French Far-Right Threatens to Upset Sarkozy’s Poll Hopes

Yahoo! News, January 19, 2012

French leader Nicolas Sarkozy faces a battle to avoid a shock first round exit in April presidential elections, a poll showed on Thursday, after far-right candidate Marine Le Pen closed to within two points of the incumbent.

A daily rolling poll of voting intentions conducted by Ifop for Paris Match showed Marine Le Pen on 21 percent, up one point and within striking distance of the conservative head of state.

The poll was the latest to confirm that Sarkozy is under pressure from Le Pen ahead of the April 22 first round, and raises the possibility of a repeat of the 2002 upset, when her father Jean-Marie Le Pen knocked out the mainstream Socialist candidate Lionel Jospin.

That result traumatised France, with hundreds of thousands taking to the streets in protest marches against the rise of the far-right. And it ensured mainstream conservative Jacques Chirac won a crushing majority in the run-off ballot of more than 80 percent.

Socialist candidate Francois Hollande remains the frontrunner in this year’s election with 27 percent, down one point. {snip}


A poll at the weekend by LH2 showed Sarkozy with 23.5 percent of the first round vote, down from 26 percent a month earlier, while Le Pen moved up 3.5 points to 17 percent.


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  • That result traumatised France, with hundreds of thousands taking to the
    streets in protest marches against the rise of the far-right.

    Funny, I was alive and coherent in 2002, and I followed this kind of news just as intently then as I do now.  I don’t remember the left wing street rabble getting their panties in an uproar.  In fact, I remember a fair number of “anti-racist” slash anti-white talking heads bemoaning the relative lack of outrage within France.  I also remember the socialist-left voting bloc in France besides themselves that they had to “bite the bullet” and vote Chirac.

    I also remember that American lamestream conservatives said nothing: Bush, Rush, etc: Mum was the word.

    As an aside, Jacques Chirac once worked as a fork lift operator at the St. Louis brewing operations of Anheuser-Busch.  Proof:,9171,423466,00.html

    • Laura White

      I lived in Paris at the time (2002). I can assure you that there were MASSIVE street demonstrations after the hated Jean Marie Le Pen made it to the second round. I mean massive, some of the biggest demonstrations I’d ever seen in Paris, and I lived there 20 years. 

      Side note: it is interesting to point out that of ALL the street demonstrations I witnessed and participated in (even if only because on my way home by bicycle or Vespa they blocked my route), the biggest by far was the 1998 World Cup victory by France over Brazil. I was on the Champs Elysée for that with a friend. It was amazing(ly stupid): we later learned that the last time there had been that many people at once on the Champs was in August 1944, when Paris was liberated from the Nazis. 

      That it would take a ball game to rally these sports-fan idiots to such an extent was a frightening thought then, and is even more frightening today, when 40% of babies born in the Paris region are to african mothers, and “mohamed” is a top-3 favorite baby name. 

      In 1998 things weren’t as bad. It’s gotten incrementally, progressively worse since then, in Paris and indeed everywhere in the Western (okay white) World. 



      • 34r23gws

        Could you give us any insight into the populace attitudes. Any changes in views of the party, Le Pen, and the current situation of France. What friends/relatives have said?

        I guess you said “lived” which means not anymore…

  • Anonymous

    Could the headline be any more terrifying?

    Upset Ssrkozy Hopes!

    It’s the end of France!

  • Anonymous

    For all the American Renaissance readers dreaming racial fantasies about Whites standing up to NW terrorists, rapists, gang bangers and giving idiot PC liberals/Leftists/Libertarian #(*$#$ Whites the middle finger – please understand that White French once did what we all dreamed – dreamed the iron dream. Check out the history of the Battle of Algiers  –  Non je ne regrette rien
    The Battle of Algiers

  • Anonymous

    We’ve been here before, in 2002, in that election Jean Marie Le Pen didn’t win of course, but caused considerable embarrassment to the French political elite, notably forcing many leftists to vote for Jacques Chirac. even though they dislike him and his policies.
     One result is that the Gaullists talk tough on immigration in order to play to the gallery, but once in power, they can be relied upon to renege on all teir pledges and not actually do anything.

  • Unfortunately, should she surmount the first hurdle and go through to the second round, it is likely that as in 2002 anti-nationalists will unify behind whichever candidate opposes her. A win for Le Pen, however desirable, thus seems to be highly unlikely.

  • He’s not your errand boy. If you think he’s wrong, go find the links to prove him wrong yourself.

  • Anonymous

    No actually it rests with the accuser.  That’s you.