New Hampshire Ends Affirmative-Action Preferences at Colleges

Peter Schmidt, The Chronicle of Higher Education, January 4, 2012

Public colleges in New Hampshire are precluded from using affirmative-action preferences in hiring or admissions decisions under a new law that took effect on January 1 after being passed by the state’s legislature last year with relatively little public opposition.

The measure prohibits New Hampshire’s university system, community-college system, postsecondary education commission, and other state agencies from giving preferences in recruiting, hiring, promotion, or admission “based on race, sex, national origin, religion, or sexual orientation.”

Both chambers of the state’s legislature, which came to be dominated by conservative Republicans as a result of the 2010 elections, overwhelmingly passed the measure last spring. The measure went into law after Gov. John Lynch, a Democrat, took no action on it.

In sharp contrast to other states that have experienced highly publicized battles over similar bills or ballot initiatives, New Hampshire passed its measure with little input from national advocacy groups on either side of the affirmative-action debate.


Ward Connerly, who has helped lead campaigns on behalf of voter-passed bans on affirmative-action preferences in several states, on Tuesday said he and the advocacy group he founded, the American Civil Rights Institute, deliberately stayed out of the debate over the New Hampshire bill to avoid drawing national attention to it.


Mr. Connerly, of the American Civil Rights Institute, said the passage of the New Hampshire measure is one of three recent developments signaling an increased willingness by state legislators to support the sorts of affirmative-action restrictions previously passed only through state referenda. Arizona lawmakers voted in 2009 to put on the 2010 ballot a ban on the use of affirmative-action preferences by public colleges and other state agencies, which voters passed. And Oklahoma lawmakers voted last year to put such a ban on the ballot this fall.


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  • Detroit WASP

    I won’t be surprised if the NAACP or EEOC try to overturn the law.  They banned afirmative action in MI and they are in court to over-throw the law that voters put in place.  

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      I won’t be surprised if the NAACP or EEOC try to overturn the law.  They banned affirmative action in MI and they are in court to over-throw the law that voters put in place.

      Let ’em try.  They haven’t had any luck (yet) in blue blue blue California. The California Supreme Court AND the 9th Circus Court of Appeals (the most overturned court in the nation) BOTH upheld California’s Prop 209 which outlaws race- and sex-based preferences and discrimination in government contracting, employment and education.

      SAN FRANCISCO, CA:  August 2, 2010  The California Supreme Court today rejected San Francisco’s attempt to get Proposition 209 declared unconstitutional.

      The Ninth Circuit overturned a lower court’s ruling that California’s anti-affirmative-action Proposition 209 was unconstitutional, clearing the way for it to take effect.



  • Anonymous

    Not to worry. Large companies and corporations doing business in New Hampshire are free to redouble their AA efforts,  and no doubt, minority run businesses  will continue to do the same.  

  • I wish the Missouri legislature would pay attention.  It is not necessary for people to stand around on corners and collect signatures for a petition:  The regular legislative process will work just as well.

    • I’m with you there, most of the minority kids in my school are just there to collect the student aid checks and drop the class

      • Peter Singer, Lou Ferrigno, NPR?  Jennifer, are you sure you’ve got the right site?  You’ve got too many favorite video games on your FB which makes me think you haven’t spent enought time thinking this through.

  • Anonymous

    Gru took the words out my keys.  It’s easy to ban affirmative action mandates when the intended beneficiaries aren’t around to protest and intimidate.  I’ll be more convinced of a real trend when New York State passes a similar law.

    • While instinctively none of us like affirmative action laws, I wonder what the real economic impact has been?  Of course, we’ve all heard stories, and while those are interesting and often outrageous, the big picture might not be as bad as we are led to think because the small stories get us so riled up.  One of the ways affirmative action was “supposed” to work was based on the principle of “all other things being equal”.  So if there was 1 black candidate who was equally qualified with the competing white candidates then the affirmative action mechanism would move the black candidate to the top.  From an company or organization point of view this would appear to be an ok solution because – in theory – they’re not losing or sacrificing any capabilities because “all other things were equal”.  I realize the practice has probably evolved to accept applicants even when they aren’t as well qualified.  One thing we have to remember in these discussions is that some “equally qualified” whites will be rejected even when there are only a white applicant pool.

      • Anonymous

        An example of that real impact: It has served to drive white men out of the top tier pharmacy colleges in my state. Oh, the few that are allowed to start there still complete at a higher rate, but most never get the chance. When the school has an 80% minority + 70% female goal, and only 30% of the potential slots can go to *any* man, much less a white man; this has a real impact quickly.

        Instead of competing for 200 positions white men are competing for just 12. Even with attrition that takes the number of first years down to 71 when they get through the 6 years of studies, the maximum number of white men in the graduating class is 12, and it usually closer to 9 because of attrition.

        The university doesn’t care. They got their $200 application fee from everyone; even if 40% of the population that applied had no chance whatsoever of ever getting in, regardless of merit.  They don’t care that more than half of those that start will fail, because they still make a ton of money along the way. The students just get sacked with debt, or mercifully a wasted $200 (or $200 + travel if they are out of state).

        This isn’t a government mandated policy, BTW. This is something some committee came up with once it adopted too many extreme liberals. They managed to con a mess of schools into signing onto their goals to first “even gender, and then even race” in what they deemed “male” first, and then “white” majority occupations.

        Its been great for the Asian kids. The campus is full of students from Pakistan, India, and parts of Asia. Its done very little for blacks as the attrition rate is too high for many of them to graduate. Its also been great for women to get the experience of going, but they have an incredibly high attrition rate. (They start at 70% to end up less than half of the class that actually graduates.)

        This is how the shell game always works. You take an argument that appeals to emotion, so women will tend to like it, and agree with it much more than men. “The school should be inclusive” or my favorite “There should be an equal opportunity” are two of my favorite examples; the last one galls me in particular. Then on top of the emotional appeal you make women the number one recipient of its benefits at the expense of men. Then you build a coalition of women + everyone else against white men.

        This is why this stuff is so difficult to change.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe Ron Paul can spout more of his racial wisdom during the New Hampshire primary and point out how “racist” whites are toward blacks.

    • Notwithstanding my mutual admiration of and appreciation for Mr. Goetz, do you see the irony in your comment?

  • Without Affirmative Action  (special treatment for non-whites) schools and Universities will revert back to predominate white.  Blacks need special help. I  hope they realize what is going to happen. 

    On an “equal” playing field, Blacks having lower I.Q.s will cause natural segregation at Universities. Thus, as the NAACP has demanded, we will have to eventually reinstate special pathways for non-whites.

    Furthermore, if we allow “historical Black Colleges” to exist, then we are forcing Blacks to go to school with Blacks. The NAACP hate this. The US Supreme Court itself ruled that blacks being forced to attend schools with other blacks is harmful to blacks. Whites are needed to help blacks.

    There is going to be hell to pay.

    • Except for the “historically black colleges” colleges and universities are predominantely white now.  A good source for the learning about the mix is the “US News and World Report” rankings of colleges.  This source has tables showing the racial breakdown. There is other  information about graduation rates which will be of interest to all Amren readers.

      • Beloved Comrade

        Not true.  I did not believe your contention that HBCUs are “predominantly white now” so I looked it up.

        Wikipedia:  The following list illustrates the percentage of white  student populations currently attending historically black colleges and universities according to statistical profiles compiled by the U.S. News and World Reports Best Colleges 2011 edition: 

        Langston: 12%; Shaw University 12%; Tennessee State University 12%; University of Maryland Eastern Shore 12%; North Carolina Central University 10%. 

        I also looked up Howard University:  

        Black:  85.5%

        White:   .5%

        Hispanic: 1.3%

        Asian:  2.5%


        Black:  91%
        White: n/a
        Hispanic:   1%

        Graduation rate 32%

        Morehouse:  94.4% black

        Graduation rate: 50%

        I’d hardly call 10-12% “predominantly white now.”

    • Anonymous

      The post from “Black Hat” is a satire, I presume.  Am I correct?

      • No. I mean no satire.  I am serious.

        Unless there are whites around, Blacks can not learn as well. This is the stance of the NACCP in the Brown vs Board of Education.  They brought in Psychologist who showed actual damage to the Black Psych if they were “forced” to attend schools without white students.

        Blacks have a lower IQ. If we don’t have different standards for them, they will not be able to compete with whites. That too is factual.

        It is our duty, as whites, to accommodate the Black population. Think of it as our “Christian” duty.

        • Lou

          Sorry , but  blacks  have every opportunity to excel  as whites do only if their parents took interest and they REALLY REALLY wanted to excel. I’m not buying your argument at all..

  • Anonymous

    A lot easier to control our destiny when it’s basically only us around.  Hmm. The implications for immigration policy for starters should be obvious.

  • Hah. It will never stop the Communist backed and Jew bank-rolled and dominated colleges from  shafting Whites. It didn’t stop California, did it?

    There will always be a way around it. They will say they are looking for “leadership” and “vibrancy” and all of that other horsecrap. It happens from your city’s community college all the way to the Ivy Leagues. 

  • Things are looking up!

    Given the results of the 2010 election and this story out of New Hampshire, one could think that the U.S.A. has reached ‘peak liberalism’ and that Whites are now returning slowly to racial sanity!

  • Anonymous

    maybe this will force non-white students to study harder to get the grades for admission into university. at least in new hampshire it will be like this.

    • Lou

      Yes, My thoughts to Black hat.. Non whites expect everything handed to them so this will MAKE them try harder.. If not, then it was never meant to be..

  • Anonymous

    Kudos to the state of New Hampshire for doing this!  If only they would do this in my current state, New York.  I was a chemistry TA for a while here at a local private college.  Many of the students in there did not belong at all.

  • Guest

    California banned affirmative action admissions back in 1996.  The courts upheld it in August 1998.
    It didn’t change a thing.

    • Anonymous

      Actually, it did change some things. Black and Latino enrollment dropped significantly, and Asian enrollment increased.

  • Anonymous

    Doubtless New Hampshire colleges and universities will be swamped by out-of-state applicants when this gets around.

  • Anonymous

    I am still very young, but the further I go into adulthood the more I get a taste of what my white male brothers have to go through with affirmative action.  Work has been getting stressful lately, and I am beyond irritated with some of the racial politics going on.  I try to work very very hard, yet that doesn’t seem to be good enough for one of my white female coworkers.  She is always coming after me for something in a manner that is almost abusive.   Meanwhile, there is a black woman who does almost nothing, and every time I walk by her office she is surfing the internet.  Despite this, she constantly gets treated like a baby (or a queen) by the same white woman who torments me for trying as hard as I can.  I have had it.

    It is when I think about what my white brothers have to go through , and how they are so thick skinned through all of it, that keeps me going.  Perhaps this is why we as women are more suited for the home than the work place.  We are more sensitive to office politics, and this past week I sure got a taste of racial politics inparticular.  Unfortunately, since I am still young and not married, I have no choice but to work.   And the possibility could arise that my future white husband’s work alone by itself sadly won’t be able to pull enough money in for us and our family.   Thanks to all the Third World dependents that white people now have to support in this society through taxation as well as affirmative action in the work place that keeps incompetent blacks such as my coworker from getting fired and getting better salaries than the rest of us.

    • It is only a myth that two incomes are generally required to support a family.

      My sister has 6 children, my brother-in-law in a civil engineer.  I jnow he makes more than single me but I know he isn’t pulling down what most people think it would take to raise 6 kids. My sister is frugal, and an avid coupon collector. They grow a lot of vegetables in their back yard in the summers. Buy a side or half side of beef yearly.  Use Amazon to buy non-perishables on the “Subscription” plans.  Point is, there are all kinds of things people can do to reduce the expenses of living without drasticly altering their life. I used to work part time in the evenings, but when I ran the numbers, (cabs, coffees, meals) I found out the job cost me about what I made, and 4 hours of my time.

      • Anonymous

        I didn’t really say it was necessary.  I said there is a possibility that my future husband won’t be able to support myself and our children with just his job.  I look at things at a case by case basis and I don’t judge people as they might have a situation I don’t understand.  It would be nice if only my husband worked, but we will see.

  • You’re essentially giving the ground details of what Sam Francis called for all along, that we “abjure the realm” start a parallel society/culture, with a system of government that would eventually supplant the “official” government once civilized people obeyed it and contributed to its functionality and decision making ability better than the “official” government.

    Homeschooling, community scrip, etc., are current examples of how we’re moving in your direction.

  • I really do wish ALL universities and colleges that accept tax payer money would follow suit.  This would make it fair for everyone and do away with damaging racial quotes.

  • Anonymous

    Two generations after the civil rights legislation was passed the alibis are less convincing. 

  • Won’t be for long.  

    The goad of our enemies it to eliminate white areas.  Eliminate white states, nations and cities. Dilute the whites and dominate them.

    There is a very sick evil force in this world.

  • Anonymous

     I love how they call it “equal opportunity employment”.  It’s some sort of Orwellian double-speak.

    I got into an argument with someone in my high school once about something similar.  I was angry that Hispanics be given preference over whites in hiring or college  admission.  I said this was wrong, so he said “F#!$ you” at me.

    Racial diversity is such a blessing.

  • Fear is powerful. Fear is what keeps White people from acting in the interests of their people. Since I became open about my racial views my life has changed. Some family and friends want nothing to do with me anymore. I wish that it did not have to be that way but I would much rather proudly speak the truth and let the pieces fall where they may rather than let the fear of being ostracized by people control my thoughts and beliefs. You see, that is the kind of society that we live in today. Sit down, shut up, and be a good little goy sheep and if you don’t, you will be punished. I have gotten better about picking my battles when it comes to discussions of race and religion but I have come to realize that I am totally incapable of ignoring reality and it is impossible for me to not do something about such obvious things. I am simply not wired that way.

    The vast majority of Christians are good people, but they are scared and brainwashed. They are scared of even uttering a word about racial issues or God forbid, criticizing Jews and Israel. They will condemn books such as My Awakening and Mein Kampf despite the fact that they have never read a page of either book. They worry about being labeled a racist and an anti-Semite and they fear losing their precious social status. Most Christians will most likely tell you they have no problem with interracial relationships because salvation through Christ is attainable for anyone of any race. They either don’t believe in racial differences or they believe that as long as someone is a Christian they will be a productive citizen. Being a Christian doesn’t make someone more intelligent or less lazy, or even less violent for that matter. How many Christians go to church on Sunday, put on a happy face for all of their friends and then go home to verbally, mentally, and physically abuse their children? I bet it happens more than people realize. Some people are simply more capable of controlling their actions whether they are a Christian or not. Blood matters. Genes matter.

    Being a Christian does not make a person more capable of creating and sustaining a nation either. Is Norway a great country because its population is Christian? Statistics say that only 13% of Norway’s population goes to church. White Nations are not successful because they are Christian. Our genetics and blood is what has created greatness around the world. Christianity was and is the overwhelming religion in the Western world but no amount of evangelism will ever make Blacks capable of creating anything that resembles what the White man has created. Genetically, Blacks simply do not have what it takes to create and sustain a civilized country equal to that of a Nation created by Whites. That is not hate. It is science and realism. In reality, when Blacks are left to fend for themselves and don’t have the White man taking care of them, the areas in which they reside turn into uncivilized wastelands. In 2011 the top 10 most livable states in America were New Hampshire, Utah, Wyoming, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Jersey, Vermont, Idaho, and North Dakota. With the exception of New Jersey, with a White population of 66%, they are overwhelmingly White and if the White population in New Jersey continues to decline, it is inevitable that the living conditions will worsen. The most violent and dangerous places in the United States are populated by Blacks and Hispanics. Christians don’t like talking about race. Even if Christians knew the truth about race they would much rather avoid the topic altogether. They would rather ignore reality in order to feel comfortable in their own little world but the problem with this is that their world is shrinking and someday they are going to realize that race does matter and that silence is no longer going to work for them. Someday White flight is no longer going to be possible because there won’t be anywhere else to flee. They are going to be forced to make a stand as White people, Christian or not. If they do not, their days will be numbered. White people are subconsciously following their racial instincts every time they move from an area with a growing non-White population to a nice, safe, White area. They may not admit it, but it is happening.

    Christians most definitely don’t like talking about the Jewish issue and most will completely ignore or deny the fact that Jews dominate Hollywood and the mainstream media. Most of today’s Christian “leaders” have allowed themselves to become nothing but Jew puppets in order to appease organized Jewry so that the funds will keep flowing into their Judaized congregations. These leaders spew their poison about how everyone from every race can live in harmony as long as they all believe in Christ, except for the Jews of course. It is perfectly acceptable for Jews to preserve their blood but not us lowly White goyim. Miscegenation, non-White immigration, and an incredibly high non-White crime rate, all of which are supported by International and organized Jewry, are destroying the White race and the vast majority of Christians are doing nothing about it because they are scared. Most Christians are afraid to see the truth because they would be forced to challenge everything they have been conditioned to believe since they were a child. It is tough breaking those chains but it can be done and must be done. Many Christians have bought into the Zionist lies and propaganda spewed forth by the Jew bootlicking, scumbags like Jon Hagee and Glenn Beck. These wolves in sheep’s clothing are nothing but false prophets and are leading their flocks to their own enslavement and death. According to these traitors anyone who doesn’t cower and bow to Jews and Israel is an evil anti-Semite despite the fact that many Jews today would gladly crucify Christ all over again if they got the chance. When enough Whites break the chains and realize that the only solution for White people is a nation free from Jewry, things will change.

    I don’t blame people for criticizing Christians for what has become of White nations over the past few decades, hell I do it myself. The vast majority of Christians have allowed and/or used their faith to justify the genocide of White people all over the world and someday they will realize that they have been duped the same way non-Christian White sheeple will learn about truth and reality. It is undeniable that the actions and indifference of Christians on the issue of race has largely contributed to the destruction of White/European nations. Unfortunately, reality has to smack most people directly in the face for them to wake up and even then, some will still stay asleep. Unless we want our children to be enslaved by the Jewish masters who are currently pulling the strings in our own homelands, White Christians must stand up and throw off the Jewish chains so that they can truly be free.

    Ryan J. Murdough

    National Political Director

    National Socialist American labor Party

    • Anonymous

       Why do you have to embrace the National Socialist insignia?  and post them on this website?  It makes the rest of us look bad!

      Hitler killed more whites than anyone in history.

      The ideals of “white pride” and National Socialism are contradictory.

      • jeffaral

        The guys who killed millions of white Europeans are Stalin and Churchill.  

        • Anonymous

          I agree that Stalin and Churchill have a lot of blame on their shoulders for WWII.  As did FDR.

      • What makes this site look bad is censoring posts like the one that was deleted. Also, the complete lack of, and blatant refusal to expose the Jewish problem in the United States. People can whine all day about Negroids and Mexiscum but things will only change when Jewry no longer exists. I embrace the National Socialist insignia because National Socialism is the only solution for White people. Hitler knew this and that is the reason why International Jewry declared war on the German people.

        • Anonymous

          “National Socialism is the only solution for White people”

          Nothing destroys human creativity like forced collectivism.  Emphasis is on the word “forced”.  One of National Socialism’s weakest points is that individuals under it are little more than slaves of the almighty STATE.

          The affirmative action mentioned in this article, which if we could get back on topic, is one of the greatest evils of the modern era.  And it is cheered by the people on college campuses.  The true problems are socialism and multiculturalism.

          • “One of National Socialism’s weakest points is that individuals under it are little more than slaves of the almighty STATE.”

            The Germans were slaves to international Jewry, much like we are in the United States,  before they gave Hitler the green light to free them from our eternal enemy. Individualism is what is weak.

      • BJ

        Really? I could counter your statement but it wouldn’t be allowed on amren…

          I beg to differ….The soviet bolsheviks killed a thousand times more Whites than any other.

  • Anonymous

    Absolutely terrifying video.  The saddest part is that Mychal Bell is the future of America.

  • Lou

    I really liked your post.. I have it  as a  favorite and will heed the warning..
    Thank you for you eloquence.. I wish I could be/do as such…

  • Anonymous

    New Hampshire is 99% White. This is hardly revolutionary.

    Secondly, this ruling does not effect private businesses.


    Now just get the colleges to follow the law!

  • WR the elder

    Absolutely.  He regards it as “collectivist” and doesn’t like anything of that sort.  He as also promised to issue one executive order — to repeal all previous executive orders.  That would include the ones imposing affirmative action within the federal government.