It Can Be Hard to See Racism If You’re White

Naomi Yaeger-Bischoff, Duluth News Tribune, January 27, 2012

I work very hard. My parents worked hard. Everything I have is because we all worked for it, right?

I was raised to believe that. And I do believe it. But about six years ago I saw a video that opened my eyes to the possibility there may be other ingredients to success.

It was after worship services at First United Methodist Church one Sunday. A bunch of us—all white, educated, and, I daresay, comfortable—watched a video. In it, people of all races stood in a line in the middle of a room. The leader of the group asked several questions, telling people to respond by moving forward or stepping back. She said step back if you had ever been followed around a store. Step forward if you expect to inherit at least a little money when your parents die. Step back if you’ve ever been denied housing because of your race. Step back if you worried that your hairstyle was too “ethnic” for an employer or if you’ve ever been stopped for driving your car in the wrong neighborhood.


As I watched the video, I realized that even though I have worked hard most of my life, I’ve never had to put up with problems like that. I’ve felt accepted no matter where I went, and if I didn’t, it wasn’t because of my race.

I realized that even though my father had literally put blood, sweat and tears into farming land in southwestern Minnesota, that had he been Native American or African American his parents probably wouldn’t have even owned land in the first place. And my life would have been much different.

I’ve never really felt that I had special privileges. I thought I just had what was fair. Life hasn’t always been easy for me. I’ve had a brush of life in poverty and other negative things to knock me down. While I was living in poverty, I thought I’d never dig myself out of the hole, but I did. And the truth is, if I had been born African American or Native American and worked just as hard as I have worked, I may not have had the same opportunities to do so. This is white privilege.

On Tuesday, I attended a press conference in the Mayor’s Reception Room at Duluth City Hall for the announcement of the Unfair Campaign. Some 15 organizations have come together to show that it’s hard to see racism when you are white and that people of color in Duluth experience incidents of racism every day.


I took my talk to the kitchen to my husband. It was difficult. We talked about the things we were raised to believe, not just by our parents, but by osmosis by just living as whites. Some of it is ugly.

My husband told me about some of the feelings that go through his mind even though he knows they are wrong. And I had to admit to myself that while driving at night and coming to a stop sign and seeing black men standing at the corner, I’ve clicked the power switch to lock the doors. Was I racist? Was I just being careful? Would I have done it if the men had been white? {snip}

Over the next few months, you will be seeing billboards and posters in Duluth to help you ask those questions. {snip}

Naomi Yaeger is editor of the Budgeteer News. Learn more by attending events including Cracking the Shell of Whiteness at Peace Church, 1111 N. 11th Ave. E., Tuesdays from Feb. 7 through March 6 from 6:15 to 8:45 p.m. Also see the Budgeteer calendar for more events and log onto

What individuals can do to further their understanding of white privilege and structural racism

The following is from the website:

“Doing the work” is about understanding structural racism and analyzing the systems we work and live in to look for the characteristic of structural racism. It also entails developing the willingness to continuously evaluate our own actions and seeing that they align with our intents, e.g.: “I don’t intend to take advantage of my white privilege, but I don’t address it or attempt to change it when I identify it.”

It also means dedicating ourselves to being in authentic relationships with people of different races and ethnicities.

The following are a few things to keep in mind in doing our personal work:

  • A willingness to ask questions and face the answers;
  • A willingness to be uncomfortable yet stay focused;
  • An understanding of the importance of aligning our impact with our intent (walking the walk);
  • An awareness of the possible consequences and risks of the journey;
  • A commitment to remain on the journey and intentionally and consistently act to address racial inequities



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  • Anonymous

    Before it was discovered that diseases are frequently caused by microorganisms, the best medical minds thought epidemics were caused by “miasmas,” invisible odorless vapors that escapes through small fissures in the earth’s crust.  They were unobservable, except by noting a diseases outbreak.

    Racism is America’s miasma.  Although actual observable events of it are extremely rare, it hangs in the air as an omnipresent force, motivating its victims to make bad decisions about education, healthy practices, career opportunities, commiting crime, and unwed parenthood.   99% of the evidence for its continued existence, consists of the ravages of disease without other known cause.

    “A willingness to ask questions and face the answers.”  Sounds like (Eric) Holder-speak. 
    We’ll start being courageous when society starts respecting our opinions, and stop treating them  as a kind of social faux pas for expressing them.

    • Anonymous

      Good analogy. And Jared Taylor is the Joseph Lister of our times, villified for connecting the dots and trying to stop the problem.

    • Anonymous

      Nicely put.  I’m going to shamelesly steal that analogy.

  • Step back if you’ve ever been subjected to a bogus test with questions prescribed to force a desired outcome

    • Step back if you have brown eyes.

  • I think they call this technique the ‘brainwash barn dance’.

  • Anonymous

    “She said step back if you had ever been followed around a store.”

    If a substantial segment of people of race didn’t consider crime normal behavior, there wouldn’t be any need for apprehension. Leftist loons typically operate in a vacuum.

    • Only us ‘racists’ would notice. 🙂

    • Anonymous

      There is a Western store on I-85 around Newnan, GA where the employees follow everyone around within several arms’ length. We stopped there twice, a number of year ago on different trips; were followed twice, and on the last round we told them we would never be back; that we weren’t the color they needed to follow around. So I can take a step back. Or two.

  • Anonymous

         If I go for a swim in the ocean and come upon a shark, the shark has an advantage over me: the shark’s ancestors evolved to be aquatic animals, while mine did not. It would be silly to speak in this context of “shark privilege.”
         Modern society is far more complex than the societies that preceded it. Whites developed modern society and generally handle its complexity well, because of our higher intelligence (on average). Blacks, with lower intelligence on average, are less able to handle complexity, and therefore do not fare as well as Whites.
         Yes, Whites have an advantage, and it has nothing to do with privilege.

  • Anonymous

    We should conduct a study like the one the liberal author of this piece mentions, using the same rigorous methodology to arrive at our conclusions. Let us go to an American prison of Miss Yaeger’s choice and ask all of the prisonsers to line up in the day-yard. Then we will ask all of those who are wrongly-convicted to take one step forward. Of that lot, we can create what I’ll call a “liberal exchange program” where each individual like the author of this piece will volunteer to provide lodgings (preferably in their own homes) to the wrongly accused prisoner.

    I don’t want to sound sexist, but before I even read the name of the author of this piece, I knew it was a woman. There are so many succeptible females, utterly gullible despite their educations, who unfortunately are not disabused of their notions until it is too late. And can anyone tell me why white Minnesotans are by and large so especially susceptible to the multi-cult sham? Does it have something to do with the Scandanavian form of Christianity they imported with themselves? How many Somalis do they plan to import before we get a “Little Britain effect” and American flags are burned each day in  the streets of St. Paul?

    • Anonymous

      Is it despite their educations, or because of their educations?  Women trend heavily toward liberal arts/social sciences, after all.

      As far as Minnesotans, familiarity breeds contempt.  They just need some more familiarity.  My grandfather who was born in the mid ’30s in Iowa mouths a lot of the same platitudes about Blacks and laments their treatment at the hands of the horrible Southerners.  He actually asked me just today how I think I’d be doing if my ancestors had been held in bondage for 300 years then forced to sit at the back of the bus….

      I replied that if all races are intellectually the same, hopefully I’d be doing better than the Jews who were pariahs in Europe for a thousand years, culminating in the mass theft of wealth and property and being rounded up and sent to camps as part of an effort of extermination. 

      Compare the Black experience in America to that of the Jews and Chinese and it really takes the wind out of the discrimination argument.

      • Anonymous

        There is an inverse proportion rule at work when it comes to whites and their sentiments about black. It’s so obvious now that even pollsters have noted that overwhelmingly white districts will vote for a black candidate (either republican or democrat) but under no circumstances does a district where whites dip below a plurality will they vote for a black politician, under any circumstances. It is too late. “They have seen the whale” as Melville said.

  • Anonymous

    I’m surprised this woman hasn’t choked to death from the guilt of her “white privilege.”

    I could take the time to break down the many flaws in Naive Naomi’s article, but I’d just be preaching to the choir here. I’d love to present some eye opening, hard core facts to Naive Naomi, but there were no comments allowed on this article. As the White population in this country continues to shrink, and the racial attacks on us become more obvious, articles like this are becoming more inappropriate by the hour.

  • Anonymous

    Was she being racist or just careful????  Same ole same ole.

    Honey, you were being realistic.  If you want to ignore reality, and feel good about yourself for not being a racist, think of your husband and children.  They will miss you when you are raped and murdered.

  • Anonymous

    Better questions:

    Raise your hand if you’ve ever been assaulted by a black person for absolutely no reason.

    Raise your had if you’ve ever been robbed at gunpointe by a black person.

    Raise your had if you’ve ever seen a less qualified black person promoted ahead of a more qualified white person. 

    Raise your hand if you’ve ever been carjacked by a black person.

    Raise your hand if you’ve read that black men sexually assaut 37,000 white women per year in the USA but know you better be careful who you say that to. 

    Raise your had if you don’t bid government contracts because you know you won’t get it because the contracts always go to the “minority” company.

    Raise your hand if you’ve ever been forced to move out of your neighborhood because it turned black and as it did, crime went through the roof, property values fell through the floor and your white kids were picked on by blacks at school.    

    Raise your hand if you’ve ever noticed that an inordinate number of the crimes on your local news are perpetrated by blacks, you CAREFULLY mentioned it and some white liberal said, “YOU’RE AN IGNORANT RACIST!”

    THAT’S what we call white privilege these days!  I hope you feel as privileged as I do!

    • “…and some white liberal said, “YOU’RE AN IGNORANT RACIST!”

      I’ve learned to answer, “What am I ignorant of? What am I ignoring?”

      Or, “Are you ignorant of the fact that 52% of homicides are committed by blacks?”

  • She said step back if you had ever been followed around a store. Step
    forward if you expect to inherit at least a little money when your
    parents die. Step back if you’ve ever been denied housing because of
    your race. Step back if you worried that your hairstyle was too “ethnic”
    for an employer or if you’ve ever been stopped for driving your car in
    the wrong neighborhood.

    Non-whites don’t inherit money?  Maybe it’s because many non-white groups have such poor saving discipline that they don’t have anything to will when they die. 

    If you’re a personnel manager and a white person with a punk rock mohawk haircut applies for a job, would you hire him?

    White people do get pulled over for being white in the “wrong” neighborhood, (even if it’s the one in which they live), because the cops presume they’re there to buy drugs.

    Racial discrimination in housing has been illegal for decades.

    Sorry, goofball.  You’re going to have to do better than that.

  • Anonymous

    PC Nazi’s are on the march in Duluth

  • Anonymous

    It is a serious problem for our young white Americans when they are insinuated into a situation that features something dramatic like the “step back/step forward” drill which asks questions carefully designed to maximize differential cultural phenomena to show faux privilege.  There are about eight of these dramatic techniques, and somehow we need to inoculate youngsters when they go off to college so that they are aware that they will be placed in situations that will shatter their right to a decent sense of self-respect.

  • Anonymous

    Those who are ready to accuse whites of being responsible for every ill under the Sun apparently have no problem asking us to be “uncomfortable” and “face the answers,” yet when it comes to accepting responsibility for their own lives, or the actual biological realities of racial differences, courage among themselves is hard to find.

    • Anonymous

      You are exactly right. Excellent post.

  • Anonymous

    This is one of those articles that can be easily deconstructed sentence by sentence but I’ve done that too many times with other pieces that it’s become tiresome.

    That check list at the end is a keeper. Again, I’m supposed to devote every moment of my life trying to understand why I’m a racist and why I need to change.

    “A willingness to be uncomfortable yet stay focused.

    No healthy living organism puts itself in an uncomfortable position on purpose. Health professionals warn us that we should mitigate and avoid stressful situations. This woman seems to want us to have heart attacks and strokes.   

    As others have noted, the Step Back test is nothing but loaded questioned designed to convince weak-mind, gullible white people that they are guilty as sin. Change the questions and you get different results.

    “My husband told me about some of the feelings that go through his mind even though he knows they are wrong. And I had to admit to myself that while driving at night and coming to a stop sign and seeing black men standing at the corner, I’ve clicked the power switch to lock the doors. Was I racist? Was I just being careful? Would I have done it if the men had been white? These are questions we need to ask ourselves and our friends. “

    Her husband has feeling that go through his mind even though he knows they are wrong. Is self preservation wrong? Once in NYC, a black guy, standing in the street tried to open my car door while I was stopped at a red light. Was I RACIST because I was glad I had the door locked?

  • David Owens
    • kjackson1974

      Thank you for posting this article.  Did you notice that it claims that while not all whites are racists, all whites have an obligation to “step up” and be “part of the solution.”  It says we have to have a “conversation” about racism.  When pro-whites bring up black on white crime, no one ever says that good blacks who aren’t criminals need to “step up” and “be part of the solution”.  Rather than a conversation to “raise awareness” about black on white crime, they demand silence about it.  We are racists for even noticing the problem!

  • Anonymous

    There’s more anti-white prejudice than the other way around nowadays, but the above reporter wouldn’t understand the situation if you took great pains at explaining all about it in detail. 

    She would rather pretend to be morally superior than recognize that the issue of race is only a matter of concern if a society isn’t homogeneous.  When it isn’t, as this one, then racial consciousness is so pervasive it is constantly an issue one way or another, and once minorities discover being a victim causes others to cower in denial they delight in bringing forth every minute complaint that they might have regarding race.

    Everything else seems to revolve around racial issues on the domestic scene in this slowly imploding empire.

    And everything seems to be coming apart because of it.  Tribalization is getting stronger and the tribes are becoming more alienated from one another, contrary to what the rainbow fools intended.

    But it’s no suprise since nearly everything they’ve ever had a hand in has failed miserably.  This one will too, of course, but this one will do so in a deadly way.

    • Anonymous

      Well said,  especially paragraphs 3 + 4.  You echo what I’ve been claiming for several years now. Racism has NEVER been as rampant as it is now – the 60’s be damned. Now every breath, every look, every word, phrase, action and voice inflection is scrutinized, just hoping for that tiny sliver of opportunity to claim offense. Offending  (particularly imagined offending) is now right up there with capitol murder in severity.

      Groups have been divided into a bazillion arrogant, angry enclaves with the forceful “celebrate your own unique heritage”  drives. It was not only pointed out, but we were virtually ordered to notice everyone’s differences and make that a cause for celebration. Nothing will divide people more than focusing on their differences AND allowing some of those differences excuses and preferential treatment.

  • For more about this Naomi Yaeger broad. Not entirely Scandinavian Christian if you catch my drift.

    I once walked past a liquor store in DC and a distinguished fellow hit me up for 35 cents, I told him he’d be much happier in Alabama where he could have a small garden and some hens. He replied, “huh?”

    Another time I walked around Georgetown and a pack of feral “youths” walked into an Iranian-owned boutique, apparently with the intent to steal, and the owner ran them out albeit with much ooking and eeking.  Experience can be a wonderful teacher.

    It’s all a matter of perception: I don’t feel guilty because others choose to live like animals.

  • Anonymous

    A handful of thoughts:

    Color me shocked that a White woman with a double-barreled last name ate this garbage up.

    Being followed around a store, being denied housing because of race, these are all matters of perception.  They cannot be proven.  And blacks percieve all slights, real and imagined, as racially-motivated because they suffer from extreme paranoia.  Someone else pointed it out already: these carefully-crafted questions reveal a biased seminar attempting to reach a predetermined conclusion.

    Nothing was stopping “Native Americans” from farming southwest Minnesota for 10,000 years.  Well, maybe the Ice Age.  They were too busy learning how to ride the horses, for which they have the Spanish to thank, that they used to greatly increase their effectiveness at hunting buffalo.  The “Native Americans” would have eventually wiped out the buffalo themselves if the White man never crossed the Appalachians.

    I honestly can’t say either way if I’ve ever been followed around a store, but when I was younger I was asked plenty of times to leave my backpack at the counter.  I never took this personally.

    I was once denied employment because of my race.  I was not accepted to a union electrician’s apprenticeship program to which I applied despite an aptitude score over 90 and prior experience in electrical and mechanical fields.  The process to apply for this required me to visit the union’s training outfit two or three times and I’ll guarantee the sideways-hat, sagging-pants urban crowd I kept seeing milling about the classrooms did not exceed my aptitude and qualifications.  So yes I have been a victim of institutional racism in the form of affirmative action employment policies.

    I’ve been pulled over in a rich part of town and told by the officer that the reason was because my trailer hitch obscured a letter on my license plate.  There’s no way that officer just happened to notice that.  He was looking for a reason to pull me over.  But know what?  I wasn’t doing anything wrong and had no warrants so I didn’t go to jail!  Imagine that!

    My parents haven’t saved a dime.  I’m going to be supporting them because their house has been refinanced to the ends of the Earth and Social Security isn’t going to go very far when a gallon of milk costs $20 because of currency debasement.

    So there’s four steps back.  Does that mean I can have my “Victim of White Privilege” button now?  

  • Anonymous

    My husband told me about some of the feelings that go through his mind even though he knows they are wrong. And I had to admit to myself that while driving at night and coming to a stop sign and seeing black men standing at the corner, I’ve clicked the power switch to lock the doors. Was I racist?

    So basically this church is brainwashing the congregation into believing they should ignore their survival instincts and allow themselves (and their children) to be in harms way else they are “wrong and racist”?

  • Anonymous

    Take a step back if you don’t know who your daddy is.
    Take a step back if you were raised on the welfare.
    Take a step back if your mother had sex for drugs.
    Take a step back if you’re a special education student, just like your mother was.
    Take a step back if if many of your black friends were killed, shot or raped by other blacks.
    Take a step back if you thought Abe Lincoln was a Democrat.
    Take a stpe back if your all black school, which gets more funding than white schools, still manages to lag FAR behind the white schools.
    Take a step back if your mama named you De Andre, De Marco….or De ANYTHING.
    Take a step back if your mama named you “Imunike” (i’m unique)…sad but true.    

    • Anonymous

      so true. And, as God is my witness, I read an article several weeks ago about a middle aged woman around Atlanta whose mother figure had awarded her with another unique name:  Sarcoma. Seriously. I did a double take and read it twice. I wonder if Sarcoma and her mother figure have ever learned the truth.

  • Anonymous

    Paul Kersey of SBPDL is planning to copy them by putting up a billboard in a black city (which not surprising is very cheap) with his own message. if you want to help out.

    BTW, White people know not to drive in the wrong neighbourhood, and that because of their race they’d be risking their lives if they did. Even Naomi knows that.

  • Anonymous

    A couple years ago, I was walking home about 10PM along a busy main artery in my neighborhood. I saw a black guy on the other side of the street walking in the opposite direction. I KNEW EXACTLY WHAT WAS GOING TO HAPPEN NEXT.

    He crossed the street and was heading toward me. I decided for a preemptive response. I crossed the street and we met in the center of the road and I started screaming ‘GET THE HELL AWAY FROM ME!”  and other choice phrases. He was stunned into silence and backed away and keep looking back at me as he left.

  • Anonymous

    Nonwhites receive Affirmative Action. Therefore, they are privileged.

    Nonwhites have racial quotas set aside for them. Therefore, they are privileged.

    Nonwhites have organizations like the NAACP, La Raza, MALDEF, etc. to agitate for special benefits for THEIR own. Therefore, they are privileged.

    Many nonwhites ran away from their own countries to live in America–a country founded and established by WHITE people. They did so because they knew they could take advantage of the infrastructure that predominately came from the  mind of the White male. Therefore, they are VERY privileged!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for sharing your experience. You are right. White people suffer today living among the Blacks. They live in fear. And the White liberals who preach at us and tell us to feel guilty for being White are just provoking Blacks and other nonwhites into expressing their violence and racism towards us.

  • Ron

    After reading this, it seems as if this person would be a “pseudo-intellectual” who is trying to scientifically describe common sense concepts, that really are a product of everyday human survival, and natural human responses to surroundings.  I think most people can see through these idiots.  They try to write/speak in such conceptual over the top language, as to give the impression that they have some insight that no one else does, to give some type of validity to their apparent Marxist scientific arguments. 

    This reminds me of preachers speaking to their “common-man” congregants in high level language, as to make themselves look smart.

    Typical self-hating liberals.  She probably has an doctor of philosophy in racism or some other useless crap.  If they feel so guilty, why don’t they give their wealth to poor black kids or have a family of them come and live with them. Quit whining/moaning/intellectualizing everything and put your stinking money where your mouth is, and quit trying to make everyone else who produces feel guilty.  These bullet points are laughable, I can’t stop laughing this is such a stupid article. She has way too much time on her hands to think of crap like this.

    This person would have been one of the communist activists in Stalinist Russia, going out into the country to reeducate folks. Modern day political commissar. Beware of these people.

  • Steven Bannister

    Jared Taylor – Could you please write an article that directly responds to the concept of “White Privilege”?  One that refutes or at least counter-balances it’s major arguments? Any activist tools would be helpful, thanks. 

  • Anonymous

    That’s a really good question. Suppose I did fall for this White privilege nonsense. What would Naomi have me do then? Apologize for any and all of my success? Feel ashamed of my White skin? Apologize to all non whites if they don’t have the exact same things that I do? I mean really, when you think about it, what is the point of  this ridiculous campaign?

  • Periapsis

    If they find themselves in the wilderness up there, they should be only complaining about how racist the brown and polar bears are for stalking and eating them, and how racist the cold up there is too. Never mind the fact an unprotected Eskimo would freeze to death up there too in the dead of winter. The way some blacks call the likes of me “ice people” is absurdly funny, since my ancestors lived in -40 degree winters and worse while fighting invading armies to a stand still long enough for the Russian winter to finish them off. Doubly so since Caucasians lived in Ice Age Europe when winters were much worse than today.

  • Three blinders liberals have to human nature:
    “Racism, Sexism, and Homophobia”

    Good point.

    The left is void of logic leaving then no choice but to resort to superfluous retorts. Supplying a litany of facts usually blows away their nonsense.

    Tragically, the left holds the nation’s microphone.

  • Anonymous

    Here’s our response flyer to their “It’s hard to see Racism when you are White”.

    Ours is:

    It’s hard to see Racism when you are White… and you’ve just been jumped by 5 Black teens who have nearly beaten you to death!” (We feature photos of the White Vietnam Vet who was jumped by 5 Black teens and nearly beaten to death.)

  • Anonymous

    How about this for a come back to the “It’s hard to see Racism if you are White…”

    Our reply could be:

    “It’s hard to see Racism if you are White…. and you’ve just been jumped by 5 Black teens and beaten nearly to death!”

    We made a revision of our Racism cuts both ways flyer/poster featuring the incident of the White Vietnam Veteran attacked  by Black teens in Philadelphia. Please copy and foreward/distribute:

    • Anonymous

      I would like the title changed to It Can Be Hard do See Racism When It Isn’t There

  • Anonymous

    OF COURSE she felt accepted wherever she went! She stayed in majority white areas.

    Blacks feel accepted when they are in the majority as well.

    While blacks will likely feel uncomfortable being in a majority white community, I would feel uncomfortable and unaccepted being in a majority black community (and I have).

  • Anonymous

    Why does this threaten you? I only use it as a comparison to show Blacks that you can succeed in America without being part of the majority group if you do business and take care of those within your community, instead of team up to run down anyone that rises up out of the ghetto and cut the throat of anyone that has shoes you want. 

  • Anonymous

     Please do tell us about how the Jews practiced genocide on Slavs.    That is unless “geoides” is a special word of yours that no one else understands.

    • Anonymous

      It is FACT that there was a great amount of support for communism by Jews and at communism’s inception was mainly run by Jews.  Jews held most of the positions of power during the early days and the inception of communism.  Ukranians (and other eastern Europeans) supported (and welcomed) the Germans during WWII because life under the Germans was seen as being (possibly) better than under that of  the Jewish communist commissars.  All one has to do is look at the extermination of the Ukrainian “kulaks” during the forced “collectivization” of the Ukraine (which was never reported honestly by such rags as the “New York Times”. After WW II the communists then turned on the Jews.
      Not anti-semitism, just fact.

      • Correct, anarchyst. Leon Trotsky, for instance was a Jew, whose real name was Lev Brontstein. He was assasinated in 1940 by an agent of the Georgian dictator Stalin.

        A Mexican named Ramon Mercado, who served 20 years in a Mexican prison.

        Hey, I just came up with an actual illustration of multiculturalism in the political arena. A Jew gets killed by a Latino who was working for a  Georgian from the Caucasus.

    • Anonymous

      It is FACT that there was a great amount of support for communism by Jews and at communism’s inception was mainly run by Jews.  Jews held most of the positions of power during the early days and the inception of communism.  Ukranians (and other eastern Europeans) supported (and welcomed) the Germans during WWII because life under the Germans was seen as being (possibly) better than under that of  the Jewish communist commissars.  All one has to do is look at the extermination of the Ukrainian “kulaks” during the forced “collectivization” of the Ukraine (which was never reported honestly by such rags as the “New York Times”. After WW II the communists then turned on the Jews.

      • If you’re using “communism” as a verbal proxy for the Soviet Union, then this is largely not true.  For most of the early history of the Soviet Union, Jews were actually underrepresented in the Communist Party relative to their percentage of the entire population.

      • Anonymous

         While it is true that many Jews thought they might get a better deal under communism than they had under the Romanov Dynasty, they were bitterly disappointed. 

        Fact:  Lenin and Stalin were Russian Orthodox Christians.

        Stalin ordered the starvation of the Ukraine due to their initial refusal to cooperate with collectivism.

        They were still persecuted under communism and before WW2.

        Although no doubt, some commissars were as Jewish as any Soviet citizen could be religious, (we know that an communist party member had to swear to atheism and to the State, denouncing any religious affiliation or identity).

        I know that you want to see a Jew behind every bush, but it appears that you are simply carrying the inherent anti-Jewish culture from those regions which is more a witness to the persecution of Jews, during the entire Soviet epic, rather than proof of their participation in the Ukrainian genocide.  High numbers of  Jewish Ukrainians died in it.  You are merely misrepresenting history to carry on your “Jews are to blame for everything” diatribes.

    • Anonymous

      Hello Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight, 
      Please accept my apology for the mischaracterization of my response.  I don’t see “a Jew behind every bush” (I am Jewish) but felt the need to point out that there were significant numbers of Jews in power in the Soviet Union, in the NKVD, GRU and that there was considerable support for communism among many so-called “progressives” in the early 20th century.

      • Early 20th century progressives support communism as practiced in the Soviet Union?  No kidding.  What was it but merely the progressive-collectivist ideology taken to its logical end?

  • Anonymous

     This is a stereotype that whites are beginning to accept due to their being bashed as racists for decades and seeing Asians arrive and work harder.  The secret is that their parents usually are stricter.  They are from a totalitarian society.  In two generations they will be as lax as most white parents.  Besides, Asians are committing a huge amount of crime in frauds and other non-violent types.  Ever since the 1970s, Asians, from Vietnamese to Chinese have devastated the Western U.S. forests and fisheries, because they won’t follow any rules and Fish and Game cannot keep up with the problem.  Much of the damage is already done is unlikely to be reversed. 

  • Steven Bannister

    Thanks Jay. I checked that out, there’s some pretty good things there (although some of the “letters to the editor” were weak – WASP obviously means White Anglo Saxon Protestant, not an insect!)

    I STILL would love to see Jared Taylor write an article- as only Jared Taylor can- that thoroughly debunks (or at least puts into perspective) the concept of “white privilege.” 

    Hope to see it one day. 

  • Anonymous

    I’m up for doing a billboard. The very good web editor at Stuff Black People Don’t like wants to do a come-back billboard campaign to the Duluth adverts. I suggest you/we work with him

  • The activity described in this article is from Paul Kivel.

    A poor, white immigrant from a non-English-speaking European town would have similar results. And yet they wouldn’t qualify for all the affirmative action and discrimination-amelioration efforts.

    In short, this is a crock of sh*t.