Muslim Party Seeks Power in Dutch Parliament

Abigail R. Esman, Forbes, January 16, 2012

The Dutch Muslim Party has announced plans to seek seats in the Dutch Parliament. The party already has a hold in regional governments in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and other Dutch cities.

The Partij Voor Moslim Nederland (Party for Muslim Netherlands), as it calls itself when it is not referring to itself as The Dutch Muslim Party (note the strong differences in meaning), campaigns on an anti-abortion, anti-gay marriage, and anti-discrimination platform. It hopes to take part in Parliamentary elections in 2015. Among its principles:

  1. Criminalization of blasphemy
  2. Free speech within limitations:  speech that can be seen as insulting or offensive on religious grounds will be prosecuted.
  3. Damage or destruction of holy texts for any religion to be criminalized by law.
  4. Members of the party can also be non-Muslims.
  5. Women and men are to be seen as equal under the law.
  6. The party is to be based on the Islamic principle of Shura
  7. All troops must be withdrawn from Iraq and Afghanistan
  8. Turkey must immediately be made a member of the EU
  9. Support to Israel must be stopped
  10. Zero-tolerance for all drugs, including marijuana (currently tolerated under Dutch law)
  11. No bans shall be set against the current practice of importing poorly-educated women as brides for Dutch Muslim men


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  • NAVY

    Muslims read these types of demands off in the name of Islam prior to a videotaped beheading.

    When Eugene Armstrong, Jack Hensley, and Kenneth Bigley, were kidnapped and beheaded by the Tawhid and Jihad militant group in 2004, America and Europe absorbed for a brief time much of  their anguish.

    Today, Europe’s Muslim immigrants threaten the stability of the white European mindset at the foot of the altar.

    The militant waves of Islamic crime prevail because in essence Islamic crime rides on an ultra-Marxist wave of political transformation sponsored by European celebrities and parliamentarians who blind onlookers with shimmering diamonds and silk suits that come with the benefits of status.

    If Denmark does not purge itself of immigrants and transients, the die will be cast for future white politicians to be back-handed by Muslim jihadists in parking lots under the dead of night.

    The Muslim Party is already reading Denmark off their demands.

  • Anonymous

    “anti-discrimination platform”

    Except for themselves of course,  they believe they should be able to discriminate as much as they want.

  • Anonymous

    And so it begins.
    so it ends.

  • Anonymous

    do liberals ever stop and think why the Europeans fought to keep Islam out for all those centuries, apart from them being “intolerant racists” of course. Europe has become so leftist though with it’s political correctness and hate speech laws against whites I don’t know which is worse, an Islamic Europe or  the one that is currently in place. 

    • guest

      Liberals stopping to think about this?  That’s like asking someone to fly to the moon on a broomstick – it’s impossible.  Logic, common sense, and reality have no part in the liberal mindset.

  • Anonymous

    Somehow, I can’t stop thinking that this is a positive development.

    What this development really has done is to expose the madness and disaster of the ‘liberal’ immigrationist Dutch political elite to its ultimate destination ie muslims are attempting to take over the nation from within, by purely legitimate means, thus proving that mass uncontrolled third world immigration is ulimately all about take over and disposession – warfare by other means.
     Various critics have warned, warned and warned over and over again about the consequences of third world immigration.The critics were ignored and if not ignored persecuted by the elitists.

    • Anonymous

      The liberals will celebrate the Islamic take over from their cells and even from their graves.

  • Anonymous

    Another Islamic state and not a shot fired.

  • Anonymous

    The Netherlands was one of the most liberal countries in Europe. I think it is save to say, the more liberal the country, the quicker it will fall to Islam. And the harsher Islam will be on the dhimmi.

  • Anonymous

    Consider – in 1960 the population of Turkey was about 28 million, it is now about 72 million. That means there are over 40 million turkish/muslims under the age of 40, about half of which are male. If Turkey ever gets to join the EU (which is one of the demands of the PVMN), that will mean literally millions of young muslim turkish males flooding the european labour marker – and no doubt a substantial number of them will head for the UK with our insanely generous welfare and benefits system. But it’s not just a question of economics. Europe spent literally centuries fighting the turks – in the form of the Ottoman empire – so it seems that turkey is trying to achieve through the EU what it failed to achieve militarily, which is the islamisation of europe. I actually think that christian europe won’t let it get that far, but preventing it from happening may involve much blood shed. At the moment, turkey’s entry to the EU is vetoed by france and germany – David Cameron, before he was elected PM, said that he supported turkey’s entry into the EU, but recently has been quiet on the subject – so it appears that we have at least some breathing space. But for how long?. 

  • People don’t War but Reality says, you will have No Choice.

  • Anonymous

    Sadly, common sense is conspicuous by it’s very absence in Europe these days. As for member nations seceeding from the EU, countries like Britain and Germany would not only survive but THRIVE outside of the EU – that’s because we give more than we receive. France, on the other hand, would be absolutely the last country to leave the EU, and that’s because no other country in Europe has identified it’s own national interest with being a member of the EU – france recieves a lot more than it contributes. In fact, if the EU broke up, france would go bankrupt – which in itself is probably a good reason for every country to leave the Union 😉 (they still haven’t forgiven us for defeating napolean, or replacing the international language from french to english, or even kicking the nazis out of paris..etc, etc.).