Nutter Fumes After 3 Philadelphia Teens Killed in Apparent Reprisal Shooting

Mike Dunn, CBS Philly, January 12, 2012

Following a shooting Tuesday night in the Juniata section of the city that left three teens dead (see related story), Mayor Michael Nutter had strong words for the shooter, calling him “a dog.”

The outraged mayor also had strong words for the parents of Philadelphia’s youth, telling them “not to act like idiots and a—holes.”

While Nutter says he is gratified about the quick arrest in the multiple shooting, he is fuming that the victims were out on Tuesday night apparently looking for trouble. And he blames their parents.

“Seven young people, somewhere between 14 and 16 years old, on a Tuesday night, a school night, are out in a car going to somewhere to have a fight with some other teenager. That is completely insane, it is irresponsible. Parents have to know where their children are and what they are doing,” the mayor said.

“Their little butts should have either been in bed, getting ready for bed, or doing some homework,” Nutter added. “Not out in a car, not in some other neighborhood, and not up to this kind of nonsense. I’m not your mom and I’m not your dad. We cannot completely legislate, or by policy, make people responsible for their children.”

Meanwhile, Eyewitness News has learned the suspect in the shooting, Axel Barreto, has a lengthy criminal record, including at least seven arrests since 2000, mostly for drugs. But on Saint Patrick’s Day 2004, court records show Barreto was arrested for illegally possessing a gun, but those weapons charges didn’t stick.


And Nutter pleaded with teens who know the victims to avoid any retaliatory acts. “It is not going to work out well for any of you,” the mayor said.

“The least you can do is know where the hell your kids are, in the daytime, in the nighttime, or at any time during the week or on the weekends. That’s the minimum we should ask and expect from our parents. You want to have kids? Take care of them.”

[Editor’s Note: See the original article to watch a video report that includes Mayor Nutter.]


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  • Anonymous

    nutter is all window dressing. he talks a tough game but all he cares is lining his pockets and acting like he is not racist and doesnt REALLY  blame the white man for all of his problems and the violent STUDENTS, TEENS, YOUTH, ETC have no regard or respect for him he has to keep spouting off to keep begging for more funds from the WHITE MAN  ha ha ha  PITIFUL

  • Anonymous

    its insane that black adults have to be chastised and talked down to like children! by a politician. ha ha WTH? what a joke

    • Anonymous

      The adults are like children though…in their emotions and the way they talk.

  • This is similar to Nutter’s rant at that church back in August, the one where he said that black teenagers should pull up their pants, &c.

    Have you ever had a certain kind of trashy neighbor?  This kind could even be white.  The parents will yell and scream at their kids while they’re outside and in full public view, as if they’re really disciplining them.  But when they get in the house, the kids run as wild as they want.  And once everyone in the neighborhood is asleep, the kids (and probably the parents, too), sneak out of the house.

    What’s the point of the public discipline, then?  Is it a play act to impress the “good” neighbors?

    That’s what I think of when I read about Nutter’s pseudo-moralistic fan dance rants like these.

    It is said here an “illegal” police search invalidated the gun charge against the suspect, and Nutter is fuming.  Well, people like Nutter wanted all these legal technicalities in the name of civil rights.  Petard, hoisted, own.

    Even if Barreto would have been convicted and imprisoned, these seven black teenagers would have been out that night to cause trouble vis-a-vis another no-good gang banger.

  • Anonymous

    Please! The man is saying what needs to be said! Leave him alone!

    • Yes, and maybe one of these days, in theory, hypothetically, these words will turn into deeds.  Meanwhile, here in the real world, they’re still “keepin it real,” sagging their pants, killing each other.

  • black free thinker

    Whatever his motivations might be, Nutter’s comments are unbelievable considering he is a black/Democratic politician. I know the liberals/poverty pimps/black parents must be fuming. I lived seven months recently in me…his cries are going on deaf ears, and they are fuming.

  • Anonymous

    As it happens ‘Nutter’ is English slang (actually rather more than slang, it’s almost mainstream), for a lunatic.

    • Jim

      Yeah, a lunatic who DOESN’T drive around shooting people.

  • Anonymous

    black teens laugh in court at white man whos jaw and skull were cracked for sport

  • Nutter is more concerned about “illegal guns” than he is about those who were shot. With him, and other mayors and politicians, it’s always the “illegal guns”. And just what is an “illegal gun’? It’s any gun that is not in the hands of the police or military.

    The double-barreled shotgun used by the young widow in Oklahoma to kill a home invader, is an “illegal gun” in the view of Nutter, Bloomberg, other mayors,politicians, and various gun control groups.

    Ted Nugent’s hunting rifles are “illegal guns” in their view. So is any gun used in self-defense, by store clerks or business owners – some of whose stories have posted here on Amren.

    Nutter likes to thump his chest, and go through his “Me big bwana”, spiel, but it gets tiresome. He’s upset by the fact that he can’t blame whitey for these shootings in his city, so he has to blame the “illegal guns”.

    Sorry Nutter, but that dog wont hunt, anymore.

  • Anonymous

    these things are incapable of obtaining any type of civility
    this entire segment of society has devolved to the point of absolute
    savagery, all you have to do is open your eyes and see what they have
    done to EVERY community they have invaded, they are nothing more than
    societal cancer.
    everything society has tried has failed.
    to quote the mayor…”ENOUGH IS ENOUGH”