Video on Facebook Shows Beating of Boy in Flint

CBS Detroit, January 31, 2012

The mother of a 14-year-old Flint boy who was beaten last week says she hopes a video of the attack posted on Facebook leads to arrests.

Trina McNeil told The Flint Journal that video of the Friday afternoon attack was posted on a Facebook page of one of the attackers.

McNeil says at least 25 people clicked Facebook’s “like” button in response to the video.

According to a police report, the Northern High School student was walking on the city’s west side when three teens that he recognized as schoolmates attacked him. The boy told police he believed the attack was unprovoked.

{snip} The newspaper published an edited version of the video on its website. (Warning: Video contains graphic images.) McNeil is doing ok after the attack, but one of his eyes was still swollen shut on Monday.



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  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    Speaking of Flint, former resident and multi-millionaire Michael Moore said that we are all “loathe to talk about” our preconceived notions of the face of violent crime. You see, when most conservative Americans think of violent crime, according to Moore, they don’t think of “freckle-faced Jimmy” up the block, but instead tend to conjure a dusky minority in the dark reaches of their mind. Fine, but if it’s all the media’s fault and there really is nothing to fear from blacks, maybe Moore can relinquish his Torch Island property and find a house within city limits of his hometown. He can prove to us once and for all that there is no link between race and crime.

    • Thats right, remember in Bowling for Columbine when Moore went to Watts and stood around with cameras and a few other activists from the COMMUNITY, in a effort to debunk the notion that south central was a GOOOOD place, and look there nothing bad going down around here !

      What an insult to the intelligence.

    • Anonymous

      Michael Moore lives NO WHERE NEAR the blacks of Flint.  He has a million dollar home on Torch Lake in Northern MI. 

      Moore won’t even buy one of the old mansions in Flint or Detroit….lol  Moore wants nothing to do with the urbanites off camera.

  • Anonymous

    Must have been a white boy enjoying all his “white privilege”.

  • Anonymous

    i am shocked that a black person would attack another person

  • Anonymous

    How many black on white beatings does this make so far in just the last year?   There have been so many I’ve lost count.

    This one is different in that there are only two blacks beating a white victim, when usually three or more are the norm…..and often the perps amount to a black mob.

    How many white on black beatings like this have you seen this last year?

    Yes, me neither.

    Strange isn’t it that the media and their allies on the left still refuse to recognize that a big part of the problem is their unwillingness to denounce it?  If they did wouldn’t that help curtail it all somewhat?

    And doesn’t their refusal to call the crimes anti-white racial events just encourage more of it, because of a lack of condemnation?

    Are there any journalism schools in the country that do not graduate people who are not PC programmed fools of the highest order?

    If there are,  they’re unknown to me.

    • Anonymous

      the number you are hearing is perhaps 20 percent  of actual black crimes. get a police scanner and hear the other 80 percent that are not reported and even the scanner is censored. i constantly hear calls of blacks robbing people at gunpoint with masks on that never reach the public not to mention blacks exposing themselves to peoples wives and children and other fun behavior that they excell at.

  • Anonymous

    Sick people….pathetic.

    Urban Americans are and always will be a very poor fit for this once fine country.

    • Anonymous

      about 6 years ago i had occasion to walk a very short distance through the journalism / mass com dept at my college just because it was the quickest route to the nearest bathroom. i will never forget the disgust i had upon seeing the TYPES  of people who were working in and hanging out in this  dept of the school. after seeing these people , mostly white, there is no mystery in my mind why as journalists they purposely cover for blacks who are last week breaking every bone in a vietnam veterans face for sport in places like philly and chicago. progressives.

      • Anonymous

        Haha, I lived in Seattle for over 30 years. The media covered for Urban Americans… matter how violent/bats**t-crazy they would act.

        I see the United States Of Ameritard as a failed country….best to prepare for Mad Max Ameritard.

        The links you post are great….thanks. Urban Americans had quite a active time in Chicagoistan….hope the filthy libs enjoy.

  • Anonymous

    I never saw a word about this on the local news.  Flint is about an hour away.

  • Should I point out that an apostrophe is never used to pluralize “White”, which should also be capitalized? 

  • Anonymous

    news story……is it really NEWS to see yet another white apologizing to blacks or mexicans????   sad, just weak and sad self hating pitiful spineless cowardly whites are all i see. i disown you people

  • Pandemonium

    We can learn from the White South Africans; they are preparing for their survival and for a separate homeland. They are launching campaigns to support a secessionist movement for themselves. They are storing weapons in large caches, and some of the weapons are rather heavy-duty ones. They have established military training camps. They are not sitting idly by waiting to be eliminated. We need to do the same thing on an individual basis. Get yourself into a survivalist/fighter mindset. Teach yourself to be more vigilant. Buy yourself some weapons and some professional training. All of these positive things are available to you. And when you start doing these things, you will start feeling better almost immediately. You will also inevitably meet like-minded people!!  Prepare. Train.

  • Saintpaul11033

    The safest most secure race on the planet is the black race in America who are predators against whites in all ways plus live a life of ease off the government getting everything free for doing nothing. Sure they fight and kill each other but they consider it normal. How many black females are raped or murdered assaulted robbed by white males? How many black males get attacked and murdered by white males? The only ones they fear is their own race.
    America  is better than heaven for the black race. They only mention Africa with their name otherwise they wouldnt be caught dead back there. Slavery was their savior and need to get down on their knees to thank their white race saviors for bringing them here.

  • Kevin m

    Does anyone know when this happened ?
    I seem to recall this.

    Flint, MI – Three White teenagers, Michael Carter, Dustin Kaiser and (girl’s name withheld by police) are attacked by six black youths. Carter is shot and killed. Kaiser is beaten and shot in the head, but recovers. The girl is forced to perform oral sex on her black attackers, pistol whipped and shot in the face. This was not investigated as a hate crime

  • Glortz

    Stupid gang-bangers even hold their phones sideways, like their guns.

  • Another day, another hate crime against whites.  Another day the DoJ doesn’t do a damn thing about it. 

  • Anonymous

    They know they cousins on they mama’s side duh famlee. They don’t know squat about they daddy’s side duh famlee

  • Anonymous

    The dueling mentality whites brought with them to America never was a part of African culture. While the first American duel took place in 1621 at Plymouth Rock, tribal warfare is the African way.

  • Richard

    Yet in any type of “scientific” study involving anything other than cognitive ability, the major theme is to break people down by race.

  • Anonymous

    Celticgoddess: “We like our S African brothers and sisters put blacks in positions of power over us and they make laws to discriminate against us in our own country.”

    Celticgoddess: You couldn’t be further from the truth. It is Zionists who are putting blacks into positions of power (city/county councillors, police chiefs etc) and it is Zionists who control the politicians who make the laws to discriminate against us in our own country.