Senate Candidate: Illegal Texans ‘Need to Go Back’

Gary Scharrer, Chron, January 12, 2012

Former football standout Craig James says 12 million immigrants who did not enter the country legally should be deported because they broke the law. But the new Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate concedes that finding all those who are not here properly will be hard—as would the acquisition of enough busses to move those people out of Texas.

Folks who didn’t come to this country legally “need to go back,” James said Thursday before a U.S. campaign debate with other GOP candidates. “They have to pay the price for coming here illegally.”

The former SMU star and NFL Hall of Famer says he has compassion for families who came to the United States for work and a better way of life.

“But they came here illegally. They broke the law,” James said.

He does not support the Dream Act, which would provide a pathway to citizenship for children who arrived in the country illegally if they serve in the military or graduate from college.

James called the status of children of illegal immigrants “unfortunate. But, they are here illegally.”

James did not say how people here not legally should be returned to their native countries.

“We have to squeeze down … find out who they are and get them out of here,” he said. “I have compassion for those kids, but they have broken the law because they are still here.”


James wants to jump from his EPSN sports broadcasting career directly to the U.S. Senate. {snip}


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  • I hope he wins, especially since the front runner is one David Dewhurst, the Rickroller’s Lieutenant Governor.  You know what the Rickroller is all about:  His Presidential campaign (fizzle gurgle) proved that.  So the apple falleth far from the tree not.

    However, don’t cheer Craig James yet.  He’s a “sniffer” (that’s all I’ll say), so he’s probably sensitive to black whining and moaning.  One call from the Congressional Black Caucus probably gets him to shut up about closing the borders and deporting illegal aliens.

    • Anonymous

      You hit the nail on the head with the “sniffer” comment.  As a former college football player myself I can tell you for a fact that most of these great white former football players NEVER get too far out of the PC line when it comes to race matters.  They may THINK how we think (and many DO) and perhaps mite post comments at places such as Amren but they will never say too much in any public forum for fear of falling out of favor with the media and thus ruining their reputation.  And not to mention their ole black “buddies” from their playing days.  And in James case it would cost him a few votes I would imagine.

      • The worst of all?  Jack Kemp.  He was often quoted as saying that:

        “I can’t help but care about the rights of the people with whom I used to shower.”

        (Tell that to Jerry Sandusky)

        Well, Mr. Kemp, that’s a two way street.  Where are the black ex-jocks saying in public that they “can’t help but care about the white men with whom they took showers?”

    • Impertinent

      ” One call from the Congressional Black Caucus..”

      Could the CBC actually be that dumb? To vote for keeping illegals in jobs when 30% of blacks are out of work? Unless of course being on the government dole is a better ride than working is? 

      • Yes, they are that dumb.  CBC members almost always vote for amnesty and open borders.  Numbers USA grades of CBC members are mostly Fs with some Ds.

        • Impertinent

          Then I guess it’s safe to say…they’re mostly Howard “graduates”?

  • Woody Woodpecker

    I agree with what he says here, and I hope he becomes a US senator, but
    I think the article is incorrect in calling him an NFL Hall of Famer…

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, he is not an NFL Hall of Famer.  He is most notorious for being one of the recipients of booster slush money that eventually led to SMU receiving the death penalty.

  • He’s simply advocating the rule of law be followed. Nothing more or less. This is not  “controversial, right-wing, extremist, mean spirited, discriminatory, etc.,” or any other pejorative the open border crowd would like to attach, in order to demonize those who simply believe the rule of law be followed.
    However, since insanity now prevails, every hispanic advocate and boot licker will come unhinged at the mere suggestion our immigration laws be enforced by a White man running for office.

    • Impertinent

      “This is not  “controversial, right-wing, extremist, mean spirited, discriminatory, etc.,” …

      Too bad that’s not the current buzz words….It’s get ready…”INSENSITIVITY” that’s now the current killer of truth and free speech. Soon…we’ll need a permit and pay a yearly fee to exercise your 1st amendment rights as you do the 2nd amendment.

  • SKIP

    Here’s a proposal to offset the expense of those illegals being deported. First, identify them while they are in custody. Second, identify their bank accounts and freeze them, third, use the money they have in that bank account to pay for their repatriation and then seize the remainder to offset the welfare and such expenses the taxpayers have paid to support these illegals and their offspring who should, and will be deported also.

  • Mike7322

    This was a great read, saying that if he was to win the seat once he got to Washington ppl will help him change his views. Once other Senators get to him and explain how things work, he will start chasing the mighty dollar.

  • Wonder how long it will take for ESPN to fire Craig James for his ‘racially insensitive comments’.

    Remember the liberals at ESPN fired Rush Limbaugh (just a mainstream conservative!) for such things.

    Anyhow Craig James it to be applauded for attempting to do something positive. 

  • Fed Up

    What is needed is for each state to drive the damned illegals out! By requiring all employers to use E-VERIFY and arrest any illegal using bogus ID as determined by using E-VERIFY!

  • Fed Up

    If our damned Congress had the guts to do so. . . they could enact legislation setting a date 180 days in the future for ALL ILLEGAL ALIENS. Any illegal alien apprehended/discovered after that date — has any and all assets confiscated and given to local government. The illegal alien then summarily deported WITHOUT right to due process or appeal.

    • Impertinent

      Not a chance…too many in Congress have been blackmailed by La Raza….and there’s already too many names ending in a “Z” for that to change. And to think…not a shot was fired!

  • Anonymous

    God bless this man for having the courage to stand up for what he believes.

    It reminds me of a You Tube video about dating.  This overweight Polynesian guy said he didn’t like one of the men on the show because he is black, and he took the hit for it from the guests on the show.

    I only wish I could display such courage.

    If this Senate candidate turns out to be fine in other ways, I would be happy to vote for him.  Even though I live in NY state so I couldn’t.

  • Phillip Mckann

    It’s the craziest thing.  Simply suggesting that they be returned to their country gets people howling as if they’re being sent to the electric chair.  Those Americans that care so much about illegal aliens should focus their resources on improving conditions in Mexico.

    • Impertinent

      Don’t worry about the Castilians in Mexico ever changing that! They’d rather see the chorozo , peasant among them self deport to El Norte. To them…exporting the riff raff DOES make Mexico better….us though, worse off. East LA anyone?

  • Anonymous

    Don’t worry about bussing the millions of illegal aliens back to the border. Any war we’ve been involved in, there was no trouble in moving troops all over  the world. How about a fleet of C-130s on regular runs? If the countries they came from won’t accept them, they can be left on the tarmac. Their leader can deal with them. If all else fails, I know a lot of Texans who’ll offer to take a car load. I hope Mr. James continues to speak out loud and clear.

  • Snowman

    Mass deportation is a straw man. You do not have to do that. Cut off all avenues for state and federal aid through E-verify and get serious with employers and they will deport themselves. They will have to live like pennyless fugitives.