2012 American Renaissance Conference

Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, February 10, 2012

Find out more or register for the conference here.

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  • Anonymous

    I will attend the conference. I urge all AmRen readers who understand or seek to learn more about the threats our people face to attend as well. I’ve attended similar conferences in the past and can promise you they are worthwhile and even joyous occasions. Joyous because of the fellowship of like-minded white people meeting and talking together in a frank and open manner. Indeed, it’s the fellowship which is the single most enjoyable aspect.  Each one of these conferences brings us closer to critical mass, and once we reach critical mass no one, no government, no force on earth can stop us. (This is why those who hate us have tried so hard to shut down past conferences.) A guy told me last night in the CofCC chatroom that he doesn’t have a suit. No excuse! Go down to Men’s Warehouse or the Dress Barn and rig yourself out in something which meets the dress code and come join us. And if you’re nice to me I’ll buy you an adult beverage of your choice. 

    • Anonymous

      For me, the fact that haters try and shut down the conferences is reason enough to attend, just to spite them!  Naturally, there are plenty of other great reasons to go as well.

    • Dan

      I plan on attending. I’m really looking forward to meeting like minded people in a comfortable setting. See you guys there.

    • I look forward to meeting you again Gerald!

      • Anonymous

        Howdy Reuben. Back at you. Been reading your blog — good stuff!

  • I most definitely will be there. This year I’ve gone to the NPI conference and the Mencken conference, but the AmRen gathering is the one that I am most looking forward to.  I encourage all people who like me are daily browsers of the AmRen webiste to participate.  I am sure we won’t be let down.


  • Anonymous

    I am booked and excited about the weekend. I do want to encourage “fence sitters” to go this year. When Amren says it is at a “beautiful facility” they aren’t overstating, the Amren Conference Logo gives a great hint! I managed to secure dog friendly lodging at the facility; I am looking forward to enjoying some of the fine speakers and gatherings but also enjoying the venue itself.

  • Anonymous

    Is Jared Taylor an Italian?  I swear my grandfather makes that exact same hand gesture as the still shot from that video.  Hell if you cut his hands off he probably wouldn’t be able to talk anymore.

    In all seriousness though, I’d love to turn out but you guys need to have one of these out West; I refuse to be sexually assaulted by the Somalians that work TSA and that’s just too far to drive.

    • Anonymous

      Major airports don’t sexually assault anyone anymore, they use a machine for that, no touching required.

      It ain’t that bad, jump on a plane and go to the conference. The South is lovely place to visit!

      • Anonymous

        Well hells bells Sonya, all I have to do is be irradiated if I object to touching that would get civilians added to the sex offender list!?

        Nothing is worth surrendering my Fourth Amendment rights.  Some people will turn them in for conferences and tropical beaches.  That’s why they don’t have any rights left in the country their ancestors built.  Their priorities are seriously out of whack. 

        • Anonymous

          I think most machines like that don’t use ionising radiation. I am happy to have those machines if they are the modern ones that just identify potential problem locations rather than showing you naked. I’ll take Western technology over somalian sexual assault anyday.

        • You make a good point.  We do need to stand up for our rights.  On the other hand, we could make the same argument about getting a drivers license, paying taxes, taking out a mortgage, shopping at a big-box store, etc.  These days, anybody who truly lived up to his principles of freedom would live an extremely restricted life.  He would have to live out in the forest somewhere by himself.  His life, and death, would be miserable and little would be accomplished.

        • Anonymous

          Their priorities are seriously out of whack.

          Priorities like a paycheck and family are frivolous? Perhaps you live in a bubble, but most of the rest of us DO have to travel for work or to see  family occasionally, and when that requires a 2,000 mile journey that means getting on a plane and dealing with TSA. Nobody likes it, but we do it because it is part of living in the real world.

          • Beloved Comrade

            Well, aren’t you a little scold.

            Why are you defending the TSA?  What are you doing posting here if you defend sanctioned groping and irradiation of innocent citizens in the name of “protecting” us?  When is enough enough?

            This_Name_Doesn’t_Exist makes a perfectly reasonable comment about government over intrusion into our lives and you defend the TSA.  Or maybe you have a beef against This_Name?

            I see you going down the threads on this forum doing the same thing to a lot of commenters and posters and it is annoying.  Your comments on other comments are especially irritating and annoying.  No one else does this but you.  

            You and other trolls like radical7 make reading comments here a chore.

          • .

            Sonya610 didn’t defend the TSA’s excesses. She simply said the necessities of life already precluded most from avoiding them.

        • Bon, From the Land of Babble

          Great Post!  Going through an airport these days is a miserable experience making air travel a major hassle.

          These “enhanced security” measures are just another step in conditioning the American public for more Police State measures, pure and simple.

          That and the  USG has a long history of lying to the American people.

          Or as Lew Rockwell writes:  

          The real reasons for the new TSA measures are to control, humiliate, intimidate, and condition us to abject obedience. 

          TSA uses two different types of scanners, a backscatter machine and a millimeter-wave machine. The backscatter machine uses ionizing radiation, which CAN damage cells and cause cancer.

          The TSA union in Boston claims the backscatter machines are responsible for causing a cancer cluster among TSA workers at BOA.

          Documents  obtained through a FOIA lawsuit indicate that Homeland Security “publicly mischaracterized” safety findings by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).  NIST measured the radiation dose from a single machine against the standard of what is considered acceptable. It had not done the rigorous product testing required to determine safety over time.

          Keep in mind Ben Franklin’s quote the next time you stand in a long line at an airline scanner, are grouped by a TSA thug, have your belongings rifled through, are forced to take off your shoes and are herded around like sheep or cattle as a condition of airline travel in Americas:

          Those who would give up Essential Libertyto purchase a little Temporary Safety,deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.


          • Anonymous

            So in defiance you are suggesting people boycott a White Nationalist Conference if it involves air travel? 

            That’ll teach the government they can’t push us around!

      • Beloved Comrade

        You don’t know what you’re talking about.

        All major airports require either full radiation scans or groping.  According to you this is what it’s like to live in the real world today.  Or, maybe it’s OK with you to give up the rights upon which this country was founded.  You do not speak for me.
        I travel frequently through airports in major cities on business and I have not been to one airport yet that didn’t require either a full body scan or an “enhanced pat down” as a requirement to fly, including first class.

        What am I doing about it?  I refuse to fly for vacations and recreation now because I will not be subjected to radiation and pat downs any more than I have to. I will not voluntarily be a part of government tyranny. Apparently a lot of other people feel the same way as one airline after another continue to go out of business and  US News & World Report, two-out-of-five travelers are saying they’re trying to skip the plane and those pesky lines and checkpoints in lieu of other methods of transportation. 
        Hopefully enough people will refuse increasing tyranny as well, it is little things that push people over the edge such as a tax on tea 236 years ago. 

  • Anonymous

    I live 7,000 miles away so I will have to follow here online but I wish you a very successful conference & I hope everyone who is able to attend thoroughly enjoys it.

  • Please have a conference in NYC or Philadelphia.  This site has many in the Phila/NYC area.

  • We need a conference in California, or at least somewhere west of the Rockies…Please!

    • I lived in San Francisco which is a thought police state.  The best thing that happened to me there is to see how much a ‘liberal/leftists’ can do to destroy a society.  Minorities, esp blacks, have special rights to the degree that we are last class citizens who are banned from saying Christmas (this happened to me at work).  After 10 years of TNB, enough was enough.  Bums are everywhere and islamic terrorists are so loved by the left that there is actually an organization called “Queers For Palestine”.  Too bad these idiots kill ‘queers’ in their own land.

  • jeffaral

    Will David Duke be attending?  I hope so!

  • Anonymous

    Me, too.

  • Anonymous

    I’d love to attend, but unfortunately won’t make it due to cost of air-fare and other expences, and work committments. I hope the best bits will be posted on AMREN for your international fan-base?. Best of luck with conference. 

  • I plan on being there.  I look forward to hearing the speakers, meeting old friends and making new ones.  I also look forward to buying some books, autographed by their illustrious authors.  Each conference is history in the making; it’s better to be part of it than merely reading about it, or hearing about it.


  • Anonymous

    I hope this conference actually happens. I won’t be able to make it because it is too far away, and I am poor, and I’m still considering getting a job in the system before I publicly embrace race realism.

  • jeffaral

    Why my comment was removed? I simply asked if a well-known White civil rights advocate would be attending the conference!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I really wish I could make the conference, but it is too far away for me to afford the travel costs, both in $ and in time.

    Perhaps the conferences should be more frequent and more widely dispersed?  Maybe in western NY state? haha

    Given  how popular American Renaissance is, I feel that biannual conferences are too few and too far between.

  • Anonymous

    I’m sitting on the fence but hope to make a decision soon.  It would be nice to be in a room full of people who have the same pro-white political orientation as I do and to hear some great speakers in the process.

    • Anonymous

      I do believe this is the year to go. A beautiful facility (a great weekend getaway with or without a conference) and the right to free speech is backed up by the Great State of Tennessee. It is a win win situation.

      It will be wonderful to be in a room with like-minded people! I don’t personally know even one single person going to the conference, not even any via email, yet I know it will be quite interesting and I will enjoy being around people that are pro-White.

      What is holding you back?

      • Beloved Comrade

        Where did Bon state in her post that people should boycott the AR conference?

        Stop with your arrogant criticizing of people.I would not attend the conference because YOU are going to be there.

        • Anonymous

          I would not attend the conference because YOU are going to be there.

          Haha…the fact you are NOT White has nothing to do with it, right?

          If my presence at the conference intimidates you then I will take that as a compliment and consider it a job well done!   

          • Anonymous

            A well moderated site does NOT allow personal attacks. Once personal attacks come into play things will inevitably become ugly.  If the comments are out of bounds delete them.

      • Anonymous

        What’s holding me back?  Just the prospect of the conference getting cancelled again at the last minute due to the chicanery and underhanded tactics of far left wing groups.  But it’s being held in a government facility so that can’t happen, right? 

  • Anonymous

    I really think it is important for anyone on our side who can fly, drive, walk, stagger or crawl  to make it to this conference. If you haven’t attended one of these events, there are no words which can adequately describe the energy and camaraderie one feels there.  I agree with Reuben: history is being made at these things.  If you want to be part of the salvation of our race; if you want to make history, you should come. 

  • I’ll be spending an extra couple of days over there.  I was supposed to meet up with a local friend but that may not come to pass.  So if anybody has any fun ideas for those two days, or would like to join me on some sort of adventure (I’ll have a rental car), please let me know.

  • Juggernaut

    I’m away for a few weeks, come back and what?  Internecine fighting?  Is this what is going to go on at the next AR conference?  Are you going to set up boxing rings so we can duke it out?  

    The SPLC must love threads like this, it feeds into their wildest fantasies about squashing us like ants.  They don’t need any prodding, I’m sure they’ll do everything they can to stop this conference like they did the last two.  

    Airline travel IS a huge inconvenience, no thanks to the government jack boots at the airports frisking us.

    Major airports don’t sexually assault anyone anymore

    Don’t do much traveling do you?  If you did, you wouldn’t make such a clueless comment.

    I think most machines like that don’t use ionising radiation.

    Ionising radiation is certainly used in the United States  and is the reason the pilots and stewards are fighting being radiated.  They are already exposed to radiation in flight and don’t want to add to it.   The US government and airlines will tell you that exposure to ionising radiation is perfectly safe.

    Sonya610 didn’t defend the TSA’s excesses. She simply said the necessities of life already precluded most from avoiding them.

    Yes, she did.  So where do we draw the line?  At our children being showered with cancer causing ionizing radiation or subjected to sexual groping by nonwhites thugs?  How many freedoms have we already given up and rolled over for?  Our ancestors would have already been shooting.

    That’ll teach the government they can’t push us around!

    They already are and that seems to be OK with you.  They can snoop through your bank accounts, monitor your phone calls, look at everything you write on the internet and mandate that you be sexually assaulted at airports.  You have no privacy.  But that’s to keep us safer, right?  That’s the government’s job, isn’t it, to keep us safe?  To disarm us because we might shoot each other over parking spaces?  

    While you aren’t looking and defending the governments actions, a police state is being implemented that would make George Orwell proud.  Another Obama term may cement it.

    If we were safe, I wouldn’t read comments such as this:

    I am poor, and I’m still considering getting a job in the system before I publicly embrace race realism.

    What do you think he’s afraid of?  Ghosts?  Or the American government? Why won’t he stand up, use his real name and declare that he is a proud white realist?  Couldn’t be the government pushing us around, they’re only concerned about our safety.  Well, that’s what they tell us and they wouldn’t lie to us would they?  We are all equal under American law, right?

    • Agree.  I’m only a 5-hour drive from Nashville, but I most likely won’t be able to come because Fridays and Saturdays during tax season are too busy and valuable to ditch.  As it is, there is a good chance I could be out of town in the other direction for work.

  • Anonymous

    One of the comments from last night seems quite excessive and it really bothered me. I am not referring to any posters, rude posters are a dime a dozen on the Internet, I am referring to the comment made by the moderator. He could have easily deleted the heated comments but he didn’t want to stop/diffuse the conflict, he wanted to make a bold statement regarding his ability to  threaten and demean the posters. The mod’s point came across loud and clear.

    I guess I shouldn’t be surprised as just a few weeks ago I discovered that the Amren Staff doesn’t even bother to acknowledge receiving donations anymore; that is highly irregular for any non-profit organization. I am not referring to conference fees. Amren must be doing extremely well financially, it honestly makes me feel as if I wasted a hundred bucks on a group that obviously didn’t need it, especially when there are so many worthy causes that are struggling and would have really appreciated the donation.

    Beloved Comrade go ahead and sign up for the conference, you won’t have to worry about seeing me there as I am canceling my reservation. It makes no sense for me to contribute to an organization that not only doesn’t appreciate financial support but actually goes out of their way to be unnecessarily rude to their supporters.

  • Best excuse yet!

  • Anonymous

    Attend under a pseudonym. People do. You can email AR about it if you like.

  • Don’t worry about “looking out of place”.  Remember, there’s going to be a speaker who identifies as “Native American”.  We had a couple of East Indians at a conference a few years back.  No problems.  A lot of people don’t consider me “white”.  It doesn’t bother me one bit.  I attend the conference because I believe in its principles and stand for the defense of the white race.  If somebody has a problem with me being there, it’s his problem, not mine.

    Here, read this:


    I am certain that if a sympathetic black person wished to attend, or even speak, he would be allowed to.  Ironically, having non-whites in attendance makes it obvious that it is not hatred of other races that motivates us, but love for our own race.  It puts those leftist extremists in an awkward position.

    So please, if you can, do attend.  If you haven’t been to that part of the country, book your return for a couple of days after the end of the conference.  That’s what I did.  We can explore the area and do some sight-seeing.

  •  Thanks!