Totally Drug-Resistant TB at Large in India

Andy Coghlan, New Scientist, January 12, 2012

A strain of tuberculosis that is resistant to all existing TB drugs has emerged in Mumbai, India.

“We currently have 12 confirmed cases, of which three are dead,” says Zarir Udwadia of the Hinduja National Hospital and Medical Research Centre in Mumbai, and head of the team whose diagnoses of four cases has just been published.

The emergence of the disease in such a densely populated city is a major concern as it could spread so easily. “We know one patient transmitted it to her daughter,” Udwadia told New Scientist. “It’s estimated that on average, a tuberculosis patient infects 10 to 20 contacts in a year, and there’s no reason to suspect that this strain is any less transmissible,” he warns.


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  • Anonymous

    Disgusting. I believe half of the population of India is already carrying TB, the millions of cows wandering the streets are infected too.  Now that will be flooding our countries because those “brilliant and so advanced” Indian doctors can’t even bother to prescribe the right drugs? 

    I feel very sorry for those Americans that  have to work around Indians, it won’t take long for the infection to spread to the states.

  • Anonymous

    I am glad that underneath the last article about India, there were a few antagonists trying to lecture the rest of us on how intelligent and advanced Indians are.

  • spread so easily – Thank God for Miracles!

    incurable – Impossible!  ‘Tis you people who are the most “intelligent” of them all is it not?

    India and Money – The cost is no excuse given you people found, how much was it?  Fourteen Billion worth of Treasure not that long ago and of course, the untold Billions in Aide Americans were forced to give you over these years as well.

    proper treatment – Again, Impossible!  People with such “intelligence” surely know what Medicine to hand out!

    despite the cost – you mean “despite the cost” to Americans.  Were it left up to you, they’d be just like they are now, Third World people stuck in the Third World you so-called “intelligent” indians  continue to give them.

    HIV – Oh I wouldn’t worry about that.  Everybody knows how “ethical” and “moral” you people are so the likes of Aids shouldn’t be in your Country.

    wait until it starts – Too Late!  But, if you wish to contain it, cut-off Eastern Immigration and problem solved.  It’s just too easy..

  • John Maddox

    Who would want to wager a bet on  how many Indians and Mexicans would test positive on a TB skin test? People exposed to the disease are likely to develop it on subsequent exposure or if their immune systems are compromised. It never goes away. If you have been exposed, the disease is like a ticking time bomb waiting to explode. Drs. will recommend taking a regimen of drugs-usually provided by public health departments- when skin tests go positive. Skin tests are not an indication of an active form of the disease, but from my experience I’m betting that ‘positives’ are potential carriers.  Problem is that if you are over a certain age they won’t prescribe the meds because they are extremely hard on the liver.

    They should start skin testing all immigrants from third world countries. Those who test positive should be denied entrance and those already here should be immediately quarantined and deported.

    • Anonymous

      Actually according to the WHO database India is far far worse, as in 20 times worse, than Mexico. India has much higher rates of HIV too.

  • Anonymous

    Region and Global Percentage of New TB Cases

    South-East Asia —  35%  
    Africa (Sub-Saharan) —  30% 
    Western Pacific —  21%
    Eastern Mediterranean  —  7.1% 
    Europe  —  4.5%  
    The Americas  —  2.9% 

    Keep in mind developed countries are much MORE likely to diagnose new cases of TB and have those statistics recorded. Third world populations are much less likely to do either.

    • Anonymous

      Plus Europe’s rate would be lower if it weren’t for immigrants that live there.

  • To Anon:
    Right on with your assessment. As a matter of fact this new strain of  T.B. was , probably,
    first intiated in the prisons of Siberia in Russia because of the bad conditions. Therefore, excellent post. Thanks!!

    • Anonymous

      I doubt it.  You mean to tell me, of all the filth and uncleanliness you find all over the Third World, that the few exceptions to the rule that you find in white countries just happen to be what started it?  What an interesting coincidence you conjured up.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe Jugdesh returned home. In any case, I used to work in an office with some of these dungball rollers. Virtually none of them washed up after using the facilities, even though they were supposedly professionals. Keep that in mind when you shake hands with them.

  • Anonymous

    It’s interesting to read the first reports on what will one day kill us arthritis patients (we take immuno-suppressive infusions to control our arthritis). I’m sure it could be prevented, of course, but the U.S. is hooked on insourcing Indians and foreigners on visa to displace us in what remains of the private middle class U.S. labor market.

  • John Maddox

    That too!

  • Anonymous

    I just looked at that map.  The parts of Europe (funny that they are only “parts”) that show “high” levels are still a few shades lighter than what is in India and other parts of the Third World.  Nice try.