Gainesville High School Students’ Racist YouTube Rant Forces Girls to Leave School, Apologize

Laura Hibbard, Huffington Post, February 21, 2012

After two minors from Gainesville High School in Gainesville, Fla., posted a nearly 14-minute-long racist rant on YouTube, the girls are “no longer students at the school,” WCJB-TV reports.

Last week, eight police officers were brought to the campus in light of death threats the girls were receiving in response to their videos. The videos included comments like, “You can understand what we are saying, our accents, we use actual words. Black people do not.”

Gainesville High School principal David Shelnutt did not go into detail on the extent of the disciplinary action taken against the girls, but did tell WCJB that their comments were not welcome at the school.

“There’s no place for comments like that, that video here at GHS,” Shelnutt told the station. “There’s no place for that in the Alachua County Public School System, and my opinion, no place for that in society in general.”

Since the video went viral last week, the girls have experienced harassment and said they feared for their safety. According to one report by the Gainesville Sun, one of the students involved was hiding out at a relative’s house while her mother was at work.

“Our lives have changed totally, 180 degrees,” her mother told the paper. “This has made her an adult really quick.”

The girls and one of their parents issued a formal apology in the paper Monday:

I am one of the girls who were in the racist video that got posted. I’m writing this so that I can tell people how truly sorry I am. I could never, in a million years, have pictured this happening with me involved. I wasn’t raised to hate people for their race, and I still don’t. I made a horrible decision in being a part of this video . . .

The girl also writes that she won’t make excuses, but hopes the community will eventually forgive her.

In another apology, the second girl’s mother says her daughter has gone into a depression following the backlash of the video, and hopes that the community will forgive her and end the harassment:

While we can never take back the words and actions that these two children have said, we have to start to heal and forgive IMMEDIATELY. Stop the violent threats to our homes and our children, stop the anger, because this will solve absolutely nothing, and most importantly, look at yourself for change and love.

According to the Gainesville Sun, the high school will wear orange, the color of racial tolerance, this week as a sign of solidarity.


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  • Hirschibold

    “Success legitimizes everything” as they say. If these girls said something offensive, and then a coalition of Mexicans, blacks, and liberal whites threatens to hurt them, any argument about first amendment rights is irrelevant if the force of the “anti-racist” assault is strong enough to silence dissent from the girls, and from those of us who would like to defend their rights, but fear reprisal ourselves.

    The previous Amren conference was a perfect example of this.

  • Guest

    When free speech is outlawed only criminals will be allowed to speak.

  • conrad

    “Our lives have changed totally, 180 degrees,” her mother told the paper. “This has made her an adult really quick.”

    But did it teach them, or others, to be loyal to their own race?

  • tonysoprano123

    Actually I commented on this story. To all of the people who opposed these girls I accused them of being  marijuana users. That it causes a kind of tourettes syndrome. That they blurt out the words RACIST,NAZI and XENOPHOBE when they no longer have an argument. I bet most of them do smoke pot maybe it might make them think.

  • These girls know how bad blacks are but they are supprized by the death threats. Hopefully they at least know how to use a shotgun if violent blacks show up at their house.

  • anonymous_amren

    “You can understand what we are saying, our accents, we use actual words. Black people do not.” … “There’s no place for comments like that,…”

    Actually there are many places at school where comments like that are essential: on student reports, parent-teacher meetings, on teacher evaluations, on the school’s reports back to the authorities about their performance, internal reviews of how the school is going, etc.

    This is the most basic academic issue that schools are responsible for. They need to discuss the issue of whether their students are learning to speak English correctly and intelligably, and identifying any group that isn’t. It’s their job.

  • The young women did this video, then experienced hatred, vitriol and death threats.

    Thereby proving the point of their video.

    I’ve seen a little bit of anti-white woman misogyny here lately, especially when an interracial marriage story comes up.  Question:  Where are all the “wonderful” young white men in this school?  Where are their YT videos denouncing black violence?  Answer:  They’re too busy chumming it up with the blacks on the sports teams.

  • “There’s no place for comments like that, that video here at GHS,” Shelnutt told the station. “There’s no place for that in the Alachua County Public School System, and my opinion, no place for that in society in general.”
    So what would this PC nazi do with people who make such statements, forcibly remove them from society and send them to gulags?

    • Baiwing

      Given that 8 policemen had to be posted at the high school for protection after these girls had received death threats, Mr Shelnutt did the practical thing by kicking the girls out. I agree that shouldn’t be the answer, but in the real world this is where outspoken racial comments get you. The girls should have aired their opinion in a less-public setting such as this website instead of on Youtube.

  • ncpride

    They’re WHITE of course! We are not supposed to notice such things much less comment on them.

    On another note, the comments section of that article is astonishing in its numbers. Mostly people bashing these young girls for telling what they see in their everyday lives, but heaven forbid they should talk about it. My favorite comment was from some noob berating them about their comment on the differences in the way Whites and blacks speak differently, then goes on to tell how he works for some Government assistance program from home on his phone and how most of the calls come from Cacasians. And he would know this how from his phone? Could it be that he can tell the difference between the two races because one speaks more articulately than the other, thus actually proving the girls point? Idiot…

    And lastly, it IS true that a lot of black people talk with such ghetto slang it’s difficult to understand them. I saw a young black male doing an interview on our local news this morning about a car wreck he was involved in, and to listen to him talk was just painful. If that is what Char-Meck schools are pumping out, they are in serious trouble.

  • pfic

    Hmm… threatening to kill high school aged girls. Who wouldn’t like blacks after this?

  • libertarian4339

    “According to the Gainesville Sun, the high school will wear orange, the color of racial tolerance, this week as a sign of solidarity.”

    There’s much talk of Berkley and the rabid leftist radicals at the university there, but I seriously doubt they are as bad as the radicals that dominate the  University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida, and I further seriously doubt there is a newspaper…including the NYT…that is further into left field than the Gainesville Sun.  (The NYT in fact owns The Gainesville Sun.)

    When a racial story appears on their online comments section, they’re deluged with barely literate hate whitey posts by blacks justifying a black on white murder or attack, which the Sun has no problem printing, but if a person posts a comment simply citing black on white crime, referencing the Justice Dept.,as the source,  it will be rejected.

    I constantly hope the Sun continues to lose readership and goes belly up and the disgusting university continues to lose massive amounts of funding, so that it will amount to just a striupped down version of what it used to be in order to furlough leftist academics and eliminate nonsense courses like black studies/women studies and the like.

  • radical7

    No one should be making excuses for these girls behavior. It was wrong.

    • Yes, it’s about the worst thing that any high school aged student could do.  Don’t pay attention to all that black crime behind the curtain.

    • Seriously, are you lost or something?  I really can help you, I mean you have found just about the only place on the internet where honest, racial talk can be perused.  There are only 100,000,000 other places for you to be, not that I demand for you to leave.  Well, instead I could discuss the middle school girl that was raped by two black males (youths in your parlance) just 125 miles from Gainesville in another Florida school.  Perhaps I’ll remind them to wear orange one day to make it all better.

    • anonymous_amren

      Why do you think it was wrong???
      It’s clearly not wrong in the literal sense of being incorrect.
      Why do you think they did something bad?

    • Okay.

      “we’re gonna kill all cracka’s and their White Babies” (black panthers) is what?  Excusable?

  • radical7

    Question Diversity:
    Making excuses for bad behavior does not advance your argument.

    • Young women making a YT video telling the truth about their school…surely it will wind up in the next Girls Behaving Badly DVD.  Worse than (censored acts of sexual depravity).

    • They weren’t behaving badly first and second, all they did was Exercise their Very First Right, Their Right to Free Speech.

      You find it wrong because you wish to keep secret, all the Evil, Misdeeds and Criminal acts that accompanies Non-Whites.

  • ncpride

    Well, the nasty comments on the orginal article certainly seem to be coming from mostly White people. It’s funny how they all spout the same old tired line about ignorance and intolerance…..almost as if we (Whites) had all been brainwashed by the same diversity master. Oh, maybe we have been…. I have to hold on to some kind of hope that they’ll see through all the lies, sooner rather than later.

  • Hmm… death threats.  I’ll admit they weren’t very eloquent, but the fact that they are now in danger does support what they were saying.  The reaction against their video was very predictable.  I do hope they remain safe.

  • razorrare

    Not much for me to add to the comments  here ,except one thing that perhaps some readers missed here watching the video..the young girl doing most of the talking  is ‘half cuban’ and her other half is ‘Irish American’  or “some crap like that.” Her words,not mine.

    • I didn’t watch the Video myself.

      Does this mean it was a non-white who was “racist” and not a White?

  • “the high school will wear orange”

    This one made me giggle.  They are now racially tolerant “clockwork oranges”.

  • rentslave

    Damn you Dwight Eisenhower!Dawn you Earl Warren!Are we sure that these guys weren’t Saturday People?

  • rentslave

    This is why home schooling will overpower these unions.

    • anonymous_amren

      No, it won’t. Forming your own unions of people who won’t put up with this violent anti-white hatred is the only thing that will overpower these unions.
      Individual solutions that only help your own children will not help us. You need to talk to other people and get them to come around to your way of thinking, and take action together.

  • rentslave

    I see that the principal is one of THOSE people.

  • Gainesville/Alachua County is much like the nearby Florida city I live in.  A university town that has gathered about it a majority voting block of blacks and white liberals.  All of the public schools have been heavily integrated with the exception of usually the newest and that is located near the “expensive white liberal” neighborhood.  In any case, a full less than 50% of either cities’ public school teachers have enrolled their own children in public schools.  The reason?  Blacks.  Not that they overtly dislike blacks, I mean they work with them every day and their union masters would have it no other way.  It is the incredibly poor state of the educational atmosphere where ever blacks are.  Remember, this is the deep South.  Not only do you have the black gangsta attitude, you can count on it twice over.  Personally, I would care if it mattered but my children attend private school.  I would like to care but no amount of protest, voting or anything will change what is.

    • anonymous_amren

      Actually it will change what is. That’s how it got to be “what is” in the first place, by protesting, voting, or anything. It wasn’t always like that.

  • Alexandra1973

    So much for tolerance…seems these dimbulbs have no tolerance for politically incorrect comments!


    If these idiots are prepared to post videos of this nature ,at least have the courage to stand by what you have said,surely that is one of the fundamentals of free speech.

    • anonymous_amren

      No, it’s not one of the fundamentals of free speech. Free speech means being able to say what you want without any need for courage or even consistency.

      And they’re not idiots, just children.

      But we do need people to stop appologizing when they are the victims. The best thing they could do for themselves is stand their ground and demand an appology from the violent racists threatening to kill them.

  • JackKrak

    I came across this story yesterday in Toronto’s Globe and Mail. Even there, the home of every liberal lefty bed wetter in Canada, the reader comments were overwhelmingly in support/defense of these girls. Goes to show that even the Marxists among us privately conceed that they are race realists even if they need the anonymity of the interent to acknowledge it.

  • anonymous_amren

    I just watched the video. It’s great! You can still watch it on YouTube here:
    They are not stupid bimbos, nor are they geniuses. They are just normal girls, talking like normal girls, making sensible comments about race. The half-Cuban girl couldn’t remember the world “intelligible” and said “eligible” instead, but noticed her mistake. And it would have been better if they had organised proper statistics rather than educated guesses. But it’s still good.
    The video was actually a response to questions posted by others in reply to some twitter, facebook, or similar post about race the girls made.

    • Sonya610

      Thanks for posting that.  The girls did make some good points,  they are pretty bright, how many average 15 year olds could carry on a conversation about race with that level of awareness? Sadly not many.

    • I’m willing to give them a break.  You can’t really expect Young Peoples to think Way of Adult Type Research.

      I mean, I give them Great Credit for noticing the change.

  • anonymous_amren

    I do fault them for their apology. Appologising makes them part of the group threatening to kill other girls who make videos like this. I also fault their friends for not backing them.
    If I was going to their school, I would have made my own youtube video just like theirs, and posted it on youtube in support. And I wouldn’t have appologised.

    • Sonya610

      Come on they are 15, they have parents who TELL them what to do! They are limited in what choices they can make in life. 

       How many mature grown men have instantly backed down and apologized when the pressure is put on? To my knowledge virtually ALL of them! When the Bounty Hunter guy and virtually every other mature white male does the same (when they do NOT have to fear violent reprisal, whereas these girls DO have to fear that) then who can blame a couple of scared teenage girls that are worried they might be beaten up or killed for doing the same?

  • “apologizing” is and perpetuates the problem.

    I have yet to see any non-white apologize for anything so I’m adamantly against any White Person “apologizing” for anything.

    “horrible” – My Dear Sweet Little White Child, “horrible” would be something like you doing to black people what black people have done to White People.

  • Christopher_Nelson

    If those girls were black, nothing would have been said.

  • Christopher_Nelson
  • bluffcreek1967

    Here was an opportunity for school officials to teach that while we may not agree with the ‘hateful’ speech of others (although it was actually quite benign), there’s no excuse for threats of violence to show one’s disapproval. Instead, they discipline the girls and soon thereafter they are no longer students at the school. 8 police officers were then brought to the campus because of death threats to the girls – most likely from Blacks and disingenuous Whites. One wonders, however, if the tables had been turned with two Black girls making statements against Whites, would they have received discipline and censure from school authorities? Would there have been a need to bring 8 police officers on campus because of death threats? I think we all know the answer to these questions.  

  • Richard Barrett?

    He and Eugene Terre’Blanche both died in the same unfortunate and ironic way.

  • razorrare

    This is my perspective.The young girl who did most of the talking seemed to have an “obama moment” in which i believe she thought would make her able to make such racially charge statements(her copious use of the N word) without any blow back so to speak.She thought it important to inform viewers she was Cuban,that her GrandFather owned a lot of land in Cuba and had great social status as being a Mayor of a city.You could tell she was quite proud of that,and well she should be.I took no umbrage about that.However,when she related to viewers that her “other half” was Irish American,”or some other crap like that,” that made me think..why the disrespect for her other half? I believe in her mind,she thought, that since I am  a “minority” and since I  nearly disowned my White half, I am free to speak without any repercussions.If she had resided in little havana(Miami) her Cuban group would of went to bat for her and provided her protection.Its my experience that even self-White haters(liberals)will not attack another member of the Minority class with threats of violence because they dissagree with the speech.No,most likely the death threats they received came from blacks themselves.

  • I would like the two girls to know how much I support what they said, I support their Free Speech.  It is sad they had to hide in fear for their lives, and apologize just for talking. the ******s that sent them death threats need to take a long walk off a short pier.
    in my blue eyes, blacks ARE ugly and stupid.

  • nor am I fond of orange clothing, so I got rid of my one orange t-shirt. it said “Pittsburgh” on it. lol

    • I was (secretly still am) a Pittsburgh Fan!  Steelers, Penguins and Pirates!

      I stopped watching Football aka Pittsburgh Steelers when micheal vick the Dog Torturer and Dog Murderer was allowed back into the NFL and of course, the light sentence he got.

      I say “secretly” ’cause I still wish for Pittsburgh to Always Win but I no longer care when they lose.  Nor do I Pray for them to Win anymore.

      • I forgot to mention, I’m talkin’ Thirty-Five Years of Die Hard Loyalty here (Pittsburgh Steelers) so it’s kinda hard to hate them or not want them to Win.  I still Love Pittsburgh and reckon I always will.

      • A famous NFL running back (so famous I can’t remember his name) asked us all to pray for him a few months ago.  I figured his mother or child came down with cancer, or something like that.  Wrong — He was in the process of negotiating a new contract, and I guess he wanted God’s power to get a few more zeroes added on.  Yeah, I prayed — for him to break a leg.

  •  Maybe these people are thinking of principles that do not include prejudice and ignorance…..Whether a black did the same thing is not the situation at hand.  These girls went on a disgusting rant about blacks and degraded us by calling us “Niggers”!!!  If that alone does not answer your question, I’m afraid that it is because of people like you that there is still prejudice and racism in 2012.  SMH

  •  Unfortunately this was not a private conversation amongst themselves.

  • You may not like what they were saying, but what happened to free speech? For the most part they were simply speaking their opinion about the racial makeup and differences at their school.
    In regards to their apology, how embarrassing for someone to have to pretend they don’t have a viewpoint or feel shame in holding it. If that’s what you really feel, then stand by it. The way it was voiced was in bad taste, but if there is a real problem going on in that school then that concern needs to be raised.

  • girlish

     Please tell me this grammatically incorrect, poorly worded, ignorant diatribe was meant facetiously.