’s collective EBT card runs out.  Then all the common ground on all these things won’t matter, there will be no money to pay for it.

  • anonymous_amren

    No, what Black people should do, if they have any sense, is unite with white people in sending Hispanics back to Mexico, so Black people can continue to live off white handouts, government spending, and the occasional low-skilled job, like they always have. Once white people become a minority, Black people are in for a world of suffering. But an IQ of 85 isn’t enough to understand that.

  • libertarian4339

    ‘Will blacks coalesce with Latinos on issues of mutual concern, or will these two minority populations compete for resources?”
    The leadership of both groups pretend right now that they’re all under an umbrella of “people of color,” but they haven’t been told yet the rank and file want no part of it, because they’re fighting and killing each other every place they live in close proximity to one another, especially in the schools and jails.

    Lee Baca, L.A. County sheriff, said in an article in the LA Times that the black/Hispanic situation in the LA area amounts to a race war.

    Schools,  jails and prisons are periodically placed on lockdown due to racial fighting and killing between these two groups.

    It occurs in other parts of the country as well.

    If black dreams were finally realized and whites were out of the picture altogether in this country, they would be just as bad off as they are now, and the fighting would accelerate more than what it is doing right now.  They can’t get along with anybody, and if there are no other races to fight with they fight among themselves.

    Without an economic collapse as many are predicting, the country would still flare up into civil conflict, because multiracial societies always fail, especially if the populations consist of large numbers of blacks.  It would just take a bit longer to come about.

    • I have lived alongside hispanics for almost my entire life.  I can vouch for one thing, if there is a shooting war between hispanics and blacks my money is on the hispanics.  Not all hispanics are mexican, a good deal of them were brought up in the highest levels of their former countries, to wit, they have what blacks truly do not have, leadership.  However, the mexicans remain as they are, mostly thought of by many hispanics as the lowest class of people.

  • MikeofAges

     What is described here can be true, but only if in-migration is greatly limited so that those who are here already are pressured to assimilate. Note that at the very beginning of American history, John Rolfe and Pocahontas, a Native American aristocrat, married and produced a son, Thomas, who was consider Anglo and who married an Anglo woman. Their daughter, Jane Rolfe, married and produced a son John Bolling. Bolling’s six children all proved prolific. From this tenuous beginning. No one had a problem knowing that they were of Native ancestry in some small part.

    The most effective way to encourage the assimilation of any immigrant group is to prevent any further in-migration of people of the same nationality.

  • rentslave

    Whites must take over the Senate by defeating all Democrats in cold states.

  • ViktorNN

    Hispanics in the US have one of the worst rates of divorce and single parent families, outdone only by blacks. Illegitimacy is rampant among hispanics. Hispanics are notoriously anti-intellectual and hostile to education. Drop out rates among hispanics are terribly high, again only outdone by blacks.

    But you are correct about one thing: hispanics are just as racist as anyone else, if not more so. Throughout my travels in Latin America, I routinely heard anti-black racist sentiments.

    Blacks and hispanics are only united in the Dem Party insofar as they need each other to maintain the welfare state which their people disproportionately benefit from. The day that whites become a minority, you will see them at each others’ throats, count on it.

    Having smaller numbers, black will lose. This article is terrible advice to blacks, actually (not that I care much).

  • KenelmDigby

    Many posters here write that blacks and ispanics have nothing in common and dislike ach other so nothing will come of the ‘alliance’.
     But they ignore one crucial factor.Whites still have most of the wealth and power in the USA, now nothing unites weaker rivals more than the thought of ganging up against the ‘historical bully’, pulling him down and divvying up the goodies amongst themselves – it’s just pure basic, animal instinct, they know who’s got all the power and money, and what they must do to get for themselves.
     And of course they are aided in this by huge numbers of White women, lefties and other allies.

  • Ottawa4000, you’re right on the mark with everything you said. Those who say otherwise must live on another planet. I don’t think they are talking from actual experience/contact; just what they read about immigration, etc. I’ve been treated by Hispanics as well as by my own. Whites and Hispanics work together with no problems. Most importantly, they hate blacks and that will never change.  Basically every school war is Hispanics vs blacks. Anyway, again, those who say otherwise, whatever. It’s the same ones who hate Asians just the same.

  • KenelmDigby

    I strongly doubt that the present day descendants Of Italians or Poles
     (whose ancestors emigrated to the USA around 100 years ago ie several generations), significantly differ in educational outcomes or indeed occupations with older stock Americans.
     I’m pretty certain that the Irish, for instance are mostly middle class.
     That silly cariacature ‘Jersey Shore’ can’t be taken seriousy by anyone – least of it all its producers and participants.

    • The Jersey Shore is an exaggeration of Italians.  Are some like that, yes but most are not. I was a “guido” of the 80s but times have changed in general.
      Anyway, when you think of Italians, just remember what’s REALLY important: We detest blacks and are typically anti-liberal. We’re also the ones who kept the blacks in check back when public schools were filled with more whites (here in NY). When numbers/ratio of Italians-to-blacks were even in school, the blacks were quite timid. This is why I will always see them for what they truly are: COWARDS.

  • ViktorNN

    Based on your earlier incorrect comment about hispanic “family values” I’m a bit skeptical about what you’re saying about white attitudes towards education. Frankly, what you’re saying sounds a bit like stereotypes from 100 years ago.

    Look, here are the facts, we should probably stick to them.

    Blacks and hispanics by far have the worst drop out rates. They’re about the same at around 60%, that is, 60% of blacks and hispanics eventually get some form of high degree.

    Approx 80% of whites and 90% of asians get theirs.

    Approx. 40% – almost half of all hispanic and black students – don’t get their degrees on time.

    Whatever you want to speculate about attitudes towards education among certain white ethnicities, the facts are that the vast majority finish high school on time.

    You simply can’t say the same about hispanics.

    • KenelmDigby

      If you actually are prepared to do the internet research, you will find that Italian Americans have a higher income that the White median and educational outcomes equivalent to the White median.
      Facts and prejudices are to different things.

  • radical7

    Many conservatives are anti-intellectual.

    • Sure, that’s been the big divide among conservatives, the anti-intellectuals who say “great taste,” and we pro-intellectuals who say “less filling.”

    • ViktorNN

      Most liberals I’ve met are only intellectual in the sense that they have dogmatic faith that the standard liberal clichés they repeat are true. One of the most common ones is that “liberals are better educated.” 

      When challenged, most can’t think their way out of a paper bag.

  • slobotnavich

    I can’t imagine any sort of coalition formed by blacks and Hispanics.  Hispanics, by and large, despise blacks and are far more vocal about it than whites would dare to be.  They don’t believe in PC, it would seem.  They’re also hard workers and family oriented,  at least far more-so than blacks.  And last, Hispanics won’t put up with black thuggery.  Black criminal  intrusions into into Hispanic neigborhoods are met with violence, often armed.

    • Agreed. Basically any Hispanic or Asian race/ethnicity is fortunate in that they don’t have to worry as being instantly labeled racist, not to mention they are White-guilt free.  As for any Hispanic-black coalition, it’s a liberal’s wet dream, but won’t ever happen. As you pointed out, they are too different in too many ways. I read a book (it’s about 8 years old) called Presumed Alliance by Nicholas Vaca which is very interesting. I think even those who are very anti-Hispanic will find it interesting. The book gives many concrete examples, especially in the political field, of how a coalition between both groups is very much non-existent. Again, the notion is nothing more than a liberal’s wet dream.

      • slobotnavich

        True and well-said.