Obama Picks Immigration Reform Advocate to Lead Domestic Policy

Amie Parnes and Erik Wasson, The Hill, January 10, 2012

President Obama has picked a strong advocate of immigration reform to head his Domestic Policy Council.

The White House announced Tuesday that Cecilia Muñoz, a former senior vice president of the National Council of La Raza, would replace Melody Barnes at the top of the council. White House press secretary Jay Carney announced the appointment during his press briefing.

Muñoz is now serving as the White House’s director of intergovernmental affairs and is in charge of outreach to state and local governments. “The president has asked, she has accepted,” Carney said.

Muñoz is an immigration expert who worked for the National Council of La Raza, the largest Latino civil rights and advocacy organization in the United States, until she joined the administration in 2009. The group works to improve opportunities for Hispanic Americans and advocates legislation that would provide a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants.


In her new role, Muñoz will become the president’s senior adviser on domestic affairs that fall outside the strict purview of the National Economic Council, which is headed by Gene Sperling.


House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) praised the appointment, saying Muñoz “has developed strong relationships with members of Congress in Washington and activists nationwide, and a sterling reputation as a powerful voice on behalf of comprehensive, compassionate immigration reform.”

She said the appointment reflected Obama’s “strong and ongoing commitment to diversity across his administration.”


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  • Anonymous

    black kill indian bp owner even though they got the money. vid link. warning graphic

    • Who cares?  That indian “owns” something that should belong to an American.

      Please understand, Americans do not get set-asides, preferential treatment and easy Government and Forgivable Loans like those indians and other non-whites do.

      • Anonymous

        I agree fully.  It is time for white people on these websites to stop wasting their time with their concern for the treatment of Northeast Asians and Southern Asians within our societies.  They don’t belong here, and in the case of Indians, they aren’t as smart, overall, as whites are.  In the case of Northeast Asians, smart as they may be, it is a complete lie that they do our scientific jobs better than us when we were the ones who invented those jobs and fields of endeavor for goodness sake!

    • John Maddox

      I watched this video and it looked like a cut and paste job. How about a link to a news article to verify this crime. My personal experience is that the undertow is less likely to kill  an Indian or Pakistani shop owner than they are a white, Hispanic, or Asian. Indians and Pakistanis support their bad habits and profit handsomely from the interaction.

      • Anonymous

        I thought that you were under another article praising Indian immigrants.  Please correct me if I misunderstood you on that note.

  • Anonymous

    Okay people. This is why we all have to hold our breath and vote for Mitt Romney, or Gingrich, or whoever the nominee happens to be. Because, via judicial appointments and czars Obama is going to do everything in his power that he can to make sure we are soon a minority, and that we have not the rights to defend ourselves. Vote dammit.

    • Pandemonium

      I understand your point. My concern is that voting does not seem to have helped our cause at all over the last 40 years. Any further suggestions?

      • Anonymous

        Secession? Revolution?

        • Anonymous

          This is the only way, but they are working to corral whites who want to do things like secession and other break away ideas as “domestic terrorism.”  That is why Obama just passed mandate that allows for indefinite imprisonment without charges.  The round up is almost set to begin.  But some here think that praying to Jesus is going to be the answer.

          • Anonymous

            I don’t know whether or not the roundup is set to begin. That sounds like something Alex Jones would say to sell his DVDs. I don’t know about FEMA camps either. I’m not saying it’s impossible, though.

          • Hirschibold:
            They didn’t write and pass all those laws not to use them.

          • Anonymous

            Well, one side – Tea Partiers, thought that they were voting to curtail rights for non-whites, as they consider the stereotypical terrorist to be a Muslim or non-white, while others are making increasing noise (like DHS) about white involvement in homegrown terrorism.  I do not subscribe to conspiracy theories as a rule, and the whites who are claiming that camps are set up for future containment of white patriots have been shown to be untrue, the alleged locations were active National Guard training camps that aren’t always in use.  But we still have to be on guard because there does seem to be a general plot to paint whites who identify as whites as radicals and potentially dangerous to everyone else. 

            That’s why I am always reluctant to give true identity hints.  I struggled with accepting the new Amren a bit format because of this…

    • Anonymous

      Oh please – as if any of these “frontrunner” Republicans is going to do anything different! This, “We have to vote for________, or else” spiel is just plain baloney. It also happens to be the same threat that Neoconservatives peddle with each election cycle – and the mainstream fools and evangelical bible-thumpers fall for it every time!

  • La Raza’s motto translated into English:  For those within the race, everything.  For those outside the race, nothing.

    St. Louis has avoided much Hispanic immigration, but I’m getting reports from relatives back in the old neighborhood that a certain block of the southern part of the city, where the blacks had recently supplanted the whites, is now heavily Hispanic full of bodegas and Hispanic grocery stores.  One of them has an awning that reads, “Mexico Lives Here!”  Yeah, Mexico lives here…if we’re not careful, half of Mexico is going to be living here before too long.  And, I got a call today from a relative, and in the process of the conversation, he told me that he’s seeing more and more taco trucks around the southern half of the city.  I had to explain to him the “taco truck” phenomenon, and that it wasn’t a good idea for him to partake of their products.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      I got a call today from a relative, and in the process of the conversation, he told me that he’s seeing more and more taco trucks around the southern half of the city.

      Does it play  La Cucaracha  like the taco truck that parks behind my school?


  • Billg95

    Detroit WASP:  I think that Romney picking Marco Rubio for VP means that we will have the same immigration/amnesty situation under George W Bush.

    Goodbye American nation!

    • Anonymous

      I think America is already gone.  It’s just damage control at this point.

      • Anonymous

        This is the most correct comment so far.  We don’t notice the collapse because it is slow enough to allow daily life AND temporal politics to distract us.

      • Anonymous

        So true. Economically, socially, morally and in every other way, the U.S. has virtually gone too far to be righted. However, I believe miracles do happen; though they have the same odds as winning the lottery.

      • Anonymous

        I did not think there were any WASP’s left in Detroit. You have got to be in some suburban enclave. How do you survive if not, since you are sandwiched between the blacks and muslims!!!!!

  • He’d be a fool to not pick a Hispanic? Come on, Hispanics never vote GOP.

    5 elections hence there will be a discussion and it will go…

    “Hernandez should pick another Hispanic or a Black, or at least a woman! He’d be a FOOL to pick a White man!”

    • Anonymous

      Okay then, let Romney pick Newt or some other white dude and we will get 4 more years of the Kenyan.  If you think he is left now, wait until he gets a second term. 

      McCain was probably the most qualified Presidential candidate in 20 years, he picked a white woman and lost to the most unqualified black candidate EVER.    Rubio would steal 98% of the Hispanic vote from the Kenyan.

      What is your formula for winning the election…  Ron Paul?

  • Our government knows they are here and exactly where to find them! Our government does not want to find them because they are hispanic and part of their multiculturalism and diversity plot against White America. In addition, who needs permits when you have a multitude of hispanic advocacy groups defending you against the “racist” government at every turn. Requiring hispanics (especially the illegal kind) to obey the law is almost a crime in of itself now.

  • Beloved Comrade

    And as for the grocery stores, bodegas, etc., they’re run without health department certificates or any other types of licenses, including business licenses, which is something we legal residents must do or face being shut down and fined.

    I do not believe this.  Hispanic grocery stores allowed to operate without a business license?   I’d like to see proof of this.

    Please cite your sources.  Do not post such information if you cannot back it up with hard evidence from reliable sources.  I seriously doubt a grocery store would be allowed to operate anywhere without a business license, fire department inspections or fire extinguishers.  


    I’ll be waiting.

    • Anonymous

      I believe he is right.  California had an issue with food carts a while back and the result was that no one had to get licenses for them.  I saw a news story on food stands in SF that seemed similar.  I know that businesses in California don’t require business licenses because I had one for years and never got one.   I don’t think Mexican businesses even think about it.

      • Beloved Comrade

        Geez, I wish people would read my comment before replying.

        Once again, FTR, and to those of you who wrote to my private e mail:

        I was not referring to Mexican push carts, roach coaches or food stands.  
        Do you believe large or even medium-sized Mexican grocery stores in California are allowed to operate without health inspections, fire extinguishers or fire dept. clearances?

        Do you believe the health dept., the city, and fire dept. inspectors all look the other way while subsidiaries of large corporations such as Superior or Vallarta are allowed to operate without fire extinguishers or inspections?

        If so, present your proof.

        That is what I was referring to.

      • Anonymous

        To beloved comrad’s reply to this post;  I have never seen medium sized Latino/Mexican supermarkets anywhere, but then I have never lived in any other state besides California and in the North.  No longer live there, but have friends who talk about it with me.  Is there a chain, or are these just rich individual Mexicans who open up because they have so much money to do it?  I’d like you to name a few of them and tell us where they are.  I’m genuinely interested to know if it’s true.

        I have read (I think in the 2011 FBI Gang Assessment Report) that many Mexican restaurants are being used for laundering drug money.  Since many local bureaus have come to be peopled by Latinos, it is quite possible to imagine such businesses being rubber stamped.  I once saw an inspection by a county official in California;  all that he did was walk in and have a pleasant talk with the owner, never looked around at anything.

        And as I said originally, I had a business myself and never got a city or county license.  It was two years before even the fire department got around to inspecting for safety.

    • Its good to ask questions but try not be so verbally agressive.  It just makes you look silly.

    •  Illegal invading hispanics drive automobiles without a driver’s license, steal jobs while committing identity theft, and engage in a host of other unlawful acts in order to further their illegal presence in this country. To then believe they become law-abiding citizens when it comes to obtaining a business license to operate one of their bodegas(or other business) defies evidence and logic.
      Here in CA, illegal Mexicans were having a fit because the police were “harassing” hispanic vendors because they did not have the necessary business permits to operate their push carts and roach coaches. Being the militant la razas they are, they simply dismissed the need for a business permit and continued to do as they please under the guise it was” racist” to require illegal invading hispanics to obtain a business license. Of course, our la raza city council sided with the illegal invaders and did every thing in their power to construct some sort of exemption on behalf of their beloved illegal invaders. Where this stands, I do not know. However, this is yet one more example of hispanics believing the law does not apply to them.

      BTW…my family has operated a small business in CA for the past  30 years and have always had to purchase a business license. Maybe it’s because they are White….

      • Beloved Comrade

        Some of you didn’t bother to read my post before blasting me with something such as Mexican push carts do not have business licenses.

        My commentary was not about Mexican push carts or roach coaches. It was about large Mexican grocery stores.

        Obviously Mexican push-carts on the streets, roach coaches and balloon venders in local S. California parks do not have business licenses, fire extinguishers or health dept. inspections.

        I was specifically writing about Mexican grocery stores since that is what Sincerely Concerned was referring to.

        If you are from Southern California, as I am, then you are familiar with large Mexican supermarkets such as Superior or Velarde. Do you think they’re allowed to operate without business licenses, health inspections, fire extinguishers or fire inspections?

        If so, I’d like to see proof that the fire dept., city health dept., and city offices ALL look the other way allowing large Mexican corporations to operate in Southern California with basic fire and health regulations.

        I own a business in Southern California and know about government oversight and over regulation.

  • Anonymous

    Comrade Obama will now get 90% of the Hispanic vote, along with 90% of the Black vote and 100% of the guilt ridden white liberals, that adds up to Comrade Obama wining the next election and becoming president for life.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think blacks realize how bad a Hispanic dominated future for them will be

  • Anonymous

    Many younger Cubans are not conservative.  Many Cubans are black and I’m sure most vote Democrat.  A Romney/Rubio ticket would get 98% of the hispanic vote?  You cannot be serious!  Rubio is very soft on immigration.  How about a Romney/McDonnell (Governor of Virginia) ticket?  Virginia is slowly getting more liberal and went for Obama in 2008.  Same with North Carolina.  The Republicans will need to retake those states to win.  I don’t think its an exaggeration to say that almost all Cubans in this country would have no problem with all of Cuba coming here.  I don’t think they would be a net benefit to this country.   

  • obama only has a year to tip the scales beyond repair and so by appointing that hispanic, he hopes to ensure there is no place left for Whitey to go.

    Look for the hispanic to dole out “incentives” to the last White Localities in exchange for “diversity” and “multiculturalism” of which, they’ll fall for hook, line and sinker.

    If we don’t have the numbers, we don’t have the power.  They know this and “We” need to understand it.

  • What did Einstein say?

    It’s already been proven that non-whites, regardless of their smiles, soft voices and seemingly White Values, are not for White People AT ALL.

    rubio is using White People but they’re too Blind to See it.  rubio is Cuban FIRST.  Non-whites are ALWAYS their ethnicity FIRST and you know what that means.  You Whitey, don’t count.  You only count for as long as you remain the Majority but after that?  C’mon now….

    • Rubio is white.  Have you seen a picture of him lately?  Cuban first?  What Cuba would that be?  Certainly not the Cuba that exists now but the Cuba that he and his family left which was pro-US and capitalist.

      • rubio looks hispanic to me.  His name sounds hispanic too.  His hair is pitch black like a hispanic and his eyes are pitch black too which by the way, hispanics also have.

        Cuban first – Tell me, what is a “Cuban-American”?

        What Cuba – The same one that has NEVER bothered to take care of their own people.

        Pro-US – NO, non-white Countries are only Pro-America when they’re receiving money from America.  You know it as Aide, “Free” Trade and one-way Immigration.

        left – Oh Indeed!  What other Country is going to give him AND his ENTIRE family “free” education, Welfare, Affirmative Action, Set-Asides and even their very own Federally and American Business Funded RACE groups?

        • Anonymous

          Hispanic is not a race but a culture.

          Rubio is most likely a Mestizo….mixture of  White and Indian.

    • Anonymous

      I agree with you 100%. Nonwhites ALWAYS put their specific group first. White people need to do the same!

      • I agree but also disagree.

        Were we to separate into ethnicities, it might help but I kinda doubt it ’cause in the end, we’re still White and you know what that means, we’re all housed, fed, educated, employed and even rich….

        But then again, the Italians get their own neighborhoods so yes, perhaps we should try it.

  • Anonymous

     Rubio is an absolutely terrible candidate.  If you happen to like habeus corpus or the 4th amendment, you won’t be voting for anything with Marco Rubio on the ticket.

    If some pro-NDAA cretin like Mitt Romney wins the election I’m voting 3rd party.  The neoconservatives all support amnesty in one form or another.

    Immigration, that is, WHITE immigration is virtually nonexistent in the USA.  The people who come here now are looking for a free ride.

    • Anonymous

      “If some pro-NDAA cretin like Mitt Romney wins the election I’m voting 3rd party.  ”

      Then just vote for BHO because that attitude will ensure his win.

      • Anonymous

         What exactly is the difference between Romney and Obama?

        Both are pro-abortion, pro-income tax, pro-war, pro-gun control, pro-Patriot Act, pro-amnesty, pro-fiat currency, pro-Fed, and anti-white.

        The only difference between the two is the brand name.

        Ron Paul definitely has problems though.  I almost threw up in my mouth when he said the drug war discriminates against blacks.  Oh boo hoo. 

        Ron Paul doesn’t bother to check that blacks are many times more likely to rob, rape, assault, or murder you.  Of course, one is required to not see these facts lest they be labeled “racist” which is somehow worse than acknowledging the truth.

        RP is great on economic issues, but terrible on racial ones.

        • Anonymous

          Obama is a muslim sympathizer. He has put many of them in high government positions. He is doing all he can to weaken America for an ultimate replacement of the Constitution and Rule of Law with Sharia.
          Romney is not doing that. Better to kick out Islam and the socialists than continue on our Muslim-inChief’s agenda.

  • Anonymous



  • jeffaral

    Nothing wrong if brown people stand for brown people!    I guess about 10% of Whites are worth saving, if they are willing to fight  when the civil war comes.  The rest will go to the slaughterhouse as an obedient herd of brainless sheeple. 

  • Anonymous

    Very good post. This is action oriented and exactly what we need at a time like this in our history.

  • Anonymous

    Voting different politicians into the Congress or House does not work. Regardless of what we the people want, they pretend they know what’s best for us and vote the way they are persuaded by their handlers and managers and PAC’s. If by some slim chance a politician who actually listened to his constituents and voted their way got in, their vote would be vetoed by the top guy–whoever he might be. It doesn’t really matter who we vote for, the whole system is corrupt from bottom to top. We need to get rid of all of them, all at once, from the janitors to the top guy. Bring in a busload of monkeys, they could do a better job–at least they couldn’t do worse. (Oh and while we’re at it, get rid of the nine guys and gals in the black nighties, too.)

  • Pandemonium

    Whites are a very small minority NOW in the world!!

  • Anonymous

    I see that as part of daily life activities that distract from the slow but certain collapse.  Bread and Circuses.   

    I could see them raising it 50 feet and introducing jet packs, possibly.  It would be entertaining to see those blacks guys get beat by more technically savvy whites.  Oh, wait – there’s a movie coming out that proves that the Tuskegee Airmen won WW2!

    I am reminded of a story by Kurt Vonnegut about the future where due to additional Constitutional Amendments, everyone was mandated to be exactly equal.  So The U.S. Office of the Handicapper General was created and saw to it that gifted athletes (and others like ballet dancers) wore weights.  The intellectually gifted were fitted with radio headsets that interrupted their thoughts with high pitched noise.  When the hero is finally killed on tv, his mom cries while watching it on tv but then can’t remember what she saw when her husband asks what upset her, but tells her that she shouldn’t let unhappy thoughts upset her.


  • John Maddox

    This president is committing a blatant act of treason against the people of this country. He has aligned himself and his administration with the former representative of a group with Marxist ties and which is a known advocate for the overthrow of white government in the southwest. That catch phrase about diversity is nothing more than a code word for white genocide. Mexicans aren’t about to share anything with anybody and they are certainly no friend of the Constitution.

    Obama is admitting the enemy in through the back door in direct violation of his oath of office. I hope that this will be a wake up call for white voters in 2012. It ought to be one for blacks as well. They won’t be anymore welcome in Aztlan than us Gringos and Gringas.

  • Anonymous

    I have won a lot of arguments when I make the National Council of LaRaza (translates as “The Race”) the opponent. Get smeared as “RACIST” by a Latino racial lobbyist group called “The Race” – well, that’s a lot like being called a “Criminal” by a leader of the Gambino crime family.


    Have some fun out there folks and remember that the best defense is a good offense.

  • Anonymous

    Brazil is an armed camp. In the large cities, the affluent live in gated, guarded hi rises and no body gets in!. This is also how the small middle class live. The poor live in favelas and other housing that you would not believe. Out in the rural areas and smaller towns, there is a semblance of law and order as people do not bunker themselves for fear of losing their property and their lives as in the larger cities.

  • Anonymous

    La Raza proclaimed its intention to reclaim the American Southwest for Mexico as early as the 1970s.  It is they who appropriated the historical term “Reconquesta” from Spanish hisotry when ironically Christian whites drove Arabic Muslims out of Spain in 1492.  Nothing in their actions or words has contradicted this aim, but rather enforced the intention.  I have heard it from the lips of many Mexicans since then, except now they don’t limit it to the Southwest alone.  That Obama could be this naive and uninformed is incredible.  The explanation must be some of this and that he is a complete political sellout.

  • Whiteplight:

    Harrison Bergeron

    I was assigned it in sixth grade.  It is what started the process of liberating my mind of egalitarianism.

  • Anonymous

    The problem with that is that they attract whites with emotional issues like religion and patriotism, along with “moral” issues, but then sell out to international corporations that do things like send jobs overseas and hire immigrants as cheap labor domestically.  I think the survival of the white race will only be determined once all these present fascades have collapsed and the real struggle begins.

  • Anonymous

    Please don’t fall in for doom and despair about the Presidential election. Romney was a perfectly decent Governor of Massachussets. Romney has the best immigration grade of any of the remaining GOP candidates. Romney listens to the GOP base, which is strongly anti NW immigration. White Mormons are good people – the LDS church is still the white Christian denomination in the US – yeah, I know Southern Baptists argue that Mormons aren’t real Christians – these idiots can get “raptured” for all I care. Please stay active in local politics and promote the 14 words. I just got back from a ten day trip to Utah – stayed with some LDS friends – I have never seen so many, healthy, beautiful White families/White chilren anywhere else in the world.

    Please stay positive and don’t give in to gloom and doom – keep your job, eat your veggies – there are lots of great things going our way.

    14 words

  • Anonymous

    Nice try, Mestizos want a Pres/Vp that will dole out the goodies.