‘Strict Muslim’ Raped Four Women at Knifepoint to ‘Punish Them for Being on the Streets at Night’

Nick Enoch, Daily Mail (London), January 25, 2012

A Muslim man who raped women to ‘teach them a lesson’ for being on the streets at night was jailed indefinitely today because of the danger he poses to women.

Sunny Islam, 23, who comes from a strict Muslim family, dragged his terrified victims—including a 15-year-old—from the street at knifepoint, bound and assaulted them during a two-month reign of terror.

Police fear that Islam may have attacked many more.

Three of the assaults took place close to his home in Barking, east London, while a fourth occurred in nearby Forest Gate.

Judge Patricia Lees, sentencing him to a minimum of 11 years, said: ‘The harm you have done to your victims is incalculable.

‘The nature and extent of these offences drives me to the conclusion that you represent an extreme and continuing danger to women, particularly those out at night.’

He was traced through the number plate of his girlfriend’s car after he kidnapped and raped the 15-year-old in September 2010.

He grabbed her from behind as she walked home with a friend and bundled her into the car at knifepoint before driving to a secluded spot where he raped her twice despite her claiming she was only 11 years old.

Judge Lees said: ‘You told her you were going to “teach her a lesson”, and similar things were said to the other women.

‘Those words are a chilling indictment of your very troubling attitude towards all of these victims.

‘You seem to observe women out at night as not deserving respect or protection.

‘I have no doubt that you were out that night looking for a victim, as you were on each of these occasions.’

The teen, who feared she would be murdered, was in court and smiled as her attacker was jailed.

In a victim impact statement read to the court, she said: ‘No one will ever understand the flashbacks—they are so real. At night, I lay in my bed and it is like I am there.

‘It is like a screen in my mind forcing me to relive that night again and again.

‘People will say time will heal, but I think time has helped me accept the truth—that I will never escape what has happened to me.’

After his arrest, Islam’s DNA was linked with three other attacks near his home in Barking, prosecutor Sara Lawson told Woolwich Crown Court.

The judge said on July 8, 2010 he subjected a 20-year-old prostitute to ‘his trademark double rape’ and then tied her up, repeatedly punched her in the face and stole her wallet.

She said: ‘He treated me like an animal and made me feel worthless—I thought I was going to die.’

Six days later, in Forest Gate, he struck again on a 28-year-old when he dragged her into his car and forced her to commit a sex act.

She managed to kick out the back window of his car and escape despite being throttled.

His fourth victim, also attacked in September, did not come forward until police found the 31-year-old’s blood in the back of the car along with a knife he used to threaten his victims and plastic ties he bound them with.

She was repeatedly repeatedly punched in the face until she was bleeding and then tied up and raped twice.

Islam, who told the jury he was a practising Muslim, was convicted of seven charges of rape, one of sexual assault and one of kidnap.

Tana Adkin, defending, said: ‘The only piece of mitigation is his age. He was 21 at the time of these offences and comes from something of a strict background.’

His mother, in religious dress, sat with her covered head bowed throughout and wept as her son was jailed.

Judge Lees said: ‘The fact that you have attacked these women not withstanding your background must represent your own wholly warped personality.’

After the trial, Det Chief Insp John Sandlin, of the Homicide and Serious Crime Command who investigated the offences, said they believed there may be other victims who had not come forward, but Islam has not been charged with any further offences.

Sunny Islam

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  • Anonymous

    Yep, and I’m sure this guy will get off of any wrongdoing just like those Muslims who got drunk and beat a white girl in the UK because they weren’t used to alcohol.

    Ridiculous!  This guy should get the death penalty.

  • Anonymous

    The strange goatee and eyebrow slits show this is one extremely religious man.

    • Yeah, I was thinking that looked like traditional Muslim grooming.

  • AO

    Minimum sentence of 11 years!?

    Since they don’t have the death penalty… how about life? 11 years! What the heck.

  • Anonymous

    Well, did they learn their lesson about being on the streets at night?
    Sometimes you have to teach peace through strength.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, I think they probably did. I am sure the 15 year old won’t be out at night by herself for a very long time.

  • 11 years ?! Are you kidding ? Those women have received a life sentence.

  • He rapes a 15-year-old, and others “to teach them a lesson.”  Will 11 years really teach him a lesson?  The Greek goddess of justice held a scale.  In liberal lands, the scales are weighed against the victims of today and potential victims of tomorrow.  This guy should get a harsher sentence if justice is to be served.

  • Anonymous

    He grabbed her from behind as she walked home with a friend and bundled her into the car at knifepoint before driving to a secluded spot where he raped her twice despite her claiming she was only 11 years old.

    The poor girl pleading that she was only eleven years old probably enticed “Sunny” even more. He was doing just as his messiah instructed him to do.   And about the same age as he liked, too.

  • He said he was a practicing muslim. He must be getting good at it with all that practice. Obviously we need more tolerance of DIEversity. Hold up its supposed to be 2 years added for each crime with a knife in the UK so that would be 8 of the 11 years.

  • Anonymous

    well expect alot more stories like this in the future since Europe is intent on letting in any third world trash on “humanitarian” grounds. I’ve found that for some reason children of non-white immigrants to western countries seem to hate the west even more. And this is how they repay it.

  • Anonymous

    Well, that’s awfully nice of him. He was only teaching them a lesson.  Deep down he really cares about women, and he wants for them to be safe. 

    Well, there is a lesson he should learn. But they won’t teach it to him. If you rape women then you should not be breathing anymore.

  • Anonymous

    Apparently he is unable to realise that extra-marital sex on his part (let alone rape) is a grave sin against his religion.
     The word ‘hypocrisy’ doesn’t even begin to describe this man’s actions.

  • Anonymous

    11 years for 4 rapes? Isn’t 2 years and 9 months for each rape of a woman low even by the “promise not to do it again” standards of British courts?

  • This happened in Yemen. No wait, Saudi Arabia. No wait, Libya. No wait, Somalia. Hmm. Those are my guesses, lets see where it really happened…


    Thanks for nothing, Labour and the fake “conservatives” who let it happen and didn’t conserve the White identity of the UK.

  • Anonymous

    How about 11 years and castration?

  • Anonymous

    I have, with ever increasing despair, been observing British justice for a long time. Let me tell you what a minimum 11 year sentence means – it means he will ONLY serve 11 years. In 11 years time, he will tell the parole board – the members of which represent the archetypal “chattering classes”- that he is very sorry, and “as a practicing muslim”, he will lead the rest of his life as a paragon of civil society. And they will believe him. In the mean time he will get 3 square meals a day, get to go to the prison gym and hang out with his jihadi brothers. He will no doubt train to be an Imam, at taxpayers expense.
    And what was the defense playing at by offering in mitigation the fact that he was only 21?. According to scripture, a man becomes responsible for his criminal actions at 20. That makes him old enough to Hang, in my book – which is, of course, what should have happened. Or at least a minimum 20 year sentence WITH chemical castration.

    • Personally, I interpret that part of the OT to mean that the age of criminal responsibility in ancient Israel was 20.  It’s stating a historical fact, not an otherworldly commandment.  Depending on the jurisdiction, the age of real criminal responsibility is lower, sometimes a lot lower.

      • Anonymous

        Just out of curiosity, what is the minimum age do you think it would be acceptable to execute the perpetrator of a capital offence in a white western nation?.

        • I can’t give you a hard and fast number just based on opinion, though I will say that one doesn’t have to be that old to know right from wrong well enough to grok the wrong-headedness of premeditated murder.  Before the Supreme Court decision of a few years ago, 16-year olds who were certified as adults and convicted of first degree murder could have gotten the death penalty.

  • Anonymous

    Remember this when some nut job tells you to feel sorry for the Palestinians or “innocent” Muslims.